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RTFP #982: Greg Cosell


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I gotta ask you some questions about the divisional round. And what you saw let's start with the chiefs and the colts pretty stunning that the colts offense that had been humming. And that you and I liked so much coming into this game really struggled. I guess I found myself Greg watching the game thinking a couple of things one was ma'am surprise at the colts aren't playing better than this number two with Chris Jones, and Justin UCSD Ford that sheafs actually have some guys. I mean, they have some do certainly in the second half those guys really took advantage of sort of an inexperienced right out of the offensive line for the colts. You know, I think it's interesting because I think that's a distorted line for a lot of people. But I think to me the game got out of hand because the chief. Israel to score touchdowns on their first two possessions. If that game was let's say three nothing at that point as opposed to fourteen to nothing, perhaps the colts may have settled in somewhat. But I think when you get down fourteen nothing and keep in mind the colts had done that in their previous two games. I think it changes the dynamic of the game. And even though you don't you you may not truly be in desperation mode. I just think it changes the dynamic of your offense. And I think we saw some of their flaws their receiver struggle to win against man coverage. But I think we knew that that was possibly the case Ross because really other than T Y Hilton. I think they would probably say they need an upgrade at the receiver position. But I think when they got down fourteen nothing the feel of that game changed. Yeah. I I would agree with that. And ofensive -ly, you know, the colts defense had been playing pretty well. But like a lot of these games over the weekend thought the chiefs offensive line a nice job Mahomes. Look, very comfortable. I've seen some of the clips Greg, and this is kind of a theme over the weekend as well. Some of the clips of all the backfield motion and some of the jet sweep stuff and the ghost or orbit whatever you wanna call it, man. There are some clips where by the time. They snapped the ball the colts second and third levels were confused by the time, they figured it out. Travis Kelsey get five yards on them. Yeah. And I think that's what you're trying to do. Your your your essentially trying to cause misread or players to not be in the right position or to be candidate hesitant in their reactions. And that's what you're trying to do it. And look, I think the chiefs were probably. Excuse me. The colts were probably a little more multiple than people might have thought in their coverages, but they still play predominantly zone, and you tend to get high low concepts. You know, you get defined looks depending on your route concepts and with without pressure on the quarterback. They were able to to Mahomes able to make those throws and nothing them certainly early on. Really, really really impressive. And looking forward to seeing how he does when it's even colder coming up on Sunday. I'll be on the sideline for that one Greg. So. Ross from what I understand. Yeah. Just a little bit. So we shall see. Let's get to the next game because I really found. Yeah. I gotta be honest with you, Greg. I was always surprised with a lot of the results and sort of the way in which these games went. I was not expecting before. The Coles went into their two minutes of that game against the chiefs for them to not have a first down in the game. Right. Things you they always snowball on each other. And it's like they can't get a first down. They can't stop the chiefs. But the Cowboys and the Rams specifically the Rams run game. What did you see? Well, that that was kind of really tactical stuff because what the Cowboys essentially did. And you'll notice 'cause you played offense of line the Cowboys essentially lined up in over fronts. Okay. So to the weakside away from the tight end, you you had the one technique defensive tackle. And you basically had you know, a five technique and they ran outside zone or mid zone. Whatever you wanna call it away from the strength of the front, and they pretty much did that the entire game. And they were able to double team that won technique, and they just showed him back. And there was so much space there. It was easy. And they did that with girly now with Anderson. They actually ran a lot of inside zone, and we're very effective with that. But the Cowboys kinda did what the Cowboys do and had worked all year. And they were tactically beaten. I thought watching the tape. Well, fuck a little bit more about that the tactical part of it because I saw some clips sort of similar to what is it about the chiefs where with some of the things that the Rams were doing in the backfield. I mean, it looked to me Greg like half the game Jeff heath, and I'm not just point out one guy. But it looked like Jeff heath was just lost was law. And did not