The Warriners


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Make sure all the information is verified and up to date. So you're not wasting your sweet time. They make hunting for a new place. A breeze says send subpar rental search sites packing and visit. Apartments dot com to find your perfect place apartments dot com, change your apartment, and change the world warning in many of our episodes, the crimes happened years or even decades ago. But the horrifying events in this episode took place just weeks ago. The case is still unfolding. All parties involved are innocent until proven guilty. And also, another warning the content is very graphic. Degree degree post degree. First, the first degree. You're supposed to have it in movies. Not we'll light. This is only been the last couple of months that does this happened. I don't I don't get nightmares. I don't I in true crime horror movies, things like that, all the time, just doesn't bother me this bothered me. I had nightmares like wake up screaming in the middle of the night nightmares. Because of this. Hey guys, welcome to the first degree the true crime podcast that you might end up on. My name is Jack Fiona. I'm sitting across from Alexis linkletter just took a big big breath already her us. And next to Billy Johnson who brought us ace Christ bars. That's the great thing about walking around Hollywood. There are men walking around with ice cream coolest right outside my smart right outside of your do we trust those to eat. Absolutely. L to guy with a cooler and a bell. What's going to what could be wrong with that? You could definitely poison one of those. He did not have the strawberry shortcake ones that because I thought that you would like that. Kind of look like to you. I don't know. I thought you would like the kind of fake weird artificial strawberry, now that's Jared thing. Chocolate, always, or if I don't want any sugar unless it's like chocolate in good quality, right? Well, we chocolate waiting for us and excites deeply. Thank God, what days it. Billy. 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And it's family owned, and we had some cocktails, and it was wonderful. How long do you think she's been drinking for oh, probably seventeen years? Well, the doubt like you see, like stealing the vodka and filling it up with water that did happen. And I called her out on it. And she was like, we'll go sorry. Yeah. It's like I drink straight vodka. I know what it tastes. Like when it's watered down. So, yeah, I called seriously. If you didn't do that, as a kid, did you really live now? He didn't. All right. Well, that's enough of that. So let's turn down the lights and turn up things -iety who's this could be. On may fifth of twenty nineteen. Yes. May fifth twenty nineteen which if you're listening to real time this was last month. Police got a call from resident of an apartment complex in the neighborhood of Denton, Texas. The caller was concerned about some strange behavior. Her neighbor was exhibiting, the behavior wasn't overtly deviant, but strange enough to elicit a call to the police when the police arrived, the door to the unit was a jar when they stepped inside the made a horrific discovery, there was a body. The scene was gruesome beyond comprehension. The most ominous thing at the scene was ironically, not what they could observe rather. What was missing which was the head of the victim? So for the past ten years had always been Sarah, an Isaac Warriner Sarah had been raising her son alone, for the most part in the suburbs of Denton, Texas, since the divorce, for husband ten years prior. They lived in a high end apartment complex at twenty four hundred Stockbridge road in Denton. On may fifth two thousand nineteen just a little over a month ago, but didn't police received a nine one one call. The caller said that her neighbor, twenty two year old Isaac Warrener was outside of the apartment that he shared with his mother, and he was behaving strangely and the a shopping cart with him. That was full of cleaning supplies. The neighbor was looking at the item to the shopping cart, all the chemicals at such, and our first thought was that maybe Isaac was making a bomb so officers showed up to the scene. They find the shopping cart with all the cleaning supplies outside the unlocked department. Outside, there's no sign of the car, which the mother's car, which Volvo inside. There's no sign of Isaac, but they move quickly to clear the apartment. So they moved through each room, and then go into the master bedroom. Which is where they found the decapitated body of who they believed to be Isaac's mother Sarah, and it looked like she had been dead for proximity to days. So Sarah's head was missing. And to this day, it hasn't been found, or if it has been found the information hasn't been released to the public, yet, the cause of death has not been announced there may have been head trauma, but we don't know that information is missing. But let's talk about what the police did find in the apartment, they found a hacksaw and evidence that Isaac tried to wash the hacksaw to clean it up looking at the scene. Investigate investigators to do that Isaac, severed. His mother's head from her body, and rinse the hacksaw in a bathtub and the toilet, we already mentioned that Isaac was seen acting super strangely with those cleaning supplies outside of his apartment, when the cops were called on the day that the crime scene was discovered. So the investigators immediately sent out an alert to be on the lookout for Sarah's car since it was missing from the scene. And obviously Isaac was also missing and about twelve hours later in thirty miles away officers with a Gainesville police departments spotted the Volvo station wagon, and it puts the driver, Kevin Phillips, who was the chief of the Gainesville police said officers got a caller on nine forty in the morning. On Monday, the sixth, which is the next day after the body was discovered about a man, trespassing at the tire service center at the Gainesville Texas, WalMart. The officers pulled up to the scene. And as they're observing this person who's acting suspiciously. They recognize that it is. In fact, this person Isaac Wariner who they had been alerted to keep an eye out for so is exceeded the officers and starts running towards the front of the store. He jumps into his vehicle and tries to run over one of the officers who was chasing him. Fortunately, the officer was able to move quickly enough and jump out of the way a move that probably resulted in saving his life. Isaac van got on highway eighty two and headed east before completing a u-turn that took him back in the opposite direction. And then we have seen it all. So he did all of this while driving with a flat tire at one point Isaac lost control of his car. And he slows down officers approach him while he's still in the car, one officer pulls out a teaser and deploys it, but it misses him is then steps on the gas guns at northbound on a service road before getting back on the highway. And during this pursue a piece of the wheel from Isaac's car hit the windshield of the police officers that were in pursuit causing damage to the vehicle. But luckily again, nobody was hurt but he's obviously driving on a car. That is. That is going to get out of control at some point, but he keeps going to the chase actually continues over the border into Oklahoma. And he finally loses control the car. The car crashes into a median at approximately ten thirty AM the love county Oklahoma deputies arrest him. They take them into custody and execute a search warrant for the car Isaac was arrested on may sixth and Oklahoma for looting authorities, and he was taken to the love county jail, or he sat for ten days until Thursday may sixteenth. He fought extradition back to Denton the entire time, but was eventually forced to go back and was booked on bonds, totaling nearly three hundred thousand dollars. And he's charged with tampering with evidence and abuse of a corpse related to his