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Saddana show here on ESPN LA been Lyons hanging out with us. Happy birthday, Frank Vogel today. Oh, happy birthday to coach fun, well, Malibu? So house, would we don't know boo Frank do? I think I think he's a south bay guy almost these guys are south big is the facilities closed Manhattan beach life. Yeah. I still party at the Islands Open yada at the Ireland's for Vogel. Well this, or they can do what's the name of that? The strand Halloran house. You know that seems like a that's like an Ireland family special to write the strand house. What's up players players, Lisa? We gotta throw coach a birthday party. Why not? It'd be great Frank Vogel. Abby birthday, coach either way, Ireland is going to end up after this vacation that he's on is going to have the best handicap, he's ever had right? Like that's what's happening now. He's just literally getting that's and I get the text. Hey, what are you doing at four thirty in the morning? Wanna go play twenty-seven holes. I just landed from Utah. Yeah. He's he doesn't sleep. I feel like. No. My wife was trying to help them with meditation. You know she teaches meditation. She's on her Instagram right now, Mariah K lions doing a live Friday afternoon, meditation, if any way way to explain again, your wife is teacher. But she does it on Instagram on her Lonner channel Mariah K lions. She's live right now, and Instagram doing a guided meditation. She does them all the time, and she's been doing them. John Ireland's house helping John try to unplug, and she was making progress and unfortunately, he's back on the wagon I've just consuming content. Whoa subscribing to the athletic watching game of thrones scouting, the Lakers, playing golf just being John Ireland. Throwing Frank Vogel birthday parties. So let's get after it. So if I went on your wife's Instagram, Pedro now, she's just sitting there going walking through a guided meditation, George. Let me live in this time, we're, we're constantly being inundated with images and messaging, and we need to kind of find the pockets throughout the day. Day to seek stillness on the inner. Right. That's right. You I'm with you. There's so much loud Sicily, so lousy. It was loud. Energy, it is. I'm loud, energy. So I understand that. So I like I do like to take quiet walks in nature. I do that at least a couple of times a week. Do you live stream the walks? No, no, no, no, no. I I've seen the what. One I don't actually want anyone to bother me. And those are you the guy like this is what I do on a flight. Obviously I fly a lot. So I, I feel like if, if you have headphones on that should be a tale that you don't wanna talk to anyone. Right. Is that is that like known rate like, yes, like if you saw someone with your buds on right? Would you approach them? It depends because you can have the wireless ear buds and not be on the phone. No, no. But what about these like the ones I have now with, like strings attached to them? You have the generic apple ear buds leaving your loan. That's one's actually kind of opened the door for interaction because because you're doing business. You're communicating with the world. You're when you have the big hip hop phone. Yeah. Yes. That is saying to everyone showed I've in my own case. So little air, buds, I'm, I'm plugged into the world at large, what you're going to wait for a minute. I'm going to see if you're an inner conversation if you're not gonna conversation, then you might be able to hear are you are you a talker on a flight? Depends if I get on the plane, and go left, or go right by get on the plane, and I go left, I'm Sean network. I'm trying to chat. What are you wait? Let lies in the left side of the last when you get on the plane. Do you turn left or do you turn? Right. When you turn left, I'm trying to talk right? Let's try to get going on. Maybe do a moot. Turn right. I got the headphone on. Okay. I got you got you. That's very elitist of me. No. But in general, like Jimmy, it's like so it's funny like I, I don't mind I, I will talk on a plane, if it's daytime, and it's not like an early morning flight like if it's not an early morning flight. Because if it's an early morning flight chins, Zarb coming from a game and it's late and I'm tired. And I don't want to talk to anybody. But if it's just like a midday flight, then I'm game for talking to anybody. I actually was on a flight. I think I told Mike this story, a while back I sat next to a woman coming back from Houston, maybe. And she would. Lives here. Ozzy huge Laker fan. I believe she told me she lived in the valley, and she said to me, aren't you? Aren't you the guy that works at ESPN, and I was like, yeah. And she we talked and takes our bench. She I remember that time this. I don't remember what her name was. Nice black lady. She was just like killing Lonzo ball. Like she called him Lonzo glass, to me over and over and over again where I was so uncomfortable that I was just, like I just get a chuckle uncomfortably, and like you and I said to her once I said, man, you really don't like Lonzo Shaikh. He's always like I mean, she was right. She was always quickly. I got a friend. Diehard. Laker fan listened to your show all the time shout, the brain in crane, shut up. Shut up Brandon not shut