Hour 2: Is Arrowhead cursed?


That's right in Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio, the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty I want to give a warning out to chiefs fans who are listening. We are about to play a montage of chiefs playoff disasters from the last twenty five years at Arrowhead stadium. So grab a loved one support dog if nothing else perhaps a teddy bear, you may need it. We're going to talk to a medium that was sent to Eyraud head stadium to find out if the place is in fact cursed or if they can get past their playoff heartbreaks this weekend. And so I need to set that up by playing for you a few examples of the terrible things that have struck. The chiefs at Arrowhead the kick is up. It looked why the left Pitt looked why tenth wide left going. AM update. Or something. From. Against the Steelers on the road in Kansas City, which left. He. He was married to grow it. He caught it. Protect. Titans. One. Who as painful for me, and I'm not a chief's fan. Ten seventy the fan. NBC sports one of four five zone all contributing to that those were some playoff losses to the colts. Broncos Steelers and titans. Let's go to the shell Pennzoil performance line where the heartland medium Vicky Millard joins us. She's a psychic medium and a paranormal investigator into Pika Kansas and the guys from Eyraud head guys dot com decided to call her up and see if she could take a stadium tour with her psychic team and figure out what's going on at Arrowhead. So Vicki let's start with the basics. Are you a sports fan of you done? This a lot for sports teams know, this actually was the first time that I've ever done anything sports related. And when they contacted me I was like, well, this is sounds really exciting to be able to tour the stadium and just kinda see you know, what's going on over there. And I had heard. Just you know, a few times people saying that they thought that there was a curse or something on the stadium. So I was I was excited to try to see if I could figure out what was going on. So Vicki when you first walk into the stadium. Give me that moment there, you get like some sort of a sense of good or bad when you first walk in. Well, you know, and we pulled up in the parking lot and got out and we were walking up towards the the stadium. I got this gut feeling and it's like my stomach gets kind of a little upset. And so I know at that point that there is something going on, and then I'm in the right place. And so after that happened, then we made our way inside and and into the the pro shop there and nothing much, you know, going on in there. And so then we headed we headed out for the tour and one of the one of the first things that we came up on was an area. Of the lower concourse that. I just felt really uncomfortable. So that was the first uncomfortable nece that I had I felt like, you know, I just felt it almost like an earthquake. It just something was shaking that awkward an awkward feeling that I get is usually when someone's past in the area. So that was kind of one of the first things that that happened. And as I was mentioning to Gary what I was feeling, and I said, do you understand why would feel that way? And he said, yes. So, you know, and then then we discontinued on we're talking to Vickie Millard, a psychic medium who went to aero head stadium to find out if the chiefs are cursed from the beyond tell me about the man in the suit that you felt the presence of okay? So we worked our way to one of the sweets, and I'd never. Been in a suite before. So I worked my way down to the the seating area. And as I looked across the stadium. I saw a man and he had a suit dressed very nicely. And I could tell that the suit and the entire that. He wore was looked like, and I do this on my investigations all the time. I try to figure out what era you know, from in looked like maybe late sixties early seventies suit. And I and when I say I saw him I didn't look clear across the field and actually see him. I get the images in my in my mind, and and I can feel where the energy is coming from. So it was across the field. But I got the images and I saw him. So clearly, and as I did that I was like, you know, I need to find out who this man is. So that's where we kind of you know, started and we find out later, and you realize later with the help of the gosh. Murrow had stadium dot com or had guys dot com that it's Hank strand former Super Bowl winning coach who was fired and seventy four many chiefs fans objected to his firing and some claim he still has a grudge against the franchise. And the franchise is founder Lamar hunt over his termination. So I guess the question is what can be done Vicky. If if Hank is still hanging around is that a good thing does he just want to watch the game or is sticking around to curse him. Will. You know, it how I figured out. It was him. As is. I recognize them in the wall of pictures that they had there, and then I pointed him out and the the Arrowhead guide. They knew exactly who he would. I had no clue who he was even when they said his name. I still had no clue who that was. But I when we headed down to the field, you could feel that there was lower name. Negative vibrational energy. And it just it was layers and layers and layers and how that happens is. I mean, anytime you get anything negative going on whether to be in that house or