Charlies Angels, The Good Liar, and Midway


wales vagina dinner where where you only have dreamers in posters to judge you move jim in ten strikeout to answer the age old question when all right here we are were sitting in ten backyard where together we got fire going yeah i mean we have a make dinner with somebody absolute eighty ride episode eighty in ten makes the stop it handy market is right so his thinking i told him i said you know once you get a handy market and you know i'd love to get their go there with you but i wasn't able to because we just gotta kinda late so the main thing with getting over the anti marketing stuff ted decides he's gonna get some like kick ass better know cinnamon coffee roasting hosted stout malted mix settling the thing is barely aged the barely beat bomb sterile age be by say fremont because beer matters yeah beer does matter ted we've been waiting awhile alfred this beer and it's been sitting now we have fired the trolley get warm cracked me cool i wasn't scared of the way some of those wag dark no told us oh is that what the string shore i didn't know that was his foot no that's not what the strings are you serious string broke off right it's just wax inappropriate cut myself gosh a why don't we just do the work were watching get that going okay you star well oh you mean you just start all right so we covered a murder mystery in i dunno like ten weeks ago or some no maybe not that long ago how long ago murder murder mystery yeah i think generally a judge jennifer anniston adam sandler right yeah so what i would say is you watch it yeah we watched it okay yeah sure it was like an hour and what a little over an hour and a half a all right so what is drinking freeman some center other free might be bomb then limited twenty release his coffee cinnamon barrel aged beat by beat oh this one line right all right so luke say it's not often were together buddy all right here's the friends wow that's pretty incredible it's amazing movie when you're in the league at a funny thing yes i would say nine six so specific the civic yeah what do you see a fourteen percent wow okay but the cinnamon and the chocolate you won't even notice snow the cinnamon in the coffee in the there's good thing franks not here fall down again i know some murder mystery yes like i said jennifer anniston quick watch yeah quick watch it was like i think our thirty seven or something you know in the the thing that i got out of it though is it hit all the points of netflix like we always talk about netflix aggregated status and i thinking the hits all the dads rate so in no particular order look we gotta play going overhead so in no particular order it has the french bumbling inspector like so right i speak car chase big boobs lots of money good looking people obviously murder the simple foreigners who like you know they they ask him a question and he's like the race car drivers don't like how were you and he's gonna finish line you know like the simple foreigner like it just it salva datum artists you know so i dunno it was i mean it was fun adam sandler was a little too annoying i think you know you realized movies since what fifty first dates fifty first dates is him in drew barrymore sure white right ever cincinnati original movies done has like it's just a vacation vacation well he wants the travel when he writes it into the yeah you no but but you know but i think the the thing about it though is like a little like i felt like he was punching the clock really you know i felt like he was saying like you know like i really don't wanna be here but i probably signed on some agreement i forgot about so i go in and everything i mean entertaining for sure a the one thing today though so they had the magnum p i ferrari an adam sandlers i got my got you know is that thing like keep things in the wrong so he gets in the right size of exactly so today were driving in elway from from lump poke anand there's this black helicopter by us includes is like oh my god that's a cool helicopters and stuff and it was like the magnum p i helicopter you know like air rules no no no not even smaller adam late the small little magnum p i helicopters the little the little round the little round thing yeah yeah it was so cool and i'm like magnum p i and then the other thing we watch those ant man and the wasp okay we wait i one last question oh sure so mystery they did you know knows a very nice mystery murder mystery history doesn't matter and then and then it it it was also like play on clue rent okay without having i don't know if that's going well i was gonna say did you did you watch game they did you know oh we gotta do that night was really good yeah okay one of the get a comparison of the two okay so watch game night yeah i watch this week and i'll watch murder mystery yeah my friend said he doesn't wanna watch it at all and it kept showing up at the top of his cue and you couldn't find this is the the continue to watch what he was watching oh yeah and then helping us that we were gonna like we were gonna go back and watch like i think we're gonna watch app manners something things were like that man missing kept popping up and one final bite i'll do it you know no but i think it is causing the clue a little bit right so at the end they're like oh well you know 'cause she reads murder mystery novels and then it's like oh well it's you know whatever like the race like okay i won't tell you but will talk about next yeah but it's this guy and then he did it this way this person turned out the lights and then this person did that and then the spurs and he's like you know the kind of like they have to explain exactly how it all went down again even though you watched everything you logic exactly that yeah like this audience