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Health & Fitness Fact Of The Day: Intra-Workout Supplementation - 20 Minute Fitness Episode #137


wisconsin-madison Jen's welcome back another episode twins minute fitness. I'm Charlie and his great to be back today. So this episode on wants look at Intruder supplementation. You'll probably have heard of pre workouts and you'll know about protein shakes post workout supplementation but inter workout house of limitation often gets less focused so here we all the episode for today. This episode isn't going to be giving you shopping list of accounts that you should go out and buy. There's really Alex can help you understand the science behind her. Twelve how supplementation what product categories. Aw and potentially why you might want to consider them before we begin muscle. Thank thank you twelve phones. A SHAPE SHAPE building three bodies coming scale which is designed to really help you track your progress say check it out at shape scale dot com also. We are on the Amazon Echo says simply say Alexa play health and fitness today by twins. Minute fitness to this show temperatures. So Intra workhouse. How supplementation these supplements that you take? Whilst training now before we kicked off into a consultation like pre workouts on like postwar it comes from inflation is not essential health and fitness journey. As I always say it's in the name supplement which dorothy translates as something that is added to something else in order to improve it all completed so here. We say that the pre-workout is something else that's added it to your. Your core principles finish violence or workouts getting adequate recovering sleep so that it is not a necessity so the idea with into account is to take supplement during your training periods to maximize the work. You're putting into recession and get the best are y from the session. These into who else are being marketed or made to increase your energy during session undelivered. Your body the nutrients needs for repair and to keep your energy levels goes up if you're having an intensive workhouse feeding and bits man allows it all really up for it then it could because you are on the field and this isn't just just about the amount you've had you'll tend to see some real phone strope offs if you haven't had enough carbohydrates if you'll dehydrated or you're deficient in any micronutrients. So the audio into workout is meant to replenish nutrients and electrolytes and another other important minerals. You lose home. I'm working out and sweating so many of these to work supplements or about replenishing glider levels to help him push on your workout and say they may be simple sugars who is designed to be readily digested and replaced the carbohydrate energy used in your workout hence giving improved performance and allow you to keep going. When you'll the energy levels are starting to drop off and I said I don't want to go into detail about products for talk about the different product categories? You might come across when looking into you into workouts so generally will find. VCA's which abroad chain amino acids and as mature of you know. These are essential for the building and maintenance silence of your muscles and instant as are water. Soluble designed again to rapidly absorbing. So this is one important categories. You'll Z.. People take during the day of especially if one of those colored drink whilst in the gym is quite often a visa mixture. You have carbohydrate complex supplements light. I Holy Braun Cyclic extra and clustered. Extra is more soluble on again absorbed more easily than the body and other sources on the provides revis sustained increase in energy levels without causing spikes in blood glucose levels and also things like Tori which is mark visited. creasing your endurance. Or the number of reps you can blast out and it's important for nutrient regulation Specifically watering salt. which both lost when you're having in an intensive sweaty workout? So if you've ever experienced muscle crumble training or soon after it was partly due to imbalance all these factors and there is a ensure that taurine can also assist with muscular contraction. Help me maximize the stress that you can put on your muscles during training on this just to name a few of the different different products or categories out there as I said not a list for you to get out and buy one of the supplements before you begin thinking about any of these supplements I think the core principle that we should consider when it comes to ensure counts when we're actually working out. Is that in order to maintain optimum performance if other factors often in Israel point. I'll sleep diet is hydration so if you lose as little as two percent of your body's waterway this actually impact hat your ability to perform the gym when you're doing high intensity training when you're doing so sprints or hit or even super set workouts a two to three percent decrease he could decrease in your body's water weight can cause a significant drop in your performance resulting in reduced number of repetitions and higher ratings of Oh perceived exertions and how hard you found the rep to actually blast out and this can easily be avoided by simply staying hydrated so I've met the main takeaway from this episode. Although these inter workout supplements do exist you should prioritize your break during workouts and into a not a necessity especially especially for someone. WHO's just out there fitness Jenny? It's really about gives moving. Learn the basics first and foremost but I do think is important to educate you all on what what is out there. What different products around that can help? Increase performance so. I have enjoyed nothing about today. And that's all we have time for so we'll catch you very soon but let us know if you've ever tried to injure workout whether you've ever felt the added benefits from them during a session catching.

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