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John Brennan is in Deep Trouble & Pelosi is Running Scared (Ep 1140)


Get ready to hear the truth about America on a show. That's not immune to the facts with your host. Dan Bongino in June. Oh boy do I have a show for you today. Folks everything we've told you is now coming out the New York Times trying to get ahead of it folks trying hi to get ahead. RUN INTERFERENCE FOR THE SPY. Gate co-conspirators. got that impeachment. Blow it up and the Democrats face a little bit of coverages debate last night just a disaster really kind of a waste of time but some funny stuff from last night and another interesting article about how the Democrats are lying to you again about. The economy will come to the Dan. Bongino show loaded Friday show senators. Joe How are you today. Fine Sir. Oh Dude it's been one long week. I'm so glad that it's a little worried there. You forgot what you're supposed to due on Friday. That's your radio nineteen seventies radio intro. We all love the door. So folks listen. I got a lot to get to today before I get that. 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You need if you are a firearm or twenty four seven three sixty five. Don't carry a firearm naked aching. US lawshield dot com slash the best protection out the right Joe. Let's go ding. Dang Ladies and gentlemen well aside I forget the more you know. I'm always terrible pop culture references. But what's the movie it's happening is that a TV commercial or something. It is happening happening again. I don't WanNa be dramatic. I don't like to do this and everybody's going to jail matter of fact whenever stance I take on the spy gate thing. I always get nasty emails. Which is fine? I give you my email. Offer feedback positive negative. Whatever but if I tell you I don't think this specific person is GonNa go to jail? People yell at me. Stop saying that and when I say you know what's happening I get other tweet. They go stop saying that. Nothing's happening nobody's going to jail so given up on that. I just. I'm going to tell you the truth. Yeah Yeah I gotTa tell you what I think because there's no pandering it could be booze useless and it's phony to and I don't do that. So what do I mean is happening. The New York Times about an article last night literally as Bill Bar was on the the air in an interview it was a taped interview. Martha McCallum on Fox is on at seven PM. We covered it yesterday. The highlights from it the Attorney General's on the air talking about the spy gate thing and who is going down and he's on the air. Joe Crazy how this happens crazy. Talk Crazy as he's on the air. The New York Times gets this explosive. Leak leak. About how Durham John. Doerum Aka Bull. John Dorm scrutinizing EXA director's role. John Brennan in the Russian interference finding at least Joe. I know amazing. How how the New York Times keeps getting these leaks from these deep staters right? His is information is being put out in real media outlets like Fox about how bad this by gate scandal is so the time has clearly trying to get ahead of something the question when you need to ask and I'm going to tell you today. What are they trying to get ahead of? Well we've been covering a lot of it for two years so I'm going to cover just to lowlights it's at Arnot highlights in a New York Times piece from this New York Times beach which basically confirms again the story we've been telling you for two and a half years now about the information laundering operation. Asian John Brennan CIA and these spying on using foreign partners of US persons in circumvention of US laws. How that story? He is real. And you haven't been wasting your time without further ado clip one from the New York Times piece. Check this out read this to you. This is just fascinating so this that's how it opens. It says the Federal Prosecutor Dorm who's looking at the Russia investigation has begun examining the role. Joseph a former CIA director. John Brennan in how the Intelligence Community assessed Russia's twenty sixteen election interference according to three people briefed on the inquiry. John Durham the. US Attorney Freddie leading. The investigation has requested Brennan's emails call logs and other documents from the CIA. According to a person briefed on the inquiry corey. He wants to learn what Brennan told other officials including FBI Director Komi about the views of a notorious dossier of assertions about Russia and trump's associates. Give them up from up. Show us the show. What did Jerry Maguire's show? Oh me the money show US emails. Give them up. Give Him reisman my friend. My Buddy Brian. You ordered a steak once in a restaurant and he thought they gave onto stakes so he gave the extra state to my brother. Only to find out it was a potato upside down. There look like a steak and he said bring it back get back to the policy advocacy. Because she knows. It's the true story she gave. He gave my brother the steak and got stuck with the potato break. A pack it back bring back to emails. We want to see him. Give us the call logs. Johnny Bay Johnny B.. FESS UP Buddy. Let's see what you got Kevin Member Pacino and he walks into the club at night the resource. GimMe what you got. Kimmy what God. We'll take them emails now. Thanks John See what you really got. Now what has been the operating theory on the show for the last two years. Yes Ladies and gentlemen and the spying operation the trump team this is very simple did not start the FBI. The Faisal Warrant to spy the formal formal operation to go to the courts and spy on Carter Page and other trump team members was not the beginning. The deep state is want you to believe that was the beginning getting and they want you to believe that started. Because of the popadopoulos Downer foreign government tip about Russians popadopoulos heard about Russians. Wanted to help us. That's not what happen. This started very simply because John Brennan the in others likely wanted Intel on Barack Obama's political opponents donuts but couldn't get it because there are laws that prevent the US government for spying on its own citizens but they had another place they could get it from Joe The five the five eyes partners are friendly partners. That are supposed to be cooperating on intelligence sharing to target terrorists in the like not Barack Obama's political opponents. Do you understand that is the scandal. Why do you think in the beginning of the New York Times piece? Why do you think John Endure the US attorney looking into this