#732 Faithful Friends (Proverbs 27:6)


Pre the word with david. Platt is resource from radical dot proverbs chapter twenty seven verse six faithful or the wounds of a friend. Profuse are the kisses of an enemy masculine question based on proverbs twenty seven six. Do you have friends who will wounds you. You have people in your life who will speak truth in your life even when it's really hard to hear. Do you have friends who loves you enough. Who care for you enough to point out things in your life that are not healthy. They're not good good which we all have. We all are prone to sin. We all have weaknesses. Struggles will have areas where we need to grow in the character of christ in our lives which means we need every single one of us. We need faithful friends <music> who will wound us who will say hard things to us because they love us because they care for us. We don't need to be surrounded by people who are always to use language from proverbs twenty seven six kissing us always telling us all the good things about us. Profuse are the kisses of an enemy. An enemy only says kind kind things. According to proverbs twenty seven six an enemy only says flattering things according to proverbs twenty seven six. We don't need flattery flattery in our lives. We need honesty in our lives. Yes honest encouragement but also honest constructive. The criticism that which is four are good that which helps us see things. We can't see so the main courage you. If you don't have friends in your life who wounds you in really helpful ways to seek those out and to speak week to your friends and say please wound me when needed for my good for others good around me. Ultimately for the glory have god in me and then be that kind of friend wound not in a way that you enjoy wounding someone of course that's not what a faithful friend and does but a faithful friend carefully humbly compassionately lovingly and a posture posture of service wounds a friend for their good so let's be that kind of friend being relationships ships with people where we are encouraging them in all the right ways and we are also helping them grow in all the right ways god. I pray in my own life.

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