The Kist & Solak Show #65: Eagles Upset the Bears!


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Good. Smallwood decides to superman leave for two point conversion on fake fully special that probably was correct. But was right after golden eagles traded third pay for scoring four touchdowns went back of quarterbacks who Phoenix falls like what do you what do last sixty seconds of that game were psychedelic? They were trippy. I was hallucinating. It was the intersection of forty five cosmic realities don't eight. Eight galions. It's the only way we're all going to live forever and Ben alluded to it. But the eagles win because they're up sixteen fifteen and shreve on Hester partially blocks that ship shot field goal from Cody Parker survive and advance parkey bang. No his name used to plant doing brother. Is every day. Is this a good day to be alive up? Great. I am also in shock. This is amazing hair. Here the candidates for highlights of my day. Number one, Cody parking missing the field goal to may be eagles win number to go on and Tate touchdown on fourth into number three. Mike quick never one recognizing me in the guts of Soldier Field. And like stopping may be like who are you? And I was on bed. So I I really love your podcast when I was like, what did you just say out loud to me? I Mike you been so proud of me. I did the tool like all. Yeah. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. For sure like people like my podcast habits in my head. I was like these hands caught footballs. And then number four for the potential highlights of my incredibly, very good fantastic day was walking into the locker room and hearing vaunting Matic's, Corey Graham and somebody else linebacker. I can't remember moving their minds over the fact that two nine to Rico in was talking apparently an insane smack after that that kickoff return about how the game was over. And how Valey Joe boys about to go home? We'll guess what tunein you're going home or five I just remembered five which is tweeted about was Brennan Graham was asked what did he like mess with Cody bark at all like in the interim between the first the vice kick that made it and the mistake and Brennan was like, yeah. Bearing grabs a super happy guys always lives. Joe? I thought Cody Cody like don't over. Thank you manage just the game winner. It's all right. Take your time. You know what? I mean. I was losing brand Graham was still have Chris lungs dying next brand Graham, hold time. I'm positive. It's true. I've no doubt in my mind cause brand grams a huge, smacktalk, right? Meanwhile, Jake in said that he was talking a ton of trash just trying to get into his head. So Brandon grandma's like, though, worry both overthinking, you'll miss boy. The best quote about Cody parkey came from Jason Kelsey who apparently allegedly claims did not even know Cody buddy was the kicker of the Rams, which I do not believe. But if that was the case in and of itself Mendes, dude, it was a stellar experience that game from stem to stern, and here's that. I said this on the the preview podcasts for the game. All save here. Again, I really don't care very much. What the film looks like I'm probably picking the eagles to be the saints at this point. I don't know how you can expect this team to lose. I mean, I'm not likely am I saying they're gonna win the Super Bowl kind of like, that's how that works implicitly. But what I mean? More more seriously. Yeah, they're nine point underdogs to the saints. Does anybody think that means anything other than the fact that Philadelphia's absolutely going to take that to heart for a whole weekend to make a narrative out of it? Timmy journey was a spouse in this massive like we've been under dogs all season narrative. Is like objectively not true. But more interestingly just speaks to the fact that like this team is so comfortable in so welcoming being the six seed going into the one senior all like last year they had home field advantage here. They don't honestly it makes it worse. It makes it worse. It makes them nastier. Because now the point spread is even bigger, and they they experienced the antagonizing of the home crowd. It's it's ridiculous. At this team is so tethered to two ideas one that they are underdogs only the people in that locker and believe in them in that makes them strong number two. And this is the big in that Nick foles is winner. I have no idea how you're gonna convince this locker room that letting Nick foles walk slash trading. Make foles is the right idea. I've no clue and it's nothing against Carson. It's just you have to take a team that has at worst finished foreign one in the playoffs with a quarterback at their helm that he is in. Going to stick around. Like that's impossible. You're going to lose your hold on the locker room when you do that as a GM slash coach lash owner slash whatever it is. And then if you come out with Carson twenty nineteen and you start to struggle boy can get real very quickly this team, and you can tell it in the way, they talk about making you can hear it Nick when he talks during his press conference. I sappers press conference. I can't imagine what like anybody who'd be more empowering the play for the Nick foles like it's just when he speaks with so much earnestness, and he so genuine, and he's so interested in the people team like why did you throw the golden Tate forth into I saw Gordon's body language. And