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Youtuber and a "Reality Star"


Take them back to the dishes. co-host seem Jordan. He's here permanently now. I should be the dish rush dish dishes. Someone who's like good-looking Louis dish. Yeah that's like someone you want to eat Trish. I love that okay dish. The dish has his he. We came in and he wasn't supposed to be here today to be gone. And the lovely people here. podcast one are like wait. Why is Jordan here and I was like? He's like yeah. Came back for this. I'm like wow. He's like no. He came back to be on his reality show. He came. I actually came back specifically to be on this podcast. I heard that you were going to be Solo. Hello there was no guests. Planned flew from New York last night. So I could be here for this ally. You went literally wearing a sweater. That says Reality Star on it. We're all reality as we get it. You're actually do love that. I Love I love the merge. I'M NOT GONNA lie. It's Tana's merge get joy oh it's already out black black Friday. No there's another one going black Friday. Okay get android dot co slash and backslash. Fuck fans away. They don't WanNa work with me. Because I meet enemies with David Mhm true story. We have to bring them up once once in this podcast. And there's your one time actually before we get into that I have to give. Oh this is the passport. I'm giving my ex-boyfriend passport to actually. Yeah actually I do have is is a his holy Shit. It's not. Here's donald checked. Did you look at the picture before like have you looked. Yeah well yeah the stickers out on the back of says paint US Nash. Tahiti I Not This I wanNA make sure because I'm assuming they saw the podcast which is probably why his manager reached out to you because I think so think about how good that is that means that not only. Is this podcast working but people into it so much that we're actually getting business done this podcast can i. I didn't ask you is because I wanted to ask you. What was the exact tax from it so this is really nice? It was really nice and you can read it. Yeah if he's watching this. I mean I hope. I hope this is an invasion. Oh is there is no no. I hope it's not me. It's very nice. He said hey driven. It's Jack Jack what's up said. Oh good man mentioned you could help us get the passport back we might. It would be great if we honestly honestly I wasn't gonna read the exact words so I kind of started fumbling around because there was an Emoji. Don't want to explain the motion motion this that we can send someone back if it's easiest but I just said no no worries Areso grabbed. We can send someone back. There are some to grab it to get it back. I mean this is so complicated. It's like a management. Just know what supposed to work. Okay so what are you gonNA do drop. It has managers. I'm going to think I don't know. Yeah I'll text him after this. I'll say where you probably go grab dinner tonight. It's so ridiculous. It's so ridiculous we I'm going to get off this guy. I found by the way like is this the last the last. This is the final yes yes of of things that you have each other's yeah I feel really good about it to be honest I told you I have a little story. We have someone we have so much talk about yet again. But I love story where I I was GONNA make this video because I've been getting DM's recently again about Jason. We won't go into specifics because I went to my therapist and he goes. You know what it's not your responsibility to take responsibility really for his actions. His actions will have consequences. They do if they do. If they don't so I was like because I posted a video edited I I was going to post it and then like part of me was like I'm doing really good or and that's getting anxiety about posting it because I was like I'm really good. I feel really good in life right now. Like I don't really want to involve a little bit but not so much directly and I was like you know just let things go up and trying to let things go. I feel like this. I feel there's consequences for someone's actions. It'll happen if it doesn't it doesn't i. Don't think it's my responsibility or my. I jog anymore to intervene or help bring to light. Unless it's like someone murdered someone or something. Maybe I don't know if you should say that because I feel like you might just change your mind you know we uh-huh on that I think ultimately you've been you've been growing a lot over the past year and I think moving moving to a place where it's just about you. I think that's where we it has to go. It's not about these other pieces. These these these things that are tied not you no longer have to but yes as you move on you grow grow wiser or older. I mean mean. There's still things that like Kim. Bother you about social media or other people that you can talk about. I don't that you have to subject yourself to not talk about drama. What it is? Find someone to talk about a two before for you shared on Youtube because I got it out on my sister I was in a really pissed mood and so I got it out of my system. I'm like you know what I feel better. I don't really need to think you shot me a text i. I was at friend's giving that you were thinking about uploading video and I was like you know I think it's maybe for right now. It's best if you screen shots of the messages I sent. Ah I sent did send them to Jason Too. Here's the thing you're going to get. You'RE GONNA get shit on like no doubt for talking about this Mike Periods. By the fact that you've already taught you don't have to go into my point is just saying his name is GonNa get you in trouble. Ari My point of that too was that maybe with the passing of the passport. This can we just let it just can be the finality. Yeah final finality is worded correctly. How I don't know Oh you know more than me too many days in my life? There's Jeff there's Jordan and there's change there's too many days and I get them all mixed. Oh there's no way you have the passport so you no longer need to say about Saddiq. Because I felt like weird having it. Because I'm like this is. This is a big piece of thing that you could. Yeah fraud identity theft. I don't know I just felt like I needed to get this away and I didn't macaire back room and I didn't know what to do. I was gonNA throw actually but then I felt weird about that so I was like because you can just get a new passport but anyways it doesn't matter if you guys demi about Jason like I apologize I don't I'll have connections with him I well. Let's get back to that real quick and just discuss through what happened so somebody sent you a DM on monster multiple DMZ instead about something that somebody had done. That wasn't you and they had sent to them. They were asking for your help. So I read those. DMZ and incomplete honesty. Like even even if that's true it's not a big could happen but it's not on you. And and by the way there are hundreds of thousands literally millions of people people who watch you per month and there are some children and there are some older people. I mean the point is you're going to get crazy messages no matter what and if you even read one of them into one one of them could lead down Robert Hall of creating video that you regret in a we. That's the thing and I told her that to us. I can't be your voice for multiple reasons. I if something didn't happen between with meat involving me I can't be the boys also I don't know the full story and also I mean talking for someone kind of gives loses their credibility because the people think of me as like for instance the gabbing bring that up but when I talked about it. Everyone's like Oh this could just be drama. It's trashy troll and whatever but when other people bring it up at. Don't talk about drama. It's a little more credible because because it's