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Need Your daily fix of women's mixed martial arts from the UFC INVICTA FC Bella tour, one championship be in the loop has golden state media concepts. Got You covered? Get your fit. Some women semi. We've got you covered on golden state media, concepts, women they podcast. Thank you for tuning. Is that Yes emceeing? PODCAST brought to you by the US MC podcast network I'm your host are now Deli owner usual? I hope you're doing well for yourself. You your friends, your family whether you live in the states or nationally I. Hope you're doing fine. During a time of major uncertainty, stay safe. Be Healthy so with. One being just two weeks away here. One fighter, the more popular fighters in the AFC, being paid bents, so there are a lot of fighters now in the past. Given fighters in years have complained about fight purses and fighter comics. I've complained one hundred comics for the longest time. But the newest person here being page Vincent's so. So is being matched up against Amana. rebus at Yancey fifty one. At. Fight Ireland sobia very fun. Unique fight appropriate in dance, because this will also be payments last fight inner UFC contract. Visiting reported in MMA JUNKIE USA Today Dot Com that Patriots is confident testing free agency actor UFC two one. My value doesn't change whether I. Win or lose. This is being written in by Danny Guerrero. Thank you for Ryan's. Nothing will stop page from testing the free agency markets, the UFC strong is determined to find out of your contract and becoming free agents after you F C Two fifty one on July eleven in Abu, Dhabi fight Ireland van, who was inning for intermixed martial arts career, five and three in the AFC takes on Brazilian prospect memory bus in the opening bout review mean card. The fight with rebuffs is the last out on her UFC contract paid. Is. Patriots is excited for the future despite its uncertainty. I have my heart sets, and nobody is wanted to change my mind that I'm fighting my contract out there than told ESPN. I don't know where my future lies I. truly don't. That's kind of an exciting thing. In my life I've been with the AFC for six years now and through this time I'm still which is crazy on the same contract before I fought Rosena Munis at twenty years old and I'm twenty six now. That! She's had the exact same contract for four years. And at this point in Patriot career, he's no longer the young upcoming rookie. She's not she's no longer the prospecting more patrons than isn't the young prospect looking declamatory up in the rankings. He's a veteran. He's twenty six so somehow through injury, but being on dancing with the stars being on TV. Work I have done through. I've done all of this. I been in the exact same contracts, our twenty two. That's the contract is scientists. I was twenty two, but I just feel like a red session isn't what I want. I want to prove my worth and my value and I want a brand new contract I'm really excited to get the opportunity and really test pregnancy. Because how do you know what value is on this? You can go tested among the other sharks. Page hasn't appeared since January. Twenty nine hundred injuries and work outside the opteron have kept us from fighting. She said she's one hundred healthy and ready for July eleven. So. It isn't the first time for the past two years. The Best Workman's aunts. Her priority has never been to be the best in the division. Like I like every time. I read any news on paid visits. It's always based around her trying to deal with injuries in her trying to fight every contract I, never hear page being like I. Want to be the best in the UFC. It's always built around I. Want a new contract and there's nothing wrong with that. Those are interesting. Is Won't be only in the AFC. Who isn't like calling someone outs-. I'm here I'm kind of happy about that because kind of refreshing. That doesn't know if you'll find again in the. Yes, he after yesterday's one. She's unhappy with their current. You'll see contract once a bigger deal whether it's in the AFC or not. Right purpose, so van Zandt goes on to say. So I make forty six thousand dollars to show. And another. Forty six thousand dollars to win. Pays. Benzon said I'm not going to hide that. Because everyone knows, I can make way more money than I. Just promoting brands on Instagram and that should say something. Why would I step away from all them? Eating success that I have I made more money on dancing with the stars than I have in my tiger UFC contract career combined every fight every every bonus I love finding. It's why I love to do. And for this fight I dropped every single sponsor. I haven't am posted. Ain't instagram nothing matters except this white ants, a clean slate for me. A twenty six year old is confident, stepping to pregnancy and considers herself a big free agents. Can you imagine that? She makes forty six rumor. She's five in three in the NFC. So, you really really break down. There were years to which she only made forty six thousand dollars. Enter time as a mixed martial artist. It's a real possibility and so page present Mickey Forty six thousand dollars that is in insane. That is insane now. I'm in agreement with Dana Wind. It's all really is a matter of perspective I'm minute agreement with Dana White and also not. Because from his perspective and when you? When you step out based on how you perceive money. What Dina what you're saying. Is it wrong because through his perspective? And a lot of people you can say this well. The thing about his page. Men's and comes to work one day a year to competes, and she makes forty six thousand dollars, and if she wins, she makes ninety two thousand dollars the average salary, the average income for the average household, the average household income. Is Sixty thousand dollars a year. Sixty thousand dollars is the average American income. If you make more than six thousand dollars than you, you're considered doing really good for yourself. If you're making a hundred thousand dollars a year, then you're considered rich I do coming in from the Pew. Research Center. The Pew Research Center, which is a really good site. If you WANNA go like adequate, really good strong in analysis, when it comes to like things you interested. Everything's really interested in whether it'd be like raise or economics, or like housing or costs, or you know or unemployment's Pew. Research does really, good. Analysis of these kind of numbers here. And so it was surveyed among among I think over thousands of Americans that you were considered rich, if humic one hundred thousand dollars per year. You're. One hundred hundred dollars as your household income. So do you think about that? Let's say you and your partner both made fifty one thousand dollars a year. Fifty one doesn't always year releasing the lot, so a fifty dollars a. You, guys together and you guys have your own place. You! The joke is that you are rich. You are a