business or whatever it might be you just get this lower negative Br vibrational energy, and can you imagine how much negative energy could compiled up there? I mean, you've got players, you know, practically feeling each other. You got coaches Yonne players. You've got you've got people yelling at the the officials and you've got the fans from both teams whoever wins. The other fans are are mad. So you've just got all this negative energy built up in there, and I trained in bio energy healing, which is a way to move energy. Whether it be in the physical body or around the physical body or whether it be, you know, in a in a certain location. And my nine year old grandson, he has been training with me, and he's pretty much become a pretty good medium himself, and he also can move energy. So discreetly him and I did some energy moving while we were down on the field. And you know, Hank we keep seeing Hank. But I don't think that you know, I he may still I just feel like he had some unfinished business like gosh. You know? I just feel like he is ready to say, okay. You know, I'm a chief through and through. And I'm ready for you know, the chiefs to to go all the way again, I think he's I think he's finally decided it's okay. And I wanna make sure that my goodness if his family, here's this or someone hears this that saying that Hank is like stuck here. Absolutely. Not. He's in great place. He can come and go. And so I just wanna make sure that they know that he's in a great place, and he has the best seat in the house. So, but we did move the negative energy after we did that the place to seem to light lighten up. And and Gary came over to me and said, did you like bless blesses place or something? And I was like why do you say that? And he just said, I can just feel it. It's different to the air. Isn't as heavy, you know, and it was like almost like the sun came out, and it hadn't changed, but it just brightened up in there. And you know, as we walked back into the locker room, you know, it just it just felt so different. So I'm hoping you know, alleviating some of that that heavy energy will will certainly help. I'm a little bit nervous that maybe the first couple of passes might be a little long because it's not going to be so. In their interesting. I don't know. Maybe maybe somebody should let Patrick no. But that's gonna be that's gonna be tough because Patrick Mahomes is already so. The energy isn't thick for him. So right. But but you know, what? I mean, it's just an I really see once he fig figures out what the energy and everything is like going on. He is going to have some spectacular passes. I mean there it's going to be beautiful. The chiefs managed to exercise some of the demons and the energy is better. You guys all will. Remember that? Vicky Millard the heartland media is the one to thank we'll Vicky and her grandson twos. Can find her bring her to your next family function? If you need to clear the energy there. We know take your to your office. If you hate your boss, you'll figure it out. Thank you. Thank you, you know, but it's really in the chiefs hands. Now, you know, I get all I and and I can't go out there and play the game forum. So they've got they've gotta be on. They've got to be on Saturday. But she did her best. Right. Thank you so much Vicky. Thank you. Vicki. Appreciate it the heartland medium, Vicky Millard. We'll we'll tell you a little more about this. And some news coming from another NFL team looking for a head coach coming up next. All right. Chiefs fans, you heard it here first from the heartland media. Do you believe that the energy at Arrowhead has been cleared? And also are you now terrified that Patrick Mahomes passes will fly clear out of the stadium and into neighboring city. I like that angle that she had the energy so clear now it's not so not so weighted down that they're going to be overthrowing some guys early on in this in this game. It's made in bits on ESPN radio the espionage app and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz we are presented by progressive insurance. And if you missed it, we just talked to the heartland medium who was hired by Arrowhead guys dot com to go to Arrowhead stadium and try to figure out if the stadium itself is filled with that energy, and is the result of their many losses. One of the guys from head guys got com is a professor. Does a lot of statistics. And he calculated it as a point two three percent chance that the chiefs would lose all of the playoff games at home that they have uh. So there's clearly something that they're trying to get to the bottom of. And according to our gal, the heartland medium, not only did she come into contact with the former Super Bowl winning coach. That was fired that many believe has a grudge against the franchise. She also talked about a section of the stadium that was calling to her that something was going on there. And it was the same area where a man was killed during a nineteen seventy-two crane collapsed during construction of the stadium, and she also was a recognizing grabbing her leg saying something was wrong with her leg and the gentleman. She was with from Arrowhead stadium dot com had lost his leg shortly before he died, and they were in the section of his seats that he took him to Jason do you believe all the chilling facts that are coming through because of the Hartland mediums