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Yeah. This is MAC OS, Ken. Spotify. Fires back Maxell blast from the past with a lawsuit and the award for premature goes to it's Monday the eighteenth of March twenty nineteen I'm Kevin Ray. And this is news from MAC OS Ken brought to you by yours. Truly and sponsored by squarespace. Get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code Moco, west Ken at squarespace dot com slash Meko. S can the show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriot. Find out more in that your support that patriot dot com slash MAC. OS cat. Spotify shouldn't fight apple when it's catch phrases and factual omissions it shouldn't stead run for office last week. The streaming music service filed suit against up with the European Commission, alleging anticompetitive behaviour the next day. Spotify CEO Daniel AC expounded on his company stands at the international conference on competition. And Berlin that night apple responded on it site are giving that some Spotify facts were not in fact factual and saying that Spotify is looking for a free ride on the IOS apps store now spun up is back employing name-calling with word salad on the side variety. Ran a short recap of the story so far over the weekend. Adding spotify's response to Apple's response to spotify's, original statements. According spotify's latest statement. Every monopolist will suggest that they have done. Nothing wrong. And will argue that they have the best interests of competitors and consumers at heart and that way, Apple's response to our complaint before the European Commission is not new and isn't tirelessly in line with our expectations. We filed our complaint because Apple's actions hurt competition and consumers and are in clear violation of the law. This is evident Naples believed. That spotify's users on I o s or apple customers and not Spotify customers, which goes to the very heart of the issue with apple we respect the process, the European Commission must now undertake to conduct its review. This is evident apples believed that spotify's users on I o s are apple customers and not Spotify customers and could I get that with vinaigrette? Word of a lawsuit over which we can wonder for a day before deciding to forget about it. Speaking of which I guess I should let you know that accord has reached decision that apple os, Qualcomm, thirty one million dollars for violating three of Qualcomm patents. While another court has ruled that Qualcomm owes apple a rebate payment worth close to a billion dollars. I you can see why I've stopped doing more than occasionally glancing at the apple v. Qualcomm v apple cases and second. This case is not likely to come close to the size and scope of the one with Qualcomm. A question for people of a certain age, you remember Maxell the people who made audiotape and cassettes and so on apple insider says they're suing apple for allegedly infringing ten patents. Some of which Maxell inherited from Hitachi. According to the report three of the patents are connected to walking navigation and Maxell sites. Features like find my friends and pedestrian routes and apple maps and fringe men's a third patent involves apple camera design while a fourth relates to wireless communication and airdrop file transfers also cited are one covering cell phone technology one. For ring alerts one for controlling power consumption, one for unlocking one device with another and one which the company says is violated by FaceTime video calls, and I tuned video a wide range of apple devices are list as infringing according to the peace including iphones, ipads, and. Max up to twenty eighteen models. The iphone ten is repeatedly cited as an example and MAC cells complaint filed through a US district court in Texarkana, Texas Maxell says it talked with apple from twenty thirteen to twenty eighteen about some sort of mutually beneficial solution. Now, the lawsuit which I would imagine we can forget about for sometime to come. Results from the apple watch Stanford University hard study appear positive without too many, false positives and gadget says the university has released the results of its work while it appears to have gone. Well, the B says there are a few caveats, according to the report only zero point five percent of more than four hundred thousand volunteers received warnings of irregular heart rhythms. But physicians later verified that eighty four percent of those notifications were atrial fibrillation or a fib episodes and thus potential signs of trouble. The piece goes on to say just thirty four percent of those who receive notifications and agreed to wear an e c g patch for a week showed irregularities. But that was expected when a Feb is in remittance surprisingly only about fifty seven percent of people who got a warning went to a doctor. Which makes me wonder why the others took part still the tax seems promising especially since it wasn't as advanced as today's apple watch the piece points out that the test only included apple watches from series three and earlier series four complete with a built in e c g didn't come out until the test was winding down. Here's new shortage disappoint kids on Christmas morning through twenty twenty one. Maybe Bloomberg ran a piece last week saying WalMart plans to introduce an inexpensive kid friendly tablet, computer under its oh, n n Storebrand part of a broader redesign of its electron IX department. First of all, how is an an WalMart's brand I only know an an is the abbreviation for the onion news network, which is a parody is this part of that if so well played, but I doubt it is. The piece continues the device will