up. Sorry. Brandon cranes met his wife Karina on a flight from New York to LA next to six hours of chatting, they have a photograph of baggage claim where it said, you're at carousel six for Delta Airlines, whatever would have, and their daughter is named Nyla for New York tally. Oh, that's cool remains pretty dope. Pretty dope. Every reminder to every single person out there brushing teeth before you get on an airplane. You know, your life could change. That is true. Absolutely right. So you're ready for the hot juicy rumor yeah. Gold boiling gold. Ru? Anthony Davis while while while has followed. Audience the Graham. Deangelis russell. De the audio the audio. Something, nothing or everything. Ben lyon. All of it. That's everything what d- low is in is vain back in LA. No more Nick young. No more Snapchat is on Instagram. Let's go. So it's I'm in, so it's everything it's interesting. Yeah. Show, Brian win horse was on the get up this morning with my Greenberg and a cast of thousands. I believe Jalen rose was on their Jay Williams. Laura Rutledge, right. There was a bunch of people on this set. Here's what Wendy said about DeAngelis and the purple and gold Dangelo. Russell. Let's do that against we get fed volume up ready. Here we go. Crazy name Dangelo Russell the guy that they traded away, Nick young. We had a problem with his gone. Magic Johnson who wanted him out of there is gone. Everybody who was on that roster is gone. The, the nets are going to move on to Kyrie Irving, probably, they could bring him back. They could train away all those other number two picks and they could bring him back and he actually might be a fit. I mean he does make some sense on this particular roster. A shout out to the Lakers front office, who have not gotten a lot of shoutouts as of late because their track record in the seven years that I've been on radio here in Los Angeles at the draft has been phenomenal. They've done a great job there, Jesse bus, and Joey bus who basically do all the scouting for them there, the director of scouting, one of them and the other one is the G league. President basically they do phenomenal work like you will never hear me utter. A bad syllable about those guys Randall de low Ingram mauve honor. I love Zubaydah. Like they drafted a lot of really hard. Yeah. Solid. Gosh. So it's funny. I've heard the one year that they were allegedly this is what I've heard. I don't know how true this is that the one year that they were. That there, I guess, recommendations weren't necessarily taken was when last year when they ended up with Movado, which was a, a reach at the time in most people's eyes. Listen, I know Michigan guy, I know that's hard for years Michigan's got first rounders Jordan pool in the warriors. So, yeah, I think they've been a wonderful job drafting, and it's a shame that a lot of those pieces like Randall, like de low like now Brandon Ingram are going to flourish elsewhere and have become all stars elsewhere. But if they want to keep the revolving door go in and bring back home. I'm with it. I think he's done a wonderful job of moving on from the whole Lakers situation. And he's now in all star point guard in the east, and I think he'd be a great addition for them d- low to LA ice, an advantage, George D load. Are you feeling it Mike? I actually am man. You know, I think I was thinking about this the other day when we mentioned this at first, I wanna ask you guys, do you think that his play on the court last see? Season kinda diminished. The stuff that he's done off the court. Oh, yeah. He's grown leaps and bounds. I know he recently had some in the airport, Arizona ice, tea fake thing grown down so much his game. Yeah. Yeah, I just think he he's coming if he did come back to LA with a lot more respect and value than he did in the past, and a lot of people that didn't like him in organization or going now including players, and wouldn't have some of the same. We're gonna have some of the issues that he faced that look Ardy are going to Kentucky out here in Los Angeles. So that old saying like Jason on a basketball. If you can ball, you can ball broke, and we willing to deal with that young man to twenty two years old still. So I'm know they need a point guard, if they're gonna go out and pay for one with Kemba Walker DO, if they're going to go out and try to get a veteran point, Ricky Rubio as a placeholder, I don't know. They still need a point guard for guardless and dealer would be a bow. That'd be great. We're a great story. I'm with it. I think it'd be a cool little redemption. Story. For sure in a lot of ways. But you have to pay him big money, though. Right. Well, he's twenty seven million dollar max. There's one way to get to that. Hello. Anthony Davis who just followed him on Instagram. Wave your, your trade Giger, and that's it. That's done. You have a Ramona, it, some really good on on Mason show earlier, hold that thought, and we'll do that in four minute. Let's sit down show you on ESPN LA been lines hanging out with us here. So we were just talking about how Anthony Davis is followed the ngelo, Russell on Instagram. And that's the thing. And you heard Windhorst on get up last segment. We played it that he said that, that could be a thing. Now, you said remote us said something really smart, which