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At IBM problems inspire us to push the world forward. That's why so many people work with us on everything from city traffic to Shen plastic smart loves problems. Ibm A. B. M. Let's put smart to work visit. IBM DOT COM slash smart to learn more. It's the shipping container rocky with you on a Wednesday. It is Wednesday Wednesday. It feels like a Wednesday. I'M NOT GONNA lie but it's better than a Monday. Not as good as Thursday not as good as a Friday. It's we're in the middle. It's called Sandwich Day baby. Don't call anyway I do. I just started so Hump Day thing. Here is the latest rendition. Latest version. Latest episode of Chris Steele. Something Brendan Tobin said. Ed will often doesn't may have what we forgot will manso thing again poop what we didn't forget it. It's just a bit now. How often do you seal from? Brennan's The overmanned. Anytime I do I say it like right now like L. Reference. I just WanNa see said something interesting on the win. I think it's a cool talking point. Okay South Florida sports did JERSEYS BETTER IN THE NINETY S. Let's bring them all back. You name a team in south Florida. Bring Their Jerseys Aziz back from the nineties the panthers better now and I don't think so the closest one that's I feel like that's the only one you're close like really. Yeah yeah though. There is one thing that really bothers me about the panthers uniforms though you know how they have that line in the Middle Yeah. It doesn't go all the way around it stops at the back. That's true it looks stupid. Now it's separate from Montreal. That has a similar thing going on but it just it really irks me. Yeah and I think that's the only one that you could like I'll maybe that's maybe better than no trimming. They brought him back a couple of. Yeah I think the I think the heat upgraded in. Look Doc I duNNo. I like oftens better in the nineties and they are now. This is the worst uniform set. The dolphins have ever had basically rock those throwback jerseys a lot Zac kind of feel like well the nineties were. I feel like the ninety S. When did they switch their uniforms? and Go to the The more cartoony Dolphin. I don't know I'm and I might be wrong about the exact. Maybe I'm thinking. Eighty s early ninety s throwback jerseys that they wear those be there. Marlins were certainly better in the nineties. God in heaven it seems as the Marlins keep downgrading rounding with every new uniform. They're back now. I billy might disagree with this but I thought that the Loria Miami Marlins I didn't like all the different color color. It's fine now. I feel like they've gotten better. I'm still rather have the nineties but I like it better now. I like this script logo. The uniforms are pretty plain Jane. It's just why. Why are colors baby blue and red? What does that can? We just go back to like a traditional color scheme billion tiered. Yeah we could not do you like I color scheme. I don't think I like the marlins are probably the closest. I'd say to the nineties uniforms. I like more than these but I don't really have a problem with these. I think these are an upgrade over what they had before for the other one was just like there's so much baggage attached to it and it just look like Images of a CRAYOLA box vomited. I don't I don't really like the panthers I I think it's like yeah boring to me. Jumping am I liked that. This one is just like a panther on it. I really liked the I actually think the logos upgraded graded. You don't like Tensions Panther looks. It's supposed to look like a military type win something last night. Actually Okay Watch. The panthers are GonNa make the playoffs. Hanters are going to make the playoffs. They chase the goalie in that game. The offense is click in Buh Brodsky ski hopefully can confined a groove especially entering the playoffs. superdome got checked in the face. I was watching. It was one of these things where at the end of a play him in a player. We're just Kinda like cross-checking cross-checking each other in their bodies and posing player just went high with one and Cottam a stick right to the bottom lip definitely lost it to. I don't know that for a fact that he had to who was bleeding. The Guy got four minute major. I don't even know. Let's call the major. You got four minutes the The Miami Fusion had sick uniforms this guy ever give zero goals or not. I don't know how I don't know if he has a shutout I don't know I think it's backup as a show. Yeah it's all right though. I don't think it's him though. I think the defense is not great it. It's one of those things where he's not being hasn't fully come online this defense I think they need to acquire defenceman or to your thoughts. Roy Like I need to allow zero goals. I mean the puck needs stopped with him puck stops here Brodsky. The stops here. That'd be a perfect slogan for Goalie Matt for him. Be The real winner the last tonight. He's putting you to shame. Craig Miller Vini Rock and the the mustache dismember. He's got a massage. Almost look like a pirate has little twirls going. He's got a tour thing go. I'm telling you had. How long did you have a beard? I don't know I don't know you don't just show up. One day with a twirling Mustang. Did Not really. I don't have a moustache. Number could have had a twelve month stash. Maybe like someone posted a picture of it. I'll google it but I'm not sure there's no way. He