Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 8


Here comes again. Lunch will be the same old same old or you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with a new Jamaican jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced smoked Turkey breast crave ably sweet mustard sauce and a hint of Caribbean seasoning just five fifty five remedium save time order the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub on the firehouse subs APP firehouse subs enjoy more subs save more lives participating locations limited time only plus tax prices may vary delivery five all right welcome back to the wrestling with altitude podcast. I am your hosts Mr fourth row and on on this podcast this episode I have one of the local wrestling talents here in Colorado area and that is captain Stevens Yoho Captain Stevens how you doing up doing good today Mr fourth or through how `bout yourself I am hanging in there so I really appreciate you coming onto the show. <hes> let's start off with the first question. So how did you get interested in professional wrestling. Did you watch it as a child. Oh My my dad had me watching wrestling pretty much at least for my mom says is when I was an infant you know like four to six months old and stuff like that and even my uncle has this little story. He likes to tell of how we knew. I was going to be a wrestler is <hes> there was one day we just finished watching wrestling and I was like three years older so and my mom was sleeping on the floor and I guess if they climbed up on the army the couch and did a macho man flying elbow right across her nose so so at a young age. Do you remember watching or do you have any memories from back then. I guess my earliest memory memory of professional wrestling <hes> is <hes> summer slam nineteen ninety-two the one that took place at Wembley Stadium in the United Kingdom and I used to we had recorded it on the statement Abe and I used to watch the heck out of that tape like I used to watch especially the main event which was the Bret Hart versus the British bulldog for the intercontinental title right so the question is well d still have tape and or is it just worn out and if so do you have anything to so played on <hes> no I don't. I don't have the tape or if the player thank thank goodness for the network so I can relive that man all right yeah that's true so I was just I was just kinda curious so <hes> who will your favorites watching them you. Who did you really like to enjoy the work? Oh Man I almost do like a time line with it. I mean when I was a little a little kid. It was the ultimate warrior I mean even dressed up like in for Halloween and stuff like that did the whole face paint and the armed tassels and stuff like that and then <hes> as I got older and he wasn't there it kind of transition due to <hes> to brow heart watched. I follow 'em even when he left <hes> after Montreal all the way to W._C._W.. I follow his career up until pretty much the time he laughed and that's a back she abou- I'd stop watching wrestling for a little bit around then but I'd say those were probably the biggest no very cool so then <hes> what then got you into thinking and actually taking that step into doing this as a as a little bit of the profession so in in about two thousand eight as about twenty years older so I had <hes> I went to a R._M._c. w show it was at a red and Jerry's and they had like Butch Reed there and I watched him Russell Robertson and stuff like that and then <hes> I remember after that being invited over to a Wrestlemainia Watch party at someone's house and they were talking about training guys then and I had gotten somewhat interested back then in is I didn't even know there wasn't independent wrestling seen in Colorado at all until about that time. Oh Wow wow so then <hes> who who was it that you got involved with <hes> doing your training and and stuff might stay overnight of training actually <hes> I I went to the. I don't know if you remember it the I._W._F.. Butcher shop I've heard of it. Yes it's it's it's essentially now. The PRIMOZ butcher shot up because pretty much just GonNa took over the school right and people were you know people who trained they're essentially worked promotions and whatnot and it just kind of transition to Primoz once I W F closed doors but that that was my first night at training was with I._W._F.. And then I just continued when it went into when it transferred over to Primoz Um and so did you start training there right away and <hes> two thousand eight. Did you say no actually I did not find a school until about two thousand eleven doesn't eleven okay I ended up <hes> just looking it up online and found that school though okay awesome and so you have been doing this ever since then so about seven eight years <hes> if this challenge training saying yeah well I mean we do training because it's still part of all the process right now part of all the process. You honestly never stop learning so well. Yeah that's true. That's very true so then. When did you have like your first match crazy enough? My first match didn't come on WanNa see came in about two thousand fifteen. I I wasn't always the best about maintaining a proper coming to training schedule because I had really crazy work hours especially starting in two thousand eleven when my boss is very adamant about not giving me the days off that they trained so I you know I didn't make my debut or like my first match until about two thousand fourteen two thousand fifteen <hes> and who was your opponent <hes> crazy enough. Have you ever heard of <hes> Primoz carnival the actual show yes yeah the Halloween show yes my first match. I was stung and I wrestled cody divine who was was us <hes> staying okay Nice. That's very very cool awesome all right so then <hes> you just been kind of hitting the promotions <hes> pretty much sense. Then Kinda got steady <hes> <hes> work schedule per se you