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In That time times? Mocking load. Michael Berry. Show is on air. Well here we are two weeks and a day from election day as it is known I hate that term because it suggests that you should wait until that day to vote. And you should not. You should vote now. Find out if your early voting is in effect. Where you can vote and Get out there and cast your vote. Now, one of the things I encounter every year is that some of you will say either that you some of you will say, I'm not going to vote either because my vote won't matter because Republicans are GonNa win my county. or My vote won't matter because Republicans are going to lose my county. Both of those are bad thinking. Let me break down a couple of scenarios. Let's say you're in California many of our listeners are. And you say, well, trump can't win California. It's not impossible that he would win California you have to compete there. You just never know. But also, it's the case that there are local officials and you can thwart. Some of the federal government's overreach. With solid local officials. And you have to. So, your vote still counts in that sense. You also have to recognize it every election. Potential candidates are looking at potential donors are looking at for the next, Tom. Even if, we do lose. Losing a fifty to forty eight is better than losing sixty forty. So your vote counts in that situation. Now, some of you may say, well, my vote's not necessary because we're going to win so big anyway. Democrats are contesting to their credit. They are contesting every race across the country. There is a very good chance. Democrats could win Arizona. This year Statewide. They've got a strong candidate in mark, Kelly who's running a good campaign. That is a seat when Texas was Democrat. Arizona was Republican Democrats to their credit are fighting to win. Republicans have a nasty habit when we win an election of getting lazy fat. And Lazy We have a nasty habit of needing to be behind and some people I have noticed. Some are talk radio listeners. Frequent posters on facebook. They're happier being in the minority party they're happier having more to complain about. I. Saw this during the George W Bush presidency where people would rather the Democrats be in office because they can just complain about everything. Rather than having to defend anything that a Republican president does some people are just happier being out of power and unfortunately some elected officials are just happier. I think John Bainer was happier not being the speaker then being the speaker. I think that there are a number of Republicans for whom that is the case. They would rather be in the minority party and be throwing stones and allow. The Democrats to run things to make decisions and compassion and campaign against it. Campaign Against Obamacare and you know how I know that. Well. Number of reasons. One of which is when Republicans had the opportunity to Gut obamacare the very item Republicans had been campaigning against. When Republicans had the opportunity had the numbers to Gut obamacare they chose. Not to. They'd rather campaign against Obamacare than end, it They'd rather campaign against big government then end it. They would rather campaign against all of these Democrat notions that scare people and say vote for me I'll oppose it. But. Then when they get the opportunity to oppose it. They don't. I'll never forget a congressman here in Houston. John. Culbertson. He was in what was a longtime Republican district. That he finally lost in eighteen to. Lizzie Fletcher. And now, Wesley Hunt is a very strong Republican who's running a great campaign and we'll likely. Win that seat back. It's fifty right now Democrats are pouring a lot of money in there. There's some key districts out there. and. It's not that any one congressional district is that important it's just a congressman that's one out of four, hundred, thirty, five, it is they have to maintain two, hundred eighteen Democrat congressman to keep Nancy Pelosi the speaker of the House. The most important thing a congressman can do is that I vote they cast and that is why some of you will overthink this. You'll say well. I'M GONNA vote for trump number to do this vote one guy he's my congressman he's a Democrat, he's got seniority or he serves on this committee. He also casts the vote for Nancy Pelosi. That is the most important thing. Your Congressmen Your House of Representatives member is going to do is cast a vote for Nancy Pelosi and when they do Nancy Pelosi has the authority to to drag Donald Trump's agenda through the mud she has the authority to to bring impeachment proceedings and she will She. She will spend the his second term. He will spend fending off impeachment proceedings constantly that's how they did it this time. Imagine how much Donald Trump could have accomplished. Had, he not been in the process of the Muller investigation with first of all there was the the original FBI investigation. There was there was the heel-dragging that the Democrat that the transition occasioned they did not make it easy for him to come in and do his job. And then almost immediately, they put him under investigation with the Muller Investigation which lasted two years and then upon the completion of that, they brought an impeachment and in the middle of that, they were trying to send every person who was around him, including his children and him to prison. How many people could have held up to that? How many presidents in history could have withstood the withering onslaught? That he has tolerated. So. Yeah. You're right. He's a little crude when he goes into the debate. Yes he might interrupt more than more than you like. Let me ask you this. Have you ever been so angry that you raise your voice if you've ever been so angry which by the way, he doesn't raise his voice. Have you ever been so angry that you said something you regretted or behaved in a manner. That was out of character. But you say, well, you have to understand what that person had done to me. Imagine you're Donald Trump. Imagine everything he has been through. And his family and everyone around him. Yeah Yeah. I I can cut him some slack that he interrupted Chris Wallace who was attempting to help Joe Biden get elected. Yeah. I could see where you might not be as polite as people at home might want. But let's not lose sight of what we're what we're voting on. We're voting on the person that has to stand up to China we're voting on the person has to stand up to the Russians were voting on a person has to stand up to Iran and not give them pallets of billions of dollars and release. They're bad guys back to them in exchange for a traitor. Yeah. That's what we're voting on. And I gotTa tell you. I gotTa tell you. I am proud to support Donald. Trump. Not because he's not Joe Biden. Not even because he triggers the media. Because his policies have been good for the country that my children are going to grow up and inherit, and that's what we should care about Joe Biden calling a three day live. He's he's in hiding until the debate on Thursday could. Levy Shins to librarian. Everyone listens. The Michael Berry show. Rate. And? Vice President of education at the Claremont. Institute and Editor of the American mind he directs Clermont's annual fellowships and heads an initiative for a new center to Support Graduate Level Scholarship. Imagine that taking back academia. I. Love It. We're GONNA talk about an article he just wrote in the American mind but I. I have noticed and I I posted about this last week and I had a number of folks tell me. They wanted to know more about this as a result I have noticed Claremont Institute coming up again, and