be made by Chinese supplier and run on Google's Android operating system. According to photos found on a database of wireless product applications filed with the US Federal Communications Commission. I said I earlier that brings us to second. There is no shortage of branded and beige. Box Android, tablets, meant to undercut ipad on price from hardware-software standpoint. What is WalMart tablet likely to bring to the table? You can ask WalMart, but they won't say the spokesperson for the retail giant confirmed that the device is in the works, though, she declined to say what it'll cost one it'll be out or anything else about the tablet that said they will likely make some sales quoting Bloomberg. Again, retailers have found some success with kid-friendly tablets priced well below Apple's ipad, who's pro proline starts at seven hundred ninety nine dollars Amazon developed its own tablet. Brand originally called the kindle fire in twenty eleven which includes versions for kids two years later. Britain's Tesco p l c introduced a popular tablet called the huddle that was snatched up by UK parents, but the company discontinued the line in twenty fifteen after change in senior manager. Moment. So that was so successful that they stopped selling it for years ago. Also when comparing pad WalMart's unannounced, kid-friendly, Android, tablet, why compared to the seven hundred ninety nine dollar I pad pro who's buying pad pro for their kid? I had many starts at three hundred ninety nine dollars while the current nine point seven inch ipad starts at three twenty nine. It's like saying retailers have found some success with kid-friendly roller skates priced, well below Lexus. Who's twenty nineteen? I s starts at thirty eight thousand dollars. I mean, it's not exactly like that. Then again, a low priced kid-friendly, Android tablet, isn't exactly like an ipad. Pro. Banana grit. More news in a moment. But first word from squarespace your place online. I'm friends with some people on another podcast they decided to update their sight. The problem is the last time they updated their site. It took months their developers volunteers. So they can only work when they can work. They also spent forever going over design elements, and deciding what needed to be there. And what didn't because once it was done. They needed to be done base with doing all of that over again. One of the hosts finally did what I suggested over two years ago. She tried squarespace. Six hours. It only took six hours to get everything. She wanted the way she wanted it. And here's what's great with squarespace. You don't have to get everything. Right. 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Apple has given the green light to an end -ticipant series Midsomer last year came word that the Cupertino company had acquired the rights to the bestselling novel pachinko now macrumors has the Hollywood reporter saying the company has ordered a series based on the book. According to the piece the book covers the lives of four generations of poor Korean immigrant family as they migrate to an astonished alive, and Japan, we may hear more about the series next week. Apple is expected to announce its streaming media play at an event on the twenty fifth of March at the Steve Jobs theater at apple park. You know in case you haven't heard about that. Apple's first big productions aren't even out yet in the company's grabbing the brass ring, Bloomberg says apple is hiring strategists to help crap campaigns for entertainment industry awards including Hollywood's highest prizes, like the Oscars and Emmys, the people said. Hey, is it too early to start drinking before you answer? May. I remind you that apple is reportedly chasing an Oscar without having yet produced a movie. And finally today apple senior VP of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller has appeared on the podcast. You'll not be surprised to find it wasn't this one. You may however be surprised to find it wasn't Gruber's. Either the thrill has gone and appeared on the accidental tech podcast with presenters and developers Marco Arment, Casey liss and John Syracuse, but talk about WW D C, according to a piece from apple insider, apparently he's really excited about it. Apple insider has Schiller saying we think about the audience for the key noted WW DC is really three unique audiences that opening audiences developers its customers. And of course, it's the press. We love that more than any other event we do so enjoy next Monday's Showtime event. Then reference to apple paying attention to customers. The piece goes on the say Schiller mentioned that they read forms and hit apple Centric websites as much as possible and are always listening. Websites forums, great things to which to listen. Mac OS cabin. Brought to you by me. I hope they'll chiller isn't listening and sponsored by squarespace. Get ten percent off your first purchase of a website or domain with coupon code, not go ask. And at squarespace dot com slash MAC. OS can seriously don't tell Phil Schiller about this show until like two days from now this show is also supported by people like you patrons through patriotic. And find out more in dad, yours support that patriot dot com slash MAC. OS can. I need the thrill in the best way possible. Advertising handled by backbeat media online at backbeat media dot com. You should east me a couple of ways in fo at McCoy, Wisconsin dot com or call seven one six seven eight zero four zero eight zero we will talk again tomorrow until then that is news from MAC OS. Can I m e serious fan Bill Schiller's? Antony avait anymore.

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