tale. Kinda want to like I've really do like I'm all in for this. I I want this to be true. You know, maybe I don't know. But again, I don't believe in in like big curses or anything like that. So like, I is it possible that maybe she helped. But also the chiefs are still gonna lose. Sorry, guys. I mean, it is it is possible. I mean, she did cover her basis though. She did say listen, I'm not gonna win the game. I'm not suiting up out there. All I can tell you is that I don't think anyone's holding a grudge anymore and some of the some of the bad energy is cleared. It's still up to them to get it done. Right. And that's that's gonna be the ultimate like part of it. I mean, this is all funny. And if you can lift a curse, I mean, come on for all those years with the cubs. Like, you try anything right to at least. They did they actually had a priest. Come and bless the dugout, and I'll tell you it didn't work that year. Most of us. Most of us were like, really, we're really doing this. We're really, you know, we're really believing in the quote unquote curse to the point where we have religious figures bringing. You know, special water cleanse it on. That is sort of a hysterical thought like that, you know, of all the things we're gonna fix in the world what we're going to use our medium power of prayer specialists. Our we have special powers, we're going to fix this. But we're not gonna fix hunger. We're not gonna fix more. But we are going to face this whole World Series thing. We gotcha. Yeah. It's been a big deal. The heartland medium told the guys when they asked, you know, full full on is is the aero Ed stadium curse. She said not anymore. I don't know that it ever was. But it certainly isn't now and she did say if you can chiefs fans just express a little gratitude towards the old coach Hank Straem, his spirit would enjoy it and a little positive push positive energy can't hurt. I'm usually not a believer. In these things. I told the story maybe like a year and a half ago. My friends got a psychic. And I was really annoyed that I had to chip in. And I thought it was dumb. And I still don't know if people have these abilities. But this lady freak me out. She knew stuff about all of us. And it was weird. And she wasn't like trying to speak the future. She was just explaining a lot of stuff, and it made me a lot less cynical than I used to be. I can't speak for whether the heartland medium actually encountered the old coach of the chiefs. But you know, if I'm a chief San why not why not send some love to goal. Trams side note, can you go and send me your friends number. So we can start talking raiders. I mean, I'll take all these things you need to start now to all. Here's a look, but part of the point of all of this forever. You know, it it sort of I it's an example of how difficult this era has been for the chiefs, and it's not just this year. I mean, we go all the way back. I remember when I was a kid watching Joe Montana and the chiefs get home field advantage. And you thought man with Joe Montana and home field advantage. They're going to be just fine. Didn't work out that way. I mean, it was it's the length of time that the chiefs have been a great or good football team that had been in the conversation and of just found a way to knock get it done. And like we said earlier, Sarah like part, pardon me looks at it and says, hey that could happen again this year and is hard as this is for fans to hear it could be nobody's fault. Like the colts. Are that good right now? I think the culture playing great great football. And in. I'm looking at the colts say, and I wouldn't I don't think it'd be a huge upset if they beat the chiefs, and it will still suddenly be reflective of the chiefs dropping the ball and not maximizing an operative. Right. Well, I mean worth saying though, that part of that stems from the initial. I mean insanity over the chiefs in the Rams, right? We thought the entire NFL had changed forever. Because of what we were watching from these offenses and worth noting that there has been sort of a seismic shift because of rule changes because of a fresh creative offense of minded coaches because of capable signal callers there has been a shift, but we saw defenses catch up. And so if the Rams and chiefs fall in this divisional round, it's not necessarily because of bad energy. It's because we're seeing things even out a little more. And we're seeing defensive-minded guys catch up to the tricks in this game that we saw really dominating early on. Now that being said fits the Rams have a lot more flaws to me than the chiefs. Do the chiefs are a team that is good as the colts look should win this game. And I think fair or not this will come across as another. Andy Reid mistake. Even if it it he puts together the perfect plan. And and it just doesn't execute are. Things don't drop or the luck isn't his doesn't go his way. Well, when you think about for the chargers aspect of it when you think about what what the charges are trying to get done nave see to me. I can't find that. The Andy Reid thing is easy. I think my mind is still a little I'm still shook Sarah that you you you made the Philip rivers. Now stuck in my head. Like, Philip rivers is the problem with the chargers, and I have a hard time saying that. But when you look at the match ups, they both just have really tough like the chargers going