again in the way I remember first hearing about Hillsdale and not in a sponsored way people talking about they're working on this project for Clairmont or Clermont is doing this or doing that and it's good work. So can you talk a little bit about what the Claremont Institute is Matt? Absolutely. So Institute is about forty years old. and. It was founded by graduate students believe it or not has a different time who were studying political philosophy and American government. They loved America. They saw there was a real problem in politics with a lot of people just. Speaking about things they didn't know anything about when it came to the principles of the American founding, and so the Claremont Institute was really founded by graduate students argue in the Public Square and to educate. Young people about the principles of the American founding and apply them to contemporary political life now, the Claremont Institute over time. Larry Arnn in fact, from Hillsdale is a clear monster as we call ourselves, he got his degree from Claremont and he was president of the Claremont Institute for some time. our our graduate studies program in Clermont has lots of you people out there are doing great work, but the Claremont Institute was really more educational focus throughout its life. And I think in the present moment what happened was because we stayed out of policy and we weren't sort of in bed with establishment republicanism. When trump came along, we I'll I'll just say it I, think we understood what was happening we described what was happening in a way that shocked a lot of Republican friends and throughout the last four years we've been very busy trying to explain and analyze what's happening in America because we think we're. In a very, very serious situation and so right now we litigated we we we send out a Meka, speaks to the Supreme Court that have been very influential and we we right with Claremont review of books is a fine publication and I, think the finest in America comes out four times a year the American mind at American mind dot. Org has been very active and influential in the in the last eight years year two. And we teach and we bring in people from across young leaders from across the country and we educate them on the principles the American founding all of those expensive undertakings is it donor driven? Where do you? How do you raise the money to to to do all of this? Is Donor driven and we are small in fact I have. I. Have to say I have looked enviously at the large budgets of the DC think tanks and kind of the legacy projects out there on the right and sometimes I wonder what exactly they're doing with their money we are five to six million dollars a year that's our operation. So we're very tiny compared to everyone else but we depend in thrive on donor dollars and I have to say there have been some people stepping up because they see the moment they see what we're doing they see the energy that we have. where. A little younger team here than a lot of other outfits and we're doing a lot with a little. That is. You know it's interesting with with organizations like this. You tend to spend what you have in where you don't you get clever but I would think there's some folks out there. Who would say you know industrialist we used to call them who would say you know I get to operate in a free market economy I love capitalism it's worked for me you folks are are promoting that. I would think it would be I would think that dollars would just flow in. I know nobody likes to give easily but it seems like such a great cause. Yeah I think there's a there's some evidence that you know that is beginning to happen as people realize who we are and what kind of influence we're having. We've certainly been growing. And you know I mean I I'm not focused on development or asking people for money I'm focused on getting things done and there's a lot to do as you know right now in America and so I I do firmly believe though that you focus. On accomplishing what needs to get done people do come out of the woodwork and they say, I see what you're doing and they'll they'll support it and we appreciate that and I appreciate what I think is a new class of donors who aren't just sending money to the same old. infrastructure that kind of got us into this predicament. But they they're looking for signs of life and and I would say probably that I think it Clermont. Lots of signs of life because we're we're doing a lot these days. Matt Peterson is our guest. He's written a piece entitled ending the Blm Revolution bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what's going on I'm GonNa read one paragraph and ask you to take off from there. The black lives matter movement has found a way to weaponize visceral American aversion to racism. The fact that America is not racist an Americans therefore both resent and fear being called racists. L. Uses the charge of. Racism as a way of blackmailing their opponents to get what they want, what do they want to change the system itself of course, speak to that if you wouldn't. Yeah well, there's there's two aspects to this One Is I. Think People get fearful as soon as we start talking about Vietnam racism, etc. Why? Because everyone knows that it's the worst thing you can be called racist is the worst thing you can be called and contemporary discourse public life. You can lose your job. You can be a persecuted in various ways ostracized from your community. No one wants to be called racist and Americans of all people. They don't like racism We we we despise that we find it repugnant and we don't WanNa be called racist and we know there's there's punishment for that and of course, whatever racism means that's an interesting question that the right needs to get clear on because everything's being called racist at this point. So, you know we were afraid of being called racist. So, what does the Olympic black lives matter comes in? And they of course, the name itself ride is the genius I against black lives. Do you think black lives don't matter of course not we're Americans we think we're all created equal. All lives should matter. So therefore, black lives would be part of that. But what they do with the name itself, and then with their tactics is say, well, here's the problem. It's not just one or two people being racist. It's a whole system that's racist and if that's true, then that system has to change and they do this with the language of the Civil Rights Movement. But of course, the problem is they do not believe in the principles that the civil rights movement as elucidated in Martin Luther. King's famous speeches for instance. That's what everyone's mind. They don't believe in that at all they they have a a racialist view of justice. They want law to take race into account they don't want equality under the law. Their policies are very much about you re undermining the system as it exists and. People people roll their eyes. When you say it, I don't know why they're there actual children of the of the Marxist of the sixties and Seventies. Airs the Black Power Movement and what they want is is really kind of wild and Kooky racial version of a of Marxism Communism and they they don't make no bones about this and yet we're supposed to cower in fear because we don't want to be called racist by them and you see this especially, I have to say with politicians politicians who should know better on the right who are very quiet throughout the events of this summer because they were unwilling to come out and say, of course I, believe that black lives matter because I believe that all lives matter. Because I'm American but this organization black lives matters a different thing and in fact they believe in