coming from someone who doesn't normally do that so I just bring it up. I looked like an obsessive ex girlfriend and it also didn't happen to me but I try not to response. I've gotten it's not just this. I've gotten so many. DM's about Jason and some maybe true. Maybe false I duNno. I believe everybody I'm this is your truth is the truth like say don't they. I don't and I believe nobody. I will say when it comes to females dealing with males usually believe a female. I don't know anyways but the point is like there's there's no reason to stay anyone's you know like if it's a liar true or whatever when when they send you so the point is there's there's nothing you can do about it. That's not the proper person to be reached out that simply it's just not appropriate for them to write that to so you're free to respond. I know well I do I. Sometimes I will respond and say like hey if you feel uncomfortable situation like let someone know or like block whatever is like again. There's something I can do. I always feel a little guilty. Just because they know him through me like but like is I tell people I'm like that's not the person I know so if that's happening I'm sorry I don't know again. It's nothing crazy. It's not like in nothing like illegal or anything. It's just like you know if what did you go the complete opposite way and just become a drama channel like from now on under the female team store. Kill me now if that happens to me like honestly it's not fun like even when I was going to upload it like even I meant it in good good spirits and like I was like. Hey what's up. Like I don't know if I mentioned a good way like it just doesn't feel good I don't know. Would you think about being a real journalist journalist like a real like social media journalists. Knew you could just follow take talkers. Everyone is popping off on Youtube right now. My heart acclimating right now just thinking thinking about that. You should try for week now. No you know why because here's the thing because people will try round me up every and I'm so too sensitive. I'm too sensitive to deal with like writing people because I would always be biased. I could never be unbiased. Yeah true tanner mentioned in her video. The other day she in Acuna she mentioned our our situation Jason and me and the threesome and she said do you watch I do watch remember. She said Oh I felt like Tricia was mad at me for no reason. Do you have any thoughts are responses on that. Well no I mean I say I. I think that I understand from her side. who was just you know? That just happened right. Her name got pulled into it. But she didn't do anything right here. On the blogs with Jason David and their ten joke about it yeah exactly anyways ways to be honest I guess the thing is like someone like had sent that to me that clip or whatever and I know people around me up and like the thing is like I'm sensitive so like stuff like hurts hurts and stuff like that still but I also just don't care anymore you know like just sounds like some time this thing. It's hard 'cause I talk about it but it's to me. It's like like with the passport thing. He's at his manager. I'm like this is so greasy. His manager is contacting my crazy way like that. I guess or you can be like. Here's a fricken. I know where you live anyways. Mail it to this address like it's pretty simple but address to that would be the second best option or oranges respond to me. Like what am I going to murder you with. Your passport did move very close to last week's episode reading some of the comments. Yeah now I was surprised by how many people think that you were still psycho for doing that. Like my advice of like just moving to wherever you want to move wasn't great for everybody. Yeah people people don't like that but the thing is my literally my neighbors like John Mayer so it's like. I don't think I moved into a neighborhood where Justin timberlake like literally. There was Justin Timberlake Chris Evans. I don't think I'm like I don't think it's like John. They're still there. Does he live there. I have a theory about it. He posted an instagram. And it looks like my view view and then I looked over and I was like the so I yes I think so. I heard that someone else. Wow told me he lives near me excess. Do you know which area I'd put. Put him top five favorite all time. I heard he's a sexual deviant ways. Devious a bad word. Yeah Oh it is Deviant meant like warned obvious a sexual actual a sexual escapade or no sexual. I mean works a sexual up. I mean look at the way you want to say like. He's a bad way. A deviant is departing from usual accepted standard especially in social or sexual behavior out. DVD's not bad as you say departing from Usual Hardee's the devious devious devious and I know he's a recovering ego maniac. What does that have the angles? I don't know I just saw Interview on it and honestly it was one of the more interesting things I've ever seen. And maybe you should watch it not only mainly because of your ego. It's just a great. I have an EGO. I don't think you do I definitely don't I literally thing I'm trying. I'm always surprised when anybody comes up. Actually I think that's true. You have the opposite of an EGO. Yeah I literally wide. Does anybody like But either way yeah he was. He like admits to being an ego maniac and he went to therapy. I think he went to like like a rehabilitation center for his ego and now he came back and that's why he was. I think that's why he did. Like the grateful. Dead tour where he was just in the band and not the actual front man so so that he could like take a back seat to not be the front of the biggest fan. I don't have any of that stuff that you just said amusing love him. I heard yeah. I heard he's been with thousands of women men and he called Jessica Simpson Sexual Napalm was sexual. Napalm is like a bomb sexual bombs actually. I sounded really sexy though I was like I want to be sexual napalm. You just heard a word and just assume that it sounded good. Yeah terrible thing. No explosion like like Napalm is explosion. Now I don't know it could be the dumbest impulsivity. The dumbest coast napalm highly flammable sticky jelly used in bombs implores. Right so it's like something in a bomb showed like explosions. I would assume sexual explosion. Somebody would call somebody that like in the bedroom Adam. He said that so I feel like she was explosive like she fucking like meet him like explode. That's right that's what I took from it and so I think both of them are freaky. I would love to have a threesome with both of them. Oh Yeah I mean he's in. I was GONNA say this Algebra all of this allegedly. Because I I was GONNA say. He's in the alleged herpes category. Because apparently I kirkby scandal. I've heard lots of bad about him. Allegedly as like usher and stuff like that careful with allegedly a real out allegedly. Yeah Hey no your you're you're you're listening to this. So many people were like. Hey if this is true like who the fuck cares like fucking tell your partners. You don't have to tell the fucking world like a lot of people have these. What did they say like one in three the people in La have herpes or wanted to? Now maybe I know a ton of not A. Wow Oh I did too. I just checked it. I know I read your the thing allowed your all your results. We read out. Yeah Okay Cool big moment for you and me actually proud and me okay so you okay. Okay so John Mayer we love you. Would you have sex with him. No No really even though you love him admire him so much. Because I don't have a lot of females. I don't consider myself bisexual has spent like I would would totally has actually like Pamela Anderson and my her so much you would have sex with people you admire. Yeah for sure pursued doesn't really matter male or female have you have. We