May 16, 2019


Thursday morning, I'm Jake Sherman and welcome to your political playbook audio briefings stay tuned after the show for message from charter communications. And I'm Anna Palmer. We've got an interesting spotted to kick off the morning, Senator, Dianne Feinstein. The top democrat on the Senate Intel committee was walking around the capital with her iphone screen facing outward in full view, and Jihad's, reefs contact page was on the screen. It's reef is the name of Iran's Foreign Minister, Tom mentzer Feinstein's communications director in response to us asking, whether the Senator has been talking with Iran's foreign minister emailed. I can't comment on who the Senator does or doesn't speak with pharmacy. Put out a statement of two fifty seven yesterday saying war isn't necessary to solve a problem in both sides want a solution. I urge secretary Pompeo to reach out to foreign minister Javad Zarif who I know doesn't wanna see conflict with the United States. The Washington Post is reporting the Trump while frustrated. By advisors is not yet convinced. It is the right time to attack Iran. Trump responded yesterday afternoon to the reports on Twitter, writing the fake news, Washington Post, and even more fake news, New York Times, or writing stories that there is infighting with respect to my strong policy in the Middle East. There is no infighting whatsoever. Different opinions are expressed and I make a decisive and final decision. It is a very simple process, all sides, views and policies are covered. I'm sure that Iran will wanna talk soon. Trump is meeting with the president of Switzerland today in the White House. The two leaders will discuss quote Switzerland's role in facilitating diplomatic relations, and other international issues. It seems obvious with this means the Swiss have often served as a back channel between the US and Iran. Meanwhile, roll-call is reporting that the Trump administration as congress earlier this year to reimburse Afghanistan's Taliban for expenses during peace talks that didn't go, very far in congress. The appropriate. Committee, approves us nearly seven hundred billion dollars, spending Bill that bars, any funds from reimbursing, the Taliban, the big story today is the president, will unveil an immigration plan, the emphasizes immigrant skills over family ties the New York Times reporting on page A one Jared Kushner has spent months working on the plan, which is expected to be central to Trump's twenty twenty campaign. Let's take a look at what we're calling Jared's complete with unless you've been living in a cave for the last few years. You'd know that Democrats would summarily dismiss any immigration proposal that doesn't include language, to provide some sort of legal status for dreamers, Kushner's proposal, does not include that. So he's lost Democrats as New York Times points out. This doesn't bring down immigration into the US, which many Republicans have demanded this thing is dead or than a doornail, the White House keeps saying it's supposed to be a conversation starter. The only conversation this will start to the capitals one about how goofy it is to believe this. Dan was even released in the first place. Our friends, the Washington Post chronicled earlier this week, how Senate Republicans were scratching their head on Tuesday after Jared game to talk to them on Wednesday. Kushner, brief task GOP leaders, we spoke to a few of them, who had less than zero interest in Jared's. Immigration dever. Here's all you need to know. NBC's. Frank thwart. Tweeted, Senator Lindsey Graham on the difference between the White House, immigration plan and his newly unveiled immigration Bill. The White House is plan is not designed to become law. This is assigned to become law, our colleagues, Heather Caygill Burgess, Everett and supreme Rodriguez. The latest on how Trump's US NCA plan his top legislative priority is back from the dead, as both RS and DS seem more optimistic about it. Alabama governor Kay Ivey signed a built been nearly all abortions in Alabama. The New York Times has this headline Alabama aimed squarely at row, but the supreme court may prefer glancing blows. The president has issued two more pardons, including one for his business. Associate Conrad Black, who wrote a flattering book about the president last year. Both pardons fit the mold with this president there. Well-connected conservatives whose allies have been lobbying for clemency on their behalf for years last year. Black wrote an entire book praising Trump, Donald J Trump president like no other was the title. Twenty ten supreme court ordered a review of the charges against black with one notable exception. Obstructing Justice on the twenty twenty front Bill de Blasios officially jump into the twenty twenty campaign bringing the total number of democratic candidates to Twenty-three Steve Bullock responded to Democrats, or to him to run for the Senate in twenty twenty on the Rachel Maddow show. This was not an either or he said, I was never going to run for the Senate, by the way Bullock is Naby endorsement of Iowa's, attorney General, Tom Miller, Miller will announce his support tonight in Des Moines, and they'll travel the state together Natasha, correctly and Daniel, Strauss group that Pete Buddha. Judge signed Obama ad maker. Larry gristle. Llano and his firm, aka PD for his twenty twenty campaign. Here's what's on tap for Trump's Thursday. The president will participate in the rival of this was president at eleven forty five am afterward. They will meet in the Oval Office, Trump will deliver remarks on modernizing the US immigration system at two thirty pm in the rose garden. He will leave the White House at four fifteen in route to New York City where he will participate in roundtable with supporters, followed by a joint fundraising committee dinner at seven pm afterward. He will head to Trump Tower. Subscribe to playbook at politico dot com slash playbook charter communications is investing in a well trained highly skilled workforce with opportunities like it's broadband field technician apprenticeship program through the program employees receive industry recognized certifications at no cost to them, helping them build meaningful careers and veterans in the program can access their GI benefits and earn a paycheck at the same time, ensuring a smooth transition to civilian life. Learn more about how charter is strengthening its workforce at policy. Charter dot com.

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