to New England should not be easy for that team. I I it's hard for me to the are the chargers a better football team than the patriots today. Yes. I do think they are are the chargers a better team in New England. No. So is it a shortcoming for the chargers if they lose that game? I I don't know how to quantify that. Yeah. That's a tough one especially because like you said the patriots are so dominant in Foxborough and because historically they Philip rivers has not been good against the patriots. The chargers have played the patriots eight times with rivers at quarterback. And the chargers are one in seven in those. Games. The only time that rivers has led the chargers to a victory over the patriots was two thousand eight when Matt Cassel was at quarterback Brady was out with a tornado. So this is setting up for disaster. Based on the fact that you believe that the chargers to be a better team and the patriots to be flawed and on the way out of their dynastic window. But looking at that that's a lot of mental stuff to bring into that one. Right. Speaking of bad energy knowing your history against them. And ultimately, I keep looking at that just thinking of having to go back to the east coast again. I mean, I'm surprised that it says, it's it's hard. Well, hopefully, we haven't ruined the day for he's gonna talk Cuyler Murray next and his big decision on Spain. And fits we all thought we knew what Karla Murray was going to do. He's going to go to baseball is going to get that guaranteed money. He's going to avoid the crushing blows of football and settle into a career with the Oakland A's. But. Not so fast big decision to be made Spain in bits on ESPN radio the espionage and Sirius XM channel eighty Sarah Spain and Jason Fitz. We are presented by progressive insurance with spoon to talk about a guy. That's got a decision to make choosing between two sports. We thought who better to speak to it than a former two sport athlete. Brian Jordan, former MLB outfielder and NFL safety to speak to the decision. Kyle Murray is making let's go to the shell Pennzoil performance line. Brian, let's start with a are you surprised that after all of the conversation that by this point? We now have have a new conversation about Murray, and that he's maybe deciding he doesn't want to just go straight to baseball. Absolutely not. I'm not surprised when they when you're able to able to play two sports at such a high level for so long. Like, this young man has being one of very few to make the under armor baseball team on a heist. School and football team. It says a lot about his abilities, and you know, to go out there and excel at the college level, like he has, you know, it's great to see another potential two sport athlete out there. And he is in a great position right now to to be very successful at both sports. So Brian if he wants to go all in on getting ready for the combine and getting ready for teams in the draft and that causes him to miss them spring training. If he then flips a switch and decides he wants to go back to baseball. How far back will that set him? Well, he's talented enough to make a judgment. And you know, he's he's also talented enough to know that he has to keep swinging even if he's going through football workout, and I'm quite sure smart enough to do that. So he'll be prepared for both. You know, he's already in football shape knowing that the season. It's just indie. And for me. He's definitely in baseball shape already. So it's gonna be a tough decision for him. But I I don't think that's going to be a problem. You know, everybody's talking about Hayes may four point six million dollars. Well, you know, what if he goes in the first round NFL, he's gonna make a lot more of that, you know, upfront being a quarterback, but it will be tougher for him to play two sports though being a quarterback versus beyond Santa's vote Jackson myself. But with position players, basically, you know, it's such pressures on a quarterback to to know everything about every position that defenses. You know, it's a it's a year long mission on quarterbacks, you know, they got to build this report with their line. They gonna build a report with the receivers and offense of coordinators, which you know is a yearly thing not just the season. So if he does play football is gonna take a lot of focus and concentration for them to be elite quarterback in the NFL Spain fence, we're talking to Brian Jordan, Fox Sports south analysts yet a fifteen year. Major league baseball career was a safety for a couple years with the falcons now you were with the falcons from eighty nine to ninety one while you were working your way up the minor league system for the cardinals on the baseball side. The on the fact that the quarterback position is a different one in it is sort of a year round pursuit. It's also a different time. How would you speak to the differences in the current age of professional sports and and requirements versus when you were playing in the nineties and early two thousands. Well, it's a lot safer. I can tell you that, you know, with all the new tackling rules and no. Helmet contact rules. That's something to think about if if I'm calling Mary I mean, it's not as as rough and tough as it used to be. So the NFL's don't a good job of trying to make this a safe a ball game. But it is a difference. You know for me, you know, Dan, I