George Trofimoff Pt. 1: Military Lineage


<music> George Trough them off checked his watch four P._M.. The end of another uneventful day at work uh or at least that's what he tried to tell himself outside Georgia's office at the Nuremberg Joint Interrogation Center his employees as were gathering there things ready to go home for the day. Normally they might all go out for beer together. Maybe listen to the latest Rolling Stones Record Rd but today he told them to go ahead without him. George went back into his office and locked the door. He listened intently as the remaining workers went home for the day. Finally he was alone. He grabbed the binder of classified classified documents resting on the desk. Protocol dictated that George returned to the safe in the next room. He put it in his briefcase. Instead this is espionage the par cast original exploring the missions behind the world's most incredible spies and what brought their covert vert operations into the public eye throughout this show. We'll explore real world spy tactics required to impersonate exploit and infiltrate infiltrate the most confidential places in the world. I'm Carter Roy. This is our first of two episodes on George Trofimoff an American intelligence agents officer who sent hundreds of classified documents to the Soviet Union while he was the head of the Nuremberg Joint Interrogation Center from Nineteen nineteen sixty nine to nineteen eighty seven this week chart Georgia's rise through the U._S. intelligence community and delve into how he went from from being a loyal American Patriot to one of the most prolific agents for the K._G._B.. Next week we'll examine Georgia's stunning downfall and look at how he became the most senior U._S.. Military officer to ever be charged with a crime of espionage. This episode is part of par casts summer of Sixty Nine Event July twenty second through August ninth all your favorite park s shows are teaming up to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of a landmark. Some are in American history. The summer of nineteen sixty nine from the Manson murders to the moon landing ending diving deep into this summer America hit a boiling point with twenty three special episodes across sixteen different park asked originals will be digging into the fallout of M._l._k.'s assassination wide reaching l._S._d.. Colt and rumors of a Kennedy family cover up you can find these specials castles and more all on our new par cast presents feed on spotify or anywhere you listen to podcasts at par cast grateful for you our our listeners you allow us to do what we love so let us know Howard doing reach out on facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network several of you have asked how to help us. If you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review. Wherever you're listening it really does help help from the day he was born? All George Trofimov new was hardship his father other Vladimir was a former member of the Russian nobility who lost everything when the communists came into power after the Bolshevik Revolution Vladimir Vladimir fled to Berlin in the early nineteen twenty s stripped of his former wealth he scrape pennies together by playing guitar and music halls but but it wasn't all bad for Vladimir he met and married a pianist named Ekaterina Kartala their son George was born shortly after on March Ninth Nineteen twenty seven but George was barely a year old when he had his first taste of tragedy the Katharina died of complications from throat surgery in June nineteen twenty eight Vladimir was barely making ends meet and realized he wouldn't be able to adequately take care of Little George with a heavy heart he gave his son over to the care of a fellow family of former Russian nobles who had fled after the Communist revolution. They promised to raise George as if he was their own although George was well loved life if was extremely difficult he lived in a two room shack with a tiny closet serving as a bedroom for George and his foster brother Eager Susan meal meal who was nine years his elder George could scarcely believe the stories is foster parents told him about the wealth and status they and his father's family's used to have back in Russia every night he in ebor would imagine the fabulous lives they would've lead if the Communists I hadn't taken over the two boys shared an incredibly close bond. George was a frail sickly child and eager protected him from the bullies that pastored him at school. George idolized him for it. They did everything together. They walked to school played and were altar boys at the Russian Orthodox Church. They attended every week. The beautiful ornate church was a stark contrast to Georgia's squalid living conditions. The gold plated icons inlaid with valuable gemstones constantly reminded George of the life that the Communist Party had stolen from him in his family. The church had a powerful impact on Eagle or as well in nineteen thirty six when George was nine years old ebor left home Tom and became an apprentice. Deacon of the Russian Orthodox Church. George was devastated to see him go but he was happy ego or was pursuing his dream dream. Meanwhile Georgia's identification with his Russian heritage continue to grow stronger it mid nineteen forty forty one shortly after World War Two erupted fourteen year old George joined the National Organization of Russian youth during the organization's annual Summer More Camps