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podcast listeners. We are amazing avenue. The espy nation New York mets site. I'm Chris McShane and every week Brian Salvator and I discussed the current state of the mets Automated Avenue audio the show. We try to look at the mets from a somewhat logical point of view and not get too deep into panic city. We also answer your emails give weekly music recommendations and try not to get too frustrated with the team. You can find the show on apple podcasts on stitcher on spotify or wherever you get your podcasts. And let's go mets. Hello giants fans welcome to new edition of the Valentine's us. I cast here on Big Blue View. Radio part of the SBA nation. Family of PODCASTS. I'm your host Ed Valentine of Big Blue View. Couple things for you on today's show I we're going to be playing some some clips of various press conferences and interviews with with some of the free agents. That have been recently signed by the giants. Hopefully give you a chance to to get to know those guys a little bit here. Some of the things that they said as they were introduced to to New York media before we get to that though going to bring in Ameri Hunt of football game plan going to. We're going to talk a little draft. He and I are going to do a little A little make the case back and forth on what the giants should do with the number four overall pick. This also gives me a chance to to let folks know that that Emory who runs football game plan. We'll be doing some video work for us. At Big Blue View going forward that will start with the Ah make the case clip that. We're going to post on our our youtube page on. Why the giants in Emory's view should should draft Isaiah Simmons. So m thanks for coming on in and thanks for for joining big blue view. Well not a problem as always I appreciate you had me on. And you know it's good to to be able to provide video content for the fans and viewers are especially since you know we're constantly at the same spots as far as like giants coverage is concerned and it should be fun. Yeah it's always been something that As far as the video coverage our youtube site has always kind of sat there and and in my view anyway not been used very well or not been used nearly enough and I'm looking forward to To building that out and adding more good content to to the website For our our readers our viewers our listeners for for anyone who follows big blue view on on any platform in. I'm sure that You know getting Getting football game plan out there in even more ways is is good for you as well. Absolutely that's why be fun. It'd be a good partnership I certainly hope. So and and listen you know that is that is if we don't both kill each other here in the next few minutes as as we go through this this particular make the case segment as we as we indicated. M.'s going to be doing leading up to the draft. He's going to be doing some make the case videos for us on guys. He thinks the giants should be targeting and his first one is on the CLEMSON. Do Everything defender. Isaiah Simmons and I find myself am as we talk about this. You know we're at an interesting spot here because you're pounding the table for Simmons at number four and I've been saying that as much as I like Isaiah Simmons as a player. I find it really really risky for the giants not to take an offensive tackle with their first overall. Pick so so. Let's let's start there. Why Isaiah Simmons instead of offensive tackle in your mind because it makes them more immediate impact on his football team both short and long term when you look at what he does. Well he's a tremendous defender. Please can play all three linebacker spots. Honestly it makes a ton of place he also gives you a bonafide game-breaker on a defense side of the ball. Now they have one on offense to Sikwan Barklay. Now you add a guy in Isaiah Simmons at teams have come in in game plan for and that's an added frustration for an opposing offense to have to deal with a dude. It can play multiple positions. Now you know in my mind the way I have looked at this draft and I recognize the kind of player that Isaiah Simmons could be in my mind. I've approached this draft and I've said the one thing that the New York giants absolutely have to come out of this draft with is starting caliber offensive tackle especially one. Who could you? Maybe after the twenty twenty season swing over to the left side of the giants as I think we all expect they will do. We'll move on from from nate's older after the upcoming season. And that's why for me. I stare at four offensive tackles who could go top ten top twelve and I think i. I think that it would be a real risk for the giants in in terms of trying to get you know a top offensive tackle if they don't take one at number four and for me. That's why I've been banging the table for going ahead and taking the tackle at four. How do you feel about that and understand the sentiment of them needing tackle? You know you bring in Cameron Fleming who to me is a stopgap. And you're right about Nate Solo. They're probably GONNA move on from him next season. But you have to look at what we are now as far as