Ep 126 - You're dead inside, you feel nothing...


There's a Kelly wandering around very empty lot coupon and that's how we began G._O._P.. Radio podcast not Joey Tim Sabin or anybody else <music>. I had to bring staff from downstairs ups. There's so they can Liam Oh. He's GonNa loop. You just want to God deb lead. He's not GonNa do anything else it until he gets union union. He's just staring at the artwork here lock. It's really nice. He says he's checking out that chandelier and just going why the what is he saying car ironed the brick in the winter coming together nicely here look at these Jones. He's not. I'm telling you the minute. Oh Yeah Yeah I do but the restaurants not open you right Carl. It's a lot easier for me to let me let people in then meets explains that the restaurants close for him. It's not really close because you already TACO and we don't make Tacos uh-huh. You've been hanging out with a little too much there Carl. Did you really lose your glasses last night I did you did he's only spare sets. The girls girls sat out of this and he's the ones I got punched in the face Senate telemarketer. Those are famous S. man. Those are podcast famous. What is she if she works here? She has to know how to go in this week you. Why does he care so much about a girl trying to get in? That's McKinley sidetracked was supposed to be podcasting. He's just wandering around letting people in the building and waiting Frisbee figures out. We don't make Tacos twelve times puts a talk. I'M GONNA move for tackle. What is wrong with them? Can overhear podcast with us now that we need you son of a bitch so yeah I met him at the comedy <hes> some comedy club uptown and then we go to we go to Dory Inn's little famous bar on the upper east side. Nobody knows they're yelling now. Staff all well not not don't start what's up. I'm just saying Oh la La Hay trump. Oh Shit sorry. I got fifteen years ago. I might need a touch them yeah. I'll give you a fucking touch up. I thought she was an what's wrong with you Hopi. I really thought she was an Olaf. What's wrong with me is I'm in New York City in the summer and I don't like it at all very muggy out there? Do you feel yeah like when you walk around New York. City fistfights could just break out at any moment at this point because it's so hot what I don't understand. I don't understand how you you want me. INVICTA react to you. Bring a seer then you complain that your city. I'm complaining less than eight. Oh boy I'm here in our earlier than I should be to do a little podcast an hour's gold no it's weird I I feel uncomfortable with choose on get the FI. I'm I'm serious. Just the first time I've met US on a month. You're gossip aggressive. Well flaunting sickening. What do you mean man just weird here? There's no sand cabanas bad for you. Call I guess we we had a little <hes> mishap on the beach. Cabana broke Oh boy so we took pictures and sentenced to the company PRONTO and we want them to send us a new one immediately. You actually want to speak to a manager. Can we went to Dorian last night was hilarious. I go immediately. Go into the corner making out with some girl just like that all right. It's not even half a beer in one shot. Noar I want yeah he'd seen her in there. She was real phantom on on on Tuesdays. I go in by myself I go dolo and I sing Karaoke tiny dancer and I fuck it. Nail it you crush tiny. I cry at the end the never do it in Spanish and and I really fucked everyone. No fucking play right down the middle so I'm singing tiny dancer a- and the last Tuesday I did it. I saw her in the corner shoe swaying almost like it was concert out and I was a little bit and when I got when I got off the stage yeah the manager put a towel like I was elvis. It was so I walked in and she's like singing tonight about all just moulder Barrett just like that. It's like that yeah totally get a room having at least eight minutes in eight minutes. I'll go home and inflate the bed lavender in the abuser. Something called. There's something called calming. They probably don't want that for this. Probably GONNA eat energizing a little energizing. I was thinking lavender. He always does like eleven lavender. I'm going to go to gray. Papa agrees with this girl at seven thirty in the morning morning right this morning. Oh my gosh I'll give it some hot dogs and that's why I like. We have something in common. I'm like your true true romantic by the way hot dogs at seven thirty in the morning hard it was raining it was pissing flooding down Cowpeas and on a flat rock hard rain and I heard the door open and close Oh no is taking out the animals so the art and then followed by. I'll take an onion union mustard. I knew going going brain. Don't take the animals off the arquette raining so when he's on the upper east side he <hes> he crashes with Vic sometimes so you gotta blow up the air mattress so yeah. It's easy lavender infusion. I just come into the girl full headlock fucking she when she say she said something like someone new. I was coming coming up all your ready. I was like all opposite. She turns around butt naked. Here's your four play button literally a hundred percent writing ago ha four plays a little lavender's hiding the corner ready to go just like that clean clothes yeah Oh that's fun begins great because he's at the bar listen into music and he was one of his buddies that he hasn't seen in a long time and he just comes up to be real quick very matter of fact. You know her better once in a good job I'll tell you shut james and we started doing shots lots and then she's the one that the girls when they called the game. We were drinking and she's like I'm ready to go. Does she know you for the food network she also. I pulled her town out which all my what made me he went out on the he went out. Tom Smoke break on the sidewalk and she was having smoke break and we were standing out there talking for some reason she said something our yeah yeah massapequa or Massapequa Park guarantees one of those how you call Nasa she for some reasons yeah yeah masterpiece Massapequa Park for you. I don't know what made me realize she was gobsmack advocating. It was like a DOE. It didn't have any we're drinking shots an an amazing rate. She's holding out for dealer because barges turned into a roller coaster and we're just Kenley. There was one dude with a redshirt. That was like China talk to your big guy that I know yeah so I vaccinate a very quickly. I go McKinley Tom Story about when you did that movie and a fucking he was stuck in a story for a half hour that meantime I'm just I and then I told Borat themselves and they've got kicked. Get Out. He's fucking now. Novick has a crowd four people listening to story and I have run of the quarter of the sniper seed. It was a smart move on cars part Raymond Kelly right right to these studies. He's like Vicks Scott bogeyed there. You go so so when you guys when you guys go out drinking together I mean I'm just a wingman. No I'm just saying a hell of a WIG shrinks more. He does yeah not by much. Ask you know no but I'll take it. He'll have maybe at the end of the night. He may go to more shots ride don't right but I'm right there with him. He's he's there and I can