Poolside Chats with Peter Schrager and Jane Slater


The deal round with the NFL podcast. Poolside welcome to another episode of the around the NFL podcast. My name is Dan has this and I am joined in a hotel filled with heroes. Mark, Cecil, Chris Wesseling, and Greg rose of what is up Belise paid him, Mark as the biggest smile of ever. I mean, you know, to pull back the curtain if that's actually what we're doing here. We have done roughly, I was told by listener we thought it was seven eight hundred more well more than that, into the nine hundreds or something in that. And Dan, just asked after a first take on his opening words to the show if those were the actual words and then you had to cycle. Bye. Here at the beautiful Fairmont hotel resort, and Santa Monica for the NFL media talent summit which we somehow get invited to every year. And so we have a great show coming up where we have some interviews with Jane Slater, and Peter Schrager. But we're taping the show essentially in a hallway and because we're not in the studio, you don't have the music from the cans and a little Matic place at sorts a little bit. It makes complete Samaya was because I've never heard Dan's deep bass voice boom in so loudly. In this hallway here I love it. And it was a contributor. This is a fun of, of for the around the NFL podcast because we are kind of men without a country a little bit. They today, for instance, they had what they call breakout seminars where they break the entire media group. So they fly everybody in from all the talent and the reporters and the analysts all to this hotel. They put him up in the hotel. We. We have to commute here. But let's understandable, and they to this is the second and final day. They break it up into hosts reporters analysts, and it's basically a boot camp. And a way to. Converse, and communicate all in the same place. And I, I've been hostess podcast for a long time, and we do things on live Twitter shows do NFL network hits when they said go, where you go I walked to the, the host room and I walk in Colleen, wolves their job is in unit. Andersonville Yano all the other hosts and yes, I'm not on network all the time. But clearly that's my role and not a reporter and I'm not a pure analyst. So I sit down. And by the time I even have a chance to, like, pick my head up the men running the meeting shadowy leader says, Dan, actually, you're not in this group, your reporters and comet homina, and that was just kind of the so I saw back like Charlie Brown style through the hallways to find you guys for that seminar. But usually are not reporters either. So we are kind of just floating. I guess closer to analysts more than anything else. But. The vibe of the event is gathering communicating, and it was a fun. It was a fun two days, and we've made some progress now, they do this six minute, sizzle reel, they did a couple of different ones of highlights during the year, and it used to get on our Reiter that, that we were not even be involved in that say, at nicely in that we are Smallman in, in that we are now they make sure to put one clip. Now, if we wanted to still be small men, we that they only put in the two different videos, each got one in each and it was only when it was a clip with another major star. Joe Thomas in one. So the next step will be, when just the four of us the. Where the direction because it was a year ago that they simply shoved every podcast into one of thirty slides in a slide show, and it was about eight seconds for you had to quickly scan every pot. And ours was the four of us, and who I think they believed was calling wolf, but it was actually little Debbie dressed up in her ratings wrap so that to me was slap in the face of amazing to be Corp, oh event with, like Michael Irvin, just rolling his eyes and making facial expressions because he doesn't like what's going on? Like, what else could you do that there was a slightly different tenor this year, I thought last year because it is a television network that has learning to face the reality that mobile platforms, and digital platforms are not only just as important, but more important than television going forward. And that was a big emphasis of the meetings, and that's going to give us a little bit more attention than we have. Up. All right. We have so much to get to and Wessel, save for the end of the show, a little update on the corporate jargon this year last year. If you remember, if you're a longtime listener, we hear a lot of these corporate buzzwords like above the tree tops and open to Komono, and we're fascinated by them. But most of the shadow league figures, hear them say them so much that doesn't even register to us. We have west who's our official. He he transcribes everyone, and we'll check in on what our new corP jargons for twenty nineteen and let's also will share some thoughts. Maybe some bullet-point takeaways at the end of the show. But before that, let's get going with to really great interviews. I up she covers the Cowboys for NFL network. She's Jane Slater. So let's go now. And we did this, by the way, this was very I'm going to say it was classy. It was it was a little bit exotic throwback to Don Draper time. I'd be like a rat pack scenario. We went to the old bear Mont pool sat on the chairs Ricky Hollywood. Thank you. For setting up force, your welcome. I got some nice time by the pool waiting for you guys in your book. And so this is what we call poolside chats starting. Yes, with Jane Slater. Poolside. All right. Here we are who side chat at the Fairmont hotel bungalow here in Santa, Monica, the sun's out, and it's even sunnier because Jane Slater is joining us for the first time around the NFL podcast. Welcomed James, Boyce. Wow. Jane what can be on us. I think that this should have happened probably two or three years ago, but decided there's enough Cowboys content on our network. So it kind of hurt you hear that we, you know, like all right? We don't really need any more, but you're more than just the Cowboys. I kind of fan girl, you guys a little bit after the owners meetings. I mean I just I literally became a fan girl. Did it come across? I, I feel like you're on the show, right? Yeah. This is off. Yeah. This is great. Jane, of course, reporter for on that work and do a lot of Cowboys and Saint stuff. That's your two main beats is that fair to say it's ninety nine percent. Cowboys one percent saints, if I'm lucky. Yeah. Yeah. Handcuffs is what I call the team. What do you buy you love it? It's this glamour beat. It's Dallas, the storylines right themselves. But I can't get out of there to save my life or you grew up a cow, you grew up in Dallas area. A Cowboys fan or no? I mean I went to the parade in the nineties, everybody were starter jackets in middle school. We have more questions about Jane sliders, life in Dallas and the North Texas area. We're going to get to that. Why don't we why don't we start with with the Cowboys and let me jump in with the first question boys? And I'll start here to tell this work, I'm gonna get I'm gonna get. I'm gonna throw out a bit of a conspiracy theory for you. Jane someone. Theories, Greg, by the way now cozing aside in the lounge chairs. By the way, we just we just went through a workplace behavior meeting, Greg. I have a lot of personal space between us. There's a lot of personal space anyway. Jason witten. Here's my conspiracy theory. And you tell me if it's off base or inappropriate, or leave the pool it gets bad. I'm curious what his roles in the offense and here's the theory. This is an all time cowboy one of the franchises shining sons. And there is that big d did a big favour for Mr. Whitten, who was, let's be fair not doing well and his broadcasting role and here comes Jerry to save the day. Hey, we'll get you out of that situation. You could leave out gracefully come here, work with the kids work come for the summer camps training camp. And then we can have nice little retirement on the eve of week one and he'll never play another snap for the Cowboys. And this is all been a nice