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a straight talk speech how long. Ask Cheese and fruit. I demand slides as they drew. We safety while you wait was as I see me. Show small being in a way to save all. We have journey through era. We a a child shoot one Charlotte. Rae To will you? Drowsy INSERTS own views. Aw a okay welcome again. Everyone the Molina session. So yeah I I'd say. Thanks to contend for woman the crowd before the views. That's ludicrous. News project totting up the the dumbest Athens garage role maybe and plastering and circles. We've been been quite busy in the two of US Travis and Robin Hood Folsom after all the mundane work of running industry and building playing and everything around lunch and bring us. Lunch is nice to settle down in the evening with bit. Talk on Donna and meditation. So yes so I never were runs away from either problems. Matija and also began to get back the texts and the Susan have raised. Because no one's telling me to you now well we have a regular DOMICO tolkien on their brown from off number. Molly will do a surgery so pervasive very short shooter today. Which is the file seven which is supposed to believe given to monks? The first one was he started out with the friends and the second one he had part friends said when he had fouled a month with. Something happened in that in that period remain meant main download. The Guy we were on the and all the talk during the trade period which finished which runs for about mid October. Branca's a talk to us. We read channel these Straits Sodas in polly's got to have a look at the which is available to the central bucket suggest fabulous job there so go. There was quite a show so the first book was about eight for the second the and the two schools to nature and parents and so forth but the third one was about Only success and how they affect the mind when we were out there and also things are going on and some people really enjoy incur. Pretty Much we have to match censoring. We tend to get tired and grumpy and those good at the end of the day to sit down meditation and relax and I haven't talked too much about the various dangerous meditation. P Kobi's better bits. That were good place to stop so that the mace make better Tashin but in another way. It's very Interesting interesting tales with six of the Buddha talked about the facts about coming in English. The sight smell taste touch and and sound. And what is the mind as six cents fade away especially because you lack of these things and become more peaceful and a lot of the things about clock for Sierra Mountains. Start to pay the way these things as the census federal way so when we meditate offer mortal disappear. I is the center of tasting snow so often that me I. It's something that you didn't really think about much. Meditating depends hassle. Helwan those lovely car this morning. Tyson's foam quite this quite quickly and sitting here quite play low. The last little bit and I was the is closed after short while the sense of sight paid on these is very natural process and a meditation Progressive Data on fun parts of the body stuff to sort of fade away. You lose pots all of your body and probably being lost sense. Last five cents disappears says of sound as well so very aware of being in the rain lost over here then. There's the the traffic and if I'm if you practice for a long time. You have a very good big meditation centers. Actually this p completely and that sort of the twice a week dig. Meditation can happen so yeah. I heard you read the basic method Hash browns. He talks about some of these states. A that happened the disappear solo process of rely too just making pace with the what comes into the nine hundred meditation. Whether it's the five senses of the present the sounds and the whatever else for thoughts about the symptoms really fan over the past and yeah so that's fascinating after having lived for a long time to go back to the citizens that Between letting go of the senses and the mind comes in practice. That's why people are drunk. Meditation does result resulted in Payson happiness. And was it's a very gradual process. I have practice really good style inevitable. 'cause towards peace is on a few words on the price but the day having having been working quite hard last nicest to have half now now to Susan piece for a few few works meditation process of letting go having patient and content sense of contentment with the practice. Wherever it is. Would you like to Now easy usual. Allow the body to get comfortable clothing. the day train away. He gathered here month straight. Having nothing to do spoke Woke up right now about the future. Worry will clearly Comfortable with the counsel kindness. One is good enough close to meditation. Now is a feel in Asia with the time the question. What were what did questions to the very end canal? Stretch have you fifteen minutes bids the time we have for question about taking any questions that meditation of cushion. Good your mind. Listen to the head of the wheel just a fight club but yeah it is a tendency to try to control things difficult so yeah didn't experience to use of get used to the fact that the mind thinks and wants to do things and goes in all different directions but at the same time interest allowed to do that enough to try to make it make peaceful. Yeah hold hold things to talk then makes it worth. Yeah I always come back to that Prompted a few things about about. This is basically the power to dig. Meditation is one woman contestant after another Montauk actually probably two thousand six of income. I learned the garrick which is a training like throw will be this grateful. You talked about the seven hindrances so in this urgency again again if I can embrace a desire. Ill-will fought from top wrestlers and doubts about the path but also particular centers. I think it has to accountable what what must but one was the lack of contentment. Yeah Rub said having contented sir remedy all of the five hundred cool so just just contaminant just having contaminants will actually allowed