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Saturday July thirteenth and this is week impulse. I'm Joey Hudson your host. Each Saturday. We gathered twelve noon to talk about places ago. Oh people see charitable events and everything in between right here in upstate South Carolina Western North Carolina and northeast Georgia glad to have you along lots of ways for you to join in the conversation today eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five is our big rock Texana. Your Comments Mitch are always welcome. You can find a lot at ninety four five the answer dot com like us on facebook and follow us on twitter at talked non four pop on there as well to search for Joey Hudson and I always love to get your emails. Joey Joey Hudson DOT COM easy to remember joey at Joey Hudson Dot Com. Jim Brown is <hes> with the lake talks away charities. A tip is on our ninety four five the answer guest line today. They have the forty third annual leg ties away Charities Sports Day Dinner Dance Gala. It's a night on Broadway a t appreciate you spending a few minutes day with us. Well thank you Julie. I appreciate you <hes> yes. <hes> <hes> like talk. Cherokees is five a one C three organization that we're in our forty fourth year now and we support work forty five <hes> agencies all in Transylvania County Transylvania counties in North Carolina which includes provide North Carolina <hes> Park Sapphire Rosman just <hes> sort of west of the actual airport Gorda way up to <hes> Lake talks North Carolina and laycock's way charity supports the hungry the homeless is sexually abused women and their children in the medically educationally deprived and Transylvania county. We have about thirty five thousand residents. That's a very <hes> I called economically deprived could part of <hes> North Carolina and so <hes> we have a very generous community <hes> that puts together an annual <hes>. Uh Fundraising sports staying gala which includes <hes> Golf Croquet and tennis and dinner dance that particular night and this deal out of the twentieth this year and is held at the lake talks away country club and we will raise <hes> over over four hundred thousand dollars for these agencies in Transylvania County and the bottom line is we donated all back we have no administrative costs <hes> so every dollar goes directly to one of these agencies and in our county so it's very enriching to be able to see the the need and be able to help the need <hes> these agencies in Transylvania county jury so that's a quick snapshot <hes> If anyone on would like to participate on that <hes> July Twentieth Sports Day and Dinner Dance Gala Sorta Allah Cartman and you can do portions or all of it <hes> you can contact me on my cell phone which is seven Irving's zero four five six zero three one seven five or our website which is w._w._w.. Dot Lake Talks Away Charities Dot Org award like toxic charities Dot Org. You'll see some links in there that <hes> website <hes> <hes> actually describes and shows pictures of the agencies that <hes> talks charity supports and we also now created this year for the first. It's time a volunteer opportunity wing where <hes> residents can part time or full time but whatever they WANNA do <hes> plug in time and support these agencies with their own personal experiences their own personal time if we help mentor students kids we <hes> we work at homeless shelters work at daid banks <hes> we we deliver meals. We build houses all those different things that go under these agencies <hes> that we support <hes> make pasta charities is really touching each day thousands of lives <hes> interesting joey that <hes> this part of Transylvania county just west of Bavard was the last. Guard ever to get electricity in the United States in the early nineteen fifties. This parts of change of accounts finally got electricity. It's quite <hes> mountainous you might say and <hes> <hes> road systems were were weak at the A and it was difficult to get electricity so finally <hes> through Duke Energy do power they were able to get powered up here so it's quite an independent area folks up here are very <hes> strong very humble and when you can get things also need some help so Juliet sort of a snapshot of what's going on with me today Chip Brown we're talking about the lake talks away charities and a big event coming up <hes> July twentieth. It's the forty thirty third annual Lake Talks Way Charity Sports Day dinner dance the theme of the dinner dance at the Lake Talk two-way Country Club is a night on Broadway. One evening is going to be <hes> you can find out additional information at Lake Talk Away Charities Dot Org the only real easy for you just text the keyword talks away to our big rock tax on eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five. Just the word talks away. I'll send you a quick link to their website. If you'd like to participate in this s chip said there's lots of different ways to become involved and to help but chip I gotTa tell you the thing that gets my attention. Most with anything like this and I love the fact that you said you're going to raise about four hundred thousand dollars but what I like even more chip is the fact that one hundred percent of that goes to benefit the people in the Transylvania County area. Yes we have <hes> we have no administrative costs. We're all volunteers <hes> so it's as compared to some <hes> agencies around the United Space where there's <hes> some administrative calls we have zero zero so we're able to do that. We visit <hes> Joey we go down and visit these agencies annually in Transylvania County and it's just eye opening jaw Gaulle dropping to see the wonderful work that the agency director doing and how they stretch every dollar to touch a life of someone here