Gab and Juls: Is Solskjaer or De Gea to Blame for FA Cup Exit?


The Happy Monday jewels the twentieth of July which means it's only eight days until Harry Canes Birthday I'm. I'm amped. I'm excited We've got I. Think a very good show. We'll be talking a little bit of in because of course they were held by. My dog is very angry. Not Happy told I mean he really is. A. Quickly of champions in Spain in although not really surprised in Turkey will do all that, but we're going to start at the top. We're GONNA. Get our specialist Mark Ogden on to help us with this united falling apart against Chelsea three nil defeat, Dhabi. Not Good Arsenal Manchester City play full strength squads Chelsea arguably I know there's a lot to get into, but I just want to start with the squad selection here. United have a chance at silverware. We should say hey, you know. By. He pays the bt, but he rests a lot of players on. POGBA Marcia is it. Is this a case of? The Champions League is it as simple as that just a priority some arms. Well I think. I was the jumping. Over the FA Cup I think I think that will remain the case. The united now sable hugely will be the first thing I'd say mitigation is that you're not? You played on Thursday night, which was forty hours less than Chelsea so that was. Still you know prior to? The Palestinian put the same starting eleven five games released, and that shows you that sell shots from eleven is a beyond that. He's not so confident housing. We saw why today because you know Daniel James Cameron just simply not good enough had a great start. In August but it nothing sensitive, just a Yankee Ruins and the you know the. Good disagree somewhere. We haven't got that that. I was surprised at the hair play because they usually a day off the company. You had a day off yesterday as well. On the pitch, but you know United States. All of the the quality everybody was looking at off again. Everybody's is reliable bits. Lindelof is unreliable. Hard Maguire is pretty much reliable. Obviously, this morning shows him. A lot of keystone culturally running around in defense in the Bali's so. Social may changes. Play Against Seattle West on the book. The makes changes you know to look a lot weaker than the I. Mean They already looked tired? In the last two games towards the end of the game, he made mistakes against Southampton by taking off Pug by Brunner another almost at the same time, which means they had no players to get the ball out. You know from their own half of the whole deal and so two yards against pilots that look tired as well. So in a way was right to it was what's rotate orgies right? Though there there's either the enough town outside of the very strong I eleven, yeah! I don't know why. and Go back to three the back when the four two three one worked pretty well before there was no need again to go back and then demand start by star Brandon Williams. Threatening. When You don't need three the bar. On the. I'M GONNA stick up for a little bit because part of saw okay. Let's lost. A Spurs earlier in the day I mean I don't know he's GonNa Change. Change his team lost, but he could have approached things a little differently, but. If, you look at the table and simple simple math. United Play Leicester on on the last day of the season. Right and the reality is that even if united have a game in hand now, right? But even if united win that game in hand, they go three points clear of Leicester, but if they lose to lester, and it's all naming ninety minutes their their goal difference is I think. He's exactly the same. If, they lose I x number of goals more whatever than. They're not playing in the Champions League next year so I think we give the social pass here. I am not think he. Spurs game of the week and thinking that the F. B. Gold Wednesday and was was crucial. If less considerable more think it would really soon the balance in the United States, so I think it needs to beat West on Wednesday and it can beat the wild if they can win formula that gives them a cushion for for less than we can. Because they have to answer to. My side is I, think they stopped close and I think socially rights. They has to focus on those two games because. We were GONNA. Give social past mark, but we need to need to save time here, so we can go and go laughter the villain of the day. All right, we narrative here the guy the guys made mistakes. He's not the keeper. He was I think most people would agree with that. They're pretty regis mistakes. I think. We can say mistakes on all three goals, the second one possibly being the worst. What I don't get here is he's the highest paid goalkeeper in the world, and he's the highest pay goalkeeper in the world. Because his contract was expanded. Correct me if I'm wrong extended by a year ago. And the thinking at the time was that well. If we don't extend his contract, you lose them on a free. You can't sell them because nobody wants to buy him because he makes too much money already. So. Let's extend him and keep him around dot com. You extend the contract because you think he's very good, and he earns deserve that money and you want to keep him because he's, but the argument is because you can't sell them if you don't extend his and you have to go and spend sixty eighty million on all black or or whatever I mean. Is that a fair summation Mike or am I being unfair Jordan? You don't know. I miss you but I think. He called it wrongness thing. I think we all seem to have declined slowly at first, but I think roughly since the World Cup in two thousand eighteen. Years, and you know that mistake. You make sure the second goal on Sunday identical mistake that Tottenham in the first car to start, Shaw Stratagem couldn't hold onto it, and he's making the same mistakes repeatedly and I think this is beginning remarkable. Joel hearts months ago, keep who? Goes into comfort zone fall was better than the is, and the mistakes were always the same mistake download left, and it's the same with the hair straight through his body lotion left Oxford the fate and They so many times now. I think he's de Goalkeeper. Think the you know. He's a great goalkeeper Alison Edison to stake in. They've all left him behind. Because that pet supply different way, we'll take among the penalty area. Come out of the penalty area the hair. Lucky. And I think social there has to make you be calling. Evan talks for a is a Furby Claw, and he does what so focus needs to do. Well Ferguson Drop Jim late February