Ep. 25: Dr. Nathan Bryan - Nitric Oxide: The Magic Molecule


Hey everybody I. Hope you're doing well I. Want you to know that I'm coming along with my my broken foot. The stitches came out on Tuesday I started swimming again and I feel like I've really gotten over the hump with with this broken foot. I'm going to have to be. On crutches or on a little stroller for another month as I'm keeping weight off it, but things are, things are looking good. This episode is going to a doozy. If you're getting ready to pop an an asset or take a swig of your favorite mouthwash. Wait hold up just a moment with me. Here's why. If you listen to last week's episode of the plan strong podcast with my father. You know he is a fine matic about boosting your nitric oxide in order. To basically bump up the production of your healthy endothelial cells. Why what exactly is this miracle molecule? It may be new to you, but no this our body's ability to produce nitric oxide is paramount. To staving off killers like stroke heart disease. And other vascular complications like men. Erectile dysfunction. Today I take a deep dive on the subject of nitric oxide with the preeminent expert on the subject and the author of the Nitric Oxide Solution Dr Nathan Brian. My father has filed his work and I knew that I had to have him on the show. To Open Your Eyes and mine on what seems like a very complex topic. Fortunately, we break it down into interesting actionable takeaways for you. What is nitric. Oxide And No, it's not the laughing gas that you get at the dentist office. What happens to our body's ability to create nitric oxide, and why does it diminish as we age? What foods can we eat to pump up the production of this magic molecule? And why do so many common over the counter products like mouthwash and assets antibiotics crush. Our body's ability to produce nitric oxide. Dr Nathan Bryant says. Crank diseases is caused by two things. And two things only one the body missing something that it needs or to. It's exposed to something that doesn't need. Today we WANNA. Give you what your body needs. So listening closely and say why es Yes to N. O., nitric oxide. Side note here. The initial interview took place at my office in February prior to covid nineteen. Since then there has been a tremendous amount of research into the subject of nitric oxide in preventing treating the corona virus, especially in the African American population who? As the data show are the most vulnerable. You WanNa, stick around for the quick bonus segment at the end as I caught up with Dr Brian. Just last week the zoom. Enjoy. If, YOU WANNA learn more about the wonders of nitric oxide and all things plant-based, I, invite you to join us for upcoming plans stock twenty twenty weekend, where my father will be giving his paramount lecture on preventing and reversing heart disease. This online learning weekend is packed, was science and practical application? And it's a chance for the whole household to learn together visit Plan Stock Twenty Twenty Dot com today to learn more. Right I. Am here with Dr Nathan Brian Nathan and I We actually. Got To know each other or have got to know each other a little bit because one of your business partners. A man named Bill huff reached out to me because he really wanted to get in touch with my father. Who has I'm sure you know is a huge fan of nitric oxide. And, so I basically brokered the phone call made it happen, and while I was listening to the conversation that you were having with my father. I was like holy smokes. I've got to get this guy on the plan. Strong podcast because he is. Probably the foremost authority on the planet on Nitric Oxide. And everything about nitric oxide which? My father refers to as the the magic molecule. I think you refer to it as the magic molecule, and it seems like most Americans. Don't know what it is what it does. How important it is to disease prevention. So I I'd love to spend the next thirty minutes or so with you. Talking about your what you've discovered since plunging yourself into the the study of nitric oxide, and how our listeners at home can can benefit from from this knowledge what they can do to increase their nitric oxide production. Make sure that they're not somehow. Disrupting the production and things of that nature, so for starters. What is nitric oxide. Gets a very good question. Recognized Scientific and medical community is one of the most important molecules produced in humans. So it's a gas. It has a half-life of less than one second, but it's produced in the lining of the blood vessels where regulates blood, flow and oxygen delivery responsible for maintaining normal blood pressure. It's an euro transmitted in the central nervous system. It's our immune system fights off invading pathogens. So when you lose the ability to make this critical magic molecule, a lot of things go wrong, so you lose your blood. Pressure goes up. Lose the regulation of blood flow. You develop erectile dysfunction vascular dysfunction. He developed. Cognitive disorders stood the neurotransmitter function in the central. Nervous system is post and then you become somewhat immuno-compromised, because your immune system can't generate nitric oxide to fight off some pathogens, whether it's bacteria, viruses or fungal infections. That's kind of the basis of what nitric oxide is and does. And So I mean if this is. Considered one of the most important medical discoveries in the last one hundred years. Why is it that if we were to go? You know talk to let's say. We went down to whole foods market right and we asked one hundred people. Do you know what nitric oxide is I'd bet you ninety would say I have no idea. Are you talking about the laughing gas at the? ready to the dentist or They don't know I mean. Why do you think that is? Well. Historically we know that it takes on average seventeen years for new discoveries to become so called standard of care or aware to the public. We're about twenty years after the Nobel Prize was awarded and probably thirty years after the discovery of nitric oxide. So even that is a little bit slow based on the average. And I think the reason that is is that clinicians don't use this as part of their initial screening labs that you can go if you can't go to your physician, say Hey, doc! What are my nitric oxide levels? He can tell you your vitamin. D levels your cholesterol all that, but there's no commercial labs that will tell you what your nitric oxide levels. So, that's the number one and number two. There's really no nitric oxide based therapies on the market that even if they did diagnose nitric oxide deficiency, there's really nothing on the market in. Form of drug therapy that corrects this one thing I've learned. The physicians don't like to diagnose something they can't treat. Effort to that really we've been slow and developing drug based drug therapies. That correct nitric oxide deficiency zero way of. If I wanted to go down and. figure out