Hour 3: Air Raid


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Thanks to good hotline. We're gonna talk about that low ceiling when it comes to mac jones's first year the pages according to and we'll fill in that blank will do that in about five minutes. But we have rex ryan on the show yesterday. Espn nfl ounce. Got a new podcast coming up. Organized chaos dropping september twelfth with bart. Scott we had a conversation with him. About kyle murray and so many people wondering make or break year. What's going to happen with air raid offense. Rex had this thought about what that needs to happen for column to be successful going. Forward you as a head coach. Got to bring back this air raid thing and go back to a damn nfl. That's where your balance able to run the football. You able to protect back instead of letting this this young superstar back there do his thing. He's going to work as magic. And if they're gonna just you know like i don't know how If people realize how special this young quarterback is but do more of the russell wilson type offense been this air raid thing. And i think you'd be more productive. So that's rex ryan. We know the defensive guy. Keyshawn talking about column murray how this is how he can be not defended as much by letting him cook but in a different way and i get the sense. He's not the only one that feels that whereby column murray and the air raid in the national football league. Well the system is garbage. As a whole. I don't like it it. I've never liked it. You go all the way back to college was different. Game in the pros. What has this system one. It puts up a lot of points and lot of yours and statistics whether it's texas tech washington state mississippi state could with hell mummy years ago. Whatever it is. Smu cal it wins. Nothing kyla murray ca- play in a west coast style system like russell. Wilson is in seattle and thrive in that system and win in a lot of games in get into the playoffs in those sort of things. And that's where rex's saying it puts so much pressure on the defense because you go three and out. Your defense is right back on the field. They don't they don't even know what running the ball is like. I don't even think they've ever even seen a fullback. So it's like you know. I'm a receiver and i'm a receiver so naturally you would think that i want to be in this offense that. Throw the ball every single down. No i don't know. I don't because in the end i'm trying to win and i cannot win with this style of play and on top of that puts my quarterback in harm's way and i don't want that one man's garbage another man's treasure and i hear were key saying but as a fan i like watching air raid. I like seeing murray out there scrambling i like seeing them spreading out the defense and look i mean you also like eight wins a year. I mean well. He took them from five five and ten in one year. Before i mean. So that's that's an improvement is not. I mean that's an improvement. So my thing is it continues to improve. I understand people may not like it because they don't think they can win with it but they have made improvement from the year prior to last year. Let's see if they continue to make more permanent with the pieces. They've added with aj grain and some of the things that they brought over. Jj watt defensively as. Well it's going to be hard to have that not saying. Have that kind of success or make a bump up keyshawn jay. We'll because look at that division. You got san francisco. You got seattle. You got the los angeles rams those three rough customers that you have to do with six times a year. And if you're running air raid offense that put your quarterback in harm's way that's why i believe we're rex ryan was coming from. It's not so much about that. He does lee column in that area can be successful. We've seen a little bit of that here and there. But you're getting your quarterback hit one week by aaron donald potentially another week by bobby wagner. Who doesn't get no credit. You wanna best linebackers and football for seattle. And then when you play the san francisco everybody hitching san francisco. Fred wanted their linebacker. It could be bosa. I think that's where key in. J. t. rex ryan was coming from thinking. You got to do a better job protecting your quarterback because in that division. If you don't do it. You're not doing your quarterback favors well not with just into division outside the division. Yeah it looks cool watching scramble for his life in throw the football sixty yard. That looks great. look i'm a fan. I liked it. I'm gonna sit up watching exciting football in the end. You're not gonna win enough games. Make any hey at all of the national football league. Guess they made an improvement so every single year. You just keep getting better and better and one more game you win. Guess what time is getting ready to run out. This is not the cincinnati bengals in marvin lewis. Where they're just gonna sit around for twenty years and let you just coach eight win seasons that this the national football league at some point you you little probably a little too young to remember when arizona cardinals only eight thousand people in the stands. Because they couldn't win games you don't want to get back to that messing around with this area system. This is a makeup break year. My opinion for cliff. Kingsbury steve kanda general manager. Kyla