boss has multiple. Tell you Ma Busni Tim Howard. He was ruthless goalkeepers. With all due respect, Mark Bosnia's Australian Tim Howard's American. My similar Taibbi I don't know what planet the guys from I mean. It takes a lot more hosts by here to go and drop the guy. You just made the highest paid for the world, but I think dropped oded, so what what? Do it exactly the same. No I think the big difference. Osos contract expires in twelve months. Henry Emmy dropped him as wet. Story he's good enough. Drop him regardless of the money's on. I'm not saying you should never be dropped, but I want to go back to because I think we need to flag. These mistakes were made before I know. We've been hard on Woodward. I've been maybe more accommodating towards Woodward and some other people, but this is what bugs me about the decision I understand as we said before in the summary Why you felt you had to extend. The has contract right because it was objectively hard son, because the decline, it already started his reputation outside England wasn't what it was within England and the win that many other big clubs who could afford them when you to keep her I get that. But then hang on then you hardball him and you say listen, we'll give you new contract. But you know what we're going to cut your wages because he was already an enormous wages, or we're GONNA. We're GONNA. Do this on our terms. If you want to become a free agent and you want to test yourself out there, good luck, go see where you go. Go go enjoy your time in China. Go enjoy playing for some Europa League team have fun at Roma or Valencia wherever wherever you're agent takes you. That's when I think that's when you had to go to him. Show us. You know I'd like to see more from clubs doing this. Show us that you're the keeper were before because you've been playing up the contract, and now you WANNA raise, and instead they folded and I think. Thing is clubs do that position of strength and united. What was strong last year? They about place just lost marine your social. Were Club. That was strong too I think. This to what happened with stole them as. They made a call Sanchez Sanchez go and I think when you get to hire the contract now expected to lose poke at some point, so they couldn't as. In the world, they couldn't be seen losing to their biggest stars at same time. Always these situations. If you'd say that pope was remained I think he will stay on this period about the hair. Start with him as Austin is because like you say, he's way to big, there's not a market goes keeps right now in the world, the could see that remotely interested will be events I don't. I don't think. Go. Well. Six months ago I don't go. Keep of events is standard. So, you wouldn't swap chairs. Wake up! This is such a limited scope to go to so the state within all right. We're GONNA HAVE TO WE'RE GONNA. Have to leave it there mark Thanks to this I you guys aren't GonNa. Save myself the last word on this first. All the fact that Arsenal did it with those will simply means that another club that made really poor decisions contractually. Made, the same mistake that that united did. And I also think though. This is something that's not going to go away and as as mark, said No. Dean Henderson and he's better than the hair. You don't pay the hair regardless how much! Dean Henderson when they extended the hair, this is the. Cheap, Nice Nice hundred. Per Me He's GonNa, come back, play him. Then you don't cave on five quid a week or three hundred thousands. It shouldn't shut him Susan about Jill's he's. Not Ready from the united the best number two in the Premier League and They don't give them an opportunity. To Take Me Martinez Round is. Just if you have someone better than the hair, don't play. You don't have to drop him regardless. I don't disagree with that point. augie thanks so much. To argue is such a role talking united. And Woodward always favorite topics that we mentioned Chelsea at all. But. Okay so gifted them goals, but. Chelsea pretty well. Yeah, they would have won't even without. The has mistakes I think they were far too good for united. The different reason we talked about the changes united may tactically and in terms of the players, but I think game plan was perfect spot on to go through the back for game. Now this was great. The energy intensity depressed. I mean reese James, macos Lonzo mountain billion of course, and then she ru in the form of his life. Maybe you know. He stood for in September. And Yeah Okay I think. There are a lot of rest earlier this season. Yeah Yeah Yeah. I wanted yesterday and I said that to him. If, he'd pay the more the first half of the season, which is very good, you haram was really glad. I'm not saying that that would change Abraham was playing every single game. Yeah, I do wonder for example. If you do lose at home against something, I wonder if you lose a homework is boomer with if Jerus- stars that game, maybe and you play a bit of a different way. You just because they don't want us to be knee-jerk. What about all the people who talk about? Wool Chelsea lost eleven games of season, and the defenses by yeah okay. People say when they drop points or when they concede goals. Then Guada- city of ninety games this season as well so you say. You know. And people say our people are not. To kind with him instead, of course, he makes mistakes. Peppers made mistakes. Crop has made mistakes soon. Everyone is making me stay the season. That doesn't make lampard either genius or complete. Use this monitor. I think he's also learning authur yesterday. He was very mature I think his team was so mature as well. And I just think that you could see the progress from I was traffic for the first game against united and I saw them yesterday, and there's a year almost a year to the day pretty much. Okay, so competition team. It's incredible all away. The first game of the season was the first game. Zuma Game Yeah. This game yeah. He didn't but didn't play that badly. Not Game Play, but still if you look at the game, even without the resort and look at the way they played yesterday, and Zuma was both games. You see the progress in the way they play in again as we say the dynamic, the chew the. The maturity you know he's great and I think they deserve credit for dot. Going to the final. Hour to leave this question given the way we Leon has played a scenario. Say. Gardo you say yeah, you said things great years, but we move on, and if you go inside