a way to measure Mo, the nitric oxide that I have coursing throughout my body. Is there a test or something I can do? That was a question that we were faced with over ten years ago when we developed a nitric oxide, technology brought to market, and that was the number one question. How do I know if I need this? And there was really no standard lab so I developed a celebrate. Test Strip. And, so this is a color metric semi quantitative test that you supply your saliva to the end of this test strip and. It's some old chemistry that if it turns Dark Pink, you know that you see your body is making sufficient nitric oxide if it doesn't turn colors, tells us that your body's nitric oxide deficient, so that's kind of a quick point of care. Is a pretty accurate it is. It is pretty accurate, so if if you don't turn that. Strip pink than your body is nitric oxide deficient? There is no false negative. But what it doesn't tell us why. Your body's nitric oxide deficient right, but then we can start to interrogate these different pathways and figure out exactly what's going on in your body and then take the steps to correct them. But there are some false positives for instance in. We see this quite often. Patient is clinically sick. They have high blood pressure erectile dysfunction. They have diabetes, and they're just sick, but yet they spit on the test strip and turns dark pink. Well that tells us that the clinical symptoms actually outweigh the biochemical test and what we're finding is that these patients who are clinic who who show all the hallmark clinical symptoms of nitric oxide deficiency, but the testers Dark Ping. That they probably get an active world infection. May Be symptomatic or symptomatic, because there's an local activation of the immune system. That's generating a lot of nitric oxide either on the pair pair ginger tissue whether it's Ginger Vitus. Period on titus or get an active infection, so that's a local immune response. It's not really reflecting systemic bioavailability. So you talk about. In one of your several books about how as we age our nitric oxide production typically decreases. Great why why is that? Well, there's two ways the body nitric oxide. In these discoveries over the past probably twenty twenty five years, the first pathway is through an enzyme that's found in the lining of the blood vessels. and. So veterans called Oxide synthase. It sounded in the theol- sales, and that's really the age related. Production mechanism that declines the older we get. So we know that, usually we lose about ten to twelve percent of that per decade, so by the time we're forty or fifty years old. We only have about fifty percent of the nitric oxide. We have when we were younger. And, so that's bona fide verified scientific data, and there are a number of things that's on average I should say, but we now know that as these new. Diagnostic or medical devices come to market that tell US vascular age. We're now seeing. You know eighteen to twenty year old kids with vascular age of a fifty or sixty year old. Bent to the contrary we're seeing fifty or sixty year old people with a vascular age of twenty or thirty year old, so just because you don't WanNa follow the average because the average person in America. Right I'm not interested in being average. The average person is overweight. Sick broke and unable to exercise perform to their full potential, so we have to figure out. How do we get away from deviate from that average? And so the older we get the standard cardiovascular risk factors. Smoking decreases nitric oxide production. Eating. You know an inflammatory diet processed foods things like that 'cause in the thehill dysfunction. So all those standard cardiovascular risk factors lead to a decrease in nitric oxide production, sedentary lifestyle, so that's the pathway that gets less and less with age. But this backup redundant pathway that we can use through diet. Primarily through the plant based Diet Green leafy vegetables that are enriched inorganic nitrate. We've recognized a pathway in humans that can utilize the nitrate. To Cyril reduce it down to nitric oxide. But so. It is important. It's good provides benefit, but there are a number of steps in that pathway that are required for patients to get the benefit of a plant based Diet. A nitric oxide benefit of the plant based Diet right so there's so you're saying. There's a number of steps that are required when you're eating. Let's just say plant strong rang a lot of. Your huge fan of right. And and what are some of those steps so that our listeners can maximize those stops? Well there's. There's many we're learning many caveats to this number one. We've quantified the Mount of nitrate in green leafy vegetables. Both conventionally grown and organically grown. In what we publish US I think in two thousand fifteen, but we found that there are regional differences, so if you bought celery or Kale or Broccoli in Dallas versus New York L. A. Rally Chicago, there's as much as one hundred fold difference in the amount of nitrate in that green vegetable. That's silver straight. It's farming practices. It's amount of nitrogen in the soil. It's the time of harvest. There many things. And so those are conventionally grown. Then we also tested these against organically grown vegetables, which everybody thinks is good. They're good because a free of pesticides, herbicides and other. But the problem is. We found that they have about ten times less nitrate than conventionally grown. Why's that? Well because I think to get an organic label, there's restrictions on nitrogen based fertilizers. You put in the soil. So you can add compost, you can add manure. There's no standardization of nitrogen in the soil so when soils become depleted in Nitrogen Then there's less nitrogen for the plant to take up. There's less nitrate in vegetable when you eat it. So, organic is good that eliminating some bad things, but organic is not so good in the fact that it's really difficult enough organic vegetables to get sufficient, nitrate. To feel this nitric oxide pathway, so that's one. There's no standardization so just because you're eating a lot of Kale or Broccoli. Your several didn't necessarily mean you're getting sufficient nitrate yet to produce the vascular effects of nitric oxide. So that's one. That's a huge problem. There's a whole field of agronomy that has to do better on standardizing that process. Then number two ninety. It would be nice to know. WOULDN'T IT IF You know when I'm picking up my My bunch of Kale. if there was a sign that let me know roughly how much nitric oxide was. Well, it's really nitrate is the stable. Yeah, yes, yes, yes, nitrate, yeah. I think there's a way that there has to be some standardization of that because the other important thing is that without? Many. Other nutrients micro nutrients and vitamins that are a assimilated individuals require nitrogen. In the soil is deficient in nitrate that vegetables going