situation. Helping out one of the great players. Well before I dive into that. I mean pink pony was such an amazing name, the conspiracy theory. What are we calling this theory? I would workshop at you don't have to come up with a now you've got time to put it out there and Brandis over phony, but she's showing the bona fides right now as a listener. So here's what I'll say it's not about theory, and it's one I too thought about. But I was there, Scott Hanson, of course, comes to Dallas. He hasn't wanna go do drinks on the patio. He wants me take him to star in Frisco for a tour of the facility on my day off some more si-. Did that knows a party? Right. So this was right after Columbine. When we found out that Whitten's coming back and I kid you not Jason went was up there. Like a little kid at school with his books ready to get back to work. And when you talk to them, there's this intensity, but there's also this humility he lost his lockers. Martin has it now he says he doesn't have parking spot anymore. And when I see him in. Actes. He's out there barking the way that he did when he played, they say that they're going to take them off the field and let Blake jar win. And don't and Scholten guys play. He's gonna make it difficult on them. He's comeback completely in shape. So I know everyone says about training can't but we're right shaved head. We can unpack that here in a little bit. It showed him that he's aware. You know, I think he was looking to clean cut with the hair. So I think he needed that to be wear us when he came back, but I've been watching practice and we're not allowed to talk anymore about certain things that we see we got a little note from the PR department, but how they're using him is different right now. I'll just leave you with that also making a lot less money. So I don't know if that's humbling. But he's an athlete who got that experience of what am I going to do for the rest of my life, that can give me even a fraction of the satisfaction that playing football that and he didn't like it. I don't even even if you getting better views and Monday night football and was like a little more. Comfortable. You're never gonna replace that juice. So it's sort of, like someone that had a near death experience, that's coming back in their enjoying the life that they had. Oh, that's great. I mean, this is only year playing football game like he's probably never gonna do anything for the rest of his life. That gives him that level of satisfaction. And so two credit is gonna enjoy the crap out of it. But I don't really buy that he's going to be any faster than he was two years ago when he couldn't move, so he'll help them and be a blocking tight end. It's hard to imagine a difference maker. I did ask him that I said, and it wasn't disrespect any of our analysts here. But I'm like, they've got a pretty cushy job. You know, you get six months out of the year. Like you're really, they really don't call these guys do a ton of stuff, you're making great money. He's just so good at putting in the work and seeing it translate. And I think he struggled, I didn't think the situation was right from an ESPN either. I mean, it was kind of with testimony and Burin. Lisa just felt like there's so many voices. And the way they disconnect get off scot-free way on the FOX, like DT. Team with Choi, Anna. Mean Troy kind of like paid his dues Barbara's. They paid their do. So I think it wasn't the best form. But I truly believe he loved football missed it so much. And he literally told me like there was there still something in him that he had unfinished business. I mean if you talk to bright right now, he'll tell you the exact same thing. There's something about Dallas these guys like don't wanna leave DiMarco didn't wanna leave DeMarcus ware didn't wanna leave. We cover them differently the country thinks about them differently. They're the glamour team like if there's a reality show outside of hard knocks. It would always be the Cowboys all or nothing. It was a great series on Amazon prime. How could you ever go cover the Jaguars or something after this? I mean, everything the Cowboys stoplight and including I imagine the reporter experience. It's different even when I go to New Orleans. I mean it's such a smaller market. I mean I haven't even been to New Orleans at all this off season for. You name it. They've made some good moves in New Orleans. But I haven't been there to talk about it the Cowboys, I've said have been actually really quiet and seemingly as functional as they've ever been, and the sense, there's no drama, queens. They've actually I think they've loaded up quietly with some talent and free agency Randall Cobb. I don't talk enough about what we've seen from him. And then the, the, the running back from Memphis, the fourth-rounder Tony, I'm drawing a blank rank does not snow. No. Tony snow. Now maybe learning more about him soon. Yeah. But yeah, I literally like they are functional and I think they're actually going to be competitive this year. The way that he is so easily just acclimated that locker room like he you feel like he wanted to be in Dallas. And when you told us a story that he went up to Prescott NFL honors and said, come and get me if you get the chance. It was a sense that he wants to be there in, I guess because he played quarterback to at Kentucky. Doc was telling us that he's even sort of he speaks ducks language, and they're communicating kind of the way Amari Cooper does. So that's what those are the signs that tell me that they're actually functional finally the rules with thread that connects the Cowboys in the saints and has for years overtly, but also through whisper channels, and that's Sean Payton care. We just want to ask your opinion because you're closer to these two teams than anyone else that our network. Let's say we all live to be ninety something year olds years old will there'd be a time where Sean Payton is the head coach, the Cowboys in your opinion. I don't care when shot I think it's something that's always been in the back of his head. He's got a great relationship with Steven Jones and Jerry. They went onto Tony Romo without him. Right. One hundred percent. That's a great story when he tells it on the plane about wind, Jerry came over and asked him about Tony Romo and I mean he literally turned him into the air apparent. But I think he's going to want a little bit more, which I think it's going to be kind of, like Bill Parcells it's going to be his last stop. I think if Sean doesn't sign a lifetime deal in New Orleans, I think you could see him going to a team that he feels the challenge of flipping over certain guys like that. They need that. I mean, that's Bella check did. I mean, just look at Bella check Gruden and parcels moves. And then you can sort of dictate the life plan, the life map for Sean Payton in my opinion, based on some of our discussion, putting it out there on in through reporters that there could have been a time that he could moved a couple years ago. But that was before they had two great seasons in the saints gave him like all the money in the world. I don't think great leverage contract. We couldn't leave it. Couldn't leave it picture. Here we are sitting poolside four of us beans scorched by the sun and a staff worker came over to open a massive umbrella that covers only Greg's visit. Eric, eric. Like, why would we say, why would I say a little on the nose true? I feel like you guys should actually move this summer. You guys do a summer series and do poolside chats. You get it. Sponsored guess could probably get some free rooms and free drinks here. I don't think you guys are thinking to think about the way you do your podcast. We're not wrong. Conspiracies. Yeah. Let me ask you this. Let's stick with the Cowboys because you said ninety nine percent of your gig is there at the star power structure with the Cowboys? Gera-. Turn it seventy seven in October. What what is the situation there now? And do you sense a changing of the guard over the last couple years? Much. When I see