know what to do. Yeah. They were a lot of they these tempo. Really, well what they did by using tempo. And sometimes they snapped it quickly. Sometimes they waited till they were three or four seconds. But they forced into Cowboys defense to be very static. They had to line up. They couldn't move because they didn't know if the ball would be it would be snapped. So that was another tactic that the Rams used in this game to really quiet down so to speak in calm the defense of the Cowboys, but they really had a good feel for their fronts, and they knew how to attack their fr. Fronts with their run game. It was it was really impressive. What about on the other side? And by the way, some of the clips I've seen by the way, Greg of Andrew Whitworth at his size and his age to do some of the things athletically that he did while really really awesome. Their whole line played. Well, but the other side actually was more intriguing because so here's here's what the Rams did the Rams decided that they were going to play their base defensive personnel versus the Cowboys eleven personnel. Okay. In the Cowboys had three wide receivers on the field on first down and second and even long. Okay. Second nine second in ten the ram stayed with their base personnel. Now, they're basically saying, okay, we're going to stop the run. That's our number one priority. And you're going to have to throw the ball with three wide receivers on the field. Against our base personnel. Now, the Cowboys one time took advantage of that. And that was the Amari Cooper touchdown on to end their first series other than that. They didn't even tack it. Okay. When I say attack, it they made no effort to throw the football out of eleven personnel against the Rams base. When they did throw it. It was a screen. It was you know, a five yard hitch. They made no effort to really attack with any kind of meaningful route concept against base personnel with three wide receivers. So you have to ask yourself. Why why do you think that is? You tell me why do you think that is? I mean, there's. I I'd like to think that when a coach is like Scott, Linda hand has been in this league for a long long time that he knows how to do that. When you agree. Yes. I would twenty one year old coach. So at the end of the day to me, I the only answer I can think of is they're not comfortable with their quarterback doing that. So they're not gonna play that way. They're going to play quote unquote, cowboy football, which is what's keep handing the ball off. That's get the game close in the fourth quarter. Let's play quote unquote, cowboy football because that's the only way we feel. We can play. How did you think Dak played because I felt like Greg? He had some some good moments. But then some inexplicable throws that were way off. I I don't know how to he that just seems like kind of his MO now. Well, I think that in almost every game you watch with Dak Prescott. I think you see just what you said you see some good thing. And you see the things that sort of keep him. At the level at which he is he remains a beat slow eliminating and I leading especially versus own coverages. He leaves too many throws on the field. I would say he's a cautious thrower from the pocket. He's much more aggressive when he leaves the pocket is a second reaction player. But it's a pocket player. He's very very cautious. And you know, I think they this is what he's played enough games. That doesn't mean he can't improve. But this is what he is as we speak today. Now, the question is do they see him that way? And my answer would be. Yes. C to me what I just said about that. I'm not interpreting anymore. They told you what Dak Prescott is by how they played this game. Ross. This is no longer an interpretation. This is no longer. Let's have a discussion about what we think Dak Prescott is that the Cowboys told you what that Prescott is by how they played this game. Yep. And let's move on. And let's get to the next game. Which by the way, does how the Rams played that game with the running backs and focusing on the run so much more than golf in the past. Is that just hey, that's what was working or does that show? You something about how they feel about him. Well, I think they know that Goth is very much a programmed player, and he works extremely well. When the dimensions of the offense work and it does start with the run game. So if the run game is dominant, and it was to a large extent, they will stay with that. They're not just come out and toss it all over the yard offense to begin with. You know, Goth meet a couple of really good throws. And then he missed some as well. And which is sort of been the way he's played the last six seven weeks of the season. So if they can attack and be successful running the ball. I think they'll continue to play that way. One of the games. That was really interesting was obviously that chargers and the patriots and just the tactics that went into that, Greg. I felt like they ran twenty screens in the first twenty minutes. Yeah. That was another one of those