murray this is make or break year or else you're going to hear people start to say you know what may get rid of this stuff. Get rid of it. Get it out of the steve. Spurrier came into the league with it. How did that go. I mean it just does not fit. What the nfl does. I'd say we're going to be in the best interest for columbine his career moving forward to getting cracked every single down. Correct i rarely. Aj certainly your football player where you used to work. I'm not a football player. Don't cracked out there. When they hit that way. Man i trying to get hit like that. You've got four more your ass out. You oughta physicality stuff man all is that attainable watching now prospective the way column replaced so this is a make or break year for them but i wonder what kind of improvement. They won't be able to make if they look the andrea incredible catch last year. They had a couple of plays that they had some incredible things happen their way for them to eight on their side but it is entertaining to watch. I'll say we'll see how entertaining is watch. Not only him but looking back jones in new england. Because we know they're going to protect the quarterback they're going to run the football. They're gonna have to tight ends they're going to have to all personnel one running back to tightness attack them and i wonder how much let's say if that works out in new wing. Let's say mac. Jones gets that team to the playoffs. End though bart scott has caution people. Hey the ceiling should be low. System quarterback come alabama where he doesn't have a lot of faith that that's going to work to the effect that people believe should work in new england with mag jones. But we'll see if this turns around two key point with the arizona cardinals that have column erred user term. James getting cracked all the time. Because they're not protecting him then all of a sudden if they're protecting their quarterback in new england wide you not doing the same thing with the arizona. Cardinals is going to be interesting. How mack jones when he developed how it develops and how they can make that comparison with an office. It's not an air raid offense what they're trying to run in arizona it's just bringing them along slowly. Mag jones is. Is there as a quarterback that was supposed to be the future but the future got spit up to today. And the one thing that bill belichick and josh mcdowell in particular bill belichick knows how to evolve with times. He understands how to change things up. You look lashio cam newton. They started off to a one. Cam gets hurt. Camp gets kobe then all of a sudden it looks different because when he comes back from that they completely switched to a running game because they realized they could not throw the football they didn't try and continue to force it now. You insert mack jones to the offense. This is going to look more like tom. Brady early. Years of tom brady super bowl. Era opposed to the late years of tom. Brady in new england. You don't turn the ball over you. Orchestrate methodical drives and you keep your team in position to win each and every week. That's what i feel like mack. Jones can do sure can be that type of consistency for their team. And if he makes a big throw in terms of pushing the ball and getting into playmakers because people people banged on him but saying he had playmakers around him. But you still got to get the ball down the field. You still gotta hit every quarterback play makers around him. I'm not discounting because of that. Yeah but people were discounting him saying that will look in the offensive player than anybody could have made those throws. I thought they were not giving him enough credit for making those plays down. If i'm not saying key you and jay doing it but we not people love to say okay you guys think this that are great however but if it was so easy and everybody would do it. I think he's a good quarterback that fits with new england wants to do. That's what i think. I think he's a good quarterback that fits with new england. Wants to do. I know pre-draft it san francisco forty niners traded up to their spot in. Everybody went crazy. All they're gonna go after mack jones. I came back After being off for a minute. I heard the whole train them for mag jones because he did not fit. What cow shanahan regardless to. What carl shanahan in the smokescreens with john lynch work he did not fit the san francisco. Forty niners he just. Didn't everybody wanted to beat that. But the whole time they were looking at trae land even though they might have been telling people other things. That's just what you like what you like you know. That's that's what it is. Certain guys like smaller receivers other guys like dick receivers in basketball. Some people like big guards. Some people like small gourd. Some people don't like centers. Some people like five running the floor with three four words instead of a five a traditional five. I mean it. Just it's all about the system is what what the personnel groupings ordered. You like look some. Gm's when when gm's look at talent some gm's could say well. This talent is so off the charts. That i can build a system around him other people. Sit there like bill bell. I'm not to move my position where i'm going to draft because i have a system in place with talent and bring in off season that i think can drive the talent that i have and