Hubbard, which you you, you might be able to. It makes even less sense to keep William you still on this thing other. No, I'm just saying like if the happens, I, don't I oh, no people have talked about a Harvard so much. I get a little suspicious because it's a scene. People talking over obviously coming from his KYW, says decided to leave the club Chelsea favorites and I just weird that they say this show explicitly. Remember the situation or the team of earner situation? It was all quiet quiet while. I agree here it's like. He's talking to. It's almost like he's trying to coax people out. They were talking one hundred million. They're like wow, you know who team. Yeah! I don't look if you can get if you can get Harvard's at the right price by homes. But I. Don't think you should be a priority for Chelsea I. Don't think he is a priority for Chelsea I. Think just like a the price keeps dropping. Sure we'll get them. We'll raise money elsewhere. So would you give a new two billion like a one press one for example? No, no, no, no, because you need to. You need to find out who can play new can't play, and you look at Callan Hudson Doi which everybody seems to forgotten, but eighteen months ago. It's like. He. Thinks. He's had about injury. Let's find out what he can do. Well listen you can do. Let's find out. Yesterday. And Zia obviously know, either so I think what the season is is already very goods and the patient. Next season with the new arrivals is just like wow, big squad. Be pressured to come with an awesome big call. The cell. Biggest. Jaws enough united. Let's talk. Syria are because giving ventures dropping points left right and center. There was still the possibility that if Iran, yeah or Yeah No, it didn't happen. Inter tell to by by roll into once again, taking the lead failing to shut to to see it through. I don't know I saw. It, you didn't play well again. and it's not just getting ability to keep the lead. In some ways. This all goes by the wayside because I'm Tanya conybeare afterwards. We got angry KOMMT again. This time he's going on about about the schedule, Stevens points. Going to point about what about having less rests early playing like I mean. He went too far on. They want us to fail and they always against The sniper face. He's never said when he was a you've. Yeah, but that's all right. Yeah I to me. You know what I get politically why you would say I mean we're trying to sum up what he said, but basically he's unhappy because he feels that they have to play every three days, which which everybody does, it's a compressed schedule. You WanNa. Get things on television. But he complains the fact that they always play it and I you know. Games kickoff at nine forty five local time, and then they get back at four o'clock in the morning, and then the next day all they can do a warm and then the day after that they've got to prepare for the. So on and these aren't conditions in which to work. I part of me says. There's a global pandemic having gone back and looked through. Who Plays I later you this? But I also feel dude. If you haven't dropped these stupid points along the way, you might be in a conversation. The title, the title win lose a romance and the night they lost. The against Bologna finds one up with a penalty to come and team managed to lost a game with just half an hour to go to the game, so you're right. He's made a mistake along the way I. I'm not really sure what Room Lulu Kacoos on the bench against Roma off to say as good as Alexis says she was tired. He coming back from injuries. Come on. This is those crunch games where you can go back oppression new surely pull your best striker on June and. Then bring out either Lautaro. Alexis who has been great and probably deserves to start Ben Slows Darrow and bring him on for half an hour. ANTACTICA cough. Up I didn't get. I my issue with this is. Look. There's a long history and elsewhere about saying things for a trading the siege mentality. But you say that you say these things if they're calculated and we know for example, just Marino historic. Not The only one. In, the past passes onto to, but you say when. You can still influence something when there's something. At this point because nothing, it just sounds like you whining. It sounds like you coming up with sour grapes. You really think that they made the calendar to try to favor. You vent when the conversation was all about lots. Covering his on the failure. Right, it's also it's also she's. Marino does as well you deflect the attention on what you did. Your choices, your tactics. You know play Brazil, vh. In position and got behind him I'm I'm not so sure. And then that's where of deflecting all onto the referee, because y'all go out. and. Probably was a foul on before the first room I got on I was actually. Let's talk about for the foul on the caller over cotto. I'm basically bows into barges into him, and then off that they score also because was it. On, the goal line doesn't show his feet out. I looked at it, and you know this situation with Vr flagger through the referee, the referee again and decided not to go and and disallowed the goal. He decided it was obvious mistake. We can go back under a magnifying Lens and look at all these situations. I? Don't have a problem with that. Not being called the foul. No me, neither did. This is not something that happens all season. There was when united play. Liverpool our trumpet and run one. The first good came from a very similar move, and also the at the march it all the way up the patient score and Still Dominates. This isn't going to make thing, but I just think you're going to give to pass on this one. You're angry. You let it all out. The beast came out. County also did make the point that this was a good season for entered Europe elite of course still out there. Are you on board with that I? Think so I, think so I. Think I've seen them enough this season. To be able to say is an improvement compared to last year. The Hebrew positive things and yeah, okay. If you hire contain your, so no, there's a that another side of things going the way he wants all when disappointment and then he will shout any. We angry as we've seen quite a lot since the restart, but that cannot. Hide the feige think the much better team than they were before he arrived at some of the signings of thought, really well, Lukaku. I and that potentially. If you build on this next season, you could be even more competitive I hate bringing up the word