the audience is to them right now let me watch sandman was okay i likely originally meant better i knew hunter percentages yeah i do i did prefer what is the name aris the mexican one more story in this is what i liked it i i don't think the story was his good but what i liked was everybody who played their part in the story did his mannerisms so yeah the first one they did oh you might have caught off guard by yeah maybe i was looking for one and then when they got there i was like where here right you know so yeah i think that might have been to because there were like oh so all of a sudden it's like like i've been looking for right now is like okay they're gonna come up with maurice story somewhere it's gotta be it pops up and i'm like oh here we go you know one of those things where now i'm like way into it were before it was like more spur of the moment and i didn't really notice he didn't even know he didn't know what you've you didn't know what to expect the first some other question they have to is so stanley has cameo is always the way i didn't do any research but when was this released per when he passed away in i mean is he still doing these or okay so he's in he's in both captain mark captain marvel an indian okay and then he passed away he passed away before the release of captain marvel so how about you already film this is part of this parts in both is okay because when he came into this one the thing i love the when like you know they're doing other ant man stuff shrinking and getting big thing any said something the sixties who's a great but now it's catching up to me here's something you know it's like he's he's hitting all that acid you know but overall though i i liked it you know i it was again we got over the top it's it's not it doesn't have the same small scope of ant man yeah but i but i think i liked that the same small scope of snow but i think he was in the norm is explosion movie the way these other ones and like i mentioned this last week when you look at marvel movies then you have the one offs like if it's a captain captain america snap manners something they typically are smaller scale but when the whole cruise together that's when the the like look here's nonsense happens anyway that that those were the two a what you're watching main things we watched yeah yeah how about you when you watch and so i watch much this week is the court on monday so oh yeah i mean that's short week gavin had three days here so i've been working really well let me stop really quick one thing about why we don't watch a lot of stuff during the the the work year like i'm off the summer right now you know and i'm doing training and stouffer mountain biking and cetera et cetera but the main thing is now that we don't have to go to work well of course it's still but i don't necessarily have to write and we stay up a little bit later so now we have more time to watch stuff you know we get up a little bit later you know we do all that kind of thing with that it just gives us more time to wake veggie in front of the idiot box well nowadays union panel ray a so that's why we've been watching more stuff lately because i'm break but as far as like you know once august september rules running back at work and stuff then it goes back one showing we you but anyway starting cut yup even the minimal minimal not having having watched anything all my all my hours have been spent a just brainstorming marketing ideas for big cast so for trailer junkies vitriol podcasting oh yeah oh yeah i know ted and ted gets a hold of me today's like what you fever bite podcast which time like i here's on my podcast you see fake i'm thinking looking for something to listen to and i come to find out he's like trying to like market everybody in the in the community you know so you don't watch much then not or anything i watch these trailers that it oh wow man that is shortly after you we rented we rented a upside to watch where we have not had an evening where daughter wasn't watching a harry potter red sox no the library lebron gets you get every week we did a library to yeah yeah we just did a lego and then jogger in some star wars thing i dunno was the second piece no no it was the star wars lego thing and then we have been in the mid way yeah oh you went to midway i don't know how i was thinking midway second 'cause it's the midway right all right let's go charlie's angels so a woman empowerment movie yet they all still look gorgeous is there any conflict the venture there no i don't think so okay i'm just asking or does it minimize empowerment in some way not at all some more everything they rip people you're saying they're too good look it's jasmine you saw the jazz that's what i'm getting at times rain right normal rainfall okay so if you say hey hey you guys are gonna be in the show you gotta get closer to the money okay here's another question deacon a good looking charlie's angels as you had the farah fawcett poster near room and you no i did not know i know i know i totally dead now you know with the with the with the with the hair yeah the feathered hair i did not know younger than you owe call total hey like i say there's gonna be a new show get up the might start working here mumbling agrees with me that it's a woman empowerment movie but they they're all to beautiful beautiful says yes well the point i'm getting out when i say that is there these good looking women yet but okay it's women empowerment but yet they're beautiful so men objectify them to go to the movies to watch them right you know what i mean but it's a question of who's in control of situation if she's come in control of the situation that doesn't mean it's not exploitation oh i see oh so you're looking at being exploitative it's not right okay i