games where you know, it just kind of felt like, wow. Because they scored on their first four possessions. Obviously they score touchdowns. And it was. It was a very interesting game from the mix of their offense. Now, keep in mind, the chargers, which very much apprised me. Okay. Normally all throughout the season. They have been predominantly a dime defense. They chose to play again with seventy -fensive backs, which to be honest with your also I thought it was going to be specific to the week prior against Lamar Jackson, but they decided to play that way pretty much as as their main personnel package. And you know, I thought that the the patriots did a really good job with the quick passing game. Brady's at this stage in his career right now where he feels comfortable and secure he can still play at a really high level. I don't think he's as good when you get people around him. But they did not get people around him. Everything was quick. And the thing is even versus the run game. I mean, they would play dime with four safeties the chargers versus two backs with the fullback Devon on the field. Or with two tight ends. So, you know, they they pretty much said that we're going to line up with smaller people against you. And obviously in the run game it caused a problem. What about let's get to the the saints and the eagles very interesting game on a lot different levels. I want to give you a blank canvas what stood out to you? What did you see there? You know, I think it was a game where when all was said and done that the the eagles sort of lacking any kind of run game hurt them because eagles, you know, really have not been able to run the ball. I think the fact that eagles don't have a lot of dimensions on offense hurt them. You know, Nick foles has to be very rhythmic. And he missed some throws in this game. And they don't really have a true vertical fading ball to Jeffrey and not a true vertical. Throw in a strict sense. You know, they don't really have that kind of offense. They don't have those kinds of players, and you know, falls is not a deeper drop quarterback. He can't drop back seven yards really drive the ball down the field. So I think the limitations of their offense showed up in this game. And I think the saints were were, you know, very rhythmic in their approach. I mean, I think they played a fourth quarter game they had to they got down fourteen nothing. I thought they spread the eagles out more in the second half. And we're very effective creating space versus the eagles predominant zone coverage concepts because when you spread the the defense out when they're playing zone, you're spring. The nap both horizontally vertically, and they created a lot of space and the eagles did not blitz. They rushed four and play zone pretty much all game. And they played that way again because they have to their secondary is not really a man to man secondary. So I think overall you have to eagles a ton of credit to get as far as they did with the limitations that they have. That makes sense. Well, then let's let's move on to the conference championship games. I love getting your breakdown in your previews. What what what's the key matchup or what interests you the most about the saints? And the Rams well two teams obviously have played you know, I think that if I'm not mistaken. I don't think to Lee played in that game for the Rams when they played earlier in the season which was week nine. I think it was hurt then, but you know, the saints. I think when you play the saints. There's a couple of things we know now that Ted Ginn is back. And in fact, the saints pretty much went to get on the very first play the game and breeze under through it. But they wanted to show that they have a vertical dimension. And they did not have that week nine. So I think he's important, but we know that there are two main offensive weapons and they're used in multiple ways on Michael Thomas and. Camara, and you know, Kamara what was interesting is down the stretch in this game. With few exceptions Kamara was in was the runner not ninety Ingram. Kamara was in the game. Even when they were running the ball for the most part. So I think it started there you you are the players that the Rams must take away. You know, I think that on the other side of the ball. It's going to be very interesting to me how the saints choose to play the run because we know what the the the run game is for the the Rams. It's it's a zone concept. It's it's either wide zone mid zone outside zone, different D, line coaches. You know, we'll call it different things and it can get to be semantics, but it's a run. They run the zone game with Anderson. They had the inside zone run game. You've got to stop that. If you can't stop that. You're going to get caught up in all the things that go with it. The jet action the outside zone action, which spreads you horizontally and forces it spreads. You her is on only they stretch you vertically with cooks and their creates a lot of space in the middle of the field. So you have to be able to stop that