i think it was that sweet spot for bill bell check for him to find a guy that is their talent there. Yeah there's a ton of talent. Is it the same ceiling as trae lance no. But you don't need that with the style in which you run. And sometimes it's that simple for schematically how the minor teams either way schemes can work. If you've got the players can make those schemes work. All not not a lot of people going to complain about it if you're able to do that. Whether in arizona the air raid trying to their calamari or mag jones first season being the quarterback of the new england patriots gustav by jay williamson keyshawn johnson. Freddie coleman keyshawn jalen zubin on. Espn radio the espn app. Espn news and sirius. Xm channel eighty presented by progressive insurance drivers who save with progressive. Save over seven hundred dollars on average. When you get to open up in the season we can just feel it in the air coming into the. It's not really about what you want. It's about what you're willing to do to get it the see. I like our production and everything. But i got a problem with it. Was the problem quickly. Showed highlights the production. They show every other college team. Usc i gotta have a real conversation with whoever keeps putting these things together for espn. That'll be between you and the graphics department so that's gonna be conversation. I wanted to make sure there's video but either way college. Football is back in full force especially this weekend. Two major league games on. Espn abc alabama taking on miami three thirty eastern time than clemson versus joy. Seven thirty eastern time both of those games. Abc let's bring our man ryan. Mcgee does a great job of espn dot com senior writer also host a mighty mcgee weekends on espn radio. He is here. Thanks to your hotline ryan. We know you're down there for alabama versus miami. Many people believe that this is going to be a cakewalk for the crimson tide to number fourteen. Miami what do you think I think you will be eventually. Oh and by the way I understand what you're saying about. Usc tennessee grab but neither one of us don't do that. I look and i remember when my school used to be included in these things to come. We'll get back to when you say right now but you question. I think that Manny diaz is my dude I think had literally year to get ready for this game I think they'll hang early but the problem that miami's going to have with alabama is the same problem that everyone else has. Which is miami. Got twenty two really good starters. The problem is alabama's got one hundred of them. And so i think even if they hang early unfortunately Alabama just got too much and you know alabama or ryan or are they still alabama because when you look at it. They're going up against miami hurricanes right and not no nausea hairs. No mack jones notify smith. No jalen oiseaux no leatherwood. Alex lead would on the offensive line. I mean you start to look at what they lost on the office side of the ball never mind what they lost on the defense side. Guys like patrick sir tan. You lose so much talent or are they still the number one team in the country or is it. The ghost of nick sabin still hunting the rest of college football well and it's not only that it's replacing the offense coordinator in the defensive coordinator and it's all of that. But but you know we've had this same conversation about this team for fifteen years. Which is hey. Hey they just lost the heisman trophy winner. Hey they lost half their defense line the league. hey they just they're there. Oh see and dc. Both just slept for head coaching jobs. And what you do he goes and gets to former. Nfl head coaches and hires them the coordinators. And you know and oh by the way. His quarterback He just casually drops at media day. There's quarterbacks already making seven figures. Within i so i mean they just they just reload. It's just the depth of it. I mean that's is it. There's just so ridiculously deep that even if the guys that we all have pennsylvania now for the dudes you know then somebody like to. I'm literally looking out the window at the building where tua walked out onto the field and threw one pass on a national championship. Kim starting quarterback so it's just you know who they are. So i keep trying to find reasons to say You know what they will take a step backwards and And everything you do that. Then we're stamp right. Let's talk about some other news last night house. They was able to beat minnesota on the road. See jas rao play. Well especially in the second half. What were your thoughts on his performance. Especially the second half. I you know and to us just saying you know no matter who you are and no matter how good you are You know ohio state still replacing so much offensively. And it took half. And they're playing against. I think it's a really fair comparison between that game and that alabama miami game which is the fact that you know there's going to be an adjustment period and it's going to be in the first half but ultimately You know those guys that they are who they are and so credit for minnesota. We kind of forgot about them. You know the boat and all that stuff two years ago and they're going to change the world blow up. The big ten in the last year happened just kind of forgot about them. They're really good and obviously we all learned last night. Really good