mother's death. Right. And at the time of his arrest, it was reported that Denton county police were working with the Tarrant county Emmys office in Denton county DA to determine if additional charges would be filed because there's lots up in the air here. I'm sure you guys are asking with the unfolding of. Events with a son allegedly doing something horrible to his mother. And this there, there are a lot of questions. So we're left to ask ourselves. How did this happen? Why did this happen in why in general, do such horrific crimes take place to find out will need to retrace ISAACs movements prior to what happened? And Kelly Smith is our first degree connection. She was friends with Isaac and high school. And also in college. She was in student council with him for two years. They planned homecoming dances, proms and a million other school functions, which is a direct quote from her. They went to the lake together a few times, and spend a lot of time together outside school participating in senior ditch day in countless other high school type memories. They ended up graduating going on as I. I said to the same college university of North Texas in their hometown of Denton and they spent their college orientation, week together, however, they did start to lose touch after she started hearing stories of Isaac strange and erotic behavior. Remember these events unfolded last month, and she and her friends are still reeling from the news and we are going to provide, as much information as began so Kelly is going to take us back and tell us all about the Isaac that she knew the guy who was seemingly normal only a few years ago. When I first are you saying? Egli lever juniors in high school. I remember him being very tangible person. He didn't dress up, but he leaves also not dirty just were t shirts and shorts and he tried to make people laugh. He was he was funny wasn't necessarily the most popular person in school, but he did win loss president and he was night, and he was. You know, making himself the center of attention and any room that he was in. He was killed. He was told he told her in most of the guys went to school. With ski, we started being friends, I think closer to my senior year, I think I had classes with him junior year. We knew each other. We have some of the same friends, but my senior high school and went into student council and my best friend Chloe, and he ran against each other for vice president or president and Chloe ended up winning vice president, and he won president. I remember he, and I would run errands together, and we would, you know, go out and leave school to do things for our our student council teacher because he was a friend. He was somebody that I would confide in here and there and you know, vent frustrations about student government and about, you know, just high school in general, waiting to get out waiting to go somewhere else. I don't remember ever having many issues with him. He was just a nice person. So after high school Kellyanne Isaac also went to the same college. He and I did go to the same school at university of North Texas are freshman year. My mom actually left me with ten or a college orientational, our first day I was walking around with my mom on, you know, the first day of where teaching and he and another girl that I was school with walked up to me. And we were talking and hanging out my mom's like hey, do you just leave you with your friends, but it was, again, the fine, and we walked around together, and keep I went to his dorm, and saw his dorm, and he went to mine and all mine. And we hung out we had a full week of orientation. We hung out that whole week, and, you know, started college together, essentially stirring, ISAACs early college years, that he starts exhibiting concerning behavior. He gets DUI, which apparently was shocking to those who knew him and didn't county jail records show that is a Gorna was jailed on charges of driving, while intoxicated, and possession of marijuana earlier this year. He was arrested by Corinth police for driving while intoxicated in December. So I'm always traveling. 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So if you guys want to check out a way suitcases, go to away travel dot com. Slash degree and use promo code degree for twenty dollars off a suitcase. Again, that's a way travel dot com slash degree promo code degree for twenty dollars off. You won't regret it. Okay. So then there's a very, very, very bizarre encounter that one of Kelly's. Best friends has with Isaac at Denton 's WalMart, and you can tell at this point that things it's strange behavior. I remember my one of my best friends Morita, who clubby Marie thin, I lived together after we moved out of our dorm, and release. The also went to high school with us, and Marita ran into him at WalMart. And he, you know, watch a tour was talking to her and. He she was like, okay like I gotta go. You know, nice to see you or whatever. And she said that he wrote her he followed her through WalMart, and continually asking her, like, let's get dinner. Let's do that, like, and she was like very weirded out by she was very uncomfortable that the situation and I remember her texting us I believe, before she even got out of the parking lot. Like, oh my God, I just ran into Isaac and he was being super weird. And she just I could tell that she was insanely I'm comfortable with the situation. It's at this point that Kelly starts to distance herself from Isaac because his behavior, it's concerning. But it's also kind of out of nowhere unexplained as far as the guy, she's known for a number of years. I remember finding out that he had gotten a second DUI, and that was the one where he had a he was in a car accident. I don't know if he hit a pole or a tree, or something like that, but it was a single car back. It was just ten and I don't know if she had hit the pole or tree in an attempt to get away from police or if he had hit it. And then somebody called the police, I don't know exactly what happened in that situation. I like getting one, do you I was incredibly shocking? The first one was, I remember being, you know, passed around constantly because people were just so incredibly, especially in a day where Uber is so easy. It's so easy to get a ride home from a bar, and it was just the only word I can think of is shocking, then Isaac posts, a bizarre Facebook live video that really rattled, anybody that saw it. So I remember somebody telling me, and I, I don't remember who. But somebody had told me that he did a like a Facebook live, and he was just sitting in front of a camera aiding. And I vaguely remember somebody told me he was just beating popcorn. And then I remember after that she had somebody told me that he had posted on Twitter. That he wanted to kill himself and that he didn't think that anybody cared. And again, I didn't see these tweets, somebody telling me after the fact but this again, just incredibly shocking that somebody that was so normal endless, so seemingly put together at one point in their wife had almost completely fallen apart. The Facebook live video is more than forty minutes long, and we're just gonna play about thirty to forty five seconds of it so you can get an idea of what it was all about. And we'll. Thanks Bill salt, Veneta to you. Yeah. Jumping. Happy. Oh. So the question that all of his friends are thinking about, you know with this generation, and with probably future generations you become friends with everybody on Facebook. And then you're watching each other as you live, there live their lives as they move on. And, you know, there's been this talk of, like you only post things on Facebook. That makes you look good. You're you're highlight reel. There's been a lot of studies about that about how that that had that can affect you. But what he's doing is, he's posting this video and his friends are looking at going. This kind of was the class president. This guy was the guy that put everything together, and he spoke at graduation, and apparently was a