run game. That's a really good point, Greg. And I think that that's the thing you get so caught up in the other stuff. But if you can't stop the inside of the outside zone, you're dead. You know, it's almost like you got to focus on that. And then take the jet sweep and the orbit stuff take that secondary out of the mix because what they're trying to do is get defenders out of gaps by basically reacting to things that that are not really there. You know what I'm saying? Like, you know, if they so they give the jet sweep, then you react to the jets weep, and you go tackle them. And maybe you get stuck for a seven yard gain. But you can't start reacting to to go so to speak because they're trying to cause misread to create creases and gaps in the run game. And that's that's the way they're built. That's what they're trying to do. Okay. Let's get to finally the AFC championship game. I'll be there. Patriots chiefs. What do you have your eye on here? What spell check and have cooked up Mahomes. What do you think this is going to be fascinating? Because I think there's a bunch of tendencies that the chiefs have that are difficult to defend number one. They really good at of empty and when they're an empty. They normally have Kelsey to the to receiver side in the slot. And then they have tyreek hill to the three receivers side and the insight slot and what we call number three. That's really hard to defend and they actually caught him in the first match up week six hill caught a touchdown. We're Devin mccourty was actually on them, and they were playing man, and he just ran away from him in the in the high red zone, they've got some defined tendencies based on formation. But again, it's the speed of hill. So, you know, a lot of times they can line up and specific formations, and you sort of know what they might be doing based on tendency. But you're dealing with the talent of the players. You know hill is a tough guy to defend Kelsey is a very tough guy to defend I went back, and I looked at that first matchup, and I actually thought even though the key scored forty I thought the patriots actually played in pretty well, they Mahomes made a number of plays outside of structure, and that's what he does. And and I talked to a defensive coach actually this week who think that Mahomes is the best he's ever seen outside of structure, even better than having Rogers. So, you know, that's a part of the game that is very difficult to defend. Yeah. It really is. Wow. I love it. Greg terrific breakdown. I am ready to rock and roll on these games these games fired up, and hopefully they'll have the fire going on the sideline for me. Hopefully, they'll have some heaters fired up. Army navy was actually able to get close to some eaters on the sideline that was on hearing. What you probably heard supposed to be like zero degrees. Right. It's gonna be bad, man. It's going to. But I'm I'm mentally prepared. And it is physically prepared as well. The mental parts find where some clothes that keep you warm. Greg so much as always I appreciate it. Right rock. Love love love. Greg heat right there. Just Greg himself is worth the five star rating and review on apple podcasts. Love it. We're very blessed. I mean physics incredible on even money. Evan Silva's the man on fantasy feast Fran incredible on college draft. Love getting guys that are really experts in their niche in their field. It's amazing please rate and review. All the shows if you haven't already that really helps us for the apple podcasts algorithm, or whatever. So more people can find out about the show. Let's do it. Right. I Ross let's start today with some interesting comments at Carolina Panthers owner David Tepper talking about the team keeping their options. Open quarterback talking about the possibility that Cam Newton sits out entire twenty nine thousand nine season, ROY, and I got some more Intel on this after talking with Joe person who covers the Panthers for the athletic. And he said, look, you know, we ask them about Cam. He said, he's not a doctor. He doesn't know doesn't know whether it's surgery or not they're kind of monitoring it and figuring that part of it out. And then later on he was asked about Andrew luck. And was asked about the possibility of would they have camps it out the entire year. If that's what it took for him to get fully healthy. And he said, yeah, I mean, that's a possibility. I guess if that's what they said it would take for him to get healthy. Then sure we'd consider that. So I just wanted to make that point that it's not like he came out. And was advertising that and I think they really don't know what they're gonna do about Cam shoulder at this point. I think that they're really trying to figure out what to do. And I think that's why the unknown is why he wants to keep their options. Open have as much salary cap space as possible and hopefully have a little bit more clarity by March by when they need to figure this out. All right. We've got some Antonio Brown drama. He took to Twitter to criticize both Bruce Arians