know in the in the wrestling <hes> community them. I I do at least in Denver and like 'cause I. I work with Primoz and I work with C._S.. W I mean it's definitely not to say that. I wouldn't want to work for any other promotion because I mean I have wrestled like twice for Lebron. Debray lamps but I definitely would like to do more steady with pre Muhsin C._S.. W right and did I want. Did I catch at one time. You worked for was it. Is it big sky as well big sky. That's <hes> promotion out in Wyoming Yeah. I remember their United States champion. I'm sorry you cut out there say that again. I'm actually they're United States champion you current the current United States champion a big sky <hes> Yep and how do they do shows because it seems like <hes> kind of little intermittent or they are very very intermittent opening. We haven't had our show up there. Since I WANNA see June or July oh well. Do you think that's just because <hes> well union. Would you agree with me that the wrestling seen in Colorado's really taking off right now I would. I would definitely chalk it up to that. I mean there's you know I mean it's really crazy right now. Without any promotions there that are popping up in around the state especially you know down in Colorado Springs and stuff like that and then you have Primoz in new era and rocky mountain pro when Lucci Lebron laughs up at Denver Right and then the count countless number of Lucia actual Lucia Promotions to Oh yeah so all right well <hes> you now well you kind of to <hes> currently are in a <hes>. I guess you the best way to explain it would be like a faction called the party pirate punks. How did that come about to be to be completely honest with you? I think that at a certain point we were just kinda thrown together and because we were originally just the party pirates and it was me and all he beat and then <hes> Paulie be got injured. You heard his knee in our first tag outing to be honest no so then <hes> a couple months later <hes> they paired me up with Johnny crash crash while Bali was rehabbing and <hes> we just kind of went from there as the pirate punks and then you know about seven eight months later polly came back from his knee injury and he just Kinda got lumped in with us then we became the party pirate punks ever since harlow was <hes> was was it just something that just kind of happened or were you Kinda put together by anybody like special that may be. We've mentioned on the podcast before uh-huh definitely say it. Was it someone it's definitely `specially I mean <hes> Chris Chavez. The former owner of CIS w <hes> is the one that put us together I had I had an idea. He's he's. He's he's. He's kind of genius would you. He's just kind of has magical touch. Would you agree with that you really did he really did have that. Just kind of that magical touch I mean I don't oh I can't honestly say like right off the top at what it was but there was just there was always something about you know see us w when we first got there that just kinda made wrestling down the spur in Colorado Springs Really Special Dab him there and I do know that a lot of us really miss him so oh yeah I miss them to <hes> so speaking of that <hes> I know that you and I have kinda talked about it a little bit but why don't we go ahead and reiterate vetera- on the <hes> podcast <hes> the couple special things that <hes> with when it comes to see us w for you <hes> that have kind of been book end <hes> most recently with the <hes> last <hes> Colorado Springs show so tell toner buddy about that well I mean just kristen general was always just someone that really believed a lot of me and he always spoke really highly of me and you know we had worked before he opens D._S._W.. We had worked a couple of times on the independent scene and he was really high on me then and then <hes> you know <hes> mean cormack battle were actually in the very very first match N._C._I._S. W I mean we opened the very very first show was just mean Cormac and now that will always be like a little special thing that I have with Mac you know in opening up that show right and then now most recently tell the listeners <hes> what happened <hes> for you <hes> with <hes> C._S.. W All I am <hes> one half of the C._S.. W tag eighteen champions with my cohorts Bali and Johnny crash and I also just one the Christopher Chavez senior memorial battle royal got a big big big trophy for that right show that okay and and that leads me into <hes> what you have coming up in the near future <hes> here in about <hes> just a little bit over in a week so tell the listeners what is going on there well. I actually actually have <hes> if you don't mind actually two shows coming up your back the week and a half you know definitely Primoz. This Sunday is a woman's scorn from the watering bowl. That's going to be one heck of show I mean. Have you seen the main event for that one already. Oh yeah lament filter in Anaya. That's Oh God that's going to be a match it. Nobody should miss and then a week from Friday march eighth. I'm at <hes> C._S.. W Bar fights volume three were the main event is myself versus. <hes> Joey can eight and that's in other matches to bulls right right and Joey Kincaid was the person that you had was the last person was <hes> eliminated before you won the <hes> the tournament before winning about a royal right was was worn was the last person eliminate it was a person that I eliminated there to whip that a royal yeah so he <hes> you think he's coming out coming back at you for a little bit of revenge all I wouldn't necessarily early put it fast on now. I mean he definitely didn't look happy after the elimination and I tell you he has is one tough guy right. Oh yeah well. They don't call him the human grenade for nothing. That's very true through very true yeah so let's <hes> so we got thous out but let's talk about possibly <hes> in the <hes> near are in the <hes> little bit