Still Buffering: "Adventure Time" (2010-2018)


Hello welcome to still buffering a cross generational guide to the culture that made us early. Snarl I'm Sydney Maccarone and I'm Taylor smirl. So it is now as we're recording this, it's July eighth Do you think that the the fourth of July fireworks can end now? Just here now it's like like plague and murder Hornets. Just fireworks all the time. How the yeah! The CICADAS just settle in for what years or months at a time or whatever just for a summer? That's what. I it is i. they started long before the fourth. And they persist. They were so loud last night. And very close to us. I could kind of see them through the trees I couldn't see them well, so I couldn't tell exactly where they were coming from but I kind of see them and here in West Virginia. I guess it's legal now to have the real ones. you know I? Don't even know if it is but I know it definitely wasn't like two years ago, but now it seems like everyone has them so. I have no idea because it. On the fourth of July, it sounded like. Like I if I felt like we were under attack. Yeah, because there were so many different. Explosions coming from so many different directions. Have to imagine it was even worse in New York a the fourth of July, I mean it started at two PM, which I really don't understand what the joy of setting off fireworks. When it's daylight, you can't see them. Especially the. Ones that are. I mean I. Don't know it's one hundred dollars firework show going on at like two PM. It started around two PM in it. It went on until about five. Am I'm pretty nocturnal but like? This past month it's just been laying every night. They start around like eight or nine, and they go until two or three and it just. It doesn't it, does it? I don't know it doesn't stop and they're all. They're all cleaned up the next day, but like it's A. It's. Like you know usually like the people that said that like it's just it's. It's weird. My my personal vendetta against it is that there is a kitten that was crying in front of my apartment. This was like a week ago two weeks ago. and I was trying to lure it out. But people kept setting off fireworks, and so it was hiding up inside this car and it was like this little like. A dirty little kitten that clearly was like not capable of taking care of itself and I. I was desperately trying to save it, but there is no hope because this was like two o'clock in the morning it woke me up because I heard it crying. Outside my window. But then somebody started setting off fireworks again, so there was no worse no hope of rescuing the the the car kitten. I didn't realize I having never had. Dogs. I didn't realize how much I hated fireworks until I had kids I know people with dogs often cannot stand fireworks because they scare their dogs. And then we had kids, and I was like I understand now a hey. Fireworks because I want my kids to sleep at some point, and the fireworks prevent that Also. They're like really dangerous. Have you ever thought about why we let? Like why? Why can I have these things that explode? I, yeah. Patriotism that that is? Like we choose to risk exploding our limbs off. To represent the fact that some people were in dangerous. I don't know I. I thought that Roman candles were not a thing anymore like I thought they dislike. Biz I was legit like. Walking back from the park the other evening l. Ed, maybe like eight, and all the sudden like there's just a Roman candle. Go shooting by my head. I'm like what the heck? These kids were just having a Roman candle fight like in. Just up and down the sidewalk. Just like the good old days. Yeah, I didn't know that those those are back I, don't. Like the one fourth of July memory I love to share of Griffin. mcelroy and my child sized innertube when I was no more than five with a Roman candle to it. Those are the ones that displays that. They were there because it was that the same year we almost caught your house on fire. That those are the ones that do that because there was a long patch in West Virginia where you couldn't get the you know exploding ones, which was good and I. Mean they're all bad, but now they're. They're worse. Yeah, but I guess like any conversation into like. Should we really let everyone have? These explosives has to lead into like well. What about guns and America doesn't want to have that conversation ever, so we get to have fireworks to I. Guess I will say we have you start teaching the next generation well Sydney when Charlie was at our house on the fourth of July. Of course we didn't do any fireworks. We didn't have any outside at night swimming with her, and we kept hearing the fireworks going off, and seeing them on both sides of us, and it was just horrible, and Charlie just yelled the void. Why do these people have fireworks? Those are terrible, don't they? Know we're not supposed to have fireworks this year. Well. We told her that. You know when she's when she's not behaving well when she's like fighting with her sister and we'll do what we ask her to do and all that. We. Don't reward her with like ice cream or a new toy. She has to not get those things and maybe go to bed earlier. Something I. Don't know we're not very good with