talked about this at all on the podcast. This might be a good to get into. We got your friends giving but yeah let's talk about what sexuality I before friendsgiving trouble Sam Bisexual. Then everyone will come from me. I don't I don't consider myself bisexual comments about that too. By the way about life still about the whole trance. Tough in your comment section. I was reading those and Honestly it's it's a lot of hate but I think you've been handling it. Well Yeah I. It's not that difficult of a subject you know it's just there's a lot of people people who just don't want things to change just want things to be there they don't understand things Saigo to DVD classes. Which I think we talk about this reports for people with borderline personality disorder? I I did not know that we've never discussed that. No I haven't going dialectical behavioral therapy. No I just researched it because I I'm really interested interesting. Lions I'm serious. I know there's four categories of dbt that you try to Study one of them is I think the main one that I was seriously because a lot of people have bipolar disorder. A lot of mental elements that I work with and so that's why I'm studying in one of them was that you need to regulate your emotions. Was I think ask yes And it's really such a huge aspect and Louis challenging. I Hate Group therapy. I hate groups all of that. But it's like okay. I'll go because I literally hit seventy rock bottoms this year life changing. I love it. I don't talk about it too much because it is something but but I sent this morning this morning was I did it this morning. Yes it's no. It's not one on one anymore. You're going to therapy there. Wasn't this morning. This is a this was a group and I love it and so. And here's the other thing too about borderline personality disorder that you can also have traits of it. You don't have to necessarily be a fall. BLOHM borderline it line. There's also situational borderline personality disorder where it just like gets triggered Like for me. For instance like my individual therapist saw signs the shear. It doesn't mean I have them all the time you know what I mean. Maybe it's a relationship when I'm triggered by something bad Alice have so anyways interested but even the first year that you went to check they may. I started well master therapist before but this is my first year. I found like a good there because the proton even diagnosed with something no because I asked him that was the first thing is. I'm like okay. So do you think I'm borderline bipolar. And he goes honestly he goes. You have traits of borderline personality order. But it's Eh can't full. I've never been fully blown diagnose I'm never ever taken like I've been dying. I've been given pills for like lithium and something that I've never taken them because so many people say different things I think Part of the fear of taking lithium or any medication is that it it will alter your personality to a point of just being so homeostasis that you can't get up or down which is is good sometimes because you can't get too low but you can't get high and you just end up feeling numb nothing. It's good if you if you need the medication. Yeah we'll to my understanding though now I mean it's not like the one thousand nine hundred sixty s and the nineteen seventy sticky with lithium and then puts you in a Gurney and shake you a little bit. Yeah no there's like there's a lot a good options now but like for one going to group. Therapy is incredible. Yeah no the regulating. Emotions is a huge thing especially have borderline traits borderlines especially me me as being highly emotional person to control your emotions and regular them not necessarily not feel them but just regulate them so when people like the transgender common cause I also work with a a gender identity specialist who is a therapist. People themselves specialists and He he can come home and he's in Vegas beating on my podcast and he He said you know if you I'm just going with all this regulating emotions. Oh so basically. It's just like if one of those things is like it's just not putting it generally like just not really if someone comment it doesn't it's not. That person doesn't know me you. If you make a comment to me I listen to. I can take it in but you don't know me you don't know my thoughts. You don't know my feeling and stuff like that so if you regulate your emotions how you're feeling and don't let your emotions control you. I mean that's the thing. Sometimes these deums whoever it's about as a matter of just whatever whatever if someone's like you're ugly or whatever like just not having that control me like like Lizard mainly social media that you feel those effects from that when you see a comment from there in regularly it's not it's more regular life and that's the thing. Hey comments you will always be. I don't know how you deal with your comments. I don't know I just get them especially the transgender thing like. There's nothing I can do like this is who I am this is how I feel an onslaught in onslaught of skin. I had it onslow scandals. Yeah but anymore I'm dislike. There's nothing nothing I can do. And there's nothing I can do to control what people think are say. There's not there's not yeah exactly I can I. Can I guess not post what I feel but with those specific in specific my gender video. Like that's how I feel. It wasn't like involving anyone else. You now it does come in. I guess if I start talking about okay David whatever. I'm talking about other people even though it happened to me like this is something that made me uncomfortable. I was involving other people so now I'm trying to just talk about my own feelings my own what. I'm going through in my life and not really involving anyone else unless they want to be involved. which thank you for making it? Six episodes people aren't literally like Jordan's ready ready to peace out any time. It's not it's not like I'm ready to Peace L.. It's now I'm obligated. I feel like that's a good way. I I feel like my entire life is run by obligation. I don't really like doing anything I'd rather just sit on my couch and watch sports all day. Really nothing yeah. I haven't really okay. I'm a great space right now because I'm so motivated by everything I Yeah I think my motivation is real. Like I'm really motivated. Like when I when I wanna be but I e motivated by money. Yeah Yeah No I am no. I think money would probably be like two or three. What's your number one? I think one is actually making people not angry at me like my goal in every day for like no one to be angry. I mean it's terrible goal. Fuck that look this yours. Okay there's there's a F- There's something going on like Tanna is filming. MTV Right now in everyone is supposed to be at confessionals at an hour ago. And no one like Trevor Moran you know Trevor. He's literally face down in a toilet throwing up right now. He's supposed as we are. I even hate or whatever but like they're kind of rockstars I kinda love. I'm someone WHO's so. Punctual has to be time. But that's the thing with and I'm not trying to be like like the old person make these young kids but if I was what are they twenty one. So that was won't all flocked 'EM IF I was twenty two thousand one making the money they're making in the fame they have the the holy Shit. I mean I was over there last night for friendsgiving to I want to talk about this like the actual setup here by the way okay because this is like it's episode six now. Yeah in this like we have to do something. This is working now so we sat up. I sent you see the picture will I did. I just wanted to the upcoming you guys. We also have guests. You're saying we don't have guessed. We're just waiting for the perfect setup. Here's here's the thing This podcast is going