really funny speech. Is he had a great sense of humor? You look at his everything else that he was posting on Facebook. He was really into combating climate change. He was big Beddoe guy. I mean he was yeah. He was very much. Much into trying to save the world. Yeah. And then this, this video comes up. What's going on here? Right. So we should probably. I mean Kelly's talks a little bit about what he was like, but we should delve more into what he was all about. So as we know Kelly was baffled that the guy she knew to be this over Cheever class. President do. No wrong son of strict parents, just funny likable guy even got a single DUI. She expected him to just be this like, straight-laced guy, overachiever forever. She's even more floor to hear that there was a second. D Y. Not only that, though, it resulted in a single car wreck with Isaac by the wheel. I remember finding out that he had gotten a second D Y, and that was the one where he had a he was in a car accident. I don't know if he hit. A poll or a tree or something like that. But it was a single car back. It was just ten and I don't know if she had hit the pole or tree in an attempt to get away from police or if he headed. And then somebody called the police, I don't know exactly what happened in that situation. So we're only out some facts as to what is state was at the time that all of this was occurring. He was twenty two years old, just graduated from college where he had worked as an RA at the university of North Texas in college had also been a director of leadership and development of the student government association as well as a campus life ambassador. So this is interesting. So I went on kind of deep dive looking for information on Isaac, because just let you guys now this is very new case it's hard to find information, it's still precious as far as the investigation is concerned, and the only information is kind of like the same article regurgitated over and over there's very little, but I went on a dive, and I went on linked, and he's a third connection of mine, which I thought was interesting. Interesting means I'm three what is it? You're tweeted, three degrees of separation away from Lincoln. So I have some friends who were friends with his friends, all like, Dan, is with that means. So I. Didn't gleam that much other than what Jack just said in terms of what his kind of on paper accolades were, but I did find beaming review from a colleague that read throughout his tenure at the university of North Texas. He has been one of the most thoughtful and focus student leaders of ever seen after working with him last semester on the university wide homecoming planning team. And I've seen a stellar performance as spirit coordinator for UNT student run programming council. I'm so odd by his conviction and dedication towards university's mission and all only going into his fourth semester. I can't wait to see what's to come from an of North Texas top student leaders. And if you look at his linked in profile, Isaac Warriner director of leadership development student government association. Obviously he took. He was a big guy with homecoming, and Stu leadership in high school. He brought that over there. I'm actually a third degree right from him as well. It's probably because of me or like we probably the same connection, there's something to it. But he was a resident assistant. He was the person that you go to our app. You're having problems or, or whatever you know, where you're living campus life embassador just everything about his profile is leadership. It's all about leadership. Yeah. I think you'd probably wanted to do politics. Something along those lines seem like a very kind of together guy and, and he's a leader. That's what that's what he was. That's what we wanted to do. So if you're asking yourself, how a guy who seemed like on a track to do great things that was a leader in high school. It was a leader in college. How did this happen and whether any red flags, and there actually were after Isaac's arrest? Police documents revealed that half dozen of is former classmates for the university of North Texas said they noticed a clear decline in his mental status. Over the course of a few years, and the police had actually responded to at least twelve calls from people concerned about his behavior since February before the killing. So it was revealed by the media that on March thirteenth. Less than a month before this incident. Occurred Denton police received a report about Isaac from his friend Mia who had gone to college with him. And she had talked to Isaac on and off since college, and they remained really really close friends. And when she called the police, she urged them with check on him. The reason she gave was that she had seen troubling Facebook posts were Isaac talked about feeling suicidal. And then when she met with him out of concern at a coffee shop in Dallas week prior to the incident. She said that she felt so uncomfortable around her friend, that she cut the meeting short and left. She called the police out of concern for him in the officer told her that it was not the first time that they had received a call about Isaac, but he explained to her, that no one ever answers the door when they go there. Despite that an officer did go over there in check on Isaac at the apartment that he shared with his mother. But again, nobody answered so they left and they filed a police report. And even before a meal. Authorities. The didn't county police were told him in February by another university of North Texas friend name Hannah Warrick that somebody needed to check on Isaac. He had gone to visit her in Texas and showed of a week earlier than he was scheduled to visit. And she said that when he came out here, he was just so far from himself. He was having a really hard time reading, social cues, and he was carrying on a conversation in a way that was unusual, so she called the authorities. But because she didn't know as a dress, should she was told that they could not make a welfare check on him without the information. She told the media that quote, there is no part of me that could ever. Imagine him hurting or much less killing a person. I learned that the cops have been called multiple times from one of the articles, one of the article stated that the constant been contacted twelve separate times. I think from either his mom or from past friends, I believe that the tweet him saying that he wanted to kill him might have started some of that it was really upsetting to me. It was really upsetting to hear that most people people, including his mother tried to get him help multiple people try to help and, and the only way that they knew how and it failed. So in what is sensually, Ecorse Shindo of his behavior? Sarah herself is mother had even called the police about Isaac days before her body was found to report that our son had gone angry with her in that they had a verbal altercation in the police arrived quickly, but Isaac was already gone when they arrived, and they told Sarah to call nine one again, if he were turned if the situation continued, or escalated in any way. Then the very same day. Sarah, Warren, Warren, or call the police on Isaac. He sent out a tweet that read for real, does anyone care that I'm actively suicidal, and this is a tweet that many of the friends, we've previously mentioned reacted to and also called the authorities to. So this is something that really alarmed people. This in conjunction with the Facebook post in conjunction with just like obvious babies at his friends are noticing when they're trying to spend time with him. Yeah. And to go from a really charismatic funny guy after public speaking to this guy, creeping, people out at WalMart doing shit online in actively being suicidal in posting tweets about it. Everyone was alarmed understandably should've until like be able to have conversation like it's, it's bad. It's bad and it's scary. The police are trying to react in. It's a very in. We'll, we'll get into this later, of