just grew at twenty mustache overnight. That's a mustache transplant transplant. I Dunno man. It looks good though I was like. I'm digging in my right. Yeah I'm just trying to sorry. I'm looking for a picture to see if you think the heat jerseys were better in the nineties. Oh Yeah what'd you like like the Mesh. Look the one that they wear still sometimes the black with the heat. It's got the trim it's fine a shoot. I like the material now. They look cooler and their fighter. You know in the ninety S. The clothes were bad year. BRING BACK BAGGY CLOTHES. Not Saying they're bad. Add now and then the heat in the panthers. I'm with you there fine now. Not Saying they're bad but the heat logo is always bothered me though because why ball cauliflower because her the ball in the flame is cool but it's going through a hoop right and it's singed all the netting. I guess we're assuming we're accepting that all the netting adding has been singed why is the Rim White Fair Point. Have you ever seen it balls. Orange isn't it. The ball was orange. Initially now it's red but you concil and so explain why okay could just be red hot but the RIM is white. It's I I feel like they should do more with the logo. Okay what would you do differently. Our our ginger up entirely do yeah. I'm not entirely sure but I would change it up. There's plenty of ways to to signify heat. Yeah you should should do like the like that stuff like that missed that you see on the road found out like the you know. We're kind of blurry Meraj but doesn't Mirage. Is it blurry heatwaves. He's he's mustache looking at some red t-shirts. Sorry yeah that's a player talking to do just trying to give you an idea. There's definitely a mustache swirls. There let me see this. It's still hasn't this is who is this other guy obsolete sleep nine shaft Chidren. It looks good man. I'm telling you he. He owned it. He worked at On now it's the it's not not a great Adam telling you I think he's been the twirls you got something going on. I like it all right good job. Yeah November my right member but yeah I think that the Panthers Roy said on twitter yesterday and I grew them. Some feels different about this year is a little different. They actually have gotten off to finish touted the playoffs. But it's weird to see them get off to a good start as opposed to like chasing in February and getting. Everyone's hopes up so that's cool the other professional sports semen. I'm in town. The new one. Inner Miami had their expansion draft. What are we got? I think Lee win is probably the best name in there. But he's thirty three years old he was really good a couple years ago. Had A sneaky. MVP campaign was with L.. AFC last year was basically the twelfth guy on the best team team in major league soccer so nice added depth. Ben Sweat was like the top expansion pick so he figures to probably be a starter order at the. He's a fullback for those. He plays for New York City. F C got some fullback. The General Manager for Miami. Miami said. We're not going to spend our money on defense. We're going to spend our money attacking. Wow so we'll see. It seems as though into Miami's been linked to Louis Warez Sink Vanni David Silva none of them are officially he. No one has been officially signed and if anything Cavani is now flirting with Ellie Galaxy. So that'd be something. Cavani makes a really good replacement for his law makes a lot of sense and La Galaxy Opened Up Lockhart Stadium Against Center Miami. So that'd be a nice little story on. I saw that they have. I saw tweet that. They've named the they've come come up with coach but they haven't announced they haven't announced so we think who's best case scenario. Ray Hudson Rea- I pop that the former coach which the Miami fusion he always called it the the Fuzhen there's been like a former Real Madrid manager that's been linked to them. We'll see billy gates season tickets yet. nope with the grass. They put down because they don't start till March right. Yeah they put the grass down is going to die before you think water. You're GONNA treat it. I feel like that's just like let's put down grass so people see that something's going on. That would be a waste of money if that was. Just oh come on you. Getting the season is like a couple of months away. I was impressed by the progress because I had driven by there a couple of months ago and there was nothing and now it actually looks like okay. Maybe the this'll be ready for that I They have the MLS super draft which you know whatever Super Drafts in the states. You're going to get a player that went to college and played. Soccer occur which typically is in like the hottest prospect ever. Because if you were really good you'd be like over in Europe as a teenager so we'll see and then the next big event is the mega super draft no chance here's the Jersey unveiling the kits. Yeah I'd like to see those because we have have a beautiful logo. The crest is gorgeous and then hopefully designated player signing. That'd be cool. A big name would be would be nice Josie was he Marino's back in soccer team. That is a weird I was. I would've loved for Josie. MIRA weird fit very bizarre fit right. Hugely Bizarre Fed Spurs totten hand. Yeah Aka Spurs at Tottenham Hotspur. They fired Patino. Who's been really good manager for them? Been Very successful and I guess just points never actually had a trophy to show for. It made it to the Champions