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welcome to this October seventeenth edition of CNN ten. I'm coral was happy to see this Thursday exactly two weeks from on the sidewalks critics have complained that they clutter narrow spaces and are dangerous to pedestrians when they're on the streets there slower than cars and can be dangerous to their writers upstate New York many of its other characteristics are the same nor'easter occurs within the most crowded coastline of the United States the northeast and they can all of this could last through Thursday flight delays cancellations were expected game four of the American League Championship series was postponed its in New York between possibly up to sixty or a potential threat from New York City to Portland Maine heavy rain anywhere from two to six inches we're forecast for the northeast and he waves beach erosion and flooding to the East Coast and while this week storm isn't expected debris as much snow as a classic Nor'easter typically does except maybe for small air coming in from the North Nor'easters Harry wins out of the northeast at about fifty eight miles per hour or more in keep in mind nations but one downside is that many of the scooters aren't lasting long enough for investors to get a good return so their futures doubt and they launched so quickly in so different cities have different rules regarding scooters and some companies are even testing self-driving scooters but the point of this would be the scooter could move and Park itself any time of year but are most common between the months of September and April that's when weather conditions are prime for nor'easter many places that lawmakers businesses in the scooter companies themselves are all playing catch up to define where when and if the machines can be ridden when they're on now we have very warm water go from Mexico and all around the coast of Florida it's going to warm the air above it and that warm air is going to class very cold in a process called bamboo genus it has become a bomb cyclone and that's what the system along the eastern seaboard was expected to do a CNN place between electric scooters and the cities they cruised through their intended to help people easily make short trips through busy cities without having to get in their cars and fight so powerful that it's causing problems all over the US Northeast and it came up quickly bomb cyclone start as low pressure weather systems the lower the pressure pick and on the plus side many writers have found them effective at addressing the last mile problem the trip from the subway bus stop parking garage to the final destiny the Yankees and the Houston Astros and they had to wait until at least Thursday for their fourth match up. This storm is the second big one to hit this area in a week the last one brought you start with a low it's going to travel from the southeast to the Northeast and intensify nor'easters our strongest around New England as well as the Canadian maritime provinces indirection out of the northeast is what defines a nor'easter is also caused beach erosion as well as coastal flooding in very very rough. OC The more powerful the storm when systems pressure changes quickly dropping twenty four Mila bars in twenty four hours the rapidly intensifying storm has undergone and someone wasn't on it so it doesn't wind up in the way of pedestrians traffic electric scooters rented via APPS are flooding city streets conditions now not all nor'easters have snow but some of the most memorable ones have gone through lots of it struggled for space is taking Rogers said it would have the same low pressure as a category one hurricane what could that mean for the region powerful winds blowing faster than thirty nine miles per hour you go the scooters talked about at fifteen miles per hour they cost a dollar to rent fifteen cents per minute to ride and use the same lithium ion batteries phones and tablets do we raised one hundred thirty five mediums Dorrell's hundred thirty five million dollars yeah like in a year offsets pretty pretty good that's a lot of capital being injected into exactly the cash is crucial because lime is waging a bitter block by block bad let's say we want to get this one for you so you just have to scan secure ear your code and then you have to give I push very kind of burke and have a big impact the startups leave them on streets often without city approval and the APPs allowed to discard this food is pretty much anywhere resin recently opened the Empire State Building by pressing a button to turn on its Light Woodrow Wilson Warren g harding Calvin Coolidge or Herbert Hoover to jump off any scooter sorry a second trivia which US president is coming and so there's really not a law a laws around the electric scooters yet and so we're working with them we're actually supportive of regulation well there's definitely a buzz writing the okay for scooter supremacy surreally the the goal of bird is to reduce car traffic and trips and people have been trying to find ways to get Americans out of cars for a long time and hundred second floor that you've come up in an elevator and the new renovations are intended to make it feel as modern as possible welcome to the new one hundred second floor of the Empire State Building Observatory we're here on the opening day of a project which is st and you feel bus go past you you can really feel your mortality the most important advice I have forgetting on any scooter is knowing when going on now for four years succeeds in returning astronauts to the Moon in twenty twenty four here's a look at what they'll be wearing the agency unveiled two very different looks recently the white one is designed for that's worth about one hundred and thirty million dollars every year to the skyscraper it's changed a lot at least internally since the art deco landmark opened in nineteen thirty one landed was built on the Empire State building cost just under forty one million dollars to construct during the Great Depression the cost of its recent four year renovation more than going beyond it's really cool to be whizzing past pedestrians and being able to see above everybody else but with that speed you can also feel the risk especially when you're in the that'd be very simple and straightforward the project grew and as it grew it grew into the museum exhibit that we have today and included in nineteen thirty-one president hoover hit a button in Washington D. C. to turn the New York City landmarks light tom including the blast's elevator which comes up into glass shop we want the Observatory Experience to meet the twenty first century beginning of a Klein of common space projects who's to say they go ta extremes when there's a ton of possibilities in interstellar fashion I'm cordless astronauts more mobility though you can see it's still more limited than say a business suit there'll be more expensive to the originals cost around twenty two million dollars and you see a

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