it seemed like he was really ready to make a play like how would you not want that? That's extraordinary, right? Just the amount of faith at that is up then I played a whole press conference from Nick foles for BGN radio special because the press conference was so good in. It didn't have much to do about football animal. Like, that's the one thing that Nick foles that has always stood out about him. Just him the purse. And of course, his teammates are going to respond to that only that like like you alluded to they've done it before since his second stint of EBay since being Philadelphia eagle. He is four and one of the play offs not to mention Doug Peterson by the way is four and oh in the playoffs. And I thought he did another masterful job tonight. Let down by some of the execution in the first half. There were five plays that I saw in the first half that were turning points in the game with be third down conversion or a drop in reception by trae Sullivan. They're five points in the game. That didn't go the eagles way that wasn't because Doug you dugout. Coach Neg Doug has never been out coaching playoffs. What to write wit? Like this game ended sixteen fifteen in my opinion should have ended eighteen fifteen confortably. I do not understand the window Smallwood confirmed or stand. Whatever was the ref is unclear a default. Like we were told from I'll always buy every commentator if the front nose of the ball touches the way touchdown. I mean to me I was very clear, but whatever Shelvin eighteen fifteen youth on the fact that trae Sullivan drop. What was the easiest interception of all time as eighteen twelve. And Nick foles, Chuck's a very dumb prayer into the end zone into quadruple coverage. I mean at eighteen six this is what we're talking about here. In terms of like the eagles outplayed the bears significantly end the scored as reflect that but this team in the playoffs is very very good. They execute incredibly wealth so many clutch play so many clutch receptions off of line is clearly taking a step forward in endure die games because you can translate it back into the end of the regular season. No team gets up for them like kill at all. And they're about to get a New Orleans Saints team who embarrassed them the lowest point of their season New Orleans coming off of a bye now going to be doing with the ex Super Bowl champions on a four-game heater six of the last seven being at their best. We have played their best football when they are underdogs. I I'm not ready to say yet. 'cause I want to. Into the film, but Mike I could easily see a game not dissimilar to the Vikings game of the playoffs last year. I could very easily see the eagles walking into New Orleans and only beating him. Panting him for four fours to me. It's not even remotely out of the imagination. I think the twenty seventeen twenty eighteen eagles ever got his hot as this team. Is right now they broke the barrier of the playoff win. They did it. They are now one of the four teams remaining left the NFC when the eighteenth remaining left who would want to play them at a lot of people said that Seattle was the most dangerous like wildcard team out of the four wildcard teams. It's obviously Philadelphia when they believe in themselves like this, how can you how could you want to play the defending Super Bowl champion when they just came out and outplayed the bears for sixty frigging minutes when nobody gave them a chance on the road. And they're gonna keep doing it. It's it's incredible. What this team has become since week fourteen when they were all but declared dead with a point six percent chance to make it's improbable. That were here. This team knows it's playing with house money. This team knows that everyone is doubting them. This team has been in this situation before and that means a ton for this team moving forward. Nobody on the eagles team right now is playing better football. The recycled Ugglas, what am fricking game was what that you are know how good of a gamer so had think about the times Douglas targeted. That's how goodly you can't think of it. Right. And Trubisky was looking at why they tried to go that way so zone, man. Coverage was fantastic quiet game for corners of the strongest gains corners like Mattis had allowed game. See you have some good blaze any ads mad blaze. Why gave us Douglas rule out of his mind Nigel Branam who started the season poorly index will game flying around the football. And Brad him. I didn't realize I was watching is their dime. Linebacker there. One linebacker sets. He is the linebacker on the field. He plays that roll over does. They said that's been going on since Hicks back from injury. So like Rodham was taken. That role when Hicks down. He's kept its six game back. Yup. Fantastic. Play in that regard. And then I think you had Brennan grim had several pressure something like that. He writes, I think that you have a little bit too much right now going into the like Ling Johnson. And and Jason shot Khalil Mack down. I don't really think they did. I think Khalil Mack had some winds and the ball got out. I think had some wins. And the, you know, there was an escape or whatever got some Wednesday led to like quarterback hits in like, you know, affected balls or whatever generally MAC didn't have a statute filling day, whatever. But I think the lane Johnson Jason Peterson gets a little bit bumped up in that regard. But