rich you are. You're living a rich lifestyle? Junior partner are making fifty one thousand dollars a year and you guys are living together. That's rich. And now let's Dana White and how the AFC blassie's. It's well penguins ants, if she. She comes to work once a year and if she goes on to win, and she she comes in to show up. Anti a fight. She's making thirty three percents more money than the average American and and she should be appreciative of that. And I say yeah okay. Ninety two thousand dollars a year. That's a lot of money. Relative to the average, American compared to like other athletes like other occupations bay. Two thousand dollars is nothing. That is nothing. So, just to put into context being a person I myself, I studied in northern California I worked in I studied Anna California, and I also studied and worked in southern California Los, angles and San Francisco. Is the in the Silicon Valley. And here's need to note. I know people in our friends who make obscenely large amounts of money. I have a friend She was nineteen years old. She was nineteen years old. She was doing an internship. and. You know how much internship was paying her. Her injury shovels paying her ninety six thousand dollars a year at the age of Nineteen Hughes, making ninety six thousand at the age of nineteen years old with paid housing and paid food. Everything's been offer her. In an internship job. Who pays somebody thousand dollars facebook Google. On top of fats I got friends who work as engineers really obscure like tech companies that you're never gonNA hear of. and. They make a hundred thousand dollars a year and they're considered below average compared to their peers. Let's think about now? WHOEVER THEIR BOSS ARE! They could be like. You shouldn't be hundreds of dollars a year, because the average American success and sixteen thousand dollars year she she'd be appreciative if you even making semi thousand dollars a year or eighty thousand dollars a year. That's what. That's what Dana White or brass. Bass members would think of if there were other companies, if if there is a run, the NBA or facebook or Google key metrics, Dana White was like the GM for NBA for an NBA team and has Lebron. James Across from him and Lebron James asking okay so I want a five year contract, two hundred and two hundred thirty million dollars. Lebron, asking five years two hundred thirty million dollars Dana White I can imagine being like well Lebrun. You're not GonNa make that, you know why because the average American makes six thousand dollars a year, so you should be paid about ninety thousand dollars as yeah, because you only work eight or nine times eight or eight or nine times a month in a year, so you should be appreciative New York. York getting this money in the first place. This isn't a career Lebron. This is an opportunity. That's what he would say because he said something similar to that in a recent past conference where he's talking about Amana Nunez and you'll saying a man newness. She didn't have a career in the AFC. She had the opportunity. She had an opportunity in the AFC to go. Make a lot of money. And I'm just like this way of thinking. Yes, it makes sense. It does it does but in the grand scheme of things you are like. It gets frustrating because that kind of way of thinking it, although he does make sense doesn't apply to other occupations or other organization or other jobs out there. It just doesn't it is. I got friends who make three hundred thousand dollars a year. I got Brenton one hundred thousand dollars a year. I got friends who make ninety six thousand dollars a year at the age of nineteen years old. Ridiculous! Absolutely ridiculous and I making. Notes. No Barnes, all coronavirus pandemic thing really wasn't issue. Always making equivalence to the same amount of money as like a beginning level, engineer or software developer in southern California. and. I'll tell you right now. What I'm doing now is far far more safe than being mixed martial artists are being a fighter out there. because. It upsets me. Is like saying that she's not making she. She could be making money doing other things. He doesn't even have to be mixed. Martial arts fighter chewy doesn't but she's doing this out of the passion for it and I'm happy for patrons then for doing that, but. I. Really can't wait for Peterman Zandt to lead the AFC. I really can't and I'm in a positive. I'm saying that I mean for example the so she'll have more opportunities to go out there and make more money. She can be an actress she's. You can be an actress. She youth. The whole automated yellowish money money. Money these these athletes. These people's youtubers make I. AM following this one Youtube right now? He's only had one video in grant, or that's reached one million and he makes about five thousand five hundred dollars a month. He makes five thousand, five hundred a month, making videos at his out of his own home, and just him just talking. It is some guy talking camera for about ten minutes. He does like six times a week, so he's talking on camera for about oversight over an hour. and. He makes five thousand dollars a month. So yeah, so so I'm in agreement and disagreement within whites in that. Yes, you are right. These fighters are making more money than the average American is in America in Stockton Nick in. His. View is live in Stockton. And stopped in. If you're making forty thousand dollars a year, that's average. The average American income that's why would say well patrons as you're making forty thousand dollars a year. That's how bad because people in stopped in here there are barely making thirty nine year, so should be appreciative of like no. You can't you can just reference that? You can't just referenced in again? Stay well. You should be happy with what you have. Because other people don't have that opportunity. You know that's how things work. In America? We're all of up selling ourselves. We're upset in going for the best value making the most money as I possibly can. If you can't pay that, then you can leave something else and for patrons that she can definitely see. She doesn't the FCC at all. She's happy. I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure she'll be more happy if you'd leave. But she's going to be fighting Amana Ribas in telling you right now. Amana Ribas will. Menu was the favorite again speech residents. Vans She's gone through so many injuries. He's been gone for a while Can you combine ring rust? At when he when he combined ring rust and the fact that she hasn't really she hasn't an injuries. I just don't think patriots is good enough to beat to Aman. Ribas memory was is among the top top twelve pizzas. Aunt is even near the top of the rankings, so from a purifier standpoint I think I don't think paint. Is Going PM energy bus for all I know I could be wrong and Van Zandt does up defeating boss, but from my from my perspective I think is GonNa lose this fight after three rounds of action, and then Ben's can go negotiate if he doesn't get the money, she wants shooting. Definitely leave. She can go to belts or she can go INVICTA. She can go to win championships or she can like. Be Youtuber or instagram model do instagram sponsorships. There's A. Peterman then as women, Lucky ones, and that she has so many avenues of making income that I'm happy for her to get off really contract and try something new so good on her using to GMC m, M May podcast comeback roughly short. Break here. Check out the show. It's built on the AMA from the UFC two extreme cage fighting. They got the fights covered. Check out the GSM GMC M May podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we talked to. In about some of the biggest names in MMA past present and future. When it's the fight game, there's just one show checkout GSM see podcasts dot Com backslash Mame dadge podcast. Don't forget to leg him on facebook and follow them on twitter visit GSM, see podcast dot com for more INFO. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast? Then check out the GMC football podcast. Get the latest football move, both and off the field from the NFL. Draft treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines. They got you covered. That's GSM see podcast. Dot Com slash football dash podcasts get updates. I'm college. Rivalries kindy insights, and much much more. It's football. Talk the way you want. This show sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on facebook and follow them on twitter visit TSMC. PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. And we are back, so I discussed dance and she's looking to make our way out or possibly evacuating Tiber body gets Amana rebounds ICS. Beat gains visit in that match up there. But what else is happening here? In the women's divisions here? We got women's fight between Lauren Murphy and Roxana Dafur Spicer coming in from the ESPN. Headline with curved blades, Alexander Volkov Lauren Murphy versus rocks. Hammond Daffy I love Rock Seminar for you. I am one of her big fans. Really I love her personality in that she's won't be only fighters in across all the ultimate martial arts. WHO's not trying to come across as scary? I'm the toughest person in the world acknowledged Roxana nephews a down to Earth, person and so strange. She bumpers of being the number Frank. Flight Division. I would have never thought that I really wouldn't but in rocks. Rocks Roxanne, but after he Africa's Lauren Murphy Lauren Murphy was able to the fever free with the decision by all the fights here pretty much the exact same way in that the ended by three rounds Sison. Most of these women's fights were pretty much. One sided with the exception, being the most impressive woman spider of the card would be Robertson against. Debate which Robertson was able to defeat Gordon Casey via submission rennick choke at four minutes and thirty seconds of the third row. She's able to go get the decision victory. Thank you for being you know affirmative impressing accident. Thank you, Robertson. And we also had a raquel painting defeating its Murnau V. Decision Elliott TC, tourists are defeating brand reinvent brand. Else. These fights with accepted. The can fight was kind of. Because I felt like the pacing was pretty much same. Raquel Pennington obviously we're just like she's struck. She's trade. Mary now there's no point where we're now felt really comfortable. Coming in from the from the first through third round, the the Jewish Gortat were. Maranhao was able to win one round. I'm struggling to think and was it the first time maybe but recovering tonight I think she dictated the pace million in the first round, and because we're now able to pull off some good counter-punches I. Don't think she should be rewarded. Iran for that. So co-parenting she the pace here in the. In the Bantamweight Division from the Division Criteria Torres up making her way up was ginormous making your way up, and when was fly? We also have Lauren Murphy working her way up. So now let's look at the women's. Woman's best. We division here so aspirin lad she's. She's out she was issues meant to go fight, but now she got up. Through an injury so as right now we got holly him res-. Iron out coming up in just when we now becoming up. WHO's August I? I've I was July first so August is going. Be Iran Identity Holly, home. Holly Home has said that she thinks. She's one fight away from gay top. And you not yes, she is number three rank. She number three rank. So, it makes sense. Battery that is here now. If Holly home worth defeats. Dinner which will be tough? One identifies ranked number seventh, and she's matched up against like home for August. I I think. I'm thinking about this. Who Home Rosario, data. Because the biggest flag care would be dentist performance against Real, cal, Pennington and Oklahoma is an incredibly fighter so. Kennel recall. Pantheon was able to defeat. Denham repented, and then ended up losing to Holly Home. Because the reason why holly is ranked this higher rate now of despite her, a six five ranking within the organization over fighters, Juliana, penny and Aspen ladder, and even like can. The bureau is because of the fact that well choose been able to me. She's like win-loss win-loss win loss for the most part. She's able to be consistent and when she's against somebody WHO's. Near haranguing, she's able to stop it, so Holly L. Then I hear. This could really go either way. A safe bet here's holly home, but don't be surprised about that. Wednesday's w surprise, but the bet really is bringing spice. Separate asking ladder. I'm really at this point for asked him why he was estimated is landed one over on a recruiter, but foreign wine about form one and her one and only loss in the AFC was against Ademi. Who is the second best fighter in all the division? You can argue right now. The Aspen Lad is more deserving of Ital- fight then Holly Oh. Bob I look like if I look at okay, we are Gina Enemy Holly Home Julia. Aspirin Mad. Recall Pantin. I think she needs one more way. She's warmer went away to go. Get her without a fights, but I can see random may holly home, Penna and Ashland all binder way in four four four thousand fights and have all the women there. D- remainder anime, an Germain ask lad is the one that makes the most sense to me. I was in my opinion other than Nunez randomly and Ladd are the two best ones fighters in the bathroom division, and those who are the two who I think have the greatest chances of defeating Aman Nunez. Holly Home. I've seen too many kinks in her armor. For me to not trust her puzzles. You just lost to his recently, so much confidence was in. That's also I. Think Asthma is this is a great wrestler. She into refunding. Switch Spencer proved it in. Him if I, it's even newness is known for being this power hitter striker. He's she's got a great wrestling background. He's got good ground game. She's a black belt. And Jitsu and