farther in the future <hes> if you do you have any kind of like dream matches any kind of opponents at you would like to wrestle a both as a single competitor and then maybe even getting P._p.. The triple P. together and you know going up against other tag teams and this could be anybody in you know close proximity to the Colorado area or even nationwide. Maybe somebody <hes> Ion. That's you know on T._v.. Or something like that or you know and and then along with that have you had any brushes with any kind of <hes> you know people that you know National People may have heard about <hes> not necessarily like national people haven't really at any brushes. That <hes> as far as dream matches go I mean I'd really love to wrestle <hes> like as a tag team that was me and the Party and the triple p. out honestly say like three matches <hes> the pillars of destiny <hes> that would be the vikings out would be a really good match. I really look forward to that and then there's also <hes> the one percent <hes> the team the TAG team that Roy size XS in that abby attacked team. I'd love to face well all right and well you know and I didn't honest I'd also have to put the Canadian pit bulls in there as well. Oh Yeah I I would love to Russell the Canadian pit bulls and then I guess a singles competitor like my <hes> my two kind on the on the Dream List bucket list kind of thing right now are I'd love to Wrestle Lonnie Zelda's or Mike sidell okay definitely love to wrestle Mike sidell that would be fun. That would be fun yeah I could. I I can see that so you think <hes> <hes> I would. I would not going to speak for him but I think the pillars destinies would even welcome to on three handicap match to those guys those guys definitely look crazy yeah or awesome yeah well you know they have had some exposure on <hes> on impact not necessarily the main show but there <hes> web show the explosion show so there you go. That's that's there's some national brush brushing fame right there so that would be kind that'd be kind of fun well and then of course the one percent <hes> Roy six darrel Nelson so yeah they they're all over the place so yeah that would be a definitely possibility. Oh yeah all right <hes> so any other <hes> any other things that you have coming up here in the near future besides <hes> Primoz and <hes> ceus W even you know three four weeks in that you're aware of that you can announce here. I can actually over a few things. <hes> Primoz has been pretty heavily promoting a few shows coming up here within the next couple of months <hes> like I said to start you know this Sunday March third at the watering bowl and Denver Colorado <hes> there is a woman scorn and that's going to be too. It's usually starts about seven seven fifteen tickets sir ten dollars online about fifteen bucks at the door and <hes> definitely looking forward to that show and then March eighth is <hes> C._S.. W Bar fights volume three and that's at the plain field sports bar in Colorado Colorado Springs <hes> then <hes> <hes> April seventh <hes> Primoz has teamed with the watering bull and crown royal and they are doing Wrestlemainia Watch party called Crown Royal Rumble who and that is free entry and that's it our little gifts to <hes> the fans of pre most arresting and the fans of pro wrestling general. You'RE GONNA get a little bit of a little bit alive wrestling wrestling before the pre show and then be able to watch you know the pre show wrestlemainia after cool that that sounds like fun and then. I know that you know about this Arti but you know that every may so taking place this year on make this is Alpha Knight Right. It's our annual tournament. The crowns the best high flyer lunch door wrestler just here you'll pure wrestler. Lucia doors and hi fliers is just an amazing show that takes place on May fifth but also it's been extended so it's many fourth and may fifth and you're also now going to get Omega night which is an all women's tournament. Oh yeah the best female wrestler Lucia Hi Flyer Grappler yes so <hes> I guess you could say that <hes> <hes> Primoz is kind of really <hes> seeming it up in ratcheting up with all these kind of <hes> events knows yeah cool like I like that a lot yeah cool awesome all right well will. I think that's all I have for you right now but before I let you go <hes> once you tell the listeners <hes> about if you've <hes> they wanted to follow you like on <hes> social media media where they could find you like facebook. Twitter is the etc already you can find me on facebook at the dread captain Stevens <hes> you can find me on both twitter and instagram under both dread captain often S._c.. Oh cool awesome all right well once again captain Stevens I salute you. I appreciate you coming onto the podcast and let my listeners know little bit more about you. Oh my pleasure man is an honor to be here all right. Thank you already once again a big thank you to captain Stevens for coming onto the podcast this week I salute. You are really appreciate T._H._e.. For coming on so let's go ahead and before we get talk about this upcoming week. Let's do the weekend review so last Thursday was the rocky mountain pro ignition and charged episodes from the Rocky Mountain Quarry in the Jefferson County fairgrounds great shows as always got to see some new talent <hes> that traveled in and came in when <hes> we had <hes> the young gun champ Gentler Hopkins came in got to see him good. I really enjoy him. Him And Curtis Cole had a Barn Karen Berger. Excuse excuse the Pun of a match it was amazing and I really love seeing the young gun come in town. He needs to come in town more often and there was a couple other talents <music>. I not serve. I caught their names quite properly. <hes> one was the magnificent <hes> milk. Oh a belief and that was great. I loved his character is Great Craig character great great great and then on Friday the Lucci brain laughs today inter-gender tag