it's what the what we talk about. All the time. The eagles a very good job of taking your best guy in limiting him through one way or another whether it be through security, whether it be through lane Johnson doing well against him Jason Peters or just by getting the ball quick or rolling away from him or like for instance, they did on that slice Zakar. It's having Erz block him for doubt use his yard them. Right up to quote, the me. That's that's bad way of saying that what we said. Podcasts. I'm very happy to to lockdown Cleal MAC and make a keen Eddie Goldman beat us and listen Hicks, did his darndest to beat us Hicks played out of his Ma. Yeah. Oh, yeah. He makes Akeem like Fletcher Cox had a great game mechanics. Had a better game better player. Akeem heck's was the best defensive lineman on the field tonight for either team takeaway MAC, you make akiem Hicks beach you and then it keeps. Yeah. Sure. He stuff in the run of the eagles are very unproductive in the running game. But he's not a guy who's going to have the same password. Perfect. That Khalil Mack is. And now all of a sudden, you have the ability to work the football. Yeah. There were times were Nick foles couldn't step up into the pocket earlier in the game, especially because it came Hickson Eddie Goldman. We're getting such good push. And just a quick shout out to this eagles defense as well. The bears early on his game. We're trying to attack the seems against cover one in cover three and they had some success, but crave on the Blunk a dog on good game. Had that big rebound at the end of the first half. He played really well the defense played really really well against those concepts. It wasn't till later on where the stuff that the bears had said up then they started running the the slug oh against it. Or they would run that bubble right? That fake. Bubble where you get the ending behind it. Right. And I'll tell you I'll tell you what the number one from them with that sort of thing is not trying to defend Maddox here or call back to a trope, which is really is the way that I think has work in regard. You want your corner to play aggressively into a ghost screening one in the playoff field into like if he died noses it great. But generally you just wanted to key in play on otherwise they're gonna pick up four yards on the bubble screen every plane, you're screwed because you want the vice tackle situation went inside outside leverage. Right. When you when you when you've got a slug. Oh, will you want your off corner? Who's a smaller guy to have to play grass if into that that's his strength. Listen, if you like Maddux having that near pick on the sideline where he should have caught it incredible play great Clinton close. Then you have to be okay with him giving up the touchdown gave up because it was very similar outbreaking route concept Mattis went to go close on it. And then once he felt the out on upcoming you tried to recover got the whole bassin appearance and it was a touchdown. Obviously. With time you become better picking your spots become better at situation understanding when it's going to be album out. But I'm just saying like, you know, you have to live and die by the sword a little bit. But when it comes to a lot of those isolation multi break rows, those go screens all that outside stuff. It'd be really really really helpful to have a free safe. You can take angle and Corey Graham can't take angle. I mean, they tried to play with trae Sullivan high for as much as they could in the second half. But eventually they had to be putting Graham up there and let LeBlanc play on the on the on the field in in nickel sats. They started. The game off LeBlanc off the field three safety sets, but Sullivan is such liability as a tackler end in coverage that they had to go back to the Blunk came out in the second half. And they're trying to leave trae Sovan single, high Graham jank is up in the field Maddox, and and what's his name Madison pursual and that'll be our solution. And they're not able to do that. So they gotta get Sullivan off the field. Put Corey Graham back there in Graham, just for the life of. Him can't get to the sideline. He just he's not at this point fast. He doesn't take good enough angles. You want your corner to play tight into that. Like go screen, for example, two verticals coming up. The field man's goes to split them. Which is a good way a protein that and then obviously behind him. But when you have a more proactive free safety can get connected to the sea than your corner can drop off their to the boundary vertical. And then you can make a better coverage opportunity over it. And they simply don't have that range of free safety right now. The biggest issue on the defense right now is is their ability to play single hind who's who's gonna be out there? That's obviously going to be something that you have to watch against the saints in the saints have a wide receiver. Michael Thomas that nobody has the bears don't have should say that being said Philadelphia went up against you under Hopkins. Anything a fantastic game plan for him. It was not dissimilar to the game plan. They had against Michael Thomas. However, they were much much more willing to code bracket. You know, top bottom Michael Thomas against the saints. And then also they wanted to double in bracket album. More on that left them one on one everywhere. Little safety help. I think they