came in the same time. So it was perfect timing for both of us to go out there and do the same thing and Atlanta Falcons, they will all on allowing it to happen. So you know, I it's about having that opportunity and Oakland A's seem like they're going to give them that opportunity. They they rather not see them play football. But you know, he's just that good to go out there and win the Heisman Trophy. And I guarantee you he's probably if not the top quarterback coming out, which I think has skins because of his size is probably the number one quarterback. But he's surely gonna be right there. Number two three in this NFL draft. We're talking to Fox Sports south analyst Bri. In Jordan on the shell Pennzoil performance line Spain and fits so if you were a GM right now in the NFL looking at Kyla Murray on the draft board would the fear that he would decide at any point during his contract to just go back and play baseball. 'cause you to let him drop down the draft board. No, he's such impactful player. And you look at the situation now in the NFL. I mean, they're they're moving towards athletic quarterbacks mobile quarterbacks. You know, the college offenses are finding their way to the NFL right now. You know, it's about school imports in the NFL to win. And you know, so a guy like calamari fits that Bill. You look at what Lamar Jackson did last year for the ravens GM's starting to look at that. And say man, you know, that would be awesome to to have athlete that can extend the play extended drop to keep out defense off the field. And that's why Paul the most probably one of the better defenses in the league because they held the ball so long because Lamar Jackson legs and arm, and I think calamari has that same ability and can be very impactful in the whole situation with Kingsbury getting the head coach and tell with the Arizona Carney. I think that would be ideal situation for him, you know, to be able to be in Arizona around baseball year round and the able to work with the old see and his his teammates and still play baseball. I think if he can get in that scenario, we'll see him do both sports insane and Fitz on ESPN radio talking to foxsports out analyst and former to support pro athlete, Brian Jordan. You don't a lot of the conversation around Murray's decision. I think some arguments stemmed from those who believe it makes sense for this to be a financial and business decision for any athlete who has just a small window to make as much money as possible in the career that they've devoted their life to up to this point and others who argued that the best way to make this decision is love of the game. Which one of those do you find yourself drawn to the most which one I guess, maybe frustrates you the most when you hear someone arguing it while I if frustrate straits me when they argue that because you know, he wouldn't be playing. Oh at such a high level, he didn't love both sports and to be one of the elite to have that opportunity to play to professional sports. I mean, he would be foolish not to at least take advantage and and give himself an opportunity. I think he's a tremendous player Beck and get it done. Again. I it's a lot of things have to happen the right way for them. And you know, I'm I'm pulling for him. I really hope that he he does play both. Because as a quarterback, you know, if you think about it. He he gets drafted in the first round that four point six million that was given to him about it, the as we'll go by the wayside, and they'll make a lot of money and those first three years the becoming the quarterback and a quarterback that I can go in there and start on certain teams right now. So he plays three years. I played three years in the NFL. And I decided, hey, okay. That's enough. I was beating my body up. And I said, well, let's go play baseball. And I was. Able to do that. And I think he has the ability to do the same thing, you know, high eleven point seven million dollar signing bonus help to write that Saint Louis game. I give up football. Oh, no question. I'm gonna be honest. I wasn't really petty give up because I was just you know, I was altered in the Pro Bowl. I was just starting to take off in the NFL. But because I had a family at that time. It was just a smarter decision on jeopardy healthwise. You know, I was heck I was almost second on team in tackles. So I was really beaten up my body right behind Jessie tuggle. So you know, the two years we we will battling it out. So Brian, you know, doesn't there have to be some concern? If he tries to play both. I mean, just the timing of it. If he's on a baseball team at any point. That's good. Then a team's not going to have their starting quarterback until the end of the World Series. Or he's going to have to leave a baseball team in the middle of a World Series run to go play football. Like that just doesn't seem like it can work. Well, you gotta understand. I'm not saying right away. I'm gonna take some times worked his way to the major leagues. So you look at his first in NFL. He's gonna probably play what maybe twenty five mile league baseball games. And then go return back football camp. You know, I played thirty minor league games hit over three hundred and went and play football. So they knew I had to potential I show my potential on the baseball field, those thirty games. So they never gave up on me. And they kept giving