to be deficient nitrate, but it's going to be deficient in things. Chromium Manganese magnesium these trace minerals. so that's the way that you could standardize. Obviously, the nutrient density of a lot of these vegetables so that's number one. It's a high variability on the vegetables street. The number two nitrate is inert in humans, so humans do not have the genetic or instamatic capacity. To metabolize nitrate into. Nitric Oxide. So, this is one hundred percent dependent upon bacteria, primarily oral bacteria and some gastrointestinal bacteria that we're finding as we go from the mouth all the way down to the anus. We we can interrogate this system. But here's the problem. There's two hundred million Americans that wake up every morning. Use Antiseptic mouthwash. In that is doing more harm than good I think it's with good intent because people don't want the people wake up with bad breath. But we've published the that. When you use a mouthwash blood pressure goes up. And this is a fundamental problem in American society because to edit three wins. have an elevations in blood pressure. That's the number one modifiable risk factor for heart disease. So the fact that you use mouthwash and your blood pressure goes up, told us that there's an important connection between the oral microbiome. And systemic blood flow and blood pressure regulation. And then the other thing is you know another. Two hundred million Americans are on an antibiotic at any given time. In the year, so systemic antibiotics kill the. Good bacteria right so this two electron reduction of nitrate nitric oxide nitrite that happens in the oral cavity is disrupted by antibiotics mouthwash. which fifty percent of Americans are on at any given time? That's right, so you can be doing all the things that you supposed to do. In fact. I was on the doctor show a couple of months ago where it was. We recognize that if you use mouthwash, you actually lose the vascular benefits of exercise. So think about this. You could be doing everything that we've known has been healthy for hundreds of years. Moderate exercise and a plant based Diet. But if you use mouthwash, you're not gonNA get any of the vascular benefits of either of those. So that's a fundamental think groundbreaking observation and I think it's the reason that some people respond to plant based Diet, and they can lower their blood pressure other people. You don't see any change in. It's fascinating. So, what is the solution there then when it comes to the mouthwash Just you know, brush your teeth. Can You bring your teeth or is there anything with Floride I know? I'm a big proponent of brushing your teeth, your. Teeth, but you have to use a fluoride free toothpaste, because like free toothpaste, fluoride is an. Anti, crabby, okay, okay, and it's also a neuro toxin, but so yeah I tell people brush your teeth. Brush your tongue in the bugs. That were interested in that responsible for this. Dorsal part of the tongue so there's a lot meaning what Mingo very back of the bag near the gag reflex. Okay, so you can brush your tongue, but just don't gag yourself. Too So that's an important consideration and then the other huge problem. is so that that gets us from nitrate tonight, try. To get us from nitrite to nitric oxide Riccar, stomach acid. And we've got over two hundred million Americans that are using an acids. That's just prescription. Proton pump inhibitors. That's not counting. It's very difficult to quantify the amount of over the counter purchases for things like privacy policy. these analyses for people that have reflux. Disease, and so does that then wipe APPs. Wipe out the gastrointestinal You completely eliminate the blood pressure lowering effects of both nitrate nitrite. Yeah, and these drugs also further inhibit the vast production of. So if you're on an anna acid, particularly a proton pump inhibitor like members, all those are the. First. They were prescription only drugs. Now you can buy over the counter. But those basically shutdown, nitric oxide production from both pathways, and now we have an we. We've known for probably five or six years that people who have been on an acids for three to five years have about thirty five percent, higher incidence of heart, attack and stroke. And no one made that connection because. Wouldn't held a stomach acid having to do with heart, attack and stroke. Well now we know what to nitric oxide related phenomenon while so. Two hundred people use in acids. Two hundred million people use Proton pump in. Math Weiss another two hundred million people using antibiotics. That's more than the population of the US now. There's some overlap in those obviously. But what that tells us is that no wonder it's not a surprise to me. That cardiovascular disease remains the number one killer of men and women worldwide. It's not surprising to me that two out of three Americans have innovation and blood pressure. Over fifty percent over the man over the age of forty reports, some degree of erectile dysfunction in Tabasco problem. It's loss of nitric oxide. I think the numbers are probably close to seventy five or eighty percent, and that's over forty over the age of forty, eight or forty and. I'm not mistaken the one area of the. Male anatomy has more endothelial cells per square inch than any other is the penis. So to get an erection that's basically in engorgement of blood flow to get blood flow. You have to have a dilation of those blood vessels to have dilation of blood vessels. You have to be able to make nitric oxide if you can't make nitric oxide, none of that happens right, and it's the same thing. It's not just the women in the clitoris. It's a highly asked raised organised women to have an orgasm. To have an increase in pressure that increase in pressure from an increase in blood flow that increase in blood flow comes from nitric oxide can't make. None of that happened, so let me ask you doctor, so let's say that I was a forty eight year old male coming to you with. Erectile dysfunction I'm currently eating the standard American Diet using mouthwash.on antacids a little bit of antibiotics. You know What prescription would you give me to try and get? GET BACK! My you know my reality. Will there's no prescription that can overcome physiology right? Prescription drugs are typically inhibitors of certain biochemical reaction. Or stimulators of some enzyme this probably not working. So what we have to do it in no matter what the clinical presentation is. My philosophy is that chronic disease caused by two things and two things only number one. Your body's missing something that it needs and number two. You're exposed to something that it doesn't need. So then, we have to just go off the list. Okay for taking mouthwash. You have to stop. If, you're taking an acid, you have to stop if you take any of these things that disrupt nitric oxide. If you're not getting up and moving and having physical exercise, then you have to get your body