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The Tim McKernan Show Ep. 334 Harrison Bader


Yes yes welcome into the Tim. Mckernan show on the inside S. T. L. Podcast network from the home loan expert. Dot Com studios our guest this week from Jupiter Florida for Cardinal Spring. Training is center fielder. Harrison baiter attention on Harrison. Baiter this spring. What will he do in twenty twenty but what has he done over the off season spring training to put himself in a better position than he was in the end of twenty nine thousand nine offensively season which he hit two? Oh five nonetheless baiter with a great deal of confidence. The cardinal winter warm up when asked about being the center fielder said Yeah. I'm the starting center fielder. Matter of factly. A great deal of confidence from Harrison vader. Some fans love it. Some fans don't care for it you'll hear it on display and his reaction to those who don't particularly care for him not only fans not only social media but also Keith Olbermann. That's all coming up here in this conversation presented by Mark Hanna of Evergreen Wealth Strategies Harrison. Baiter guest here on the Tim. Mckernan shown if you missed any of our interviews so far it's spring training. We've had Jack Flares we've had Paul Goldschmidt and we've had Dylan Carlson. So if you've missed him you can listen to them. They're evergreen and you can enjoy many time plus in addition to our interviews. Every Monday we have questions from the audience. But it's really opinions from the audience in addition to questions so send in whatever Tim. Mckernan it inside. T. L. DOT COM TMC K. E. R. A. N. At Inside S. T. L. Com. At is how you can send your questions or opinions and it can be on any topic anything. Anything challenge the INBOX. Send something in it. You think there's no way it'll get red you got nothing to lose email me. T- mckernan at inside S. T. L. DOT com that airs every Wednesday on the inside. Sto podcast network. The Tim mckernan shown. 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Our guest is cardinal center fielder Harrison vader Harrison. Thanks for sitting down with me and I appreciate. It ended up prompting. So how are things going so far? Here it It can't for you. Everything's young really good Guys came in ready to play ready to perform myself. Obviously being one of them I think the level of focus that we have again stay three today. I think Could not have been could not have been better for Iraq Important thing again about camp and leading into season Yarmuk everything count now games kind of creep up on. Us really quickly which they've kind of changed the past couple of years which I don't mind at all it is what it is but what's that like. How quickly you guys are playing as opposed to this working out exactly. Yeah I'm not having those days or Kinda you can kinda come in here now. Really keep the focus because you got to prepare to the Janas Field. And once once his game time things move fast so Yeah like I said. Level Vogue has been great as far as your off season. What were you thinking about this off season? I saw a lot of social media posts. Working on with Tommy Fam- down in south Florida was like your mindset in between the national series and showing up here Just again just work hard work smart. Get everything fire in the right direction and in the same direction and I've been fortunate to have a lot of a lot of feedback from my few seasons in the league this year or this up until this point and I think the biggest thing again like I said it's just working smart understanding. Why specific offensive. I haven't been given those I wanted. And then as a result just taking it taking all in than going on and working There's really no shortcut between the play. I WanNa be in the play. I am on paper and that's hard work And surround yourself with the right people. So it was a great off-season what kind of feedback. When you say you're getting feedback from coaches players other players. Who Played The game just a number? I don't like Edmonds. Thanks super highly of you guys like that that I mean I kind of think Watching video watching ball flight Batted balls off the bat and then obviously the numbers you don't WanNa look at the number as the the be all end all but Just understanding you know. You hit a ball down the middle. You hit a hard ground ball. Shortstop why why is it happening? Why you consistently hitting sliders and everything. Why are they consistent? Going to the polls side things like that. Those will give you the best feedback. The ball the ball gives us feedback so just understanding. That was last year difficult. Like if you look at it from April to the end of the season was that something. That was tough team. Did well for you individually. Was that tough individually. It was because again. I've I've said this before the way I viewed it and view it now and have in offseason everything when I was kinda getting ready to start off season. Cu who gonna work with. And what I was going to do and I've been super fortune my career. I've never had any injuries had three years of Florida where I put up. Great numbers all put the minor leagues. I put a good numbers. Never injured played every day. I hear the big leagues you know had had no k season. You know I did some things some things well and you know year two of the major leagues Kinda hit. My first bump as an athlete didn't really know how to find myself. Dig My own whole out of it. You know is putting the ball in play but You know it was getting hit a guys it. Was you know I wasn't really correctly coming to the zone and allow myself more room for era? The kind of you know maybe get some more bases here and there so you know as a twenty four twenty five zero to have your first real bump you know as an athlete is a. I really blessed as a result of that. Shook it off so It's just a matter of getting kicked in the teeth