CBS 2 News AM News Update 08-04-20


From the CBS to newsroom I'm Ryan bigger with your Tuesday morning headlines dangerous conditions on Lake Michigan. Called off the search for missing teen witnesses tell CBS to the boy was swimming with others yesterday diversey harbor with the current carried him away. It's feared he may have drowned because of the strong waves and lakeshore flooding. It's unclear when the rescue mission can continue corona virus cases in Illinois or back on a slight downward trend ten debts just under thirteen hundred cases were reported. Yesterday this past Friday the state soy spike of nearly two thousand Cove Infections Eleven Illinois counties are now warning level including southwest suburban kindle county where the positivity rate is a state high six point eight percent a brief cool down continues today with a high of seventy two about eleven degrees below the normal in early August. Tim's might dip into the upper forties in some areas tonight, download the CBS. CHICAGO. APP. Stream news around the clock at CBS in Chicago I'm Ryan Baker.

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