looks she does a lot? So they're almost pretty much every time. Sometimes we all say, stuff that we can't regret like she did say that one time she went to Cal, but she also did tell us a hall to back off Leonard and his free agency plans. Thirty seconds after he won the title. I will defend her of that and doing. Agency, I will defend her on that. But she did one say on the record. We have the audio that she went to Cal. That's what I meant when I said that we've seen the Oklahoma City thunder begin their recruitment of Paul George from the moment they made a deal for him. Right. You saw Toronto, recruit Anthony Davis Asari got why Leonard to stay long term from the moment. They got him Ramona was saying that the Lakers recruitment of Anthony Davis long-term begins right now. Yes, he is not guaranteed to be hereafter this year. Right. He'll be a free agent. Rich Paul has gone on the record saying they will explore free agency. If you're the Lakers, you were going to begin the recruitment of Anthony Davis long-term right now. Yes. So the first thing you say to them can't be, hey, will you give up for a million dollars? Right. You can't have it both ways and actually recruit him long-term right now. And the first thing you say to them is, hey, we do as a favor and take a four million dollar haircut. Those two don't exist. So which pass if you're the Lakers g wanna go down. Do you wanna go down the let's? Recruit Anthony Davis long-term and cater to him. And every decision we make from now into July first two thousand twenty is with that focus or are we trying to save four million dollars? So we can bring in Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler, Kemba Walker. It's not an easy spot for them. I get why the purple and gold would want to maximize that. But you're right. It's not the perfect way to start off the, the marriage. Can they get away with it? Hey, Anthony do us a solid make four million dollars. We're going to cater to you and the rest of the yeah, maybe they can maybe maybe the can. But what happens when someone gets injured? And then what happens when you don't support your foundation and what happens when you don't hire this person? That's how things compound. And that's why guys leave. Now you don't want it to be Dwight situation, though, that one was uniquely different. Obviously, the Kobe's the way him in. Kobe did not get along was the bigger issue there and my understanding. Right. It's been reported about the way that meeting went was he was expected to be like, yeah, the torch will be passed to you. And he was like, nah, right? That's how it was reported. So I wasn't in the room, obviously. So, you know, it's funny is that, like those torch passing conversation. As we think those exists as fan into here. They actually do on some level is strange. I do think they'll LeBron an Anthony Davis thing. That is a real thing, but Anthony Davis doesn't carry himself like a star. If you're not, like, wow. What a magnetic personnel LeBron walks into a room he sucks, the air out of the room, you know. Exactly. Who's in there? So Andy Davis is not, but he is really tall. And he's got a union Brown. But it's why he's the perfect Robin to LeBron being Batman. Yeah, I wanna see. It reminds me more of like magic and Kareem than it does of Kobe tonight in some ways. Yes. Agreed you know, but I really liked hearing Ramona say that about today's modern NBA in that the recruitment process starts a year out. It doesn't start with a meeting or a billboard the week before free agency. Gotcha. Let's go to rob it and mission viejo whatever happened. Hey how you guys doing? I wanna say respect your guys opinions. But look at what Golden State, did they, they created a dynasty with three big superstars Durant's on that team? Toronto doesn't win if clay Devon get hurt. They're still another chance. Toronto doesn't win the more superstores. You have the better opportunity, you have to have the success. And you guys talk about people get injured well coup. Why was out like twelve or thirteen games and they still won but, but they had the depth to overcome it. They were seventeen and five in the twenty two games that he missed because they have guys that have been used to carrying the load, but they're all they're getting up in age. But that, but if you go back to all the way when Jerry West dump everybody for shack, you're still pick up guys in the in the reality is, is eight series, one of those guys that you pick up is a pro, and they've gotta shy just like no no, I agree. But the game has also changed the free agent game. Also changed plenty since when Jerry West got shut, Robin. You have the star, you're right? You got a big three Kyle Kuzma. Let's elevate him and have him get a seat at the table for he can feel and play and carry himself like the star that he is. Trust me. I love that. They got to keep coups. All those guys kuzma's the one guy wanted. But I still I don't I, I mean, I don't think that if you have the opportunity to get that big, big guy because there's only so many minutes, and so many numbers. And if you've got those guys even if one gets hurt you still got another one. There's two of them playing at the same time with three cocaine. So let let's do this rabbit. Let's do this real quick, because I gotta run let I'm