i get that and then i do like the gal bosley angle right right you know rather then the fat pudgy guys from back in the day and then they they make a big deal it's elizabeth banks the banks produced and elizabeth banks directed and i think she wrote a two so i think she did a lot of so she had the heavy hand in the so more women empowerment exactly yeah yeah not making genie back in the day right he believed that was twenty years ago two thousand well the the thing that's incredible is like that two thousand which is almost twenty years ago i'm saying the housing was the drew barrymore you crew or more i'm thinking is like two thousand doesn't seem that long ago yet i wanna years ago and then patrick stewart yes so in the original show you never saw charlie he's not charlie is he he's not charlie he's like boswell assistant or something like that i don't i dunno i dunno the hierarchy but the stewart like mr shakespeare so yeah it's like a certain facts yeah exactly and the guys like unassisted bosley i mean come on really you know what he turned down he turned down the role in emerging movie for the piece of shit no no no i'm sorry he was he he accepted that role i'm sorry jordan peele turned it down in quit acting when he was over that design mixed my my jordan peele is offered a pile of poop yes like literally yes and then at that point he's like i'm done isn't actor disgusted i'm only gonna write director yes sir patrick stewart says i'll take it likes to shark hoping wow that's incredible it's incredible more do i mean poop but something that guy is amazing isn't actor though i've heard stories about him like onstage so what would like a tweet jackets like carrying out like macbeth and all this stuff i mean the guy's incredible and an saw him do a fellow nights out he was a fellow and the rest of the cast is black wait what what do you mean he was the rest of the get like as a black people yeah okay african american original version also in be quote unquote more black men in person and they're asking how about you guys come around the mike non serious you keep you keep telling you don't want to hear the show and then you keep shining so it's like this year over year okay one more time okay so any original fellow fellow eight v quote unquote more the black pigmented person the rest of the cast days caucasian occasion okay sir patrick did on fellow at the shakespeare theater in washington dc and i saw it and he was also and he was caucasian and the rest of the calf was a some sort of his skin okay it was a mayday and he said my plato wow well you got the same playbill prophetic will will put the picture where they're still drink any more being we're not making a really really good no just have so i got a little weird said some of mine i mean this thing is like drinking like a chocolate cinnamon milk shake something at fourteen percent we should try you have a just a little said a lot of it so hurled charlie's angels i mean you know it looks cute it looks action pack which one of those movies like whether you're at home in the theaters irrelevant but you're gonna go do it expecting a good time you're going to leave knowing that you watch something that was somewhat fun it just didn't ever you know it's like a ocean's eleven kind of movie or something yeah right like you know i mean you just know it's gonna be a fun movie to watch and then like you finish so you're gonna see it yeah i'm excited to see what food banks has offered to this you know act actioner comedy space okay she's incredibly you know the great comedic writer an actress so it's gonna be amazing amazing ted things is gonna be amazing i mean you're probably right about sorry you choose day right any analogy saying the same thing to go 'cause you get like the five bucks offer something dollars helen income and you know where where do you go because my stock at my cousin frank last tonight and he was saying that on tuesdays he goes wrong if he lives over in westwood right and he goes around the corner from his house and it's like five bucks a night of the ticket and you wonder are amc doesn't on tuesday may have seen really urban edwards now is that words the same museum c a s so i wonder if they when that's true i mean we could do that jack yeah just be like what is you're don't even don't even ask don't even say don't even say do you have just say they know you're the scale night lately i get out hiking captain dust that getting by the sec hitler was not the first you know they wouldn't even bosley the man and a woman can listers imbera brother and sister ising looking stuff up we don't this is not the way role in an off job we don't know we were talking about listeners yell at us hell hell around seeing here are the good liar i have a i am a interesting thing about now there is a good liar i'm gonna say x men represent and because we have magni down professor xavier into trailers nine that's it that's it i thought the same thing earlier line but i was like well okay i wouldn't say you stole my line but we were we were thinking along the same line right because i was like wait a minute we're looking at you know again more marvel stuff but were looking at x men and like you said magneto ending xavier savior right be other side of it too though i love how but helen mirren she cozy internet's the computer service it's like my mama june i was on that end i was looking for you know whatever it is right i'm on that google but you know what she's like oh have you ever dated on that computer service whatever was i'm just like really it's called the internet women my my third bird was every time she want done i was thinking about that documentary now oh yeah i i i'm like thirty there she is but we say we say though this is these old folks you've