and find a way to to fight back and I I feel really prepared for this for this season coming up for spring training and I'm looking forward to just letting it play on the on the outside looking in it and I want to make clear cut from high school three or four years so you know faulk mate. What do I know above but with that said it looks like they were just breaking ball breaking ball breaking ball low outside at the end of the at the end of the year in particular but obviously it it at some point throughout the course of the season as well when when you're trying to work on that assuming that is something that you're working on how much of that is like okay pitch recognition or just like laying off. I want to dig into the weeds on that because I mean on the outside looking at again guy who got cut three or four years that that that seems like that has been one of the issue I mean you're not going to be perfect this game by any means You definitely for pitches and this and that but Again at the end of the at the end of the year I mean at the end of the at the end of the day. You just gotTA UNDERSTAND THAT. The it's such a flash you know. Sometimes you might think that don't fastball. Thrown a break and vice versa. I guess I'm trying to say is If you can consistently get your body in a good position good athletic position to go out. Then react understand. What the pitcher trying to do to you what you might be. Do you do your research do your preparation before the game and understand how how might look and then the different break on in and whatnot if you consistently get yourself in athletic position athletic enough to do a lot of damage on any pitch and his own I felt it before I felt in the off season. The only difference is I just haven't really been able to do a consistently enough by my own standards but I have felt it Just a matter of working Nadan understanding entrusting that and having confidence in that. I don't need to go up there and look my perfect pitch and my perfect off to have success. You go ahead yeah. No I'm just saying I get in that position you're going to be successful and it's just a matter of doing it consistently enough and being on time to have to have that success in the last year is a great example of how. I didn't do that I didn't. I didn't have the confidence as a result of my rhythm and timing I was searching a little bit and then again it happens. It is Not the first player ever to to have an off season or or would I hit her have Myopia as I'm not the first player and I won't be the last one But I'm definitely gonna be someone who's going to bounce back from it. I learned a lot from. I'm just looking forward to again. Just just let my town play Because there is a lot in there for sure And I'm I'm very thankful and I. You know you don't ever want to betray your gifts so I'm looking forward to going out there and plan free and his team win the magnifying glasses on when you're in the final four teams left now. The magnifying glasses on you. When you're facing Sherzer Strasbourg? Poor been sound like Annabel Sanchez. Was You know nothing? He pitched a phenomenal game and had helped postseason as well. So then people are like Oh my God and then it kind of becomes the tastes that people remember even though you guys did win the division and beat a very brave team to get there. What is what is your thought on Matt Carpenter had some comments I thought pretty interesting feels like the division and beating the braves wasn't really celebrated per se and it was kind of weird. I know you don't have you know ten years in the League to compare and contrast postseasons and the reception. But I've talked about this before. I feel like the fan base in Saint Saint Louis a little angst ridden. I guess about about the team. Despite the fact that the team was in the IT's weird you know. I've been a lifelong Saint Louis and I've seen a lot of teams go to the NFC S and usually leads to a lot of optimism for the next year this year. I feel like people are like well. The guy struggled offensively and they didn't do anything to add to the offense so what's going on. That's the perspective of the fan base. What is your perspective? The Guy who actually is doing this for a living is inside that room. Yeah I mean you can. Only you can only hope that that our fan base is is proud of what we did last year. And there you can only hope that they're looking forward to all the promise and positively that the same exact group has moved into the next year but not comment. It really doesn't bother me by any means I I know what we're capable of I know we did last year with something to be celebrated for shore And again we're just GONNA go out there and play our Brennan Baseball and if People WanNa Jump On the bandwagon and be happy for us as great. We welcome everybody. But if you know if you're going to be a naysayer I mean. Negative really is no room for you and you don't really belong in in in the stadium for rooting for us. Because I know one in their wants to give Brandon Baseball. They want us to baseball. And I can assure you that. Top to bottom that roster's full of twenty five guys. Who who love and WanNa play that exact brandon baseball. So you know. These doesn't really bother me. It's going to go out there. And and do our best to kick our points as well. He was laying. I like that we would. He was laying out there. Like if you look at the numbers everybody had their worst offensive years minus. Colton along in the League. And it's not like we're looking for Paul Goldschmidt to return to form from two thousand twelve. I mean just like you know two thousand eighteen You do look at it that way and okay. I see where he's coming from then And then you do think that team won ninety plus Games and a playoff series and guys weren't necessarily firing on all cylinders. Offensively these guys who have done it in the League before you know. It's