wants? All of what Brandon was talking about about the dossier if he believed Brennan who will get to the video in a minute. That Brennan didn't Brennan Sardinian. Investigate the dossier. Oh I got his video. Don't go anywhere Brennan. said he didn't even see the dossier December fall that's true what's dorm looking at no problem the dossier to the FBI used it. Obviously but Brennan saying I didn't see it till December. It was used to get a warrant October. I don't have any pride enough to do with that October or FBI gets warrant. Based on the dossier. I didn't even see it till December I'm good fall. That's true than wise dorm. Saying guess what you got gave us sweat check out. Why is he doing that because he's just wasting time on some fishing expedition? Why is the New York Times writing this piece now? Wow well of course the New York Times always gives up its motive remember. It's strictly a Pravda like propaganda outlet Pravda. Of course the Soviet Union official newspaper. This is is the official newspaper of the Democrat Party. Let's go to the second take from this New York Times piece where they give up exactly what their intention is here quote. MR dorms pursuit of Mr Brennan's. It's records is certain to add to the accusations. Wait time out Teo certainty anthony accusations keep in mind with their about the layout is not an accusation. It's what the The New York Times wants you to believe. Mr Durham's pursuit of Mr Brennan's records is certain to add to accusations that the president president trump is using the justice department to go after her his perceived enemies we skipped out to the second was just a Durham is also examining whether Brennan privately contradicted his public. Comments including thing is made testimony about both the dossier at about any debate among the intelligence agencies over their conclusions on Russia's interference the people said so to takeaways in there. The first is the most important. The first is that the New York Times is in telling you about legitimate accusations nations. The New York Times is levelling those accusations. You get what I'm saying folks. The point of the New York Times piece is to advance a propaganda talking point by the left. Yeah that this looking into of John Brennan's potential malfeasance and maybe criminality. I don't know what we're going to find that this is strictly strictly a political witch hunt by trump. And they're saying Joe accusations out there Y- from you know series person believes that serious people who've looked into spy. I know John Brennan. Explain to show me the money. Serious people know that but again I said serious people. It doesn't include clued the New York Times so you see how cleverly do that. The purpose of this piece Joe is to tell. A story was pretty thus story story. Yeah and the New York Times story they want out there is this is all a partisan witch hunt against Brennan. Accusations are out there folks. I know they're not. You're just only you again. Not Serious people. Why do you think that peace was run last night? Is Bill Bar Attorney. General was on on Martha Callum show dropping tactical nukes on John. Brennan's melon and Jim. Komi why do you think that's how you think that happened by mistake. That got a couple of deep staters three according to the story leak this folks again keep in mind the lead. They have absolutely no doubt our intelligence infrastructure structure with spying on political campaigns notably crews carson and trump using foreign partners there's in circumvention of US law. I there's no doubt about this anymore now to show you how much trouble he's and by the way they're they're also looking into the intelligence community assessment done in December after the election. Remember the intelligence community assessment. The seventeen agencies said that the Russians interfered to help trump. That may not exactly have been true folks that we know the Russians interfere narrow election. That point goes without saying and no one should dispute that because the UB elections since the Soviet Union. That's not the question. The question is the the intelligence community after trump was. The president-elect came out with a document backed by Brennan and Komi and others saying they did it to help trump. Apparently dorms ormes looking into that. To Unleash Smith. Great writer spoke out. The plot against the president. Lee Smith calls the intelligence community assesses assessment the seventeen agencies that agreed they wanted to help trump the Russians. He caused that Obama's dossier could also call it the cover up that I gave them cover cover for what that everything they've been doing to spy on the trump team joe was legitimate. Look the intelligence community agrees they were trying to help trump fair square to look into it right. So why door. I'm looking into that to Joe. Durham's probably look into that intelligence community assessment because that assertion in there that the Russians were trying specifically to help trump is that really based on intelligence. Who is that based on a political opinion at the White House really needed out there? Oh Oh Oh hey before we move on. I got a little gift for you. I know you asked for this. You're ready initiating in Bilbao translator. Dan Thank you there. You go bro. Thank you Joe. We need that. We're going to need that. We have the necessary. By the way I will be interviewing Devin Avenue Nest today Joe and new producer drew for the videos show will be a launching the show tomorrow Saturday. Do Not Miss It. We had the new translator. Some KAMEDA asked Nunez translator. We'll see but now we have the bar translator. Thank you Joe. It's why you're the business now moving on the Washington in times the Great Rowan Scarborough by the way my show notes Bongino Dot com slash newsletter. I have the show notes ladies and gentlemen the benefit of subscribing to our newsletters. We don't just put stories from today. I put stories that are older. That are now applicable again. Today there is a great piece from twenty seventeen by Rowan Scarborough The Washington Times. It will be in the show notes today. I want you to read it. Why because again Brennan is nailed to the wall he knew about the dossier this wasn't intelligence laundering operation? Being run I believe do. The RO in scarborough May twenty-ninth 2017 Obama Loyalists Brennan drove the FBI to investigate trump associates associates. Last summer folks. This is the operating story. Keep the lead of this New York. Times wants us to go away. They're gonNA