that's pretty much. Reason was ill. Two feet was able to lose to know. That's why meant news feed your enemy because in the STANDUP game drain random. Has To be the best striker in the most ransoming division, and she's the one and only person nudist strike, and so she let under grappling interesting ability. Aspen ladder is. Pretty much observe Nunez and that asthma striking is really not all that pretty. Now asthma striking is pretty ugly. Not that good look at she doesn't have the power at all. It's like even the way she tries to find the angles, not good at what she does. She doesn't mean that call. Sparta's were. She has like the short arms. And then he's GonNa like. She's GonNa power adapt through her opponents. Pressure the heck out of your opponent and they'd go in front double-leg. TAKE DOWN! Double take-out or go for a clinch prom, though with the man news is a, she's incredibly clinch and be. She's a great car. She's great counter striker and she loves it when a fighter is pressing for the Action Amanda Mrs at her best. Amendment out of her knockout potential best when she's walking backwards like when a man Nunez is trailing backwards, we know who's talking up a shot for a counterstrike when Nunez has to go and be on the offensive, Ashim then becomes kind of like a passive very safe. You know angling shot and Kinda shots trying to be trying to be a striker when she's in the offensive, but when she's on defensive, that's when she becomes the real power hitter, and so for Asthma Address Amanullah. That'd be a interesting fights. It could end through first or knockout. And with Aspen Latte outracing Nunez and Nunez is one of the best grapplers in all the bathroom division. So, that's a very good match. Dramatic Menounos, Nunez. That's what I feel should be the next match-up for Nunez that is if Nuno's isn't retire. Because I feel like of Germania enemy can mix can make some adjustments a game. She would do a lot more better defending the take down the the rustling of Nunez. Believe went to open. It came to a dramatic. It's my newness. People predicted okay Nunez is the better fires than green adamant. You know why because she's better. Both the ground and in the second category will guess what's people predict man new. There's knocking randomly, but turned out. If there was anybody who has threatened to get knocked out or could potentially be knocked out. It'd be Manu Nez Because dramatic was able to land him really good clean shots onto Nunez to the point that news had to go and close distance because remainder anime is a really big girl. Drain Ronnie should be competing the division. is if Jimmy word of fights against a man as ineffective division I think. Would increase your chances of winning and she'd have a better performance now. It's how good it is and I expect. Her to be the next in line years retire, but if you this is waiting is waiting and she's expecting soon I think asthma, lad or hall number streaming remain should be the next normal contenders matchup, and so let's move to the women's flyweight division here. There's no notable metrics here with the exception being Jennifer my against robe, both these spiders coming off, you lost recently. Who has a win has victory over Alex? Davis and Toledo Bernardo Loss Against Jessica. I mean all different. My had loss against killing chiquet GIN, which is a lot more than just go I'll just is a really great striker. Rhino this guy I don't actually I. Don't get it, so she's. Fifth rank right now in women's division despite being five and seven. But does anyone here in vision? That people should be looking out for it, Cynthia Kabale. said the bill is a is a threat I'm beyond that you when I look at the top five Valdez Janko. Your Kagan. CINTEGABELLE and Lauren Murphy Villa's four or without the four best fighters of them as fight, division and I can see Valentine's Janko. Fighting gigging in. Maybe that's a huge. Maybe about I know, it's not a fan of rematches. If the fight was a one-sided gets pretty much was one-sided, it was pretty obvious. Janko. Again, but I like the story. We're going to feed her older sister. And then we have to think avail. Who is syndicale? She's nine and one entertainment career, six and one in the. She defeated Courtney Casey and I and. I really knew. Her record right now is kind of marriage is I really is still a on the division. And they avoid Murphy who defeated a very game. She'd be too big fighters in jail, Lee and Roxanne McCaffrey. So the way how are things now? If didn't, why is still going to? If he about booking kicking and Valdez check again. Hours aseptic avail syndicale, reskilling again. Winner of that fight would then go. Fire would go fight against Trento. And this leads me to discussion yet again to fight between Kagan and Syntech avail. Here's records indicate she should be fighting. Should we should be? VALTER Tanka cancer kick in when she fought against Antonin Intertanko, at teen, is a tall girl. Kevin chickens huge. Don't you? Is Jay Canet compared to Antena, Sheila's with data, objectively much stronger much more powerful than any the division here when you look at the physical of Kagan everyone else in the division. GIGGING is more physically dominant than emails. The only person who's asked physically dominance Asha Kagan. Champion SHINCO. And because of that when I have to Kagan recently here well. I think he too small. I think she I I. Will cynic avail should compete at the division is a word to the film Charlotte at the Woman's right division. Is Good enough to match up against someone. Just got android to match up against the rose units they're against the talking on a solar is an answer off. I think she's in doubt, level or the top by other ones rankings I'm really hindsight via. But because of the size advantage here I personally put a lot of brownie points onto size, being a major major aspect into the game here. So, Portuguese risk CEO is say if these two were wrestle each other Shuki again Cynthia Visa Strike. Each other is teach. Okay, get his able to out. Strike Cynthia place much more power shots in, and she's also a much worse reach couldn't gain has probably the longest reach of all the women in the division. The that size is way too much cynthia so. If the AFC really wants to push somebody else. All of the killer chiquet into spots Janko. They should should books in the risk again and got across stringers like. Caviar hopefully she to peace acadian Sergei is GONNA come into fight as the favorite there and I won't be surprised, but then again to the syndicate. She's under fire and a lot of her. And they have Armani McCain against Tall Santos coming up in just two weeks. July fifteen. Maria Gaba Rashid Dopson oh, that's going to be fun one. If you WANNA know who is equivalent of Sean o'malley in the movies right now. It's Maria PCT Moraga. Per has so much star power going right now and against Dobson. Who is a was a good opponent for? That's a real fun