tell hits when vic is at speed 'cause he starts motherfucking fucking peace and fucking rods all in the bathroom around here that stupid yelling at the Tuesday and he tells me he tells Elsie we'll go or if you don't know something about a song or something yeah someone will say. The name of the Band is wrong here wrong. I love what happened with me. I go. Did you see the the Apollo Eleven documentary goes which one pat rattles off tenny seen. I'm like I relax Mr P._B._S.. That was really the P._B._S.. Was the best one on the one you saw. The remastered is I'm talking one. That's on demand right now under documentaries that I think <hes> C._N._N.. C._N._N.. Put out a officially. It's like the footage is so good. It looks like it was filmed yesterday. Crazy how crystal clear the reminds me of the how good the movies are the cinematic the right stuff right right of course there's an amazing amazing and then Apolda. Tom Hanks Apollo thirteen the wives the way they because in this re in the real documentary you can see then those movies how they totally captured the style the fashion the Hairdos the whole thing then reel footage looks exactly like the movie footage unbelievable while they study they study that shit so but man it was fifty years ago that we went to the moon and going through that documentary it's amazing all the steps that had to go perfectly right or we were gonNA lose those astronauts what's in the Nazi factor the whole thing to Nazi factor Werner von Braun. They're all Nazis the whole all the Germans that they brought over to pioneer the space program here. We're all I thought it was log islanders. No they worked on a rocket or something and why is my voice getting sticking on Long Island wait the Germans built a technology for Apollo Eleven Huntsville Alabama. The Space Rocket Centers Huntsville Alabama Werner von Braun was upon on here the program designed the Saturn rockets that were the rockets that carry the whole any all that stuff and so the core team three or four of them were Germans and they were Nazis. They got him out war tunes had come over here and help us. This is the nuclear program those world you watch the documentary Carl about US landing on the Moon Adore tiny. I living complete analog life. That's good for you became these house and watch him crush jeopardy. I don't think those guys are supposed to be the original astronauts and they lose a few and training three died. The first accident three Gus grissom into other guys died in the fire where they couldn't get out of the capsule velcro caught on fire or something trauma or something. I couldn't get him out the door shut. Something crazy couldn't get them in town. That was the most tragic but there were a couple of them. You know he had never heard I told you earlier he had never heard Gil Scott Heron Whitey's on the moon. I haven't heard in honor of the Moon Landlords and honor of moon landing week. I go carl you ever heard this. I go everybody. Wasn't that interested. What a what a great capture like what the ghetto actually forgiven how ridiculous they thought it was like we're starving out here you going off into my sister now? What is on the Moon Oh what a great her phasing ause beginning this well but what is on the move? You're in the E._R.. In the Bronx you really worried about one small snap for man now. He's trying to say that whole was for Whitey more than anybody under saying not everyone. It wasn't the you posted you thought it was great that fifty years ago that this country united and watched yes love and admiration and I just like the non necessarily Carl gave me a boo tangles motherfucker. I was having emotional moment looking at with I was looking up at the mood fifty years later and I just had thought and then I have to deal with this asshole right so I hit him with my k. and you know it was it was a truce push push allen but but all the staps men that one maneuver where they had I think it was Columbia that help me out where they had a rotate all the way around then go back in all right to to attach to the Eagle yes yeah they had to do a flip around a flip around us live around which is insane and then when they landed the Eagle Goal Columbia was rotating the moon with Michael Collins. We all know that Michael Collins didn't get to go on the moon and then when Neil Armstrong was land on the moon there was a football field type crater that he had a maneuver around and supposedly he he had less than thirty seconds worth fuel left. That's what they said. Yes absolutely so how. How did they get the fuel to take off to go back to where Michael Collins is rotating in Columbia Buzz Aldrin's backpack hit something in broke a switch Joe yeah he he turned and moved and it made snapped off some switch that was a switch was one of the last thing that you needed to switch likely on position before they leave and he forgot what they said he grabbed something and made a little makeshift? Thanks shifting and stuck it back in there and it went from we have no connection we have and they have to switch it why something like the old macgyver June gum and baling wire and hit someone they're like Oh we have a connection flip the switch and the best part of that documentary was they had their heartbeats. Oh yeah they were monitoring their heartbeats and Neil Armstrong was landing the thing so he his his heart rate was something like one hundred fifty two beats a minute and then they had buzz Aldrin who was just chilling Dylan at least cycle. That's interviewed him. We've had him on. He's amazed I love buzz altering and still he'll just chilling Neil Armstrong. I was like the unbelievable but it was it was a great doctor different way. I've walked in guys. You're you're sous-chef. He's showing me you on Telemundo their car. Oh man that girl but it's just scared again why and then and then your boy he loves you because he goes. You think Carl's funny English. Check this out. Check out how funny he is in Spanish and I'm like I I. I don't know spatters. Oh my God they took six years. I took forty five. I picked up chef. You said chef. I know that were cool. I'm Bilingual Deli the other day it's on the upper side and on the side of my look to faults in the up they don't think false small guy from Israel right so the these three guys they're making the sandwich making sandwiches the back and they're talking in Spanish and they'd look at me realize I'm not Spanish. I got fucking flip flops on stupid catchers especially don't trust like that right so he there the one guy's got a prostitute and they brought her back to the apartment and they were taking turns. You know have an oral sacks finger and all this stuff and they're going back and I look you wash your hands right fucking just how can ahead I'm like. I'M GONNA go no kidding like your shirt today very very summary says I'm dead inside but with Pastel colors which makes it all nice. I got a call John John John Hinson attacks because I told him a great story <hes> John Henson the comedian who talk soup and everything of course hey so he did a made for H._B._O.. Movie There Alto Carl there were two movies. You came out within a year. You're so within a year where it's the Bachelor party goes