League final last year loss in the final deliver poor and this here. They are fourteenth the table and they pull the plug on put Schettino. WHO's probably GONNA leave this summer? anyways it was always like linked to Real Madrid Manchester United. So we'll see where he ends up going. But they bring in Josie Marino. WHO's been out of work since he was like go at Manchester Chester United last year? For those who don't realize Tottenham and Chelsea our big rival huge rivals Josie Marino managed Chelsea. Twice is my favorite manager of all time and Dan. I hurt your little. I'm a little piss off at Josie Marino. Quite honestly this is his personality like yeah. But that's a team like doing that too. I could I could let the Manchester United thing go by. But for him to go to Tottenham which is a team that I dislike the most primarily. This is I get why he's doing it. He wants to work and he wants to worked for a big club. But it's just a bizarre fit gotTA complains about a team not spending money. All the time goes with Tina never spends money out there an attacking team not a defensive team. That's really going to mess with this philosophy unless he's adapted so we'll see. Yeah we'll see we WANNA phone. Yeah Call Uh Billy how do we want to handle this. We WanNa go to Alex and David or do we want to set this up. What's this what's going on with them because you talked to Alex and then David started messaging me that he he wanted to call in so that the two of them are up to see? I was hoping that Alex now. I'm thinking now. Now thinking there was definitely Texas ex- exchange because as soon as alex got through all of a sudden you're like David wants to call it. Well what did Alex wanted. They're in cahoots honestly. I was thinking that it'd be interesting to talk about them. Clearing up like them. You know having a fake argument but he just wants it. Seems like Alex just wants to plug a podcast. Alex podcast. What is it about whatever you bring them up a numbers happen? They've they've turned into a apparently podcast. Cast Oh my God all right. Alex is on the air. Sure go ahead. Alex you say your case and then I'll bring in David in the moment all right only so it kinda started off as a con. I called called in the air. I just about David. Like what the hell do I care this random some like guys. It's a brand new thing about you. Know whatever French water but after that I in touch with them on Reddit after making the post so I say look. Why don't you call me? I'll call on her to. I will make a fight. That'll be great. And so we did turn out perfectly like timed out perfectly. And then he went to podcast together. I said Oh uh-huh maybe like if I did something like Dan lebatardshow style. podcast brought for science so eventually I just like kind of L. Sue. We didn't really get in touch with each other. But then I started with my friend. WHO's not a scientist? And then we kind of branched out. We got few scientists breath. We left scientists to come on so we got. We have a master's in cancer biology. We have an Undergrad in biochemistry and we have another medical laboratory scientists who blended up Coming in for us six people doing this podcast called psychotic potty. What's The podcast called to liars? It's called say poverty and it should be called to liars because these guys they fitted so you just Hoti. Yeah for the most part but we want you on billy scientists. 'cause you're so skeptical about everything so we weren't you on as like could guest cohost maybe complete dragons with a something like that. Do you want me to go to Montreal. More call you we're doing. We do online supernovae as little as we're not spending any money on this question low phases phone line whereas Montreal in relation to Oak Island. That's all I wanNA talk to you about. Yeah Okay Goodbye. He's done doesn't know about Oak Island in Canada. David do do you know about David. I know I know about Toronto and around here I don't I haven't I heard about islands. What's going on with you and say potty? I'm not onsite potted. He decided that on his own. When after our after we did our thing on the lower he wanted to start a? I told him what I wanted to do and he wanted to do his own thing. So go to go do your own thing. I'm GonNa do what I wanted and what are you. What are you want to do because I feel like Alex? Just used you Kinda to get his own thing because you were something that we were person we were talking to. Your someone fans were reacting to mainly negatively. But they're still reacting to and then this guy comes on he starts a fake fight. Hi with you and he just wanted to come on to promote his signs of the day. This Alex No. He didn't know that there was a fight going. Okay so he got me. I'll read it. He said you wanted to I. I told him to call it. I'm like if you WANNA say something so call in. I'm going to call in this day this. It's time and he's like I'm GonNa. I'm GonNa Talk French. You got something for you. And that's when I had my fat you. Do you know the journalism that happened in Montreal where the journalists the testing of the water. Yeah so yeah exactly so. I'm not going to go on about that but I told them what to do. And he started a podcast and he just asked me to be the next guest. I feel used. Yeah for real real using. Ain't nobody look this whole SAIPA. PODCAST was kind of like saying if it is. I just figured it would be fun to start. Okay and