course. But it's like it's a str-. Range in difficult thing to address. Yes. So the next day, a former classmate named Abby gross reported this to the police, and she also told the woman who took our call that she observed cut marks on Isaac's arm. Abby said she and Isaac Warriner had met at a local doughnut shop that Wednesday morning less than state more than a catch up. And she said, quote, he showed me as arm, and it was covered in cuts. He told me he tried to kill himself the night before. Abby was told that the police would have police officer do a welfare check on is a coroner and to call back if things get worse. So seemingly. He's putting this stuff out there. He's meeting with friends. He's, he's not barricaded cuts. He's also putting it out on social media. Yeah. That there's bad and his friends are actually reaching back out to him at also reaching out to the police. So it seems like everybody's trying to do the right thing. Yeah. So this all culminated in a final call to police about Isaac didn't police responded to a welfare concern at the apartment that Isaac and Sarah shared Saratoga police that her son had cut his arms with a razor. And she took him to the hospital is told a nurse that he was going to kill himself and his mother. But he fled the hospital before security officers arrived Sarah told the Denton police that she found her son walking on the road, she picked him up and drove back to their apartment. And at some point is it took his mother's phone away. So she couldn't call, but the next thing that I remember hearing, is that I was I home in almost midnight by myself in my room and pony Techni, and me, a screen shot of the articles stating that his mother has been murdered and in article it doesn't show that doesn't save it. He's the one who killed her. It's just he's been arrested. As a suspect. In smarter case and the three of us meet Chloe Morita, who only within data just just talking. We were like we were all so incredibly shocked. It upset me so much finding out that he had decapitated her. And I'm sure it was in an attempt to clean up his mess. But it I don't I don't get nightmares. I don't I take in true crime horror movies, things like that. All the time I constantly reading crime, constantly listening to grand podcast. Doesn't bother me that bothered me. I had nightmares like wake up screaming in the middle of the night night. There's because of this, and it was just don't telling to find out that she had not only murdered his mother, but had gone on to. Abused her body after she had died. I don't believe that there is any from what I've read from what I've heard. I don't believe that there was any. More abuse after the big capitated in, I don't know why that was the only thing that he did. And. I don't know if they ever found the head I from what I heard I don't believe that they ever located has mother's head. When we were first having the conversation about that when we first found the article, I think our conversation was really just geared towards. Why you know, we were going back and forth talking about. Like the time that we spend ten and things like that. And it did nothing came to mind as to what could possibly make him do this. I was upset for his mom. I was upset that her life had been taken by her only son, things like that. Don't happen here, and it's very shocking and something that's upsetting happened. Dumbest street from you. Every car comes with its share of stories, the ding in your bumper when universally picked up a first date the luxury package, you got after a big promotion, the mileage you save by riding your bike all summer. I know that I have some French fries lodged underneath my seat. 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Hey, everybody, you have to check out this amazing neutral crime podcast. It's called twenty two hours in American nightmare. It's about a murder that took place in Washington DC, a family and their housekeeper were being held hostage for twenty two hours before being killed when the murder sent their mansion on fire. He'll be shocked by what they went through during those twenty two hours and you won't believe how they found the guy I won't really ending. But all I will say is pizza crust. I'm telling you. It's awesome. Download twenty two hours in American nightmare, now on apple podcasts and podcast. One new episodes every Monday. All right. So you probably notice at some point, we haven't learned that much about Sarah is X mother. And that is because a this is a very new unfolding situation in that a ton is not available and be I mean digitally. No, the reason besides that other than that she's very lucid on the interwebs. Yup. And it's horrible that she has become a victim of probably what's arguably one of the most horrific situations that exist. And it's terrible. But I did go on a internet digging whole mission. And Jack is very proud of me for it because I brief Tron some of my findings earlier and she was like we must discuss. Yeah, well, I think that I mean I need to give Alexis props sometimes for your researching skills, because a lot of these cases that we're doing a little known cases or like this one is just unfolding and it's really hard to find information. You can't pull up Kapiti of page in read it or pull up an article and read it will. It's what happened with last week's episode with Jared, Jared rate episode, by the way Jarod had no idea about some of these things, and he had, you know, he's remembering a story of his passes nine year old friend. Had been murdered by his mother. That's all he really knew. He didn't know any of the particulars because they were in Google lable, and he wasn't going into the newspaper archives, and taking fascinating about Jared's experience in not we're not going to get too deep into this. But the details didn't matter. It was just like the broad strokes that affected him. Right. He didn't need the details to know that it changed him, right? And I thought that was very moving. But thank you guys, because I am proud of these findings because what I learned about Sarah, if you will Sarah Wariner, who is this victim of this horrific incident, you find nothing Sarah and Warriner sixty five years old. She's is mother married to Kenneth Wariner who was her husband lives in Louisiana. But what you can find if you do a background check. Is that she is opened a number of Devier's in her name, which I could leverage to find out what she was doing business wise. So the first thing I found was fascinating it. She owned a business called the worshiping Warrener's or shipping Warrener's. So I go, and then did all these searches on the worshiping Warrener's in the few things like find was on EBay and other auction sites. A few other business registration sites that indicated that the business itself was a videotape for children that was sign language of worship, so you can buy them on EBay only on VHS for like five dollars. So obviously religion was important in this family, and it's not something Kelly new. Yeah. So it was not something Isaac talked about. So it goes beyond that in that. What I thought was really interesting. Is that Sarah and Warner also went by penny as a name penny Werner and. Penelope Warner full name on her background check. But was interesting. I went on Kenneth Warner is father's Facebook. And he has a penny Warriner on his Facebook, which is his sister. So Sarah owns the company, but the business at self is registered in Florida and penny. The sister works there. So they have some agreement where Sarah owns the business may be funds. The business penny works there, I'm not really sure the speculative based on just my digging, so you go beyond that, and you learned that Sarah Ann Warriner has a business registered to her called nanny pennies babysitting. So nanny pennies babysitters is I found an article about them, and it's very religion focused. It says any pennies babysitters is now completing its twelfth season and the destined area with more than nineteen hundred jobs done in