punishments, but you get the idea so like. But we won't reward bad behavior. And, so if right now I don't understand why America gets fireworks. America does not get dessert. It America gets sent to its room to think about what it did. And to come back when it wants to behave better, I agree. Yeah well. I like to be real like every summer in New York like there's a lot of fireworks. A lot of illegal fireworks find their way here. Like that's nothing new. But the consistency and the frequency and the quality that's just. I mean because I've had a lot of people like. Oh, you're just this your first summer in New York like no, it's fifteenth. It's this is different. Since two. Just. I love fireworks like the opposite. I love fireworks I have been that that. Person Making that great decisions jumping over them and shooting them my friends and let him my friends shoot them at me I am. Not Make good decisions. and. Even I. Am like yeah, I'm tired. I never want to see him again. They no longer spark joy. Go. Conduct polls scape I much like Frankenstein have always had a fear fire, but All right. And the scarecrow from the wizard of Oz I am afraid of fire but also the Combo being a parent and position. Don't want fireworks. Don't love him yeah. Would be fine if they went away Yet that boy I have now this year. Come out against parades and fireworks. Well. I am not. You're not a patriot. We know that I'm a bummer. Is What I? Like Dad used to say party has a pooper. That's why. It's me. I am the one who's like. Excuse me, I would rather us not have a parade because the crowds that will gather. Not, the only one year the sparked one. Everybody is now cover out of your way of thinking you were right. Now. All summers when poor small Riley just wanted to have some fireworks and sparklers, and some fun and Sydney went on and on about the dangerous. Now we're all Sydney. Everyone real everyone does hide in your home. Stay inside. Stay inside where it's safe I've told you all along now. You're finally listening. Think about what you did. Think about what you did But. I don't know. It's not a bummer adventure time. This is my my week mine. Everyone! My Week, now! I can you share it with the rest of us because a three person conversation whatever I suppose? If if this is your week, could you make it better than last week or the week before or the week before the week before that or the? We have say we'll talk Bradley you. Do you want to claim any period of time in this because I? Sure don't notice these weeks. Your mind I am not responsible for any time space continuum. That's happening. Poor mom the beginning of the year? She will shows your mind. She shared this on social media. At the beginning of twenty twenty, January first, she said this is the year of Mary. This is my year. She had a big birthday coming up. She was like this is my year. I'm going to do things I love. We even like for her birthday plane like this big birthday trip where we all three. We're going to be with her and be together and we're GONNA. Go hike. LOVES HIKE GONNA. Do we're going to go outside and hike, and now every time something else happens, or we'll bomb the deer year. He claimed. Let's. Yeah I don't think we could take other year, very. Like, so you don't think Mary can take another year. Sorry. Mom, yeah, anyway, you can have a better year. You pick a different one and they get to the end of it, and then just retroactively claiming that Siri we'll let you have take back. This is this is your take back? Wake back this year, and then you get another one. Yeah, this is A. We I think we all get a preview on this year. I think we just keep like this hope so just. Nobody has a birthday this year. Nobody gets older. Nobody has still like just. You know just next year two thousand twenty again. We pretend this never happened. Yeah just turns forty this year and I have no idea how I'm going to make special right now, so I turned twenty this whole time. We've done this show. We've been talking about when I. Come to my end of teenage years. Who knew all this was going to happen? At the end of my teenage years is what happens I, mean you're? You might turn twenty I don't know. Time might continue to cease to turn, and no one turns anything. Yeah, there was like a video of like a bunch of crows descending in a Walmart parking lot and gathering a Mike Oh well at least. This is happening. That's right. We. I just felt a sense of relief and I couldn't explain it like well at least the zoo here. That's good. The bird carrying the shark. Although although twitter inform me later I believe it was a tuna. According to I looked like a shark, but twitter consensus was that it was a tuna, well all right. Yeah. In my brain. adventure time. Is a cartoon that was on Cartoon Network. And it started in two thousand ten I, think I probably started watching it the time it came out because I was very young when it first aired and it didn't finish until twenty eighteen, so it was a pretty long running cartoon series, but I was very very into it growing up, it was like the first cartoon. I remember watching from beginning to end throughout a very long significant period of my life And it's kind of I don't know. It's one