moving. So that's kind of the process of eliminating the things that are disrupting nitric oxide production now that those kind of unlocked the brakes. What can we do to stimulate? Production. So, then I would say you have to. You have to exercise I would recommend a plant based Diet. That's enriched in inorganic nitrate. or Another some technology on the market. That's very effective supplementation. That's been shown in. Peer reviewed randomized placebo controlled clinical trials to restore nitric oxide production. So that's kind of. The Path that I would take, and once you restore nitric oxide production you you, you gain the ability to regulate blood flow. Erections get better in both men and women. Blood pressure becomes more normalized, and so everything works better if you can't get oxygen and nutrients to every cell in the body. That cell is going to become dysfunctional. When those cells become dysfunctional, the organ tissue, and that's the basis for disease. Let's let's back up just for a second What in the world got you so passionate about? Nitric oxide that you made this. Your kind of you know up to now your life's work, it's. All I've done in my twenty years of academia. It happened when I was a student at Lsu School of Medicine back in two thousand, a couple of years after the Nobel Prize was awarded. And Louis Narrow, one of the gentleman who shared the Nobel Prize came in gave a lecture to the student body at at the LSU medical school. And Billy told us the story of his discovery of nitric oxide. Then I had a chance to have dinner with him that night and s some fundamental questions. About what is this nitric oxide molecule? And why is it important and? He told me that he was still quite surprised that Nobel. Prize had been awarded number one and then number two that he actually. Nobel prize. But that we didn't know when this was I guess right at two, thousand, two, thousand one. There were no technologies to detect quantified nitric oxide in humans, even animals for that matter. Then number two. No one knew how to correct this insufficiency. And, so he thought you know there's kind of this. Rare Blue Ocean out there of a lot of unknowns and for me. That was I opening an important because. I recognize then that if we could figure out. How the body makes nitric oxide. What goes wrong and people that can't make it. And then hopefully have the technology to restore a repair, these pathways in the human body that what he was telling me, nitric oxide did and was. He will transform public health. In so you kind of took that as a challenge to go forth and find those answers. Yes, so basically all my PhD work was on analytical methods to detect and quantify nitric oxide in biological systems. In once we accomplish that then we also had the tools to start to develop nitric oxide based therapies. That led me to Boston. University Medical Center is a fellow, spent a couple of years there, and then I was recruited by Fred, read one of the other gentleman who shared the Nobel Prize to join faculty at Ut Medical School in Houston. And so that was kind of. That was. Important because Dr Miura had a drug discovery program at ut, he'd won the Nobel Prize this was about. Like eight years after he won the Nobel Prize, so we were tasked with trying to develop nitric oxide based therapies. In generate I found it fascinating. Because duck meat had won the Nobel Prize for the discovery of nitric oxide yet he had no methods. To detect nitric oxide. So. When I joined faculty, there I br had the only instrumentation that can detect and quantify nitric oxide. And! So then we got busy and found out these compositions of matter that would generate nitric oxide and we knew. How much nitric oxide, normal, healthy human being made over twenty four hours, and so we could dial in that level of nitric oxide. And we refine this, so we're period of. Ten years or so and really got to technology that did two things number one. Everybody can't make nitric oxide. We'd do it for you and then number two. It really fixes the reason. Your body can't make nitric oxide. Even in the face of a antiseptic Serena Botox so it overcomes a lot of the deficiencies, a lot of the hurdles that we as ourselves put put on ourselves because of the things we do. But I think still getting back to the physiology. In biochemistry of nitric, oxide, the best approach is to eliminate or remove the things in your life for body that are disrupting nitric oxide production. And, then giving the body what it needs to make its own truck side, that's the best approach. There's no better safety profile than that and it works. So you I? Think you mentioned earlier on the endothelial cells. My father is a huge fan of the Endo Cynthia. theol- Salads endothelial young. which as you I mean, explain I think is the innermost lining of all of our blood vessels right? Is this is this where a lot of our Nitric Oxide is produced from the endothelial cells. It is so we've quantified this so about fifty percent of our nitric oxide comes from the deal sales. And as I mentioned, that's the fifty percent of that goes away with time. And so that's the reason four age-related cardiovascular disease. So stop it so I'm a five year old right? Just by being a human being. In having you know. And endothelial cells coursing throughout my body is, are they just naturally producing nitric oxide? Just all day long. As long as that five year old is eating, a decent diet is active, but if you've got an obese five-year-old that sedentary. That's. Heating. Chips and cookies and Sodas all day. He has probably the endothelial health of fifty or sixty year old. So that tells us really the damaging effects of lifestyle on endothelial health biology. Okay, and so let's say on that five year old. That is eating really an atrocious standard American Diet. How quickly can I turn it around by? By. Bye Not disrupting the pathways and eating the right things, and all that I. turned around super-quick yet. Usually it happens in a matter of days I mean our bodies very resilient in the fact that it wants to do its job. The salesman of do their job. They just need. You have to give them what they need to do. Their job and get the stuff out of the way that's hitting. Do Their job so when you change your diet. I mean it's similar to smoking. You can stop smoking and see the benefits within twenty four forty eight hours later in terms of how you feel you breathing and a lot of that are basket related effects so same thing with diet if you eliminate all the post-prandial inflammation that occurs from eating a lot of process, nasty foods, the causes endothelial dysfunction. Then you don't get that inflammatory response and inflammations key driver disease so As I'm sure you may or may not know. We are. We are not fans of of meat. Right animal by products. You know we feel like they're. They're inflammatory they. They injure. OUR BODIES A multitude of levels, are you. Are you a fan of animal