twelve short years. In the destiny area is Florida for anyone who's curious. So this leads me to believe that she was living between Texas and Florida where Kenneth Warner's biological sister was living in this business is under her name. So, and I also, if you, if you Google nanny pennies babysitting is picture of the whole group, but Sarah Warner's right in the middle. So I know I'm not wrong and any penny better known as Sarah. Ann Warriner has now become commissioned as a minister through glory of Zion, international ministries, making nannies one of the only professing ministry nanny services in the destiny all those. This is a direct, quote, although small with fifteen Indies, we hear from our clients they think we're the best they feel comfortable and at ease knowing their children are being taken care of by ladies, who love their children and treat them like their own, most of our nannies are teachers daycare, workers church workers, just mothers or grandmothers who love chill. Children. Any pennies will soon expanded Dallas, Texas. This is where the Texas component under Metroplex area as a result of so many vacation in clients living in the park, cities, university area, Dallas. So you guys get the idea. What I did think was interesting, and I'm not gonna go over everything. But she didn't make a point to mention Warriner said that her nannies always make chocolate covered. Pretzels for the parents, right at home or place of babysitting. He's also children. That make thank you cards during arts and crafts time. So that children can write something in them to think their parents for taking them on vacation. So this isn't any service for people who are visiting this area, and I googled further in many wedding websites, that had like, hey here the hotel combinations. Here's the babysit, like here's the knit like if you need babysitters they were mentioned on a ton of things, and there's pictures of Sarah Warner all all over these. So I know I'm not wrong. So what we can deduce from the fact that Sarah and Warriner had many companies one of which was the worshiping Warrener's in the other of which was nanny pennies, essentially religious babysitting. Is that faith was important in this family? But that's something that you have yet to see in the media and Kelly who knew Isaac for number of years, did not know. So I think kill even know that she was a nanny. She knew nothing other than that his mother was very strict. It's interesting that you see that the net. She writes on the in this article the Nancy's operate their services on an organized for activity schedule. I they play balloon volleyball, then they do arts and crafts, then they play games and for their final activity. They watch DVD's and then Sarah says, we all carry ninety penny bags, which consist of bubbles balloons, DVD's, and arts and crafts materials. They say we're like traveling daycare or preschool. So it's very much fragmented there. Sharon, and I just think it's fascinating that maybe it's like I don't know it did take me like an hour to do this. But not that long where it's confusing to me that the reporting. I didn't have anything about her in. They were hundreds of articles like you, guys you guys did you guys have links to the research? There were hundreds of articles and not a thing about her. I saw probably one picture from one news outlet. And that's how I knew I was talking about the right person 'cause I was really doubting myself because this was crazy until I Google these. These businesses are picture. I'm like, okay, I'm not wrong. But why hasn't a single news outlet like all they're doing is riding on the coattails of the click plate of like decapitation. I think it's fucked up. Well, it's, it's what we see all the time is that if the victim is not, you know, a pretty young person. But she's, you know, but that's the thing is that they're not focus on the victim. They're going to focus on the perpetrator. And that's the, the awful thing salacious thing that you could. Yeah. It's all click Beatty. It's gusting. I believe that he's currently in mental facility in Denton where we live. The last thing that I heard was that he was deemed unfit to stand trial, and that he was being relocated to a mental health. This I don't know how he's doing there. I don't know if they've gotten him to stable mental place. I wish I did. I wish I knew you know how everything was going. But I don't I also told that when he was in the police department in Oklahoma where he was arrested and that they, they wanted the Oklahoma police department wanted to expedite getting him back to Texas because he had shoot through his arm. And I don't know how accurate information is. But somebody told me that has mother was schizophrenic. And I know that your early twenties is when it manifests most of the time, and this is like the age where you really start to feel it. I truly think that the schizophrenia the possible schizophrenia, I, I don't know, for sure combined with the head injury that he had from his second DUI. Exacerbated something inside of that caused him to do this. I don't think that doesn't something that he would have done if he was treated for his mental illness, and had had a head injury from a car accident. I think that he would have. You have gone onto with us normal of a life of you can come in for. I don't think that this was. The high school president. College leader turned to capita. His mother allegedly is the story that they're all gonna lead with. I just think it's it's bad storytelling. Because you don't you, you know on top of the fact that being victims advocate. And some of it's always saying we need to put the victims forward. If you're looking from a storytelling perspective, you need to tell about what this person took away in. That's the whole point of of, you know, don't just make these people as victims. And that's it. She just a mother, and that's it. So a lot of these reporters didn't do their due diligence and what I think we can gleam from the re- like the findings that I made is like she made DVD's for. She is she loved God. I feel confident not she loved children. I mean, whether it was babysitting business or creating DVD's for worship. I mean, those are probably two things she really loved his children, and God, and she. Monetize off of it. After Isaac was custody. Police officials said that there is nothing. They could have done to help Warriner since he refused treatment, and he did not indicate he would hurt anybody. Many of his friends spoke to the press about him, and they all felt like something more could have been done to prevent what had occurred with his mom multiple friends hospital personnel, and even Sarah have been trying to get Isaac help and the police that they legally couldn't do anything for him, which is the biggest like question Mark in that. That's the biggest question Mark because it seems like everybody like I said before seems like everybody did everything they could have done legally. Why can the police do anything? What could they have done if anything? So police essentially told Sarah everyone else that their hands are tied, and there was nothing that could be done because he never told the officers that he would hurt anybody. And they kind of just would say, if it happens, again, call us, they did offer him mental health resources and. They said that he declined any help that was offered multiple occasions and the police respond to help, but they wouldn't be able to locate Isaac. So once they were called they were looking, you know, we don't know where he is. We can't do anything. And the media in the media police did confirm that they were aware for months that something just wasn't right with Isaac, and, you know, they were just caught between a rock and a hard place. They didn't know exactly there wasn't really much that they could do. I mean. People are going to write in, and ask they paid her acted him. Could they have? Done stunt something to bring him into a mental institution against his will. The police