of those cartoons that is just kind of silly in its in its characters and stories in its forms, but also looking back on it now we're watching. All of it it had some. It had some good messages. It had some good moments. It was not all just silly candy people and stretchy dogs. So well. Why do you think in particular meant so much to you? I you know I tried to think about this and I. It was a cartoon I remember. I started watching with my childhood best friend at the time, so it was something that whenever we were together. That was what we would turn on. Even if it was I think that was around the time that Lake Dvr and on demand, things on TV started being things you could use so we would always like record them or do on demand and watch them together for the first time. Would you Tibo them? Tibo them? I guess I Never Tiv Oh yeah like the original dvr, right? We still say Yeah they re. We still say bloop. Because when you fast forward on Tivo it would make a little bloop bloop sound, and so we will still say like on a TV show like. Do you have bloop left? Reporting it live like you have any bloop. BLOOP through the commercial. Cute. There's no bloop though bloop anymore. But yeah it was. It was like a moment for for us in our friendship, and then beyond that I remember it was like the the of childhood I held onto throughout like high school as I was getting older, I remember it was like my bank. Dirty secret was ono. I'm eighteen years old and I'm a senior in high school but I'm GonNa. Go home to watch some adventure time. No one will know. On adult watching. Cartoons which like now I love cartoons. I don't watch him all the time. But when you're in high school and you know like you gotta be either cooler, you're not cooled like I, can't. Taylor was not understand. I watched adventure time at the same time as you did, and I was like. Oh, I was in like. Few. Adult that boy to save. Seventeen. That was just a few years ago I was thirty and I was like yeah, going to watch adventure time like. Was My thirty year old plans. I you know I. Never got but I think I think it's fair to say like cartoons in general I don't seek out the way that like what like Justin will say your husband does he does and I have watched like Steven Universe because of him a lot of the other cartoons I watch now, because, of Charlie sure or to a extent because Cooper tends to watch whatever try to watch, but but I didn't watch I. Mean he did watch it I. Think, but I never watched adventure time. Yeah, like I, had very little I. I was aware of it but I. Until now had never sat down and watched. It was a little scary. You thought it was a little scary enough for me. I watched it with China. Oh, I think it was a little scary. Charlie had some moments where she was kind of like. The Ice King. Did she not know? Watch what? I I? Don't know if it was I. don't know what. We just clicked on an episode. We were kind of doing random based on the pictures, and that's what they usually do and Marceline Dad. Yeah that's okay. That's fair which by the way fun fact, I didn't realize until today. The Voice of Marceline is the Little Girl in love actually who the WHO sings. Christmas is you. Can. You know what's impressive. Charlie was watching and she was sitting there for a second inch. Princess Bubblegum He said Yeah. That's star fire. It is now and I said what and she said that that's the voice of star fire, and she totally right, and I was very impressed that she just after. The show, either, but after a few seconds, she went that star fire. Yeah I'm sure Charlie loved Princess Bubblegum. She loved Princess Bubblegum. She also identified the ice. King is Tom Kenny right away. Because IT SPONGEBOB SPONGEBOB WOW after a few minutes of listening to the ice king she went. Is that Spongebob Terminal those tunes listening for Justin Rose? Is Is that the guy that I met? That's the real spongebob, but not the one from the musical, but the one that from the cartoon Tom Kenny. We met him once at a CON-, Yeah! But she knew the spongebob musical before she knew Spongebob. Yes, as he said the real spongebob, not the one from the musical. Well. I didn't realize I was watching some of the. I love the living. Grab episodes because yes. Czar character and I don't know why didn't pick up on this. I guess because when those episodes were first out. It was maybe before rick and Morty. but then I was really watching them like just enrolling the curator, one of the creators of Rick and Morty. That sounds like a voice in it is. It's a so one in this I can hear that now I think. Yeah. Yeah, it's. It's super on the nose, but I did not realize that until I was watching it and then and then the voice of Jake is. What's his name? John John Michio what is. That seems right from the credit. Yes, yeah, yes, that is his name who was also. He was also bender from Futurama yeah wow. Now that you've seen titans and Kim possible. WHO IS THE ON TEEN? Teen Titans. Go Okay I haven't watched that. But anyway. I do like it now though watching it back because. When you think about like you watch the opening credits, and they give us a little like tour of the whole world. That's left. It's it's a apocalyptic earth is what? It is yes, it