got mail it was it is a well there's no murder scene you've got now okay sure brooklyn murder this is their murder guy being able to have a guy from the dude in front of a train but you do not pay attention as a child i guess i miss that story is that what you're talking about yeah yeah yeah yeah how how'd you feel like you're why it implies betty pushed in front of the to train but here's what i thought was the most interesting though with the with the end and so when the letters go to read and they wanna show wire right they do it in the almost exact way as how the netflix in comes across really and i watch sounds like oh this is on that no it's not you're you're a you had any pavlovian response to screen but they but what they did so like they showed the the red line and then like the red line kind of like expands in the netflix right right they showed the red line but it expanded into a liar and i was like oh no it's not watch good in in the reason i bring that up is is it that when you see that people are like oh sure i'm gonna go watch netflix it's a no brainer right but now with something like this and you see it you're thinking like you're automatically thinking i'm gonna go see this right and you're like oh it's not netflix all right screw it i'm gonna go see it anyway do you think they're getting people halfway over the hurdle of going to the theater my thinking the fact that it's a might be thinking the factor maybe like i dunno like it's one of those things where like they're collecting the datta you know goes back to what i said about murder mystery rape and murder mystery hits all the points and as you're watching it you know you're gonna do the same thing it'd be like oh it hit that it does it hit that it's all the points and i think what the netflix logo and like spoofing the netflix logo you're hitting the point i dunno the good liar i mean i think it's it looks interesting i i just wanted to say the music and be the videos and be editing and it is amazing like oh i think the trailers right now we watched the show and they can't get called brain games games one of the one of the movie i'm sure they were talking about how the brain placed her son you through lady in town here okay like they showed a clip of i suppose a movie right with no sound yeah lighting journal certainly showed it way like uplifting music in lighting and then they showed it went thriller horror and i think they do the big just reinforces the fact with this trailer like that down to end the lighting and the way they cut it like cool like he's like he seemed genuinely nice guy and then it until the return of well i mean think about it though you're watching any horror film in the scary part oftentimes oftentimes isn't even scary it's just they throw some like loud music get in you jump you know and you're like well like hey hey just watching julianne man just watch it to the end right said that the title i mean i would assume that mag nieto is just he's just live a liar he's yeah he's good at it but i think but i think they're both good at it doesn't feel like hounds good at and yes helen's good at lying because she keeps telling me that the first season of documentary now is seizes fifty so now you know of of course he's lying to me and she's good at it and straight faced i mean come on did you not watch clean when she was i didn't watch so now that everybody has seen the trailer to be american liar no the british wire the wire wire told me about you know when british tell the truth well no even one british why you'd think they're telling the truth they do it with class yeah oh yeah they're just so brilliant just sounds so fantastic year first time there you go yeah i first saw you get a car that dude i don't know it's like almost like it's like you got mailer something that it's true roofing overview of the pip you'll come out thank you thank you and then it is definitely murder mystery agatha christie murder no you know you're so right now agatha christie yeah right there and when he says it this year grant is anna leveraging point like is he trying to find something that makes her vulnerable american mm what can i say water if it were tom hanks meg ryan things were filling in the blanks i couldn't remember tom hanks and make it can you see tom hanks go in and pushing someone in front of a train no but that's getting off the gray any isn't true just say oh what if the person on the train burt did he pushes is the volleyball all all right i'm just saying we still don't really know who that person is an did you really see in face doing approaching no i mean but it's it's certainly implied but you're right i mean it could be definitely applies but yeah i mean it could be but any movie that you think and there's always twist and stuff i mean obviously i gotta come telling channel i like both you must be the first to they come to that that that four bucks taking the day off when he got some midway midway oh wait a minute we were supposed to do midway may well you know we've only done one no we did charlie's angels and the good fire on our on our way now midway should have been another man how do i do editing imagine you're just roll with it just rolling okay so really quick though dennis quaid in this yes i think he knew john neckline i'm brian there wouldn't have been better off with randy quaid i mean it is the director of independence fans or maybe kaneohe man you know he was a pilot now man let's see what their children ran away and then you know the thing though i think that's cool about this is like there's a lot of like you know tour a tour tournament or you know all the pearl harbor type stuff like you know i i have we have we know but you don't you don't really see a lot of the battle of midway well i think