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Live from npr news. I'm jack speer. President biden says that delaying the impeachment. Trial the former president. Donald trump would give the senate time to confirm his cabinet. Npr's asia rosco reports. That house speaker. Nancy pelosi plans to transmit articles of impeachment to the senate on monday. Senate minority leader mitch. Mcconnell has asked him across to delay the start of the impeachment trial until mid february president biden said he was not familiar with the details of mcconnell's plan but that pushing the trial back with give his administration more time to get officials in place running these crises bird biden has declined to weigh in on whether his predecessor should be convicted by the senate and possibly banned from holding federal office. Trump is charged with inciting insurrection after his supporters stormed the capital stirred by trump's false claims of a stolen election. I sh- roscoe. Npr news the white house. This hour senate majority leader. Chuck schumer announced. Trump's impeachment will start the week of february eighth at a signing ceremony at the white house. Today president bind said the. Us economic crisis is deepening. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and action is needed now to help struggling americans by noting that some people are barely hanging on in the government needs to act decisively and boldly to help those who are seeing paychecks reduced or eliminated entirely while saying we cannot change trajectory of the pandemic in the next few months. The president is calling for people to wear masks. He said a goal of one hundred million co vaccinations in the first one hundred days of his presidency president biden his reinstating building standards meant to protect against floods. Npr's rebecca hersher reports the standards had been repealed by the trump administration. President biden included the building standards and one of the executive orders. He signed shortly after he took office. The standards were originally put in place by the obama administration but we're rescinded by the trump administration in two thousand seventeen the standards apply to federally funded buildings including government buildings hospitals public housing and water treatment plants. The must be constructed in ways that protect against floods for example by elevating the first floor off the ground flooding is getting more frequent and severe in many parts of the us because of climate change. The standard is meant to protect against both sea level rise and extreme rainstorms rebecca hersher npr news pharmaceutical maker pfizer's pledging to provide up to forty million doses of its covid nineteen vaccine this year as part of a global effort to get shots to poor and middle income countries. Deal announced today will supply the shots who program known as covax visor. German partner biontech will provide the doses at an undisclosed not for profit price over the course of this year. A mixed close on wall street today. The dow was down one hundred seventy nine points. The nasdaq gained twelve points. The standard and poor's five hundred was down eleven points today to close at thirty eight. Forty one this is. Npr on the forty eighth anniversary of the nineteen seventy three supreme court decision legalizing abortion in the us. Republicans in kansas are advancing an any abortion memo to the state constitution measure past today the kansas state house on an eighty six to thirty eight vote next goes to the state senate for debate. Possibly by next week the men would overturn it two thousand and nineteen kansas supreme court decision declaring abortion a fundamental right under the state's of writes a major new study helps resolve a critical question about how to treat covid nineteen patients in the hospital. Npr's richard harris reports the latest on blood thinning drugs. Doctors noticed early on that many covid patients develop potentially dangerous blood clots but they weren't sure when and how to use blood thinning drugs. A large new study finds people in intensive care should get only small doses of blood thinners while people elsewhere in the hospital with kovic should get a full. Does dr matthew kneel at the university of pittsburgh medical center run the study and send. The result is a surprise. We thought the benefit may well have been in the sickest patients. But what we're seeing now is that the benefit seems to be for patients who are more moderately ill study findings have so far been reported in a press release from the national institutes of health. But neal says the details should be available in days to weeks richard harris. Npr news twitter announced. Today it's permanently banning account linked to the office of iran's supreme leader officials with the microblogging sites. They decision falls posting a picture that appears to show former president. Donald trump playing golf in the shadow of large drone over other accounts tied as a premier have not been pulled down. This is npr.

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