some evil ideas that the rest of us don't believe in the black community doesn't even believe in such as defunding the police and therefore I condemn renounce them but you'll notice a course on the left no one's going to say that and tacitly just in support or or explicitly support, and then the right you still have this recalcitrance this fear to come out and make these distinctions and call out with this movement really about it is fear I it is fear and it is No one wants to take a principled stand for fear that they be painted a racist. So they all just go along and I think of Mitt Romney walking in A. Parade and and and the the the consequences of that. The meaning of that we're going continue our conversation with Matt Peterson coming up just. With his finger on the pulse. Continues on the Michael Berry. Show. Peterson our. Yes. A PC's written in the American mind entitled ending the. Revolution bringing peace back to our streets means getting serious about what's going on I want to pick up where we left off in the last segment with a sentence that is at the end of one of your progress under the cover of the old civil rights. MOVEMENT BILL IS SMUGGLING INTO POLITICAL DISCOURSE, an agenda more akin to that of the fringe Marxist black power movements in the sixties and seventies then to the actual political positions of the vast majority of black people in America today do you think that this was? militant blacks who became Marxist or do you think this is Marxists who saw a civil rights sort of movement. It's really more about anger and violence. Where do you think this started to end up where it is today? Well, it's a combination of things because on the one hand you have. You know you're kind of young young kids if you take the founders of black lives, matter who go to. Colleges, and learning their you know black studies, programs or cultural studies programs these kind of watered down Marcy ideas from the seventies, and they idolize You know radical leaders domestic terrorists really. and so you do have individuals who grew up actually listening to the propaganda they heard in school and taking it very seriously and becoming activist. And that's that's all true but they're not able. To. Do what black lives matter did unless you have a lot of really wealthy left-leaning foundations. Looking to support these kinds of movements to further a really radical leftist agenda and this is something. That the right just hasn't done a good enough job in fighting I mean there's a whole network of foundations with a whole boatload of money that immediately saw the Hashtag black lives matter and they saw that it was it was run by especially, these three women who are extremely liberal activists. and. Don't really represent your average black American at all but they they leap onto that and then they flooded with money they support it. There's a network of support throughout the country and you have this whole infrastructure. Really that's pushing this movement because the because why? Because they know that Americans aren't racist right? Most people the movement has purchasing power because people don't want cops out there shooting people on account of the color of their skin. And so they they saw the opportunity to really it's it's a few videos of summer. that. They discover for the last seven or so years, and they try to find these examples where you get some video something happens it looks terrible looks racist and they promote the hell out of it whether or not You know it's true or whatever the context is. and. Then whether they want out of it, well, defunding the police is a good example right over eighty percent of black Americans don't want to de-fund the police. In fact, in a lot of areas, they want more police they want just you know just police action, but they're not the this is this is crazy and it's not crazy to the activists though because they want to undermine law enforcement as it is, and what do they wanna put in its place they wanna put in a a racial is version of justice. In other words I woke tribunals as I call them, I mean they want people to be judged in an illegal setting based on their their their demographics. and. It's unbelievable that it's come so far. So I would say you have two things the educational system that would allow for these activists sort of You know learn all this stuff and invite it over the years and then you have this larger. Group of organizations that have a lot of money. On the laughed, that are looking for people like this to to push movements like this to an actor agenda you quote alburto Fernandez in the ANTIFA. Industrial Complex and saying that the elite enablers must be called out and shamed. That's that's corporations. Isn't it? I? Mean they've how well funded is this to the extent that is a single organization or a movement are a bank account how well funded is this in WHO's funding it? This is this is the question a question that really a lot of people in media investigative journalism should be asking and looking for the answer to what's astounding is. How many people out there and your audience know who the founders of black lives matter are I mean how many times have you seen them interviewed or pressed to denounce the violence in the streets or asked if they support violence you don't see them at all because they they really live in the shadows and they're protected. By this entire complex, the way in which they set up their organizations. Is Complicated and that allows them plausible deniability. They can say look, this is not one movement It's it's a lot of different movements. It's a lot of different organizations and it's not just one big bank account out there and there's not just one you know centralized structure. This is an organic movement of the people. Now, of course, it's not but they do they structure their organization. So it's very hard to see the flow of money and. where the money's coming from and where it's going to, and this is this is something that really only a few people have been working on the last few months and what you do see when you pay attention to it and do some research on it is that they have an enormous amount of money. Now, right of millions of dollars for sure has been has been raised and at least pledged by especially large corporations if not billions. So you're not gonNA hear these. What we just did is fund this entire movement. That's what this summer. We accomplish. Summer. And so then you have to ask yourself. Okay. Well, we'll who's giving them the money outside of this kind of low liberal foundations. Well. The answer is, as you say, these corporations who are broadcasting virtue signal to the world that there woke and they support they support this movement and so they're pledging how many millions of dollars. At sometimes they tell you exactly who they're going to give it to, for instance, Jack and founded twitter gave ten million dollars to a man Mr Kennedy who is one of the worst thinkers I think on this issue racist I in my opinion Gay just gave him ten million dollars and said here you know here you go and I'm going to announce this to the world and this guy is promoting all kinds of wacky doctrines you know in public any has lots of power now. The truth is we don't know exactly. How much money and how a lot of these organizations even are structured. We don't know how they're using their money, but the results of the riots this summer I, think speak for themselves and we can expect a lot more of that because now they have hundreds of millions of dollars. If not billions we're talking to Matt Peterson, and if you can hold I'd like to keep you for one more segment and talk about this from Fort Worth to Albany great cities in between. Michael