products? I mean if I came into you and I. Had Low nitric oxide. Would you say you know what go easy on the meat and really bump up the fruits, vegetables green leafy. But for me. It's a balance I mean personally I'm a meat eater, but before I eat meat, always eat a salad and I think these social norms are really preparing the body for this post-prandial. oxidative stress that occurs from processing animal proteins, or even there's some some post pringle, inflammation and. oxidative stress from digesting any any protein whether it's play Bass Strait, animal-based Mirror. The problem with most Americans isn't that they're over eating meat. It's they're under eating vegetables. So for me, you get a good mix of micronutrients and vitamins from a balanced diet. There are certain things that are in animal products that aren't in. Plant based diets. So you got you got couple of options you can supplement what's missing? Which I think is very important or eat a balanced diet, but I think there is no substitute for a balanced diet and moderate physical exercise and people are looking for appeal. They can take to overcome. That doesn't exist won't exist. So I'd love. In this book Netegh Oxide the Solution Right the no solution you talk about some really smark methods. Increase your nitric oxide production I'd love to throw out a couple that you write about and then if you could just expand on that trip, so the first one you talk about is breathe deeply. Sounds pretty simple. It's seems like a simple exercise right, but I don't think enough people are doing it. Well again that's very important, but these the Sinus epithelial cells contain the since I'm nitric oxide synthase just as the endothelial cells in the lining of the blood vessels. So if that enzyme is dysfunctional in the endothelial cells, the same conditions exist. That's GONNA. Make it dysfunctional epithelial cells. So debriefing is really not gonNA. Give you the optimal nitric oxide effect until you re couple that enzyme and make it functional. So that's number one same thing if the plant based Diet, but you're using mouthwash antibiotic. You'RE NOT GONNA get the benefit of the two very similar analogy, but here's the deal if you if you know that enzyme working or you employ the strategies that restore endothelial function. Then, simply deep breathing through your nose activates the mechanic receptors on these epithelial cells and generates nitric oxide. And that's why in those patients, simply deep breathing can lower your blood pressure. Can you give me an example like how often and my? Breathing in through my nose to my mouth. If you do that like ten times like an NF five second interval breathe in for five seconds. Hold it for a second. Yup, and then exhale for like five to six seconds. He can do that Tim Times, that's been shown to be very effective at lowering blood pressure provided. That enzyme is functional. That makes nitric oxide. Okay, all right hydration. He again. There's no substitute I. mean if your volume depleted and your sills are concentrated, not just in. Toxic byproducts that causes cells to be dysfunctional, so you have to hydrate, but here's the you have to drink good water. In. Most water is toxic municipal water I. Don't recommend anybody drinking municipal water. Get Fluoride in its chlorine has cut. Drug metabolites in it, so you're getting a lot of estrogens in the water. So public water is made to basically for safety anti microbial. They don't test for these drug metabolites that we urinate or defecate out that people are taking where you recommend. I I recommend highly recommend the water purification system that takes out the bad stuff. The chloride flooring the drug metabolites and basically puts back the trace minerals. This naturally found in water. Right and then Do you recommend a certain quantity of water, or is it just depend on active? You are and I think it'd be. Everybody's different. It's hard to make a one size fits. Offer any. Altering probably gallon half gallons of water day, but active. I work out by sitting Lassana sweats after rehydrate. I'm going to be getting to that. you say I mean again. These these are all sound like pretty simple solutions here, but so we started breathe deeply than we had hydration. Good Sleep. Could sleep is important. Sleep is when our body heals. And so if we don't get good sleep, our body doesn't have the chance to heal and. Doesn't perform. Optimize Shit, and then the other important components sleep is people with obstructive sleep apnea? Hugely increases your risk of heart, attack and stroke. And, so that pathway that makes nitric oxide in the lining of the blood vessels requires oxygen. And if you're hypoc during your sleep, because you're not breathing, then your body can't make nitric oxide. And it puts you at risk for cardiovascular so again there is a bona fide mechanism of action of why using Proton pump inhibitors leads to heart, attack and stroke. Bona fide mechanism of why having sleep. APNEA leads to heart, attack and stroke. It's all around nitric oxide Do you have any recommendations for people to get a good night's sleep? Most people eighty five percent of Americans are deficient in magnesium manganese. Them's involved I. Think hundred and eighty seven biochemical reactions in magnesium is coming. That tell people take five hundred milligrams of magnesium every night for you go to bid. If you're like most Americans. You're deficient, so it's. Going to provide you missing nutrient intuit's it's coming. It'll help you sleep better, and then you have to turn off your phones. TURN OFF! Exposure delights artificial lights, and that's not how our bodies evolved to sleep. We have to have a down period to prepare about for sleep. I love a cool environment. Is Sixty six degrees at night. Yeah, yeah! And you talked about this earlier a little bit, but you. good bacteria. And I think that maybe around. That would be everything that people are doing inadvertently. with the mouth wash the fluoride toothpaste with the antacids that are basically wiping out the good bacteria and preventing. That What would you call it? That reaction is occur despite osas Yup. So what I mean, we become a GERMOPHOBIC society especially now in this age of Krahn virus, and all these rapid. Epidemics of infectious bacteria or. So. Everybody's using mouthwash. Everybody's using the antibacterial soap. People Bay two three times a day. No one sweats. No one gets dirty. And there's consequences to that. Because the bacteria that live in and on our body outnumber own human cells tend to one. And most of these bacteria are in and on our body to do things that we as humans can't do. Or haven't yet evolved. So there's always collateral damage of this, so yeah you want to you know, be free from infectious and pathogenic bacteria, but the collateral damage of that is you're killing the good guys. and the good guys are providing. Your body was something that it needs. And so you