and Emmanuel Sanders after he felt as if both attacked him recently. Right. And you know. Antonio brown. I get I get personally disappointed when a guy that comes into the NFL as a as a low round pick that has to fight scratch, and claw and earn his way. Like antonio. I get disappointed when they kinda turn to the dark side. So to speak on us or turn diva. You know, it didn't have to be that way plenty of guys like, Larry FitzGerald and others have proven that Calvin Johnson yet Antonio Brown. Maybe it's all the endorsements all the commercials, whatever. And I wrote this on Twitter Bri earlier today at Ross Tucker NFL, I truly feel as if part of this for him. Now is this tillers gave them all the guaranteed money up front. So now, he's got three years left at a Lou under thirteen million a year. And none of it's guaranteed. And I think now. He thinks you know, what they're not gonna give me a new deal. But if I got traded somewhere else or certainly if you got released, obviously. But if I get traded somewhere else, they're going to know that I'm not going to be a happy camper. Probably. And I'm not going to be on my best behaviour unless I get a new deal. I really think a big part of this for him. Now is he believes this is his best chance to get more money. Now that he's thirty years old and before it's too late to get one more big contract with a lot of guaranteed money as opposed to being year to year on a contract that doesn't have a whole lot of doesn't have any guaranteed money left. It isn't really commensurate with the market at this point compared to the one he signed two years ago. So I truly believe that that is a big part of this for him. And other player news the bills resigned both linebacker the Renzo Alexander and Jeremiah Searle's while the Cowboys linebacker, Sean Lee said he's leaning towards playing again next year. Right. And I'm happy to hear that for Sean Lee. I enjoy watching and play. I get nervous about that given the number of physical issues. He's had he's a very bright guy. He's made a lot of money that's going to be a tough call for him. Right because he loves playing the game. But he's smart enough to know about you know, the hits to the head. He's smart enough to know about the orthopedic issues. He's had and the last thing I would want would be for him to get injured yet again as for the bills. It's interesting the sign guys back this really, I guess they didn't want to test the market the bills game something that they were happy with now Searle's really depth player on the online. They felt like they won. It back and Lorenzo Alexander. I think he got he can get up to four point five million. But it's at least three and a half million with over five hundred thousand dollars to sign. He's happy there. He's up there in years. He's a former teammate of mine, and I think if they're giving them a good chunk, and they basically have guaranteed them another year and another three point five million dollars. He's he's going to take it more power to him. And he's a tremendous person leader player. I really really like what he's brings the bills. I'm glad they're bringing it back. We also have some coaching moves Broncos lines in Jags all hired there. Oh sees for the season. They did the Broncos. It's rich scaring jello who was the offense coordinator for or. No, I'm sorry. He was the quarterback coach for the forty Niners. And so there's a lot of respect for the Kyle Shanahan Mike Shanahan, Gary kubiak tree. If you will. So they're bringing in scaring jello to be the play caller in that regard. So that thing amical be interesting because he doesn't really have a lot of pellets on the wall, but Mike munch check as the old lion. Coach does. So that'll be interesting to watch the lions bringing Darrow Bebel member. Daryl Bevill from the Seattle Seahawks. And this is always interesting to me for whatever reason. A lot of lions fans are upset about this. You know, I don't know if it's because he got fired a year ago, they all do at some point or because of the marshawn Lynch Super Bowl thing. But you look at his track record. You look at his history. That is really. Impressive. I mean, really really impressive over the years. How many playoff games he's won? How many conference championship games? I mean, he was the oh see in Minnesota when they had fourth and had the success there. So between that and his time in Seattle. That's pretty darn good for me. Pretty darn good enough. If you ask me, and then finally you've got John Filipo with the Jaguars who I don't know what happened in Minnesota. But D Filipo has a really outstanding reputation number one. And number two. This just increases the speculation that he is that the Jaguars are going to make a run at Nick foles. And I think they're gonna make a run it either foles or flacco this because the familiarity that foles has with John D Filipo and the offense he likes to run makes you think it's more likely to be full. And that makes perfect sense. Because I think the Jags think that they're not far away. They realized they