at running back. But but ohio state again. Just worn down and It's a team that how to win. You know miami. They visited will know how to win again all the time. What they used to minnesota will learn how to win again. But how state knows how to win. Alabama knows how to win. And you guys know that. There's no substitute for getting off the bus. Knowing that you're going to win the football game as opposed to get off the bus man. I think we must win this game. Yeah yeah great ryan mcgee host a mighty mcgee. You can catch on. Espn radio and the sec network. At nine o'clock eastern time espn senior writer joining us. Keyshawn jalen zubin on. Espn radio clinton. And george i mentioned that ballgame clinton number three in the country georgia number five. I know georgia's a lot of beat people but that's a pretty talented football team. Which team these the win this game. More to help their chances. Even though it's week one when it comes to the couch playoff georgia. It's not even close. You know clinton can lose this game and if you lose to a team that everybody's saying might go to play off and then you walk into an acc schedule you know they're gonna play in charlotte twice. They're gonna play there Saturday night and they're gonna play there know first weekend december nasa's champion. That's just what they do. So clemson's road to recovery with the loss Is not that state and people are gonna say i. You know what they gotta do quarterback. You know that's why they got off the slow start. Whatever and in georgia they lose that game. They're walking straight into to the sec. Their schedules crazy and so just think and plus with georgia. It's if they lose that game it becomes you know all man here we go again. You know we. We lost the game that we should have one and You know they have double digit wins every year. But there's always one. I lost and there's always easily to they lost to teams. That are in the playoff. So their fan base Is just going to the shoulder. Drooped house for them all. I thought gosh i it. Clemson were to lose and then say the quality candidates that they play aren't the same level that georgia will get the opportunity to play and for some reason. North carolina doesn't make acc championship. How would you then look at clemson. Well i think clemson gets the benefit of the doubt because of what they've done for the last ten years and this happened with them before you know i mean even when they started this run And we're going to with the watson and we're going to to the cost of all playoff every year they ever you lose a game she didn't lose while syracuse those games in that they get the benefit of the doubt because of their resume and You know not every school gets that. But but alabama clemson Improbably ohio state of the three to ryan mcgee. Espn's college football reporter co host of marty and mcgee Ryan what other team outside. And i like to say this all the time. Because you know i'm. Sec hater What team outside of alabama georgia in the sec is hiding behind alabama. To be. Good are really really good. You've gone texas. Am has the same problem with georgia. They've never been able to get the last time. Texting won a national championship. Gone with the wind was the no one movie fox off. Wow i'm not making that up. I know that was Jack eero coat no. Nobody's day. They just of paul at this yesterday. Am's problem right now. too is is what. Lsu's problem was forever. Which is they're so obsessed with the alabama game that it just sucks the energy out of everything else around it knowing that and our out jimbo fisher. Gosh probably six weeks ago working on something and already there everybody out there included jim. But we're talking about the alabama game going alabama game win the game and that's great but but you know you get so obsessed with one game sometimes you might lose a little tracks than the other ones but man they are loaded especially on defense and so it's Wouldn't i'm thinking about the fan game too. But i think they're the one i think if they played in a different league We just automatically talking about them being in the playoffs as opposed to have play alabama's. Yeah we saw we saw before and go out to tuscaloosa with johnny manziel. And i was right. It was the alabama alabama l. About they beat alabama. But they still didn't get into the playoff or are they still didn't get into the national championship. So it's more than just alabama should be. Concentrating is but but at the same time. I mean you know it's Who's your target. You know who who who. Who do we need to be to get some nice level. Honestly as part of why. None of your nick sabin is still undefeated. Something like sixteen or seventeen in our guest former assistant coaches and that includes jimbo fisher and part of the reason is those guys are so obsessed with beating the man that That they never do and so yeah and that's exactly how they liked it. Why he's the man. Yeah hey that just like ric flair. The beat. The manuel arrest. Hey ryan a pleasure. My friend enjoy the weekend. Especially when it comes to alabama versus miami. You take care of brother. Thanks ryan mcgee from the sec network and and mcgee on espn radio and the weekends he was here. 