really well. I don't even know in terms of numbers. It's doing great and you have like you know. Twelve twelve sponsors or are already go post last week. I might have been yeah. You don't know how much like. Oh probably thanks from calming. It's listen to our podcast. I'm Jen I love listening to the podcast back to as and I sent it to. Oh my God. There's like ads in here like we didn't do. The ad reads but there was ads. And maybe it's pennies. Who fucking cares? We had ads so excited. The main point is is is that it's time to take it to the next level we we're taking it to me being here for obligatory reason it's time to get into an actual studio which is in your house. Snow just painted it. You have a couch. I haven't neon sign coming. Yes thank you for that contribution. No the room is a sick. I've never been. I've never had painted walls my entire time in la. I've never had walls painted. So I painted like my whole yourself. No I know. They painted it pink stripes and I have a pink couch and I have like. Pink bedazzled microphones. I'm very excited about this. And I have the original showtime at Shane gave give me that says the dish with trash. And it's like there it's going to be. That's when I had it on for Kim. What was it soundcloud or some shit and so it's cool to come like? Yeah it's going to be just so excited about. Yeah but I wanted to. I'll be perfect like for the first like we're GONNA have guests like left right inside and you're gonNA start putting the audio like i. Don't think the audio because for now I'm giving you a little taste. Hey some youtube channel but I want them to come. Listen on the PODCAST for the quality here but I used to be very clear. That's why you're doing it on Youtube. You stop them halfway so that people would go to the podcast just to listen to actually listen to the full thing which is great quality much better than the youtube strays been and then when really terrible to be honest with you but if you're liking it gets like fifty thousand views to watch people like it. I like it people like but here's the thing and then when we do get guests we'll we'll think the audio but we're going to put like like three or four clips from the episode something that's because right now the first thirty thirty minutes it can be fucking boring and maybe the juice at the end of the podcast when we do with gas. I'm going to be like all like Howard. Starting just take like clip. Doesn't think we really have no schedule. We just kind of talk about curriculum. We're going to have curriculum. I'm very this is my. This is my priority. All yes I'm banking on only fan. Thank you by. The way only went up since last time we talked so motivated did by only fans 'cause like so many people are on there and so it's so I the sounds the sounds. We are by so many people are so fucking funny. I don't I just I don't think of guys thinking of me in that way at all. Yeah I I have girls and I have gay guys and I love them. I don't think it's strike is fucking hot like I don't think like that at all. Don't but you like it. I love it live for. It is your favorite thing in the entire world individual there but the other day. That's about it and he's like do you like the attention. I'm like yes. Yes on the last part. It's a remember the last podcast as opposed to podcasts ago. You didn't remember. Let's let's get back to your friends friends. Oh by the way to say to the little town. I wasn't mad that she said that. I just want to make it clear. I never just like Tanna. It was always an uncomfortable thing while I was dating Jason when David would bring a that joke. So when tanner would tax me to hang out I was always like no because because you remember that that situation happens so many times somebody who was on that like in those rooms rooms like when she was texting you zero acknowledge of even you knowing that there was a thing you know what I mean tax. Are we having a three days long. Yeah so maybe she thought it was a joke. I think so. And that's totally fine. Jason David known whatever and like I hated it was always an awkward thing especially because there was a thing where like Jason did try. It's like before we start so it was just like an awkward thing. Is this series as this week. So it wasn't like I hated her but like your boyfriend's like into someone in constant talking about kissing them and make your kind of don't want to be around them and also I love Hannah and she said we were friends and so we are friends and I was in her blog the other day and we're cool and now when we do the studio podcast your new studio. She'll be one of our first. Three are your four guest. She's always so nice to me like when I see her like that is the one person has always fucking so hardcore name. Names someone who's just like mean everytime I wouldn't say they mean but Tana's over the top nice over the alternative someone mean like someone maybe seeing offish. Maybe something that you thought was nice that he was mean not mean very various. Finish like very friendly to everybody. But me basically maybe it specifically because of you. But he'll like favorite tweak. Even after Jason's like break-up he would like favorite tweets tweets about on the podcast and stuff like that. I think other people who are on the Internet who have like a lot of followers they probably see you and they see all the scandals and they probably do think you're tricia you. They are not going to talk. I'm not going to get involved with the drama. Yeah but this is what I was dating Jason and he was cool with like law. It was it was all very very weird but he was one now. I was surprised. And then people were like he's misogynistic and allegedly as people say he hates women and the animal never heard. I met him like three times each time. He acts like he's never met eighteen. It's one of those things. I sat next to him right at the St measor short either. Fuck those award shows are. I think was a short as it was in New York and my performing at the streams this year that we talked to them about that redid. But you're not and he was so close years there's this whole panel of people actually a funny story. We're on the phone. There's five people on the call. Listen and guys I have two pitches Tricia comes out there. She sings whatever you want. And I think I showed them using lady Gaga. I in the deepest. How shallow showed him and they said? Oh my God this is phenomenal. Let's talk about it. And unfortunately they just didn't who's performing now Katy Perry Lady Gaga. I have no idea anyone. I think the direct quote was like anyone but Tricia is what they are. You fucking with me and I'm feeling so good. You're like well. They actually adding one budget. Yeah actually join. And we'll tell me stuff like he and he'll tell me don't bring it up dumber because he will tell me the truth who we talked about like someone podcast and then they canceled me and then I was supposed to murder someone and then they canceled meeting. He'll tell me the reason why he goes. But they don't want you to know because I think people are genuinely scared of me that I'm GonNa put them on blast. I think it's good for you know when people are scared of you. Yeah because we'll help you navigate your way through the industry of what to do and what not to do but I wanna like when people think you're stupid that's that's the part that bothers me right. I want or any of my clients like even even if they are dumb. I want them to know like what's going on and be like hey. You didn't get this because this person said this and this person's causing an issue take care and sometimes I don't but like Sandra David over goes fuck that or that other person didn't want me on their podcast with the transgender. Okay I mean you know I kind of understand that one for that