Georgia's schooled on the glory of the former Russian Empire as he learned more and more about the country's history he began to develop a deep and unrelenting unrelenting hatred of communism and soon George got his opportunity to fight the communists who had driven his family away from home in October nineteen forty four when George was seventeen he received a notice that he had been drafted into the German army. He didn't want to fight for the Nazis. Many of Georgia's Jewish Russian classmates had suffered from the atrocities of the Holocaust he remembered. I remembered how several of them had disappeared from school. Never to be heard from again. He decided that he would evade the draft and make a run for allied occupied territory before he left. George briefly reunited with his foster brother eager who had now been ordained gene does a priest in the Russian Orthodox Church. They wouldn't see each other again for another eighteen years. After his meeting with eager. George took a train to Pilsen in Czechoslovakia now known as the Czech Republic in December nineteen forty four from there he said off toward the allied occupied city of Paso over one hundred miles away but there were no more trains to take and as a draft dodger major. He didn't know if he could trust anyone to take him by car. If George wanted to get to pass out he'd have to get there on foot as has george snuck through the countryside he had to evade both the retreating German forces as well as the rapidly advancing Soviet army. If the Germans cottam he risked being executed as a deserter. If the Soviets Cottam he risked being executed as an enemy combatant not even his Russian in heritage would save him if anything being the son of a former noble would probably make his fate even worse but to George George the risk was worth it. He was tired of the poppers life he had lead in Germany. He was willing to put his life on the line for the chance to to really make something of himself in the West the land of opportunity if he could make it into allied territory he could rebuild the fortune that the Communists had taken from his family over the next few months George had several close shaves and narrow narrow escapes as he made his arduous journey toward Passo finally on the morning of May Ninth Nineteen forty-five George George received incredible news. The Germans had unconditionally surrendered to the allied forces. Although the war was over he didn't want to go back to Germany even though the Nazis had lost. He wasn't sure how he would be treated as an army deserter so he continued West with the help of a U._S.. Army unit George arrived in Paris in July nineteen forty five where he obtained an immigration nation visa to the United States. George arrived in New York in December nineteen forty seven but the specter of military service continued to follow him in June nineteen forty eight the American government enacted the Selective Service Act which required all men between the ages of of Nineteen to twenty six to register for the army although he wasn't a citizen as a permanent resident George was required to sign up but unlike in Germany this time George was happy to join he was eager for the chance to serve the country that had provided him with the safe haven and little in the way of formal education he saw it as a potential career opportunity instead of waiting to be drafted he decided to voluntarily enlist George quickly proved to be an able and skilled soldier after completing basic training meaning he was immediately promoted to corporal because of his ability to speak German Russian and French. He was assigned as an assistant instructor her at the U._S. Army Language School in Monterey California but with the growing tensions of the Cold War soldiers would Georgia's unique language skills skills were soon required in the field in early nineteen forty nine George was assigned to a new unit called the five hundred twenty fifth headquarters intelligence detachment or H.. I. D. The H. I.. D. would be primarily engaged in interrogating prisoners the war in late nineteen forty nine George received his first assignment six months in Frankfurt Germany interrogating Soviet army deserters seeking asylum from Joseph Stalin's oppressive This ours artillery tactics and extensive technical information it was the early days of the Cold War and an armed conflict between between the United States and the Soviet Union was very much a possibility in the event that war did break out the intelligence George had secured and would be invaluable upon returning to the U._S.. In May nineteen fifty he was quickly promoted to sergeant and and continued to climb the military ranks. George was at the forefront of the quickly changing field of military intelligence and love the opportunities. Is that the military had given him in September nineteen fifty one he became an American citizen further cementing his dedication to his career career on March Ninth Nineteen fifty three his twenty sixth birthday. He was commissioned as a second lieutenant military intelligence in the United States eight Army Reserve in late nineteen fifty four while George was stationed at Fort Bragg North Carolina as a Russian language language instructor he met a young woman named Francis Their relationship quickly became serious and they married in June nineteen fifty five. Although George enjoyed married life he hated his teaching assignment he felt like it was stunting his