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Are you hiring the free up. More time not lose more with indeed. You get a platform that delivers four times. More hires than all other sites combined according to talent next post a job and say you're hired which indeed dot com is able to do visit indeed dot com slash credit that is indeed dot com slash credit. So he got the giants here. Got the dodgers there. You gotta maybe. Another day with the mets involved season jer. A bus only agrees. Keyshawn johnson about his dodgers. Espn baseball insider keyshawn jalen zubin. Thanks to your hotline. We're gonna start the los angeles dodgers. They're in the top busted with the san francisco. Giants keyshawn johnson surprising where his dodgers had his old. Jackie robinson uniform for back in the day with the brooklyn dodgers who can really stop this team now. The white hot in the national league. Yeah it's amazing. Isn't it that these two teams are tied and it feels like the dodgers have a three game lead because of all that momentum that they built since they made that trade just before the deadline. For max scherzer and trade turner. They are gathering momentum and they are clearly the favorite now to win the world series. Look the giants had been the to me the best story in baseball this year. The most surprising team nobody thought the day would contend this year. they had a ton of home runs. It's a team joe. Girardi phillies manager said. It seems to have an answer for every matchup but the dodgers caught them. And we'll see this weekend if they can actually pass them in the three game series tonight. We got the giants as you know. But we got david price on the mound. Big leftie for us with a three point eight era. Why david price tonight is it. Just his turn in rotation well. That's part of it. Look they have to at this stage parts of their rotation the way. The dodgers do things that they're going to mix and match with some guys and i think a lot of it to kids when you look at the potential matchups with the giants opposing managers light to lineup left these against them when they have the possibility while knowing that they're going to be going to the bullpen during the course of the game. Because you know the giants have brandon. Bell does a key member of the lineup. A left handed hitter and brandon crawford. Mikey shrimp ski. All important lefthanded hitters. I wonder if that's part of for dave roberts buster. What a week. It's been for the mets mean between general managers zach. Scott in dwi have thumbs-down scenario going on with the fans. I mean what is this done for the reputation of the mets well. They are definitely the car wreck that everyone else in baseball has rubbernecking right. There's no doubt about it because you know the the assumption was when the wilpon sold the team to steve cohen. That there would be more stability because for years. The mets were known as one of the most dysfunctional organizations in baseball. But i've had people in that organization say you know what there was more stability when the wilpon were here now. That can get better as we move forward. And i think based on what's happened this year. Look steve calling any change that he could make going forward. He could be conscience free and a name. That's been mentioned a lot in the media's theo epstein of course su You know was the general manager of the boston red sox when they broke their finally broke through and won the world series in two thousand four general manager of the chicago cubs when they won the world series in two thousand sixteen. And he's a free agent right now. And if steve can offer them the hamptons and montauk long island. Maybe could convince the oda to join. I will tell you among the peers. Folks working front offices around baseball and named they're matching a lot. Is david stearns the president of baseball operations for the milwaukee brewers. He's not a free agent. He has a year left on his deal. I'm told by sources and see conan permission from the brewers to let that happen david stearns group in new york as a mets fan. He also would be a natural fit. I just might guess my instinct is. Is that theo would not want that job right now. I don't blame him one even for my new york mets. Espn baseball insider bus. The only joining us key jalen zubin on. Espn radio the other team in new york at one point had a thirteen game. Winning new york yankees. I noticed something a little bit. That happens a major league baseball but we could possibly get a yankees. Red sox wildcard which make people. Espn extremely happy if that happens. How much can the yankees gives back in terms of if they get past that wildcard being that threat in the american league the win at all. Oh i think the american league now is wide open because when you look at the teams that we viewed as favorites intermittently here. Chicago white sox are running away with american league central guys. They've been hammered by injuries. In the last week shortstop tim anderson going down lucas g lido lance lynn. The astros have a really good offense. I think there's some questions about their depth that tampa bay rays right now are the best team in the american league. They're demonstrating they're going to win the american league east again but the yankees with all that power with the increased depth since the trade deadline they would be really dangerous and by the way garrett cole is pitching better than he has the entire season out in the other night. What was the number thirty two swings and misses on