culture, because it's all kind of like pie in the sky, and you can use it both ways, but I think this he has changed the culture of the team to to to some degree, maybe the culture of the club. I'd had stolen stony. Of course. Who's now you know a legitimate starter, still growing so young The downsides. He has an integrated Erickson. I think. He's gone to the veterans a little too often bringing in Moses Yang short term situation. There's still a lot of work to do front office, but you're right Lukaku been shining success lout has improved the point that he's now sellable asset or you keep him and you've got you. There's no question that progress has been made yet. I still think they're going to be slightly hamstrung. Financially, going forward Nainggolan Peres. Search these goes from the past and it said so. I think he's still going to have to do a lot of work on the training ground, and he has to sort out Erickson. But. For, the first season I think it's a solid B., B. Plus yeah, especially, if you think about the injuries, some key points. Sense being the biggest one maybe. You think that. It could have been even better I to you. The plan wasn't to play every single. Off. Season for him. That's what we're giving him to see. All right, enough and his anger. Let's get some positivity. Go with some quick hit says good enough, so they'd be liberal, but I wasn't really impressed by then they go, and they beat city and city who were motivated and strong. This feels like a different arsenal team. You're right I mean you'll be saying you were know impressive. Of course they had to do every four and five goals hundred come on, yeah, but how many? Scenes. Yes, they might expect upset. Those teams play well. They may very well against city. They didn't play that well. In my opinion, just no, they exploded this much stakes. This was much better against a team that. especially in the first half was was. Let's be honest didn't have much to them. I thought they are. They weren't bad in the second half city or single. Studying move to more centrally. The lack of idea, the two full box still good enough for me, Walker Mindy in that case but but yeah, awesome with great the game plan they stuck to. It could ask or more goals. There's obviously the physics that I thought he weren't. I felt like for this game. He, said all right, catch soccer, right, and let's go with the big boys here. That was that was right. I mean I. Again. I'm going to be biased because like I. I love Lozada and French and he's my friend and links. But again like this, it shows one. How good is that I have and maybe people might not have seen him because he's involved in the goal by the second. Assist the the the Obama young goal, but he he's hold. The play was fantastic. Don't they can receive the pressure and not lose even if sometimes it's a bit like. A limit he's not. It doesn't lose. It is so beneficial to the team so valuable to the team. You wouldn't want to celebrate a play like this because you won't find another one like him through so our. No, no, no, but you know this just each other so well Obama on could not do the work like I said doors with these back to you. Husky body can't hold the ball up like the is. She's not as good technicalities, no as good, but he's got different assets I think they played. There were so good I I like the fact that we're starting to see multifaceted arsenal so arsenal that can go and play a game like this, which is just parking the box? No, it's a lot more. Eighteen passes every. From your own six yard box, so yeah hope had yeah. Hope ahead, but then you. Better players of course, but I think that was so much. Positive engagement might lose the final and finished off are. Saying, that doesn't take away some of the good thing. They've done since Atara Lendus. Speaking of city we and in particular mock Ogden, have about the need for central defenders. Every gaseous thought it again, keeping Tom Indian stones on the bench. PEP supposedly loves them. Easy the answer, gove. No, I don't I. Don't think so I think. I think there's almost smacks of lake. Praising this guide to high heaven you know depending on. He's so smart. He says smart. He's smart. He's not bad on the ball central defender. But You know. I don't know that he has the muscle or the quick. To sign another quickness I. Mean you compare him to Laporte? Right? That's a standard. You want another laporte, so I think somebody. Maybe who you think will develop. But no, they obviously still need. They still need to defenders and I think. It was indicative that in this team were in this game. He played her strongest team because this is. Primarily doesn't matter for them. to stage obviously right. It's the FA Cup win. Win More Silverware, and then the Champions League. You know, so you can go. Your little trouble. You've one casts win the FA. Cup Win The championship. And you start this guy I think he's as much as a message of what regarding holds stones Indian yet, but then you cost you a second one, not him on his own, because many covers among Garcia is four on the second goal, so you know playing him ahead of funding. For example, it was on the bench all even with Indian stones. Clearly cost you cashew in that game, so you don't want that. You write you pay your strongest eleven, and then you put that guy. World is visiting. Now as we boldly predicted on the last show Jewels Realm Ajay became champions of Lolita on Thursday, and at the weekend they do chew with an ass jewels. They were devastating after the restart. What did you do right I? Know you know you your little thirty seconds to praise. Crazy Zoo. Yeah because I think a lot of credit he. He. CAME BACK in March two, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, said winning the. Falling season will be the priority more than anything else. Any delivered and I think he deserves a lot of credit for he made this team. Very resilient very good defensively, which is probably the best. Remedied side. We've had defensively in thirty years or twenty five years amazing when you can do in verandahs fit and Ronald says focused. Of course, it's not. It's not rocket science that they weren't like this before they went on these before they were fought to leaky, and and even not well organized think fellow. Mendiola back made a big difference defensively compared to Marcelo. And also, Tibur, courtois, who's back to really really he's best level, and he's been outstanding or season. No, just since