chances at advancing his career and moving moving up the pay scale so in March nineteen fifty six George secured an assignment in Laos the former French colony in Southeast Asia Asia. The Laotian Royal Family was fighting a bitter civil war against insurgent communist forces Georgia's job was to serve as the translator for a Task Force evaluating the quality and utilization of American military assistance to the Laotian royal family he was greeted with pomp and circumstance everywhere he went and finally got a taste of the opulence he so badly desired with every a decadent meal he was treated to and every gift he was given George grew more accustomed to living what he called the good life his his inability to let it go would be his ultimate downfall coming up George's. I love of the finer things in life. Get him in hot water. 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Georgia's Laotian assignment ended in Nineteen Nineteen fifty-eight however his time in Laos had made him knowledgeable about the country's political military and economic situation region in January nineteen fifty nine. He was able to put that knowledge to us when he accepted a position as an intelligence analyst at the U._S.. Armie Pacific headquarters in Hawaii while in Hawaii George spent everything he had in pursuit of maintaining the lifestyle it become accustomed to in Laos lifestyle he deserved as a descendant of Russian nobility on top of his love of fine food. He developed a taste for luxury automobiles to take advantage of Hawaii's beautiful weather. He bought a brand New Plymouth convertible and drove it all around the island. He even was able to find love again. Albeit briefly while playing tennis George met Edwin Lee who became came his second wife in the spring of nineteen sixty but before the year was up Georgia's transferred to South Korea and Edwina wasn't able to come with him the separation proved difficult for the young couple and Edwina asked for divorce. Georgia's ego prevented him from changing anything about his life to accommodate at Weena if he had to get a divorce to maintain his lifestyle so be it after his brief stint in Korea George transferred once again to Frankfurt Germany in March nineteen sixty one after his thirty fourth fourth birthday this time he would be overseeing a clandestine mail screening operation in which mail to and from the Soviet Union was examined for any useful intelligence information mostly in relation to living conditions shortly after arriving in Germany he met a woman named Alexa Riester. Although Georgia's first two marriages had failed he hadn't given up on finding the right person he and Alexa were married that October. It seemed like the third time was the charm for George they quickly had three children Nicole Natalie Natalie and Alexander George was obsessed with giving his family a life of luxury and spent every penny he earned on them as his family family grew. George bought a top of the line ambassador station wagon among other fine things but Georgia's newfound domestic bliss was tempered spurred by the construction of the Berlin Wall in nineteen sixty one which escalated the tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union although he was now an American citizen the Cold War hadn't diminished Georgia's deep love for his ancestral home of Russia Shaw a love that was strengthened when he reconnected with his beloved foster brother Eagles Ouza meal in nineteen sixty two ego or had just been appointed as the Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church in Munich only four hour southeast of Georgia's Base in Frankfurt allowing him to visit eager somewhat frequently but if he knew what his brother had become he might have been more cautious ego are was much more than a Russian Orthodox priest. He was also a member of the K._G._B.. Although it's unclear unclear when ego or became part of the organization the Russian Orthodox Church was closely connected to the Soviet government. It was common for church officials to pull double duty as K._G._B.. Agents had george known about Ebor secret. He might have cut ties with them. Especially after George was put in charge of a unit interrogating Russian and East German refugees in nineteen sixty three with cold war tensions at an all time high any intelligence either side could gain was invaluable in George's ability to connect with Soviet defectors. I made him an incredibly skilled interrogator. He was so good that in November nineteen sixty eight George was offered a permanent position to to oversee the U._S.. Army element at the Joint Interrogation Center in Nuremberg Germany also known as the J. I see in conjunction with German French and British officers George would be supervising a vast intelligence operation collecting information on the inner workings of the Soviet Union with his high level security clearance. George had access to the secret documents the J. I C. generated on everything related to the U._S._S._R.. Including living conditions political operations and military military strategies consumed by his work at the J I see George now had little time to spend with his family. He tried tried to make up for it by spending ever increasing amounts of money on them but he refused to give them what they really wanted his time in what what was now a familiar pattern George and Alexis separated in early nineteen sixty nine in officially divorced shortly thereafter according to the