team tournament kicked off the equal fights two day tournament <hes> was great. I went tended that and got the C. for the first time Delie Doom in person and ruby race it was there Tacori tyrod Greek came in town like I said that was great. Her and Mike Zell Yoga salt had a fantastic match and then I would say <hes> allegata an Anaya I of versus Caleb crush and Delilah doom was a fantastic match will they were all fantastic matches but <hes> those matches a were probably the highlights for me. Eh especially because <hes> just Vance Service for myself I would say that with Anaya and Allegata <hes> pulling a little bit of the left coast guerrillas <hes> tactics out and displayed them against their opponents was great and then also on Friday as well. The Rocky Mountain pro had their Rocky Mountain WPRO experience at the Rack House. Unfortunately because Lucci were last had <unk> <hes> that event that night as well it wasn't able to attend <hes> look like it went off really well of course the talent that came in for the Thursday show at Rocky mountain pro was also there as well so it's always Kinda nice to see though get introduced a couple more talents not get so comfortable with the towns to see all the time time at all these shows and then <hes> like I said Saturday was the combination of Jubran laughs tournament where Caleb Crush and Eliah doom won the tournament well undeserved everybody did well. They faced Ruby raise and I am the provider <hes> in the finals. <hes> got the see all kinds of things <hes>. You're also on Saturday night. Joy Ryan was there but they hadn't said who he was going to be facing and boom as soon as the music hit it was the fiercest feline nine in Lucia Lebron Alley Gatto so keeping it up with the theme for the equal fights Allegata faced Joey Freakin Ryan I was I was so happy to see that match. It was amazing and <hes> I there's not enough words to describe it all and then also the Iron Hills this championship wrestling promotion also came back had their showdown. They're in Colorado. Springs looks like it went off. Well surprisingly Jimbo Lucas I lost his championship and he vows to get back as soon as he can. A sound like there was a little bit of <hes> dispute on how it the happened so I'll be excited to see how that all turns out and then on Sunday I attended for the first time I went to Hugo's Lucia Lebron which also takes place at Jefferson County fairgrounds <hes> same places rocky mountain pro they dress up the arena a little bit different with the Hugo's branding and all that stuff like that of course with as being the deliberate a lot of it was in Spanish and I am not even enclose to understanding a good majority of the words I know a lot <hes> it's a different different experience and it's formatted a lot differently <hes> I did mark out that they have a mascot the comes out <hes> before the show and Kinda like at intermission <hes> at say. I kind of hiked it. I thought it was fun. Russell exposed to be about fun so I I really enjoyed that. <hes> got to see a couple of people that of course new Delta a junior and read Viper and I had a match as well <hes> Luna was there. I got we've seen her in rocky mountain pro a few times as well so it was kind of fun. <hes> got to see a lot of new faces faces <hes> they do a lot of two out of three falls. I think as well 'cause they have a <hes> a ring card girl woman. Whatever you WANNA call her a come out to tell you what round around or ring it <hes> or follow this kind of stuff like that so that was kind of fun definitely WanNa go again <hes> because it is a definite experience <hes> rowdy crowd beaten on drums and all that kind kind of stuff that you would expect from a more traditional Lucia Lube Ray <hes> promotion so that was fun so not talking about the past? Let's talk about the future we have this Thursday coming up as a time of this recording that is tomorrow and with it being the last Thursday of the month that means it is time for rocky mountain pro supercharged and it's going to be a purge event which means it is anything goes ladders chairs. <hes> still a barrels whatever you can find. I wonder if the infamous <hes> shovel that may have a little residue. If you know what I mean <hes> will make an appearance as well. If you WANNA get tickets <hes> it's not too late but you can always get tickets are are M._p.. WRESTLING DOT COM or you can get them at the door door course the prices do in crease and then I do not believe as far as I'm checking my notes that we do have don't have anything on Friday or Saturday but we do have on Saturday like captain Stevens was mentioning we do have Primoz <hes> pro wrestling <hes> having their woman scorn learn <hes> events where we've got <hes> daisy and I am the product Shade Tarantula and Tire Russ Amee <hes> <hes> they're featured heavily in this event <hes> and like he were like captain Stevens was saying got a niane filter to the biggest toughest guys he's here in the wrestling with altitude area going at it. You can get tickets ten dollars online fifteen dollars at the door showtime seven P._M.. Doors Open even at six thirty so you WANNA get tickets go to Primoz pro wrestling dot com. It's as simple as that so that is it that I have for right now but before I want go I want to extend a big. Thank you for to the trending topics network for hosting the show and if you do like this show go ahead and subscribed or stay subscribed and you can listen to other great shows on this feed such as wrestling when cheers the Eurovision showcase we have and chill as well as has the Spanish <hes> announce table and so much more appreciate you all for listening and having fun with me. Wrestling with altitude <music> are here comes again lunch Lippi the same old same old or are you ready to take a vacation from the ordinary with the new Jamaican Jerk Turkey sub at firehouse subs freshly sliced.

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