when. A market candidate now August two Maria. Depaul Richardson Dopson asking me real fun with watch. Gene Cam. ALEXA GRASSO COMING UP? That's a really interesting one because I thought and Kim. Is Your. Kim Shipping on the more better fighters in the top division. It is her week. Cut is so annoying to deal with because you, Kim is. Is You, don't she should be in the same realm of the top ten until I i. think she's good enough to compete with anybody in the top ten here. But Sally enough. She's not able to climb up that high because she's. She's done too casually. Fights inner pass you fights so therefore they'll count and here like a fifty percent pay cuts. Not Twenty five to fifty percent pay cuts. So she's not making as much money as you should be. which is already pretty low and competing vice that don't really propeller up in the rankings? No matter how impressive the are. is on their impressive, and so she had givers Alexa Grasso. I'm just hoping Kim tweets. That's the biggest issue of that fights. So, put out there for? Three days he'll be June, kimber selects grasso coming up in three days coming in the card, as doesn't create or Sedan Khokhar, the AFC frightening events and our countdown for Maria, Agapov Machine dopson coming up I. Think isn't the same card as corny receiving meals your stream. Servicing to the GS MC. Woman Emmy podcast Comeback Rafter, Short break here, see you. Tired of searching the vast jungle of podcasts now listen close and here this out. 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We got one grass of all time here in Christopher now Chris cyborg H- usually posted video of her doing some strikes. With with our coach and our coach had to take the gloves like. Oh, my gosh, it really hurts. And Surfing Sing surfacing around people say oh. My Gosh received the aqua-. Cyber Power hitter because Chris I. Inner Pass for fights in the AFC. She says a lot of power. He transitioned from being present who dives into her opponents and try to defeat appointed through clinching through under hawks through dirty boxing through through a short hook up through for hooks through uppercuts. She became less of a knock artists and more technical striker built around. You know like passively ticking on her opponent, and gold strikes me more of a precise opera striker. It had inner password fights. She's drastically change her fighting style. Now I don't know. Maybe it was the way cuts. I. Could actually where she lost a lot of her power in order to go just for her to go make weights. But looking at crystal just you know, and then like I seen this video surface around were kidding the midst really hard honor trainer, and everyone's like oh my gosh. Wow, we're seeing all cassava against a hard hitter. Now. She no longer like yes. I know Chris. I ever defeated her opponent by Ko. Inner belter debut. But even, but she still was that yet that she still is Chris I work in the Queer, the very precise, very clean striker less about overwhelming, her opponent and more about finding the best shots in order to defeat opponents. And when I see that I'm like all that's normal. Interest in in any of those videos, resea- some guy doing like speed drill like speed, drill, jabs and hooks cuts on the mets. A Do. You think they're actually hitting hard and be you know the point of that is not a strength, the point estimator, speed and accuracy. That's the that's the point of that is. Equivalent when you see like a basketball, basketball or football or basketball or football in training camp video. reecey this one athletes who looks like crews like doing all these a compressor like highlight reel stop by Kyrie Irving. You'll get Kyrie Irvings XP drill highlights their insane author. Absolutely look really cool in the action like. Wow, my gosh, this history gerbils are amazing or when you see. They're when they're doing speed dribbles. They're never actually hitting hard in those mitts there. We are not because that's not the point of the drill. Though point of hitting the mets is test accuracy tested their form, typically your prison striking. Look testing speed s not meant. You're not meant to actually hit hard in the mets I've done this. It's kind of a rookie mistake actually when I started pushing the mets. My trainer would always tell me hey. Please stop trying to hit hard stopped trying to hit with four here. The point of the trail is is ready to do it right like. You're not meant to shop a strength in this drill like I've had my coaches. EAT me out. Be like calm down. Just hit as fast as you can at a consistent pace. Okay, we'll do like twenty five minutes. Let's see how long you can keep the pace here. Because if you hit really hard because you're supposed to do that for X. amount of Minnesota your to do that ten minutes straights. Okay all right. Cyber only to go hit like a five punch Combo and off the hook up with a hook and uppercut all right. In and do that for ten minutes Chris Sabir isn't doing that is a hidden potential minutes now he's going to go. Keep at a certain pace for ten straight minutes, so she gets the form down perfectly. And for video what probably happened? Was that somebody like? Hey, hey, Chris Hey, cyber. We're going to film you do your drill and of course offerings. Okay, Almond, go all the way with I'm gonNA. Go all live with this video because the cameras turned off. Chris I probably is just going to go work on her speed drills accuracy again. So I'm not that impressed by it. I really am not. His another thing if you haven't done boxing training ever. When you? When you were in the midsts, they still here. It's you know, I, remember some. Are Coach or trainer. We read this body armor. You'd read this body armor, so he can practice on the fighters, working on body shots or kicks. And when one nine the gym wondering Jim, who had the NASTIEST kicks? Most, loudest like was like insane. Leg Kicks in our Jim like you can hear. The kicks from outside the gym. 