reality in the current climate that we're in Worcester one area of the football team that people constantly say our coaches constantly say needs to be able to get reps and needs to be developed as offensive line correct. And when you look bring a guy in in this you know Colbert nineteen scenario. You don't have the opportunity to get that guy reps to where you can groom him to take over on the left side because we don't know when the season's GonNa Start you hope that it starts on time but we're losing valuable practice time for that guy to to learn both left and right tackle so And I'm always of the mindset that you don't want a tackle a young alignment to come in and depend on it young lion to be ready to go so if you're looking at this as a two year project You know get a guy. You Ain't getting some rubs. He's not going to start is. GonNa play some swing. Tackle probably step in at right. Tackle `sometimes stepping at left tackle at sometimes. If that's the plane then you have the luxury of getting a guy that you can develop to play that role which means you don't have to spend the fourth overall pick on that guy. I granted there are good. Really good tablets. Three bonafide starts at disposition for. If you WANNA count you know you look at the players with. Let's say four Bona Fai studs at tackle? That's fine but you can also get a developmental tap that can start for you in the second row because I believe is a good Tapa class. But how many Isaiah Simmons do you see in the draft in this draft one next step in right away and make an impact you know? It's funny because as a thought about this am. I think that you may have hit on. As much as I've I've been on the offensive tackle side of the argument because of the fact that you simply have to do something you have to give Daniel Jones a better offensive line than the giants gave ally Manning over the last few years you have to give Saquon Barkley holes to run through. I mean it's just you simply can't you can't take those two guys who you've built your offense you've built your future around and not give them the best blocking that you possibly can. You can't make them have to do everything all on their own. But I think you hit on what might be the best argument for Isaiah Simmons at four and trying to to trade back into the first round or get an offensive tackle on day to that being the Kovic nineteen. Nfl lockdown that. We're in now. Because I think there might be a case to be made. Where defense is more of a reactionary position you react to what you see whereas I think as you said. You're you need those reps as an offensive tackle to get in sync with your teammates to really learn what your responsibilities are on a given play so for me that I I would agree with you to the point where we're in this environment. That might be more of an impact for the giants short term. And let's look at it this way. When look at Daniel Jones? How often how much of his issues last year was the old line or was him holding a ball bid to Hong? And if I think it was more of the you know the ladder but let's say you know. Put Offense Lineman. They're let's say you get one of these studies in again where we had this talk at the last home game. I was like. I don't feel comfortable taking alignment at high and then when I went back and studied the Linemen. I was like this. I will take that high. So there's a the not saying this is just a you know in okay tap class you take one high because you knew tackle bear legit dudes at tackle. But let's say you get that tackle and you start him at at whatever right or left tackle endangered. John's CEO holds. The ball. To loan is is that you did the right thing by taking the old lineman but the issue still is a quarterback in the ball too long and we won't know if if that change until we get out there and see live reps and plus I like how sick for instance a guy that they've developed and has been quality for them. It shows that. Hey if they can give a guy sometime he can grow into a good player. Negates negates maybe a better garden than right tackle but as at it shows that they been able to grow. Our GROOM ALIGNMENT. And if you're looking at guys outside of the top four You look at an Austin Jackson Four. Usc You look at Sedikh Charles out of Lsu. You're looking at some of those type of guys. Hey maybe we can get this guy. And he's Yankee came into the draft early you look at Lucas Niang out of Tcu new guy that was dominant before he had the injury and now is going to be fully healthy so you get time to get him even healthier and groom him so you have some options on the second round the the issue here because you can have your cake and eat it too. High to giants the problem is And when I when I'm talking about having your taking you to I'm talking about trading down a little bit and picking up maybe an extra first and then Simmons and also the tackle. The problem is as Simas is so good that you run the risk of losing him. You can't you probably can't tracy passed six you know. Or maybe maybe if you swap would say San Diego Swab with the chargers and you get to six and they get four okay. Who's to say that Detroit doesn't take