wrong and they killed the hooker and one of them's in the theater in his Taylor Danes actual hooker the other ones made for H._B._O.. HINTON's in that one been Kozara the old character actor who if you Google and see his face completely oh this guy he was around for fifty years you know and he had the greatest story when they were making the movie that they're having dinner and all they wanted to do get bizarre to go to because he's a psycho and he's just old and crazy and you don't know what he's he's GonNa say. Everybody's if you gotta go just don't turn him down you know so John Henson are all their here. He's holding authorities around booth. He's eating drinking wine. Carrying on here comes from lady address about his aides well to do his aides Hot Lady of seventy something right. Excuse me Mr Tusch more to say he goes. You're dead inside because because you feel nothing you've been beating. I can tell you screams feel nothing. You've been beaten. You can say drops. Her head walks away county all it's amazing so when he showed up with his shirt on I hadn't thought about that story in twenty years and I told him God gotTa text and because we squeeze scream that it poker that was a euphemism at poker if you're having to hand or you're losing your debt. I love how cheery the color doesn't make sense. It's often Pastel pink Pastel often a yellow Smiley Sunshine Phase and Oh and a -til Pastel Dolphin and kids font by kids fought like sesame street flawed today. The day celebrate that I that I passed forty three days is it. I don't know about <music> out. Wait a minute. Hang on. Let me get McAfee getting excited about this checking your calendar. What's going on confused? They won was hang on hang on day. One was Thursday June sixth okay so twenty four days to the thirtieth and fifteen more day so that possess at forty five or six hundred forty seven. You're forty eight days as your five days over on five avenues over you've done it. I did it when you started another restaurant. They made it forty three days. I told him at the beginning got forty three days goes wrong. You have shoved it in a fucking phase if you make it past forty three days so you have your five days of course you're talking about your ex-wife and Salako bond has been open for forty five days good for you man. Oh forty eight forty eight days all right. The six to the six thirty doors off at the fifteenth is thirty nine all right so so so you're doing well. They're going to do with that only go here about. I don't care from homeless or anything I just gotTA. Make is open more than her restaurant because she is she had a bus through there right. Why want want their a while sure aw where the city puts the locks on this door you're screw? I'm going to do everything in my power to say open today. No Open Tomorrow Gorge weight off free chips for everyone author thirty eight hundred forty forty one tomorrow you will play when you're all right so Saturday's my female soccer until winter clothes Saturday night. You'd have one fucking celebrates. Is that why because shakes drink very. We've been very calm. I we're watching Jesus along off Long Island city. He got excited. I love it done in California Hawaii. I've done it all over the first time I went. Well watch it really a friend of mine yeah like right out there where they could. If it goes wrong they can knock you over. You're you're supposed to stay like a half mile. Okay all right whale nearing. We'll fight well DR buying well. You know when you see those viral videos where the whale pops up next to the vote <hes> those people well. I don't know what happened. We were a half a mile away supposedly as long as the engines off so you know if you're close in the engines off you know you got a good alibi. If if the authorities come come knocking on your door but you're supposed to a half a mile away at least the coolest ones are when you're I've done that cruise up into Alaska Yeah and when you pull out of Vancouver you're never more on our show into it and on both sides orcas everywhere that they swim along beside the cruise ships for some reason but you're you're an hour into the trips and everybody's losing their mind because they've never seen anything like this out there and then here they are just tons of them swimming. Everyone Amazing Dumping Human Feces Yeah. It's a big shit streak good eating for the ORCAS. Thanks for the Chum fellas exactly chumming the waters along and thanks for all the fish no I saw I saw dolphins and and and Wales in the whale populations coming back big time on the on the east coast especially off Long Island Humpback Sperm Blue Yeah. I don't know what I saw male report. I saw the blow their you overturn. Two catamaran kind of a boat loft from New England Rare New England Wasp Wales okay well when you see that blow for the first time it's pretty amazing eighteen feet in the air about cocaine jail fuck. You can't write Dan blow for the I feel for the first time I thought the whale watching was fun. I love it yeah could see Karl thought it was stupid I win. They loved podcasting. No Hey Vick walkaway off that. Why are you leaving up that get a podcast on uh-huh why why is he the picture of everyone's trying to look at the whales and you're they're doing bits and was I was doing my impression of a bunker and everyone enjoyed I bet you he has like fucking jaws references on the compared compared scars? Eh throughout my orange juice can scarf all my thumb when I was like ten years old came with a kindergarten trying to look at a whale Oprah's with who are you with. I was just me at fish guy photos on instagram. Oh God I actually thought he was having a family cool outing little nature take the kids that'd be for kids love whale watching. I bet she kept sending Lynn's checklist Hauser's Jack Lynne's Chow. I really filled doing something with his family joyful kind giving his son though though his son is opie he's he's Greg one hundred percent like I met him and like I was relieved because I'm like Oh yeah I was like oh I couldn't do anything about this. I the second time the kids a big Fan. Watch you grocery games. Yeah we put on Carlisle on the food our stuff so I mean his daughter and it's starting totally Lindsey Hi it's to meet you had some questions on crushing him. Why did you use the stress I mean just she's only and she was? I can use sugar asking me real questions right and we get out of the car. She still has some questions in Little Greg. Greg accused realizes I've had it with this guy and he just walk away from me and as the sliding door closed the electricity just staring at me like they say by the call. He's just like nothing. Let's the door face OUGHTA. Take care of those really nice. He's already upstairs done. I met this asshole. I'm good not wrong wrong with this guy good. The this guy was like cigarettes. Oh no no no the the text was mommy I think corals rich and my wife goes why because he smells like cigarettes and he was. We're watching something. I'm trying to remember exactly what it was. Smoke compared to on a boat at five of them learning. I went whale watching it. I did a podcast and it came out great. I'm really this. Why are you disappointed? I'm doing enough