paint this also political. which on again breath again? Breath against Brennan. What do I believe Brenan did I believe Brennan was running a rogue spying operation and lied to the FBI to get them to open a criminal operation ration- as cover for what Brennan was already doing in other words? We can't tell the American people were spying in the CIA but we tell them the FBI has evidence of criminality and are doing a counterintelligence investigation. It was all cover. It was all a cover story now from the row in scarborough peace align. That's going to become critical here. You know what I have. Some portions of it highlighted by the way hat tip to I forget the person on twitter highlighted. This forgive me. I'm not trying to steal your stuff but this was a really great highlight. I just forgot who put it out there but this is from the Roman scarborough piece. This is what Brennan Discount we describe this actions in front of Congressional Committee and the row. I wanted to make sure that every information bit of intelligence we had we shared with the FBI so that they could take this is by the way Brennan passing the buck the FBI get ready for it. It was well beyond my mandate Aja director to follow up on those leads that involved. US persons but I made sure that anything involving US persons including involving individuals involved in the trump campaign was shared. The bureau on this is where it gets hairy Brennan quote. I was aware of intelligence and information about contacts between between Russian individuals and US persons that raised concerns in my mind about whether those individuals were cooperating with the Russians. Either witting or unwitting and it served as has the basis for the FBI investigation to determine whether collusion or cooperation occurred. He was aware of contacts between people on the trump trump campaign and the Russian government. Where were the where? Is that information coming from. How did he know that? Where was Brennan getting this information? Ladies and gentlemen contacts if they weren't if Brennan's assertion that he knew nothing about the dossier the dossier which is the only place where you you can find information about people on the trump campaign Carter page popadopoulos and the Russians. That's the only place if Brennan's say he didn't see that Brandin getting information about the trump campaign allegedly colluded with the Russian government. Well let's go back to the CNN article. Go which I've had a post Sixty two thousand times on this show. Maybe a bit hyperbolic but you get the point April two thousand seventeen. CNN politics British intelligence agents pass trump associates communications with Russians onto US counterparts. Ladies and gentlemen this scandal is no more complicated than this and the devastating portion of it is as someone explained to me recently. We have multiple sources feeding things into this and I will not report anything unless I can confirm it from for multiple places. I just WanNa be clear on that. But as was stated to me recently and we've stated on this show before. Do you understand that the scandal here was that. US citizens were being targeted and spied on by intelligence infrastructure whose sole purpose is assist US citizens from being spied on and being the targets of terror investigations their entire role was reversed and they were doing it in conjunction with the UK partners. I've got more on this coming in a minute and some sound that Paula which I had somehow missed because of a play button. I'll get to that in a second. It gets it's better. I WANNA play this quick video here of John Brennan who made an appearance on. Chuck Todd again. The second dumbest guy in media after Brian Ryan stelter. He's the silver medallist in the dopey Olympics. Right Chuck Todd did an interview with Brennan Awhile ago. Ladies and Gentlemen Brennan has been running from the dossier from the start. I didn't know nothing about nothing about nothing. I didn't see it to December. I didn't investigate it. I had nothing to do with this dossier Elsa you sure well. Let's listen a Bredon himself. Say how we even correct. Chuck Todd that he didn't investigate eight the dossier. This is him and this is the opening of the interview. He is repulsed by the insinuation. That he he investigated thus he was he had nothing to do with it. Check this out is one of the people who investigated the dossier for director. John Brennan he is now an NBC News Senior National Security and intelligence analyst Director Brennan. Welcome back to meet the press good moines shock and I should correct you investigated the dossier itself. Okay let me ask you about Michael Cohen. Then was he ever on your radar. I'M NOT GONNA get into details about who may or may not have been on my radar as far ars the. US citizens is concerned because that was not as role Anytime that I collected information incidentally that involve the. US person we would share that immediately with the FBI it would be the FBI's responsibility to pull the threads and the do the follow on investigation so ladies and gentlemen again asking a very simple question. If the only only place on planet earth we know about where the allegation that trump campaign member colluded with the Russians is in the steele dossier that Carter page was working with the Russians. Manafort all false of course but if that's the only place that exists and Brennan we now suspect had some information about Russians working with persons. You just saw the Washington Times apiece. You're not Brennan's quote. I had information about the Russians working with US persons on the trump campaign. But if the only place that exists the dossier. Do you understand how these two stories can't be true. Brennan saying on one hand Joseph in the spring of two thousand sixteen. I had information about the Russians working with trump campaign officials. That only exist. Ladies and gentlemen in the dossier Brennan claims. He didn't investigate. You just heard him and he claims that another clip which we played before. I'm not gonNA play again. He hasn't seen until December of two thousand sixteen after the case was already started. Getting these stories can't be true because they're not true. Brennan clearly knows about the information and the dossier the only question is did Brennan get it from steel feel Ores Brennan getting it from other friendly intelligence partners who may be assisting assisting steal maybe a sophisticated information laundering operation. Don't you worry I will tie this up for you and a neat