that. Stop US being able to find a way soccer well so much for ten years now yeah months kind of was in the beginning but as I learned to just so that's okay and you find the savings at the hop now. It's very pleasant A. We've got a lot to do here. We're GONNA lock Damian You Hear Rob as well and I'm sure Lookin' some simple paypal summer online. Visit to Metro Manila It's Nice you finish the way period and sometimes busy so it's good to the toll the put down and three for lunch and naturally relax and it's just a habit of cold weather is and then just to take it easy. After knowing I had to give a toll I just got himself good a time to relax. Yeah it was not just to have a look at that. I was talking about getting central of that if you did that. For text to the they've got a really great form. Saraswat while we can ask questions and cut an awesome to do actually stewart beyond the story behind the. Oh Yeah. I think I've heard center you talking a little bit about the countries. I think so. I think a lot of the back story is probably found in the country's central takes but it does give notice of the Buddha was teaching thousand monks and narrow practice the wishing the fire had these strange practice matches just practices at the time. And yeah the good basically brought them all together on top of a mountain and said Just gave it to all come the sixth sense the six inches. They're all full of reputation. It was all Bronzed in wise about the The sites and the mind that arises on this those two things and then it repeats on and on with the five senses of the moment so but says they're all they're all fine. They're all on five. They're all in five with the. You know this this trouble so He was the taking. What was the existing practice putting twitter really? And yes companies in suits. I think it says he's thousand. Tom All of those all these thousand monks pretty amid occasion. What you have seen his birth awarded to fire interesting. That's very very proud and very close together for showers and so yeah I'd even to ignore the trucks so highway. Yeah you get you get used to them. I don't know to this three touching anything I didn't. I didn't what insects I probably should. But the candles are worse sentence on. I was things off to let them. Just yeah wow angle back to square one kid. Just yeah because even one moment let that. That's good enough. You have one mounted. Let him go. Good actress who's actually to tree had to restart yes. I've come to really like that because it sounds like nothing. I'd give the monitoring at all to detect this time is association booed sound sort of. Yeah the dusk. That evening I live. It could be Aycock care. Logos are in rates down. You say them. They're pretty of a dominance monster in New South Wales in the middle of National Park. It wasn't an actual popular. The most races go this little property in the middle of this maximum national flight sixteen clinics to the front gate so very much in the suit for the middle of the forest and around the surrounding Parsons. Just national wasn't from Sydney through Glenora Jerrell Nari and then hit. Watson's vary across the ferry and then Oklahoma's down the road to the Front Guide and then you drive and it's a little bit scary. You've never done that. Before one of well to drawn if you're driving and there's a precipitous drops of track. Yeah it's pretty freaky to do it from your but yet the place and a wombats and also the thing but I give but yet you didn't get live on the west coast aren't they. I think they do a funny coal strike. There is a strange doubt bids. Because we're kinda ridiculous it's first of maybe we'll have that have started a coke you said you sort of you can enjoy the sounds of the forest abrahams peacocks and pay up to the that we didn't. I'm to Brian in pretty amazing experience. I really quite interesting experience where I was sitting in meditation. Had this this bird. Some sandwiches incredibly beautiful and. I didn't didn't try decide. Oh sound go away of fetches so as soon as civil by visualizations looking at a school run story down. It was present just just opinion control set on the sound. Current sounds bother me. Pitching kind of the easier things for me and it's like in just comes and goes and it might be beautiful or like when. Armidale that you know. Somebody is really going for the hill to the motorbike. Mike for years. Licensed doing that too. But I don't recall. Spread out yet right and so forth had or a truck slowing down coming down the hill. You know that sort of thing or just you know. I don't I don't follow the that's easy. That thought you know fifteen minutes later following it and haven't woken up to yet but added. The sounds are easy and of course the sound comes. This unfamiliar of war is in any way implies danger. My instincts are right there. Star attention involuntarily cops. And there's no danger. The sound is the easiest thing for make different he plucks people I was using here I followed a bit more of I just. I purchase the here. There is to hear does. We've you know where's the club. Wigan speaking back in the heck's is but now we're good for that on topic today. I got this this and it could be a little bit a little. Bit Weird. I think you'd use of Buddhism before ciders as well. Yeah it's coming in. I think they used opera down. So I think it's Definitely definitely traditional in Thailand. Maybe competitive as well but which has over the sun and the moon and the sun is to be followed any action and the mood is just be bold but there's a lot of good stuff in here just remember the the. Yeah when you're approaching the various texts and the things we chant. There's a whole science literally his arms to am eleven. The text and looking at what might be more. Reliable racers virtually very very consistent plus check. No this sharing expiration practice right shoes interest interest rate fears and a man man is all this and realized actress. Man. Sweet leasees along those on every of Man In May opt no show he's.

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