is the series. takes place about a thousand years after what they call the great musher more because it was a big nuclear war. that wiped out most humans except for Finn and then a few others, but that's why you have people that are candy, and you have like the ice king because he was, he was regular human, but he found this crown that powers during like the apocalypse, and all these back stories come from a post-apocalyptic now. This is the world. Why are there so many princesses? I guess just a bunch of different. Is that known areas and universes? Unless I missed something I, don't. Know. I was just curious. I observed in the few episodes. Princesses, yeah, I. Do know that when it comes to bubblegum. Like was on her own at a certain point and kind of made all of the people and her own family, and all the candy people herself issues. That's one of the things I love about that character. She is an all pink princess. which like you know very stereotypically feminine female? Whatever, but she's not. A damsel in distress. She's a smart scientist and she is powerful and makes it very clear that she like isn't there to fall over whatever yeah I like. The first episode we saw her in that we were watching she like her first appearance. She's wearing a lab coat. And it was about making tarts and she. If you watch like the later seasons, you get like the flashbacks all the way to like right after the apocalypse one of the I think it's the. Maybe it's Simon and Marcy. Focuses Simon and Marceline Simon is who the ice king was before he was. yeah, and they're running from like the weird post-apocalyptic like Gooey zombies litter everywhere, and there's a pink goo that spread across like a bridge that they climb up. It kind of gets them to safety, and then later the pink Goo gives them the can of soup that he feeds to Marceline to help her feel better. Is the like. Pre. Bubble gum is birth from. Yeah, so she kind of like formed from the post apocalyptic radiation. She was berthed from this radioactive bubblegum. Detail that she's the one that gives marcy the soup until they rewatch, and then it made me cry because of like. Looking out for Marceline all the way when she doesn't even have arms yet. Good just go. The lorries. And Weird? It starts out. You think it's like Oh, princesses and sore. It's fun. It's cute, and then like when you see the whole story, it's it's so big and sad and weird Yeah. 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Human, which I know they make that distinction seems silly like Oh, a human dog, but it is important, because then you find out that humans are very rare. Species now in in the new is what it's called, but right But they said that this time period is when magic started coming back into the earth after the events that everything you know, the whole war and apocalypse and everything so that's why you have princesses and kingdoms, and you have thin with his his swords, and his fighting for good and not wanting to do anything if it means, he's being evil, or he doesn't want to hurt anyone. That's not a bad person. That this is supposed to be the time period, when like good is is coming back into the world, the Magic's coming back into the world to beautiful. Why do they tolerate that ice king stealing princesses all the time? Well Sydney. Why did the Mario Brothers tolerate? Stealing. I mean they didn't tolerate it. They kept trying to defeat him. We'll we'll finish jake, while just kinda. Take the princesses back, but the story for the the ice king gets a lot younger insider because you find out. Is that Simon? Who the Ice King was protected marceline through the Pacalypse, and he discovered the crown like every time he put it on. It would give him the ice king's power, but it would make him more and more of the ice king, and so he basically sacrificed his identity, and his his awareness of himself to protect marceline and eventually. Eventually became the whole ice king, so they kind of and I mean you can kind of see. I don't know I'd be curious to know how much how deep they had their their lower planned out before they started it. Because the ice king develops over time kind of away from a character, that's just the one note of Oh. He steals princesses into something a lot deeper, not sadder and a lot of people talked about how 'cause marceline interacts with him still and it's very sad for her because he's forgotten her, he's forgotten this. Oh, pass them and. That it's a lot like a parallel for having a loved one with Alzheimer's and a lot of the episodes that were. She's trying to get him to remember some part of them. so yeah I mean I the start. The ice king, silly character, and by the end it's like I. I don't know one of my top favorite characters like the saddest story line in adventure time. Yeah And I mean I. Think when you watch it I went back and watched as much as I, could from the very beginning and definitely the first season, and somewhat the second season. It's little one off episodes that don't usually have time to do with each other, and they're all. You know like eleven twelve minutes long. usually I remember they'd play like to back to back in one thirty minute slot, so you just get to little