it's a reasonable perspective is what I'm saying a reasonable perspective and I do understand what it means but to be completely honest and really blunt. I've never been a fan. I've always been an athlete. I've always been on the other side. I've never been someone who's analyzed or dissecting baseball the way fans do And the reality. That situation is that I don't know how to think like a fan so as an athlete as someone who has always tried to strive towards his best performance is best. Ability is best physical shape mental shape. Whatever you WANNA be. I've always been on the side of positive positively. I've always aired on the side of that and there's no room for negativity whatsoever in my life especially in between the white lines so I only look at the positives and that's a team. Effort group guys. Were working out there going hard. Not only did they win the NFL central last year but more experienced together More Games under the belt all working towards the same goal. There's no reason we can't do the exact same so everybody is behind us. Come along for the ride. Yeah Yo how do you handle social media now? Your posts are amusing. But as far as like if you do have somebody's GonNa come in there and try and troll. You're sharp shoot about posting like some dumb thing about you know what you're wearing that day better some you know asshole like that. No no I mean. There's always people like that and I. I don't pay attention to any of this. Do you ever engage. Join the conversation with Harrison. Baiter here on the Tim mckernan Shell. We are in the home. Loan expert Dot Com studios in those studios are in Jupiter Florida for Spring Training. That's where Harrison Baiter. I caught up at Roger Dean Stadium talking it over here on the program Harrison being very candid and all of these conversations and all of the questions from the audience. Podcasts are made possible by our sponsors and James Carlton has been with us since the beginning October. First two thousand seventeen like ninety interview with Gary Pinkel and here we are in March of twenty twenty. 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It's hard to stop a train design air heating and cooling online at designer service common now back to Harrison baiter never. I think that's a good play. I never will yeah. Those types of people are just I mean not even worth my time not worth anybody's time again because You know it's just it's just it's it's funny you treat. I treat social media the way I would treat I don't really know where I was going with that one but I just treat social media something that's fun. It's engaging You I post you. Know anything on my. My mother follows me so anything that my mother and might not like I would never post. And that's how social media. It's not to be taken seriously but it. It IS UNFORTUNATE PEOPLE. Use It as a platform to to kind of beat up players and this and that. I mean but I'm not the thing it's like I got cut three or four years in high school. How can I sing elleman? What's wrong with you not being able to hit a break? I can talk about it now. I got a lot of self awareness problems. I don't have any time for those Betas turf all right now. I was covering the team regular basis. Like in mentioned Edmunds and in the early two. Thousands of those cardinal teams in guys were able to go out and you're young guy. Major League ballplayer not only Saint Louis where I realized the microscopes super tight but are traveling around the country. Are you guys comfortable like going out? Or is it different ballgame now? Because you're worried somebody's GONNA go. Harrison vader was out and it was a different. Is it a different deal? I mean I realize you weren't playing then you were. You know ten years old but you guys is at a different deal being a ball now in the era of worried people taking pictures or doing stuff like that. You don't have your privacy. Yeah You know in season. It's just business at all times. It's important to find balance. Sometimes you need to alleviate the stress a little bit but it really is business at all times You know I'm not doing anything illegal or anything crazy. I welcome you know photos and everything. I sometimes like to be Respected if I'm having dinner And somebody goes out of their way to say. I don't mean to be rude but you are and take a photo with real quick. Signed something You know I will always signed for children regardless of where I am whether it'd be at a restaurant or anywhere But there are times where it is a little invasive and intrusive but you know that's that's the world we live in and that's that's You know it's an honor to have because I wouldn't want the other way. Yeah because then that means you haven't made it. Yeah that's I do. I do obviously think it's very cool. You know I will always be respectful But no I mean. I don't really think about that stuff. I always just keep keep to myself and do my best to just kinda stay under the radar and stay low key. You have had a couple of back and forth with Keith. Olbermann on social media now was that is that is that what's what's going on there about. Is it personal on his end? Because I would figure you probably don't even you know maybe from what he goes for not enough. I don't know and just again to reiterate what I said before. I don't really have any time for those and I'm just GONNA keep I'm GONNA keep my train moving forward with the smart play to handle all right. You stand up there when the warm milk. I'm the center fielder. And you're saying yeah absolutely and people can I. There's no I mean I mean that's I mean you know you have to prove yourself every day in this game regardless of what you did. The previous year Odyssey United. Coming off into you. Know a cody bellinger. Mvp sees and obviously you're going to be given a more little. You know little more leeway in this and that but It's just just comes from a place of