little cute bow would package now. I believe Bredon was getting this information from our foreign intelligence partners supposed to be friendly's by the way the information in the dossier I believe Brennan was getting that as some of those intelligence partners. We're giving it to steal and others as well. They're getting it because they don't have to obey. US buying was citizens because they're not US citizens friendlies like the United Kingdom supposedly friendly's I believe they're feeding that the CIA the the FBI. You saw the Washington Times quote from Rohan Scarborough's piece but she got us in the show notes. Please read it. It's from two thousand seventeen. It's relevant today Brennan's clear as day. I pass this off after the FBI but it Brennan tell them that what he was passing off was what they were getting from steel KP. He Joe he just said he didn't investigate us and he already told Chuck Todd he hadn't seen steals dossier December so when Brennan. He says he hasn't seen the dossier it'll December in two thousand sixteen is talking to the FBI in the spring of two thousand sixteen December this spring December the spring. What exactly is Brendan telling them where Z.? Telling them he's getting the information from clearly not steal. He's in a bunch of interviews. Saying I didn't hear about steal stuff too much later. I think he was lying to the FBI so when the FBI gets the information from steele later it seems like it's wow. This has to be true. Joe We are the same thing from Brennan Right. Ladies and gentlemen our Brennan's people and others working with steel and not telling the F. B. I well let's go back to Lisa page from the FBI. Sworn testimony. which I believe? She's telling the truth about which I think confirms my operating thesis here that Brennan Dupe the FBI Bi at the starting this telling him. I've got information about Russians. Meanwhile it's the same information. Yuppie is getting from steel because I believe steel and his partners know a whole lot more about workings with Brennan and there. Let's not. Let's go to pages testimony up on the hill. Let's read this so the Great Mark Meadows. WHO's leaving his position and Congress? Unfortunately what a great guy love Mark Meadows. What a warrior he says the Lisa Page awhile ago? This is sworn testimony folks. He says you know we throw multiple sources she says Lisa page. FBI alert. Because I do know that because I do know the information ultimately found its way to a lot of different places certainly in October of two thousand sixteen. Listen to this but if the CIA as early as August guests in fact had those same reports. I'm not aware of that meadows. Says so you say our source is your source. Is that because he was working for you. Page no Sir Meadows. Well I mean how could he be. See exclusively your source. They're talking about steel. Paid says listen to this. Don't ever forget at this. I strongly believe she's telling the truth. Pay Meadows asking. Her is still exclusively. Your Source Lisa page response under under oath I don't know if the CIA had Mr Steele Open as a source. I would not know that Ladies Ladies and Gentlemen Lisa Page has been a lot of things in this case. I don't think she's lying here. I am again. I'm not absolving the FBI I of their massive Komi Malfeasance FBI upper level malfeasance case at all they worked case by January of two thousand seventeen if they interview. Christopher Steele sources. They know is total garbage and bump they know it for a fact and they keep doing it massive malfeasance. As bad as what Brennan I did but the initiation of this case I have been a Federal Agent Ladies and gentlemen a moment of personal privilege if I may take it on my show I have been there. I've been down this road road I have seen and it's a self deprecating not meant to be some compliment I have been there and seen how the hysteria around cases develop. When you think you're onto something and ladies and gentlemen what comes out horse blinders? I've been there. I can't give you the details on it. It would be unethical but I can give you kind of a broad overview there was. It's a very specific case. Simply I got from the postal inspection service involved very famous person. who was the subject of a movie? The Case Ladies and gentlemen was not very good but the hysteria took over the office and it was sold to me and others as a bigger case than it really was because everybody was so excited about it. We're only human beings. Yeah if something in happened nothing unethical happen. I'm not even sure if it was prosecuted but it turns into a big fight with me in this postal inspector. It was a mess and it was all because of exactly what happened. been here the FBI sit in their office. CIA just came over Joe. Brennan people are telling us they've got a trump campaign guy colluding with the Russians. Folks this is coming from Brennan in the UK and Steal the whole operation. This is happening in the spring. Oh my gosh. All of a sudden Christopher Steele who they don't know fed them this information mason pops up again in the fall of that same year. Guys you're never going to believe this. We've got a source. Christopher Steele telling us the same thing Brennan told us of course he's telling you he's told Brennan but they didn't know that so they're probably like this is great. Look at this. It's confirmed it's true now before it gets. I gotta get to respond but I want to show you how again keep in mind. I would say tell them what you're gonNA tell them. Tell them and tell them what you told them. Brennan Story I didn't know about steel until December of twenty sixteen is is not true. That's what he told the. FBI Brennan clearly had this information or some component of steals information and how steel got it in the Spring and I believe misled the FBI into believing it was credible intelligence. I'm GonNa show you where I think. This network began in a minute and a left-wing outlet that they think is already exposed this story and CNN video. My wife found which is really a good job. Hat tip the Paula. 