that one which one fans specifically right like the podcast. I don't understand that's just like just do it for views. I mean. Get like what are you doing. That's not smart right and it could've been great for them but the other one. I thought you know they had this huge business with somebody and they don't WanNa they don't WanNa conflict I totally SORTA leaguer. I Don I literally don't give a fuck and actually so many people that are talked to who is going to like Elijah Daniel from Bandra. Someone else was trying to get rid of Andrew. I'm I mean they're they're make so much money so they don't have a doc if the took this model of creating merchant in the industry and they've perfected it they've done the best of any quality who will have your right now is because that's the android fan so you no. It's not just one company who can do a lot of companies out. We have emerged if you go to shop and church DOC is a shop. I just shop Trish. We still got to fix the URL. I think it's been a couple of months secure. Url are happening now are happening. We get a paycheck once a month now from it waiting for my paycheck do on it is. I don't care I'm also like whatever I keep. I always keep a tap I friends giving. I WanNa know you held. Are you in your thirties. You hang out with twenty year old are you the Jason Natia the Tanta Group. Honestly I was going to say before. Yeah I think about that constantly. I'm not getting very odd to me when I see I mean it's not odd whatever who the fucking literally think about that constantly. I'm not getting I really don't like being the old guy. I heard him like minutes before this. PODCAST call one of his people. Hey you're supposed to be there and fifteen minutes like okay. I'll even fifteen minutes and I was like Jordan News on Seoul telling this doc young hot chick to like get out of bed. Okay well I love it. I wish I was those people. That's a rock star right there. That's fucking Shit it's not on and now it's nothing it's good or bad I'm just saying that's a Rockstar. Who doesn't fucking care about shed? No I disagree. Yeah it's about it's actually actually just somebody who literally doesn't give a shit she I mean she gives a shit but like you know everyone was partying last night and we knew we had stuff to do today. I mean I've had I've had a full. I'm here this podcast casts. I have to go directly to confessionals right after this. Well this is an obligation. I do it it's GonNa you're gonNA because we're old and we've had jobs is not fun. I did my whole life. I'm serious. I was going to be somewhere your whole life. Well I guess I have to but I guess what I'm saying is is like we. You had a regular jobs. I'm assuming that got didn't pay while and stuff like that like you think about these people who've had like thousands of dollars coming in every month since they were like sixteen years old so I I don't even think it's the money like for me personally like a lot of the influencers are social media. So anyone who has a job who doesn't do their their shit I don't I don't know if it's about the money it's literally just like a personality trait of getting yourself of motivated or feeling great passion to do something. Maybe that all these youtubers are these young ones Dot David. I guess David. Even even he's getting kind of slack on his blogs like once a week I mean is going daily and then he went was every three days four days. No it's like once a week now and and it's to me. I mean I get it like what money you don't need. I love Liza but look Elisa she kinda just like fuck YouTube. I mean the people. The people who've won I cost me talk. Talk about this with anyone who wants to be successful thing about people. Want Shane David Casey Davidson determined. Because you know who is saying about. The other day was praying for his prank. Do you remember how big he was. Of course I wash video. He uploaded like yesterday. And that's why okay but even so like the family took their spot. That's that's kind of true but I was thinking I saw video of his. Yes you have like ten thousand views and they used to get ten million fifteen months and even I think there was a long break there. Maybe that's Soi Dave days. I don't know if you remember. He was two thousand seven. He and Miley Cyrus and his videos like married to Jacqueline Glenn. For a minute I think. Now Yeah Jacqueline Glenn if days yeah yeah no he was not yup check it. I'm positive fucking because I keep up with Jacksonville. I keep up with everybody. That's bullshit yeah no I think I think you have Social Repos nope that was afterwards or before but I remember that God wave this well. They were dating which I didn't even know I'm usually we never wrong on anything in fact why don't you quizzed me on. Something on Jacqueline Glenn Her news to wrestling. Oh what happened. Why did you get get rid of clients? I switch companies and moved company G Your Company. Now Yeah but When I left my left you know full screen? And they left studio seventy one in a lot of those clients who were at companies. Can't just take you know I can't find the marriage thing but maybe they're gonNa let us know if you even know who they are. I mean Jacqueline missile pretty relevant but day days. I think doesn't make videos. I don't WanNa say that because I don't know but but even there was a jason and Shane's friend group like Jason Horton. I don't know if you remember. Remember Jason Horn. I love. I love him too. I just had a video a month ago. 'cause crash on him yeah. He's a comedian and again to stop making youtube users. Would that's no he's forties but so Jason's so if I think about this right so Jason and David all these people are like at the top of their game. But here's the thing. Once and Allah Sheen's friend group. There was a girl named Shauna bree all these people used to come rupture to show uh-huh keep going Brianna. Remember Steve Green remember him. Obviously still going Nikki podcasts. For the Lisbon Glover Schwartz so all these people my point is all these people used to get millions of views when they hung out with Shane. Right then Shane kind of blew up. Didn't necessarily like leaving behind distance thing. One Day David my blow up he might not. I'm assuming he probably will. And all these other people already did. He's already there he's already is but you can No no I don't think so. There's a if there's a If they're not rushmore. There's a Mount Rushmore of Youtube. Dobrich two thousand nine hundred seventy s but ten years. No He's only been on the platform. I'm three years. He's getting close to being Shane. Hundred million that's worldviews timing. I'm just saying and you have to have some longevity. You can't be on from three years and be like you're the legend of Youtube your the culture for now. It's been longer than three years three three years. No No oh you're so we started with Collab- when they were vining and that was different. We started youtube like three and a half years ago when I met him it was only a year anyways. The point is I know he's huge or whatever whatever but you'd have longevity like the thing is my point is this also too is like Who Else I'm just trying to think about it? There's Oh toe. He was mainstream. He was in movies. He was on friend. It or okay Jacqueline Glenn she must be like bottomless ship. I like her. She's Nice but what I'm saying is like toby. Maybe was on that same level. It's it's different now because people are like blowing up from stars more but like Tobon was on. He was in. He was in a couple of movies. Like you could be completely wrong here and I seriously hate to to put this other. There's not true but did he hid issue a rape allegation. Yes yeah but I mean that happens. That's what I'm saying you can fall does happen. It doesn't just have saying if it's true. True