summers way. I watch Richard. I'll acting like regular puck and maple but he's out there. What is a little slow thing you know the origins of were jump yeah I can just see obviously we learned about? Did you have whale facts. No I had I do the learning I had to do a lot of the wording but I was doing my impression of the bunker because everything needs to bunker and the ocean so you know I was going with our bit of all take everything in the ocean so the the impression of the bunker is got to kick out of that. It's nice vote being him is what you just want to. It was a quick pond and walked away so I tell you it was a boat that you go watch knows a small boat it. We're in the ocean. It was a little scary for the for the kid. Did you see a well. I saw lots of wells picture. Yeah going my instagram okay. Yeah I told my grandmother when the first time I went to Hawaii and we went whale watching and they swim <hes> from Alaska to Hawaii so we're out there and they're explaining migration it takes them six months to swim swim and they don't eat you know they they they either on the way back on one of the six months donate like all the way they're they don't then they get your while you need and they loaded up and then they go back to Alaska right so I was telling my grandmother she was about at eighty five at the time when she was a house and she was eating your mother said Yeah we watching I got I told her as I go they swim for it takes them six months grandmother to leave from Alaska to get all the way they don't eat anything like an old she goes out eight a little something you know as a perfect can't believe biscuit. Why the hell don't they eat the whole ultra burn fat or look up some fun facts? Yeah that can be fun. No I'm going to text <hes>. You'd better do that in the middle of a podcast by the way. Have you noticed I've <hes> <music> <hes> posted less fish pictures because you you bitch since I think my wife took your side good for her. You want to explain that to Vic Oh. Oh my God vicky just he's going through his phone and he attacks between him and Lindsey and I go and as you scrolling down to show me. I don't know what it was. I start seeing all these pictures of him holding fish. I said the houses one hundred feet from where you are right here. Do you think you I really wants to see pictures of you. Catching fucking fish all day which is a beautiful young girl. She wants to go to the restaurants and Captain Ahab out there I love. Did you think all doing this fishing fish a lot official why don't rub it in Portland. She's in the house cleaning up after two kids like this stripe are well did you did you hear about the striper. My brother-in-law Lockhart saw it so I need help from the <hes> the fishermen out there because I'm not really sure but if you don't follow me on the social radio and Instagram my brother-in-law who who only comes up wants to summer for a a long weekend he catches a fifty. It's either a fifty fifty one striped bass off the shore surf casting the whole beaches like Holy Shit. We've never seen anything close to this is all the years the old timer who's had a house else out there since nineteen seventy five to do this is by far the biggest thing I've ever seen pulled out of the the ocean with a with a rod and then another one of my fishing buddies that lives down the beach. He sends me an article and he says do the world record is fifty four inches now for my fellow fishermen okay all right. I found my shoes forever Nico. What's going what what is going on in the middle of story sorry podcast? This is the Mo- heat the Mo- he knows bic told that whole story about my wife and the fish pictures and he just stared at you cortisol. Why is Nico Finding your glasses? What the hell happened things to what happened? I just couldn't wait to interrupt your guts. I opie goes seal watching with the tech sharks with me. That's the next adventure we're GONNA go tag sharks mekos Lino you would do that uh-huh because these guys wouldn't vic might I would so so. What is he doing what you went from a win for my what happened here last night that you found his last weeks ago weeks ago? People Wander around Al classes for weeks. Yes he got. We got we got up at the bar became shop vest and you know when that happens. Sometimes you leave behind like marriages or glasses wearing wearing my my girlfriend's mom's readers that's the was. I'm wearing now Richard wearing for a month 'cause I left the Yes Nancy. Just we can be on vacation with the family together. We went on others on our family we do have let's go the boardwalk we all went to the boardwalk. We didn't just one go. A little podcast machine talked to the hermit crab guy. Did it sounds like a good idea which boardwalk does Schengen wildwood wildwood or maybe I should point pleasant with retailers. Were all right so <hes> so where was I oh so so it's either a fifty fifty one inch striped bass and then my fishing buddy down the beach sends me an article saying the world records fifty four origin so for my fellow fishermen out there what the world record for striped bass off the shore because I think my bra almost fucking God it which is crazy. Honestly you like bummed that it was on it yeah yeah congratulations. That's really cool man. I've only been fishing on this beach for ten years. That's great. Come up your load on my the biggest one. I call thirty six inches but dedicated half of my adult life. I'd miss my kids growing up and that's okay good for your birthday. Every year. Thing was huge. Actually people went beautiful. We ate it but it was a little little tough not tough. But how do you explain it. I'll let you don't know how to Cook <hes> He. He <hes> turned it into the stakes. We went stakes. Maybe he's better fishermen than he is a chef. Why you'RE GONNA win fillet on a fish that big I would've picked it? I tough issues what you do. Is You take already good although we did <hes> I don't trust trust. You're a little border <hes> capper right mutter you lay the lemons on it a bed of limits and learn their from coeruleus celebrity chef up the food network. That's Nice what you do take egg whites and salt and you make a slurry then you cover that you bake the fish in a in a salt crust with a little hammer you break the salt in the oven and it just seems big fish. You WanNa really steam with salt. I should've called old. You know you you can long John Silver's on their work in the Friar on Xtra crime as captain. D's that's long John Silver's crumbs <music> extracurricular. What about the crumbs long? I Know Long John Silver's the he's about appeaser leftover. They'll serve it to the side really basket crumbs. I did not know from what you call it but in the south is it's not on the menu. Can I get an extra crumbs and they'll give you the all right. I liked that so for real. I need someone to tell me what the world record because according to this article is fifty four and he was three inches away. That's crazy and people start looking for one. He wasn't even listening after I my brother-in-law my bro- MONCADA's fifty well you look it up your your Google and everything else during the podcast staining adore. I can't even see because he's got some old. Ladies