stories but then it was like they really really got into lower and characters, and then they would start doing these backstory episodes, and they would show these flashbacks into you know who the characters were where they came from and then they even did there were. I was reading about the show and I read an article about the thirty best episodes, and why they were the best ones in all of them. Were you know about either just really great story or characters, but one that's always been I think like my top five is Fiona N- cake. Which is the Gender Bent Universe episode of Finn Jake which they said, was just them taking fan fiction and turning it into a real mad, so it was the entire universe was gender bent, Neil Patrick Harris was the voice of Prince bubble gum, instead of Princess Bubblegum Cake was like the female version of Jake Cat but they do tackle a lot of lake. Fiona girl so I. She's talking about like needing like dates in wanting to date prince bubble gum also maybe Marshall the vampire instead of Marceline. But then by the end she's like you know whoever I am. I'm going to be an I'm GonNa be me for me and if something comes along and I wanna be with someone I. WanNa be happy, and that's great, but if not happy who I am and I'm GonNa. Do Mining and I'm going to fight evil and be my own person, and it's very cool, because it's like you have a then a female at the center of a whole adventure universe, which I feel like. Usually you get males at the center of those. Adventure Down Yeah Yeah. What's really cool I? I knew that they did that. Because I think I saw merchandise to that fact around the time that happened. Yeah, that was one of my favorites, do you? Do you think that they responding over time to who their audience was because I? Know watching so cooper really enjoyed it watching it I think because. There's so many different like shapes and colors, and it's a very visual it's it's very evocative from visual. It very cute so I. I don't know that she was really following the plot. Sure, but she was really into it. Charlie was a little more hit or miss. She wanted the ones with the princesses. If there wasn't a princess involved especially Bubblegum, she was a little less, and there were there were definite definitely characters and moments where she was like. Oh, no. I, I am too little for the. Looking at us, like what are you showing me? and so I wonder if overtime. They realized they had an older audio. I mean when the show starts. Fen is twelve years old, so you know I started watching. I was about ten. And it's kind of like They aged him up almost with every season, so when they ended the season, he was i. think seventeen eighteen and the reason they ended the season, or the series was they said because this was about his growing up and going through adolescence and learning how to be an adult and entering adulthood, and we ended this part of his story here because this was him leaving his childhood and becoming an adult so I think they definitely started aging up the stories, and the characters with their audience, because I know that I almost aged up perfectly in line with thin throughout the series which is pretty cool to. To why that is. I think it follows that same formula. We talked about it when we talked about sailor. Moon I think Steven Universe does it to where they start with something that seems kind of oculus and very easy to follow and easy to understand and episodic just episode of the day, Ish and then it grows in depth and complexity with the audience and I. think that's Really A. It's a smart way to to play a cartoon. That's going to last for that long yeah! I wonder if more and more cartoons. Are Going to do that? that are aimed at children because I. Don't think that was ever a thing like traditionally with cartoons. We Watch when we were little that they would grow into like. Something you could follow share beyond. You know just a little one off episodes with stories and characters and no connection between episodes. I mean. But I I would say that's more and more true of the stuff. We watch yeah. With the girls H, just every single character. There's even a whole episode that's on that list of the best episodes looking at cold brew Beer Guy, and it's about this little side character that's in the very first episode called group or Guy Who's just amuse little candy personal looks like a little thing of root beer, but then he gets a whole episode. That's just about him and this like deep life he. He has about wanting to be a true crime her and then he's not very good at writing, and he's married and has kids, but then he stumbles upon this plot to kidnap Princess Bubblegum, so we start falling in around and writing about it, and like it's just things like that where they give even the smallest characters that seem most innocuous like Gunther, who's The ice king's like head Penguin Luca. Becoming like the ice king sort of equivalent by the end and once power, and also wants his own drum set like the ice king has and the peppermint. WHO's like Princess Bubblegum? Servant ends up having like dark magical powers. This is. Everything has something it's awesome, and some of the I mean. Both standalone episodes ended. Laura! It's