gonna ask. I'm going to throw out a name. And you tell me if you're good with him being the third person or if you're drawing the line somewhere. Okay. We're gonna start from the most obvious one. Right. So collide, clearly you're good with that. Yes. Definitely. Okay. Let's move on Kyrie Irving. Definitely. Okay. Jimmy butler. Okay. So you're drawing. They were going drew a line at Jimmy Butler. Kemba walker. No. Okay. So now now we've seen it. And who else is really Wellesley sides, coli? And kyri is I mean that's. I mean that's just two guys chances of them landing either of those guys is slim. I've always said, kyri. I mean, I would love Quat Kawai. Gimme a break quite came. You could count that as we're getting. What's his name would probably playing for three or four more. But my, my point is this, then it's really only two guys you're talking about not. We're building out the roster. Right. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. Then that's it that, that, that I mean, I'm with you on cou why I don't I mean Kyrie is unknown commodity with with LeBron. So I understand it, but I don't know if, if I would want to deal with the stuff that comes to Cairo is basically the way I would look at it, but carries going to Brooklyn. I don't think the Lakers thing Israel at all. So if you're gonna call up and say they have to sign Kawai or else, I don't like their plan. Did you see this story about how allegedly kyri called in some Boston show like so basically, there's a the bosses station WBZ, one of the sports stations their thought that they had a caller defending Kyrie and then they thought it was Kyrie's the most Boston thing ever saw a guy who quote unquote sounds like kyri they thought was kyri? It's the most Boston story ever. Listen to this. This is the audio from WBZ. On full house is calling Lynn saying that was such a rare talent like Tyree. It's such a shame that the fans in that welcome. Welcome him in more towns like those are so red it'll come back back, then I think it serves us right now. He's gone. And look at what we're left with. Oh my God. Wow. No, that's him. That's it's the inflection that is him. It's not just the voice if the inflection in the way he talks inflection. I didn't I didn't catch that at all. I mean Ho's Asam coated words right there. Inflection like what does that mean? Yeah, I mean it up now the most Boston thing ever, man could always in Boston getting into these spats on talk radio. It's just the way they do it, it's, it's part of the fabric. It's is wild. But anyway, that just kind of came to my mind because we were talking about kyri I coming up next. Max Kellerman, someone you know, well, and love here at ESPN LA, apparently had right? Apparently set a thing that set some people off right. And then got some pushback on it that, right? And we'll tell you what that's about in three minutes savannah show here on ESPN LA. Ben lines hanging out with us. We're gonna play a little bit at the movies in a second. But I, I gotta get to our buddy max Kellerman. That's right. That's right. Show last week on I take max Kellerman was asked the question. It was him. Steven A and is Zia Thomas on first take. And they were asked about who would you want to take the last shot on the Golden State Warriors, and Steven A. And Isaiah said clearly Steph curry like he's the best shooter in the game. And max max had a different spin on that. So this is going to be like a mash up. So spoiler alert he's going to say the person's name and then that person was a guest today on first take and. Basically, sparred a little bit, you know, with max about his pick what the game on the line one shot. Who would you rather have taking it Iggy or curry of everyone on Golden State, open shot fate of the universe on the line, or the martians have the death being pointed at earth? You better hit it. I want Igwe Dalla. So you're not the shooter Steph viz. But I'm saying when it matters most, you're the dude, I think doesn't care about that moment. Same guy like ice water in his veins. You're response he crazy. You can is the best of all time off the dribble. A his position Osei. He's the second best point guard of all time. If you argue as Thomas better to him, I won't fight. But in my opinion, second best point guard of all time. Magic Johnson one of the best shooters of all time, probably the best shooter of all time when on his hand. Yeah. That doesn't help your argument when the guy comes on the show invis- like now. You're nuts. It's not me. We love max because he's oftentimes happens to be. But sometimes tries to be the smartest guy in the room and he's outsmarting himself with that answer because he's right. We haven't seen Steph hit big shots in the right for nine with twenty four seconds. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And the idea if he's all the attentions on them, and then you swing it to a nigga if you look at historically at a lot of the most important shots in NBA history their made taken by role player. Yeah. Ami's John, Robert ory hosts goes on. So there's some max intelligent argument to that. But don't outsmart yourself just get the boss? Steph curry is best shooter, vault every time every single. Right. Yep. Sorry. Amac's it is interesting. Now, how Steph has built a force field a get smart cone of silence. If you will around him at does not allow him to be criticized for missing. Big shop. I disagree that over nine stat was a big thing after they lost the final thing was there everywhere the game you game six. He missed that shot at the end of any other of the star players of our life, had missed that shot. There'd be some giant condemning of their ability as a play. Maybe it's because of who maybe it's why maybe it depends on who I'm following on the internet, but on Twitter it was going nuts. Like they were killing him. Yeah. I guess this year going for nine in their last game or. No, no, no. What I'm saying is he's over nine with twenty four seconds on the shot clock. Right. It's starting to a little bit of a thing. Yeah. But I mean he hits that shot at game six they go back to legacy. Chain any other star players work miss that shot who I feel like they, they're the vitriol would be palpable. I would be if it was LeBron it'd be worth it. I don't think there's any question coming up in ten minutes. Jay Bilas is gonna stop by. We're gonna talk to Jay Bilas about the draft yesterday. He's got some thoughts on t h t the kid the, the Lakers drafted the purple and gold drafted. So we'll talk to him about all that stuff in a few minutes. And Ben actually has a cool story that he's going to tell Bill. He's going to ask Bilas a story about himself, right? Like he was like a quirky story about Bilas at a charity fundraiser, don't give it all away. Jay Bilas was the master ceremonies and he was incredible. You don't get to seem to be that funny on TV. But in the privacy, this event, he was amazing. And there was some Hollywood making out that I'll never forget, okay? Making out Hollywood and Jay Bilas sounds like a Good Friday me. It'll be an excellent Friday conversation with Jay Bilas in less than ten minutes. I we've got we're going to do this throughout the show today, because it's Friday, a bunch of movies are opening Ben Lyons. For those that may not know you may just know him as a slightly obnoxious Knicks fan, but he is also I believe still the premier man when it comes to reviewing. Movies. He was on the most popular TV show reviewing movies in the world. And we are lucky to have him here in studio. So we're going to play better at the movies, Stewart Sodano. Thank you for that introduction. You know, Anthony Davis coming to Los Angeles is a blockbuster of Hollywood scale, right? And oftentimes blockbusters help studio executive buy homes with pools. Yeah. Oftentimes, it sends them back to Wichita, so blockbuster, or bust. I'm going to go through some film. So it's just a game. We either have the answers either blockbuster bus and you're gonna give us what I'm going to give you who is in the movie how much because it and you tell me was this a blockbuster, or was it a bus? And these are all films that have been really since the Lakers have been in the NBA finite. So here's what we're going to do. I'm an opening up to the phone lines and the audience can play. We're going to select one person for each movie that we do. Right. And you can play. We're not we don't have anything to give away. I mean I don't know. No, we don't let me not do that because he's not here. So let me just say. I'm gonna wear our time. And that you can play for fun at eight seven zero by shots at the next Friday, maybe eight seven seven seven ten ESPN that's a hard, maybe eight seven seven seven ten three seven seven six. If you want to play the game at the movies here with Ben, I so let's, let's do an example as Mike gets the callers in, and we'll take a couple give me an example on that mean fun. She can play all right blockbuster, or bus this film had Woody Harrelson Elizabeth banks, Jennifer Lawrence, it costs. Seventy eight million dollars. Was this a blockbuster, or a bus? It sounds like OSH hutcherson. Liam Hemsworth based off a book. Oh, hunger game hunger games at blockbuster massive blockbuster costs. Seventy eight million made four hundred plus in the state seven hundred around the world. Right. So there you go. So that's basically how you play the game. And and we'll we'll play with the audience funding. I got that one. Right. So I'm going to bring up a Christian Sherman. Oaks, Chrissy there. Yes, I am. I do you know how to play the game now. Yep. Okay. Cool, Ben give us the next movie. All right. Chris tell me if this was a blockbuster, or bust, it stars Jake June hall, and it was directed by Mike, Newell, the director of Donnie, Brasco the movie cost two hundred million dollars and also started Alfred Molina can you name, the film, and was it a hit or failure? John all? Two hundred million dollars taught my head. I know. I can't even the film, though for the epic blockbuster failure. This is the prince of Persia, starring j John cost two hundred million dollars to ninety million dollars. Domestically chris. Thanks, buddy factor, you got it. All right. This next one only cost fifty million bucks on, let me grab the next guy, Jay in Long Beach, Jay, everybody, here, you're here. All right the game. Right, right. Cool. You telling me blockbuster bus and name the movie cost, fifty million dollars in paired Mark Wahlberg with meal, kunas and a talking bear. Oh, this Deasy. Go ahead. Blockbuster. Yeah. It's a Ted right? It's right