what better eight-year do something you guys do buffer science. And what do we get people to come on. And we asked him some questions like we asked this epidemiologist. We'll just from I. I told him that get things is like that. Yeah but no sport and we're only works in money is real so apply that to the science. The lowers already a scientific podcast. You learn things all the time on the lower but do you have. I know what you're thinking about right now so I I wouldn't get into the. Wow he does know. You're thinking it's pretty obvious. All all right guys. I regret this by David. I love you. Just feel a connection to David Not Alex. Yeah Alex Than Me. I don't know what's going on Alex. Do we get along. I guess we kind of get along. Right Voice podcast but David just says funnier things. I'm just looking relaxed on your show. Feel nervous you know what I you quit your show like gambling like I love coming on your show but it makes me super nervous to come on and I never know it's is GonNa be good or not and then I'm paying like long distance. Used to come on and what ended up being paired with the time and I think it's a gamble. Come on come on. Let me put you at these. It wasn't good. We'll talk to you next time. Bye guys here right now. One in four car batteries about to fail so think ahead. Stop by your local advance auto autoparts as soon as you can. They'll tell your battery for free and install a new one. If you need it let somebody else be the one in four. You deserve a good day. Because you're listening to our show plus enter. Enter the Code Dan Twenty when you buy online twenty percent on your battery purchase advance auto parts. They go ahead advance. Your home is important. That's why gyco Oh helps make it easy to save on Homeowner's insurance because home is more than just a place home is where you curl up on the couch in a fetal position and cry at cheesy movies even though you've seen them a thousand thousand times and have all the lines memorized you and also you with me and you. The GEICO Insurance Agency Agency could help protect the tear filled comfort zone. You call home. Call Geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on Homeowner's insurance. Aw Lump this into things you absolutely hate to see Portland Trailblazers fan sick of Hassan whiteside. Then Ben Simmons causing all sorts of frustration on sex sixers twitter. I mean hate to say I told you. I know it's a little early but this feels pretty great and to add to all of this. The Miami Heat are playing really good basketball. They're going to have I think they traveled to Philadelphia. Pretty soon here. That's a really big game. was that Saturday. I believe they have a Friday Saturday back to back. I'm not sure we're so we get the sixers on the back end of tobacco. I'm putting my excuses and draft. Sorry Kinda stinks and they play tonight. I feel like it's been a month. Feels like forever since they played. I understand having this break on the heels of and West Coast Road trip but it wasn't directly on the heels of a West Coast at home game and then like four days off. was that four. Dan's wedding to Dan the NBA to have like five days off right played on Dan's wedding leading the night of Dan's wedding. Yeah they were playing that night. Yeah they left early to go to the game. It was an eight o'clock game. That's why they weren't there for that long that they weren't having that much fun. Yeah but the Miami Heat are playing basketball. Did they play tonight. I think I think Cleveland all right so easy W Kevin love huge game. Well we'll flirty little flirty so adjusted ruin who is host of the chase down pod. Which is the Cleveland Cavaliers Pot fan of his because he follows me he re tweets like favorites? Everything he thinks that Portland is actually in the final summation for Kevin Love because that's hometown and his general vibe screams. Portland does this was in the D. M.. Sorry if I betrayed the trust. I'm not gonNA say the other stuff that you said about the Miami amy he loved to Portland makes sense for a lot of reasons but not Portland's bad in Portland is bad. He all watch. The CARMELO sat line at the very least I saw at one point was missed nine out of ten shots. Hey man you gotta give him credit he just he shoots a little rust. That'd be fine. I I have a group chat in which one of my friends is like a huge Carmel. He likes the shittiest basketball players. Like the worst. He once said Tim Hardaway junior better than Klay Thompson. That's that's what I'm dealing with here. He told me that Luca Danni was going to be terrible. I've actually watched him. He's going to be pretty good. Should be his twitter bio lyle said. Yeah so he was like when Carmelo had five points four shots. I didn't like it was non stop flood flood and then I knew something was because tex updates stopped coming in so Carmelo finishes with ten points all right four or fourteen from the field five turnovers five fouls terrible. That's God awful. I mean luckily Damian Lillard was out so there might have been some like you know stotts might have said to him. You know you got to be aggressive tonight. We need shooter. He's he planned it. I know you do. The guy doesn't play for full season and jazz drops into a starting lineup. That's hard for anybody but he also so I saw I have to listen to the sound of WanNa cut it up for national. But he I believe he was quoted as saying like yeah