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Ep. 211 - What's happening today in Wisconsin is criminal


We're starting to see very very disturbing racial and demographic data on exactly who is really being impacted by the corona virus pandemic particularly here in the United States. Today I'll do a little bit breakdown. That demographic data but. I'm seeing something else. That really concerns me. What we're seeing now that the data shows that African Americans are disproportionately being impacted by the virus was starting to see other groups act as they really don't care we're seeing it right now today at this. Very moment in Wisconsin as they forced the primaries and elections to continue anyway. Let me explain what I mean. This is Shaun King and you're listening to the the the break down the the breakdown a breakdown we as you already know. You're living through it. We are in the middle of a global pandemic where at least one point three million people have contracted the corona virus. That's how many people have been tested. Positive for the world economy has come to a standstill. Hundreds of millions of people around the world of lost their jobs and now nearly a hundred thousand people have died. That of course is enough to say. We have any primaries or elections this month at least this month. Let's delay them. But now that we're getting the demographic data on WHO's being impacted the most by the corona virus in the United States the insistence from white conservatives in Wisconsin that the elections continue anyway is starting to make perfect sense to me see in America's largest cities where racial economic and demographic data on who exactly is contracting the corona virus in dying from it where that data exist. We're learning a lesson that many of us saw coming from a mile away. It's ravaging black communities. African Americans represent just thirty two percent of the population in Louisiana but over seventy percent of the deaths. They're black folk represent just twenty nine percent of the population. Chicago but over seventy percent of the deaths stare in Michigan. African Americans represent just fourteen percent of the population but over forty percent of the deaths. The same data is holding true in Philadelphia. And I don't know if the disparity is as bad anywhere as it is right now. In Milwaukee Wisconsin African Americans represent just twenty six percent of the population but over eighty one percent of the corona virus deaths it's staggering as this data becomes mainstream. What I believe is going to happen is that we're GONNA see conservative. White Americans care less and less about this pandemic before this demographic data was even out. We saw some states with Republican governors like Ohio and Georgia at least reschedule their primaries. But now that we see precisely who's paying the biggest price now that we know the racial data. I sincerely think we're GONNA see conservative. White Americans checkout emotionally virtually every public health officials in every mayor in Wisconsin. Bag the state to postpone their elections today all over the state. Dozens of mayors and officials said listen. We don't want to stop it. We just WANNA reschedule it. Maybe for two weeks or three weeks we just WanNa make it where people can vote by mail. The Governor There Wisconsin Democrat finally issued a late emergency executive order rescheduling the elections and making vote by mail super easy but the conservative legislature and the conservative State Supreme Court. Each voted to overturn his decisions forcing the elections to happen there today right now anyway right now. I'm looking at it as I speak at lone lines all over the state it's dangerous. It's not even that elections are going to continue as usual. It's worse than that. Hundreds of polling locations have been closed all over Wisconsin and instead of each location having smaller crowds only a tiny percentage of locations are going to be open forcing a bottleneck of long lines. Particularly in Milwaukee. Listen Milwaukee normally has one hundred eighty voting locations today. They'll only have five. And here's what I know. And here's what you know if these numbers were reversed in white folk in rural and suburban Wisconsin with a main ones dying the conservative state legislature. There would've rescheduled a damn elections. No questions asked and they would have been right to do so and they should have done so. I am deeply deeply concerned about what comes next across this country now that we learn who this virus is hitting the hardest. Listen we have a new ad from a brand new sponsor? And then I'll be up to talk to you about children and young people were currently in. Jails all over this country. 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I love all of our listeners to get in shape together in right now. Listeners of the breakdown get a special free trial membership. When you text the word just one word break down to thirty thirty thirty you'll get full access to the entire platform for free. All the workouts are nutrition information support. Totally free right now. All you have to do is text. The word one word break down to thirty thirty thirty. Give it a shot. Joe Is the Boring Dan Frame. The break down to my heart is breaking as we continue to get some of the worst stores in the country of men and women who are being infected with the corona virus who are currently incarcerated and. It's not just heartbreaking because they're incarcerated but it's because they really don't have a chance to avoid it. They're not able to practice social distancing many of them and You may have seen jailhouse videos. That people have tried to smuggle to the outside showing you where healthy men and women are often being jailed with people and and put in sales with people who've been diagnosed with the corona virus and it's spreading like wildfire all over America's jails and prisons and what's doubly frightening about. It is as you already know. We are the most incarcerated nation. Not only in the world. But we're the most incarcerated nation in the entire history of the world and so when the corona virus begins to impact our jails and prisons. It's going to impact more people than could jails and prisons anywhere else in the world. We not only in prison. Higher percentage of our citizens but we have the highest number of total people incarcerated as well. And it's all over the country not just in New York. But absolutely it's hitting hard at rikers but it's hitting hard and jails and prisons local jails state jails and prisons federal prisons all over the country and people are starting to die in the fear just for the individual men women and children that. I want to talk about today in just a moment. It's not just impacting them. But it's impacting the staff who are also beginning to die and contract. The virus in those staff