right no no. I'm saying I'm not saying this to like put anything on anyone. I know shit about people that if it comes out like their fall of grace will happen quicker than than expected end so he won't be saying that in two years if the case is but here's the thing by the way though the lifespan of of social influencers. We have no idea really what it is. There's a few people who've we've cracked the code. And I think those people are Shane the ability to adapt in too long in divas adapted as well whether it be daily blogs do for now but look Elisa Elisa Koshi two years it goes eight decided though that she doesn't want I think that could be David but there's a very specific person who says Youtube is my main platform. That's my career. I the engine that drives my entire business right Shane. I think still does whether he gets a net flicks dealer whenever he does. He's he youtube drives. Same thing for Pudi Pie and all the the biggest influences in the world excuse me the world they they find ways to evolve and to keep that trend going up whether you know no matter where it wasn't a lot of the people you just mentioned took long breaks and they couldn't they couldn't figure out like hey I make videos I get a couple of million views but what's what's the business model. What's next what's GONNA make money? The clothing line is it a podcast. Is it litter bitch is it. You know whatever it is yes clutter it a a lot of people say you have to. You have to be in this industry for longer than three years on youtube to be considered like legendary cracked the code. Because there's some lies would have been that person and now. She's no longer on Youtube and I should. I haven't seen. She stopped making videos anymore and David this year when during right before my expose video. He's making three blocks a week consistently Monday. Wednesday Friday needed blogs blogs he post. Maybe once a week. Sometimes I was specifically your your video. That made him drop back. Maybe because he was so stressed he was he would call he call us at like one in the morning. I need something and this was he wasn't using me and he's like we need to call Tanna and you guys need to have a threesome for our blog and he's pushing pushing pushing and I was just like this is so fucked and like I think after that like he was just so pressure to get stuff out that like maybe I don't know I don't know fuck and who knows who fucking cares but I think yes. Oh worry about Daca not getting speeding tickets if he gets a speeding ticket he gets at home to Slovakia. So don't speed in your fucking Ferrari dumb ass all right. He got a slow no he had it. He has a Ferrari now when you talk about on his podcast and he got pulled over you. Listen to the podcast this. I'm thinking and this was months ago. But he said he was getting pulled over for speeding ticket and he called Jason to like take take the blame or whatever. 'CAUSE IF HE GETS A ticket he says he has to go home. So how about. Just don't speak all right. Let's go anyways. That was I mean just to be clear. This podcast dish with Trish. He's very very very against driving fast. Don't do it. And it doesn't matter until breaker. If you're a social media influencer her at all please just don't drive over the speed limit. I met a disgruntled ex blog. Squad a member down. Oh yeah that is true. You don't remember me and I was just like I knew who was immediately you were like this guy was like. Oh this guy. Yeah and he said his name and I knew the name right away clicked and he was someone who's been Davis logs. I remember like he was. He was the beginning and he was pest. David doesn't call him anymore. I'm GonNa show you something really quick. Look at the mercy science too much to humor trade after this but I gotta show you the messages from from that guy. Oh He's like Jordan. He'd like he knew it was coming his Jordan tennis manager and I was just. I don't know that was offensive. I'm even say your manager. I know well your town of Mandra. That's your mo now mine yeah. That's true just as long as you keep getting. I don't like how they changed. The conversation conversation things on the iphone like just show if I type in something on search like show me every time I wrote it like I don't want to have to see just the top three conversations and then other stupid suggestions I want to you see every time I got. It's so funny to me that you do still associate with me. I'm always shocked. Yeah I know my whole family is to speak to like like how do you do it man I love you we love you the other day you love you back to me on the podcast no attacks and I screen shot. It got really excited about it. I'd probably that was pretty drunk. I know I feel like okay. Here's the tax where he says I love you is that it's Oh this was after our podcast. I was hype. I was like. It's so fun I fucking love you I said I. I love you multiple times and he never said that. Vaccines for this fucking weird. But I'd like to say it as emphasis in an love you so fucking modules like so good yes we are awesome and then actually. He didn't respond so this is like Monday. and Tuesday at ten. Am there's ads. Aren't podcast today. Thirty one minute mark and went home. It was this this Monday. This is plus Monday and then high after all my tax on the night before I like high and then you're like I love you and that's incredible. I approved it but I thought they said after this Kadogo listen now. So here's the thing I don't know if I I would have necessarily said I love you back immediately because as you wait twenty four hours or something for sponsors fuck. She's definitely entitled title to this so excited because part of me always did. This is my my paranoia. I always think we're GONNA leave me. Zig joins me eventually like fucking in whatever leave. I don't same just say that's what I said Jason. When he tried to free up with me I was a little different? I'm getting and also hilarious. Premise of somebody trying to break up with you and just being like no God that was me but also anyway no I don't either today is actually the last day we're GONNA be together. It's like no I'm actually gonNA stay here forever. nope not happening okay. Wait let's talk about Thanksgiving and then the march so friendsgiving wherever you are thirty something with a bunch of twenty early twenty somethings how is it tough way to put it. There's a lot of people my age. There I saw the photo MoD sun is a year older than me because he's a celebrity. Celebrities can be fifty five and hanging out in nineteen year olds because they're celebrities. I honestly have over one hundred thousand dollars. Wow I am basically a slump exact number followers you really. Don't tell me last time I remember. I remember that that day. 'cause I had looked but today it could be anything I could have a million. I haven't looked in ours. I think shadow ban on instagram. Yes you are. I think because because they think they actually took shot Obama away for a second think. Come see the purse on instagram. That's trademark actually. Come see the bus company. The push that's going on Tana's latest video. She should only fans cloud with her on that she will not. She was in her Thong on Youtube. Does her ass straight up in the air. Like put this life and I honestly so. That's that was like the first time I've gotten a deal for somebody where I felt like I was helping to promote promote or produce porn porn. I was shocked. Because here's the thing I don't work on your stuff right Your whatever you make on porn only you're only fans your snapchat where whatever John I don't do I don't work with any of that stuff because I don't know I just I didn't want my career to be tighter porn. I guess even though it makes a ton of money but like just the prospect of like representing Porn Stars versus social media. influencers is a lot different I have had the opportunity that people have worked with. Who have taken that route afterwards? But I think there's only a few people who can make make it happen like you still have your normal career and then go back to inks. It's really difficult to be to do porn and to not have that affect your. I guess you just your normal so much I agree it. which is weird? 