like he's still mocking the idea of coming off the bench. Still I have to think. Maybe maybe he was just joking. Maybe he was like doing a joke based off of what he did a year ago with Houston. And I'm like dude. You GotTa have you gotta be a little self-aware. Oh Jesus man why are we. Why do they think this is a good idea? This is not a good idea for that team scores. Like I get it. But they don't right. They don't need scores shooters. Hassan whiteside told me they had shooters they need to not have us on whiteside on their team is basically like they've been glaring hole here and also the guys just aren't shooting well but these are guys that you've got to imagine defensively. They're also not great. It would appear appear. Does he finished the season there. Or is this just going to be in Carmelo. It's something like that. They'll punt on this or Melo is going to get waived yeah. Parental is GonNa get waved and this will end heats go to some bad team. That's not gonNA make the playoffs. He's on a bad team. That's not GonNa make the playoffs all this one game. I don't know it's just see. He looked it was no. This is not from one game. This is from like his his final couple of seasons. I think Carmelo would have been honestly regarded as is one of the greatest basketball player still might be regarded as he's definitely a hall of Famer. I'm not here for the Carmelo. Anthony slander I just think he's older. Yeah and every time I watch Carmelo Anthony which hasn't been often because he didn't play and makes me so happy. That Dwayne Wade went out the way that he did right where it looked like dude could play for. Yeah one to two more seasons. Yeah he saw something in the tank that he was still like the teams best player. So I get so happy that he didn't have to go to Portland. Portland Word Double Zero Jersey. Yeah this whole thing is just why did they think this is good idea. I've got Lebron texting Carmelo a couple of weeks back amen. You really should give back in the league. Just because Lebron wants people to look at Carmelo and be like man. Lebron is even more amazing than he already is. Yeah you still got it. You got this man. Yeah if I'm using. dwayne Wade is an example of someone right in gracefully again. Bron this incredible insane. He's averaging being less turnovers and he has at any point his career with more assists. He's leaving the League in assists and that is that is a really good team. Makes me so happy that Kawhi Leonard. It didn't go there. They fit so great. Anthony Davis and Lebron James and Lebron James I love facilitator Lebron James. Lebron had really interesting comments comments. which was if I wanted to lead the League in scoring? I could which yeah absolutely. He's terrific it's a shame mm-hmm these big play so late. Yeah the the ratings are down obviously in the NBA. And I think like the logical explanation is this just Lebron's on the west coast now. Yeah I saw clay travis taken a victory lap on that for some reason a couple of Travis victory. He was talking about how the NBA ratings ratings are down and it's the most overvalued like a TV commodity all sorts. CBS Of College. Football is the most undervalued. What they're SEC? Sec Oh yeah yeah. Yeah I read that the SEC hired ca to handle the negotiations for the next contract so ca got the XFL that incredible deal ca runs everything by the way it was really nice to see Claire Danes Wedding. That's all around. The Internet of the group shot actually took it so many people that so thank you. Scared Appeals hearing today appearing. Yeah do you think he's got a case. How do you think he rolls in there? Like trying to look at the looking like a renaissance man from the nineteen seventies. I'm bringing a two dozen crispy cream donuts like that move. That's something that you can do just like like you know something that gives off passive twos. You don't maybe he does the. He's a pacifist. He's gotTa be wearing glasses for sure. He's wearing he'll wear like the nineteen seventy avenue south glass yeah myles Garrett go does it go down at all or maybe they just say fine. Just you can't go down from anything. Can it still indefinite finit or do they put a number on it. What what ends up coming from this is that it become? It stopped it ceases being indefinite. Yeah they'll they'll actually put a timetable on on it. which they should if they WANNA say out for the season into talapity regular season and postseason Senate there? I think that's I think that's fine. Finding Fair fingers crossed that. There's a postseason Lou poll. Even though Cleveland browns are not GonNa make this season I would liked to get my hopes up. Yeah I would like to get my hopes up as a browns play. The dolphins This weekend and the browns are actually favored by ten and a half points. Billy actually said something I I just thought about it right now in the last show the really bothered me yesterday. Yeah what did I say yesterday. You said that you weren't sure if you were going to Miami game. No that's not what I said. I said I haven't bought tickets yet. I'm waiting for the prices to go down. I'm not paying sixty five dollars. NFL Football Right. So it's not set in stone that you're going to this game. I am going to the game. You go down. Okay is that that somebody walked away from that. Now you gotta be there. I'll be there you got it. Where are you tailgating bullbar? Big gator. Now I like to tailgate