have. You can't do this I mean like like if I get septic, I want an antibiotic I think it's it's a lifesaving procedure in pretty important discovery, but overusing antibiotics using mouthwash, using antibacterial soaps, lotions bathing two to three times a day, their consequences to them, and it's known that people who grow up in a rural environment. Harb have less allergies are typically more healthy than people who live in an. Urban Environment. And so I live out on. A fifteen minutes way out in the woods on hundreds of acres and. I'm quite observe. And so I've noticed Tina grown up around horses and cows and dogs that if you bathe, your dog or horse was the first thing they. Role in the dirt, they go role on the dirty right because they've recognized innately that you've just removed a lot of the good bacteria from their body through the soaps and shampoos what they do, they go out and re unoccupied themselves in the dirt. So, that's a very important observation. Yeah, and now we've got people who in sweating I think is overlooked. Thing no one sweats anymore. We get in our air, conditioned house and travel air, conditioned car, air, conditioned office and come home, one of the main routes of exposure of toxins through sweating. Yeah. We had a woman on the first season of of strong Dr. Robin Shut can who is a gastro in Toronto Gist and her motto is to. Eat clean live dirty. I like kind of a little bit like what you were just saying there. Dr Brian says dogs and other animals innately know how to give their bodies what they need by rolling around in the dirt. The same goes for their food. Why we're proud partner this. With wilder. Animals no better and they deserve better, which is why wilder dog food is packed with only clean protein sources and easily digestible ingredients for superior gut health. No Junkie Meat Products here. Scroll down to view. The show notes or visit plan strong, high cast, dot, com, and Click on the wild earth banner to claim your exclusive offer for up to fifty percent off your dog food purchase. If I'm. Aging let's say I'm in. My Sixties Seventies. But I'm also eating this way and eating. Let's say you know. My Dad's protocol for his patients is sixty seven. Basically fist handfuls of some sort of Greenleaf dark green leafy every single day now. He I don't believe ever had the knowledge about. Organic versus conventional right in the difference there, but let's say you're. Let's say you were doing the conventional. You're doing everything correct. If I'm sixty. Seventy is the potential that I could have the nitric oxide production of a healthy twenty thirty year old. That is very possible provided. You're not doing the things that disrupt that metabolism into nitric oxide, right? It's a very and I think that's the reason that he sees such a disparity in seventy year old people. You get some seventy eighty year, olds who rolling in a wheelchair on oxygen. -pletely horrible quality of life to the country at sixty seventy year. Old Guys are playing golf every day. In fact, I just play golf with eighty five year old in West Palm Beach and he still drives about three hundred and forty yards. Remarkable. But he's active heats a good diet. He does a good clean life, and that's the difference so for me. It's not about. The quantity of life. It's the quality of life, but I think if you do the right thing is, you can have both right, so you mentioned this eighty four year old, driving the golf ball, three hundred and forty yards. So as an athlete right, I've been an athlete my whole life. Do you feel like I guess it's nitrates. NITRITES that can produce nitric oxide in me would be considered a performer a performance enhancer. No doubt about it. I mean the clinical published randomized controlled trials. Tell us that in fact, your ability to generate nitric oxide which is measured by plasma levels of Nitrite League predicts how well you can perform. And so if you supplement this Ir-, titrate your blood levels up of this. It's been shown to enhance performance. And, so there's a couple of ways to do this and so. You know when you begin to exercise. In young healthy people are well trained athletes. When you begin to exercise, that stimulates nitric oxide production. That's why exercises medicine. So? It's bidirectional. It's Bidirectional, but. There's a critical. Cross point here. That when you reach your threshold for the. Cells in the blood vessels to make nitric oxide. You need oxygen. So when you run out of oxygen when you're exercising, which is the ANAEROBIC threshold? Then nitric oxide production in the lining of the blood vessels shuts down. So then that's when you run out of fuel. Typically, he switched to the centre. Aerobic metabolism like acid builds up and that's the whole set of. Performance. But what we've recognized that if you can titrate your levels up prior that when that pathway of nitric oxide? Stops working then. This reservoir of nitrate nitrile can be reduced to nitrites. Under low oxygen. So you've got a buffer system, and that's the buffer system. That's really the difference between winning and losing especially in Olympic. Have you quantify this? As far as let's say, I've got A. You know a big workout tomorrow that I. WanNa, get ready for should I. You know how many milligrams I WANNA do. Like how many hours before and how many days before do I? WanNa be ramping it up. So if you're using so, we have A. Technology that actually generates nitric oxide guests and we published this. Peer Reviewed Journal did three minutes before time trial on a bicycle. That, if you take that twenty minutes before your exercise, you can increase your time by three percent. That's phenomenal. I mean it's truly the difference between first and last. But, if in, but again it depends on the type of activity you're going to do so. The metabolic requirements of a time-trial much difference than say resistance, training or high in high intensity interval training, so there's protocols being developed now and so if you want to utilize nitrate. As a substrate that takes ninety to one hundred twenty minutes. To go through this Terro Salary Circuit to be activated by the bacteria to swallow it generate nitric oxide and the Fluent of the stomach. So for that protocol has just nitrate. Then you have to take this about an hour and a half to two hours prior right, but if you're using mouth was using antibiotics, we can't make stomach acid. They're not going to get the performance enhancing benefits. But nitric oxide or nitrile per se. You can take the ten minutes before that provides that buffer reservoir that will allow you to extend that anaerobic threshold and perform better than your competitors. So do do you know our it? To the best of your knowledge, you know many sports, teams, or athletes that are that are supplementing with some sort of you know, beet, powder, beet, juices, and stuff like that. We have I developed a commercial be product in technology. We have close