the movie i thought he was it was strange distort even though it's called midway when they should pearl harbor maine in the history of movie making you don't see a lot of midway okay that's what i meant by that yeah there's the battle of midway right midway airport in chicago goggle is named after the battle of midway all right i'm gonna look at little trivia for you fact check that movie about a long wait is this ship skip the island the mid way which i guess midway oh that's a good question now see i thought it would be island of midway or the battle of midway the hell which mentally which many ways it so the the the shepherd named after the battle maybe i would assume so already and look it up be a fact checker stormed no no i know there's the uss midway right nosers there's the battle of midway oh you're right it's a battle of midway through the island but i don't know what this this movie's about the battle of midway going on yeah yeah right i think we've been to the ship too many times where's the ship yeah no it's it's the it's the museum wales china is you never around how would you have been made away with a decisive naval battle in the pacific standard see i saw of world war two place between four and seven nineteen forty two midway avenue oh my god me tell yeah come on yeah on that just darrow is well the judge and that's too loud liking cut that out that is that that is the you are the hitching yeah so the one thing i did like about the trailer and i'm sure obviously you're gonna see the movie you look at the c g i why and you're looking down from like the top of the hill onto the harbor and you see the the smoked explosions you know the the japanese zeros coming in shooting dropping torpedoes tito's the whole thing right and you see that happening i think it really like it's so lifelike it's not black and white footage right you know i mean which obviously is the real deal but it's it's so lifelike like that it's like damn man i'm like they're in this thing but i mean did you did you like pearl harbor the michael bay movie was that the one where it's ben affleck yeah i would i i'm fifty fifty on it i love yeah i'm fifty fifty on it i loved it i loved let's just try try try yeah you know i think so i liked the director well here's the thing like i liked the movie but then when they did the the doolittle little rated in you know you know doolittle raid was right i'll just not and say okay that's when they found tokyo right they bumped tokyo and then they had to ditch it in the well they ditched it you know and and then but you know midway meaning halfway through the mid way her the way of a lot of men between white i'll be at the plant execution yeah i just say this is no longer working for act we my no longer has some doolittle raid and then they ditched it as you know like i dunno here okay here's my issue with a lot of war movies and so the mel gibson in man that is like that is like florence casualties of war something like how we are so it wasn't about the weather so we were soldiers so the mel gibson we were soldiers or the problem that i have with that movie in the problem that they have with a lot of war movies to include the pearl harbor movie would ben affleck is anytime someone dies or something profound this happening somebody in the movie has the statement meant that is like just ten my life i love her like i don't think people die in war with such profound statement you know and that's like the issue apple depictions of war is like anytime something impactful happens there's like a profound statement by a character well i mean i think i do i do agree that like sometimes you over drama disaster traumatized yeah drama that the dramatization and and you know it can seem fake but i think the slower something happens the more more believable it is you know like when when a gym very ryan when the doctor show you the nose is bleeding out of his liver yeah like it's a slow motion gas line but then it's why does that sound familiar warmer they about vietnam yeah now that's why slauson why doesn't sound that sounds very familiar to me yeah it's a parents now i know it's i think i said it sounds very familiar but yeah i mean the same thing in stats slow what do you think it really is a slow in real life yeah sometimes i think i think unless you're getting blown to pieces he says i think you draw a lot of people die slow i think the league any active combat you would know i never know what i'm saying though is you're okay you get shot you're dying you're bleeding out and everything there's a battle going on around you and there's mortar shells there shrapnel there's gunfire there's all this stuff do you think people can take the time to be like johnny where do you want me to tell your wife and kids before gone bro well no i mean like i don't think i think like just now dropping bombs all right so him year in the book a sinner oh krakauer yeah yeah i did you remember rob hall calling the base camp and telling him that he wasn't gonna try it anymore the he was giving up yeah news gonna die yeah i wanted them to call his wife so he called his wife in australia wall he's done i remember that yeah he needs his childhood his wife on the phone my ass crying everybody in the base camp is like crying telling him to come down just tried it comes down the line and he knew he had a productive professional knowledge of climbing to say like i get in the water yeah i remember call so i mean to me that is very true lines of what you're talking okay i okay okay hold on here however ted i couldn't agree more with that comparison however it is a slow moment in one's life when you are so low on a mountain dying versus a battle raging around you right it differ is definitely different but i i'm not like focus at