foreseen fastballs and that start against the angels the other day and we know again is we are already can start hyping potential yankees. Red sox wildcard game. We know what that matchup would be. Garrett cole against chris sale of the red sox that would be a lot of fun. Buster we know the giants and the dodgers are the best two teams in baseball right now. Is there a sneaky team that we're not talking about that. Can come out of nowhere in this world series from the dodgers. The milwaukee brewers. Look they're not gonna get a lot of attention among casual fans but when you look at their rotation and you look at the strength of their bullpen and how their offense is improving. It seems like christian yelich has worked through some things and he's performing a lot better key that rotation dat bullpen can be anybody in short series. There it's felt at times when the brewers have played the dodgers in the postseason. That past like there's a big difference but corbin burns is probably the number one contender in the national league. As of this morning with walker. Bueller for the cy young award. He's been tremendous year five homers allowed in one hundred thirty nine innings brandon woodruff freddie peralta. That's an excellent team. Very dangerous in a short series and fun to watch people don't know about the milwaukee brewers. They play an exciting style baseball. Hit him on twitter. He's a great following. Twitter have bus to underscore. Espn is applies have missed the bus own. Espn baseball insider. joining us. On keyshawn jay williams zubin all the pressure. Your brother take care of bus and you'd be well. Let s go dodger. The dodgers win the world series. I can't even imagine what this show is going to sound like if that happened. It leads into the lakers last year. What you mean if we if we talked about this year we're not talking about two thousand twenty but we just want so if he was paying attention and listening to the show this past season i was no i was. I'm just saying that. How much is it going to be even more in back to back it. Then when we take our old guys run the heart would win it again. All of our old kai look how dp smile and look at them. You can't even wipe that smile space even if you wanted to hear such an old. Nba team. There's no way carmelo could ever help us win another yes. Brian stay healthy man. Well put it this way. They got guys that can help them. They can do that. You can always hit us on the dr pepper twitter. Feed do that. Keyshawn at jay williams and coleman espn keyshawn johnson. He's jay williamson. Freddie coleman quiche jalen zubin. We're gonna shake shake shake that thang involving cam. Newton the new york yankees and nick saban. That's next willing sylvan. The podcast do you own or rent your home share you and i bet it can be hard work you know. It's easy bundling policies with geico. Geico makes it easy to bundle your homeowner's or renter's insurance along with your auto policy. It's a good thing too because you already have so much to do around your home. Go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. It's gyco easy visit. Geico dot com. Today that's geico dot com in the seventy s siga. Mets fan was not the happiest times players. Came and went on a core was being belton trilogy. Man eighty four eighty five eighty six mess with all of bullying attention-grabbing reputation fan base and the city had been whipped up into a frenzy. You from queens. You own ross. One hundred made. What can the wrong thirty for. Thirty percents once upon a time in queens september fourteenth fifty on. Espn you're accused john. Jay williams zubin. That's jay williams. Keyshawn johnson freddie coleman on. Espn radio the espn app. Espn news sirius. Xm channel eighty keep hitting us on twitter. Keyshawn rule jay williams and at coleman. Espn so we're gonna bring back in our boy james steele who we promise is not gonna go through the of greek. We gave him when we had a chance to. Really kinda find out if it was real and not really through musical artists him there was some he knew something he did. And so james steele. It's time to hit us with taking a shake it here on. Espn radio james. I yeah i know. I know of that guy. Yes i do not not to pack to pock. I learned that earlier. You got james okay. I don't believe that you're not gonna give me grief while we're doing. This is true right. I i one Zach wilson is the next patrick mahomes acre shake. It shake sega. Yet i do. I got a good idea night. Don't because you would've said shaky with me. Let's try again. This is your show. Zach wilson as the next patrick mahomes taking her. Shake it shake. Y'all off again. Let's try one more time soon as i shake you what it says you do. What okay all right all right all right all right one more time often as you as you as your mom would tell you jay. You don't know on with him. We we all try to your my father yesterday you trip and you go on mom dad father you all over the calmed down a little guy. We see you know you see me. We're gonna try one more time. Yes zach wilson. Is the next patrick. Mahomes taken or shake it shake. Six teeth never go on your guy. We gotta get to okay so our issue with that type of comparison. Patrick mahomes became patch holes. Because andy reid in the system and the players around him and it took him a minute he wanted super bowl. He won a super bowl. The jets can't even