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GPS The people paid by Hillary Clinton to gin up these fake Russia charges that came from Brennan Christopher Steele and a network in the United Kingdom. So now we know this is interesting because one of Steele's buddies a guy who used to head one of the UK intelligence agencies a guy by the name of Richard Dear love who knows. Steel Vouch for steel. Dear love said this and the piece. This is where I'm telling. howdy folks I? We have been on this thing. We've nailed this from day one. This is why the New York cleanse is panicking and freaking out the fusion. GPS Book claims dear love then surprise steel Christopher Steele by indicating that he was already aware that the British government had suspicions about links between Russia and members of the trump campaign pain. It seemed the British government have made a political decision not to push the matter further. Wow this is really fascinating. So Christopher Steele dossier the only allegation anywhere that trump is colluding with the Russians appears in the steele dossier so steel starts talking to his buddy. The former head of British Intel Richard Gere Lavin dealer says. Oh no no we already know about basically trump colluding with the Russians. You do you. You do rich. It's funny because trump wasn't colluding with the Russians and there is no actual evidence so what exactly is talking about Joe. Why exactly it is dear? Love Note and where is dear love getting this information and still really giving information loggers dear love giving information to steal dear. Well let's go back to this gem of a CNN interview a couple of years ago interview CNN piece piece. Yeah it's about a minute long keep in mind a segment that has never been pulled off. The air never been refuted 'cause you may say oh dad add the UK feeding Information Brennan. CIA that somehow finds its way to steal and back into the dossier come on. That's conspiracy theory Dan. I mean you right wingers you never get the story right right okay. You don't need to hear from me. Let's hear it from CNN. Check this out. CNN has learned British and European intelligence intercepted communications between trump associates and Russian officials and other Russians known to Western intelligence during during the presidential campaign and share those communications with their US counterparts multiple US and Western officials tell CNN these sources sources stress that it no point did Western intelligence including Britain's G. C. H. Q.. Which is responsible for communication surveillance target these trump associates instead? Their communications were picked up as incidental collection during routine surveillance of known Russian targets the. US and Britain are part of the so-called. Five Live is agreement with Canada Australia and New Zealand which calls for open sharing among member nations of broad range of intelligence. This new information shouldn't comes as former trump foreign policy advisor. Carter page provides a confusing. Even conflicting story about his contacts with Russian. Intelligence is denied that he was a foreign agent hat. Tip the Wonderful Paula. Somehow there was no. How did I miss that? I've had the article the you get that. CNN folks. That's outfox the Dan Bongino show. It's not a John Salman article that CNN laying out the whole scandal for you clear as day but don't worry folks they put in a little proviso at the end and caveat emptor buyer beware. Don't worry sorry job. It was all part of just incidental collection by the United Kingdom okay so the UK was spying on American citizens associated with the trump campaign. But it was all by accident. It was incidental just incidental stuff so just to be clear. Joe Yeah three hundred thirty million Americans. There's probably I don't know maybe five hundred thousand dozen people who've spoken people in Russia maybe fifty to one hundred thousand. It speak to people. In Russia regularly probably five six thousand lawmakers acres at the federal state local level who for some reason international diplomacy business dealings lobbying whatever deal with Russia but JOE magically to UK. Phone Carter Page of all of that communication fascinating and decided to only pass that guy stuff over to the Intel associates in the United added States which they mean the Cei- Kwesi crazy. Yeah queasy totally insane. How that all by chance Joe? Total Brando's they just it was just Carter page. Don't worry Joe was all incidental okay. Cool so just to be clear of all the political campaigns politicians House of Representatives and senators governors mayors people who deal with Russia all the time for various business geopolitical geopolitical diplomacy reasons State Department officials. It was only the trump campaign officials that they picked up incidentally and decided to pass. I saw the CIA and it conveniently. CNN themselves as well and they found this guy. Carter page who then conveniently shows up at a dossier later about about a fake bribe. He supposedly was involved in with the Russians. That's totally made up. So let me walk through just to wrap this segment up. Because I do have other things things to get to including the president even impeached the answer at this point it's clearly we'll get to that. Let me just walk through to you. What happened here? It's become a pretty clear. Joe that the United Kingdom with spying on behalf of the Obama Administration on trump campaign members pretty clear it was incidental. Yeah okay whatever just stop the BE ESA ECE. Don't waste anybody's time that information I believe was done with the knowledge of US officials if not not at the specific request of US fficials. Hey you can use by our guys. Well why don't you spy on them because we can't they have laws against that stuff but if you do it send it back to London London and then send it over to our CIA and then send it back to us in the United States we could just say you guys found this stuff and we didn't ask you find it then finds its way to Brandon magically finds its way to a law firm that finds its way to fusion. GPS and then finds its way to steal still. It's still really right. That's ordered steel. Get the information from the brand pass it to the UK who pass it to the CIA. Who passes it the Brennan who passes it to Perkins who hands off the steel later on and says hey steel used to work with the Russians right this little story about Carter page? We'll get the FBI to spy on them for us once we once we spy on Carter page we can spy on the whole campaign number the to hop real libs. I know you're taking a victory lap over the edgy report. which is bizarre because the report was damning enough? I'm telling you right now. You have no idea what's coming. I am strongly. I am not your friend I never will be. I'm simply suggesting to you as a fellow citizen in the strongest possible terms. You should seriously think about this before you take any victory lapse over spy gate. I'm telling you the absolute confidence. I don't know who's