like. It the depth and kind of the sadness that they don't shy away from the cookie princess episode. data episode I watched that in mad. It's entirely about this this little cookie who? I guess he's in like a candy person orphanage as a kid and princess bubblegum visits, and says like Oh. You can be anything you want to be. And he says I want to be a princess, and she laughs at him, and so he grew up with this like kind of sadness about you know. Princes bubble gum laughing at him. Like the story is he takes a quickie mart like hostage to force. Princess Bubblegum to give her crown to him, so he could be the cookie. Princess add like it's really sad like it's you know they're all the banana guards like him. And he he jumps off a cliff and shatters like ends up in a mental hospital in a straitjacket, and then like Jake shows up with a crown for him, so he can finally be the cookie princess. It's a really complex episode. That kind of. BUBBLE GUM is a bad guy and. Jake's not really paying attention to the the the sadness of it. It's like that's not just something that like kid can. That's just not like. Oh, it's a funny episode it's it's really deep, sad or Not Not sad, but but deep the episode where Jake goes or the fingers into the pillow world. And it he lives entire life like he meets the pillow Princess and marries her, and has kids with her, and grows old, and and chooses to stay there like Ese opportunity to come back to his robot doesn't and so he chooses to die in the pillow world, and then in like comes back to his world as like a little boy again like it's, it's a whole lifetime that he lives inside the pillow world, and then just forgives, forgets it, and like starting just like goofy funny stuff. That's like A. You know. That's a whole lifetime. That happens on doctor. WHO SOME YEAH! Yeah. I was just thinking. Oh, on, doctor, who? You know not a plot line that you would imagine in a kids cartoon Yo. No, no well, and that sounds to me like the kind of thing that isn't. There are a lot of There are a lot of plotlines. You know okay. You guys are GonNa Make Fun me. When when I watch pepe pig with Sharleen Cooper. They love pepe pig, but they're like there are lines and jokes and story parts that are clearly because they know parents are watching like very evidently, they know parents are watching and They're very funny, but like the plot is not about that it's. It's aimed at kids like it's four. This is for kids has been made to watch pepe pig many times, and there is no through plot. Knowing on. No, it is four kids. Yeah, but there are moments in there that they're like. Don't worry. We got Bigger. Here's a little song for you. Because there are moments that make me laugh very hard and both trailing Cooper turnaround. Look at me like. What what are you doing This is not like that because that's. Not like. No I mean this is. Like is there a? Pepper pick that I'm missing out on. Now, it's not. It's not a depth. It's like little lake. Little things that they throw out there for the parents like when you watch spongebob back, and they're all those moments like jokes I have watched spongebob back in. There are moments in jokes where I'm like. Oh! I didn't get that as a kid. That's adult now. See like well. I think it's because it's a lot of a lot of the real like it's not necessarily lessons that you learn adulthood, but the things that you encounter. It's kind of like Oh. That's a new thing I have to think about. That's that's a reality. I have to face and that's the thing like adventure. Time doesn't always boil down to. Here's the lesson about sharing. Here's a lesson about friendship a lot of times. It's like years just a weird gray area of truth that you'll confront. As, you come of age that you'll have. Out How to deal with. Yet and that sounds to me like that. That's different. That's what I was gonNA. I was contrast. Like? It. This is something where like a plotline like that would be aimed at someone older would not be like Charlie can identify with this part of it, but there's also this other level mid sounds like it is on that level intentionally like we have intentionally made the plot, this complex and nuanced. As opposed to pepe, pig is wonderful, but not as complex nuanced. Perhaps I. DO think it's important to mention this in our a few episodes ago, But the very last episode the series finale ends with Princess Bubble, Gum and Marceline the Vampire Queen, sharing a kiss, a very sweet moment where Marceline is worried principle. Die, basically, there's a whole nother war going on, and she doesn't and then. They kiss and there's this whole backstory that's never talked about in too much detail or like, said explicitly, but it's like Taylor mentioned before they used to have some sort of romantic history And then you see that at the very end of the show, which I think is super cool. Because I think that was probably the first time I'd ever seen. To female animated characters, kiss or be together medically. Eating I never seen before. Yeah, it doesn't feel like it comes from nowhere because there is a lot of back and forth at the characters where you can you get the sense. They were very close, and then there was a falling