get in there. Dan playoffs people. Need to relax on this kid and give him an opportunity to just learn how to play football in the national football league. Thank you does not put crazy expectations on him. Let him do his thing. I wanna talk about this anymore. And i i respect tony romo i just. I don't wanna do that to him at this stage of his career. I'm just leaving that whole alone. He has a plan. Nfl game yet. Let's see what he can take or shake when he actually plays the nfl game before we throw those kind of designations on him. Yeah i think. I can speak for all of us when i when i say. There's only one patrick mahomes go chiefs Cam newton. We'll make at least one start at quarterback in the nfl. This season take it or shaken take a circuit. I think i don't know. But i think he will get signed by somebody at some point in time this year and he will make start. Stay ready stay by your phone and the opportunity will somebody will get hurt. Some team will go through this where they will need a person like cam newton. That may happen. But it'll be as a backup. He's not making a start in the nfl. This year guys would literally have to fall down a bunch of them before that happens for cam newton. I don't see him taking a snap as a starting quarterback in the nfl even in a backup role in the national football league. This season ra. has taken her shake it on ken jay z. On espn radio. Matt jones and the patriots will win the afc east taken her shaken. Take your ticket. I believe that. Mac joe's in in in the new england patriots will win. Afc east and i like how you put. Mac jones in front of the new england patriots. Instead of just saying the new england patriots. I saw what you did there do that on tv anyway. I know i know what i'm doing. Good graphics i'm gonna go shake it here. I think you know we talk a lot about new england. I know that matt jones is the hot topic right now. But i just i. It blows my mind that we keep looking over to buffalo bills. It blows my mind that we don't talk about them. Having emmanuel sanders stefan digs the way jocelyn play last year. I know people can question run game but damn they are a good football team. The brings to your member. Didn't play in the afc championship game last year and get candidacy to use a little holy. You know what first half for the chiefs ran away and hid. And they're bringing that team back with josh allen who is close to being a elite quarterback the last time i checked since. He's playing the nfl for mac jones and has a team to win the afc. I'm going to trust that entrusting. The mac jones is gonna fit that properly with bill belichick and on the season editions in new england. All right can sean juban presented by progressive insurance nice to recess in a row. Wow guess here thanks to the headlines. Continue headline hair. No hair lines. Rogers and the yankees will meet in this year's world series taking her chicken The dodgers for sure gonna be in the chip. But i don't know about the other team. The dodgers for sure being world series. I i can't speak to the yankees out yankees a too hot and cold for me right now. I just Koby dream for major league baseball east coast west coast fans. But i don't see it. We thought this was going to happen last year. We held our into the bargain out west and the people east decided to do something different. I would i would love to see. I don't think. I think the yankees the pitching rotation to get them to the world series. Plus they need to clean up their amounts strikes at the plate. Man i it's not good ninth most moby yeah. They decided to go to the half early. We're getting to rematch the world series last year with the dodgers on one side and a tampa bay rays and the other side. I know that they can't even get the washing. Their stained with the tv contract must be ridiculous because people staying home and watching them. But top the bob the best in the american league we're going to see a rematch in the world sues dodgers on one side the other side. We got a seven-game series last year. Don't think we won't see that again this year between both of those were real quick alabama win its second straight national title it or shake it. I don't see. I don't see him winning another title. I mean new quarterback news situation. I know we just had ryan and he talked about how they just continue to keep reload reload reload yet. That's true but a lot of those guys that we saw last year had a lot of playing experience from the nausea harasses at played as a true freshman to the devante. Smith's the jalen waddles. Those guys the patrick certaines. They started as true freshman. This is a different situation with these guys. Y'all go shake house in that conversation. But i think we'll end up seeing spencer rattler and oklahoma when it all. That's good we can't win a bowl game but spencer rattlers different. I'm gonna take. I discharged. Nick sabin that he can take his and beat yoon and he's got isn't and beat the rest of them when it comes to that he's keyshawn johnson. He's jay ones freddie coming key jay z. Do we need to make the plan cowboy from four to twelve. That's next jay will answer podcast. Do you own or rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having home is hard work go to geico dot com. Get a quote and see how much you could save. Geico dot com easy.

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