going the jail. It's not my getting into that. I'm not going to get into predictions. WHO's GonNa go to jail all? I'm telling you is the information that I'm sure. Durham has and Bill Bar. It's worse than you can imagine. And your victory lap is way way premature you think bars conversation. What McCallum was done haphazardly? You'd think that New York Times piece last night trying to get out ahead of it. What what was their narrative? Joe Narrative test. He was their narrative so political trump's going after brandon. Because it's politics no that was put out last night for one specific reason they know Brennan's nailed to the wall. Brennan Lied Brennan. said he didn't have steals information. Brennan clearly had steals information. The only open question is did he lie hi to the FBI about it. And who gave the information to steal. If that information wasn't steel Brennan but was Brennan's people still. Oh Houston. Do we got a problem and big one. All right. Let me do this final read and then we got a lot more to get to including again again when I told you before it was Podesta. Was the president even impeached even left. These are saying no so we can kind of give. That person was even before we get to that one of my favorite sponsors the Duke The Duke Ladies and gentlemen can a bar of soap like this this is a partisan not a brick is a bar of soap. Can it be patriotic. It's a lot to ask you say it's just a bar soap after all. It doesn't get out a little flag waving around. It is patriotic. 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Okay getting back to the content. Was President trump even impeached. Well the answer according to a left wing and believe me a left-wing wake professor is no now before I put this piece up if I'm using a piece on Bloomberg you know it's devastating because the whole idea Bongino Gino report dot Com. which is our conservative alternative to the drudge report? Thanks many of you going there. Bongino report DOT COM A lot. If you made your home page which I appreciate was to get away from leftwing sources drudge keeps using so if I'm using one it's got to be bad. This is an article written on Bloomberg by was Noah Feldman who who is a left winger Noah Feldman. He was one of the guys I believe who testified at the impeachment hearings against trump. Here's the piece of Bloomberg opinion. It's in the show notes police. Maybe it's worth your time even though it's at Bloomberg trump isn't impeached house. Tells the Senate so folks. Nancy Pelosi thought she pulled a fast one yesterday right. She's got all the fast with trump impeachment charge. Saying we'RE NOT GONNA forward the articles of impeachment until Mitch. McConnell holds the Senate trial like we say so well somebody. He sent me a Mimi yesterday. I put on my instagram account at Dbongino on instagram. Thank you to the viewer. Listeners sent the said it was Bain from the Batman Dark Knight Movie. Tom Hardy character. Remember that when when the CEO the meets the CEO and the CEO starts yelling at Bain. Who's like a real? Ba Bad as you know. And he's telling him I'm no worries. The C O tells tells bane big monster banding no worries. I'm in charge here in being sister. You feel like Mike. You're in charge. He then kills them which we don't want to happen. That's the movie. But he said me me of Bain. Do you feel like like your job so I asked the House Democrats. You really feel like you're in charge right now. We have left wing professor wrestler. Saying are you serious. You didn't even impeach the president but then they took the vote doesn't matter you don't forward to vote in the Senate. Nobody's been impeached. President trump should come out every day and he should put out a little counter on whatever. Their website is their official campaign website two days since the fake impeachment. Not Real tremendous. What is happening? It's not real. They didn't forward it to the Senate. What does it Article One section three of the constitution? The Senate has the sole sole sole power to try. impeachments Pelosi's done. She is not in charge here. We need Tom. Hardy the bane character. I don't know if he's a left-wing auty probably wouldn't do it but do you feel like going charge. We Need Dana Lash right. She doesn't have much better bane voice than I do Dana. LS Has the best. Bain voice ever seriously if you've heard data do bain she. Does it so much better time for fear. Here is -LANTA doctor. She doesn't so good they're not in charge. Nance it's over you humiliating yourself showing you again. How awful aw? This impeachment has gone for them. You know as a bunch of statistics and numbers. I've shared with you many times but it's worth repeating swing. St Paul's support for impeachment is down support for impeachment amongst independence down minority voters support spiking. Trump's approval up six points and and folks. Here's two numbers. I halfway just one quick throw out there. The trump campaign on the day of impeachment the day raised five million dollars one day ladies German. I ran for office three times. We didn't raise five million. I don't think altered campaigns combined we got close but we hear one day the RNC in the month of November a record haul of twenty point six million. Do you feel like you're in charge now. Working out quite like thought Mansa kind of tough. Now I got a bit of video from last night's disasters Democrat debate. These these things. Just keep getting worse last time. It's so dumb. I you know Joe it was probably a joe right every day after debate. I usually send you one hundred clips and Joe's Joe never complains about anything he doesn't but I got to imagine and if I'm wrong Joe Tell me that the a day after a debate you wake up and go damn. I know it's going to be busy worse because you said you leave. Somebody living clip this morning and we only at four and he's probably like wow this is this. Is that what happens. Is Dan taking dirt nap. Did he have a heart attack last night. What happened no? It was just so dumb the debate I could only find one thing of interest well to was as the moderator but one thing of interest from candidate there was even worth your time because it was so dumb folks. I've described this campaign to you as a disaster for the Democrats and I listen. Listen I am an of devout partisan. I think you understand that. I'm a conservative. But I'm telling you this in the most nonpartisan way while the Democrats are in trouble. Almost almost every election has three lanes only three lanes to victory. You don't ever forget this. There's