that point that's why i talked about the same her ryan because it seems right right and they are gathered around him you know they're bc and he's just giovanni vc and he's just laying there dying and it's like this touching moment between them and he doesn't he doesn't do the whole mom zinger got but there's a moment there where you're like they're all connected on this very very deep level i think in moments of extreme draft like when they show it in the movie was like charlie brown born and everything else lows down around you and i only is it not that bryce with dying but in those moments when they were talking to us and they were explaining what what's happening in when i was listening to them and i took a breath it it felt like time had slowed and when i joined the heavy we'd like tv or like the bionic man i'm sure a lot of an elderly woman sorry i apologize i think the window carter i apologize lonely people through that a lot right now on the order of the kind of window carter one you're leaving do lying made eye contact with hey he really was wait what were they saying yeah are they speaking english like we're prepping the operating room now it's sort of like i operation hope you have a very good i think they're real time around you and happening obviously in real time but your time is so slow it's because you're calling in the reality of what's happening to you like you know that your life is ending end these are things you need to get out in his last name them yeah no i get that and i mean i know course tonight not the speaker but we were in you know when mike he had his surgery in stuff and then he has like you know what what is it clear it's like the flu but he had like a fever and a higher risk going on in some viruses and they're like well we don't know what it is but we can't release from the hospital his his respiratory so he had you know the white blood cells so they are hoping it wasn't sections south and he's still like if he was thirty one days days old we would send them home with you but because these thirty days old we can't hurt one eight days whatever it was like within a day or two and really are you kidding me wow that it was kind of being see kenny way so it's like so then some sun downright oh well hold on a minute so they're like well we don't know what's going on but if we do a spinal spinal tap annoying and then you and i'm just like it's like being born a pool you know like everything slows down all right and it looks like why are you crazy yeah i mean he wore maybe i don't know who that is but but what i think so is it's like you as the dying person maybe maybe but you're battle buddy guys who were sitting there trying to stop the bleeding or something there just like in the minute i know they're just in focus like the whole scene doesn't slow down you know i mean you're blessed life that's right now right anyway anyway so get back to midway you get back to where we kind of digressed like ridiculous so dying moments i think i dunno where we were down but i definitely think i i agree i liked that moment you do like the movie movie movies okay so you think that having a profound statement in a movie isn't important thing pretty audience it just it capitalized is the feeling of the moment you know regardless of what happens the real life you know v v wise words a kennedy says you know when when it's deep listening to let snow in the show secret secret could see where he's a he's a few people who were asked like what where do you go when you die at kennedy says i dunno where you go when you die but i know the literally behind can feel it in or even one teams yeah yeah it's more important for the living and the people left then for the person who died right so if you look at it in a story telling sort of away regardless of whether or not what's going on in the movie is is true were accurate or anything the writer of the story story is imposing or implying that emotion yeah that this person dying is going to have that this is what they're thinking least what they're thinking this is what's going on in were just going to play play out their final thoughts in the scene as if they're just talking to people will vocalized will vocalizing right okay i see okay i get it i get out by that so overall though i mean midways is something i argue went to war movies i like these photos realism of the young holder that's exactly what i'm talking about it yeah and i think you know the scene it's so funny could this week we did charlie's angels which is two thousand in the pearl harbor is two thousand everyone and i don't know you know as we talked about last week retirement tron legacy and be original tron so it's like this you know twenty plus years so you bring up a question then you know this was like well if you look at indeed eight free example which is nineteen forty four so that was was seventy five years since speedy which would be like seventy nine years since pearl the harbor i don't think it matters from the time of the incident so what you're saying is like the movie comes out like it could be a civil war movie for us is it doesn't matter right when you're tour tour a tour no i'm saying be actual but so i can get right through me andy reid telling of the story is important for the new generation yes true so okay do you think that like course and i've been the pearl harbor and so on and end do you think that it would have ill will on the japanese in today's generation or what what's the purpose of just to keep the story alive or what do you think i dunno i think you have a place in history and then i think you don't whole you know yeah i mean i don't think the germans nuts it you know what i mean is like right right right timing play different time and place so it's like we were