as you know So you really hope that. He's there at four now if he's not there and For instance here's a couple of scenarios let's say Cincinnati wants to play the draft game inhabits cake and eat it too. This is something that I would probably do I would take chase young number one because I know team's GonNa Pass on these quarterbacks and I can get the quarterback that I think is is good the second best quarterback in the draft at pick thirty three and as jalen hurts signed. Come Away with Angela. Hurt the bengals. So if that's the case that means Washington would be there at number two. Do they take the linemen because they also have a need at inside linebacker too as well as tackle and so they will have the maybe they take the assemblies with Detroit Steel? Take a Khuda you know and so it. A lot of it depends on what happens in the top two. If things go true to form they take borough and then chase young in Detroit. His team to worry about. It's like man they they're gonNA probably take. You know a Khuda you hope. Or maybe they take as it seems. Are we really surprised people and take a quarterback who knows right or they trade out that pick but if you're the giants if Simmons is there I think you have take Simmons but if he's not then I can understand you know moving down? A little bit accumulated another first round. Pick or high second round pick and then take your life but you are also able to acquire another asset in address. Yeah I still believe you know we talk about the fourth pick and I still think that it makes to me. It makes the most sense for the giants to to to try to entice Miami or the chargers or the Jaguars or the panthers entice one of those teams to take that pick. Give you something else whether it's another late one whether it's you know whether it's a couple of of a day to middle round pick or whatever you can get and then you you stay in the top ten you still. You might have Simmons. You've still got your pick of most of the of the offensive Lineman if that's the way you want to go and you add some some frontline assets in the draft. I still think for me. That's the best idea. Here's here's here's the thing about the lyman. Everyone says linemen and you know if you're coming into a game. How often do you say gotta prepare for this right tackle or we ought to prepare for? This left's happened. What he does up front. You know you tend to worry about guys that could truly and listen all offensive linemen former linemen and my old lyme France about the here. This completely wrong. Don't mean it this way just sounds this way but no one comes in game planning for an offensive line. You know you come in game plan. How you're gonNA score points how you gonNA stop Whichever pass rush pass rusher did the posing team. Has You trying to figure out? Can we throw at XYZ CORNER? Make do we have the receivers to make a play. Can I run game? Help us out this this way You know before they were about my we. Don't we need? We need to really game plan for this right tackle. A you know so and I think for the giants right now. They need studs. They need impact players. And I in to be completely honest. If you look at what they've done in free agency it would all paper. It would lead you to believe that. They're going go tackle but in actuality when you look at who the sign on defense like many still had same issue prior to making all these signings at linebacker they need some dudes and right now. They don't have booths. I like what the hell outside with Zimmer says and and Carter In Martinez are complementary pieces. They still need to start right there in the Middle Guy. That is a difference maker. You hope that they had the added one. Last YEAR WITH DEXTER LAWRENCE. He played well You hope that the growth with Carter and Zimmer's new defense just being able to play with do what they do. Best helps out you. Hope those core Ted of young pups in the secondary grow significantly this year. I'm talking about love talk about Baker Ballantyne and and also You know a guy like bill or even peppers if you want to count him Seeing that he's been there for a while but Been in the League for a for a few. But I'm saying like if they. They need a bona fide. Study defensively a guy. That is legitimately a game changer. And Simmons gives them as of right. Tackle is great Left Apple is great. But if if you're pinning your hopes on that Ad Juxtapose your quarterback holding the ball a little bit too long that to me. They'll still blame the tackle. Even though it's it's really Jones folks you see what I'm saying but if they get a do like Simmons that can come in right away make plays on be moved around a defense. Be something that people have a game plan for or against which could open things up for other players on. Defense. I think that's the the safer bet the more sure. Bet At four in alignment all right. So let's let's assume that the hog molly loving Dave gettleman is convinced by Joe Judge in the people around him that that's the way to go. Let's assume that they that they choose. Simmons you talked a little bit about some of the other offensive linemen who might be in a second. What we would call second