'cause I thought. Oh this is it. I'M GONNA be looked as the girl who does this but honestly like I think 'cause like I'm like a girls girl l. like you know what I mean like. I don't know what it is but thank you guys Okay so friendsgiving throw away from it You you had Turkey. You had potatoes `tatoes who cooked so I guess I mean pretty much Tana's friends she she has you know there's Ashley do you know all these people ask we all Mari. Mari was sick so he didn't really help with anything. Bella cooked Natalie the assistant she cooked. I mean there's so much food it was really fun. I've never been to a friendsgiving. I'm usually home at this point right. I should be home right now. I'm going home tonight again. Talks back-to-back shirts. New York is fuck her. Yeah that's part of like suck it up you know so. Oh Yeah I guess we just ate a lot of food not that was it. You said you partied drink. Russillo shots at some cello shots office. Three I didn't have off. I had him out. He didn't take someone's someone's body Well that sounds lame. Yeah is that how you're supposed to take jelly shots. Were body shots. No no no no. Are you sure you're just saying this to save face I don't know I really didn't do it officers body. I don't think so but it was fun. Where's your ex girlfriend? You back with her. Did she text you update on that. No he hasn't texted you sense. No checks you ask ask you what did you say yes this is my favorite read Jordans tax as it is someone who were offended that I looked at your phone. They're like wow Zubov Zubov people were like. Oh my God. I can't believe treasurer. I don't have anything on my phone. That's that There's that but I mean I promise not to like text anyone or know like that's the thing I don't like it. I'm not like a meddler. I don't meddle so you say something about me or talk about me or make me uncomfortable. When she wrote back it wasn't nice oppression? You can read it and I'll just summarized. Yeah well wait. This isn't obviously about podcasts. As well yeah but it was literally listening to League. Clearly part of the podcast gives the comments. She he made was responsible for saying. Yeah if you got but I didn't I don't I don't delete things anyways. I why did comment on what how on my instagram. Because it was like negative. I don't I don't delete either. This awesome from you know. They just didn't want her. The no no no when I said Okay I want I want her to have A. I mean I'm I'm also not no no you can't be. I don't like that I don't like when you're like close to someone and then they're like friends you're actually like okay both know there's somewhere t it's like if to hate the person but there is you know speaking of which how's it going with the hard work cut out a frat pit. We're going to dinner tonight. You in the card worked out. Yeah okay look at this look got some of that Shit. I have my phone case. I'm showing Jordan Obsessive Brad Pitt. Phone case cool an amazing story about my Brad Pitt cardboard cutout on what manifested. I have to save that. Unfortunately until mid December mid December I will say it on his podcast because I did announce the engagement on this podcast. I think Have big surprise but I want to keep it a surprise from you for our podcast. I WanNa say December twentieth maybe January first new husband a new cardboard cutout. Oh Oh you never know something fucking amazing. And I haven't talked about it to anyone and I can't talk about it because they know that is Brad Pitt on the podcast. Let's go could you. I can't even think of A. What do they say? Second copy just for free. Sorry just like Oh ten minutes okay do we go no co host. I know I keep getting my only fans. I'm a patriotic podcast. Like everything mixed up Should we do have a lot going on which we can get into. I mean just for your your business model now for For moving into the next year we have this podcast which is going great thousand thousand percent this podcast to book deals. I WANNA get book deals already know you. Well we've talked about the premise of getting them. But I I got to done. Are they done. They're ready to go really. Yes so I mean we could actually do them. Okay I want to be on Broadway. I want another tour. Broadway's IT circled. But it's like nick can't just be like hey Broadway it's coming Broadway you can. I feel if you end up on Broadway. Coleen I mean Gretchen. We're not the same brand. I think she actually went to college. She went to juilliard or something. I'm serious nine. She did she did. She went to perform rascal. I wasn't really hard. But she did. And she's fucking amazing and I love her not to say you're not though of we should get you on Broadway. But I'm the Rosie o'donald she was like on Broadway and like she doesn't sing or Dr Eric Jane or John Stamos or Coogan Junior. I'm like Kubo was in Chicago. Yuba is it Kuba. Cuba Couva Q.. couvert junior really cool. Getting junior cubic yet country misspell. The same right. Yeah Kuba are you sure. Can we get. Who can we get someone in the booth? Can we get a pronunciation check. Is it Kuba. Cuba are you GONNA do. I feel like what if we don't have someone checking for us. This is GonNa Avi Yonggang Yeah. Tom Shut the spelling of Cuba. Not Pronunciation should we look at my new merch real quick before. I WANNA make a list. I WANNA make a list of of everything that we have coming out now. I have a a list here that you know we can start off with ready. Yep Okay so we have We have some shorts excited for these shorts. They are two different colors and did they say anything on them. Yeah Okay saying Rebirth Rebirth Black Friday and so there's many much who else has a album called the rebirth. Shut up there. is somebody like albums ever. I'm serious this is my. Why fuck are you kidding? No seriously. It's a favorite also one one of his best but yeah no. It's big one where you kidding. I didn't know I don't know anything you tell me a song that's out right now and I have someone's like Shawn Mendez and I don't know what they do. Okay eh singers. I don't even know people are okay. I don't know anything about Sean Man. I swear to God I couldn't tell you one thing. If you had a gun to my head right how. How do you know all of these early nineties late nineties ninety stars but no one from like two thousand? I think I listen to the radio and I wash autumn music videos when I was a kid but now I don't have cable I do. You have cable at Disney. Wash your anything you know. I Love Disney boss. But you don't need cable for Disney plus no but I do have cable. 