Connection between George and Ebor but when they reunited in nineteen sixty two it had been almost twenty years since they had seen each other knowing knowing George worked in military intelligence. You're made sure they rekindled the powerful bond they had as children. The next step was for eager eager to determine if George would be amenable to sharing classified information he accomplished this through informal talks when he'd ask ask for George's opinion on certain international matters then innocuously ask what people at his job thought about it although eagle or it wasn't asking for classified information he was testing Georgia's barriers when George showed no resistance to egos questions. The priests turn K._G._B.. Agent moved on to the next step and snare meant Georgia's financial problems were the perfect perfect opportunity to get him to spy for the K._G._B.. At first eager reassured George that he wouldn't have to repay the money but then in the summer of nineteen sixty nine he gore came to George with the proposition. If he photographed classified documents from the J I see George could receive a guaranteed stipend from the K._G._B.. That would permanently fix his financial joe problems. George couldn't believe what ego or was telling him they had grown up hating the communists and now eager wanted him to help their cause ause the Soviets had forced their families from their homes made them into little more than beggars on the streets of Berlin furthermore Georgia's proud of his position in the American Military United States had made George them man he was he hated the idea of doing anything to harm in his adopted country but on the other hand nothing may George Happier than living the good life and at that moment his life was far from good he was reduced to living in a tiny bachelor apartment barely keeping his head above water has every paycheck went to supporting his family. He tried to convince himself that he wouldn't be. I'm doing it to help the Communists it would be in service of mother Russia and he wouldn't provide the K._G._B.. With any information on American can military capabilities or intelligence strategies. He'd only photograph documents detailing what the U._S. had learned about the U._S._S._R.. George soon came to a decision he would help. His brother. Eager was delighted. Although discovering American secrets secrets was the ultimate goal knowing what the U._S. knew about the Soviet Union was still incredibly helpful. If any important strategies he's had been revealed the U._S. are could use the intelligence George provided to simply change its approach to whatever the U._S. had learned to get George started eager provided him with a brand new double frame camera allowing him to easily photograph two pages at once as well as a tripod into gooseneck lamps for specialized lighting in order to photograph the documents George would have to smuggle them out of the J. I C taking pictures in his office was out of the question the German military controlled troll building security and even with Georgia's position he wouldn't be granted entry outside normal working hours on top of that if he was discovered with a camera at work he'd be arrested in heartbeat. George hope that getting the documents out of the G I see would be easy. He already brought a briefcase to work every day and the German officers who controlled entry and exit never checked it although Oh there were security measures to prevent people from breaking into the safe that held all the classified documents when the office was empty there were no real protocols because to prevent anyone from taking them during regular hours but still when the moment of truth came George was nervous. He tried to tell himself that it was just like any other day but in his heart he knew it wasn't this time he had more than just justice leftovers from lunch and his briefcase he had a binder full of highly classified documents as well. If George was is acting strange the German officer who led him out of the building didn't notice he was buzzed out with hardly a second glance and yet as George went home he couldn't help but check over his shoulder every once in a while to make sure he wasn't being followed when a police police car sped past him sirens blaring nearly jumped out of his shoes finally after what seemed like an eternity George made it home home he immediately rushed down to the basement. He had a lot of pictures to take coming up. George becomes entwined in the K._G._B.'s web. They seem like a friend or even family. Only you trust them with your life but behind the promises of fame success and riches beyond your wildest dreams. 