he's had to cope with a ton of injuries, so I don't very deep team, but you're GONNA have deep team, but you still have. Players were better than other ones and a lot of the good ones got injured He dealt with the bail and Hamas situation. which you know is still problematic and a distraction, and even Madrid. You know maybe head by the break and you know the the lockdown staff. I merged came back after the break in fobbing fitness. Valverde was one of the findings of the season with that, and then you Karen Bensimon phone carriage. You really going forward so. You know I. It was a very very good season. I think this is of the eleven trophies the one that values the most official. Bustling when five hundred twelve S as low Mris coast to and gives one to seventh PICHICHI and set a new record in terms of assist. If you WANNA be negative, is his lowest goal analogous since two thousand nine with twenty five, but then again you're let the League's assist. We said, sitting in your record with twenty. One and God a seems sticky. Suggest we stick around now I listen to the Champions League is concludes. Yeah, I mean said this last week. It's stupid to let sit and golden now. I, think menzies evolving into a slightly different player as he gets older as he's adjusting to the players around him I. Mean took him a while to figure out that. Hey, look, you don't want and all the way wide. In the scheme The assist total I think is really really impressive I'm less concerned with the goals. I mean he's still half the goddess coding twenty twenty thirteen was something. Is this his greatest season ever as an individual? No, yeah, but he's thirty three years old. Is he the best player in the league I think by a country mile? No, give it to Ben's my season. Come on, give it to so a leads the league in goals and assists, but no Ben's them I was better. The MESSI, this season should be just about the goes in the so you give it just because of goes unless you don't look at what the rest of the team has done behind you, you don't do. What you've own, who has the better supporting cast Rome Madrid. Second. Best Scorer football this season, Ruth Suarez we seventeen okay, fine, second best goalscorer for Madrid. I don't know they've all been injured finance Phil season. But that's my point so kind Bensimon on his own right. You has been great, but he had support of Suarez and grease men, and even to a certain extent. I'm going to leave. Ex. Soviet on twitter better no one. KOREAN! Greater season than. Schools I of the season in. Whatever! I more quick hits, goodness. You've anticipated this evening, but as mentioned, the title is virtually. There's anyway after interest. Draw to and ask you about something else. These rumors linking Duvan Saporta to vent this Surti, million euros plus goalkeeper Muttiah bidding. This makes sense to use. About is twenty nine years old. Hey Tyson I mean I've watched a game against headlights on Saturday afternoon. He's been really good at times. This season in this Colo's of goes on against Borussia, the other night for me, but in that game I was like. For he doesn't want to. He doesn't want to play. Maybe it was too hard. Maybe it was. It was too tired. I don't know, but and then I read those links and those rumors night. It would not make any sense. To put a number on this met. The opinion obviously hasn't played much I, mean he? He didn't play in. Venice and went on loan to General. This is a guy who's been capitalise. He's twenty seven years old he. We thought it was going to be better than what he's not right Mushonga he. He looked like the future. You made a mistake. I think by going to you because then they perform back and all of a sudden. But. He can still turn into serviceable goalkeeper. I think without question when they end up doing this deal if it is thirty million places. I guarantee you. They're going to slop thirty million on the minimum minimum. Yeah, so then. We're talking sixty million for guy for duval twenty nine. Atlanta I bite your hand off by your hand off. especially given. You really have Louis. Mariel exactly so yeah. No, no sense at. mid-on, keep rolling along destroying Bologna. Five one guy. Purity's making a very strong case. And Yeah are they say determined to replace him with Rodney. I so the narrative all along has been rag, Nick, said Ya I will come, but you know I'm going to be the the. Super Director Football Height of recruitment technical director I also want to coach right. Okay vangere style. Ended very well. So writings backside. But. That was kind of another era in football feels like a long season. I think the thinking was right. Let's accommodate them. I think now they're having second. Thoughts argued all along. Isn't cared. Kelly doesn't have an EGO. He's I think it's a weakness and a strength is that he doesn't have an ego. He knows any kind of system if he can work with rang nick and kind of help mediate for year and be like that'd be like. Sidelines, and saying like this is how we wanted to play, I don't think. He's not wedded to assist style of plaque does does Rodney strike you as the kind of guy who who would one that always more the kind of can do all by myself I can do. ABS But at some point Ralph rang. Make has to realize that as much further phenomenal work that he's done. He's not pep Guardiola. He doesn't have the sporting credit the sporting. PEP Guardiola does he can't go and name all his terms and expect not to be some level speak. Italian, either yet does he or maybe just a bit maybe. Even? Help! Also he hasn't managed coached the one year Leipzig in the last four or five years. Issues in the past so I, don't know I think this would be a much better outcome but they have basically when you think innovative group position which they need and yet somehow. They find that they put themselves by their own means. In a bit of an uncomfortable situation. Is Crazy. Yeah, you see what I mean. If if if you keep purely and you said that we keep purely this continuity. And yet no is now. They could change again. Keep y'all. You still need to address the recruitment side because that was. That was the big issue last year, right? Do you want to build something long term and ran. Nick is the guy to do that, but okay, but you see both very good players last summer with no proper. You know also makes them very skipping. And those people are gone now true or on the way out. Another blow for Leicester City easily beaten three nail by Tottenham