have to bracket. Thomas Nafti, more comfortable blamed, Kamara one when we when we move forward. Yeah. I mean, the the problem was and we can talk about it. As we go into the previews. But the problem was there was you bracket these two guys. And then the other guys don't win their match ups because at secondary was not with that secondary. Looks like now and Brad him was playing like he's playing like now as far as linebacker plays in coverage too. So the guys were able to win their individual matchups. They want a lot of their individual matchups this game. And I was watching the game with south galena. We were doing that booth casting where we basically the booth for the game. They were saying there's not there's not a whole lot there downfield for Trubisky right now. And he's anything that is there. He's really not saying and I wanted to kind of dial back to because this game was about two quarterbacks being put in bad situations. The eagles ran twenty three times for forty two yards. The bears are in eighteen times for sixty five yards. Like there was nothing there on the early downs especially for the running game for either team. And like you look at the stat line for Mr. Bisky, and it looks okay. Twenty six. Or forty three three hundred three yards and a touchdown. But he for very long stretches of this game was not throwing it very well and should have been picked off. And which should have been picked off a couple of times. And what's crazy is the eagles? And this is something we did not expect I said Trubisky the the eagles absolutely one of the keys to the game. Have to take advantage of the fact that Trubisky is going to throw them a couple. He threw them a couple. They did not pick them off. However, the eagles turned the ball is bears. Two zero tides in the eagles win. What what world by the way? How was your your broadcast because I didn't get to listen to it, obviously guitar. Oh, dude. It was amazing, man. Seth we. I thought we crushed it, man. I I had a blast doing it. And getting to announce the game losing field goal double poster. A just fantastic experience. I had the time of my life. I was letting 'cause I was in the slack channel. I was hitting veal g in re probably the channels while. I don't know if you've seen folksy revisit just say, man, I can't imagine kiss, right? Outgoing nuts over these interceptors. It was. His number one thing coming into the game was like listen. Why Trubisky gives them to you catch up and they drive out to Hugh ones. But it seemed like Maddux is like his left. Everytime said I keep seeing the replay. And I keep wanting to see that left foot. Just just dragged into foot. Never came down and trade, celebrating his chest rain is chess. And I'm thinking you this is on the first half these or the plays. You absolutely have to make a now you're trillion halftime you have to put your Bisky behind because you wanna put it on him. And they didn't make those plays in the first half in it cost them and they were down at the half six to three. And I'm thinking this game should be totally different right now. It should be totally different. Now L things turn out. Well, but mandatory Bisky give us some chances. And he was not good Trubisky through some seeds. Right. He had some great rose to there was some in for sure now. So he had a third along third-down comeback that he put in a really good and Corey Graham collision but the ball rive on time. It was a catch. That was Taylor. Gabriel. Right. Yeah. That was the next play was it was a downfield route down Robinson where he had huge window. And he was put it in there to me. It's not really a high quality throw. And then he had the touchdown on the hour enough to against Mattis, which was a fine throws through again into space, and you left it a little bit behind that CRA. Von the blonde pass breakups should have been. Touchdown that ball was last a little bit behind. He had another pass breakups situation where he left the ball a little bit behind. And then on the the penultimate drive for the bears as well. He had our notion me the drive the final drive. He had the one good throw. But generally speaking he was inaccurate. He was he had poor placement. He was thrown cashable balls. But he wasn't have great place. Relative to coverage for the entirety tonight. And not unlike Shawn Watson with whom he came out in the class. If he's in his I read a little pump fakes multi break routes gather protection. Great when he has to move his fee and adjust to a second target. It's really just not there for him when he has to think right completely freezes up. It's and it's why this we we've complained about this many times. Nothing drives me crazy when eagles defence is playing. Well, and the second is getting pass breakups in this pressure. And then there's some easy completions. And offenses to move on the eagles and played people. Ask for the past brushes nine times out of ten the pass. Rush is exactly where it's. Did. But the I read is being taken away. Like if you want your team to be a pass rush successful team who wins on defense because of the pass rush. Literally. Like, the what's the number one thing you need to pass rush. The ability take with I read because that's it sense teams know that the Philadelphia Eagles are going to try to beat them in the past rush. Then try to get pressure on them. They're trying to win with four trying to rush the quarterback. That's