got to have a good season next year. And I think that they truly believe that John de Filippo Nick foles that combination even though. You know, Doug, maroon denied that. I think they believe that that could be very very good combination for them to try to get to the next level. I I believe that that's a major major factor. Wanted to ask in NFL player. A question will here's your genius? It's time to ask rose. The Email address is Ross at Ross Tucker dot com. I already told you guys the different ways you can send me stuff. Whether it's a sponsor confirmation Email or Amazon banner ad or buying something over at the shop Ross, Tucker dot com. Shop at county. We like when you guys buy that stuff because that means you're aware it and you'll help spread the word that way. So it all counts rating and reviewing the show. You do any of those things Email me Ross at Ross Tucker dot com to me and ask whatever question you got. What do you got Brian? Hey Ross I used your Amazon link from Rostock dot com. I ordered the do Paul McCartney. I'll put my eighteen year old son musically. He has an old soul, which I love. It is middle school years. We used to listen to the RTF on the way to school. He really got a kick out of your advocates for an old sponsor or something along the line of that. Right. Tackle got beat. For three sacks one of which was a strip sack and the only place worse for him to be in the film room on Monday would be waiting in the line at the post office. Remember those? Yes. Anyway, my question for you involves how the ravens are using Lamar Jackson you've wondered on the podcast at the coaching regime is sacrificing Lamar's health for their own jobs. Now my question is since he's been forced into action by flag goes injury. Do you think they could win by playing him from the pocket and not running him ten plus times per game? Thanks for all the work that you and and Bryce if do that's from Wes in York, Pennsylvania. Yeah. Wes York not too far from where I live in Harrisburg their yet. Oh, really? Oh, yeah. The best do you actually buy those? I do in bulk. Seriously, seriously? Yeah. I think you're peppermint Patty, by the way is a Hershey thing. Isn't it? I believe so. Yes. Yeah. Wow. So you prefer that over like a kit, Kat or Twix Snickers. I'm not saying I prefer over that. But they each have their place and after after dinner, and I just want something like with mint in it by the whole bag, and I stick them in the refrigerator so a little bit cold and it just perfect snack. Try you want some Minton it for your breath, not for my top because I have bad breath. But just it's refreshing after after meal, treat interesting, all right, Brian. I just learned something new I did not know about you. So the question. No, I don't think they could have one without Lamar Jackson running pen plus times. You're right. And they were trying to do what they could to win the games. But I think they were trying to win the games both for the team and to try to keep their jobs, which is fine. That is there. Job. And I do think it was two Lamar's detriment in terms of his health. But that was the situation they were in. I don't think they would have won. If he didn't run as much. I don't have a problem with it. I really don't now. I think they're going to really try really hard to get him to be better from the pocket and not run as much next year. I think that'll be a focus for them. But no, I think you're right west. I think that's of course, I I don't know if that's the point you're making. But no, I don't think they would have won. If he wasn't running as much as he was that'll do it, by the way for a teaching tutorial Thursday edition of the Ross Tucker football podcast. Appreciate those of you, sending emails like that spread the word, even if you just tell your friends, you've never big social me just say, you know, what you should do. You should listen to Ross Tucker because he is an expert on everything it's really enlightening and you'll learn little tidbits every once in a while. Like, Bryce if has a York peppermint Patty after every meal because his breath is so rank and stink. So you wouldn't have known that any other way so sending those emails tell your friends rain review and apple podcasts. Make sure you check out even money fantasy feast college trout and Andrew Brandt had a good guess hit Boettger McFarland booger. In. Oh, Honey on it. And then and then and I mean, even if you tell somebody just listen to the last thirty seconds. How could they not subscribe to the show when I sing oh Boga Newnan net on the business sports podcasts. We will be back tomorrow. Dudes with Mike conference championship game, breakdowns and picks. I think we're done. You're listening to the tanker football podcast. Make sure wants to subscribe to the fantasy feast even money in the college draft podcasts all available on teams and Ross Tucker dot com or wherever podcasts can be found. Statellite lounge presents an evening with the progressive box. The moon. 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