Raiders on Nancy's Nancy's not all don't get me in trouble howls Nancy Sixty six all right. We had McKinley relaxing. We just talked about both being married and stuff so one day <hes> I'm at the I'm Marie my old restaurant. She feels like one hundred fucking years ago unbelievable how fast it's a while ago now Kara Fourteen fifteen something like that. It's it's well over fifteen months since the big blowout so so my buddies really funny dude like low key funny and I don't know commercials like slicing something whatever and her wig shifts anchor right. It's like I wanted to see like hey come on every time I I wanted to Mike. I just WANNA see shift. I wanted to call the she had to turn. It stays totally totally wanted I really did I'll always nice job but in the back of my mind I wanted. Understood that really bad watching the hair line this friend catches at any sitting at the table and he looks at me and he looks at her and he looks at me see that he's points on his head. I go way I go to send in the clown the shift to keep everyone right so anyway no but people ran down in the water because they thought <hes> my brother-in-law was pulling a dog got in the water. That's how big this thing was. I honestly I I showing the fact that you have to report that. It was just the way you frame the story. I know that you're pissed like my brother-in-law who comes once every I knew I knew you not taking this. Well doesn't even cast right yeah. He's a cast the old one he's helped them bait and everything like all the work knows your cast into the wash walk livers who uses chicken liver I clad valley hat fishing and he's just I just know you just can't even if you put us on instagram my brother in law awesome. I'll Poro you want. I know the second part of the story. You're not wrong so there for the law weekend he caught the big price fish a lot of people now all your friends on the beach talking to him off course and then not no. He's my brother-in-law's long-on and get people coming up to you and go you know where's that ace. Come up to me while fishing go you know run into spot about a week and a half two weeks ago <hes> fishermen the hours here and you don't have to talk about fish stories the fishes up to sixty sixty inches people yeah. I think it had to be at least sixty excluded. No it's once in a lifetime never on never see that I'll never see that again. The Joyce joyless is as he said here's here's the best story so he catches the fish. It's obviously the back of my mind and then we're hanging out. We're playing tunes with the bump box that box who wasn't Mattie rock gave it. There's a there's a company called bump box. I think rules I think they spell boxer exes or something but whatever I post every once in a while my bump box this thing will light up the beach. It's crazy good at and it's really heavy but you needed to be heavy too. You know the speakers I it's it's unbelievable but anyway we got the bump box out. We're doing a little over we do oh. We're doing a little motown their vic on the beach a little motown yes please. I'm drinking so everything. It's all right up. To what are you going. I'm in the middle of the best part of the stories. I'm not gonNA tell him he's GonNa be distracted. You're listening. I'm totally totally listen. I I got the whole I got to see. We left out in the sequence of your dead inside there. Was I got the hobbies right. It was <hes> you're dead inside right. You feel nothing you've been being. I can tell but I left out after texted Aksu Hinson former <hes> host of talk seuss wipe out. He's all T._v.. Skunk Boys Great County the one with the patch yeah yeah the little spats with the gray area boy. Yes Yeah John Henson. Does he still have absolute. It's is more like mine now. It's a whole map but he had mine. I got mine. I had the same thing he did when I was seventeen had a great little patch like he did when I was seventeen okay right here in the front where my colleague starts. It was the first place that started then. When did you diet no <MUSIC> Bucknell? Why why do you go gray that way? Gray subtly just went the whole hair spots when I'm at him I was probably you know thirty almost and he was he was in his mid twenties and he had the same thing by now mom was coming in little is the same thing it just it starts in one spot and fucking spreads on whatever your but I've never colored. Are you kidding me. Why wouldn't you just hideous thing in the world a little soy sauce? You know you get that. It never comes out right. That's better than a big giant. Klay Take Care. It looks fine. I don't give a shit yeah. I'd rather than have that I've never seen a good color job when a guy always comes up burgundy wine like a Cabernet. We've we've talked about. Is there's a window where you can actually color your hair a little bit and then that window clone has gotta walk in town out to be yes. There's so many so many people that walk around New York City I would never know because there's still young enough where they pull it off. It's when that window closes and several Scotto like just Yank on you stop it. I know I know all right. I was over I was I was in England and we were playing cricket and so they were short short guy so I just had that. They just told me go stand here and I'd have to do anything I just. I had to wear the whole white uniform and I'm addressing some standard. Is this guy though the coach of the other team would be like standing like the third base coach. He has one of these bad cabernet. I I mean it was just glowing horrifically and the sons hidden. It's Kinda turned in different colors of purple just looking worse hair ever and so so somebody gets up to bat you know they thought the shift they're like. They're saying move over move. We've over and I don't move and you don't you don't yell at cricket in England so I can base about about none of that very quiet. It's another reason why they hate. I started in the first inning. I'm doing that and they yelled at me right so right we had we had we had a big west. I Indian guy huge guy like shack big pitching for he's our bowler and so when he told him Biggie biggie smalls and so when he rose up there to vote though the first of all the first in there all the only Fokker yellow we're in the con we're in West Sussex Right which is Alabama. We're we're you know bulldog tattoos which means bad racism and so there were the shift get over get over point to the other coach with the bad hair could around like I'm. I'm not going any further. I'm afraid of hairs radioactive the whole village. They're literally sitting out there on the village green if you know like twenty of and they're just having their pints and I think I'm Dick Because I'm the only American I'm screaming and all the cricket sucks came a game. Go On for days. You have to get everybody out right everybody. You have to get out all nine guys out cart. I noticed the ice call eh now. I know what his face look like. brother-in-law's <hes> cut the long. Here's the best part of the story so I got the bump box. We're doing a little motown. I'm drinking some line and Koogle's they're drinking. We get some <hes> <hes> Miller highlights Miller lights and anyway so then we all