sports talk show in Dallas, I would sort of reference. Some of those things I was seeing in Jerry does not like any. He doesn't like anyone alluding to the fact that he's not in control anymore. But to me when they said goodbye, does Bryant that was Stephen Jones, handprint all over it end. I've covered as you guys don't have a great relationship with. Does it needed to be done because it got them? Amaury Cooper, alternately it cleared out some out space in the locker room, just. The focus was really kind of on the game plan in. He was part of that last group. Tony Romo damore game. It's it was a tough decision to make, but Stephen Jones all over, and I think when we talk about this functional. It's on a slap and Jerry Jones's face. But I think Stephen sort of moving this team Ford making those difficult decisions. I mean he would get so emotionally attached to some of these players. And that's what was getting them in trouble because they were backloading the money, killing them in the cap space, and then these guys weren't able to to play and I don't believe would be back if we didn't come back on the daily came back saying, Sean Lee. Well, they seem to be more rational and less emotional about the decision making. And I think when I look at the last twelve months of what this team has done. I love the way they're building. And you look at the officers and they bring Travis Frederick back if things like they're going pretty, well there they both the deep into mine a little bit. Is there any reason to believe this team will not be better than they were last year when they closed out the season as one of the best teams in the NFL? I'd be absolutely shocked for the reasons that you've just mentioned, the problem that they had I felt like for the longest time was because they were playing all these ageing veterans. They weren't able to really develop depth behind these guys progress stoppers. Yeah. And so now they've got they've got depth all across it offensive line. I mean Joe looney was a hell of a center last year. And now you've got him as a backup Schrafft's Frederick, Connor McGovern and Connor Williams that are flex players on the offense of line. And then the one area they really need to beef up, though, in my opinion is still the quarterback because it is the safety position still something they can. They've been struggled. I'm not too Manding the you do that. What about this conspiracy theory? Here's a reason why to believe that they won't be as good because they're never as good as they were the year before whenever they've had a good season and I have to do with this, you my theory back to back and see my theory. Is that in Dallas? Yeah the fans and team and Jerry and the ownership and even maybe Jason Gary who's on last year. They seem to really like be pleased with themselves and think that they're going to start at the point that they left the season before, if you had told me that the two thousand eight Cowboys or was the two thousand nine coming up season where they were the ones would have not made the playoffs would have been a disappointment. I would've never believe that that team was as loaded as ever, but it's almost like in Dallas there as you said, no one wants to leave because they're treated like such Demi gods. They Trey NFL where there's such small margins that I don't know what it is. But that it's been impossible literally haven't done it to repeat two years of success back to back fifteen years. They sell often ISM well in Dallas, and I'm drinking the Kool aid just based on what I've seen at practice so far and having covered them when they were so incredibly functional for so many years. I mean think about it, Jason gear. It's got to be more hungry motivated. These ever been playing on his last year contract deck. Once that contract needs to validate, it Zeke Elliott got his fifth year option, but they're going to be shocked if that deal gets done the summer, you've got a more Cooper, that's coming up on a deal. And so I just feel like the timing fills, right. The only thing that's if if I'm a fan. I'm concerned I'm looking at their schedule. That six game stretch starting in late November through December. That's a bear. I think they're gonna have a hard time with that. And the fact they have no tobacco games this year. Finally, Jane and all great info, foll- Jane at Slater NFL, you could also follow on the Graham. What is your grim, handle at Jane Ashley Slater, what an experience, by the way? And this is yahtzee cowboy hats. So let's. Get so many questions about my grand. Let's you're living pretty fun line. Tell my friends watching, and always forget that it's like coaches GM's agents, fosters. Tell us more discussion, the Dallas Arlington debutante society that you can have it not debutante. What I see posts but Keene beer, buddies the bid life and you're part of it on your flying high dig in a little guy. Yeah. A lot of people don't know, this, I was married, when I was twenty six to twenty seven I five jobs pay the bills as recently as six years ago. So now it's like I'm in the sweet spot my life. I don't need a man to financially support me. I love my job. So I truly like adopt live breathe. Preach the yellow lifestyle and it rubs me the wrong way it rubs people the wrong way. But I'm like I wake up every morning when I put my feet on the ground. I'm generally excited that I got a bonus day like Belinda that onus, I can literally talk about that with you guys. But it's so funny. It's like they're like you're living your best, what you're flexing on the Gramlich. Like, no, I'm just I hope I inspire, you all to go out there and live your best life where we have talked about this, at the owners means we had a conversation about, you have lived a pretty colorful life in the past. Oh, yeah. And you kind of like I'm, I'm an all of like your embellish and like you. One point you wanted to sell real estate on the side and you're up. They can call time you're better myself. You understand this more than anyone? I've never been quite the accomplished. I will say. The transparency Caisley on the show. We ban what we consider to be in our world phrases that we're through with around six or seven months ago banned hashtag yellow, but I'm I do I also the power to lift the ban, and for you, because the way that it seems consistent drumbeat, that's not a flash in the pan type scenario, it is lifted yellow is lifted for you a one time exempt van my lifestyle, you could. The haters, right. Yeah. What, what you've said here is great because I think if you don't know you or if you're just kinda crabby about social media, people see that. And they think okay that's that self promotion or caters for some rivers out there. But what you're saying is you and I think all of us can speak to this on, on some level as we're reaching apart in our lives. We're either approaching we're approaching forty like Dan or were over it and we have a job that we love, and we have a life that we love. So why not be honest about it, and your life approach some other people like a yours zooming towards down the barrel of age for enjoy it? Because nothing's guaranteed if you're not going to enjoy it now, it's who knows out here on Sunday. I was supposed to leave today. I reached out in a couple of my friends, I'm gonna yellow until Sunday. I'm just saying out here. Maybe don't have children in the next six to twelve months. Either that will also help with the lifestyle have no emotional attachments to animals or others. So, yeah. You would have a hard time Cecil. See lifestyle right now. Current arrangement brings me better. This is open tonight, staring at the ceiling thinking about how he can have your life, right? When I worked at Longhorn network, he, he had a similar gypsy, but he would tell his girlfriend or his significant other time, I'm just going to Italy for a month and he did it. Free spirit. Yeah. All right. We gotta go. We gotta get back to the seminar. You know, we're having a great time. We'll have to do this again. Because Jane, you're awesome, you