who made two hundred twenty million dollars here in the states five hundred fifty internationally and cost fifty million to make good job, Jamie impressive. Thank you, sir. You gotta take care about. Let me grab Neil corona, we'll do one more. All right, this movie, you ready Neil by this movie. Spawned a sequel, cost twelve million bucks star Jerry Ferrara Gabrielle union. Kevin hearts. Regina hall, Michael Healy, Basotho, popular book. What not why did I get married? It's to larger question for another day being it. Ooh, I know the movie, I think the sequel was a plus so I can't think of the title off the top. I'm pretty close though, cost twelve million bucks. Made ninety one million think like a man huge movie. It's a blockbuster starring Knicks fan, Jerry Ferrara. We got time for one more here. We'll sneak in one more, Matt and diamond bar, Matt, go ahead. I'm Matt this movie costs thirty million dollars in stars. Ryan Gosling, Emma stone, set here in Los Angeles blockbuster. Bus is easy. Oh, yeah. The bug-buster while I went back. Four hundred and forty million dollars around the world. Right and cost thirty million bucks and almost one, the, the, the best film, right? Thirty second responded, best picture where we did the and then moon line went to moonlight. Moonlight moonlight was excellent very deep very. It's not an easy watch, but it was very good. Matt congratulations, buddy. Thank you for playing. Get some we're blockbusters in bus throughout the show, the dined out if the Anthony Davis, LeBron James movie is a blockbuster bus come June. Now you go fair enough. I show coming up next, Jay Bilas is gonna stop by ESPN college basketball insider analysts like he is the voice of college basketball. Basically he was on the draft last night. We'll ask him about the purple and gold pick t h t Taylor and hunter Tucker tailing, Horton, Tucker, excuse me. That's his day. And then go THC's just easier. Right. And we'll talk to about Zion hill. We'll get maybe his thoughts on just kind of the Lakers, big picture to, and I want to see if he remembers that time I saw big Hollywood movie star make out for charity. Yeah. Fair enough. All coming up next with Jay Bilas back and four and a half minutes. We're back here on the pseudo show on ESPN LA. And yesterday obviously draft night, the Lakers bought into the second round, we'll get to that a little a little bit later with our guest, Jay Bilas, the premier voice in college basketball joins us you saw him yesterday on. On the draft coverage on ESPN. He joins us on the Sodano show on ESPN Los Angeles. So Jay, let's start with Zion row quick. What you've been doing this for a long time. You've been doing the draft for a long time. Where does he rank as far as the combination of talent and personality, and everything that just kinda comes with it? He's right up there. There's nobody I can really compare through George because he's he's so different from any other player I've ever seen the first year. I did the draft re SPN was two thousand three that was Brian Carmelo Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh draft. And, you know, LeBron James is the best high school player I've ever seen, and, and it is one of the best players period I've ever seen. I don't think that, that's I in Williamson is as good as LeBron. And comparing them at age eighteen. I just don't believe he is. And if I had to choose between an eighteen nineteen year old Anthony Davis and and science labs right now. I'd take Anthony Davis, but outside of that. It's kinda hard. It's kinda hard to say, you know, maybe Durant at the time, but it's kinda hard to say that, that anybody else you would take over, you know, you might think long and hard about it. But, but he's, he's pretty pretty special and. And I think he's gonna be, you know the one thing he doesn't do. He's not a drop dead consistent shooter, but everything else he is, is unbelievably good. And as long as he stays healthy. I think he's got superstar written all over, obviously, Zion, a big story last night, but they say it's a copycat league. And with the success of the raptors and warriors. He saw Chauncey comparing hot guys last night to cli- and Draymond. Are you noticing with the draft last night teams trying to emulate, the current state of success in the NBA? Yeah. I don't think I don't think you're gonna see team saying well, hey, let's go get. Let's go get a bunch of guys outside the lottery and Bill t that way. But, but I do think you're, you're, you're seeing shooting being valued just because of the symmetrical threat, but that the three point shot has become and people have figured it out. I mean for a long time. You know, the, the three point shot has been a basketball for, for quite a while. It's been a college basketball since nineteen eighty seven and, and I it's involved but I think that the speed of the evolution of the game, the last probably seven eight years has been unprecedented. I, I can't imagine that any any game has changed as much as basketball's changed that amount of time maybe football with a four past it, but it's really amazing how you know, ten years ago like they take Brito Fernando, for example, the big guy from from Maryland, ten years ago, he would have been a first round pick. And maybe even a lottery, Nick