'cause that's hard. Nobody kicks harder than this guy. He's got these like strongest trunk legs. You've seen those videos guy like are punching. Pushing trees down, no, they're kicking trees down or kicking these polls that can get really hard and like hey, man, look a leg is still perfectly fine. No blood at all. That's easy. That's him. This guy could kick it. Iron Pole, and it can be like hey, man, I feel scratch, so imagine this guy kicking you. Now imagine this kicking you with the body armory wearing. Any human. So his training with a huge on low like one hundred body kicks onto the coach, wearing the body armor, and so he got ninety, seven, Ninety, eight, ninety, nine, one, hundred good job. You hear the you hear the bell. Ringing, ring okay take your break. The Guy did a hundred leg kicks. And then our coach would look at the rest of us, and he went from like okay good jobs to break turns around. I think I have to close my eyes. Every time attempts kick man. Who wants to me who wants to do a? Anyone anyone okay, then then he turns around to the guy is like all right at one hundred electric. Let's go and he's like he's like he's like Panda Fay's safe face. This a poker face. Here's the tennis panacea poker face race, trying to look like where it doesn't really hurts, but it actually does, and that's a normal thing that happened to gyms. It's a normal thing that happens in all Connor Sports James. These guys were in the mets in the body armor stuff. The always feel hurts. These things do hurt. They do all because they're in by armor. That has been isn't a hurts it on camera for the most part when you are getting hits. You're not really supposed to actually any show anything because. You! Can You? Remember the fighter you're. The the point of the training is to help the fighter. And so can you imagine the fighter like his goal is okay through one hundred six. And then on like the fiftieth, let kick the trainers like. Let me, take a break. Ooh, well, you just taking a break. Kinda like weaken the training for him. The point for him is to see if he has the cardio to pull off. A hundred strong leg kicks consecutively and for the trainer like okay. Let me take a break from your fifty lakes. No, you're kind of ruining the training from there. And so, it's not an oppressive. This video and I saw all the colonists. Oh my Gosh! She's a real power hitter. Wow, runarounds was Chris ever again maybe. No. No it's normal. What because I did tour? Trader is absolutely normal and I. Expect only the very best from her. Come coming up in her career in shelter. But Trust me. It's normal to get hurt by even if you're wearing even if you're in minutes, really does. And so we go from the past to the new. We got here key Hatton. So I'm getting this from WMA rankings DOT. Com and the second I saw her face, and I saw her shirts. I thought okay. This girl's obviously from southern California and I'm right. She is so this is key. Hanson key Hatton signs, a multi fight deal with the F. invited Stan Hansen has signed with the Hansen who is six and three share the new social media on Sunday. Her the. Says today I got a call. Every fighter dreams of Akron assign a multi contract with the UFC I can't I can't begin to describe how blessed and thankful I am for all my family, teammates, friends and coaches, the concert support through everything up and down I also want to give special. Thank you to check nap and everyone Victor C for everything they do for their athletes I am forever grateful parts of the INVICTA FC family. This is just the beginning the twenty year old prospect has fought all but one of professional. Bouts under the INVICTA FC banner. She has completed as both a shipped astrology nf while its throughout her career. Now she should compete US rallied. That's what Sarah. Now I think. She's I think she's small flyweights, heads, and currently writes eight three fight win streak. She has last seen fighting and March NBA FC Phoenix Phoenix series, three, defeating Lisa, Peterson, by decision in astronomy about. Compete. And that's predicted. The California native has made a name of self as an exciting fighter. WHO PUSHES THE PACE? He has finished age eighty percent of her fights. This weird this Oh weird. We hear so many news and I reported all the time it come here. We're fighters. Argument man contract is awful. Earn well. She's a twenty year old girl. That's what she's a twenty year old girl from California on a fighters, arguing that their contracts are really not good at their bad. They're endebted being underpaid. Well. I'm hopefully things. Don't turn out for her to see me attorney for patrons and in terms of our contract issues. I hope he Hanson becomes assessable SPD's ads, if not even more successful her. Because when Peterson was signed signed. At twenty two years old, she got Sheikh, did she? At Twenty, two probably signed in at twenty, one, so signed twenty one years old. And then she competed at the easiest way to. For the banner in now she's twenty six and she's still under the contract. For a twenty year old girl, making twelve thousand dollars is a lot of money. When you're twenty twenty year old, and you've got all your friends who go onto college or doing these trade skills or I didn't know like being a famous youtubers. In my life, but when you have like people out there who are making x amount of money at the age of twenty years old. Which is a lot surprisingly to go on YouTube. Then for key Hanson, making twelve thousand dollars in fights yet underpaid, but for her as a twenty year old, she's like y'all Mike is dollars. That's more money. I've ever seen our life how? So offer her what I'm hoping for. The key HINTON SIGNED A. I know, Dana White when he was doing negotiations for Horry Mas Vidal. And John Jones. They signed by contract. Let me, look at. What was her fight contract, so? She signed her contract for years ago. And now, and she's still stuck in that contract and for shop. It took him years to get out contract her of his so. Let's look at how many how many fights? Peterman has had in the AFC so her contract was signed. Signed back at. Okay so we'll sign a when she fought against rose on municipales twenty fifteen. We will be. It'll be five years. She's overdue for five contract and five years only Gosh. So, she signed a new contract with one, two, three, four five. Shit a six fight coming up right now, so her contract was six fights. Hitting her initial contract when she debuted for the see was one two three. So let's a cigarette papers and cited three contract this. You negotiated for six more fights. And I'm guessing right now. How things are for Hanson? Probably can't decide to e four fight contract four three contract. We pay twelve thousand dollars a year. She's probably GONNA compete. You know just outside the top ten rankings. If you depending on how well she does, and she and she's GonNa put up to making like forty five thousand dollars right similar to Peterman probably even lower than that. which will set up another former fights? So from what I'm seeing right now. Canton is prepped up to fights. Eights or maybe nine times in the UFC. Two which he's making no more than fifty thousand dollars per fights. At the minimum, not including bonuses. And depend on who you ask. Well that might be a good thing or a bad thing if she hadn't word to win all her fights, because you know five thousand dollars. Dollars doublets. You're making hundred thousand dollars per fight, and if you're to compete two times a year, she's making nearly twenty thousand dollars per year. That's really good. But. You know what there's a probability here that while she gets injured if she gets injured, athlete could be very similar to be events, and hopefully that doesn't happen then up for key Hanson being a twenty girl who's mindset. Is Oh gee is streaking like? Even allowed here how? Twelve thousand dollars. That's a lot of money. Okay what! I know people who right now. Are, like