how defense wins. They're going to try to feed the ball of the first have a low time to throw we've talked about this thousand times, so bash rush was there for four quarters fashion. Never went anywhere of automatic started getting burned and again a vantage of applying stellar football rookie fourth round corner. Who's out there playing outside corn after you played free safety after his supposed to be a slide in camp? So like, it's okay. Those shots were really well set up by Nagy like they really push those slight. They're hitting them slight flat, slam slam flat getting them getting them to bite on them. And then they hit him over top. I mean, they really that those up. Well, but now, I fully agree in the sense that you're Bisky had the flashes that excites you. A lot of developments left there to be done. And if we flip it now foles I thought this was probably the worst game Vos is played in the second half of the season. In terms of his chargers game was better Houston, Texas game was absolutely better the Rams game. So Rams game Texas game Redskins. This is worse. Game. Eagles one does great situation is really right. When your team can win when your quarterback doesn't have a great day lake now, a foles plays better the rest of the team places way. Sick. The eagles are going to be like a continually stellar dean, which they have been there were five legitimately five plays that turned this game. They got to a first down conversion the bears did on a penalty. There were two in one drive or drop interceptor five point to that could turn the tide. And at the very least turned the game script in this game for that to happen in the first half for a team. That's a big underdog and to still come up with the win if they play clean game. They can beat a lot of teams in the NFL right now. I would say just about all of them again. Like, how could you? I. On page turnovers. Two turnovers Ealesy loss turnover battle by two. How dare lost to turn over and law lost turnabout law won the turnover battle and lost all year. I that's crazy. They were undefeated. We're gonna turnover battle this year. And as you mentioned they were the best defense in the league creating turnovers. So like. Why don't we will never die like invincibility? Turning from from Zuhdi at Trubisky to foles the offensive game plan wise, I was ranting a little bit about this during the game worth ranting about it here. Mike, we love twelve personnel. And always when we talk about personnel. It often gets conflicted with formation like, oh, this is like a twelve percent formation. You don't have to have certain formations out of twelve personnel. Why that important distinction because personnel in and of itself is indivisible. It's not like. All right. Twelve percent of the is gonna win. It's twelve personnel. This is generating the matchups that the eagles want. The eagles played very little twelve personnel tonight, which we talked about the bears being a team that face very little twelve persona as we said could be good because Phil if you come out and give them a bunch of looks. They don't know come out force them to stay in base. Keep third linebacker on the field, which number forty seven. They're outside linebacker, Isiah Irving was the guy who came out quite often for them. And then they can attack him that regard or maybe on film. They've seen with bears doing is twelve personnel. That don't wanna go out there like that. We talked about. Alshon Jeffery me have a big game because the bears are gonna give you backside man coverage. And if you can take advantage of that win those one on one match up, you can move the football. And we saw some of that. Yeah. So Philadelphia won that match very clear. The entire first drive was backside man beaters Hofer strive which was really cool to see because I was like, yeah. That makes sense not they ran the whole drive out of eleven whatever it was that. They wanted to get on the field for the bears a team that lost their slug quarantine injured. Reserve team who was putting out there, you know, charity McManus was out there for a little bit. He went down John who's Houston. Carson fourth safety added come out there for a little bit play some coverage reps. He was able they're able to pick on him eleven personnel Gotha the match if they wanted the backside man coverage and after that first drive was the bears had stayed in one one coverage on the backside constantly they started leaving the safety on top of that not true double coverage. But instead of rotating to cover one rotating match coverage to like three. Reside. They stayed in true split field. So they had a little bit of help over the top of that one receiver. Philadelphia responded with a few more outbreaking rows of humour just like little quakes last stay in front of that safety. But Philadelphia was able to get that backside matchup for the whole game in a wasn't just differ either. 