and. And now he's a second round pick. And you're not seeing guys that are, you know, the, the sort of big burly, low-post rebounders and, and rim protectors being valued like there were, you know, the one big guy that was drafted really early number eight was Jackson Hayes of Texas. And, and I think you know, he he's, he's being looked at, you know, more is, is a guy that's a, a big time athlete. And so it's just totally different. You know the low post game post big guy is not does not valued to say now it's guys that can stretch it and shoot it drive it and in playing transition. How long did it take you to kind of just as an analyst, because I feel like there's a there was like a learning curve for everybody here. Jack. Yeah. That, that hasn't been as big of a deal, because, you know, I it, it you've been able to see it the, the thing you know, going way back. That was the hardest thing for me to just do was sorta know by old school thinking about high school players went high school players started coming into the league, you know, kinda the I don't know if you call it a bias or just a conditioning, you know, thought conditioning that it's gonna take it's going to take a, a high school player time to adjust and you know, I, I didn't give credit to sorta like I like Dwight Howard, that was unskilled. But, but had this freaky up lettuces like Trump lack of skill. And so you would you would go with kind of the season college player in your mind that, you know, it took me way too long to, to kind of knowledge, that, wait a minute. You know, these guys are these guys are ready and they may not be as ready as they're going to be, but, but, you know you'd. Better. You'd better go with the, the big time talent over the circle. The more experience more prepared player now because they're going to get experience gonna get prepared outpaced. These guys, it seems like j it's been an annual pilgrimage every July for Lakers fans to make their way to Vegas to hoist banners and celebrate Lonzo ball or Kyle Kuzma, watch him pop. I don't know if there's a lot going on for the for the Vegas Lakers seeing this year. However, who is that player that you would tell basketball fans in Los Angeles. If you're going to be out in Vegas summer for the summer league go check him out. Well, I mean, you know, it depends who they wind up getting on the roster because they're gonna see I think the Lakers, don't necessarily have to go out and get another superstar to go with, with LeBron and a AD because they also have cow coups on the roster. And people seem you know, way too many people outside LA, maybe in LA seem to be forgetting that, that they've got a guy that, that they decided to keep even though they're going to trade away higher picks. You know they traded away to number two picks and kept him. So that tells you how could they think he is can't be? And he was he was more highly valued. I believe that, that both Lonzo ball or Brandon Ingram. But I think they have to go get guys that compliment LeBron AD at to some extent. And if it means a, you know, a few players rather than just getting one star they have to do that. So I wouldn't worry too much about the summer league. I'd worry about more what they're going to put on the floor the exhibition season whether played Staples 'cause the summer league getting, you know, it may may be it may be fun to go to bagel and all that stuff. And watch that, but, but I don't I don't see anybody you know, kind of talking about how great the summer league was last year. When the when the season what's poorly. Yeah. For sure Jay, what do you make of the kid? They did draft the second round Taylor Horton Tucker from Iowa State. I mean just kind of a freakish unique kind of body with that kit. Yeah, it's a different type of player, you know, he's really only six four but his arms, go forever. I think as wingspan if I've ever I seven wants to I watched the play a bit this last year, and some in Maui, and, and was kinda ease kinda like a, you know, he's he looks kinda like Charles Barkley the way he's built. He doesn't play anything like Barkley. He's a little bit ball dominant. He's going to have to get over that. But he, he can handle it. And he's a he's a pretty good passer turns it over a little bit, too much because he tries to do too much time because he's eighteen nineteen years old, not a not a great shooter, but, but very powerfully built and his length helps make him a really good finisher. So he he's got some ability and and you know today's game eat like he could shoot it but he's going to have to refine it to where he's much more consistent, but he's one of those guys where he's got he's got tools. And so. So you know, like, like we were talking about before about high school players. So he's nowhere near right now where he's going to be if he really works at this, and I think he will. And, and he they took him in a good spot like to be able to get him in the second round 'cause I, I kinda projected him at the top of the second round. So so to be able to get him was was good. So the Lakers at, and I think he's got a chance to be a to be a good piece for them. He's not a star caliber player, but he could be a really good piece. Jay Bilas for this year on this Donna show on ESPN LA, you'd mentioned about the Lakers