Berry. Show. Nationwide. The When and. In Japan. Peterson is the vice president of Education at Claremont Institute and Editor of the American mind we're talking about the funding for Blm and you use a frightening number of hundreds of millions of dollars where do you see them spending that money? It seems to me that the opportunity is rife for it to be squandered You know are they are they leasing nice office space that doesn't scare me where would it scare you the most for them to spend the money in? Do you have? Any sense of where they are spending the money he that's a good question I. Think I think there's probably to places that scared me the most one is they're going to set up an and are they're slowly building a political project it's going to hide their radicalism. So I would predict that you know to the extent possible. They're going to try to hide how radical their agenda is. They took down from their website, their Marxist principles of no being against the traditional family and I know graphs about. Transcend Queer stuff that you know I guess interesting but it's not really a concern for a lot of their core audience supposedly, they got rid of their radicalism I wipe different website. So their political project is gonNA come out and it's going to be slick have lobbyists they're going to have You know kind of a front facing activism that makes something like the fund the police they'll probably use better words with better consultants next time and and they'll talk about social justice and they'll start pushing that woke agenda with money it'd become more slick more political. and. They will have money to dangle in front of politicians in different ways to that, and they'll propose kind of public private partnerships like I could see. For instance, with schools, they could create model model education, curriculum, activism programs that schools can imitate across the country There's all kinds of shenanigans they can do a on kind of the front facing political side. And then even worse I think the worst fear is that we're not done with riots and violence in America not by a long shot and I don't think it matters who wins the election because a lot of the folks we're talking about don't particularly appreciate Biden and they'll put pressure on the Democrats the establishment Democrats do what they want. and. If you know the case, Biden wins a lot of them will go into the administrative state of the bureaucracy and they'll. They'll start rearranging the deck chairs there. And in order to get what they want though they're always going to need the people in the streets and what we've done over the course of the last nine months is allow the threat of violence to rise in America politically, and I I just don't see anyone letting go of that, and if you have money you can you can easily get a lot of who are unemployed during the virus or who are you. Know College kids who are interested in activism you can start to deploy them in ways they become increasingly targeted, and we already see this right people are going to end up outside of politicians. Homes increasingly has already begun across America. That's one of their tactics. They'll be these random you know terrorizing diners and all that kind of stuff is only going to increase because it hasn't been stopped and it's given them a lot of power. So. When you have an influx of like that, you're able to organize these kinds of these kinds of movements from the inside and you know so far they haven't got an HR before really. So so expect that to increase large-scale whenever they feel they need to to pressure people into bowing before them. But when you look at their power when you look at their ability to effect change whatever that change may be. Do you think it is because they will do you think it's the pure intimidation or do you think that Democrats are afraid that they have a sufficiently large audience of sympathizers that you don't want to cross them I think it's a combination of the two. So for some. Democrats. There's no doubt that this is useful. Politically useful to have A force that will show up in the street. I mean that is political power and will threaten people and make others uncomfortable that does give power directly to some democratic politicians but I think also you're you're you're correct that there are other Democrats out there who are more your establishment type, a lot of them are older. And I think more reasonable in some ways and and they look at this and they say, I, cannot touch this at all because the last thing I want and are these people showing up at my door and people who lean right should realize that they do show up Democrats doors So in Los Angeles. Where Los Angeles County which I hope to leave along with many other people soon. The Jackie Lacey is a black woman black husband is black as well. She's You know she's liberal but she but she prosecute people for crime and so black lives matter went after her. As if she was a Republican and camped out in front of her door for so long and harassed that couple so badly that her husband got in trouble for brandishing a gun as I think any American with do in the situation at door when they started to get increasingly belligerent, he got in trouble of course, not the crowd and they are going to try to get her out of there. So that's a good example of a democratic politician who? Is. Simply wants to enforce the law and they'll go after her as well. So so there's no doubt that a lot of Democrats are afraid as well. It seems to me they were playing footsie's at the beginning of this process Kamala Harris making a plea for donations to get some of these folks out of jail. So they could get back out on the streets which we know they did because they got arrested again but it's like the old Chinese. Proverb if you ride the tiger, it's hard to get off the various versions. But at some point, they have to dismount from this tiger that I think Democrats thought they were gonNA benefit from, and now it's become dangerous Jenny Durkan in. Seattle, they came to her home at ten wheeler in in Portland. Larry Lightfoot Lori lightfoot in Chicago. You have these various politicians who plays footsie with this organization until it turned on them yeah I. think that's an interesting dynamic and if there's any hope here, you would you would you would hope that at some point they're able to stand up at least behind the scenes and say something but you know I have to say I I am doubtful that without the right becoming more vocal in calling this out in front of the American people. That the Democrats will the left will change because so far you're right. I mean you know Laurie lightweight and Chicago doesn't like it when people show up at her house and she's GonNa stop that but is she really going to condemn you know violence in the movement wholesale? Maybe you're right we've seen a turn where they sort of realized we do have this tiger by the tail and we can't let go but we don't like this but at the same. Time I mean Look Biden has said a few things about violence being wrong Harris I mean she is. She has said even less and they do not want to call out this organization and and look frankly nor Republicans right. So until we can actually call this out explicitly all the time in public especially politicians on the right I. Just don't see how it's going to stop the other aspect to it is beside shining a light on it, which is a must. Aspect is of course. Law Enforcement has actually when when there are laws being violated, law enforcement is going to have to act and when you look at what we've seen you know what I like to say is especially with antiques, but also with black lives matter the both of them combined they