confidence never cockiness. It's never anything united. Eitam my confidence into my preparation and my work from that standpoint. I'm tremendously confident And ready to just attack everything. That's on my way which is You know just solidify myself as what I'm supposed to be in this game so Again it's just I. Don't you know I'm competing against the opposing team? I'm an at times I'm compete against myself. So if I find a way to quiet my mind. Continue to tell my confidence into my work. Go out there and do my prep work against posing teammate Absolutely we'll be the other here so I'm you know I'm not looking for this year but I WANNA say in Saint Louis Monteilh career in just a matter of doing it every day and reprove yourself every day and I'm just ready and I'm excited to do that quick hitters. And then I'll let you get out of here. Who are the leaders in there on the outside looking at all? It's gotta be wainwright it's gotTA BE MOLINA. That would go without saying some who was at Colton. Maybe no well Edmund. He Goes Jack. Flaherty magic flirty. He's one of the guys I'm like man. That's something else considering now. He's young cat. Usually it works that guys in their mid thirties. We've been around for a while. What do you see when when you're in there Yeah you know? I definitely come from the the classical. I guess understanding of a leader. Someone who is older s`amuse experienced If somebody was the exact personality type is adamant right. But they're my age. I would not view them as a leader just because it just part of a lead comes from wisdom of Wisdom Experience Age Just you know experiences mold you your age going through life experiences. They they mold you So with that said I think the leaders are without a doubt Yati Ueno Indefinitely decks look up to. I play right beside him. I played at our Poseidon for two years over two years now and I lean on him a lot. You know. Sometimes it's not even baseball related. Which is which is what's so great about that clubhouse because I mean ninety nine percent of what we deal with in season is baseball related but there is that won't pursue can kind of wear on you in tug at you a little bit and having somebody elite type like decks like naughty like Ueno to Kinda. Pull him aside and talk to It it does wonders for us so They definitely know it. I'm very appreciative of all of them. And I'm just again looking forward to playing with guys man because it doesn't last forever. Yeah that's the name of the game. I feel like Dexter has gotten I pol for him. Even though I'm just whatever doing my stuff but like I feel like he's gotten a bad break. Say Louis you know kind of on the outside looking in pisses me off and I've talked about it on the show and so I remember. There's at a bad. He had in game four against the braves. You guys were coming back eventually. One and he was battling battling battling who he was facing like man. I would love for him to get the hit to win this game to kind of put all that. Be Us aside because I feel for him. You know he came in here and I think people just like. Oh you're still at COBB or whatever it is and he's a good guy he's a good guy obviously you're close with respect him and I just want to see not have and again. I realize you're just like dude kind of comes with the territory. Whatever but I want to say I just I know he's a good guy. Nobody wants to be successful and I just hate that I know he he opens up his mansions and this constant crap. No I definitely. I definitely do those vibes as well. you know from from media and fans and whatnot and it is unfortunate but again at the end of the day. I can tell you right now. He does his work Wants to be good. Wants to help wants to win. And those are the best qualities anybody can have as a player as a grown man But again you know it just. It's it's a tough. It's a tough city. It's a pressure cooker. I mean I know I wouldn't want any the way he wouldn't want it any other way. And if you if you have the ability to focus solely on the positivity and solely on the people who do support you everything else kinda blends together and all those people just kind of equal one one bad energy bad vibe. You don't see the the number of an waves of different people because they're always gonna be negative but having the ability to focus on the love and focus on the people when they do things right. Say Well what about you know things in the past not what? That's not what about so Again it's just nobody's perfect and we can all be Mike Trout but You know again. It's just a matter of just going out there and playing hard just keeping your blinders on winning all games man. That's all there is to it three questions. And you're gone Favorite restaurants Saint Louis. What's the GO-TO play? What is the go to play? 'cause I know you have a sophisticated palate So what is what is your. What is your go to play In Saint Louis. My go-to would be dominant. Dominic says I'd nice play down there. He didn't let me down there Movie that you saw over the last five six months that you're like that was damn good what we got Parasite I haven't seen it yet and I've seen like all the other Academy Award nominated or whatever I haven't seen that's another one. I think it's going to be available on demand here like in the next few days. What's that legitimately good sandler? How about that with the dramatic? Turn Me Yeah Yeah Once upon a time in Hollywood loved it loved it. Margot Robbie is fun for the whole family. She's see how you feel about. The Irishman polarizing film didn't like it. God I liked. It sat in the theater and that was the key. I think that was the key. 