okay. Yeah I don't know where would you. I guess that the grass parking lot racist which is a small little square where I think people are just going to be walking around with coolers just plopping them up like people will people's homes Bo- bar maybe people will offer like tailgate. Here I can park and Tailgate for thirty bucks. Yeah Park it's going to be in markings and be a mad house. Yeah I remember I went and I know this sounds horrible with us like I like to go to Marlins Games where there's not that many people because like in and out very easy not super expensive unlike in the the minority. where I I like might team? I don't WANNA say being bad but I liked the being poorly attended on certain days. There's a sweet spot right now. No they have a good crowd they have good crowds. Don't they had still he's easy. It's a breeze to get in and out on the high on that's pictures. It looks like they've had good crops. Yes you have they had good crowds us here. It's getting better but last night was kind of like. Yeah we use weeknights weeknight. Crowds there if you want a good time during the week night. Go to a panther game. MM-HMM EASY Breezy Roy. I saw your tweet last night on men feel a little different hottest team. Yeah man first and second period. That's the past teams S.. Like urkel opened up the standings Roy. IAEA let's start looking ahead to this. Where are we where we cited? What right now? We are in second back in place before points behind Boston Atlanta Atlantic. La yesterday it was a bad attendance day. fifty-nine percent full takes eleven thousand. All right so look at this guy we got some we got a buffer now between us and the and the wildcards thank well not really two points three points buffers between us. Okay it's pretty tight. I hate the NHL Stand Cedar we right now. Okay okay okay. Can I explain this right right. The division winners played two wild card teams and the second and third place teams in each division. Play each other cry. That's the playoffs and that was actually only see we got. It's actually the first time I had no idea. It's been several years and no one's ended right now. What seed what? Yeah I still don't. They will play the Canadians in the first round. Okay but one through eight B. If this were one through eight the panthers hang on. There's no doubt that if the panthers would be a four seed wow look at us. Is that true Roy. We'd have home home ice in that first series. Yes okay. Yeah you'd be a four seed arts royal having the second most all right. I think I got this. I got this figure out the thing to pay attention to the division standing there in the first place. That's obviously a good thing. And if they're in second place they're gonNA play the third. It's plays team in the first. Rewrite would have home ice if they're the sex so we have the right to be second or third at least in our division to make the playoffs. Yeah that's an auto the playoffs if your fourteen year division wildcard because there are two division feel like the two and three are also wildcards right if feels that way but who who would they play in the second round. BOSTON STILL BOSTON PHILADELPHIA. Yeah why why are we wasting in two rounds of playoffs playing your own division. A divisional playoff easiest. Why are they stressing division? So yeah I don't know I I mean they they put all they put rivals in one division but then they put all of Canada and Eastern Conference in one division In both Florida teams. It I don't know is it. Seemed like a in the playoffs. Maybe win one around. That's it or is this team. got a real shot. Does this have a real shot. This image as a real shot enough enough this surprising. HOW LITTLE TORONTO AND TAMPA Bay? They got a very very slow start. So that really helped the panthers. Yeah I just feel like Roy's like me where he's like an eternal optimist with his name like he's every year tells us that. Oh no they have a shot. You probably sent that tweet out and Billy's defense a couple of years recently where it's like. This feels different. No and I'm a realist And I think you're more of an optimist Roy. Yeah no me for a very long. Yeah Yeah I would say one word Roy optimist. That's true full ositive your life. How do you love your life? Like what is your Credo is what it is basically. It is what it is as life prescription price required online physician consultation and are only able. Physician determines prescriptions appropriate. See website for full details and safety information. 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O.. R. H. I. M. S. dot com slash. ESPN FOUR HYMNS DOT com slash. ESPN if you listen to the local lower you know that there is a a loop that is still open. I'm talking of course a phone call in which he teased. Vince Dooley Story And we never got around to it and we built up anticipation and Baird is on the line right now. With said Vince. Dooley's breath armed and ready to go Barrett. Good Morning. Hello Hey Barrett are y'all there. Yeah we're hey coming out y'all with the winner g from Freak where's frigo worse freak. Ville that's Jacksonville. That's a name or do you guys know who Lexin terrier the ED radio show you. They named Jacksonville Freak. Ville and then Fred durst put it in a song and it Kinda went. National has a nickname for this. Still live in Jacksonville. And Olympus gets from Jacksonville around like the landing and stuff. Well Oh so fun