decide to start having <hes> sprinting races on the beach is after the yeah yeah yeah so angry foot right so it's in the back of my mind to win something you WanNa WanNa know number one at all right all right all right tic TAC toe Lenzi. We go get a branch writing. Sandcastle has okay who has been a broadcast. I'll have you know no one could beat me a corn. That's the truth so let's play a game co who can talk to the post. I love it. I like on your home of Roggio for Tuesday. Here's here's to from lenders scattered Starwood coming back Bob Bullets Lynnwood Free Bird. We all know that I love this is a good Oh. It's great on your block party weekends. He cares about the four play weekend where the fourth always live on your whole life rocket so anyway the sprinting competitions yeah the sprinting in competition starts. The kids are having races and then the guy that caught the fish brother La A._J.. He's he's now sprinting with his wife and his wife almost beat them and also put my beard out on like it's nine. It's on me and A._J.. Rayson now let me tell you young buck though he's young buck. He's pretty much a model. They're always he doesn't want to be a model but they're always taking his picture and putting it on billboards and Philly Philly installers plumbers remodel everybody's not trying to be just you know. We're locked model. He's he's he's <hes> you know that could be niche. That could be as thing. He's a he's a Fiterman down there and fill all right okay. I met him as a great guy so I go I should he. I mean being him. Our our sons are literally five six seven weeks apart problem is he's twenty years younger than me. I'm Mike we're racing something you could win. You haven't even notice because I've been sitting in this booth. <hes> the whole time I'm only starting to walk again yourself out so so were sprayed with so much Kobe so my follow drops his hands to race starts where sprinting on the Santa feeling good on my. I'M GONNA fucking win and running my kids because I got fish an age as a little ahead of me. I'm twenty years old or am. I got days so I I go for the stretch with my right leg and just popped a ham fell down like our shot uh-huh because my leg was dead instantly instantly one a day when it should my wife comes running I go. We gotta go the hospital. This was supposed to be big comeback Jack Fish I have said in my ear and my whole face because I my face slammed on the sand. Oh I sprained my big left toe. I hurt my right knee everybody at home and you're at the house okay drink and fucking fruit punch and eating for the first three days. I couldn't move at all and two weeks later. I'm kind of walking again. I heard the pop of the Hamstring Thank you oh another Mojo for college either small Filipino boy hula-hoop sorry about the law. That was the all right. Just just let it come why man I'm just attorney says sorry we don't you don't you don't apologize when you offend someone by keep repeating offense okay speak. I'm sorry called you speaker. I figure Comprenne Day go side. I called you speak here that F._D._I._C. Mom. Nobody No. Nobody no but I'm sure she's on the south on you. She's annoyed me for many things. I'm sure she's annoyed pointing the one four Ricky Ricardo. Hey sorry about that okay. Morocco Statue Cha Cha Cha so the plane is the plane nine. Only she's laughing. Yes she's laughing. You got it back to all right anyway. She's melting H._r.. I'm laughing googling law firms Jacoby Myers. We'll be here anyway so not only did he catch the giant <hes> almost record-breaking striper in front of me then I popped a Hammy because I thought I could like <hes> you know win the race my the kids and everything you were just sick and so for the girl. What's this now lease a furniture they they were not that Asu to an automobile I heard tuning? I know tune in English asked me good God I don't want to. I don't want to know that my sixers Spanish went to way so every once in a while I pick up a little Spanish tune in and chef so far your mom with the lobster what it was peeled remember. He Joe me over the show yesterday so it was his mind your mom right so my my mom. My grandmother is an incredible caulk. My mother is a pile of hot garbage with cooking or everything a mess she she tries like she watches like the Food Network for five minutes and then she's like she tries to put twist twist on things fast twice and my my grandfather you can you can you explain. Can you explain whatever twist with the big one the whole time for years. She's GonNa kill. She's why I'm blind so my mom. I'm I'm at the complex next door. Visiting a French I'm in Florida and she went to public's the the Florida's supermarket right and she <hes> she calls me on the phone got little I just got lobster for two ninety nine a they are part. I said Ma impossible where they did. She goes all know they sold them. Already peeled go visit peeled. I go lobsters. Does you don't Peel fucking lobster bomb. It's got what you got a giant medieval skeleton on the outside of it. It's called armor. It's it's armor right. This thing is literally a battle roach so she's like no. I'm telling you it's a beautiful I go mom. Don't do anything with I'm coming. I'll be there and a half hour. I come and she always had she's she goes. I'm making lobster frick happy. He's telling important green two days ago. We're sitting ain't he opens out with this jewel. I get to the house my grandfather just sitting on the rocking chair yeah so he's losing sight. There's a little side Sir but he's losing sight so he had his friend go to best spy with his credit card and this is how he solved his site problem. He bought the biggest T._v.. They had any sits at insurance the fucking brilliant this giant sixty inch t._v. and you just he's watching novelli faces hot. Anyway I walk in and get the frigate and I smell the smell my grandma. She's cooking for the dogs in the town again. Fucking Josh Mad added is right. This is why she gave your father's Alzheimer's with all these so I go in there and she has a pot with tomatoes potatoes Olives phrasings zinc I mean and see this shredded shit and bubbling mom what the Fuck and my grandmother is quietly making the bananas and Fried Rice because she knows that in her daughter Chits the bed has side me like she'll come to. I Made Chicken College uh-huh to dinners when we whatever the fuck my mom decided raise it raises and it's lobster and it's like aggressively simmering simmering so I I look like bubbly like a call on boy and there's like fish slick I go through the garbage garbage and I find the package she bought the imitation crab me that they use for cheap snow and thought it was lobster thought it was lobster limitation lobsters lobster sensation it says lobster sensationalization cessation spelled wrong and everything else is Chinese. This is like eighty percent mercury or use thermometer exactly exactly and like you and the and the Red Dye that they put on it is starting to seep into the fucking ricochet yeah whole areas. She was excited to shut off. Does you deliver laugh time to ninety nine opound stolen stolen stolen and it was it was like that our whole our whole fucking life she just off line full blown shop. I'M A