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George needed to be extremely careful throughout the process. If there was any sign that the documents had been tampered with his whole scheme could come crashing down. He was so meticulous that when he had to remove staples in a document he replaced them in the exact same holes when he was done over the course of several grueling hours George photographed hundreds of pages of classified documents but he wasn't done yet he still L. had to get the papers back to the safe undetected it turned out that George had no reason to worry there was no system to track Iraq when documents were taken out or return to the safe all the personnel who had access to the safe where soldiers they operated on the core belief life that they could trust their colleagues to responsibly handle their confidential documents. They had no idea how deeply George was betraying that trust with documents safely back in the safe. There was one final step remaining delivering the film containing haning the photos Georgia taken while George was fairly certain has worked had gone unnoticed. He couldn't be sure the film wouldn't come under scrutiny once he passed it on to Ebore in order to make it look as inconspicuous as possible. He returned the film to its original original packaging and glued shot so it looked like it had never been opened. The hand off to Ebore went off without a hitch ego brought the film with him on his next visit to Moscow and by the time the summer of nineteen sixty nine ended George received his first monthly payment the equivalent of seven thousand U._S. dollars in German marks which equates to about forty eight thousand dollars today as long was George kept supplying Ebor with pictures the money would keep coming for George the safe in the J. I C became an endless endless treasure trove along with the intelligence gathered from the refugees questioned at the facility it also contained important strategic information Asian including intelligence objectives which listed current intelligence information required by the United States intelligence priorities which which identified and ranked the current intelligence needs of the U._S.. Military Soviet in Warsaw Pact Order of battle documents which detailed the U._S.'s says knowledge of enemy military organizations and capabilities and up to date knowledge of the U._S._S._R.'s current chemical and nuclear weapons capabilities in the course of his espionage activities George delivered pictures of over seventy binders lingers with each containing four hundred to six hundred pages of classified information towards quickly quickly became indispensable to the K._G._B.. Many K._G._B.. Agents are assigned several codenames over their tenure in order to protect their identity identity throughout his time relaying information George was dubbed Onta- Marquees and console he was identified as the K._G._B.'s most valuable agent in a list of assets prepared in nineteen seventy-three. The Intelligence George was providing was incredibly beneficial by knowing what the U._S. knew about them. The U._S._S._R. was able to stay one step ahead ahead of its Cold War He made sure to constantly dry clean himself the spy term for making sure he wasn't being followed the constant checking of his rear view mirror and unnecessary detours put Georgia's already frayed nerves on edge according to the C._I._A.. As nineteen sixty four analysis on K._G._B.. Tactics quote the Soviet State Security Service resorts to abduction and murder to combat what are considered to be actual or aw potential threats to the Soviet regime as both an American intelligence officer and K._G._B.. Agent himself George was was all too familiar with these ruthless tactics. If the meeting went badly George knew he might not have long to live shortly after George arrived at the designated meeting spot on the promenade alongside the trout river a short square jawed man approached in an introduced himself as Oleg although George didn't realize it he was meeting with General Oleg Kalugin blue getting the chief of the K._G._B.'s Directorate Kay he was one of the K._G._B.'s senior most officials reporting directly to the chief of Intelligence Olegs main concern was that Georgia's ability to obtain information wasn't compromised sized in any way George reassured him that he had the complete trust of everyone he worked with. He was certain that he wasn't under any suspicion. Next Oleg brought up the issue of Georgia's decline in performance George braced himself for a very unpleasant conversation but oleg was much easier on him than George had anticipated he simply urged George to increase the volume volume of information he was delivering and to make sure it was actionable. Intelligence the Soviet Union could use to strengthen its position he he was satisfied that George was a dedicated agent and agreed to increases pay as long as George delivered on olegs request. George was back in his car. He let out a breath. He hadn't realized he was holding in. He knew this meeting was probably probably his first and only warning it was time for him to redouble his efforts to that end. George delivered delivered a crucial piece of intelligence he had been holding back on delivering the U._S.'s knowledge of the Soviet Union's order of battle addle in Eastern Europe which detailed the placement and extent of the U._S._S._R.'s various military forces this this was incredibly important information according to former four-star General Glenn Otis quote our knowledge of the Soviet Union's forces was critical to the way we laid out our defense plans if they knew what we knew it gave them an advantage because they could then change although George was happy with the increase in pay that came with a better intelligence he provided he was growing restless. He was almost fifty years old and he was getting tired of the Bachelor lifestyle in nineteen seventy seven George met in eighteen year old old woman named Marian after a true to form courtship in which he showered her with expensive gifts they married in late nineteen seventy eight. The newlyweds moved into a large house on the outskirts of Nuremberg because of Georgia's exemplary service to the K._G._B.. Eager was