tier tackles. It's kind of a two part question. How many guys in this class do you think you know? Maybe beyond the big four would be real good in your mind quality. Starting probably I'll say left tackles in the NFL. And I need to ask you about one guy in particular. Because it's a name that you haven't mentioned in it's a guy that I keep hearing you as a guy that the giants might like you know if they go into that second tier of offensive linemen. And that would be as Cleveland. Out of Boise State. So like I said two-part question and go ahead and take the floor while I am. Listen we we talk about the top four. That's fine right. So let's take Simmons than you assume that Andrew Thomas Tristen words Detrick wills and MCI Becton. All GonNa be gone if you so you're looking at hopefully that guys at a fall in the draft that make it feasible to trade up to get so. You're looking at Austin Jackson out of USC. He got excellent hands on both ends. So anytime you use your hands really well and you'll be on the plus side of of what you do. Well As alignment. He is very good. Run GAME so His passport deficient so he doesn't waste time there. Joshua Jones out of Houston Berry good athleticism to get out there on the move so if you WANNA move your offense like get down with Jones on the move Worcestershire. Because he's a good athlete. You have a guy like Josh Jones. That can get out there and block on a perimeter in passing game and also in the run game Wilson from Georgia. A young guy came out as a what Redshirt sophomore something like that. So He's an early entry reminds me a lot of Orlando Brown big. Mammoth guys. Six seven three forty. So he's big like McConnell Becton Matt Yukon was the rose that grew from concrete. When you watch you football tough to watch UCONN football this year because they were terrible but you just kept drawing your eyes pert who was athletic. He was consistent he. He anchors well He had a solid week at the senior bowl. And then you look at Ezra Cleveland who you talked about. He's a very strong and pass pro. He's not a guy that has very patient in his in his. Uh Setup in we we call this plan a piano you know when a guy de Lima try to tries to work himself across the body of a office environment. And you're able to pass guys off just using your hands. You don't overextend to okay. If he set now SALOM you try to over. Extend a beat him outside. You beat inside you plan a piano. You're using your hands to fill them out. You're able to work him through his his move. And then pass them off to your guard or your help align. What does the guard or a tight end? he cobble blocks really well so he's got the athlticism That you look for another guy that you get out there and move. I just don't like how he exposes chess often which gives the chance to get in there and and maintain a position of control. When he doesn't he's able to get movement he's again. He works his feet. He recesses hands well He's another one of these these solid players so again. That's what I'm saying. I just gave you five lyman outside of the top. Four that are that are really good. prospects even if you. WanNa go down in double up on tap terrence. Steel out of Texas Tech. I thought was excellent. All filmed he got along arms. He's played in the spread offense. Oh He's used to block it out there in space. But he's really good in the run game two. You can probably get him in the fourth of your frown so I do like this. This tackle class giants have some options. They could double up. They can wait to the top around to and get the tackle And they have a good chance to really come away with a developmental tackle that they can groom for this year. Richard this year because we are in And have him as a star next year and also come away. Would've game changing as a semblance all right Emma. I'm not GonNa say that you've completely convinced me but you've made a heck of a good case. I appreciate you spending some time with us. I hope you're you're staying safe in these Pretty scary times for us. Well appreciate that in. Im Stan safe. Reason being is because I have a lot of reading material the biggest piece of reading material I have is my twenty twenty draft guy where guys can get that at football game plan dot com slash twenty twenty draft guide over six hundred fifty individuals scouting reports. You're talking seven hundred and twenty eight pages of NFL draft content full scouting reports not just a list. Strengths areas of improvements. How I graded the their attributes on the side as well as the gains that I watched to accumulate income about these great so football game plan dot com slash twenty twenty draft out its opera. Drab got we've put out We compiled notes like this all throughout our time in existence is the first time I actually was able to put it into a format and put it out there to the public so you can see all of my grades six hundred eighty nine prospects to be exact right there. Football Game Plan Dot com slash twenty twenty draft guide and it is a A really really expensive piece of work. 