also, they often worked together. At what I'd like to say this is not GonNa stop until it stopped. And what I mean by that these are the sorts of activists. These sorts of people who you know the minority of people out there in America. But they are the sorts of people who are going to continue to do what they've done and break the law until someone actually physically stops them and that has to be law enforcement in America and so you know I I think that there's been some some places regions have have really. Done a good job in turning the tide and saying, no, we're not going to allow this here. but but you know the the jury is still out on what we're. GonNa do so. So both two things need to happen. We need politicians who clearly distinguish between what's acceptable and what's not when it comes to protesting, and then when it comes to harassment and violence, and then we're going to law enforcement that's willing to take the slings and arrows of the other side, which is gonNa say they're being you know they're being terrible and on just and enforce the law I think you're right matt. Peterson is vice. President of Education Institute and Editor of the American mind. You're a great guest come back and see us. That time. Time. Time. Mocking load. Michael Very show is on the air. Jimbo Var written for the New York Times Wall Street Journal Playboy to pose New Republic Reader's digest and more member of the USA Today Board of contributors. A frequent contributor to the hill and a contributing editor for the American conservative. He's just written an article in the American conservative entitled the Voting Rights Mirage for years we've been told voting keeps government in check. None of this is true Jim. Tell us what you mean there. Well folks have been encouraged to think that having a vote is all day need to protect their rights and liberties that if they have the vote and they don't need to worry about the you know government agents, you know wrecking their lives or politicians doing things at throw them in do you know that that make their lives terrible but the voting is It's good to have a vote, but the media has encouraged people to. have far too much faith in voting and as we've seen in recent decades, having vote has not stopped the government at every level from becoming far more impressive. And so what would you hope people take from this? I would hope that that people would recognize. that. you know it doesn't matter who they vote for the government is unlikely to obey the constitution or to respect their individual rights. Government is far more dangerous than what the media usually admits and it. It takes far more than casting a ballot to keep to keep politicians in check and that's compound because so much of the mainstream media is basically cheering on government abuses these days. Some interesting perspective. I don't I don't disagree you go back to the Voting Rights Act and you talk about that and how Lyndon Johnson made that seemed to be such an important thing. Do you disagree with that or do you want to clarify that? Well it was good to It was good that people were allowed to vote I mean But what Johnson did was talk about like it was a magic one something that the Johnson did the conversation with Martin Luther King Johnson said that I just don't see how anybody can say a man that a man can fight in Vietnam but he can't vote well, the voting rights act of nineteen, sixty, five x it did expand voting rights, but it did not nullify Johnson's dictatorial power over draftees tens of thousands of conscripts were sent to die an unpopular war in Vietnam and it didn't matter that that people could vote government still had far too much power. Well, isn't it? Interesting? Apropos this that Joe Biden refuses to answer he will pack the court or not in his answer is people need to vote but. It's as if this as you said, voting is in and of itself, a magic wand and it's not. No and it's I mean it's especially arrogant of by saying people need to vote. It's like It's like he is. He has a notion that politicians have this higher right that they don't need to to tell how they plan to use the power. They hope people will give them but I mean Biden has got a horrible record on civil liberties. binding has been been talking recently about He says the battle for the soul for America has many fronts the right to vote as. The most fundamental when he was the chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, he pushed through crime bills that help send the prison population skyrocketing, and okay. So the folks who got this pre sent to prison had to vote before eventually afterwards. But those laws still wreck their lives and He was so much in favor of government asset forfeiture of fighting the drug war to the last you know Hippie and doing so many other things that took government off the leash. And it didn't matter that that people could vote. government was still off the leash. Thanks in part to people like Joe Biden. That's exactly right that crime bill. Devastated an entire generation of young blacks from which we'll never recover because now you have individuals who went to prison for possession and end up coming out with a felony on their record, which makes it very difficult to to ever get a job to ever provide for yourself I. Mean it is. It is such a black mark upon your life and that was Biden through through and he was quite proud of it at the time. He was both left and right about being a being tough on crime and the that type of comments he made about people who violated federal laws this well, you know this lock up and throw the key. He didn't use that phrase, but that was just of it and if someone is our murderer or rapist. Is doing violence, other people sure. Lock them up but So many the federal crime bills that by co wrote from the Nineteen Seventies. Onwards severely penalized folks that were doing things that were non violent that that crimes were a victimless things that might not be well advised but you know putting people in prison for him. That's As you said that REX people's lives I'll read your paragraph. Back to you because it's so well written, having a vote does nothing to prevent a person from being molested by the transportation security. Agency. Spied on by the National Security Agency or harassed by the Internal Revenue. Service casting votes is not prevented the federal government from creating trillions of pages of new secrets. Every year at the state level possessing the right to vote failed to stop governors from padlocking churches, bankrupting businesses, blighting education, and placing scores. Of millions of Americans under house arrest on the flimsiest epidemiological pretexts during the covid nineteen pandemic that is a blue bleak outlook that happens to be true. Well and it's and it's exasperated to me the much of the media commentary weeks before the election makes people think well, all we have to do is is change the occupant of the White House, and then your rights and liberties are going to be safe It's GonNa like It's like a the voting. If people vote as media, hopes will wave a magic wand over the entire federal government but the the government's not going to change that much and we are still not gonNA. Know a lot of what the government does and It's federal secrecy, which is allowed. So many horrendous abuses from the TSA to the NSA. The FBI's been doing all kinds of. Bad stuff in recent years actually going way back but and we don't find out about until long afterwards and then folks say, well, well, you can't cry over spilled milk but these are you know these are dangerous precedents? Jimbo Var come back and see us you're a great guest coming up. We'll give you an update on the