twenty five years old twenty five years old, twenty seven years old and doesn't dollar sedan is a whole lot of money. I got somebody somebody told me one time. That's making two hundred dollars. A day is a lot of money. Two dollars a day. Two hundred dollars. A day is pretty much below the average salary for the average American. In Him, phoning me and be like Oh. Gosh, you make you make to not meet precisely Ovalles guys like I. Know Somebody here. Who makes two dollars a day. That's a lot of money. On really. Depends on the person self rookie Hanson signing the contract making told US dollars year. Yup under that's that's that definitely is. Under. She is being underpaid. But is in her home on as in her mind. She's making some money, so she can move. Our parents place a good for. At the very least though she's happy and she's happy to contract then I guess you settle with it, though hopefully things don't bite or buts a couple of years down the road. So you're listening to the MC woman's MMA podcast comeback, rotten short break here, see see. Are you looking for help with your fantasy football team checkout, GSM see fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice to start who to sit, even who you should draft from sleeper picks a red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you that GMT. PODCAST DOT com back slash fantasy dash football dash fogcast. We'll cover traditionally dynasty. FEW PR EVEN I. Leads when you need fantasy help. There's just one showed up. Don't forget to like them on facebook and follow them on twitter visit. GS MC PODCAST DOT COM for more INFO. And we are back, so I discussed K Hanson. Guess what he's GonNa fight coming up this Saturday Has, been important, and that infected Champ Jin fray signs with UFC and is GonNa face K Hanson. Eight, this Saturday. Wow so with the champion headed to you. have see I supported by joking Victor Adam, champion and Gin, junior, frame, or less interesting assigned a UFC deal won't face, fell and former victor fighter key Hansen who is six and three in Australia contests. Phrase manager of Oreo confirmed a match up to the May Junkie since capturing the INVICTA Gold into eighteen has competed four times winning three bouts. And losing one in Reisen, Fray joined victim twenty fourteen in has been a top item weight since this Saturday will be her first sight star way, tencent announced hurry up, see contract on Sunday the twenty dollar prospect currently writes three win streak last having competed in March. Oh man is might either be. Win This, fight, Leon. because. Jim New. She reminds me. The A, lot of Michelle waterson created because Watterson. At one point was a dominance. Chapin. Champion one point of agreer hear edges when she had to go her way up towards the strike division. She never had that physical advantage. She never because when you look at Michelle Waterson when our time an champion, she always had the physical vantage over opponents. And so where she then move onto star rates, she then became mostly reliant on her skills, technique, striking ability and our overall game to go and care the wind, but she never had that fiscal bench, and that's why I'm. Like gin new ravers has Kayhan. RAISE IS GONNA. Come into the favorite. That's she's obviously the favorite here against someone as Green as Key Hansen. I'm saying I'm saying green, but she's six and three wall. Freight is ninety four, but. Junior. Free competed at a much higher level. Ben K. The one K has over junior. Fray would be the fact that he is the bigger fighter and she's competed in bigger divisions, so junior will come into the by much more smaller fighter against Hampton and she's GonNa. Be Competing in a in a week division. The she's not all that comfortable in. So, this this is it could go either way here. I expected junior afraid to win this fights against Hanson, but this won't be the first time I got a former CIA current champion or former champion moving moving into the into struggle. It won't be the first time and it wouldn't last time. And so interesting article just came out in this coming in from sports, showed nets with the have on being top ten best female enemy, athletes, twenty, twenty, the sexiest and strongest. These are the top woolmer's pound for pound fighters in May certainly champions. In this article we are going to win this some of the best and power ladies of era. What's? So. I'm so computering, also looking at the best woman of the era or the best athletes. Twenty. Their fighters, a winter's here. All making people proud partner, the army's lead, but discreetly making statements about feminism issued quality. Athletes are never born a day. The Polish from rocks crystal assured Keisha indication, so you're listening now. The top ten best female MMA athletes up twenty twenty number turn. In this list number ten fighter and we have been as Porto. She She has already made her name as the best resume for artists, as was in the as walls amateur boxer. She competes in victim. Championship fight division and she's really good with it. is currently ranked is currently number two ranked one twenty five pound female fighter in the world, according to research done by unified women's Americans. She started her professional career in the two thousand and five, though initially, she only fought in Brazilian promotions. Number nine in this list we have holly home. Holly Home was born as Hollywood. She's an American enemy fighter. Who Compete Older Chevy ships. for He, she's a former Yosi winds. Bantamweight champion along with a home is also a former professional boxer. She has already made a name. What's? How was holly on one of the best albums at twenty twenty? How? What is he? What actually done? In twenty twenty. America let me look at our performance of looking at performance. sear holly home. She's a big name without a doubt about that. So she's only follow once. In Twenty Twenty Sumer. Who are the best athletes is a woman's Emma athletes laureate way? She fought once in as it gets raquel painting. A Madison recalled parenting. She only fought once. And and it was a it was against Raquel, and there's there in the middle of the pack of the top five. Number eight can dyla-. Quality Cadel is ahead of Holly Home Care so at number in this list is a numerous quality CADILA. She happens to be the youngest BG Black Belt. That doesn't matter. It doesn't matter what you did earlier in your career, looking or the best athletes of twenty twenty. And Claudia della she should stugotz Angela Hill that's how I view it. This list is insane if You would our place okay? Homes performance. Against Recall Panton was much more better than quad formats against Angela Hill. In off that Holly Home should be head of Wada Cadila, but that's the case from. Okay now. You Got Morris Conan and of the Marlins Moscow meter to be rushing holds the record for being there returning Mugabe. That doesn't mean anything. Moscone like what has she