Hotspur jewels. You can either question Rogers. Whose one just two of nine in all competitions since the restart or praise the motivational counterattacking of just say Marino. The game so I will do both Oh. It's beyond me how West Morgan and I dunno, you have nothing against you, but you thirty six. You can't run anymore. Even in the back three as a sweeper understand how we can start a game like this, so you interest expenditure figures. Let's just add more central defenders no. Yeah, wh-, just play. Ryan Benetton and John Evans as a back four with two kids. fullbacks in say I either I duNno, I mean yesterday was committee of his depth from the be okay again. Hurricane is it be hard for anyone especially how we can form even the back three from Rogers I. Don't get it, he. Is Not even bringing you good results anyways, so I'm not sure. And you did the three even went, so you was dead, so he's not even because the insure we. Didn't get it. Appraised value. Marine yeah, it was really good, and this is the this is. The spurs that we would see next season. Hurricanes said after the game that they worked hard on this and is completely different to put Chino. And is far more pragmatic is don't bother with possession. Don't bother with bill the play just go quickly forward quickly and transition works so well yesterday. There were so good. I mean hurricane is so good every time I seem live and I can do I just I just watch him and only him I don't care what the bullies east just. Magnificent play. I'm completely in November. So with Lucas, and son and I think if you even a better player than Lucas for example, although I like him. You will be even stronger and yes, sometimes against when you can't be the lower block and you face a team with a low blog, a bit like bombers. Ask questions whether you. Can do something different. Maybe you saw Mela. Maybe then you go and get another player who can. Find break the deadlock in those kind of games, but I mean. You know what they're going to be strong. Next Season Spurs I'm telling you that. Y wouldn't be convinced about that, but hey time we'll tell by the way. Did I mention it's only eight days until hurricanes birthday? And who has west, his birthday. I wonder I wonder so when the returns beyond closed doors, we saw a huge amount of aware wins, and all these clever people do conclusions about how home advantage had been wiped out, but studying the Financial Times this weekend shows that the opposite has happened in the per million Syria whom teams are stronger without fans going on all right I'm GonNa say this sample size sample size, sample size sample size. It does my freaking head I know we have to have something to write about the Bundesliga comes back. Nobody else has started, so go look. Teams are winning. What does it mean all the important to the fans? It's nonsense. It's nonsense withdrawing these massive conclusion same. With the five Saab's and stock. Jumping out, saying well, this means that no, we're not aren't very many games, and it's as simple as that you obviously still have some level of home field advantage because you're not traveling halfway around the country. You know the pitch you know the dressing room I just urge people to not draw massive conclusion on tiny sample size. It's common. Put a microphone in front of a manager next BRO and ask him like Whoa. You know three away wins. What does that mean Oh my God. I hate this hate this freaking psychological pseudoscience nonsense. There was another one about your cotton red cards for away teams wasn't that was lower now than before against small small small sample, but the maybe the fact that there's no fun support of pressure on the ref means that he's more lenient with the awaiting maybe. More logical, but you know what who knows. Let's apply some science to it rather than just talking rear end based on tiny sample. Having nearly conquered the world. Flamengo's Georgia Zeus is back in Europe. Is this where we find out? If he really is a genius or just a guy who a superclub in Rio, you A. It's quite interesting. I think if to see next year. Why will do with Benfica Benfica Team and club in are designed Bruno large after looking so clear to win? To win the League, and they didn't and then Portal Cam back. They've got good young generation coming through, but they still need a law enforcement I think especially in the four positions where. The lost their Yasunori those people who used to call. Lows of Gore's don't have really striker so. For him to go back there. He must feel like okay because he was as you said in a good. Place in Flamingo with very strong squads, maybe the best squad in South America they don't. Think by large margins. Plan then. Maybe thought. Yeah, maybe you're right. Maybe it was too easy. Flamingo in any wanted a bit of a challenge Benthic Sony you're you're managing for mango? You're winning everything I just wonder. Why don't you just stay there? Good. Yeah Yeah! It's probably a good. Obviously. You're not going to get a big job. A Big Club in the big five at this stage because of what's happened before. I don't know yeah interesting. Lamelo very rarely spoke in public during his time, a Chelsea or Monaco when it was the first black technical director a major European club, he gave a long interview this weekend, though to the gods, and then talked about race in perception Gab. You knew him well, you thoughts. So. I think I'm rain saying that I mean I might be forgetting somebody, but I think apart from Eric Abba dial you know sort of heavyweight clubs. There's not being another block director of football. Maybe maybe pop juifs, at Marseille, Klay a PSG O. and clever. Yeah, that ended wow! I. I mean the remarkable thing to me about Emenalo and remember kind been nearly ten years since since he was there. He met a crap that he had to put up and I think some of it. I. Probably had to do with with race. But he had a whole bunch of other things stacked against them the fact that he's Nigerian he'd never played. He never played in England. He's college educated. which you know, let's face it the the punditocracy here. They they don't always like that. All these he was you know. He played in a World Cup for Nigeria, but he was never superstar footballer. Nobody'd ever even been nobody had ever really heard of. A footballer all these things wrapped into one I. Think made the job harder for them and yet if you go back, if you look at the development of Chelsea's Youth Academy