Supreme Court nomination of Judge Amy Coney Barrett big developments expected this week. We'll let you know what they are. Song? Don't want to hear it ill, just go ahead and say it. Sorry the Michael Berry show. Turned, a chairs. Tables. They Call me the seeker. Though. You've heard me say on occasion when making recommendations on what to read what I like to read that investor's business daily has. The best editorials that you've never read, they're fantastic. They should get more credit george new Meyer is a former OP, ed editor for the IB and he's written for most every everything else that you've ever read as well as the author of the political pope and he is also co author of no higher power. Obama's war on religious freedom, both of which we will discuss. But first we start with his new book, the Biden Deception moderate opportunist or the Democrats crypto socialist just came out in September. Do you answer that question in the book George Or do you just ask? I'll answer it yes. He's He's both an opportunity to crypto socialist as I show in the book you know his his You know the pattern in his political career has been to adjust as politics prevailing line within the party. So when the party was more moderate in the nineteen nineties, under Bill Clinton, he was more moderate Biden was more moderate but as the party moved to the far left in recent years, he has Biden has joined them on the far left and you know he's once again conforming as politics to the to the dominant line within the party, which is which is increasingly defined by AFC and Bernie Sanders, and so under that influence, he's adopted all the far left positions of the party which you can see you know in his position in favor of open borders you can see it in his promise to make Beta Aurora. And Elizabeth Warren is Treasury Secretary. You can see it in his abortion position, which is extremely aggressive. You know he he not only supports abortion. He also wants Americans to pay for it. So on issue after issue, he's adopted the far left position. Well and it's an interesting time because. Biden always kind of position himself almost as a southern Democrat the the crime bill that he was he was so keen on and and he was GonNa get White Labor. You know he was from the hardscrabble streets of Scranton he wanted everyone to know and he had these sort of socially conservative positions and he was this moderate and it was as if there was no place for him in the Democrat primary and now he's had to move so far to the left to capture that angry radical end of of of his party that I don't see him ever able to come back. No yeah and he really yeah, he's put himself on on that irrevocable course by selecting come Harris is running mate who is the the most liberal member of the US Senate? He could have selected a much more moderate running mate, but he chose to go with Kamala Harris and so that's you know it by doing that he really sealed. The deal with the far left and made it clear to the far left that they would have control over his presidency. Well. And then then you ask the question, which is a fair question in this case, is his health his mental health, it his his cognitive. And I don't say that as an insult, I, say that because I'd want to know the the health of my teams coach or quarterback or are the bus driver of of my kids bus. These are important questions to answer and I think there's some real doubts with him. All right and and these questions as I point out in the book were raised I not by the Republicans. But by the Democrats last year Cory Booker and Andrea Mitchell among other liberals and Democrats they questioned the mental fitness of by you know they they said that you know it was clear that he had lost his mental edge and so this is really a topic and an issue that was raised I by the. Democrats and you know they, of course, you know the media has blanked all of that out. They won't mention any of that and they'll pin on the Republicans, but the reality is, is that people within the Democratic Party? They realize that that Biden you know has been in decline for some time and there are privately and secretly I think hoping that he hands the presidency optic Kamala Harris after a year or two. And I don't I don't think that's out of the realm. The book is the Biden Deception. He is George. Niemeyer. What are you want people to take from this? Do you want people to take away from this that Joe Biden is? Not who he tells us he is or what exactly would would be the takeaway. well, I hope people will just know his record and and his changes with them laugh and realize that he will end up being a tool of the radical left. He will govern not as a moderate but as far left. Democrat and and that is going to be disastrous for the country. You know I biden presidency will do more damage to the country than Obama. Did you know it's going to combine the worst of the Obama years with the worst of today's Democratic Party. I find it fascinating his relationship with Obama and how Obama has always kept his distance. He's always been dismissive of him. He's he's he's almost derisive of him, and then in sixteen, he wouldn't support him and then in twenty you know he didn't support him until it was just him in Bernie and Bernie was basically out of the race and Bernie's a guy who threatened to run against. Obama and got pretty far along the road in twelve. So there's no love lost their. Do. You think Obama doesn't like him or do you think he just doesn't want his legacy in any way smeared by him? I think the ladder you know yeah I think he realizes that Biden is You know not not GonNa hold up his legacy very well, and I think he realizes that Biden is. of a pretty shaky figure at this point and I think he fears that his presidency will be very incompetent and I don't think that Obama toe completely trusted Biden's judgment. As, I point out in the book, there was a period during the Obama years when Obama's aides actually considered replacing by the ticket you know they were thinking about dropping him in twenty, twelve it because because of his gaffes and because of his bad judgment, you know he he consistently gave. Obama you know bad advice For example, he told Obama not to conduct the raid on. You know he biden was against that and So on issue after issue during the Obama, Years Biden was not not a great counselor and I and I think that explains Obama's hesitation and endorsing them. I think you're right You know? I don't want to say i. felt sorry for the Guy Because I think he's he's dangerous and he's dangerously close to the presidency where he could do a lot of harm but it was so interesting to watch how Obama treated him after how loyal he was to Obama, for those eight years just as George H W Bush stood by Ronald Reagan, side and and carried out the projects he was supposed to you know Biden's. Not, a follower, he's not a number two to anybody never has been his entire career. So for for him to be willing to do that, you have to think that the implicit tradeoff was that Obama within bless him and sixteen. He waited a long time at his age and now you see it he knew he was in decline sixteen would have been a better year for him and and I, think he realizes that now. Oh, yeah yeah I think that's that's correct and The only reason I I think one of the reasons why Obama you know hadn't you did end up supporting by this time around is that He's going to be able to you know he'll be one of the puppeteers behind Biden. He'll. He'll be able to get all of his people like Susan Rice and air colder and all those Obama. You know the radical retreads from the Obama years they're all going to find a place in the Biden administration and so I think that's why. The, Obama folks decided