'cause I watch like the morning show giving him on the view and like all those things all right the dish with Trish on shorts. What else rebirth on shorts we we? Are you just want to make sure everything. I have a list. Do you want to thank God. We need to go through the old one because I write these. I'm going to forget why I think it's better to start. I have like ten maybe of them. The dish was pink Hoodie. My my Hawker Christmas is is that daughter now. Are you just starting this girl. Chris are you just starting. That told me this all done design. I think hot girl Christmas will be out. Maybe even before Christmas Friday out now because tomorrow Friday no tomorrow's Wednesday tomorrow's Wednesday black Friday Jordan because Christmas is coming. You can't buy a shirt for Christmas on Christmas Day. Will you know you can't wouldn't be able to wear trenches right about it was Cuba. That's what she just said Spanish. I should Spanish. But that's yeah but that doesn't I'm not giving you the win on. That was awful and depends on. It depends on language Cuba. gooding junior can can be on Broadway. I can be brought. He was a full. He was awful. I was GONNA say that for the record. He was so so so backwards being Chicago. He was Dr Dr Chicago on Broadway. Yeah and then he got those allegations he had. What is with guys fucking? Here's my thing guys are in the spotlight or disguise. In general how don't sexually actually assault or harass women. Don't throw your out of they don't ask for. It might be easy. He goes. What are you thinking of sexually harassing? Someone don't don't. That's the message in the dishwasher. Guys are so fucking stupid. You don't hear this about female. Celebrities or females and like guys. Don't worry about the Dick Unless they've asked. Yeah I mean we've definitely heard I mean especially the two years the metoo movement with men has awfully one every thousand men. I'd say I'd say they wanted to every hijab now. Name of female. That's alleged xactly he can't donate a hold on. Hold on Shit I I literally just there was just one and it was in Congress and then she or maybe he was a mayor or governor Tampa. I just read this but she was cheating on her husband husband with a female staffer. Think so one you can kind of name but not really I can name twenty guys right now. Harvey Weinstein Cuba gooding junior. James Thank you can just go on fucking Kevin Space. You can go on the list. Don't fucking don't don't be sexual offenders how about that. Hey you're thinking about assaulting someone don't are you thinking about sending on warranted Dick Pic don't there you into unwarranted depicts. Don't I don't do it just to Stop Schmidt bumper stickers on consensual someone who wants to see that Dick Pic. I'm back girl. There's grows out there that want to see your dictates and some girls do not want it so just it. Don't do it unless you hear a girl like me. Don't do it to me either. But if I know you in person you can do it to me. I guess whatever you're over eighteen assault question mark. No Oh that would be a good bumper. No okay okay. All right so we have. We have the shorts and these are going to be a big hit. We have a pink Hoodie. Coming out with is obvious to Lug podcast August. which is a big hot girl Chris? There was inaugural. Wasn't there the Pamela Anderson one. Yeah but that's definitely coming out right. It's definitely happening Friday. ASURA her I'd say ninety five percent Jordan. No a thousand percent needs to be black Friday. I will literally what the Pam Anderson One. Yeah are they different than the hawk. Christmas thirty yes. Oh my God I'm going to me. Live Friday dawn. What else? That's one two three four five six more. There's like look at least three more. You're going to find list. I wanted to do a trans icon. Won The flag WANNA raise money for tranquility. There's a transplanted and I sent it into the design team and there was some issues with it like not just copyright for the transplant. I don't know anyone who owns the rights to it but There was some other issue with it. I WANNA merchandise IHEART. BJ and I wanted to beetlejuice team because my bedroom is beetlejuice team right now. What else does does that stand for beetlejuice? Do you understand now. Explain it to me. Well I don't get it. I can't know why look look at my bedroom. It's beetlejuice themed and it's really good. I mean it's a little corners. Wall yourself I did not paint all my. Don't listen to me. Can we do IHEART. BJ and having a beetlejuice colors. I'm GonNa add that in here. We're allowed to do that. I guess I just said it was inspired by beetlejuice. Breath is inspired. I'll put that in here. Love dirty blow job you like we might want. I feel like we. We might be missing one shy check. Yeah like 'cause I send you five rows ideas and I forget I'm going to delete. I'm going to delete the the Trans flag for now lying. I really want to raise money. I think that we can do but I don't think it's a holiday theme thing like November December. I think we can get rid of that. Okay okay but it's happened on Christmas going to be out for Gin Friday or what. You Mean Pamela. Anderson says it will be will penalty. Anderson has done and I just need to check on Hydro Chris. I'm a okay I swear to God if you don't have this done I'm going to be so different now because I've literally been harassing you about this. Too Hot girl into you would is Christmas. It's my new single comes now December third. I'm doing the music theater December seven because we can we play. We only have a couple of minutes. I WANNA play a little snippet of it and then we'll be done. Can I play knows I owned the rights. Okay we'll white-list it. It was a mama's white listed. GotTa show that means that anyone can use your songs on the Internet and you have to go through copyright infringement thousand percent. I told everybody that Mike using Komo weather uses them. I literally have used these. Actually we got a publishing deal. Actually so I think you're GonNa hear on MTV the actual TV station not though true true true true but it's all good. I don't know this is not coming up my. I was really excited to play this but I don't think he's going to have well. Maybe we can just put Lincoln the Bio. I don't think that is podcasts. Carr's have links. Do they also video. I wouldn't know who comes out to the Youtube. I wonder who comes up with the oh I got it the titles of the podcast. You look at the titles Clemson somebody you do do you does she. Oh they do. It's good some. I always wondered 'cause they do like a whole description of the episode and I think they'll be a lot better better when we have structuring guests. I think he's been pretty good now. I can't get this up. Maybe next time we play a lot of growth this podcast. No you weren't at all. I mean you were a little bit but Mike now than we have you I contact. I forgot what it was like Jack Dig it was distracting to me. Whatever I the tip the merge going now so that's great? Do you WanNa do some you know. I don't think do I don't think I had Hannukah merch. I went home for Hanukkah dinner with my family as I say. It's a Hannukah yet. If I had Jewish Merchant Hannukah Merch let me see if I can bring it up real quick. I had Hannukah about three years ago. Lessons Weird no because it was actually was very popular piece. You know show you. It's really cool. I think showed you this before my little Jewish march is the Star of David with Schick on it. Oh you know what that's funny. He picks them means non Jew in Yiddish Jewish men where little temptresses well not necessarily. That's what my ex-boyfriend Molly You know she literally said that she was like it's non-jewish girls who tried to seduce our Jewish men as if like you can't date them that's not true but like it can NBA my Hanukkah meals. I do a Hanukkah thing every year. which would do to you? I do get felt fish I I yeah sometimes I kinda eat it okay. I don't know any of this like liver. Not only that was very nice Jewish anyway. Yeah I actually in all seriousness I. This is no joke on an episode of something I had to explain what Hannukah was to a group of people and I swear to God they had to stop the scene and Mike asked me to leave. Had somebody else do because I couldn't explain what was the what was it was show. Was it tennis. Grill is what is she going to do next year. When she's not turning twenty one is going to be an attorney twenty two Jordan turn something fifty seven steel bed? All right guys we wrap it up. This has been the dish with Trish. I'm the dish and I'm Joie next seven so listen.

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