over the years, which obviously you can go and pick the players, but he put conditions in place where they could, they could have that, and now you see what it is with all the kids you've seen today plus of course, declan rice, adding catcher also former Chelsea. Guys you look at the fact that they banned the simply the buying and selling people talking about all the low army, and they make too much money off this too stockpiling yeah okay. Everybody wants to talk about talent. Who Says Oh I don't want more talent. He put that in place. He allowed Chelsea just to stay afloat and he did it while working with so many different managers many them with strong personalities, not sure I think. He certainly got a raw deal at the time and I think people look back and say hey, you know. What do we want from a club? More credit than what he is. I mean I'm biased. Here's another guy, but I think. Definitely people should look at that and say this is what I want from a director of football. Did he get something's of course? Because you know, it's always a number game, but. I'm not going to go back to Kevin to Brian mccombe silo which you know. Young listeners might not even know ever played for Chelsea were dumped out the door, not by hand by somebody else, yeah. So I. In terms of the Monaco time now as I understand it. He felt a little bit hamstrung their. Yatzik, Then kind of rewriting history or yeah I, mean I think he did some good things and again others Minnesota. He found in low others them especially someone really really difficult to work with and I think. He's never gonNA. Work Masada multi full power. The minella was there made that he could not have them unless. He unless got out, which eventually did although the? Also got the sack so I think he was ugly at time, and it's a bit of a shame because I agree with you. Knowing people who've worked with Monaco said I think he had more to offer than where you actually offered to Monaco. which I think is shame. Let's talk about Michael Donald. Old Club Monaco they hired former Southampton Spurs and likes the recruitment grew. Paul Mitchell the woundr caned yet, which I guess is very good, but then they also chose Niko Kovac just manager which seems well. Daddy didn't choose Niko Kovac. He chose Niko Kovac Paul. Mitchell score chose Niko Kovac coverage soccer Ben Marino on Saturday morning to the surprise of aloft people including the players. And then we'd have to see. I agree with you right right now. If I look at it, I'm thinking like. This wouldn't have been Michael Ballack. Moreno McCall like Tehran. We would not be my likely. Others are deemed coming back would have been my call so whether it was Paul Mitchell someone has before him. They keep making those crazy mistakes. I read somewhere today that Oh, like. They snubbed Pochettino and it's you know Mitchell wanted to reunite with Pochettino. Now I don't know if you've more information. Is this I understand? Paul Mitchell worked with Patino Southampton. They worked very well together yet. Paul Mitchell then moves to spurs. And then like six months later, Paul like. Out of here, yeah, I don't think they Paul Mitchell inputs on a of respect, but I think those two joined at the hip in any way shape or form whatsoever, despite the picture that certain media like two point yet, in fact I know for a fact. Spurs tried to recruit Paul Mitchell. Before they even thought of Pacino. and. I believe an I was told again on Saturday that. was even in the discussion to take over Marino I think for Mitchell really wanted someone from from Germany, or at least who'd been in the boons- together before because of the idea that he has for the club and for the team and the way he wants them to play again I'm not sure Karachi is the right guy for that. You know if you told me okay you go and get. Rosa Graffman, you know. But. You know this guy's GonNa okay. But Kovacs I'm be skeptical right now, but we see. He is arriving today with his brother Robert, and they will. Have a friendly tomorrow on Tuesday, then we see what they do, but. Maybe, he's thinking is Monaco can ditch Leon and joined the Bundesliga. Lead! United are back in the Premier League God. We don't often talk about the lower divisions in the championship, but this is. This is huge, right? It is huge because this fan base by history is primarily club. Shout out to the owner. Donny, but especially big shoutout to ourselves though. There's a reason people love. People love the story behind it. I was very skeptical about whether. Would work in the championship. Okay, just simply because you know look at the conditions and then also walks out on teams and things don't work we it in Marseilles and. I don't know how long it's GonNa last, but it's it's fantastic the work he's done and I think. I think he's really changed minds, and he's changed cultures and think from a neutral perspective you know. If there is a club that can turn the big six big seven. It's United Sixteen years. They've been waiting to go back credible. Liverpool thirty years to win the title again. He'd sixteen years to go back to the permanence crisis. Now. We've talked about this before, but I. Never Tire of celebrating the good guys, the warriors of the Light Santi Cathode has left Vietnam after an astonishing comeback jewels. Help me celebrate them. Tell me what's next. What it seems that Qatar might be next. I was hoping and dreaming. Maybe they would come back to awesome I. Think he had a child with me? About it maybe. But it looks like he could go to to Qatar with. in China steam. Maybe get one. Come back to Barcelona. Even, if you just for one year. Ticket money bring the family over there and enjoy football for one season. I'm disappointed after say he's not staying in Alita Villareal. But it was a wonderful story, anyway the way that for more than two years and then play football that he thought he could not even walk again. After all this issue with his Achilles and his full, and all those injuries, and yet after what ten surgeries as we say, two years, it took some skin of his arm to put his full defied that one. It was just be able to play again for even even just keeping the gallon something he could not do at some point, but then play Lalita in that level. Go back to the national team and he would have gone to euros. Had the US happen I? Don't think he would go unfortunately next next. We never know and what? I think he was involving twenty five goals in league between the goes. The