match the sensible. We don't get to live the life you live. But we wouldn't. I hope that we walked away from anything this conversation. I hope that in six months, we're talking about your yellowed summer. I'm sorry. Janus still around in town. We just give up all of our responsibilities. Swim class a little bit more in life. I think I've encouraged her to she's been yellowing allot, a positive impact on her taken her under your wing, all the haters. She's fine. Now that little bird is flying all the haters, don't give Jane a hard time, then includes our own building. We're going to deal with some of them right back to this Danes later NFL network follower. She's the best. Thanks guys. Thanks, jane. Poolside. All right. That was awesome. Jane slater. Thank you. Again, Jane, we have to have Jane on again because she has, and I imagine our listeners are going to embrace Jane. She has certain Juzic wa that connects with us and the audience. Wow, you almost nailed them. What is it gonna sick? Well, I think I had it, Mark. What about her Jane bravely living or best life on Instagram and I was surprised she said it was something she's trying to teach trying to impart that on people one day, do you believe you'll be in that position? Well, I hope to be I mean, she certainly you spend a little bit of time with her. I think number one, and she's got self-awareness. She has the ability to change your opinion about her social media footprint to use a corporal word it certainly changed, my when I didn't know where I thought this seems like a yacht writing leisure, seeking individual that occasionally checks in for work. But when you hang with it for a little bit. She truly is embracing this lifestyle. And it gives me hope that maybe Sunday, I will be writing boats. Living the way that she does in such a high lifestyle. I hope to seek that same thing. You know, when are we met LA brother, grandparents were her age, the idea of work hard play hard was almost strictly reserved for men and a person, like Jane is a work hard play hard person. And she, she also is a fan of the show. She says that she's a listener and frankly and girlie, that's all we really need are for myself, that's you know, we're, we're going to be fans. Do you aspire to have an Instagram on that level? I'm getting their months pretty good. I mean it's funny Erica, believe already reached that was the politically answer. I feel like the real Vicki answer is you're like mine is better. Yeah. I mean I, I live, you know, I live hard. Everyone all the listeners checkout both accounts and get back to Erica on Twitter at Ricky Hollywood, who has the better Graham account Slater v tempo. See, I'm excited about that. All right. Let's spin forward about ninety minutes later. The sun was out now is really starting to eat up. I'm just talking about the conversation guys. Is locking into mind. We'll side chat with Peter Schrager. Poolside. All right. Here we are back at the pool time for more poolside chats. And we got another great guests, very excited to have him, you know, senior national writer for FOX dot com. Good morning football co host. Also the co author of the New York Times bestseller out of the blue the Victor Cruz story, which Qurqus reviews called a quote, above average sports auto biography. Around the NFL pot is great guys. I love it. The scene here outside the pool is something. Well, yeah. We, we've had some families join us since Jane's interviews, some other alcohols being drunk out here. It's pretty great. All right, here who has more jobs than than Peter. I mean you didn't even mention like sideline reporter. Good morning football. I just want all this by route right now. Two things are things are good is the off season and to be with you guys here poolside with all of us wearing shirts and ties barely dressed test. When you have so much to get to. Peter, of course. Yeah I met good morning football. We've you kind of as our cool cousin that lives in Manhattan are podcasters. There's some DNS over happy to whenever we could have somebody on from that show. It's great. Speaking of. Yeah. I feel like we started the form format of having sort of four people with good chemistry featured on both NFL network. And under the NFL shield, you guys came along second and have excellent chemistry. The hear that a lot. Let's say there were to be sort of a Royal rumble situation. The four of us versus the four of you. I want you to your analyst hat on not you're not the one that you're part of that force him again. Right from an analysts angle who wins that fight. You've got some strengths. You got some weaknesses soda way. Here's what you guys have that. We don't have at the moment you have this incredible international fan base that I feel like would be doing all sorts of things on the back end. We hooligans. Yeah. We would not be ready for this. I feel turnbuckle action from your fans in Iceland. All right now, we're very limited to the thirty two fan, bases and the people who get the cable services that have the NFL network and watching our show. But you guys universal and Cecil, I'm not screwing with you. We're on four though, four on four you guys have a little more size a little more size with Nate, not across the board, but and high cows in good shape. Overall overall saying, yeah, I think that's fair. I think. I've been listening to your podcast for years. I think there is a place in sports, whether it be talking or when I was like Simmons. And Ryan russillo talk, I it's okay to just talk and not have a structured format and rundown of one hundred things we have to hit click, click click like, and if someone wants to interject and give another comment, it's okay to go a minute longer and hit that topic and get off tangent, which I think, is kind of breaking the mold of what the traditional sports television show is Joe beningo says from your lips to God's has actually. Peter is really plugged in and the NFL and we wanna hit on a bunch of topics. We're gonna go right down a list, very structured. That's just quick. No time for any real messing around. But no, let's go with the top of the top right now. Because I know you talk about Patrick Mahomes on good morning, football out how much you were kinda head of the train a little bit about how good he would be. And certainly was last year is the MVP a couple of weeks ago on the show. We did a segment called comedown players of the year. I throughout Mahomes, as my come down player of the year in the sense that I drew a parallel to eighty four Marino. After that Reno was still an all pro and an elite at the position, but eighty four was just special, and that's kind of how I predict the Mahomes easel go, but you don't necessarily agree with that out. I'm doubling down on Mahomes. I think we'll statistically, I think I think sadistically he could be as good. If not better this year, he has a full off season with Andy. And here's the thing, everyone's gonna point to tyreek hill might not be on the field. And they lost. Chris Connelly and cream on it is, so rare from one of these offenses that puts up these historic numbers, which they did to also not have the entire brain trust of the offensive coaching staff taken from them. So unlike the eagles a year ago, where deflect Pogos and Frank Reich goes, our deal with new coaches in this case, Eric enemy is back calf is back, the head coach is back. And Tony I talked to guys in Kansas City, and they're like, bro. You have no idea what he's about to do to the league this year, which gets me. So excited because if the standard is fifty. Touchdowns. And no look passes an MVP offense a player of the year. What's that mean it could be even better? I don't know what that is. Well that I think that's a great point because Mahomes is was so far ahead of anything that we've seen for a first year starter. They, it's almost it's almost like underrated. Like people are like, wow, imagine what Baker Mayfield could do this year in his second year. It's like they're basically the same age in Mahomes came into the league as