FULL-BLOWN CHEF ON TV. She's she's like remember that restaurant that you worked in sake unlike dish now. That's not it. I said wow that's the only restaurant to say. It's called dish. I don't have she goes. She goes okay right fine I I I know that's not the name okay. Do you remember the Tuna Tartari that you made Yep. She's like I'm GonNa do that Little Party by the pool. Fuck wow I said no problem on. This is what it takes. You need soy sauce. Go to the whole recipe. She waits until the interest. That's not I'm like mom. I fucking invented. She goes it was different. It was completely different not another one. Wasn't there another there. There's another one no literally it was called Carl's tuna mead by car. I'm Carl Carlita. She'll just the best in show abandoning and just start talking your brother when he was little loved oranges. I love your grandfather with the T._v.. You know what I'm going to do right the next Fisher. I'm GONNA I catch. I'm GONNA just put it to world record ofi. I The mini he posted that fish. I saw I said opie is dying when it wasn't fun whole adult life better than I did. I didn't even on me as just as a fisherman. I and I'm not my brothers fishermen. Mike and it didn't deficient aspirin and he said I just thought he was having his brothers or something. You're not I would have been happier if I beat them. In that sprint on the beach grandpa went down to the hospital SIPPY Cup. Ah Insult injury could your kids. You're sitting there. I just shaking your head insult injury then it helped me up off the beach and I my whole face is full of and a quarter of his. I just sees the fifty one driver just sitting here mocking them in Eh. I could tell a tweet does even in the Cooler Brill in classic comedian New York Good Friend of Mine Thirty Years Poker Guy Friend Eighty Israel's Joe insult injury cripple nice time father was like I remember Mike mcgraff Lisa Crazy Shitsu me one type one the hate. I say I said GRANDPA. I'M GONNA be the <hes>. I'm going to be a chef he goes. Your father thinks you're gay. When was it okay to be a chef that whole thing turned around no never in your family family never but I mean there was a time you guys get respect? Tell me what started the respecting the food our when it started the now or whatever I know I just went serious for second but I remember my father used to make fun of me all the time. My father's friends would come over and they're like what's what's called practicing how to be a housewife. Economic almost took hold back. My brothers both did well instead of metal shop ops. People were both but people look at me and then I'm like you. You guys are the idiots. I'm I'm eating chocolate chip fucking cookies and you got a metal funnel gives a secondary to vote and they had a blast we had we had desert assert everyday cooking. How bad is that? I took physics geometry physics instead of home houses thousand nerdy take hard stuff. They WANNA take anything and I'm not good. You know I can barely hammer nails so uh my mom's still has a part of the home it was ceramics right and she's still has an ashtray. Oh yeah from when she smoked. She's still has extra terry grading. Mike made a pitcher that she still bus out once a year that she puts flowers in an uses your Hanley made in nineteen seventy five or something everyone has one of those reminded in mind. It was next to the phone wooden thing with a little metal. Take a rip the paper with the Nola Zach there was a place to put the Pencil and now is in my house right up to my dad died in the horrific car accident outside the house of the friend made one. I was telling the other day that he was running around in college during a lot of shady activities and so the involved with some you know evil characters and when he tried to branch away from them who were looking for him naturally and so one of his mom inadvertently told one of them had to find him and on that little thing that you just described at their half because he had made it and it was on the wall by their phone at their house so we were home for Christmas or something and he found out in the bad people are looking for him and his mother's others Sorta told them and on that little pad he taped shut where you can put any more notes on it and I'll he wrote on the path was no info on phone. It's for the next year when he was skirting around trying to evade the law all and whoever the hill has his mother would pick up the phone no eighty. She's had to learn. He's like you're going to get killed. If you don't just read that anytime Halo we Tehranis with no in the other person what no info girl allowed to read that but it was on that little thing everybody made one of of course <hes> well that was fun. Do you have to work soon coral sex every day this week seven -gratulations sever for seven for seven. I'm exhausted. I'm cleaning up after talk laundry behind all the laundry behind all this. I'm watching underwear socks are you. Are you guys technically roommates right now until Carl figures out the city thing it's funny is is mean vic have a <hes> a lost and found going. Oh Gosh so every day it'll be something else wakes up easy call. There's a spur Cavalese into one one one all right off a boot. Someone's boot is missing Manhattan. Where are you going to line dancing? I don't I don't know how this things happen and then there's a Chinese piece of a Chinese toy Chinese toward thing it's we I looked at up. I haven't read the logo on defined. It's those bouncy balls that you can sit on bounce down the kids. Sit on those big ones. It's the thing that used to inflate balloon parks Gong thing that you you you run the balloon through this twisted often inflates and then you cannot it off. I think but Jae Jao ru I'm on Google going all right Carl. We're looking to see what John Ru is going on. The spurs spur is pristine it looks it looks like it's it looks like it was purchased to be put on some boots and then never worn right. It's just one spurts for some nice line city as doing laundry that he feels like a blouse. How's it wasn't small? Just we both went well. It was very large Georgia tank top through what it was. I'm just picnic table cover one. We have no idea we've been fine. I don't have a cover for my webber grill. It's not waterproofing waiting for Karla go. That's my that's my say close blessed ice cream watch the view view. I watched Meghan McCain on the back of my in my bathroom house. I went somewhere and I was they were there. I went out that morning and got about. I came back and obviously she had to go. Whoever was the latest victim had to go back to my bathroom and number two then she left luckily bathroom? I'll try to find her spare and and her lava lamp water bottle it was a sizable Evelyn it was it was pink pink metal. I don't know I thought I didn't know water bottle thought it was a fucking is sitting in the back of my toilet and I literally went to. I came lack of what the fuck is. Is this giant pink metal thing and I'm holding it. I'm I'm like the monkeys in two thousand one as Odyssey look. I don't know what it is. Now does the time oh it's some high in fancy because they can lease a special person. If you ever do something in front of it can be. He's