assist is incredible. Obsolete Incredible Fairytale Miracle Cooler wherever you want. And spink, such a nice guy. That's the thing for people who don't know any. Sweet US mind you could ever meet and he deserves all. The great things that happen to him in the last year or so especially after the nightmare for so many months before. When did what would have happened if interest somehow magically gotten him instead of Ericsson. God like if they feel like. Halo, BRAS H. You need an alternative. You can't play every game. What if Casale just comes over part-time in Milan and Can't get Tonelli. I duNNo. Emery. We'd be the manager next season. replacing. Who didn't do a good job of this did much better after the. The break. Bombing I don't know if you've read our area. Really you go like emery. Strong club that's behind you and all the guy has to do with coach and not speak not. then. I'm we can do a job for you right? Sorry we see. I'm Marie. One of his former club finish with the defeat, the severe, another one of his former club, another one of these FA and welcome to particular. Qualifying for championship next and another campaign of turmoil, which seems to follow him everywhere, and these our with three different managers, anger owner petroleum reports that everybody is for Sale Gab. Will ever be sets on. Woman was going on I. Mean you've got? Supporters from very high expectations, but you also have a club that. I'm sorry he's been turned into a receptacle. Of Agents of people cutting deals for reasons that people don't know. The Peter obviously inherited an enormous amount of debt. I, it's a shame. It's a shame because you know I'll tell you what if there is a club that can turn. The big to in just three or four or five, you know eight is Valencia Valencia yet? But it's either I think are should be the third biggest club in Spain, alongside the Madrid and the fact that they're not is also because of repeated mistakes that keep getting made and getting players for. short-termist reasons I don't know I. Don't know what the deal is I. Do know that this guy. Peter Lim. Can Get your money out and the club over either either be committed. Properly hire some people. Why not? Why does he do I? Don't I don't know I. Don't know he's. He's a real estate guy. He's whatever he must have something in mind. It's not possible like other why why? Why bother. On a lighter note, we have new champions in Turkey and it's not one of the usual suspects. here. What did you pronounce that? Well done well done practice. Didn't you know no? I've been following them a long time because they have few places that you would know them buffer employees. Cliches. And so. They should if you like your football and they're very young club as they were on reform in these the way we know them, nine hundred fourteen. Had Big backup from Mr. Bohannon and government, but anyway there won't. It can really close last season and then bottled up in the last two games of the season this year. They've been very consistent and although the probably benefited from the I gotTA, Sarah. She does Herat very average seasons, yes. Can Brewing the manager did a really good job. Nothing fancy nothing special, just being very solid. Fish Rubio is does well by the way I mean incredible. Rabin by your there, too. He was dead, but then left resolve this season, so yeah, incredible really really. Laurie, so people who don't know people who might be wondering why a lot of. Very famous players on big contracts, and in Turkey, it's because the tax rate in Turkey for foreign. Varies. thinking. Closer to fifteen percent, yeah! Yeah so. Eight. Very viable for that and. I said so good tale. It is and find that eagle-eyed viewers something unusual about referee John Most boots doing the game between Ashland city gap. Okay, so, how did John Moss? Sorry. Howard is Moss. I, say fifty something now I think he's in his mid forties. Fifteen. weirs is nick they. On his boots, he wears personalized boots. Why which is nicknamed. On why? Does, he does he does. He believes a football player I apparently is a football player. Apparently be replayed deplace with decent standard recreationally. I I just think. Given. What's going on right now? With premier? League referees as as a group. I'm the are some as a group. Yet given the season. They've given the fact that they send zero referees to the World Cup for example giving the sent all the crap, the PG oil yet the last thing you need more negative attention more people to look at you and make fun of you I'm question you and gearing soon gets angry. By keeping must see focus on employs honestly because I mean i. saw and I was like. W T.F MON-. Why did you do that to yourself? This is the season where you had the Weirdo decision that the against walls you had all the screw up with the VA, intervening nine intervening Blah Blah by the start of the season where they said Oh, no, no on field reviews. We'll just do a different just because you had to Sheffield. United goals struck off when a looked goldline technology's not working. You know I love this crap. How some humility everybody! Take a step back. Focus on your referring and we'll get out of this and. I I feel because this is again. I think Mike. Riley does what he can I think. He's being pushed, pulled pushed and pulled every which way. But this is a season to forget, and and this is part of the like. John Moss can go out there and can wear whatever the hell he wants, right. But to. No I'm sorry. I mean. Your Kid's name on your shoes. If you want your date of birth, the governor podcast name on your shoes. Yes, if you'd like to advertise, we'll get you some. Boots come on. This is the thing. Is because I'm not a foot, fetishists or footwear fetishists like you. I haven't been watching John. Moss's boots ride his career. So I must Gremlin assume that this is but I'm going to say that. This is something new because there's a bunch of Weirdos who sit there and looking at the feet of referee. Throughout Games I Do this now for you to introduce this now at this stage of the season after the kind season of had fall man. I know. All right I'm not. John Moss and You're not one of the worst ones. Yeah, this is not not. It's not Let's go back and do all again on Thursday when they could have even more clarity about who's going to win. The which of course is really the last remaining championship up for up for grabs. Till then. What!

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