to two hundred sports teams that use it both professional NCWA from. NFL ALL NCW programs including University of Texas here MLB teams NBA. Teams hockey teams, while in fact, the entire US Olympic team in two thousand sixteen, using our technology. So the cat's out of the bag, get settled back. At first it was as any competitive people that were using. Our products didn't want their competitors to know right. But then it became aware because these sports. Dietitians speak. Go to these conferences, and then they let the cat out of the. We've got these other sports dietitians ago. Hey, we heard so and so was using this. We need this. And we hear that it's a game changer. How important do you think it is that people? Let's say Like again I'll refer to my father and his protocol where he likes his patients to do. Six servings of green leafy day. And he likes them to chew them to masticate them not to throw them in a blender and. Drink them is a smoothie. Do you think there's benefit to shooting? Down, so there's several benefits number one. You just increase the surface area of the food particles. You're digesting. See a better breakdown in the stomach and the guest Tesla when you're join when you're shoeing, so you break them down into smaller particles, but then number two is. You're increasing the resident time in the activation time for these bacteria to utilize the nitrate. In that particular protocol, you wouldn't necessarily have to wait ninety minutes until. Right and Tarot celebrates circuit. Put it back in your salary glands. There's enough resident time in the to and for sixty or ninety seconds. Those bacteria have that substrate available right then and there to start responding on him, said almost primes the pump if you will right right. Well So I think that I read that you are such a fan of of Ano-. Nitric oxide that in your. Estimation, it should be considered a vitamin right. Well I think. There's ways or put on par with with a vitamin right because if you have if people, aren't you if you're not getting enough, it causes the diseases, and it sounds like I mean if we look at if you look at the definition of a vitamin that was defined I think my customer funk back in many hundreds of years ago. That it's produced naturally in the body. Or found. Naturally in certain foods. And deficiencies caused specific disease, and if he repeated, the disease goes away. So the best examples vitamin C.. You don't get enough vitamin C.. You get scurvy. You can completely overcome scurvy giving it back. That's the best best definition of vitamin. We think there's evidence to support that if your body can't make nitric oxide so number one, it's naturally produced number two. You can get it from your diet, but if your body is deficient in nitric oxide. You're subject to a host of chronic disease, including heart, disease and stroke number one killer of men and women worldwide. And it's been shown that if he can replete. And recapitulate nitric oxide, they signalling. You don't get cardiovascular disease in many age. Related Diseases Go away, so it's not I. Mean want to trivialize scurvy Beri Barrier. Things like that, but deficiency of nitric oxide causes the burden of diseases that face Americans and people worldwide day, but I think it's not nitric oxide. The end goal is to get to nitric oxide, so vitamins are typically stable. Right so I. Think we've always looked at. Nitrate is kind of what we call a pre pro drug or pro vitamin. nitrile would be kind of the free vitamin, and then nitric oxide is the actually active agent. And so that's. There's evidence for that in physiology We need vitamin D Vitamin D is metabolized into by the bacteria in the gut to perform the active form or activated by ultraviolet light. same thing with thyroid hormone body produces t four or given t four allow the body to convert it but inactive hormone. So nitrate would be like T. four nitrile teeth, reactive hormone, nitric oxide bt, too, so there's. The body works and so. This isn't fallen physiology. But I think what we have to do is really understand. How can we repeat this activity through the Diet? Optimize our own systems to utilize that to generate nitric oxide. That includes eating a good diet, but eliminating the bad stuff that's in our body. That hitting this metabolism. Yeah, yeah, I want to show you this photo I. Don't know if you've seen this. This is from my father's severed. Okay, and he basically here. This is you know one of his his patients. You can see this as the left anterior descending artery. I'll put this in the show notes Yep on the podcast for for people that are listening, so you can see it, but you know this is two and a half years later, and this is before my father kind of knew about nitric oxide, because as you can see here. This is nineteen, ninety six to nineteen, ninety nine. and. My question to you is. Do you think that this reversal was able to happen? just because he was eliminating. You know kind of all the. The at the time the the foods that he believed were injuring the endothelial cells, and then just because this is such a heavy. Fruit and vegetable based Diet. And obviously green leafy he was able to. Basically you know, metabolize away the platform nations, and then you know restore the body's ability to produce nitric oxide I mean yeah, look, you can't argue with data. Obviously, there's data are open to different interpretations, but the date or the date, and the fact that you can reverse heart disease with this is very profound, so what I like to do is I'd like to start with things work. And then work backwards and figure out the mechanism. Tweak and make it actually better. I think that's why basic science today in today's culture and academia doesn't work because people try to find their favorite protein or favor, molecules favored enzyme and make it fit into biological physiological system. Yeah, and it's like putting a square peg in a round hole, but I think if you start with what works and work backwards. I think cancer your question. There are number of things that are happening there, too, but one when you eat a plant based Diet. Nitric oxides a very important component to that, but there's also other micronutrients that were probably missing in their previous diet that they're now getting. But to me goes back to the basis of everything that I consider. Your body heals when it's given. What's missing in you eliminate what's inhibiting the process? I think a plant based. Diet probably provides a lot of that. Benefit not only. Are you getting a lot of fiber other micronutrients in there. But provided your body. Has the systems intact? It's going to utilize the nitrate from that plant based diet to generate nitric oxide. We nitric oxide can reverse plaque deposition revert to. LEAD TO REVERSE LIPID TRANSPORT CLEANUP. Blood vessels make them pliable functional. Right in the. We would explain that data one hundred percent, yeah. Well, I mean I think that they