the best player in the league and some of the things that he did. It was just like never seen before. So, like why couldn't he get better? We would expect pretty much any other starter going into his second year as a starter to get better. He more than any quarterback at least that I think we've I've ever seen since we've been covering. He liked breaks every rule or every boundary that have -solutely and here's the other part. He played baseball most of his high school like he's still getting full off seasons of learning how to play football, which is insane. But you're right. We do the stuff on our show, and it's June and July and may where we're trying to make any sort. Content and one of the conversations was which which third your quarterback while the best season Trubisky, Watson, or Mahomes, and I was like, downright insulted how we can even walk on inter Bisky. Oh, yeah. In the same conversation as Mahomes who might end up being the best quarterback we've ever seen way he plays. So like he was that good in your to. And I think Marino's the only comparison when it got rothlisburger was a great team there on the Super Bowl that we've seen that happen. Russell wilson. But no one individual has been as good as that dude was last year. I've never seen a precedent or at least I can't think of any going through any quarterback ever where they came in and early in the career they either shattered or threatened all time passing records head a singular NFL season. And then was able to repeat it the next year. I know. And that's the thing I think he could even. And. I don't want it because I don't know what I I don't know. But from what I'm hearing there's an assumption in Kansas City, that at least for the majority of the season, number ten tire kale will be there. So we've heard that leaked out a little places where they're saying, oh, well, they're going whereas everyone else this, it's going to have to be Sammy Watkins thinks that there's some team like team in. It's more just the feeling around the league. Is that, that in the NFL can come out and say just like with Zeke Elliot like six game? Whatever it is. But this thought that, you know, tyreek suspend is a definite from what I'm hearing. There's no definite in either way yet. So fifty fifty affair bet that he'll be on the field or not. I think at this point, and that's fine. But there is also that fifty percent that he might be on the field case. That's totally different story. The chiefs of obviously left the door open. And that's that's something that we, we've been talking about on the show for a few weeks now that it's just kind of been something that's been hanging out there. And at some point. We're going to get some type of resolution. But there's no reason to think that tyreek hill won't be on the team at some point, let's pivot here because you were all in, like I said, on the homes before Mahomes through fifty touchdowns threw for five thousand yards took the league by storm transform the chiefs into Super Bowl contender. Is this guy that just got picked number one by the cardinals Arizona roll the dice and a, you know, an Abbasi way you don't wanna give too much credit because they drafted a quarterback number ten, and then bailed on it, but it's balls in the sense that if this guy is good as they think is they transform their franchise. You're feeling bullish on collar Murray, Megan making a huge impact Mahomes, Ian impact. No, not the stats wise. But I think the first six weeks of the Zona cardinal schedule Mahomes merged into stuff, that is going to blow our mind. And then there's gonna be a book on them and they're not gonna be potential injuries but out of the gate I could see the cardinals being. Foreign to five one just because cliff and Cuyler are aware of what they're about to do. And the competence in that building is that they have a leg up on something. And if it just 'cause there's film on it, and you're Accion preseason training camp. They're about to do some stuff at the NFL is seen before to very much similar fashion to the way Griffin took the league by storm and in a bit of a way how chip Kelly took the league by storm. What we way Andy Reid started the last three please. Alex Smith he was just kind of a head of the game, that's it. So maybe there's a catch up to it. But Keiler is awesome. I think one of the best arms in the league and to the same point I just made him home. Cuyler Murray's a two sport athlete. He's never played football in the spring and his life. Like this is his first season ever learning offense for an entire offseason. So they took us in. And I was not overly critical of Josh Rosen pre-draft process. But everyone was treating Rosen like he was worthy of that same conversation. Here's what I would post to you guys. If Steve doesn't trade up and takes Josh Rosen as the fourth quarterback and the tenth overall pick and gives up a third rounder to get them is Josh Rosen, a top ten pick is Josh Rosen top fifteen pick is Josh Rosen a first round pick. We only think of him as a top ten pick because of the team went up and got him. But we're not so certain I don't think Miami was taking and he could have been we don't know he could have been Brady Quinn or hey, he coulda gone in the second round. And then there wouldn't have been this whole hubbub about this. It could have been just like when the Panthers wearing the Gina Smith sweater or Jimmy Clawson, talked him all the next year because they're like, but. This thought that Josh Rosen top ten quarterback. It's true is tough ten quarterback but the team that drafted another quarterback. But also the team that traded up to get him in the so we don't know because he was such a polarizing prospect. In some teams, it seemed like would not even do their homework on him had no interest in him. And somethings, like, yeah, this guy's the most pro ready quarterback, obviously, we liked him. And then he was on the market. And again, I'm not trashing Josh Rosen, I'm rooting for Josh Rosen. I think he's actually great character for the league actually speaks his mind. It's rare and it's nice, but he saw essentially traded for India's of this year on the opening arket, speaking of, like that, that sort of a concern, I'd have with Murray Murray exciting because just the combination of the arm in that level of running is I don't know who's come into the league quite like that because I think people watching their practices are just like Derek Anderson. Maybe I can think the Baker Mayfield armor better but, but with the running, but there was some talk here from reporters that have been at cardinals practice that. Concerns with Andy Isabella and Akim Butler county on rookie wide receivers, especially when from UMass and one that fell to the fourth round that it hasn't taken long, even offseason practices to be like, maybe maybe like these guys aren't going to be ready, even of Cuyler Murray's. Right. Where have you read? Okay, we're talking about team that had one of the worst, offensive lines, one of the worst wide receiver core is one of the worst tight end room in the NFL last year. I know. And I think he can cover it all up. I think he's I, I honestly so he's the odorant. Yeah, I think he's going to be a sensation this year. And I wanted to enjoy it. Good morning football like coming up with nicknames. Maybe he could be right aid goodbye. Spice spot. Young spice works. Good. One one very quick question for you. And you can keep it to one word when you look around the circle here, four of us, which one do you respect the most? Speak question Greg. Well, there's only one not answer is I would not have asked that question had I knew you were gonna go in that direction doesn't help them or my angling adult actually, now that you answered it that way. We're gonna have to dig in hard on the next. We scrub that Erica may twenty-first. There's a there's a story that runs in the new York Daily News. Here's the headline jets have discussed TV personality. Peter Schrager, in general manager, search coal and sources now this I imagine