'cause I mean, they saw with no sin to on that on that comeback for the first down as well. So they were getting it with guys Zakar multiple times. Acuras back. There is an isolated flex tight end. And then you have them doing that. Then Philadelphia on the final drive comes out significantly more twelve personnel. But maybe running for the whole game. Right. When they're when they're down by five and they're coming out with nub tight end sets, which means three wide receivers off to one side or was in a tight end off to one side off the formation. And then one time end in line on the opposite side, no wide receiver outside of Minogue tight end. Very very very very very frequently forces teams into coverage because it's truth run and pass strength reads. The running back on the same side as that. Now, you've got two receivers potential to that side. And you know, you're getting usually cover through look to that side and Philadelphia walked up the field. They had the little screen completion. Dallas Qatar incredible cash. They had insane. Zach earth's catch as well. On that drive where he caught it when he was in traffic, and he was dealing with all that nonsense. And then they also have the Nelson galore catch run, which was a little flat. I a flat ideas. Well, they very heavily leaned back on the cover three curl flat conflict. Concepts that we've been talking about even writing about from bleeding green on that final drive out of personnel. Look like what they done all season because they knew they could get the match ups. They wanted to in terms of forcing the bears into that zone. Coverage. Eddie Jackson, playing was absolutely huge in that regard. So personnel is valuable in that it dictates matchups matchups are team specific they are game specific Philadelphia's twelve personnel numbers likely for the first time in five weeks will be going down into the game. They will be they will be on the decrease. But Philadelphia got the match ups. They wanted with six three Sean Jeffrey against five eleven six foot. Kyle fuller and prince amukamara, and they want them in here able to move the football in that regard. So yes, we can't be twelve personnel. Because we love the match of nightmares. Creates the match of nightmare for this game. As we discuss on the podcast was that backside man coverage Philadelphia identified it and attacted that's great offense game planning like we said, baby. Doug Peterson doesn't get out coached the playoffs. At a lot of those who tight end sets. We saw the why wing double wing that like the running. They were trying to punch of runs of the middle. All of those were just getting stuff by game Hicks, Eddie Goldman to relate than had a good game. Roquan Smith with the interception, which wasn't fulls as fault. Like, you could nitpick and say he could he could put it out a little bit in front of Smallwood, but roquan Smith came in rip the ball at the ball. Just lands in his in his laughing. That was a I thought that was foes fall for sure foles luck. I read saw the God. It was capped going down the scene and immediately turn to his check down burp the baby which basically bra roquan Smith right to it. And then through an an Acura bowel was inaccurate. But it was like an egregious throat in go right to Smith. It went to Smallwood first roquan Wintel rip it out. And just so happens that land on front of you know, in him. It wasn't a interception worthy. Throw in my mind. I didn't like the whole process, but you get what I'm saying. It's not I session where. Session where they find some really through throat right to win into small woods breadbasket. Then I'm just saying like it was it was I compared it to the earth's interception three against Houston where he just led the seeking to his check down over a it was a more accurate throw. Absolutely. The taxes was more. Inaccurate. I'd go whatsoever. But if you're gonna lead the linebacker down to the check down to lead him down to the curb. I'm a hit clear where you're gonna go better ball. That's all I'm saying on Bono. Yeah. No. I'm not saying it was perfectly accurate. I'm saying if you wanna make picket than yeah. It wasn't a great throw. So fun fact. Yeah. Philadelphia ran the exact same route concept. They ran against the bears in twenty seventeen scored touchdown and is on a game twenty eighteen spot the spot concept with the comp around instead of the quarter out which would normally come this concept. Yes. Which finding on my time line, we we can describe it or you can find on my time. I one of the two whichever you wanna do I retweeted as well. On my time line to great job Dallas gutters at the top of that route. So what you have is those two short routes spread out and you get that horizontal stretch. And then you get the vertical stretch you've got the match up with Goddard and Adrian MO's. And of course, we're gonna you know, this is a little all twenty two that we usually save for the all twenty two show, but it was awesome. Play by Goddard at the top of his route being physical turning his man Amos towards the outside. And then having access to all of that space to the inside good trust row by by foles. I think he let it go before he got out of that break. So really awesome to see Dallas Goddard coming through in a big moment in the playoffs. And also the eagles using concepts that have worked for them in the past that they used very sparingly. I will say you see the pop up every now and then but Doug Peterson dialed that one up, and it was a winner for him again as it typically is with that concept. So Ben anything else you want to get to before we go to three words ninety why they kick the ball. To to recount made. No sense to me at all. And it was short and was high and he caught on the run. And I'm thinking that's not a great idea. The last the opposite of things you want to do a day. Sean hall had had them and just completely whiffed on them. But