chief said in this case colonnaded into the most devastating circumstances. And we you know, we're at a point right now where he was saying stuff that he was saying troubling things on social media. But then once once he might have been confronted. He would say now, it's, it's okay and you get into a thing where we are not a, a state, where people, you know, based on what they say you can throw somebody in jail like that can do it, and it also protects. It's very slippery thing. We should probably get into it now. I don't know. I mean, these their civil rights that are being protected with these, these laws that are in place that you can't based on X Y Z throw someone in jail because if the person in power is corrupts it protects someone who's innocent from being thrown in jail, and silo. Silence tourist or. People were like why wasn't something done. It's like because liberties are being protected. We'll then also people could make up. Somebody said so and so like somebody said they wanna kill themselves in their thrown in somebody said that they were going to kill me, and if they never said it, they're straightjacket, suddenly silenced with their on like eighty hour. Hold in their life is ruined, right? Because they missed work, and they have, you know, it's these liberties are very precious. It's funny Kelly, and I were talking about this, and we were thinking that if the police want to do it, if the police we've find reason, and you had three people in the person's life who agreed then that met some criteria, whether it's like three family members agree. We were thinking how could you could go in bully up on? You don't like and your family. I agree there should be some kind of criteria, but it's hard because you're trusting somebody's word over somebody else's word. But the idea that three people would also agree with the. Police three members of a family would also agree with the police is this is obviously as brainstorming and we're not we're not on your brain, storming out there guys. I, I go out there, but there must be some, like, if, if you're married, for example, if a spouse, if a family member, that's not your spouse, and like someone at your I don't know a friend, someone not blood related conspire conspire than you. You can't even put a number on that. Even if you put a number at fifty than anybody could conspire to, to be able. Is there? I'm just saying there's gotta be something devil's advocate. I would love for either of you to come up with something better fucking, and I it was giant, Jack always makes fun of my ideas. But I'm like the first idea is meant to be sculpted in honed in like. The first is supposed to be wild because creativity is good. And then it's supposed to be like dialed down and she's like, that's the worst ideal ever originally going to be a clown. I agree was my idea. Wasn't. It was both of our ideas. Right after months of Billy thinks it was his idea. Oh sane. You weren't even there after this is happening. We're Billy was sitting when we came up with it, and you're standing right there. But this is what happens to this is what happened. Yes. You know, this is what happened. You said, you want to podcast on with me, and I said, yeah, but it needs it needs something. What, what is the what is the podcast? What is it? You guys went back and huddled and then you came up with the idea, and then he came back at me, and I said later. Alexis and I wanted to start a podcast with Dave Navarro. You're listening. We're still your case. Also. I. Okay. This isn't a mad. But I literally just found out like five minutes ago that we hit ten thousand followers on Instagram. And if you've been following us, you know, that I said, when we hit ten k I'd open up our first degree merge store. So it's up. Go click the Lincoln, our first degree bio, and get your hands on some first rematch that I design myself. So is ecstatic Kenneth has come up a couple of times, so far and what I will say is that. Everything I'm about to tell you is depressing. So brace yourselves for that. But as we mentioned in the intro, they were divorced for ten years, Kenneth, and Sarah in he at the time in presumably, now lives in Louisiana. And as everyone could imagine he was horrified to learn the news of what had happened to his ex wife at the hands allegedly of his son, and on the heels of this horrible news, he'd been alerting relatives and friends across the country. What had happened and these alerts were happing primarily in Florida, as my detective skills, brought me to Florida and that's where most of them are. And she was working there a lot in Louisiana as well as Texas. So he told the media in an interview that his son had suffered a mental breakdown months prior to the incident, and that Sarah had allowed him to stay with her after his most recent rehabilitation stay it's worth mentioning that in college. He was an RA. He was living in a dorm. So he had been living separately from his mother. He graduated was having these issues and after his. Most recent rehabilitation stay for his breakdown. His mother allowed him to live with her. He was also being prescribed at this time psychotic drugs to try to help, but his father observed, that it didn't seem to work. Kenneth also noted in this particular interview that he had seen his son about a week prior to the incident, but he didn't elaborate on the circumstances of that meeting. So another Robin got down is that. His father posted immediately after the incident, the Facebook post from Isaac's father said, I must regretfully inform you that Isaac has committed a heinous crime. Please pray for him that he may regain his mental faculties. So I do wanna talk about this for a second, his father, posted this, and the post was disturbing because you see a man in pain, but what was more disturbing were the comments, and it was literally means of lions memes, and gifts of chainsaws, only, God and articles about, like it was the most. Devastating thing you guys look Facebook right now every post about this every post Isaac has ever made is like met with means about chainsaws, and like. In what's even more. Disturbing is father posted something religious like forgive him. He knew not what they do in response to this horrible. Trolling. And the person was like, I'm so sorry, sir. You don't have to read my head off the most horrible, and it's is wrong with people, I was horrified because this is not only knew okay? This guy is dealing with the fact that he's and I don't know if we mentioned this Kenneth and Sarah based on Ken, this Facebook seem to be on good terms. Yeah. They were divorced for ten years, but they seem to be cool. And the idea that people would post on somebody's personal Facebook under a post, about, just like expressing such pain in sadness really upset me. And it's I don't know what in even when he expressed additional sadness at the comments for people to respond with more like literally just puns, really distasteful remarks that was actually under a little compassion. What happens is that? I see this a lot so people go to somebody's Facebook page when this happens and they post, there's no way to post simply on their wall. You have to comment they comment on the last post and also so because people are commenting on what of his posts, which is about Beto releasing five trillion dollars plan to commit to combat climate crisis. Which, by the way, I know we talk about serial killers crimes everything climate crisis is the apps. Loot most terrifying. And biggest and that's going on right now on the planet. It's going to kill us. All we don't do anything about it. You know, somebody writes demonic possession get out of here. He was a spoiled little crazy liberal. I hope he rots in hell and people are. Yeah. And you've got people posting, you know, all of this sort of, like hateful stuff. And. You know, a crazy fuck asked. Like you would support better Iraq and killer, rotten hell is another one. You've got a lot of people that are just, you know, why are nine hundred seventeen of