in Transylvania county so you know I can stand up in front of I residence the gala. Kayla sports event and I can look people in the eye and say hey your dollars going straight to the and that's a big thing. That's a big thing to know that the money when you when you write a check to I'm not one hundred percent of that because they're not a lot of charities who can say that and then look we all recognize that there's always cost him Bob running any type of nonprofit so I'm not faulting any nonprofit for that but it's just great that you guys you and and you you got a whole team of volunteers up there at my favorite little community lake talks way what a beautiful place that you're talking about. Transylvania County is just a beautiful county is just as God's country well it is we're we're on average fourteen degrees or in Greenville South Carolina so in the summertime <hes> that you climb up out of the team into the the foothills and the mountains here lake toss away. Even it's fun to watch your car thermometer drop just taking place so we're able to be outside all day long. Are Let's talk about all the things that you're going to have going on on July the twentieth aw you're going to start the day with a sports activities a chance to play that that Beautiful Lake Talks Away Country Club Golf course right all right we are yes we have three sports events going on simultaneously so if someone decides to sign up and play you can play croquet. We have world class three croquet courts world-class. We have <hes> I five tennis courts and we're <hes> we have a very fun round Robin <hes> mixed doubles competition there and then we have a renovated new excellent golf course and we'll have <hes> eighteen foursomes a shotgun start <hes> nine o'clock so we'll be doing all of these simultaneously and if you participate in the sports one of these sports events we have a free breakfast that comes at seven thirty at the country club donates a buffet. If they breakfast at seven thirty and then <hes> after your golf tennis or Croquet you come up with the country where we have volunteers at cooking burgers hot dogs desert just <hes> <hes> just a fun way to wrap up the sports part of the day and then at six o'clock that night at the talks away country club. We have the <hes> the gala again the theme is <hes> you know an evening or night on Broadway sort of costume party probably eighty percent of our of our over three hundred and fifty attendees. He's quill dress up in a fun team and you know how people like address tonight. I gotTA stop you right here chip now. How are you going to be dressed? Well my wife. <hes> Leslie got me <hes> this is the first suspend announced but <hes> famous <hes> Broadway Clay Greece yes I may I may be <hes> character movie out of the Broadway Klay Greece all right. I will say point that I commit to I just more. That's more reason to buy a ticket and be there on the night of July twentieth to see how chip Brown on what he's what Leslie has him dressed up as we have a band that night which we've used for twelve years they actually it's called the social function based out of Asheville North Carolina. This is a twelve year in a row they played and they actually donate much most of their feedback. Delay talks away waist hair so it is it's a given evening joy. It's a lot of fun we raise money and then we give that money back away. Chip Brown was delayed toxic charities. I applaud what you guys do and again. A lot of volunteers goes into making this day happen and race four hundred thousand dollars. That's GONNA benefit the people that that need this in Transylvania county again helping the home homeless helping the hungry <hes> sexually abused women a and and their children <hes> medical educational deprived <hes> you know just all the needs of things that we see around the country but <hes> this particularly in Transylvania county chip Brown always good to talk with you. Thanks you go for spending a few was okay. They sure one last comment. I just give you a quick snippets snapshot of Education that we have in Transylvania County. We have thirteen hundred students thirteen hundred total students from kindergarten through twelfth grade of of those thirteen hundred students one hundred fifty one of them are homeless a hundred fifty one homeless eleven percent eleven percent. That's hard to it's hard to wrap your brain around that but with your listening audience that <hes> the money that we raised we helped with a homeless shelter we help with the educational support getting these kids <hes> some clothing some food some other things some tutoring and so just one plant that seed with Roy about how diff- difficult <music> a mountain environment can be. I appreciate your time listeners time and have anybody call me or go on our website. We can make some things happen. Sure thing is real easy. Lake talks away charities DOT ORG or I'm GonNa make it even simpler for you. Just text talks away two eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five just the keyword talks away to our big rock tech's eight seven seven two three five nine four zero five. I'll send you a link. That's GonNa take you to their website and you'll get all the information and be able to take part in any any piece of this at you'd like it's GonNa be a great day. In Lake Talk Solely on July the twenty chip Ram appreciate you spending a few minutes of warning and look forward to seeing you on the twenty great. Thank you and have a great day up next. Tony Lee with Waiver County Sheriff's Office joins us for our weekly crime stoppers update that much more here on ninety four five the answer. I'm Joey Hudson this weekend false back in just a month to say the way man and they drag all.

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