members then go out into society. America's jails and prisons are becoming basically epicenters hot spots of the corona virus and our cities and states can never get healthy as long as it continues to be present in these jails and prisons. And there's one group of people we've talked here about incarcerated people at rikers. We've talked about immigrants in detention centers. But there's one group of people that we have not talked about. We have to protect our incarcerated children during corona virus and it breaks my heart to even have to put those two words together incarcerated children right now at least forty. Five thousand children are locked up in juvenile facilities all over the United States and nearly sixty percent of these young people are incarcerated for non person offenses. These are just technical nonviolent non victim offenses nearly ten thousand. Young people are being held pre trial which means they haven't even been found guilty of anything and over eight thousand. Young people listen are being held for status offenses. These are things that wouldn't be crime if they were adults or just technical violations of parole or probation and what we are calling on cities mayors city councils state's governor state legislatures and the federal government from Attorney General Bar and president trump and others. And listen I know Attorney General Bar and trump for for ninety nine percent of you. Who are listening. We don't see them as our friends. But they still have massive influence and supervision over these systems and structures now. Most young people are not in jail or prison on a federal level. They're in jail a prison and the local level. But the president the Attorney General State Attorney Generals Governors Mayors district attorney's they all have a major impact on this and as the corona virus spreads detention of children in jails and prisons proves itself to be among the worst ideas. We could ever have on this past Friday in a report from the Justice Collaborative Institute and data for progress. We start to learn that. There is massive. Bipartisan support for serious intervention for incarcerated. Young people like all detained people children in juvenile detention live under conditions that make it impossible to comply with the public health guidance be as social distancing or rigorous hygienic practices just like adults in jails and prisons. They often don't have soap. They never have a clorox wipes they never have hand sanitizer at all but children are especially vulnerable to the collateral consequences of being locked down during a pandemic. According to the reports author Samantha Bucking Hand. Who is the director of the Juvenile Justice Clinic at a law school in Los Angeles? She said we are on the verge of a humanitarian disaster. If we do not quickly release America's children from detention. It's not just the risk. This is her quote. It's not just the risk of infection which is a mortal threat for anyone can find in juvenile halls prisons and camps but it's the trauma of isolation as well as the loss of both education and treatment. She went on to say. Keeping kids in detention is doing irreparable harm to our youth. Many of whom could safely be living with their families their caregivers in their communities and she concludes detaining. Kids under these circumstances will also have negative public safety outcomes in the long run and so many people signed onto this report and the polling shows that sixty percent of likely voters support releasing young people who sentences end within the next six months. Go ahead and release them. They're going to get out and six months. Release them to their families. Fifty four percent of Republicans support that fifty eight percent of voters prefer early released to solitary confinement conditions that are often being imposed on kids during a pandemic including fifty percent of Republicans. This is from a survey of two thousand likely voters. And so here are the recommendations. And we'll close with this. The National Jew Juvenile Defender Center calls upon all decision-makers in the juvenile legal system including law enforcement prosecutors Judges Public Defenders Probation Parole officers and detention commitment facility administrators as well as governor state lawmakers and others to act immediately on the following. Six things. And I'm going to bring these down for you but brat gear the things that the National Juvenile Defenders Center is asking that we do please number one stop. The influx of new cases into the juvenile court system. Law Enforcement Officers should not be detaining any children unless serious physical harm has been caused to another person in all of the situations. Children's should be cited called the court after the corona virus pandemic has been resolved number to release from detention facilities. All Children who can safely return home to their families or caregivers. Young people should be home with their families or a safe home like setting with caregivers and they should be receiving free community base Kovic nineteen compliance support and services as necessary number three released from secure commitment facilities. All young people either committed for Status Misdemeanor or non violent felony offenses or for technical and parole and probation violations. Also released young people who have a pending release date in the next one hundred and eighty days. Just let them goal. Young people who on track to complete their term of commitment in the near future should be released immediately number four for young people on supervision eliminate in person contact with probation or parole staff and service providers check INS and services should be eliminated where possible and provided electronically as needed with the understanding. That some young people may not have Internet and other technology at their homes number five. The covert nineteen pandemic has also abruptly severely impacted. The Nation's economy in light of these economic changes in what may be a looming recession. The National Juvenile Defender Center also calls upon the juvenile legal system professionals and policymakers to immediately do the following cancel all cost in fees imposed on young people and their families by the juvenile legal system as states and communities closed non essential businesses in a struck people to remain at home. Lower income families are particularly being impacted financially by this and we have to remove the fees on parents and children from this system of mass incarceration. God is painful to know that tens of thousands of young people are incarcerated right now and are dealing with this from behind bars behind lockup scenarios our cities our state's counties our country has to do so much better the remember the the break break break break Derek bring.

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