then having to Recode in is that really often, you don't, you know? Right. I think that what did what did you think about this? The before the eagles scored the touchdown going into the phone good. They call a time out. They have three time out there on the two yard line. They have three timeouts if they don't make that fourth down conversion they still have three times to us to try to get the ball back. They said note, they call a time out. They were all in on that and committed from that moment like this is it sure. But if you feel like you don't have the play out up, right? And you want to have a conversation about what your veteran quarterback is seeing the call the time out. I mean, we're talking about tailgate you the fourth down you get three stops you. Call three times, I'm out probably get the background your own forty. With less than fifty seconds left with no timeouts trying to score touchdown again. You know what? I mean. Like, I it was very in the spirit of the Philadelphia Eagles under Doug Peterson to call time out and win the game on four th to like, that's what you do your down. There. Most score. You know what? I mean, the first and second down runs two things number one. Yes. You run on first and second down. Absolutely to me. That is an on question decision force the bears. You there timeouts if you can't score and third in two fourth day. You suck you should lose. As never to foles had the option to kill kill to a pass. If you wanted to it might have even been a pass originally he'd kill kill to a run. He was unclear in the presser, but he had the option to run or pass depending on the defense of look and both times he wanted to run and that was the best luck. And also it's worth noting. It's only a kneel down you can score on a running Blais. They didn't which is rising bears run defenses. Fantastic. I'm on. I'm not saying that. But you absolutely run those place and shortly after the third. Down failed score. Yeah. Everybody was getting a little skittish about that. I'm sure if they had us go forth out there have been huge question about it. But ninety nine times out of free. You absolutely run Navan for second down. You have to take the bears timeouts away. And they got down to thirty five and take the time to timeouts definitely not at all questioning the first two runs for this for the reasons that you stated you let the clock run. Let them use their timeouts. I mean, I was wondering at a minute thirty of the bears were gonna start calling their timeouts, and they let it run down even more. And I was like, yeah. Absolutely. You run the ball for the first couple of times there to take that time down make them user timeouts. Put Trubisky in a worse situation and put on him. And I agree the faith that you have that you're gonna make it on fourth down is incredible. So yeah, if you wanna have the right play call in there for foles, and it was really just a matter of Tate's on McManus. Tate's got leverage on throwing it's nice easy. Half field. Read the ball's gonna take him into the end zone by. Nature of the the Canucks everything. So. Yeah. Agree with that. I just thought it was strange when they first called the tight out on like, well, this is it right here. There is no second chance. There is no coming back from this. You're gonna have to live or die by this decision. That's what Doug Peterson has always done. So I agree with you there. Ben. Let's get to three words, obviously, the first one from Joe hashtag grow gotta go at show g for three the double dunk. Then let me tell you my butthole got so tight when it hurt it when a halo I post, and then I saw it hit the second one. Unlike the camera did like like a jerk thing, you couldn't tell which way the ball was moving with was going forward or backwards. And you just see it land in the grass in front of thing. Wouldn't incredible experience? Oh my God. Trayvon Hester, the second highest graded defensive player in the second half of the season for some rally death row that bag. Jamie FOX at Gerry, and then a bunch of stuff who's our our friend military friends says join doing game, which is a very good description because that kick took a year and a half the fall serve. And especially when I was watching when when when it hit the crossbar. Oh, it's going off the crossbar. Why do enough across bar one hundred going by Ronning gyro who's become a favorite? He was funny joke. Agile what Greece the polls, which we don't have any home playoff games this year, but Greece polls, anyway, we're probably gonna cause problems of and then also which is wonderful to me are cousin Vinny at the big kit sleeper agent Codey, which I really wanted. Chase Daniel's the end of this game said it could have been chase. Daniel Cody parkey, paying back the eagles for their misplaced faith in them. And losing the game for the bears parking was enough there to in here with pictures attached. That are pretty funny. Rodney Jackson at buffalo. Bernie. Looks so familiar in. It's a picture of Sean McVay with his mouth like wide open in amazement as we're really kick. Things off for the eagles. Al filling ham at L filling ham by bears, and it is a picture of everyone's celebrating. And also Jeffrey is looking to the crowd waving to them his former Lana place of employment. But when you another good picture what Mattie France, seventy seven Matija franscisco. No one no words. It us zero to three words, but