the establishment safety elaine. There's the ideolog log lane like the radical the so-called radical leftist store. Like what they would call for us the tea party guy. I don't believe that's radical. I'm just saying they were so you. Have you have the establishment safe pig the radical. And then you have the outsider lane. Donald trump took the outside or late in the last election and won this election for the Democrats. All three three leaders in those lanes are occupied by people who don't fit the label. Let's start with the outsider. Pick Buddha judge. He's not an outsider. Folks he's run for Office Multiple Times. He got crushed in a state race in Indiana. He got crushed running for DNC chair. And he's done a terrible job as the mayor of South Bend he's is not an outsider. Trump was legit outsider. So you're outsider is not an outsider. Big Problem folks when running as an outsider. That's his brand but it's not who's the radical pick up in the air between Bernie Sanders Elizabeth Warren. Well what's the problem with both of them. Warren used to be a Republican in number one. And she's a millionaire and number two birdies a millionaire to and says crazy stuff all the time he's not the radical either. He's a standard old millionaire. Not a bad thing. I'm a capitalist but when you're a leftist radical and you want a true believer you don't want a millionaire who runs against millionaires. So they're outside. Lane is dead to dead in the water. I mean politically speaking right now. What's the problem by? GET BACK TO OUR CLIP folks. He's not even going to get past. He's supposed to be the safe pick like Romney was supposed to be for us and that was a disaster folks. Biden can't get out of his own way. Listen to this cut last night. Remember Hillary Clinton's infamous line about how she was going to put coal miners out of business and the two twenty sixteen campaign. You remember that play. The most of you've heard of it we're GONNA put coal workers out of business. Meanwhile people in West Virginia Pennsylvania Coal States. We're like okay. Thanks for a vote for trump. You would think they would have learned from that Joe Biden supposed safe pick who is now taking Hillary's dumb line and Eddie his own particular edge to it. Here's his answer last night. If he's going to fire people because green policies who work in the energy industry. Check this out Vice President Biden. I'd like to ask you three. Three consecutive American presidents have enjoyed stints of explosive economic growth due to a booming oil and natural gas production as president. Would you be willing to sacrifice advice. Some of that growth even knowing potentially that it could displace thousands maybe hundreds of thousands of blue collar workers in the interest of transitioning to that greener economy. The answer's Yes. The answer's Yes folks. Listen again. I ran for office. I know what it's like came close in one loss. Two other ones got routed. Pretty Bad I get calls from candidates all the time asking me for advice not a lot of it's good. I don't mean not good advice. A lot of it's good politics of awful place. It's terrible. Aw I don't make any apologies. I thank the Lord every day for the opportunities and the blessings he's put upon me and me losing that race roses. The best thing that ever happened because my fight was not there. It's here but I'm telling each race. I learned something folks. This guy is not the safe pick. I'm telling you candidly and in the most nonpartisan way I can from mid self-avowed partisan but I'm trying to take my. This is the worst establishment safe pick candidate modern times. I'm not kidding. Worse Than Romney. Worse Than Dukakis were. This guy is awful Biden. He doesn't know what status in and I'm telling you I believe me. I am not contrary to my square jaw and generally me look I promise you. I'm not a mean guy a big teddy bear to anybody. We know that we can tell you that. I have a horrendous temper but I really I'm loyal to my people and I love my family and my friends at the same people around me forever. I'm not got a mean guy. I really genuinely feel bad for this guy. He's the something not right folks. Yeah he's seventy seven years old. His time has passed. He said dumb things in his fifties and sixties is. It's not ageism it's just it's not right. He cannot seem to get out of his own way. He says things that are just bizarre. He doesn't know what state he's in. He comes out and repeats talking points that basically we lost the election for Hillary. He can't seem to get a coherent message about what he stands for. It's really tough to watch the secret service agents. I knew one is detail. Listen listen outside of the guys. Politics City generally nice guy. I don't he he really seriously needs to reconsider. This folks he is is the worst safe establishment pick. We have had in decades jaw. Have you ever seen a big about. Have you ever seen a worse horse. Can't who was supposed to be safe pick. I mean we've seen worse candidates. Yeah but not not where I has picks the news. I mean you want this guy carrying the football. I don't think so good exactly exactly. It's I'm telling there's something going on there. Somebody has to step in and say Joe you did your thing. The Democrats Democrats love you. You did your Obama thing. You were a dutiful vice president. Great it's time to go man. He is not safe. They were in a lot of trouble folks a lot. All right let me get this other video in the interest of time. Here's the moderator. They're not monitoring they're all activists it was politico. And so let's not pretend they were actual debate moderators but here's the debate moderator showing that. She's actually a debate. and not a moderator. Listen to what she says about wage growth in the economy and how she just completely makes up this question which isn't a question. It's really an assertion about how low wage adjourns are doing just as well now as they were under the Obama administration wagers. Although it's completely not true check this out Vice President Biden and that is the overall economy right now looks strong. The unemployment rate is at historic lows unemployment among African Americans down. The markets are booming. Wages ages while not growing as much as many would like. They're still doing about as well as they were. In the Obama Biden era. My question to you love. Hey Hey okay. That's just simply not true again. I know liberals listening. You don't do facts. I don't care you vote for again. I've stopped trying to convince the twenty