out, and then you know there's a lot of tension between them. and it's really it's really beautiful. rewatching it'd be like This was always supposed to happen. Maybe always I think they've said like it was the decision. They made like earlier on in the series, but and started like dropping hands, you know. It is nice to see like. There was such a longtime wear that sort of representation that was kind of hinted at and suggested. was as good as you could hope to get you know Whereas now like when you when I think of like the cartoons that my kids watch now We've talked a lot about the loud house as being representative of not just straight relationships or in straight characters but Craig. The creek is another really great example. which if you're not watching? Creek is another one, too where I I get the sense that there is going to be more of a through line that they're slowly sure building, but it's so slow, and so it's still feels very like one off kind of but like. But but again like the representation of characters who aren't straight is, it's explicit. It's part of it whereas before like you, you would kind of couch that in some sort of magical fantastic world. You know same as Steven Universe, right Steven Universe very much started with that kind of idea the relationships, but it's also like they're not human so. Yeah which brings up I. think my favorite relationship in adventure time between Jake and Lady Rings. Who are together from the very first episode Lady Raina. Corn is just this magical flying. Rainbow Unicorn, who only speaks Korean I, believe is what she's speaking. The whole time. I think yeah I think you're. She's big screen I. Think it's Crean but. I watch subtitles almost always just like by force of habit. They don't ever put in. Oh. Here's what she's actually saying. It's just. That is her character. That is language he speaks in Jake is the only one who ever fully understand Sir and they have a very weird relationship, because Jake, the dog and then the Flying Rainbow. You'RE GONNA have babies. And they have lots of little magical babies, and they're all very kind of. Like they all grow up the. Children of rain accords or magic dogs very fast, so they all like becoming young adults and Jake Asa deal with that and. There's one episode or one on one of his kids super responsible, and like put together and professional, and it's contrasted with Jake just living in a tree house with his kid best friend. It's like. Yes. My kids more responsible than me. What do I do? but also. Jake and thin, which I didn't mention earlier, our brothers, a like adopted brothers because then was abandoned when he was little baby, which you find out later like there's this whole like protection by his human parents, and they had to leave him behind and all this kind of stuff, but then Jake stock parents find him and they're like Oh. Let's take care of this baby and the stories you know based on him. Jake was a baby. He pooped on the ground and fell into. His poop. Is the story called Boom Boom Mountain, and then he got very sad about it, and he was crying is a baby there and he pooped and then Jake's parents. Found him in his poop and carried him home, and then they adopted him and owned him, and now he's Jacob Brother Pupil just now. See I. Know say that was a lot of that. It was very sad. He was like they were trying to save. Someone who is stuck on boom boom mountain and Finn had deal with like this whole traumatic past he'd had there and had to like still fight to save the people that were out there, even though being there gave him bad memories of being there when he was a baby, and being alone in his in his boom boom, and then is kind of one of the weird round about ways that they deal with things that are actually like. Silly salary, but they're talking about dealing with passenger. Sure sure let's they they they could. Which again yeah you watch kid and you're like. Oh, he pooped. Got Stuck in his poop crying. He's a baby, but then you when you're older and you're like. Oh, he! Has Some traumatic experiences going on there and he's having to do with those through the help of. The city like you brought up his his parents like he he finally like find his dad and his dad's a total jerk face. Like like you lose an arm trying to find his dad and his depressed like like like. Yeah, go Sir Depression afterwards and they. You know this is not stop. Like at adopted kid confront like finding his, you know. His parents and like discovering that they aren't getting people like that's. That is a storyline for its cartoon unimportant what I think, but you know dealt with any kind of a fanciful like magical way, but then relating to something that's real and important to recognize. Sure. not as important, but I did enjoy the goose. You did. The the goose made me laugh a lot. I also wanted to know if Dr Princess is a character that comes back, or is she just there for the one episode she helps deliver gutters. Baby Yeah I know there are several episodes where like all the princesses are just like in of one big princess. Cluster I want to say she's there for all of those. Were just you kind of got all the princesses there? At once I enjoyed the I'm not even a