Iran's Uranium Enrichment Breaks Nuclear Deal Limit. Here's What That Means


support for this podcast and the following message come from american past open door to a healthy pest free home with american past offering safe environmentally friendly pest control solutions throughout the dmv for over ninety years learn more at american american pastor dot net iran is now enriching uranium above limits set by the two thousand fifteen nuclear deal that's the word from the international atomic energy agency which monitors iran's nuclear facilities earlier today vice president mike pence offered this warning under president donald trump america will never allow iran to obtain nuclear weapons that pence speaking at a conference in washington earlier today and joining us now to discuss iran's nuclear activities is npr's jeff brumfield field who covers science and security for us hey jeff comics let's start with the vice president's comment there is that what iran is trying to get a nuclear weapon well at the moment it looks like the answer to that question is no so you need a little enrichment one oh one hair buckler only a tiny fraction of ukrainian they get stuck out of the ground could actually be used for things like nuclear power reactors of nuclear weapons and so what the process of enrichment is doing is actually concentrating that level if you're rich to about five percent that's good for reactor closer to ninety percent is what you really need for nuclear bomb now under the nuclear deal iran promised to keep it pretty low at three point six seven percent just over the weekend around announced it was going to be going up to around four and a half percent that's still way below bottom great so if they're not sprinting in that direction towards a nuclear weapon what are they actually doing what they're doing sending a message the uss pulled out of the nuclear agreement last year end they've been making the rounds life pretty miserable ever since they reimposed a ton of sanctions and they've also impose sanctions on anyone who does business with iran but usa isn't the only party to the nuclear deal europe china and russia were also supposed to provide iran economic benefits and so around is crossing these lines in the deal to really try and ramp up the pressure on those other parties to give them some sort of economic benefit to remain at the deal in they've said they're gonna cross another line in sixty days if they don't start seeing those benefits although it's unclear exactly what that line would be so some of this is is signaling using uranium enrichment the send the message but technically it does also get a wrong closer to having what they need to build a nuclear weapon right it does i mean i would call it a baby step most of these experts i've spoken to about this were actually concerned we knew around what's going to make some sort of announcement they were concerned that it might be iran going all the way to twenty percent right away near twenty percent enrichment that would be a big step forward getting a nuclear weapon so iran is showing restrained care they're clearly trying to slowly ratchet up the pressure so how do we know if iran does decide to start racing toward a nuclear weapon what signs would we see wellbeing richard levels could go up much much higher the other thing to watch whereas right now they're all these nuclear inspectors crawling around arounds facilities

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