able to give him the ninety thousand marks or about forty thousand dollars for the down payment. Life was great George Poured Award money into the house and his marriage making sure Marian always had whatever her heart desired but three years after buying the House George was again beset by financial troubles in July nineteen eighty one the value of the U._S.. Dollar plummeted along with the German mark suddenly George was struggling to meet his mortgage payments and maintain the lifestyle he was dedicated to keeping even with more financial assistance from Eagle or via the K._G._B.. He was unable to stay afloat by the end of Nineteen eighty-one one George was forced to sell the house and he and Marian had to rent a tiny place in the city. The downgrade in lifestyle was was more than Marian could bear shortly after moving. She asked for a divorce. George wasn't surprised he knew that their relationship relationship was only as strong as his ability to provide his wife with a comfortable lifestyle but even though his personal life was in turmoil George continued to deliver valuable intelligence to the K._G._B.. Some time in the early nineteen eighties George gave eager the C._I._A.'s intelligence targets from nineteen seventy eight to nineteen eighty-one. This information identified in the United States believed were the biggest threats posed by the Soviet Union. It was such important information it was given directly to had the Soviet Prime Minister Leone Brezhnev Georgia's services were so valuable that at some point he was awarded the order for of the Red Banner One of the highest honors that could be bestowed to a Soviet agent however in Nineteen eighty-seven Eager Gore informed George that the K._G._B.. Didn't need anything else for the time being but George still needed money and there were still still classified documents he could deliver he decided to keep going and accumulated over twenty five rolls of film each one containing meaning over seventy pages of classified documents a few months later. George delivered the film eager although his handlers handlers were happy with the information they told George in no uncertain terms that he had to stop an ordered him to destroy his camera camera by that time American Soviet relations had improved significantly. The two sides were moving closer to reconciliation in the risk of getting caught outweighed the benefit of the intelligence he gave them. Although George was desperate to maintain the cash flow flow his espionage had provided he knew he had to take his order seriously he smashed his camera with a hammer and threw it away way far from his house with his spy career. Effectively over George had lost one of the most exciting components of his life his health deteriorated and in nineteen ninety when George was sixty three his doctor ordered him to take a thirty day medical leave Peta five star SPA in Austria. It was just the sort of pick me up. George needed one day while George was in the dining room whom he noticed an attractive woman sitting by herself at a dining table. Her name was Utah. She was at the SPA to recover from a liver operation ration- she'd been divorced for eighteen years and had an adult daughter. The two of them shared a mutual attraction and met frequently over the next few days playing tennis and sharing meals together when it was time for you to check out he showed her how he felt in the only way he knew how a lavish gift in the form of Black Pearl earrings after a year of dating George in Utah Were Married on October Twenty Third Nineteen ninety-one on through Udeze job is the manager of a travel agency. The newlyweds were able to get all expenses paid trips to high end resorts all across Europe this time it was George was being treated to the good life and he was determined to provide the same luxuries to his new wife. George began begin to plan for his retirement and in Nineteen ninety-two they visited the Indian River Colony Club in Melbourne Florida. It was a brand Dan new community exclusively reserved for active retired or honorably discharged military officers George in Utah loved it and plan plan to move there as soon as possible in August nineteen ninety four sixty seven year old George applied for an early retirement program that it would give him a bonus payment of twenty five thousand dollars enough to cover the down payment of their new house in Florida with the finances taking care of the move was planned for late December nineteen ninety four on December fourteenth with the move only a few days away. George was woken up at six am with a loud knock at the door. He threw on a robe robe thinking maybe it was Utah who had already left for work. Maybe she had forgotten something but when he opened the door he was greeted by a horde of German and American intelligence agents they informed George he was under suspicion of committing espionage against the United States NATO in the Federal Republic of Germany. He was under arrest arrest next week on espionage K._G._B.. Leak threatens to expose Georgia's illegal activities with a law quickly closing in he must decide if maintaining his life of luxury is worth risking his freedom. Thanks again for tuning into our espionage summer of sixty nine special. We'll be back with part cartoon next week for more information on George Trofimoff amongst them many sources we used we found the imperfect spy by Andy. 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