me the opportunities. And I think he's that type of player. He has power. Yes. Speed. He can be successful at the baseball at major league baseball level. But he's it's gonna take him time to make those first three years. They're going to be important. But it gives them time to go play football two. It's about, you know, having right situation and having both teams, you know, giving him that opportunity to do that that's going to be important. Let you go one word if he has to pick one, which one should you pick in your opinion. Of course baseball longevity. Long, debbie. Thanks for the enzyme, really. Appreciate it. Sure. It's taken. Thanks so much. And. Brian Jordan of Fox Sports. Awesome stuff. We'll get back into Kylo Murray because there's more to get to on that. But we want to get into the AFC playoff picture. We're gonna do that next on Spain and Fitz. Quick update on our poll, we asked chiefs fans, and I'm sure they weren't the only ones voting whether the heartland medium has cleared the negative energy at Arrowhead stadium. A seventy percent of fan said, no. But thirty percent believe that she went in and exorcised the demons and made it a little bit easier for the chiefs to blow off some of those demons from the past. Well, I mean that means seventy percent of the people are part of the problem. We just heard about negative energy, y'all. I gotta pick that energy up think positive stadium needs it. That's right. She did mention that. If you could send some good thoughts to old Hank Schram or strong, or strong, whatever his name was the old coach they got unfairly fired that that would that would be helpful. So you know, what do you have to lose chiefs fans other than another playoff game? That was meet. I'm sorry. You know, what we promise you? We were gonna talk AFC, but I actually won't talk NFC because we haven't. Really gotten into those teams much and these games this weekend fits are. So hard to predict we asked yesterday what people felt the most confident picking the winner of. And it was the saints against the eagles, which you know, any other time of the season. I'd probably say absolutely sure the saints or the most balanced team. They were might preseason pick for a Super Bowl champion. And and then I look over at big Nick energy over there. Nick foles who seems to be absolutely untouchable come late season compla- offs. Anytime. The pressure is on and it's making me a little bit more concerned for the saints coming into this weekend. I still feel great about this one. And that basically means I'm wrong, right? The song I feel about the worst the worst. This is going to go. But I think so much becomes back to the fact that it's in New Orleans, and you know, we just sort of accepted the fact that this point that New Orleans is able to do whatever they want. However, they want particularly at home this year. They've done it with question marks wide receiver a time. They've been able to do whatever they want because frankly, drew Brees is great Alvin kamera's played great like when you think about the offense for the saints. They've been able to score so many points. And I I realized that the eagles went in and did the unthinkable. I did not think that they'd be able to put up a fight against your bears. I understand that. But you got to score a lot more points. And I mean a lot more points to compete with the saints team. That's a tall order for Nick foles. I don't think look Nick foles is doing a nice job. He's doing a great job. But you really wanna get into a shootout with Nick foles? I I don't think. So I don't think you do. Yeah. There are some interesting injury report folks that might you know. Lend some extra intrigue to this game. Al Sean Jeffrey limited because of ribs both yesterday and today, so we'll see if that ends up being important Dramont Bushrod limited because of a hamstring saints offense tackle. So there are some that, you know, Michael Bennett who's been absolutely huge didn't practice either day because of a foot injury. He's been able to play in games. Even when he's been limited in practice. So I think you probably feel pretty confident that he'll find his way onto the field. But yeah, I mean some of these some of these injuries could come into play this part of the season. The saints are going to be much more rested. Obviously since they got to sit and watch as the bears in eagles beat each other up. I think Mike confidence in drew Brees outweighs my shorty that Nick foles continue his hot streak dumb. And it did take a lot right? The bears had that game in their hands or I guess in their foot and it got away. Oh. And you know, again, I think it's the number of options here like Michael Thomas, led the NFL hundred twenty five catches drew Brees. Obviously spectacular year. I mentioned on the Kamera. They were the six Beth best rushing yardage team in the NFL and the most rushing touchdowns when you think about all those numbers stacked up they're going to be able to score points. And when you get into shoot, I don't I don't wanna get into a shootout. If I'm the eagles. I don't see any way the eagles can prevent the shootout. That's why I think they lose a game. And the home field advantage is huge as you mentioned Spain and Fitz on ESPN radio and the ESPN app Sarah Spain and Jason Shelly fits with you. Let's move onto that other game. We got Rams Cowboys. And this is one