done in twenty twenty? That's the interesting part about here. Okay right now, so she is. What Okay so I'm looking at you know. Moscone and she's retired. She's a retired fighter. Not only you tired. She. She left after having to fight a losing streak. Inner pass by fights. She is two and three. Last time she fought was in two thousand seventeen. Yeah I. I'm looking at is how how? Is Marlow. Higher Than Claudia and Holly Home. To in twenty twenty consider that Marlo hasn't competed since twenty seventeen. I'm looking the reason why I'm reading this right now as well. She has been fighting profession since two thousand. She's a former strikeforce bantamweight champion okay good. Boat homeless waiting twenty year. That's like saying. Who is your great again? Like who is the best heavy fighter in the UFC in the AFC? Two Thousand Twenty. It's John Jones. But then I'll see a list of black well. Worth won the ultimate fighter. and. That's why he is the greatest. The heavy I won't timeless. No, that doesn't count. That's ridiculous number six Valdez of Janko. Brothers Janko Okay Valentina Great. Fighter obligate fighter Jennifer Maya, but somehow Jennifer. My is ahead of bounty. Valley Whites Jennifer Mike is hired at valujet Shaneco but Chris. CYBORG is higher than Valentino. And I'm looking at this right now, and it says well. She's a former woman feather champion. So Yes. Yes, yes, she was a champion in twenty nineteen. But that doesn't make a great fighter in twenty twenty. Yeah, she's Yes. She's a current shaper in on dull tour, but you can't play Cyborg and Jennifer Mile over Valentino right now. Here's. Years when this less just completely goes bonkers for me. Tom Right now in your opinion, who is the third best woman spider in the entire world? Who is a third best in the world? Right now. Okay whatever your name is. Whatever you throw up, you could say well. He's Yang. You say you want to check. You could say values Yanko. You you you could say any of those women are either now. Tummy, who European D think is! Who is a third best moments fighter? In the US in mixed martial arts in the year twenty twenty. Who'd he say? Twenty twenty. All right now. Here's what Hughes. WHO This? This list. This list named reporter Rousey. As v Third Best MMA fighter in twenty twenty. How! And I'm looking list right now. And it says. She is one of the most popular female athletes on twitter. On twitter. How does getting followers, mayhew. Objectively the best at a sports. By that rail life page patrons, ants has the like the top five best spiders right now when women's martial arts. and. That's not the case I'm not letting that. Tell me disengagement sense, 'cause. Even then we'll tell you like okay. I'm not my the FCC isn't really all that well. Actually now, 'cause you know I'm not been winning. I'm not been madame fights. I've been in not that many like top fight recently I'm not really booked in high in. Hi, FI, it's. No it's ridiculous. Even page present. Will Look C. C. Connelly be like wow. Ronda Rousey is the most popular female athlete on twitter. What the heck does that? How does that relate to being the best twenty twenty? Let's US she would say. The number, two best ones fighter in the entire world, according to the sites is Amanda Nunez. A man Nunez. How How A camera in at number two on this list of the top ten female emmy athletes according to any, we have a man who is. She defeated Ronda Rousey. and she defeated Holly Home. But she also grew up in Brazil. She had a sister. I didn't know having a sister and being born in Brazil. Automatically makes you a great fighter. Now you training, not your accomplishments by track record a resume. May even hype formed in England fights in the year between twenty. But you have a sister, and you're born in Brazil. That's the that's as wittingly as dumb as you're third best fighter in the entire world. Why because you're the most popular female the on twitter? Run a Rossi Sheriff on the in years. Not only that Rossi. She's competing wwe. They're even real out the kind of our athletes, but there aren't really athletes being about it, but. She's an after. She's an actress. She's a theatrical actress right now for the world wrestling team industry. I think now okay, so Frana Rassi the third best woman spider. In the twenty twenty and Amanda Nunez it a second Baseman fighter of all twenty twenty. WHO IS NUMBER ONE? What wealthy Zhang or you want to just because the reason we like. Oh, because they had the best of the year. That's only logical. Reluctancy I'll think have. This site will predict well Jiang for being a number and fighter woman Cyrus Twenty twenty. Off the basis that she had as right now the best fights twenty minutes for one, but for all for arts. Okay I'm scrolling. You want to check. What's And you want to teach at she's. She's one of the greatest time. She is the greatest as as as a never ending. She is the greatest destroyed champion of all time. She in my opinion is greater than Ronda. Rousey Chris Cyborg. Jeremiah the wrong that. Values searching I think she's great. Champion my personal opinion. But. Better than men and June is. Why I number one you wife because she is Polish. That's. I love. July twenty two. She is the consensus number one female strawweights. So does that doesn't matter at Twenty Sixteen? You're the number one strongly in the world. All, that matters right was what's happening right now. She's a four-time European champion multi. Okay in the year twenty twenty. Why Zhang on here! This is a so. I'm looking at the comments right now. Someone just put Darren out. Where is well, he Zhang? One. This is so mind why for me. This is super mind-blowing, and now I know you're thinking. You're thinking well. This list is outdated. No this this was made. June twenty second twenty twenty just two days ago. My mind has exploded. In the twenty twenty, the three vessels fighters would have to be number one Nunez number two while Zhang number, three one eighteen check new arguments, and after all that that brings a close to today's podcast. Guys say thank you. Thank you for listening to the GS. Mc Woman's MMA podcast brought to you by the MC podcast network to F. Please remember subscribe to the show a nicer view that really helps us all sorts. Follow us on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thank you. Ask Good Nights. You've been listening to the Golden State concepts women's mixed martial arts podcast heart of the golden state media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at www dot. Jesus MC, podcast dot com download our podcast on itunes, stitcher soundcloud and Google. Play this type in GS MC to find all the shows from the golden state media concepts podcast network from movies to music sports, entertainment, and even reviews. You can also follow us on twitter and on facebook. Thank you and we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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