at the end of the this race at the end of the primaries that they had to throw their weight behind Biden rather than Bernie Sanders you know they don't mind I. Don't think they mind Bernie Sanders exerting an influence over the party. They just didn't want him to be the head of the party. More pliable and Biden fit that anybody ever. Tell you sound like Dennis, Miller. No now now, lot like Dennis Miller all right. We'll continue our conversation with George, Niemeyer about two other books. He's written the political pope and no higher power Obama's war on religious freedom coming up. The. Michael Berry show continues. And Talking to George. New Meyer who sounds strangely strangely like Dennis Miller I mean real. MRI. You hear it a so so closely. So close to Dennis Miller in in his cadence in his all of it just pay attention to it The book is the Biden deception moderate opportunist or the Democrats crypto socialist. That's just come out to other books. I WanNa talk to him about that. He's written in the past one of them is the political pope, a friend of mine who is a very devout Catholic and proudly so said to me, I haven't paid attention to this pope. I don't feel like I have a pope is that consistent with what percentage? Of American. Catholics, do you think share that sentiment? I think substantial number do he. You know he really is a departure from the last two popes benedict the sixteenth and Pope John Paul the second you know his. Priorities and emphases are completely different from there. You know we went from Pope, Benedict, the sixteenth you talked about. You know the dictatorship of relativism to now pope who whose signature phrases who am I to judge. And I think that you know a lot of Catholics I not very baffling. He's not You know we we unfortunately have a pope who not. Particularly interested in promoting Catholicism, and in fact, you know he spent a Lotta time undermining and suggesting that you know Orthodox Catholics are somehow too rigid and and so it's it's very strange. But I you know the scary thing is is the Joe Biden very tall. The Joe Biden represents is awesome. The Pope Francis has peddling. You know it's a catholicism that is not really focused on moral teachings, but instead is focused on left wing politics and so and quote unquote social justice. And so yeah, I think this is it's scary to me that you know we could have Joe Biden and pope. Francis both on the world stage combining all their left wing views together in the you know advance amount of so-called social justice. I'm southern Baptist Not Catholic but have a great deal of respect for the church in its teachings in its in its members and I have to tell you when Nancy Pelosi pulled the bishops together and lectured them on the issue of immigration and they took it. I found that to be as disturbing as as any aspect of what we're talking about because that suggested that somehow they were willing to submit to the will of an elected official who runs around saying she's Catholic. But supports policies that are in contravention of of the doctrine. Yeah it. It's an enormous scandal and and I'm afraid yet it will. It will only intensify Biden wins because that's going to give all the liberals within the Catholic Church somebody that they can stand behind and and and promote and I'm afraid that the left wing dissenting Catholicism that Biden. Represents will spread even more if he becomes president. Interesting that the Amy Coney Barrett who looks like she'll be passed out by vote on Thursday and there'll be a vote on on her nomination on the floor. Hopefully by the end of the month and that her Catholicism under such attack and they've made her out to be some radical I think a lot of Americans Adelphi with the dogma that that Dianne Feinstein said you know the the Dogma lives? Yes it should. It should should carry your faith with you. Right yeah it's very perverse that Amy Tony. Barrett gets harassed for following the teachings of the Church Bud Biden gets no harassment from the media for deviating from those teachings and from you know voting against them consistently, you know that's that's the more unusual story. That's more relevant stories. You know we had. You Know Biden could turn out to be one of the most you know anti-catholic presidents ever in the sense. That you know he's talked about resuming the harassment of the little sisters of the poor which took place under Obama the up and you know he's really planning a kind of war on Christians and with you know in Catholics are going to suffer the brunt of that and and it'll it'll be at the hands of so called. Catholic, president, which brings us thanks a media would take an interest in that kind of. You know I know you would think so you would certainly think so because their readers and viewers care, but that brings us to the next book no higher power Obama's war on religious freedom. Kind of recap that if you would and what does that portend for a Biden administration sounds like more of the same. Yeah. I think you know Biden is going to pick up where Obama left off over? With his the contraceptive mandate contained with obamacare which forced all employers to pay for the contraceptives of their employees I believe that Biden will. You know reimpose that on the American people. But then he's GonNa add to it and abortion mandate. He's GonNa, force all employers to pay for abortions of their employees and and I think he's on on many other issues He's going to expand and intensify what Obama started and you know I I think we're GONNA see Christian Chaplains Court. And Christian Soldiers Court Martial You know he's GonNa use the power of the federal government to force people to accept the the moral views of the Democratic Party and if they don't, they will be excluded from the Public Square. It's a frightening thought because the idea of politicians whether formally or informally attempting to change. To affect the church in this manner I, find it distinctly UNAMERICAN and I find it distinctly troubling and and I would hope that that Democrats would speak out against this because this is a precedent and a trend that we don't want to see in this country, we've moved past John F. Kennedy being questioned as to whether he could be loyal to the constitution are. The Pope and having to be dragged down to Dallas and answer to Baptist pastors a Baptist preachers that he is his own man we've moved past that and and I sense that with this Obama Biden you know sort of heavy handed manner toward the Catholic Church and Christians Writ Large I find that very very disturbing and I hope Democrats will push back lament. Yeah, unfortunately I think the the Democrats a past the point of no return with respect to secularism they have made it. Very clear at their conventions that they wish to be seen as the Party of secularism you know they dropped from a couple of meetings God from the pledge. Allegiance. Didn't say under one nation under God they drop that and then I don't know if you remember. But in Twenty Sixteen they excuse me twenty twelve I believe they actually. Debated whether or not to Drop God, the Word God from the platform of the party. So really they've been on a secularist course for many years now and I I don't see them pulling back from that I. I see them instead actually accelerating and becoming even more intense in their opposition to traditional. Christianity, and that's I think we're looking Christians really I mean this is one of the reasons why they should go out and vote for Donald Trump and math. He's been the best garden of religious liberty since Ronald Reagan interestingly enough to want to speak for themselves George? Meyer is our guest the Biden deception go buy it and read it George