that I said of the four I feel the most confident in this is also coming from someone that went one in three in wildcard picks and thought the Cowboys were gone last weekend. The Rams are team that we have seen flaws in an especially down the stretch Goff kind of cooled off a bit. And it felt like defenses around the league were catching up to the genius of Sean McVeigh. And this is interesting not just because of the expectations for the Rams all season long. But also because the entire league is hiring coaches in in the mirror image of Sean McVeigh, and creating a coaching tree for a guy that is this new coach himself. So if he doesn't win a playoff game. And you've got a guy who's influencing the entire league without ever winning ask single playoff game. That's super intriguing as well. And it's intriguing to me to see how this offense goes in this game. Let's remember last year. The the Rams only about thirteen points in the first round of the playoffs. So and their first playoff game, not the equality effort. They wanted they haven't played well down the stretch as you mentioned, but they didn't have Todd Gurley. I mean Todd Gurley hasn't carried the ball since the the middle of December at this point. So in my mind, this is going to be about girly who reports today, he's been fully cleared. He's gonna play. He's one hundred percent. He's a full participants bid taking off the injury report. So he's healthy. You can ask him to be right now, we're gonna find out quickly because as much as we wanna talk about golf and as much as. We want to talk about the dynamic offense. It's really all triggered through Todd Gurley. So if girlies healthy, I think they they not only win they win convincingly. But part of that's because frankly, I just wanna I wanna hear the pain in the tears from will Caine on. An admirable reason to to root for their demise. Thank you mentioned the run game, obviously is equally at a huge part of this match up to LA allowed the most yards per carry in the league this season. And as equal Elliott led the NFL in rushing in just fifteen games, by the way. So this is a team that likes to run the football and play with the lead. They like to put Ezekiel Elliott out there, and let him lead the way. And this is not a Rams team. That's particularly built for that. They have been able to win games even went allowing a lot of ground coverage for the opponent. But in all three of their losses this season. The opposing team rushed for at least one hundred ten yards. This is this is a team that's nine and oh if they can hold their opponents under one hundred ten yards on the ground. So I think of focus very early on is to take as equally out of this one. And it has to be also I thought the other interesting set coming in as the Cowboys are six in one when Zeke it's twenty or more carries. I don't look at this game plan and see how. How is it possible? He's not gonna get twenty cares. Right. They're going to have to find a way to impose the he's gonna get the twenty carries. So something's got break. Here. You know? And that's the other advantage for the Cowboys is going to be that they're going to run the ball a bunch. They're going gonna have success winning the ball, which is time that they're basically on the field, and they're going to be able to take the Rams out of their rhythm and their offense. I mean, that's the game plan is pretty simple in that sense. The question is just going to be which one of these coaches goes out and wins the game for their team because it'll be funny to me at the very least of the conversation afterwards. If McVay wins McVay loses. Sorry, well, he gets some sort of a dust on this policies got right now. But conversely, if Jason Garrett loses he's losing to the hottest coach right now in the NFL, not just because he's a cute guy. But a hottest goes in the NFL, and all of a sudden they're still going to be questioned if they get beat bad. There's going to be questions about Jason Garrett jobs. So a, you know, it's it's two coaches in trending and completely different directions for the court of public opinion, absolutely sarahspain and Jay. Jason fitz. You're right about that. We did have GARRETT'S job basically, gone midseason, and then they eat their way into the playoffs and one wildcard game. And now all bets are sort of office far as understanding what Jerry Jones might be thinking about his head coach fits, are you a rust guy. Are you concerned at all about the teams that sat last week? No, I think at this point, you know, look if you win the nobody's gonna complain about anything if you lose complained about everything, but ultimately, I write these are pro athletes. I I love I love the idea of getting guys healthy. I think that's the most important thing you can possibly do. So I'm gonna take health over any argument about getting rusty after after the grind of entire regular season. One extra week shouldn't suddenly make you incapable of you know, not committing Bonet penalties. For example, news from the Bengals coming up next on Spain and Fitz. Also, we'll talk to someone out of Casey to see if anybody surrounding euro head stadium. And that team has the same concerns that the guys Ramiro head guys dot com. Had is the team itself? Send. A medium to the stadium to clearly the coming up next on Spain and bits.

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