was a completely weird slash uncomfortable situation for you. Because all of a sudden, you're a big part of the headlines mini meta, who wrote that piece wrote that you would be contacted for assistance on prospective candidates is the jets looked to replace Mike. Maccagnan, do you want to use this forum poolside chats to clear the air on that whole saga because you were kind of the center of the New York media storm for a little bit there. Thank you. All right. So the truth, the matter, is, I've known the owner Christopher Johnson in any way. I would know some of the other owners that I've gotten to speak with at the owners meetings combines, and I could name those names, I don't have to name those names at all. But the part of the story that came out was that I would tended Christopher's wedding last year. That is true. That was fancy was fancy. It was a great wedding. I was going to say. But here's the clarification on that situation. At met Chris Johnson, a few months earlier, we hit it off when I say hit it off. It was he watches. Good morning football on the treadmill in the morning. And he was nice, and we exchange information, whatever. Fast months later, he texts me and says, hey, I got married a couple of weeks ago, but we're doing a little celebration in New York, it's at this hotel, if you wanna pop by come on by your wife, you're welcome to went we attended it probably there for sixty minutes time, saw him and his wife said, Hello introduced myself. We moved right along little high society, pop. Hey, I've seen gossip girl, I wanted to be part of it was it. This is my moment. When you hear that at the wet, you're picturing meeting the ring bear. Tonight. I was at the wedding but it wasn't really the wedding. It was after whatever. So. All story short. We keep in touch whatever. It's fine. They reached out to me, saying, hey, we might add another person to the preseason broadcast booth. I did the Rams last year with Nate, Burleson Anderson's Liano, like if you know, if you don't want to do the Rams, we'd be interested, but let's keep those doors open. Fine. Talk to a lot of people around the league about a lot of things I can assure you that I have not been reached out or was not reached out about the jets gentleman's her position, I could also say that many she report is not necessarily inaccurate. Because the report was that they might reach out to me the day, they did not that it was for the GM position about my thoughts and I'll tell you straight up on our show for three hours a day. I talk about, hey Joe Douglas potential GM or Dodds Indianapolis is really well respected. He might be a guy to look for or Terry McDonough Zona is got. So it wasn't what, what was crazy, though. And this is where again, nothing against the mini poor because he just put it out there, and then it was no, actually, it was probably accurate, if they were considering me because I do know guys in that building. They didn't reach out to me, but the reaction was so vitriolic. So I guess the word is. That circus dysfunction that they would think about talking to fans evening by the local, New York, sports media, by the sports radio, the national media to nationally, the jets must be completely completely out of their minds to ask someone who's on television talking about football about who they might. And I'm here I don't think if they were to reach out to Ian Rapoport, or Adam Schefter, or even you guys who treat this stuff like it's life and death twenty four seven hours a day, wouldn't be crazy to get a collection of a lot of people's thoughts. Here's the lead of Manila's article, especially the four of us. Yes. When you thought things couldn't get stranger on one jets drive. We present the latest head scratcher in the wake of Mike maccagnan's ouster that and we talked about this on the pommel jets fan. But, like that's rubbed me the wrong way, this rush to, to present them in a terrible light when it's smart to reach out to Peter Schrager people that are plugged into the league. I'm not kissing ass guys like you, it's, it's not a bad idea. Doesn't make you dysfunctional or use the other thing in years past. They've used a consultancy firm. So say Korn ferry is one of these big consultancy firms, you pay seven figures, and they're going to bring you the same list of names that I will bring you or that Adam Schefter will or that Jay Glaser will bring you or that you guys will bring like here are the guys who are expected around the league that are probably next up for GM positions. Here's one in the city. Here's a minority. Can you probably haven't thought over haven't heard of that might be good? It so in light of doing what we've done in the past and hiring guys. Haven't worked out. Let's try different opinions for free. What's innovative is laughed at out of the gate and you're someone that's talking to thirty two different teams day bunkered in person who's with one team. And sometimes those guys don't even know what's happening in the world around them. They're not even viewers paper franchises valued. At over a billion dollars. It would be ridiculous. And we this out all the time to limit the scope of your dilatot does happen. It's like how do you think your data center, and Ian, and Peter, get that information? It's by sharing information that was the thing where I'm annoyed, by the way, that article starts because Minnie's knows that ultimately, that information is traded, and it doesn't mean they're just okay we're going to do whatever Peter Schrager says they're going to, hey, maybe we have a specific question about one specific guy that, you know, you wouldn't know the dirt because you talk inside that building, they're not getting the real scoop of site and all the time. That's how the game works. Let's give it some love and honesty like a couple years ago. You know, I get to go. Sideline work for FOX. I'm in the building every Friday and I'm in since six AM in the morning 'cause I do. Good morning football from the building. So if I'm doing sidelines for Panthers Buchan ears game. I'm in Carolina, six and oftentimes Ron Rivera will say, hey by my office. Hey, do you know Steve Wilks? He's defensive backs coach. This guy's a stud. He's going to be a head coach in the NFL. You guys need to know each other because his work isn't recognized on a national level. Yet festival two years later, he's the Arizona Cardinals. That's how that happens. It's not because. Imagine Peter just kind of, like creeping around corners like the defensive line. Hey guys anyone worth hiring? How does something like that not factor into your personal head coach rankings when you see coach that selfless? And once Bruce Arians is known for this kind of stuff, poor. His doesn't that automatically make you think that that person's a better Cody, and you see how they lead and you see how they're selfless. And I think, you know, to McVeigh's credit we talk about the, the McVay tree and all this stuff. There was a good article for Michael silver this week and on the record McVay as like I think Matt leflore is one of the best. It's okay to give love to others and you see how these guys lead interact with each other. And you don't get that if you're not in these buildings and get the opportunity to so, but it's also the reporter's job Desai's. It's just puffing or is this guy really promising? I'll say this one more time on the jets thing though, because I do want to make this point as well. I think that. Korn-ferry the buccaneers used them this year for their head coaching search and I'm not knocking the work. They do everything as far as checking the box and cover your ass and everything you ever need to know if there's a thing in someone's pass, I might not know it, but these guys that's part of the consultancy process. Why use a search firm because they'll know that in nineteen ninety eight. This guy had an issue in high school, and you might wanna be aware of it. I'm not gonna be able to do that. I'm or having had the less you pay me. I'm not gonna do anything, though. They paid the