real princess. It's just my surname. Yeah, those are good. But I. Felt seen from Dr Prints. Kind of has a you vibe. Has Me by. I saw her and I was like okay. I'm present I forgot to mention jae-kun lady raining corner. Have Babies and jake know identified as a male character, but he is the one that has the children. and Jake's dad was the one that had him and I like gave birth and I think that's really cool that you have this male character who is. Dating in married to I suppose a a female character, but the males are the ones having the kids because like gender roles seem to mean much in the world adventure time Never thing they make a big deal out of either just like I don't think they ever make like a whole big. Oh, no controversy ordeal over like bubblegum. Marceline, be at some point. to think. Very I just wanted to check she Dr Princess Does appear. In. A lot of episodes, but also she appears in disguise as science wizard. Wizard. Now, did you now you've given away? I often am disguised as scientists are, did you? Did you perhaps encounter tree trunks in your in your little bit of what out? My Gosh the I I I kind of felt like the first season, real light and silly, and like the first episode with drugs like maybe it's one of the first steps in the season series. It's really door. treetrunks is a little tiny elephant and she's like woman. Larry Boys only cute yeah. But. She talks of wanting to pick this perfect crystal enchanted Jim Apple because she makes pies, and she wants to make one out of this apple, but she's not very good at adventuring because she's old, so Finn and Jake take her on this adventure through the the. Scary forest to find the gym apple and. Show her that she can be a good adventure, but oh, like her way of trying to be or monsters to like put on makeup and do a sexy dance. Seduce them. They don't shy away like she's going. To seduce with Baba. No, but it's very good. Spoiler very old upset. Measure time at it all culminates with finally they find the crystal apple, and so they lived her up, and she takes a bite of it and the explodes, and then they go to credits. And then you just a wild before you hear from trade. Backs, she's you know. She's fine really. Oh Man. I think every episode just has so many weird. Little details like there is so much world building. There are so many characters that like you just you want to know about, or they'll eventually come back to their so much loop around La. It's really the the amount of creativity That's poured into this like Yeah, it's it's amazing. It's so dislike. Rich. Were you, watching I was going to just pick at it a little bit to get the base basics back, but. I couldn't stop watching well I. Think I will be watching more because trailing cooper very much. Okay? Watch more good, so I'm. Glad you try, and Cooper will like they'll raina corn. Jake Baby. Yes, yeah. Especially Cooper was like demanding didn't want to go to bed last night. Another episode yeah. Kinsey Cooper Liking. Fits very bright so what I will say. One of the main creators on that Pendleton Ward There's a not for kids, but there's a new show on Netflix it's called the Midnight Gospel, which is one of the most beautiful things animated one of those beautiful like just heart wrenching. It's basically like it's kind of build her out a podcast. Actually It's like he's interviewing. These different people and they're kind of going through these fantasy landscapes as he's interviewing them, but the actual dialogue is from a podcast interview. And it's really. Gorgeous. It's intense. Like it's definitely word. Alz! Let! The kids watch this. But it's really good. said what's up next. Oh, next We haven't done archie yet. Now man we go. Oh, man, now doing. Without Riverdale, or talking to Archie at least at least make sure you. You know the language of Archie, comics. Aw I will let you all discuss Riverdale as much as you see fit. I will not be watching Riverdale I had to sell potting Riverdale even so I will. I will be discussing the she's of your I'll reread some of your old ones. They still have the house. Sure I have some. If you need some, oh good. Even more needs. Some double digests got some We'll thank you all for watching adventure time with me. Discussing it with me, will thank you. It was it was a good addition for our for the girls. Shape yeah, so maybe I won't have to watch. The same episode make Smell Mickey Mouse clubhouse with the pirate ship in the treasurer. Again I hope you'll get out of that cycle. I've seen it thirty times. well, thank you both. Thank you, listeners. I hope you're all staying safe saying well. taking care of yourselves, thank you to maximum fund dot org for hosting our show. You should go to maximum fund for lots of podcasts you would enjoy. You can email us at still buffering maximum dot org if you have suggestions or questions or comments. You can tweet at us at still buff. and. Thank you to the novellas for theme Song Baby Changed. Ryan this has been your cross generational guide to the culture that made us I'm really smirl. I'm Sydney Maccarone at I Taylor's. I I'm still suffering. And I am to. Listen to the. Old Buddy short. Yes. 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