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Carla's Reality Update 05/21/20


iheartradio and the US Census Bureau wanted to do something special for the class of twenty twenty, so we made commencement a new podcast with boards of inspiration from the biggest names like Palsy. While we can be sold a lot of things we will never buy a dream cash. Becky, G and pit bull generational change the world listen to iheartradio's new podcast commencement in partnership with twenty twenty census speeches available now on iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts, remember you can do something that will affect the next ten years so if you lived in a dorm, don't worry. Your school will count you if you didn't visit twenty two thousand census dot Gov to be counted. October sixteenth, Nineteen, seventy two to congressman vanish on a small plane in Alaska. Despite a massive search they're never found. The case goes cold. That is until I started researching it. I'm standing right. Portage, pass and Alaska. My name is John Wall. Zach and what I found is one of the strangest stories you've never heard. Did he indicate what was in the suitcase? He said it was a bom. So join me as I travel from Arizona to the Arctic Circle trying to crack this case. Listen to missing in Alaska on the iheartradio, APP Apple, podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows. How. Tommy introduce that girl. She's here right here. Get it. Let's get it the one and only call Farrell. Is here with what Reality Update? Thank you, nephew. Okay, guys here. We go real housewives of Atlanta reunion virtual. Parczew surely fat again. All right, so Porsche said that she and her fiance dinner quarantine together with the baby, and that she was hurt by rumors that he was out with other women before the pandemic, so she's dealing with that trying to work our relationship with her baby Daddy Dennis. Also feels like Kenya is full of it. Some feel like Kenya condition, but she can't take it. Cynthia is is the same her attitude is that these women are dysfunctional. She said it's a sisterhood, but it's like drama between them so I'm like okay. Me They call. Yeah I was like okay. That's that's God no group of women who behaved way towards mortgage. Now we're still the reality show. Yes, not assistant. Let's see Kenya what I found out about her doing reunion. Partouche surely is she holds onto stuff. She just not let stuff go remember when no, you remember. When Marlo crash when Kenya crash MELO's hair wig line party as you came in here with the marching band that was paid. That was payback for Marlow from few seasons. Before when they were talking about Kenya's hair products being water, so this is all. Yeah, this is Kenya Shade. This is what she does. Is is the excuse me the Tommy. John. Eagles Tommy. that. Go Yali manner joint got mad at me. Your son. Michael John Michael Jordan. He told. Get on ended Steve I love it. Anyway then Kenya. She did apologize. She did say she went too far with the whole thing with cookie lady bringing her to Brunch Tannin. Because ten years man according to Kenya was flirting with the cookie lady and she called Tanna. A name was horrible. Hygiene treated Tanzania and Kenya said that she did go too far with that, and so she did apologize for that media candy got into it. Could. A! Meany! Candy no game. No she's not and we're GONNA talk. About Candy Candy doing big things so anyway. They got into it and need felt that certain people on the show. Get Spin offs all the time. She didn't say it was Candy Candy felt like she was talking about her. Take Eighty listen. All you. Do Bags. Accusing. You you enormous before. Verma singing my song. They will forget about you. You're out there. You Know Me. I I. You? down. Yeah? That's candies. Bid Knowing me. Knowing me. spoke. Reality Show. You knew who I was so yeah. It was you know candy is the one that's always had a career. Always had a business aptitude. Can't he's always been the one that's. Coming you don't always have something going on, you know. And speaking of candy at that will. Right and argument was so bad. Andy had the mute them because it was just too much so speaking a candy drum roll I'm alleged. Shirley strawberry do this announcement last night. The reality competition singing show the mass. Singer can't be barest was the night angel. She is what the what surely is. She won the Golden Mask Candy want. Anyone! Can really sing that night. Angel proved it Carl Yes also sat out to Candy Barris. She is doing big things so Niimi. You will be remembered, can't. gettable. Okay, all right. We'll be back at twenty after the hour you're listening to. Morning Show. I'm Jensen Carpet I want you to listen to the new podcast from tree? Fort Media in iheartradio called the no sports report with Jensen cars. You see I'm a comedy writer and a die. Hard sports fan was terribly missing the athletes I loved so much so every episode. I'm talking to the best athletes, coaches, commentators and legends from around the world to see what they're doing. Now that we're all stuck on our caps on this podcast, we'll hear sports figures entertain themselves and their families. We'll find out if they're staying in shape if their kids are heckling them during homeschool. Did they almost burned down the house to make their own bread? Are they sleeping in their jerseys? Up, not just meet all right. Some of my favorite episodes have been hearing boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard Talk about staying in shape and a dry. Working out Tim is working whatever you can do. Fuel feel much better or having Jay Williams explained his crazy NBA crucified some of these cruiseliner massive, okay, and getting Olympic Sweetheart Adam ripon to critique. My quarantine fits screams to me. I don't care. Listen to the no sports report now and subscribe on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts for wherever you get podcast. Hi I'm Mara Gavel. Combo, host of the trend reporter, a new podcast from iheartradio. You may know me from TV where I cover any and everything as a four time. Emmy Award me journalist in my new podcast. The trend reporter I'm putting my reporting skills to work in the world of beauty and wellness I'm talking to fashion stylists, makeup, artists, influencers, health, experts, and more to find out everything you WanNa know about the trends you should know. Listen to the trend reporter on the iheartradio APP. Apple podcasts or wherever get your podcast.

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