should rename nitric oxide to Nirvana. Nirvana. It sounds like it's the I mean it is it is it is miraculous? And I think more people you know need need this information. Know what they can do to make sure they're not disrupting. The an pathways and doing everything they can to bump up their their production of it I. Just I think it's really phenomenal that you have devoted your life's work to to know I think what we WANNA. Do want to say yes to no end right now. Yes, to know. Yeah, you know I. Think all of us looked for a profession that we can change people's lives I mean I think a lot of people are motivated by that. I think very few people actually have the opportunity to do that in a real sense world you can. Can fake ourselves in the same at Suffield, very fortunate and blessed to. Be In this field for twenty years, and to contribute to the knowledge base of this, but. You Know I. Think this is certainly one of those scenarios where what you don't know can kill you. And it really doesn't have to be that way. This is very simple, common sense stuff, but I think it's education. Lack of education lack of awareness that everybody has a good intent for the most part in doing the things that they do, but we have to recognize the consequences, so I think again if we begin to understand and appreciate how the body makes nitric oxide. What are you doing your daily life? This disrupting this natural production of this molecule eliminate that. He's a good dog gets exercise and sweat. Yeah, it's pretty simple. We're now four months into this pandemic and I caught up for a few minutes with Dr Brian just last week over zoom about what he's doing as we speak using nitric oxide to treat symptoms of Covid nineteen especially. In our most vulnerable populations. No doubt you're going to be hearing more about this subject in the very near future Nathan. It's good to see you again. I think the last time that that I we spoke it was in person. In in Austin and it was pretty Kobe nineteen actually it was the very beginning of February before this was even was even really being being talked about A lot has happened since then. What's going on in your world? But through the even virtual, yeah, we're. We're living in the certainly different time than it was when we met face to face for the PODCAST. We know you know four months. This Kobe pandemic is that it is a serious virus that will recognizing. There's certain populations that were to infection that happens to be the African, American community. In. The data to me. You're really clear. 'cause there's been known health disparities. African American Hispanic population now for probably fifty sixty years in address in that out becoming very apparent with the Copenhagen because African Americans are more seemed to be more susceptible to infection. Rate of hospitalization is in a five to six times higher than any other, racial or ethnic group. The severity of disease seems to progress much much more rapidly, and then the risk of death is anywhere from you know some reports four to six times higher risk of death. Sometimes it's. Reporter showing ten times higher risk of death from African Americans. So here's what's relevant for what we talked about months ago. To now is that the health disparities of African Americans are due to lack of production of nitric oxide in were no, we know now know that people that have come abilities or really symptoms of insulation, nitric oxide production of the ones that suffered the worst severity of the disease, hospitalization and death. So now we have a clear mechanism. Of why African Americans are suffering from this? As well as Hispanics really focused on the African American population, and now we have ways, and we're actually investigating this. So, what will keep in touch in key to this? But to me? This is very important because no one's address to help disparities about African Americans despite the fact that we now know a mechanism of action, his loss of nitric oxide production, and now we have a chance to intervene in an address is very vulnerable population in a very important time in our lifetime. That's very exciting and very timely Do, you have! Do you have any thoughts on what it is? That makes the African American demographic so vulnerable. It's genetic an lifestyle so There's a known g-6 PD decision. See and African Americans tend to twelve percent penetration were another populations abuse less than five their salt, sensitive hypertension that seems to be more prevalent in the African American community. A lot of its lifestyle diet in so all of those both from genetic. response to these environmental and genetic factors really make some more susceptible to infection in the severity of disease. Progresses really really rapidly and most importantly gives us a chance to intervene in understanding this from a mechanistic standpoint and really help. People. Antastic, so how how have you been doing over the last three or four months with with Cova, one thousand, nine, hundred, you and your family doing? But we're doing great. Yeah, it's been kind of great reset button for me because artist parable about one hundred and forty hundred and fifty thousand miles. A year got every week traveling lecturing somewhere, so got a lot of work done around the ranch where West included. You. Come home, eight hundred acres up in the middle of. Nowhere in Texas and so we're secluded rice elated we've had. A lot of them and gives me time to spend. Chance to spend time with the wife and kids Nice Nice while I really appreciate the the quick update. We're going to obviously. Add this into the into the live episode that we have when we were together, but let me just sign out with a new sign off which is. Peace engine to nitric oxide. Thanks! I WANNA. Thank Dr Brian for his groundbreaking and dedicated research for the last twenty five years when cells can't get oxygen, organs and tissues fail, and that's the basis for most disease. But by following some of the advice in this episode, especially around Chewing Your Greens on a daily basis, you can reverse this trend and turn your body into a nitric oxide machine. And if you're one of the millions of Americans who rely on Antacids, antibiotics or floride on a daily basis, know that there's a better way there's no prescription or medication that can overcome physiology, and once you restore nitric oxide production. Everything works better. Make, sure you visit the podcast page at plan. Strong PODCAST DOT COM to learn more and download. Some of the key tips from today's jam packed show. The plan strong PODCAST team includes law recorded which amy mackey Patrick Gavin. Wade Clark and Kerry Barrett I want to thank my parents Dr Welby, Elston Junior, and an Kreil, Hustle Ston for creating a legacy that will be carried on for generations and being willing to go against the current and trudge upstream to the causation. All better for it.

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