in pearl harbor you know when we're on her honeymoon never gonna place we went to and it was probably like i dunno half japanese and he's half american rose a lot of japanese there you know history history right sell my best running german andy her parents like long she lives in germany boarding right okay i both her parents lost their entire families in concentration camps you deserve german jews no they're not but they were jewish sympathize oh are you know do live quite her family do quite her with that time period you know when we moved in prague and we would go to these places specifically doc tile her parents were like they were pretty lost his kids even though we were grown ground people at the time line are serious they're like well if i hit the pits hot and and i have been best friends in college when you're you know you're parents were in the military and they just went tesla's in film school laredo but you guys became friends because you were you're parents were in germany now she and i became friends in college so oh college rivalries in germany in elementary middle school and high school she and i did not meet until college oh wow an offer her hearing it was profoundly this is history we must cheech review some of the world's leading history that took place so the history never heard of what not to do yeah i do i think when you talk about midway i don't personally from my point of view i wouldn't look at it as being xenophobic but i can't speak to the population population yes very asian american pacific islander yeah i know talked about all these weeks if i say i'll tell you what if i miss fire me i'm not i'm not paying attention i'm not paying attention but anyway just to wrap it up the mid way you see midway on this well no i on tuesday i'm now when they come on the you mean like a horrific event of taco tuesdays are you aware that start to say that i saw three movies in one day oh that's watching our weather trailers in one day and say why am i talking john watching these truly today had already knows you owe them check it out so tell us in watching them so that she could have told me later about jackie is so were sitting there we finish up with whatever whatever we're watching aunt manners some other megawatts yeah yeah man and the wasp right you know or maybe it was a murder mystery i don't know which one it was kind of back to back but anyway so then we were on the road to an i hit the home button and they see the movie trailer channel and i said clarissa there's a movie trailers watch like three movies way to movie trailers whatever you click is a real good yeah yes i think it's specifically to like real who's getting paid watching those trailers students that bullshit awesome i gotta get hey i gotta get we gotta get a piece of after reviewing the trailers were watching could do you know i gotta send an email saying referrals podcast is for you how do we how we monitor the city which arranges but not so anyway a movie trailer channel they never told the movie trailer channel that simple anyway anyway all that with the movie trailer channel you watch that show any on a tv movie throws balance you gotta show coming attractions dimensional the trailers that tell me what what is the one you watch remember the comedian chick she was a it was like on revision furry when that was a thing and she would watch these trade which is the canadian woman i remember vision three yeah yeah we got boxy watch boxing yes if you you know no boxing used to be like it was like early o t t like oh boy it was it was like doing back to come like what's it gonna be like pseudo no like first in the marketplace last in the market right it was first in the river it wasn't a spy you know when we were in meanwhile in all this stuff was on like box and you know it was like early days streaming of like tech stuff and all this other stuff in an end again and it goes back like i said it's like first in the marketplace last in the market you know and then like shortly after that like netflix came around and then prime in like you know but like you said they'll pluto and all these other like take one off things you know and then all of a sudden like that went away and then streaming exploded admitted info graphic of like all the streaming services should side and i stopped at thirty but they're still like five more how did i couldn't keep making the info graphic if this then that to watch it will will put her on will put it on the website known that we haven't even discussed apple or somehow i team which now i've watched alive challenger rick cleaver i to observe what do you mean no i do president's typically a similar channel oh i see any say shows all the trailers yeah you know i mean that's the thing like with movie trailers and someone is that these things like dirt everywhere and ever present an i think it's kind of like oh you become a fan of the platformer whatever it is you're you're you're looking at are watching watching an it's kind of like a school a neighbor type thing it's not that siskel a neighborhood are great it's that their opinions aligned with your opinion so you continue to watch much right i remember watching siskel neighborhood as a kid and be like you guys are more on local here in chicago they were back then you had the tribune in the sun times right yeah the to chicago paper the opening sequence exactly exactly oh no i watch them all the time i know i thought he was a genius like oh i i couldn't agree more i think i agreed with uber you know so nervous time and then he became my taste of movies in that's exactly my point is he becomes you're taste of movies as opposed to like there's all kinds of movie critics out there and you could like agree or disagree in indiana this song just opinion