fact. Landing is closed now. What Jacksonville now so it died. They'd probably about five or six years ago. The only thing that was really there was hooters and like another bar and grill. Kind of thing But then a couple of years ago when there is that shooting from the Madden tournaments the landing basically sell off completely. So what What is the the place to be at in Freak Ville now oh the beaches you cannot go wrong with the beaches man? Can't yeah yeah great So there's three of them. That are pretty sweet. All of the tourists go to Jack Speech. So if you want something a little less crowded you should take your way north to Neptune or Atlantic beach all right. Let's get acne. I appreciate it. Let's get to the Vince Dooley story please. I'm waiting and where can I catch. Bear Lake which beaches Barrett at Atlantic beach man local. I could tell born and raised east struck me as an Atlantic Beach Kinda guy. So Vince Dooley story kind of set. The scene imagine and Jimmy Johnson. Ten years from now coming to some community college and building up their you know their new football team that they just got right because there are growing school I realized that maybe not everyone down in Miami knows who've been Julie is so that's kind of the equivalent of what's going on here. Vince Dooley Came to University Code Kennesaw State University. which is has a huge student body body and very recently just got all these brand new infrastructures for their sports teams? They've got a lot of money put in so they bring Georgia boy. Vince Dooley down to make a big old raw raw speech leading them into the new season and at the end of his speech it reads go. Okay Su and he decided to Improv a little bit and scream go wildcats instead of go out old or art which is the mascot that they had that they are. They were Kansas State University. I guess that is. He had a total brain part and just read K.. 's view and that's a story you know maybe teasing. It wasn't the best idea kind of left. It left it with too to high of a bar. Probably I liked it. I thought it was a good story. No but she so imagine Jimmy Johnson going to a little school and making this huge rocks speech and then screaming go whatever in a different state all right. I imagined it now. Okay so do you guys want the the my conclusion on who will be the leader and eating goods with Roy and Chris also that was something okay all back next week and tell us that there. Oh well thanks for the invite billy all right see you next Will Wednesday problems. It's human nature to hate problems. But why is that after all problems inspire us to mend things. Ben Things make things better. That's why so many people will work with IBM on everything from city traffic to ocean plastic new schools to new energy flight delays to food safety. SMART ART loves problems. Ibm Let's put smart to work. Visit IBKR DOT com slash smart. Learn more all right guys. You're on the texturing yesterday while we were recording something for mystery crate. And I'm like Mike Clip on getting back to to text messages while I'm doing something in the show is very low. I'm not good at that but I was asked by Eric. One of the planners by Maas Miami which which Karaoke Karaoke Song I wanNA sing and must Miami to which I sort of glance at. I'm like no one's actually formally asked me to do Karaoke. Neither and now. All of a sudden being asked asked which song I want and how many I wanNA do. I have zero information which is not how Karaoke works by the way like. Just go and pick a song. That's there and then. I got an email from Dan. Like hey get back Eric yeah a five. Am like apparently. This wasn't quick enough. So I apologize. I just had no information so I did I. I did respond the to Dan's point. We should have absolutely gotten back like say. Hey Gimme a second nobody did. We were all in the middle of recording and it all happened to us where it slipped our mind and getting back to so I responded at six twenty eight can give me some background on what you need with Karaoke. What time you have it slotted? How long you plan on going How do you envision it going where presently is a slotted in run show Because I haven't had a single conversation about Karaoke so for me just come out and say ushers nice and slow is I don't really know a little bit more mation considering I already have A. DJ SET THEIR DJ. And I need to know where this goes if I actually have the wherewithal to actually do this. Let's they're hiring a karaoke company and they generally have a big handful of songs so I don't understand why our song I understand. We WanNa have like that whole chill attitude attitude towards it. I do understand where they're coming from that. Some things need to be set in stone. What I am a little confused by is how this falls on me when no one's talked to me about anything in regards to the Carioca so let's Hash this thing out is a mean like the MC this Karaoke because this is all a means idea? These are part of the details that I needed to know. I only does anybody. Nobody knows anything I know. I know it's his bit so yes I assume he'll be there Aaron. I assume he'll be. I suggested Karaoke and I said it would be good for the Karaoke King. All right so I don't know what that means. A mean is coming or not. I don't know what's going on on Billy's a team leader right now. Because it was his idea and he has the most information. That's all the information I