consultancy firm of the search firm, you know, close to probably seven figures are high six figures and the answer for who they recommended to be head coach was Bruce Arians. Which the guy at the bar still next to you could have done the same. Podcasts. Around into ask other people who they would suggest is not crazy. When the gold ribbon panel. The ones that you're paying high six figures for suggesting a coach who's been in every organization and sixty two years old. Well now that we're sitting here with you. I mean you are. I love the assistant coaches. We love the, the, the guys that are rising up through the ranks in the front office can is there someone that comes to your mind, sort of over, and over as the next sort of unearth, Jess, Sean McVay from years ago. Yes. It's defensive side of the ball on pumping his tires because we don't have a personal relationship. But Robert Sala is defensive coordinator of the San Francisco forty Niners. They haven't had the pieces, but this guy leads by example. And if you walk in that building Shanahan, his bonafide the guy, but that defense would run through a brick wall and will do anything for Sala around the league. He's been in Jacksonville and Seattle. He is just viewed as one of these morally straight edge guy next year. He will be a name that everyone who has not has ever had an opportunity in the. In the past things less snake Khanna said offhandedly yesterday when we were talking to him was addressed to the audience at les Snead was here in the whole thing. Left's Nate now at all. Context. Keynote speaker at this foot. He's saying he kind of off handedly. I'm not worried about Miami. They'll be fine. They got the right guy. You feel the same way. And I think there was a picture that their website put out or maybe someone else. I don't even know if it's out there was like. TNT. It's all over the building right now. And I think it stood for like team not talent or something like that. Like where it's, it's one of those mantras that, like, Ooh, I wanna Montreal them. But the fact he didn't crown Rosen his quarterback right away. Like now he's gonna earn it. The fact that those young players are fired up. And the fact that he brought with him a lot of that patriots brain. Trust the they're going to be all right. Back to Houston and JETRO quick is no one in the media going nuts about the circus and dysfunction. And what Houston just did. It was not treated in the same light jets, and is it just the media market, that, hey John Maclean's the guy and this is what he says, and the local beat reporter reported at this way. So locally are good. It is. They got savaged pretty hard in the chronicle. Tom said. For whatever nationally. What Brian Smith of the chronicle rights or what my gain I? Is on the right track there. Greg saying saying locally, I think O'Brien's not that a Ryan in might be because of the relationships he's built with National League, which is another story. I don't think he's as popular locally as he is nationally, which is strange. This is an eleven and five team that won the division last year and had no first or second round picks and had no salary cap and they fired the him. Yes. One year into a five year deal and not one person on our network or ESPN is going nuts. Like the jets situation where they said, well, the jets were five and eleven six and ten six and ten three hasn't been in the DNA over the last decade for an unruly, but it's New York team to savage, the jets left and right. The jets have been the jets. Yes. Not. Is it fair? Yeah. No, I agree with Dan's fury over some institutional. That's what it is my hands outside. If I wasn't a jets fan, I probably enjoy it to the jets are one of those Franch franchises that people seem to enjoy to watch the, the train go off. The tracks. And then it's a bit of a pile on the Texans. Don't have that same situation to be fair there. There is one commonality among the jets of the last twenty years, the last name of the owner and hasn't changed. I think the answer to your question is because aller covered when somebody in the jets locker room sneezes, it's news. And nobody cares. What the that's, that's fair. Peter shrager. You've said it all. Yeah. You've done it. You came late in the sun. You never even not even any flop. Sweat just shows how comfortable you are in the setting and feel great SPF thousand follow Peter at. Pece. Rakes. S. C. H. R A, G S, a little show within a show. I feel like you guys should never be in locked in a studio again. You live in LA. This should be outdoors poolside in everyone's a little cooler a little looser. And if beverages were included I wouldn't of speed. Let's why. The people around this might not agree wrapping up. Thank you so much. And yes, watch good morning football. Follow Peters reporting on television and on the internet, and all that good stop. You're the man Peter, thank you. Thanks guys loved it. Thanks, peter. Pull side. Poolside. That was excellent great insight from Peter, and you could tell Peter had wanted to get that jet stuff off his chest for a while. And I don't know if he had the ability to do that on good morning football. But the shadowy league figures, maybe not aware that you were the shoe it for that to happen, because I think you, you are a jets man with with a. The most and that we can't believe that's gonna make it into the show, if it did I have no control over the cyber moment of the week. All right. So there you go. Tell Peter, who I respect most on. Good morning football. Book. All right. Here we go. Let's now before we go and by the way last year and the year before Al river on who's the head of -ficiating for the NFL, always the most fireworks, when Al takes the microphone and the XBox controller and goes over the rule changes and obviously with the pass interference. Opie and DPI now review -able. That led to a pretty fiery series of exchanges with a lot of the former players, especially we will get to that on. Let's say next week show. Monday show next week because we wanted to vote, a little bit more time and we don't want to run too long today. So Al river, Ron's state of the union at the NFL media summit will hit on Monday. But for now to close out today shows some general takeaways from the media will start with you. Chris wesley. Well, first of all, I'd say room full of talented people, that's why they call it the talent summit, and I'm always blown away by how strong minded and how talented and how am bishops the people in the room are? But I also took so many notes that my pen ran out of ink have my notebook and the big utterly unique. Humble brag no one has ever done. The big takeaway for me. Is there are two kinds of people in this room. The kind that make everything about themselves and every other human being on earth. Greg. Whatever I am. I one of those people you are not one of the people who makes it about. I wanted to hear what we're getting the corporate jug we're going to say that the last thing we do. I, I think Steve Smith being Steve Smith in every situation of his life is delightful. And we can maybe we'll talk about that talk about with riverine but he was given Reverend as much grief. It is not for the camera the stuff. Yeah, he's a lot of times in sports. That guy's funny. Like Steve Smith is legit. Funny has great timing has great comebacks right off the bat like I'm such a fan. He dropped some bombs, and it's the time in he the way he would suddenly unfurl, enable on the speaker. No. He's unique because I think we see a lot of athletes and he's only a couple years out of the game when they're couple years out of the game. They're reluctant to speak their minds a reluctant to be themselves. And he seems like he's one hundred percent Steve Smith, eighty nine all the time. Mark hang on for one second, because one thing this has been the third or fourth time we've gone to this end a lot of the similar beats, which that would lead me to sometimes tune out a little bit. When it's the same stuff is last year, but it was about in my mind, twelve hours ago