come back and see us appreciate your time. Michael Berry, known as the. Also known as El to see knows. Who Only? Stand. On a lonely windswept point on the northern shore of France. The air is soft but forty years ago at this moment. The air was dense with smoke and the cries of men. And, the air was filled with the crack of rifle fire on the roar of cannon. At dawn on the morning of the sixth of June, one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, four. Two hundred and twenty-five Rangers jumped off the British landing craft and ran to the bottom of these cliffs. Their mission was one of the most difficult and daring of the invasion. To. These share and desolate cliffs and take out the enemy guns. The allies had been told that some of the mightiest guns were here and they would trained on the beaches to stop the allied advance. The Rangers looked up and saw the enemy soldiers, the edge of the cliffs shooting down on them with machine guns and throwing grenades. And the American Rangers began to climb. They shot rope ladders over the face of these cliffs and began to pull themselves up. When one ranger fell another would take his place when one rope was cut arranger would grab another and beginnings climb again. They climbed shot back and held their footing. Soon one by one, the rangers pulled themselves over the top and in seizing the firm land at the top of these cliffs, they began to seize back the continent of Europe. Michael Reagan is our guest. He is the founder and president of the Reagan. Legacy. Foundation Michael. It's important to you to preserve your father's memory. What are you want people who may not have been old enough to have remembered his presidency in his life? What do you want them to remember about your father? What? Really. The the great man was and and the heart they had for so many others and the way that we're remembering his legacy really is, is all over the World League. Worked with. The Germany to put a plaque at the ground where it gave the speech back nineteen seventy down this wall speech we have a Reagan exhibit the checkpoint Charlie was at Berlin. Overlooking Checkpoint Charlie. Now, work with nobody France and the airborne and GM there people don't know but. When you look at France, in the speech he gave. Many many years ago. He was the first president to visit number on gay. No, the president been there on D Day. And and the speech agape was so wonderful. Now, every president since him yes. As spoken on D Day, you know at at at nobody Francis. So we work with sainte-mere-eglise I town free by America d day morning four o'clock in the morning and the airborne. Museum. So people can go online go to walkway the victory dot com or Reagan. Legacy. Foundation Dot Org and you can actually purchase a brick. and. Put the name of eleven served in the Second World War European theater on that brick it's like two hundred, fifty dollars and in the brick will be placed. At Saint Mary Lee's there the Airborne Museum for all the see on their walkways from building to building the building doing that now for a year or two, and it really is is wonderful when these when these people go back to normal and they see their brick and they see their name on it sun believable and those who don't know someone can actually donate two hundred and fifty dollars to the regular legacy foundation put in the whole Mammal area brick project. Trust me we have lots of names we can put on those bricks, people do it, and then we put those bricks in the ground and it's wonderful any profits from those bricks. From the two, hundred, fifty dollars go to supply scholarships to the young men and women serve aboard the USS Ronald Reagan. You note in a piece that you wrote. When Ronald Reagan won the presidential election in nineteen eighty there were fifty six democracies in the world. When he left office in January of eighty nine, there were seventy, six by ninety four. There were hundred fourteen this explosion in freedom and democracy was a dream of Ronald Reagan's and a historic achievement of his presidency that was a truly hetty Tom for the world wasn't. Oh. Absolutely was when he came in as president back in nineteen eighty, you really look at what was going on with the cold or what was going on. With Russia and and what have you the Berlin Wall was up. There was so many. So many people behind that of freedom is what people wanted, but they couldn't get to it and even the way that President before talk about it. You know it was really well Reagan stood up and said you know this is really important to me and even but as You know the people around him who didn't want to give the tear down this wall speech you give the evil empire speech you know heat. With his heart what was right and and because of that people became free democracies reformed and. And people, you know love love the United States and it's great. Being son. We travel used to travel a lot and and around the world and and people are just still remember him how many people you know like Gosh, wish we had him back. You were so wonderful. Because of his demeanor and and just the way he was. It's so interesting I remember. During those days I was born in seventy. So those were my teenage years but I was fascinated by his ability to communicate in his strength I remembered just the awful things tip O'Neill and the like would say the Max headroom and all this you know all these horrible things and then here we were twenty thirty years later and everyone Democrats, and Republicans. Talking about him as the gold standard and it feels like I wish I wish he could have lived long enough to see the validation. I'm sure he saw it I'm sure he knew it would happen. But to see that he is the one referred to as by which every other President Democrat or Republican wants to be measured. It's it's amazing and glad I'm alive to be able to see it and what have you Nancy was able to sit until she passed you know back a few years ago because it's so important to her. But his demeanor it'd be people talk about the tax cuts. We've got this presidency that we have. But. The first big tax cut was Reagan and he Democrat Congress you had to go through it and remember the story of Tip O'Neill who goes back to his office after having dinner with my father with his wife the White House. Staff, he's GonNa. Carry the legislation. That's going to give America tax break in his staff looks like he just lost his mind. Is Disagree with everything this man says, what do you mean going to carry the legislation? You Know Pass What did the president promised you? What did he say dinner last night In tips is we never talked about taxes on that long. He didn't talk about taxes to what they talk about. You talked about the greatness of America. The goodness of all of our people have the two of us were together. From. Different sides of the aisle. Can do better for all Americans before I. Knew It. I'm having a glass of wine with the president until I restoring and today I'm telling you. I'M GONNA carry. License place that would never happen today. No. No it would not what a great legacy and I'm thankful that you're carrying it on. Walkway to victory DOT com. It's Michael Reagan of the Reagan legacy. Foundation, of course President Reagan's son. Michael. You're great guests come back and see us anytime. Anytime, take you. Thank you. Walkway to victory dot Com it's a brick program. At the I think it's at the The Airborne Museum and I guess you can. You can get it with your own name or that of someone else. I wish I'd been an adult when Reagan was president. So I could have studied him in real town better busy. Go back with through the lens of his different.

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