have. That's the most Eric needed our answers yesterday. Yeah why did he need are answers yesterday. Why is there Dan? I see Gronk and James Corden danced with the Laker girls. Last night and Lakers. We could get this done with the heat heat right. I WanNa dance with the girls. The golden oldies. You Go. Hey I mean. I don't think you could hang with the golden oldies. I've seen I couldn't. I could not hang with the golden oldies if I had to this. I don't know I couldn't do it. You want to try. Let's do it to hang with the golden oldies like on a Saturday night or no no like on the dance floor. I could not keep up with the oldies. I think I want to do both. I WanNa dance them and then hang out them afterwards. What's a website for Maas Miami? It's changed so many times as a laboratory brothers I love it. Torn it's Moss Lebatardshow Moscow laboratory dot com. I tried that have a Typo all right. So it's Masataka and Moss Miami if you WANNA see US sing. That's that's really excited. Well the thing is I didn't want to like have a DJ set. That followed that when Eric reach out to me about my DJ set. I'm like I want to be the first thing because made as on this cordless for one or on card and this Karaoke thing I think would be very fun so I was like. I'll open the night I don't want any the of I don't WanNa be following any of this but I am. I also following it by being part of the Karaoke. How many songs do I have to perform? I would think to to watch arbitrary. Sali's make it up by team captain. Everybody has to do seventeen songs. Serpentine is I think very Muslim calls coming. That's what they mentioned on the air last week that he's got to participate in the domino tournament. Comment you send a song to eric yet. Is he wasn't Karaoke but I know he wasn't. CC'd wasn't upset at him for not getting back there in a timely manner manner. I'd like to see Dan try so this is in the win. Would I knew we were looking at a different venue. The VINNIE for this is the winwood factory I know Roy has the most information in on this venue. Yeah I did a walk through by the way I'm handling arts information I really Roy Royston having I'm only handling one aspect which is the art. Where's the Karaoke happening? No you did a walk to yes yes you want. Yawkey was mentioned a meter so I've got to be on the main stage. I can only assume that would be. Yes the stage is at the side of the building. They're shameful. Is there more than one stage. Yeah there's a back room Outdoors not outdoors inside. But there's a deck outside. What ignore him okay? Perfect I just noticed that like the the bio how they promote the DJ is just copy pasted from my first EJ. Because it ends with this will be his DJ. This is not your job promoting this event gi come to the event. It'll be blinding. It's almost sold out to you. Better get your tickets quick. Yeah and there's like the poppy domino tournament do we know. What the prizes are this year? No no I do not meet and greet with billion Roy. I doubt that's that's it. I WanNa play in the domino tournament before I would kind of go to alison for this stuff. And she's not here so like I don't even know if I'M GONNA list to get in. I don't know who's handling handling list. No nobody came up to me about that. It's GonNa be fun. It's GONNA be awesome. Mayday different may well. It's the same. Mayday Act yeah. It's a mayday insane. I'm I'm not even like this is not sarcasm at all made as like really good and I look look on our really good. Yeah yeah their grammy nominated so come maddened by some art everybody by some. Please thank you. I'll buy some art if you tell me when while billy's how many songs I have to perform rolling through this website you seem to be top billing ahead of the ban you just said and made it okay but They should definitely be in terms of perception and reality. Honey Bee appear for thirty to forty five minutes. I had no idea thirty to forty five minutes of Karaoke. Each a A lot four. I'm Oh I'M GONNA do one song do one song I'm tat man like. Dj thing takes. I'm DJ in Coconut Grove. It sounds like all one song at some point right. I mean it's Jane Coconut Grove on Friday Coconut Grove. It's a warm upset some longest. I've ever Dj. Yeah you'll be there for the round. The bar that we were at on Saturday afternoons heard ends wedding. So that place. No no they used to be at that place. They switch around tavern which is a tighter fit but should should be careful not everything everything should be made into a compound word. Tickets are just twenty five bucks are are you kidding me. That's cheaper than last time. I think thirty but wait a second. There are only twenty five bucks. I mean I would pay I pay forty bucks to see Mai Cong. Yeah just made a and I got local sport. Qana this Amazing Karaoke Boy Roy. Doing the art happy in charge of the art. Yeah that whole Hey Mazda maybe take like is it GonNa be taking photos with people either painting art that you can buy or him on that and I know why it's cheaper this time means going to be there. That's probably what it is. You're handling artists where he must've been all painting not north. No have you asked him yet. We have not asked him which acts some email chain like. Dan would be naked at some point. It'd be naked I believe that slotted at eleven thirty PM. Dan's just take off his clothes and get painted by Hori Mazda.

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