'cause otherwise I'd be like fucking off with my phone. I saw it in the theater so it made me focus since I didn't really like it because I had predeceased predispositions about it because I heard it was too long out of use in their opinion prior to my seeing it so when it Kinda got slow I just yeah. Yeah they did have Deniro like stopping on a guy and he's you know near eighty probably could have done a different camera on there was a lot of CGI on that and find a one and this is for my money the most important one because you're fashion guy. The the red caps on the road or the blue caps on the road. What is your preference? Sometimes if you guys are playing a team that has the red caps you guys wear the navy caps like when you play the national all the other times though you're wearing the red caps. I like the Navy. Yes yes sort of the fans to the navy's what's Navien Gray as good. Look I think so too I kind of like the nationals have gone on with that and I don't know why they got away from it and it's like the team was playing bad with it. I mean it was before you were here but I think there's too much of a disparity between reading cray a lot of A lot of colors that are blue have a lot of great in them. Nice now you're really going into the weeds on this with me. I like this breakdown as you wash. Blew away it. It tends to become more gray so I think like the red is too vibrant for the gray and it. Just it's just. It's too much of a disparity so and like the angels and the Phillies and the it's all the same uniform. The cardinals have that sick blue and the radio. I'll be bringing more though it's nice. Yeah all right all right. How do you feel about the powder blues? I know you were the model for when the undertaking. I love those. I love those uniforms. I grew up in Willie. Mcgee jumping over Milwaukee's a wall. That's what I got what I grew up on uniforms. I think the color is great. I think it's It's fun I never get to wear them Yeah I'm a fan of the fan of that any bigly uniform on. Yeah exactly hopping all right. Man I've lasted way longer than the fifteen minutes I appreciate it. Thank you so much Harrison. Absolutely thank you for having me so there it is Harrison Baiter with us here on the Tim. Mckernan show it is a pleasure to talk it over with the Cardinal Center fielder and just have a candid conversation so a little background on it I wanted to interview him. I knew I wanted to interview him and and he was walking out and it was a spot where it was later in the day and I know that they're all just kind of like. Yeah I want to get home or go and do whatever it is that they were going to do that. Day and I was standing there with Mike Claiborne outside the clubhouse because the clubhouse was closed so I'm just waiting and I said Hey Hurson you've got about fifteen minutes or so and then of course as always I go over but I really do go into the intent of only going fifteen minutes or so and and then And My clayborn goes. Yeah y'all do. He'll ask some interesting questions and Harrison assures like you're saying that and I don't know if I necessarily asked interesting questions but if if you you hear the interview kind of comes off as You know it's it's kind of a nothing and then. Kinda gets into a spot where he was kind of shooting from the hip and that's who he is and whether one likes it or doesn't like it. He is absolutely confident. I suppose when it gets down to it. If as an athlete on your team or the individuals you pull for you would rather have somebody with a great deal of confidence and to date. You know things can change. You can have injuries. You can have a slump but to date his performance in spring training and we talked before the game started to date his performance in spring training with that new swing. He talked about in the shorter. Swing is absolutely a substantial upgrade over what he was doing in the regular season in the postseason two thousand nineteen. The thing that we talked about that is going to have to improve also is the pitch recognition the ability to lay off breaking balls. Lohan outside the strike zone. That's the key but if you can have his defense And him performing at a much better level offensively. It just makes the cardinals a better team. The question is can he performed much better level offensively. Certainly he thinks so and at least to date again spring training results. So we've got to qualify it as such but So far That has paid off for him again. If you have missed our interviews from spring training you're missing out on conversations with Jack Flaherty with Paul Goldschmidt with Dylan Carlson And still to come more from Jupiter Florida including conversation with Tommy Edmund and I would like to think we will have our spring training. Wrap up conversation which is a tradition of sorts with John. Mozelle Ach That will be coming your way as well and sending your questions or opinions. Whatever is welcome for the questions slash opinions from the audience. Podcast email me at Tim. Mckernan at inside T. L. DOT com. Tmc K. E. R. A. N. at inside St L. Dot Com as always. Thank you two gangster. Pete thank you to Iggy the producers of the Tim mckernan show thank you to our sponsors. The home loan expert Dot Com Ryan Kelly rates at an all time low. You gotTA check it out the home loan expert dot Com Marquette of Evergreen wealth strategy our guests presenting sponsor here on the program and he presents Harrison Baiter this week online at Evergreen S. T. L. DOT COM mark. Hanno with Evergreen Wealth Strategies James Carlton Carlton State Farm Insurance Agency. Three one four nine six one forty eight hundred and designer heating and cooling South Gold Camp and his staff online at designer service dot com plus the place where my wife gets her car. I want to my car. Johnny llandough Chevrolet Online at Llandough DOT com. That's a highway to seventy and the WASHINGTON ELIZABETH EXIT WOUND UP DOT COM. Chevy find new roads. Thank you as always pete. Thank you to our sponsors thanking Harrison. Badir. I'm Tim mckernan. This has been another edition of the Tim. Mckernan show on the inside S. T. L. podcast network.

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