and building around Davis and LeBron. If you had your druthers like you don't have to give me specific players. But what kind of players do they need to put around these guys? I think they need to put guys that are skilled shooters that they can park at the three point line. And they can stretch a defense and also guys that that after, you know being. A threat to hit a kick out, you know, kind of spray standstill jump shot can also attack a close out. And then they've got I think they have to get guys that, that can can switch and guard multiple spots. You know, it doesn't mean they have to get all these versus defenders at guard one through five because those guys are hard to hard to come by, but they've got to be able to switch to where they can they can be versatile defensive team. And, and I do think they have to have a point guard. You know, if you're going to spend some money it's gotta be it's gotta be spent on a point guard. 'cause I don't think I don't think I even though LeBron has has proven to be superman over the course of his career. I wouldn't want to waste his energy on having to bring them up all the time. And so I want to have a point guard take that off my, he could bring it up when he feels like it, what he's got the manage, but somebody else asked to take that responsibility. So. So, so getting a really good point guard, I think there's going to be important keeping it Hollywood. Here's Jay Bilas, a lot of people don't know about you. But you've got a great friendship with Matt Damon share with Los Angeles. The story of the night, Charlie stare on made out with people for charity that you're up. Yeah. I mean, I'm friends with with friends of mad. I don't I don't know all that. Well, I mean, come on Bilas. Don't be don't be humble here, utility, you're hanging with them in the Hollywood scene. It's all good. Yeah. There was a, there was a charity function. It years ago. Call one by one that I wound up hosting. And, and so I, I wind up, I wind up turning into a row slope it, but they, they had a, they had a, a charity auction where, you know, so many that movie stars that were there. Jeremy Piven auctioned off a walk on role on entourage. And if I remember right it went for like, one hundred twenty five fifty thousand dollars, something like that, well, and Shirley sneer on got up after that and, and auctioned off the World Cup, which is in South Africa at the time and, and she didn't get she wasn't getting the same kind of money that Jeremy Piven. God. And so she got a little bit exercised over it. And basically said look, we're gonna get up. Up to this amount. And, and that's all there is to it. And she, she auctioned off a kiss. She says, I will give thirty second kissed whoever and then the money started rolling in. Wind up buying it, and then sent up a very attractive brunette female for the kiss. And so true to our word she. She went through with it, and the, the auctioneers a guy named was a good guy that did the auction was a really good friend. They've jesse. It's learn who who has a magnificent sense of humor. And so as soon as those, those two very attractive women began kissing in front of a gigantic crowd. He counted. One mississippi. It was it was a Sisa thing change the pace a little bit. You know, Joop somewhere. I know it's out there on YouTube somewhere, so grainy video, and it was pretty fun, change little from draft talk and prospects. Are you in that scene, and you're talking to Damon about, like your role and I come in peace, like is that the part of the conversation bills? No. Well, I mean, you know, through trippy told David was asking me for acting tips after you saw my role, but good alien and I come at feasts, and when I died at the back of the car, I it was truly one of the fabulous tear jerking scenes of all time. And so I, I gave him whatever whatever tips I could for an actor his caliber to try to raise his level villas. You're the best. Thank you so much for making time for us as always. Thank you guys. Gonna be what if that was fun? Yeah. Cheap Phyllis is the best and it's so cool that he did. What twelve hours of television last night and took twelve minutes to hang out with? Yes. Yeah. He's always been very good to me over the years. And it was easier to get him on or not easier. I would say it was more relevant to get him on particularly. When Lonzo is in college. I don't like to waste his time. You know what I did want to ask him? I completely forgot. I do want to ask about the Kevin porter. Kid that went to USC but yeah, why he dropped so much. Everybody's talking about off court stuff with him, attitude and things like that came up a lot last night. Everyone's attitude. That Kim ball, though, it's funny because he he was at one of these camps. I think the ABCD camp and he might have been the best player on the floor in that camp. According to guys who were there treated four, second round picks, again, which is like a record against the NBA, but thirtieth pick. I mean it's good for him because he's still gets in the first round and gets guaranteed. But anyway. Coming up next K D. There's an interesting twist to the K D drama Ben, we'll get to that in just a moment. Stick around, we're back and four minutes here on. ESPN. LA.

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