he's got Sandra Bullock's per box blindfold recorded Parke's on fair to Cody because the ball was tipped. But it doesn't change the fact that it's kind of funny Ridgewood at teddy underscore Ridgewood tickled SCR abyss. That's interesting. I like that mesh toys, really, what was the name that. You're all. No. Yeah. No. No. That was. Yeah. Till new brisk. That's what it was. Now, he's not at full Ticha level yet. I'll be to see what happens has there. Been some who've suggested that the bears are gonna follow a similar trajectory and twenty nineteen as the Jaguars twenty eight. Eighteen in terms of they have an inconsistent quarterback behind them. Right. Got a lot of their successes. He's was predicated on defense, which is not a super sticky season to season strength. Like defense doesn't always carry into the next season as well. I would argue at the biggest difference. There is going to be the play designs of Matt Nagy who I really think is tremendous young coach that's gonna make a difference for the bears, but tickle tickle has not yet into existence. He still Mitch Trubisky. Only barely he is not yet risky think about this. This is still goes we talk about Mr. Bisky allot McGee him some crap. This is still Mitch trubisky's to sophomores campaign. It's his first year with this new offense and less in which I talked about I playoffs star quarterbacks. I plas advice for three this year. I mean, it's very very listen. You wanna who else losses? I playoff start. Nick foles. Von hasn't lost a playoff start sense. Nick foles. Hero. Oh, man. I'm telling you. It's really hard not to buy into this team. Even as a fan, not gone Lee man is covering the seem is an amazing experience. There's so many surprises around every corner, and they make you they just pull you in dude, they pull you in. We thought this team was dead dead dead. I tell you and yet here we are going into the divisional round playoff game against New Orleans. Saints van Admiral cramp is poor kids at frozen with awe. Instead of an says Brent this is Owen the birds Runcie's go marching in against the rules. I knew to kid against this every time none has no messing around. I lend for me syllable slide sometimes, but no don't you dare. That seven words UNIFIL. Anybody by changing how you presented it. You watch yourself. Mitchell at I'm not Jeffrey brings this up which I think is is crucial talk about the new norm. Doug Peterson such good head coach. So good for no else. Baby team is impossibly. Well, prepared right. Like you. They talk about what went into that fourth to call in the amount of work that they went into that call and the the relationship he's got with foale's out there in the belief that he's gonna Tate who obviously hasn't had a great tenure Philadelphia. I mean dogs just stellar stellar head coach man what a fantastic coached game from Monday to Sunday. You know, what I mean, just like in terms of preparation execution in a moment, man. It's fun watching this team. It's on watching Doug go, a member member many people were positive he sucked like a month ago. But it's fine. What's crazy is? This is the second time. He's done this with his team. When all was lost last year after went down. The one consistent strong voice was Doug Peterson. And I was shocked with how calm and cool. He was about everything. It's just who he is. Emotional in. Let's go Ben. He's a chip Kelly with a heart. Thank you as always for listening. So I show here on ESPN radio the Mike quick approved syndicated PGN radio guest. And so like show shut out. What a tremendous game. What a tremendous time. We are beyond great will be on thankful beyond blessed to be back with you another week as Nick foles would say at least one more week wear the jersey sitting in the seats behind the Mike. We are with you for a week preparation for the New Orleans. Saints eagles will be playing in knowledge next weekend individual out of the playoffs. We will break down this game. And the wonderful all twenty two from the awful Soldier Field angle as it drops in the upcoming Monday and Tuesday, and then you can expect of course, are to preview shows New Orleans offense defense and all the match that come with it. Philadelphia's a team of destiny they're gonna have a stellar wonderful game against the saints. And we will have ready talk about it to understand it. And to explain it patronisingly to your co watchers, please go ahead and rate review. Subscribe to the podcast at this point. We have like nine the Jillian reviews because you have been wonderfully responsive on very thankful for that continue to do. So we will continue to have the opportunities when I had today to to go and cover the game. And we'll continue to generate the listenership in the followership that gets everybody excited about the game. Because everybody knowledgeable about the games. And ready to watch. The eagles football Ivan Benjamin saw like on Twitter at Benjamin. So like that's the on. My guest on Twitter at K. I S T. I'm at twelve percent. I left my charger in Soldier Field press box. So I wrap this up. So I can get this to my computer dis. Thank you so much for listening survive and advance baby. The previous seventeen weeks matter a lick. We all we got our one at all we all we need. Flying swan. Hey, guys. This is John Stolnis. From the good fight and the Phillies podcast hit season. 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