you still friends with this person, you should unfriendly this person, you know, there's just a lot of, of things going on. There's one person that actually said that it on every one of his other posts, you see comments like. He had posted on April, thirtieth President Trump has made more than ten thousand false and misleading claims than the comment on there was, but he never killed into capitated his mother, you sick liberal loon. And you started going. You started going. Yeah. This is not the thing to do. His family was always just ten talking about his mom, I don't exactly what his relationship with his play, you know, no matter what his dad did or didn't do for him. He would still never think that you are signed would go on to this, and Tim coasting and asking for prayers and not just why it's mom. But for I, I think that, that shows a level of compassion, and he wasn't met back with that. I think when people post things on the internet. They don't realize what they're doing. And they think that people when they when they see the article, and they see the shock value of what he did all compassion in their brain turns off, every out of carrying that they have just goes away, and they see monster. It would read the article taking the information and then move on, because readings are common and reading through those things really upsetting me he's awaiting transfer to a mental health facility as we know today. Right. And essentially, as mentioned earlier is that the EMI the DA and the police department were talking to each other about the evidence to decide whether or not to file additional charges. So obviously we were dealing with all the charges relating to the high speed chase. Tampering with evidence abuse of a corpse. That's he's been indicted on murder and everything else is still up in the air because they're like, who knows in. That's why not a ton of valuable about what happened at the crime scene. Not a ton of available probably about Sarah about, you know, we know about Isaac from our first degree. We don't know but Isaac necessarily from the media other than just like the broad strokes of what he was doing in college. When a case like this is unfolding. It is important to preserve the integrity of the evidence of the investigation, so we were lucky enough to find what we had, we don't think anything we aired really matters of than to just trying to delve into what could have happened and try to, you know, speculate as to how and why somebody like Isaac who seem to be on a trajectory towards greatness, ended up here. Still makes me incredibly sad to think somebody who I spent every day at least a little time every day. My senior high school list, who and spoke at my graduation, somebody who spent my college or intention with, and I'm not very, very sentimental per fun. I. I keep pictures and things and you know, stuff like that from memory and even though I fell out with a friend, even if it's a bad falling out, I would still if they came to me and asked me to help them or us to reconcile or whatever I always say, yes, and it's a it's a phone sometimes. And so the fact that somebody who was my friend who I considered a friend did, this is just heartbreaking to me, because it is it did happen in my hometown, happened, just somebody was friends with who I never would have thought would have done this. All right, guys. So turn up your lights and you can turn down your anxiety. What did we learned today? So I think what we learned today and I'll start, and I'm sure we have our opinions on this, because this is unusual and that normally we know a lot more about investigation. Yeah. But I think even if you don't know that much in this situation, you know, for sure that Isaac was smart accomplished in very much loved, despite his Radic behavior, because his behavior change drastically and people who loved him and his life, observed that. And really try to do something about it and. I, I don't know what, you know, the police said it's like we couldn't have done anything differently, but is that true? And maybe it is, you know, I keep thinking about keep getting flashbacks to the John Lewis episode right? Yeah. That we did. Because here was a guy that was on top of the world. He was on a he had just finished up a major TV show. He was an actor. He was smart. He was writing a book. He had everything going for us to date, Katy Perry. You know, he was like highlight. And he was just, you know, like a, a looking kit in Hollywood that was working, which you don't get often. And you know he had everything going for him. And then he started to spiral and the police did get involved because he was breaking the law. He was attacking people. He was punching people at a yogurt shop, and, and doing all these things and he was being thrown in jail, and even even all of that he gets out of jail. And then does something horrific and then murders his his landlady and then kills himself. So you know as much as you're thinking. Oh, well, you know, something could have been something could have been done a lot of times. There's just is just nothing that could be done, and we still don't know what happened with him. Was it a head injury or was it late onset schizophrenia? And I think also there are a lot. There are other cases where a lot more could have been done. I think from what we have seen people. Tried tried the authorities tried within their legal bounds of what they could do and still. Something korva Kappend. So it's like even if you do all the thing, all the right things, sometimes it doesn't matter. Right. And I think for people though, it's like, okay, literally, he was posting suicidal techs suicidal tweets and Facebook posts. He was cutting himself. And then I think I mean in this happened only four days before the call from the nurse to the police when he had threatened to kill his mother happened four days before, and the police are just always like, you know, when we go there, no one's there known answers the door. But if there's twelve calls, you would think that it would it least I mean, there'd be some sort of system to track the calls this not twelve calls from the same person in emergent situation. So how do you assess the severity of the situation, unless there's some algorithm, in its computer? I don't know. But the idea that they could compound it. This is a big deal. But one call at a time. It's not like they didn't realize it. No, of course because there's no way to track that I mean like I said, like unless there's technology that could track. Hey, updates to police reports where you're marking how how many times somebody's calling? I don't know how they would because just based on staffing and human error in one of the things that is so heartbreaking about this is that listen, three times as many people kill themselves as our bird. The suicide suicide is about forty five thousand per year, compared to fifteen thousand murders and would this have been taken more seriously if he was making threats against other people as opposed to making threats against himself and. How do we deal as a society? How are we dealing with people that are making self-harm threats? That's my big takeaway, here, is that if this guy had said, I'm going to shoot up a school, or I'm going to do this, or that, I think, you know, something more could have been done as opposed to I'm going to hurt myself. I mean, the final call. I'm going to kill my mother, but she I think was very involved in his care and probably maybe I mean, she was at the hospital and then went and picked him up. Maybe she was like, no he's not because it's I don't want him committed. It's her little boy. I mean it's the last trying to not make excuse. She also she's wants to protect them. She doesn't want him in, in in. It's just so. Mental illness. It's so hard to deal with, and we don't even know if that's the case or not. But it certainly certainly seems like I don't remember. And expressing that he had mental health issues. I don't ever remember him saying. Dealing with the