i said it had all the time i must have these worst taste in movies the his movies that are ten by the cracks i love them so for me i'll reid murray's i'll look trailers but i don't care review the latest news like when you were a rotten tomatoes something i'm glad that for like malik i were in do things right when boy but the so were why shouldn't have been washed and they're showing scenes from that raise him you know them the enemy from the fifties the jane byrne okay yeah black and white with the show and and i'm like oh my god says she's like what the heck is that him and i'm like oh that was like my favorite movie is you it'd be terrible fifty size fired him terrible fifty sides i newish godzilla that would stand by their critics and hasn't had very good bachmann monsters although though we enjoyed it's good fox often six that lick their about godzilla all these shows and clips from old godzilla movies and i'm thinking who's childhood does not include old got right right right right yeah it's true but you know i mean the i'm getting at is like you said a rotten tomatoes the twenty them has probably rotten tomatoes those ten you know and i'm like i movies amazing but the point i'm getting at is like it goes back to when you think about like marvel has i don't know what a hundred fifty million in the first twenty four hours a play i know i'll get hate mail but like that doesn't mean it's good you know that's what it means a lot of people watched it andy you believe the netflix numbers i i dunno i never saw netflix numbers so netflix only talked to a movie theater like high a viewer where do they get their numbers from though internally they have their own okay okay let me back up were they sharing their numbers they only show the numbers if they wanna share so when when bird box did gang busters they show the number when bander snatch gangbusters they share the number yeah when mitt murder mystery the beginning busters they show the number and i wonder then they said well why you're only cherry picking early shea numbers when you wanna show the numbers why should we believe you when we when we should leave you yeah i mean yeah it's like you could say whatever you want you you have no accountability you know when you do a quick search of like i am because you were talking this murder mystery so one of the first hits back says network murder mystery i'm sandler jennifer aniston's eating good but it was a he felt so that's it so regardless of how many how many views he's a he's a quality he good or not they're sharing the quantitative datta the number of eyes on screen yeah well what what else are you gonna read it on though right well how do they know the people replays that's the thing i did or did they get in it exactly yeah you're like ten minutes later you turn it off what counts is you i know you're very metrics netflix how about we get out of here we've been thirty million people just closed out that oh if you is that a lot right who knows seem yeah i mean certainly million accounts right they can't even tell me netflix says thirty million people's yeah okay they're eating pizza man for we get out of here before we got here google how many people you'd the last episode of mash and the last episode of cheers that's oh yeah yeah we'll see what the numbers are and then whatever that is compare will compare because mashes as a specially was back in the day like right in the infancy the sea of cable and all that stuff like the biggest viewing at that point yeah you know i mean a three year old war was like fifteen years a hundred sixteen million ferment i need my amen aired on cbs weather center but you gotta have trained eight twenty eighteen will last for seinfeld last night sixty five million i was thinking like eighty million sold on while she's looking at up what's your opinion of the last episode of seinfeld a lot of people don't like it i like it when you when you have it in the pantheon of final episode it's not like the last season of lost which kind of let us down it's not like the last episode of the sopranos which kind of ended flat you know what i mean it had its own you reconcile the tough with what i liked about the last season and i couldn't i i i agree with you what i liked about the last season is that it showed the four of them the astles that they right right sensually everybody came back to testify how off all these people are and that's what i like i think the writing of it was trying to do that whole like the second half of the existence of seinfeld so what's tried approved a new audience did you shouldn't like these people suffering in eleven seasons six of the seasons with that they're jerks i think i think so i know isn't that archie bunker mainly cheers eight point four million so there's a web hey daddy that show jam v top ten muslim national number one matches number one hundred sixty five hundred in by hunter here's number two at eighty that's what i'm saying yeah so seinfeld was four seventy six seventy six what did i say sixty or sixty five eighty they in in seventy prices right ruled by why did you say i see one guy yeah i did a that's number eight it's forty points to a man and a lot less tv's hustled back then to kill her sure for sure all right well now that we know the last show in one thing on all my god what am i gonna side south on i think financial times there a wall street this week yeah who had purchased purchase the rights for seinfeld knows nike ads on top of that recre the sentence oh no in new york city as they instagram destination you go to new york wow hey to walk through the sense and when they do this shit when you do a piece on it we should not be like oh you know what this airplane raw there my

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