percent of the United States may be more the radical left. That what you believe in is insane it is. I've I can't convince you clearly. The mark of a fool is look at the data in front unrefuted data so the question was well. Wages are growing but not as much as we'd like and growing about as much as they were under the Obama Administration folks. That's not true. You want the actual number the average wage growth under the trump administration in the last two and a half years. It's been three point one percent again. Those are just facts and there you have a problem with that so if the questioner the moderator there for a question is accurate you would think joe she says. Oh it's the same. As under the Obama Administration that the Obama Tom Administration Average Wade. Joe would be three point one percent right not hard. This is complicated algorithm Sierra and advanced calculus. When did the Obama Administration reached three point percents wage growth in their eight years? Eight years of the Obama Biden Administration and they only reach that number three times three months out of eight years. Trump has averaged three point one percent wage growth. I got the purpose of this show is always to give you the mental ammunition. You need to go when fight. The good fight is Joe. Says everything you need an hour if this is the debate moderator. WHO's supposed to be asking questions? Based on facts and data parroting left is talking points. You can only imagine how bad it is in the media and elsewhere folks it's just not true. Trump's average wage growth was only hit during three months of the eight years. The Obama Messrs average. It's just not true folks. They're just making it up all right one. Final kind of almost tragically comical talking point to show you how foolish liberals are and how they lie. Eighty you all the time Joe. Have we not heard from the Lips Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren Millionaires and billionaires worst. We go to raise taxes on on a million a burden. Me Up talking about a million is not me millionaire count. I'm a socialist. I don't have to follow the rules. Oh you dopes come on man we're hypocrites. What are they told us? Warren and the Bernie Sanders Brigade. We gotTA raise the taxes on the rich man that's right. We got to cut cut taxes on the middle class at boy. Yup they've told the Status Thousand Times right sure. Of course they have well. Why are they pushing a bill now? How in the House of Representatives that literally will do the exact opposite not figuratively? I hate to use the word literally unless it literally is literally. They are pushing a bill the Democrats in the House now that will cut taxes for the Uber wealthy and raise taxes on the middle class. I'm not kidding this. A center left leaning websites. CB DOT ORG senator budget priorities. They have the Center for budget policy. Pirates this is not a right right leaning think tank they have a piece out repealing. The Salt Cap would-be regressive and proposed offset would use up needed progressive revenues. That's a lot of. It's a complicated. What what are they talking about libs in the house? DEMOCRATS ARE PUSHING A BILL TO REPEAL PORTIONS OF DONALD TRUMP's tax. Cut Bill with Republican Party. What are the tax cut bill repealed? What's called Salt State and local tax deduction okay you used to be able to deduct from your taxes your state and local taxes bright almost almost went unlimited amount? So if you live in a high tax states like New York and you're rich and say you're paying one hundred thousand dollars to the New York City in New York state and taxes you could deduct that from your federal tax bill. The trump tax cut plan got rid of that and said No. We shouldn't be subsidizing. Subsidizing high tax states were capping deduction at ten thousand dollars. Ladies and Gentlemen Democrats want to get rid of that. This is a left leaning. Think tank here are their conclusions. What would happen if you repeal the cap that trump put a cap on it that it would be regressive and costly Hasley that the top one percent of households would receive fifty six percent of the benefits of the repeal? The Democrats are proposing so the one percenter show get it and the top. Five percent of households would receive eighty percent of the benefit while the bottom eighty percent would receive just four percent according to the tax policy center. Folks you may be saying I can't be reading this right. So the Democrats are proposing a bill to give a tax cut for the the but by the way I love tax cuts everywhere. It's telling you how much they are. They're pushing a bill that would cut taxes for the top one percent top five percent while rarely gets the would cert and the five percent. Well yes that's what they're doing. Here's the second part of this even worse. Almost nobody opening in middle income households would benefit the vast majority of households who benefit from this Democrat tax cut for the bear tax cut. They're proposing sta. The vast majority of households than the bottom eighty percent would be unaffected would not benefit from its repeal. Again go colleen. I love tax. I'm just telling you. I love tax cuts. They are frauds. Why are they doing this? You may add because folks wealthy liberals in New York and California are being hammered by this cap on what they're allowed to deduct because wealthy people pay a lot of state and local taxes and they don't want to pay more federal tax and they are hammering their representatives to get this tax cut reinstitute and the leftist supposedly in it for the little guy are the ones pushing for this tax. Cut Their complete total frauds. Every time hands down all right thanks again for tuning in folks. I really appreciate it. Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel. YouTube dot com slash Bongino. Really trying to get the four hundred thousand subscribers almost Erin like the high three right now so we really appreciate that YouTube dot com slash Bongino. Oh it is totally free can also subscribe your audio podcasts on Apple podcast Google podcasts. And don't forget Deva Newness interview coming tomorrow Saturday you are. We're not gonNA WANNA miss this. We're GONNA crack this by eight thing wide open long anticipated interview with the Great Congressman Devin. Newness we'll see you all on Monday. Good data sir. You just heard the Dan Bongino show. You can also Dan podcasts on Itunes soundcloud and followed in on twitter. Twenty four seven at Dbongino.

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