GonNa let you know no matter who's Russia right so we go to the bar site we figured out what girl it is and she's a bartender to Barton Street three days later. I'm not even I'm thinking about this anymore. I'm sitting into girl walks comes around the counter. DRIKUS found your water bottle my bathroom land there that big like you I hydrate. He likes Walrus. She's like you were in my house. Once you come in my house I say anything all RAW. I found that whatever that is teddy. Take top tent. Whatever owning found your water bottle cover up your jumps on the big side Y'all but she was saw their big that they're nothing but song so so let me tell you talk? Where were you left you? They I blew up the I woke up next you read Thou lately Kenley. This story says she lives she lives with her parents and her sister and like a dog and everything and we go and I have to walk through the opponents when the railroad reporter so I'm fucking touch and everybody in the House on the way to dogs bark and I don't care we're GonNa get it done yeah and she was like she was like. Are you okay with this. I'm like I'm okay with every was her lack in my house. Give it too much and then she had you know she I remember walking by the hallway and there's like a photo album and all the family. Is that your sister brother okay. What are you really? He told me the next Graham Oh mom sister. Everyone looked exactly the same all they just because the same shot it was it was everybody was like an eight ten. Everybody's bigger way. Wasn't anybody standing around somewhere. Somebody's row of faces post master's upbringing all look to save and I'm like Oh. That's okay cysts. Okay right older younger younger got it got. I think there's some Molin yeah. I don't think so. If you seen these pictures this Samoa pictures make them a Samoan family. Don't know going the dog Bob. I don't mean a question you're funny story. I don't know what the Samoan Oh my God. This is a good run. We're in booth seventy six lock Obama. This is the famous <hes> podcast booth. Are People asking for boop seventy six yet. Yeah five people like what seventy six that's where we do the podcast a lot of time so fun of this building it's been it's been good. <hes> get run so far right more days. I'm the chance to more days than your restaurants has been open more than your ex wives second restaurant right there. Yes gets the most girls I've ever seen. He's Club promoter and he does our thing and he's a multi boxer so he's tougher shit but the girls like that he gets. I don't even bother like girl. She was like Hi. I'm like knack no way. Take a thousand dollars just to fucking turn this machine on no. Thanks the models I I've seen the lock Obama instagram. It's it's it's fucking insane two weeks ago. Rocco called him in Rocko. DISPIRITO IS GONNA come over so he was at the St when we were actually going to have low key it was shady weather and I'm like I'm up here. Just come here. I have a drain Wolf. I can go home getting piece of whenever and so then Rocco colleges and said Hey I want to bring the staff bub-bubba above a we gotta go back and I was hungry anyway so I came back and I said at the end invader pork chop and that meet Platter Pork Sausage Thereto Cheese made to anyway <hes> Rocco no showed us. He's texting him going. I'm coming. I'm not coming. I'm not coming at one point so we're waiting before we turn around and go home. I go Carl. There's twenty two people in there. There's about eleven forty five on a Saturday eighteen models was in four dudes and two of the dues were with some of the models the other two dudes have just wandered in and they believe they're all the bottles or dancing together and some of them are of their acting like the reading and they're not but they're acting my model losses at your noses bleeding. That's not that's you're bleeding phenomenal a- and you're crying you realize I was ready set about the grinder all God what's <hes> yeah model just walked in as you guys <hes> as you were just talking about that model came in and hugged the Mike the Moi Tie Guy Anyway. Let's finish up with this so we're so last night. Restaurants packed right. That's that's Brian Right miss my bartender. He said it is a shot here. Thank you vic vic on a team on this one all right so <hes> the restaurants packed and there's a table fifteen girls one girl I guess just broke up with her boyfriend Freddie's at the bar. I'm at the bar and mean Freddie been a dose Camino Salty Margaritas telling like fucking stories right the film you fucking Paulie costs a lot serves incredible but I can't compete but the the <hes> we're chicken Maurice we come. We're already tuned up and I gotta get ready shifting. Come take pictures from for the POD squad right so I'm getting already already. She's cute okay so <hes> assessor like Terminator the whole thing he did a quick scare quick so <hes> the girls broke over boyfriend and she's just just bawling so it's all these beautiful girls go to Puffy eyes. The Mascara Freddie gets a hold of this really looks vacuous called he he works himself up. Do you believe this fucking girl so I already know he's like nine Franken Margaritas and now he's chicken Sangria and now we got Freddie Redd teeth Freddie Redd Freddie rights and big Fan Freddie he looks over and then he starts doing the thing he does. He'll bring all all of the upper management and asked in the same thing so you already got me see close Nico Nico. Look back there. It's okay. Do you believe this fucking girl then he goes to the bartender look over here. Do you believe this looking. Go get him some bucket wound up he goes. He tells them to pay their tactics. His credit card Komsic Thompson goes death faulk and crying seaward Outta here kicked geic them out for all of them. Why C Word Yeah? He's a cry. You put them bad vibe on a calmer trae. Wow you're gonNA give Family Ola held oh hi. How are you remember Nando Fernando Hi Fernando? How're you honey? A quick learns quick learner order a model with all sorts of tattoos that can kick my head out the Front Door Lock Bonnet just game by no. He's a gentleman nice meeting you sir a little different different. We go no potty time that means. We got to wrap up the O._B.. Radio wrap it up. That's how the restaurant starts a lot. We are live right now. This is cool. I haven't been here for the big start of the night. Fernando hits the BADS. Now the lights are doomed. Beautiful Carl's got to work Carl Man. Thank you so much yeah Ali tonight. I'll bring the minions dinner no no. He takes his FA- go no she does the Gilbert Godfrey stands around. We'll sit any day I give him an others and became he literally bitch that me because I gave him an automatic bananas and he started describing his family like well we have we have wins and then we we have little. I'm a are you fucking doing this for real. He was tight on the empanadas tight tight because there's four hundred fifty of them in the wall was tiny gave me three. I got I I look well. Make sure your check out coban and say hi to Carl Ru Ruis Jesus car will we's Adlakha Bonna Vic. Thank you so much buddy really anytime good fun a lot of fun a big.

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