site of mental illness, don't ever remember him expressing. Negative feeling. I think that he had now looking back. It seems that he had bottled everything up somewhere along the line. He was failed, and it's incredibly upsetting to know that not only his mother, but friends from college learned that he was going through things and try to help him and she didn't get the help that he needed he's committed. And unspeakable is just uncomprehending crime and taking a life and not only gonna life, but she can alight his mother, who was his sole provider and caregiver and the person who gave him his life. I saw a lot of comment thing death penalty. And you know. In just life sentence. Put him, you know, fry or you know, a lot of people who are being really, really hard in comments on articles on Facebook and other places like that. And that's heartbreaking to me. I think that. In this lake climate, we're mental illness is heavily talked out. I think that this situation need to be brought to light in the sense that. It wasn't him. And I am I don't wanna say championing for him because that's not the right word because I do want his mom to get, you know, her her piece, but I don't think that she would want her son to rot in prison where he doesn't get the help that he need because clearly she did want him to get help. She tried to get him help. Sara, obviously love children, love, God, love, her son. There's little vailable, but what we can gleam is that in Kelly, even said they seem to have a good relationship this seemed strange, and I think one of the most important things is like if take every precaution, if a loved one is exhibiting just bizarre out of character behavior, and whatever precaution means that's at your discretion. You know, it's like, I don't know every case is different every disorders different difficult time or mental illnesses different. If you sent someone's being erotic, anything's possible, so take precautions to everything you can even if you wanna call up the suicide prevention hotline, because that's where most of this stuff goes to, you don't know what to do, call the suicide prevention hotline, it's I'll give you the number. It's one eight hundred two seven three eight two five. Five and they're open twenty four hours a day, and they've got their staffed up there. It doesn't have to be you. They will give you advice on what one on how to help somebody else. Right. I think one of the things that really. Made me send us to you was one of my friends made a comment on Facebook in between all of the comments of electric chair penalty. You know, give him the same fate as his mom things like that. That are just really disturbing. A French made a comment and was like this is somebody who I remember being very kind very funny, very outgoing very open. He was just like parading for people to meet this with kindness and meet this situation with compassion, instead of hatred, and the first degree was the first thing that I thought of I was like I can really speak for him. And try to speak for his mental illness, and hopefully show that he, he didn't start out this way. He wasn't always a terrible percent. I just I don't want him to always being onus on star. I mean, Kelly was so we FaceTime with her rights before we started recording. And she Kelly Smith expressed this incredible gratitude for sharing the story because they're all reeling this happened a month ago and they're like, they're portraying him as a monster when really he was like crying out for help in the system is broken in. That's all she wanted to convey, everybody has compassion for Sarah. Everyone is devastated by what is it did? Legislated, allegedly did under whatever circumstances that are unknown. But like everyone side, Sarah, something horrible happen to her, of course, but she's also grateful that like he wasn't. I mean she seeing his Facebook and stuff, and it must be just devastating with what we addressed with the names in the troll. So that's all it is. It's, it's really sad. But Kelly, we thank you so much. Thank you so much. And I think she found out a bus because she's a big main fan and Jared, Monaco fan and maintain to is she does. It's so Kyoto cute. I love when our worlds collide. It's amazing. Thank you, Kelly. Yeah. And if you guys are connected to a murder, or other stranger than fiction story. Please write us. Hello at the first Greek podcasts dot com. We got to emails as we're recording tonight. Or hit us up on Instagram at first degree out, Alexis linkletter ability center at Jack van Leyden door DM's, no story is too small, or too insignificant for us to reelect Streep will dig and do a personal background check and find all the things she can do a background check so don't resent. That's got that software. I've looked up. Look this person, no problem, I generated report and it to her, listen, I did it at liars psychopath. So I need to know I send it to her and may Vanik in a group chat. And we all examine the documents together way sign off. Yes. Because one on me before you asked me to do the podcast. No. But I might have done one just for fun fences. Interesting. I've announcement I just found out that my, my. Which you guys haven't read yet, by the way. Waiting for digital the hard, the hard copy is going to have an exclusive first addition with a really cool map as the end papers. So I thought that post you have to go go on Amazon, or, or your local bookstore, but really just probably just going on. And I will be announcing a book tour, and it's going to start thirteen of all of us in some way. No, the people. Dr crime. Con doctor had really. Crime. Con didn't realize that somebody jokes. I have an announcement. Oh, we're just gonna all we can go around and wait for my. On announcement, but we have been trying to figure out what we want to name our listeners, and we need some suggestions, and I made a post Facebook asking for suggestions. We've gotten a few one of them was the owls, not that that's, that's like a deep, deep cut should be like, that's like, gee, chief people are those are the super fans. We got the temps like degrees in temperature the temptations is not bad temptations. The first sees I sees the worst and the degrees. We need some this against beginning of brainstorm sash, but we need a name for our listeners so we can like you can like. Ask them. Yeah. Yeah. And I was thinking in the original, brainstorm in Jack always mix of my first idea, even though it's brilliant is like something about, like not, like ninety eight degrees, but like something where it's like we're talking about the temperature of hot our fans our listeners sorry we don't have fans. Definitely not me. I only have anti fans except for the people in our Facebook group who always coat about Fermi, which, I really appreciate the do. They're the owls the OG owls are where it's. Okay. I think we're done we're done. We've had enough in. You've all had enough puppy, tropical drinks day. Thanks. To dead. I may Donahue with an AP news minute the military's as to US service members were killed in Afghanistan details weren't released, but it happened today after secretary of state. Mike Pompeo was in Afghanistan. My condolences certainly go out to, to, to to them and praying for them for their families, and for for all the soldiers that were around them. The date has been set for Robert Muller to go to Capitol Hill to a beer for four two house committees about his Russia report. It's July seventeenth President Trump promised veto, it's fate is uncertain in the Senate. A house passed an emergency border aid package to help migrant families and unaccompanied children. This is Texas Republican Kay Granger. The Bill before us, does not provide immigration and customs enforcement, the department of defense are the immigration course with the funds. They need President Trump's son. Eric says the US secret service took an employee of Chicago. Cocktail lounge into custody after she spit on him. I'm Ed Donahue.

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