that I was in a car up on Sunset Boulevard, after leaving yesterday's event with Brad Pitt a young of Paltrow, and Leonardo DiCaprio, and we were in a stolen police car. And then suddenly about fourteen seconds later, I was in a massive lake in a sprawling wilderness, the lake filled with milk, and I wanted to swim to shore, but all along the shoreline were hundreds of kittens licking the milk. And I just didn't know where to find my opening, and then I woke up and realized this was a dream that I had, and I wanted to share it with everyone that I knew that I was told yesterday by HR that we are not allowed to comment on dreams that we have in the nighttime space ever, again to anyone we work with and it is quite the. Disturbing to me is that does not seem like something. I'm not allowed share with my friends. That's not the that's unfair because we should all be able to hear that. What why it's a good rule is that creeps will use the dream cover to get creepy. I know but this is simply about you're just milk filled late again, full on sessile. That's how I can still tell you about that. Take way. Obviously a lot of talk about the raiders move into Vegas. It came up and sports gambling. All that I learned that former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue refuse to even fly over Las Vegas. Do you believe that story to be apocryphal or truth ridiculous? I don't know. Can you imagine can you imagine him? And if you're not connecting the dots that he was so against the idea professional football and sports gambling that he didn't even want to be in the air range of the mecca of gambling. But did he ask for the flight plan like? Like when he was flying coast to coast, I, I'm curious about that Howard Hughes level myth, but NFL networks, Omar Ruis remember, Sean Casey, your boy with the reds Amir, the mayor. Well, that's what really is, is amongst the talent that nicest men on earth. The guy is bipartisan could work, you could work both sides of the aisle, and he's a he's a big star in the world of politics. I think if he wants to be, and then my last takeaway is. Salonga event. It was the first day was essentially eight thirty until six thirty sitting in a an auditorium, and there are lulls not all the presentations, land, and one of prominent network face during one of the presentations, sent me what I approximate to be three hundred word text message explaining the nineteen eighty two film e t as a meditation on faith. Some just going to read you this was I I'm not joking. This was sent to me. Okay. This wasn't Mark. That sent was not Mark. It is a prominent television fixture chill. Chill will Mark out pretty quickly one of my favorite movies of all times, e t allow me to explain. Why seeing as I plan of effing time right now, the movie is a religious allegory which Spielberg has the night. But who's he kidding? ET is Jesus. I'll spare you the details for now. But would be more than happy to share later? Anyway. ET says the letter B when he sees it on Sesame Street on TV and Gertie replies. You said be good. The little bastard, then uses that line when he leaves and tells Gertie be good, some fake ass alien that doesn't exist breaks it down, minus all the religious bullshit. Other people use the weaponize their faith against others. It's great. So when you said be smart I said that, or whatever when that lady was going on for hours. It reminded me of ET. Same with this guy right now wrap it up. Feen. Wow. Review. Do you believe I need to hear that again? I'm more like hovering around who possibly Senate. Nailed it. Correct. I guess the same thing Greg did. That's correct. I do have to two more just quick ones. Okay. Number one. Most people, they don't mind if you talk about gambling, but women over the age of fifty five don't do it, don't they were gonna hate you learn that. So sorry to all the older ladies out there. Women over fifty whenever we've mentioned. Yeah. White women specifically. And then finally, if you're coming off the stage you just talked about HR anything like that. Don't do a this bump with the next person. That's coming up. I don't know. I just I just it makes me feel awkward. And it's just a tough moment in these these settings. I mean, it's even worse when the, the high five and fist-bump get confused, and you get the half and half sloppy one I saw that one instance as well. Wes now he throw to you and feel free to throw in another thought before you get to it. But we want to hear the official two thousand nineteen corpo- jargon. I'll say to my thoughts for the riverine section comes in the future, but nine thirty two AM were basically about an hour on the first day. And I wrote down. Wait, who sent the memo to avoid corporate buzzwords this year? And it's true. It was obvious that. Somebody has gotten to these people and told them not to now. I did catch them using weird words as verbs which delighted me to no end when somebody says that three times fast, somebody said, well, what if this team is ideas on that? Gee eighteen and we also got we'll offline that conversation. That's great. It's it. Let's offline this, I've got this one written down that wasn't a great, a great example, though of someone making it all about themselves taking out a total personal vendetta, and in front of forty it's a beautiful thing. So my favorite quote of the first day was, we sound like dinosaurs, even saying this. But there's so much more beyond the linear space. That sounds like a crazy guy that runs a cult whereas red sneakers, the whole group might not be far off. Yeah. I heard linear space a few times, and I'm still not sure what they mean by it doesn't matter what it means. It's just it's hounds good. What else and then really this was like leading off the game with back-to-back homers, one of one of my favorite people in the news, remarry unleashed, this one breath, if we can put a button on this point to a north star. Corfo jargons in one mad lives like hit out of the park right there. I love northstar so much. And I think that's about it. Like I said, I think somebody got to these people my boy Kingsley at one point said, this is a strange kabuki dance, which, I know isn't coral jargon. That's, that's a point to Japanese coach. And I think there's been a real push to your point in someone spoke it in some meeting somewhere that we were not invited to and never will be about. Let's look real transparent and genuine to these people. But then suddenly they slip back into the old habits and that's where the jargon starts to pop fourth the I think they just, you know, not a lot of above the treetops which not. No. I think somebody got to him. I think maybe a secretary push something onto a desk and said, these people said this a podcast and you got to change your message this year. All right. Good stuff. Excellent. Well done everyone Gooding. You erica. Thank you. I'm -solutely. All right. That's it for today. I always sound like a hostage. All right. So that's it for this week show Mark you're going on vacation. Yes. Family vacation visiting my parents and other people in New Hampshire next week. So not one of those staying in L A and walking in the alleyways while carrying a karaoke book, not one of those not unless I alone missed the plane. Well, enjoy yourself in New Hampshire which is in New England, which means a lot to you from New Hampshire originally from us Jesus. And they are very distinctly different places. I don't know. I don't know. We'll be back on Monday. We will hit the river on stuff, Mark. If you have any thoughts you want to offload, take it off line with me, and we'll make sure they get into the show. I think it's a good one. Yes. For a while. And then offline I will do that. You know, it's like two of the Treetops' here, we will be back Monday. So make sure you check it out. Thank you to everyone. And that's it. Stan heads of signing off for quite storms. The mailman the old boss and Ricky Hollywood behind the glass. Dill monday. It was a long day. Poolside.

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