'em Lot of lot of good good stuff in there folks. Check that out. Checkout emory's work at football game plan check out the stuff that he's going to be posting for for big blue view on our youtube site and also please remember to follow all of the draft coverage. We've been providing for you at Big Blue View Dot Com player profiles position rankings. We'll have big board coming up but interviews as much as we possibly can with with draft prospects so please check all that out of Bellevue Dot Com as we prepare you for the two thousand twenty. Nfl draft giants fans. Let's take a brief break here for a word from our SP nation sponsors. When we come back we will play some audio clips for you. From recent press conferences and interviews with free agents. Who have recently joined the giants? I up after the break will be Colt McCoy. Giants new backup quarterback answering a question from yours truly about helping Daniel Jones through an interrupted off season call Ted Valentine from espy nation. You went through the two thousand eleven lockout as a young quarterback. What advice can you offer? Daniel? Or what thoughts can you offer on how to prepare for a season? You know when the off season is interrupted. Like this yeah. That's that's A. That's a really good question. I talked to a few of my friends about that lately. That was probably the worst thing that happened to me. As a young quarterback was up played my rookie year. And then we went into the lockout going into my second year. And I didn't get the playbook until like we had two or three weeks of training camp and that was the first time I knew anything was completely new system. And you know we we My play decent. That Year of our team certainly struggled And and so. I think that I can take some some experience and some lessons learned from that. And hopefully hopefully hope Daniel. Daniel is Well prepared for this. He played a lot more his rookie year than I did But still if there's challenges and it's it's a new it's a new system and New Ways to call plays and you know the new philosophy from what we're trying to accomplish as often and I think that really do my best to be a great resource for him. You know during this time as we start you know. Hopefully I don't know what the rules are yet. But hopefully as we get going on this Kinda virtually learning and zooming on our computers installs and things coach. Garrett and then you know probably Tom on the phone or or you know in our own. Zain Cau- really talk about you know into now of of what we're doing and and uh as best we can we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA have to Dapitan and faces challenges just like everybody else in the League but certainly I remember that lockout season being being a real challenge For me but I'll do my best to help help Daniel and make sure when he's still at competency can offense or our feelings because we can't do next up giants fans we will hear from Dion Lewis veteran running back who will talk about growing up as a giants fan in Albany New York who frequented training camps when the giants held those at the University of Albany thinking a perfect eight hundred a unique opportunity. No no a lot of factors not judge near the have New Year's New England also all nos always in my beautifully for them so average on the please stand up so afford to work in jazz type longtime team. They know what was quite as well so all of the Patches. York's so you know are a frequent visitor China candidate. You had any so long you know does a greased up on game of the wash. Those guys practice Barron Trae Young Age so definitely Gi barbies water. The money to her not ideal. You know guys like Bill de next up in a one on one interview that I did with veteran defensive tackle Austin Johnson. He talks about rejoining coach. Sean Spencer with the giants Spencer known as coach. Chaos was Johnson's position coach. When the two were together at Penn State. So let me so let. Let's talk a little bit about you. Join in giant. What was it? What was it interested you income into New York and everything his his home. You know it's Carlos things be just being closer to home having you know co Spence there and had him in college as a divine curse attracted me more towards the giants a whole new You guys they're Guys there and resist. Can't wait till you start with the giants. Madison arm wrestler. Tell me a little bit. I ask you about about Spencer about goodell coach. Kiosks telling me a little bit about what he's a definitely a high energy tide is. GonNa make sure you're going around with us ever make you a better players out. Whatever your strengths. Play those and it's just great coach. Next up is veteran offensive. Tackle Cameron Fleming. Who addressed his familiarity with giants offensive coordinator Jason Garrett and Lyon coach Marc Colombo on I think is a pretty big factor that I was the career. I think if you people that you work list for I mean we're closely list for two years. They they get another job and they wanted to come with you. Are It said that they have some kind of confidence? The Bashar play your attitude and all that stuff. I really like playing for him because he just he really does love what he did what he does. I mean comes with so much energy so much juice every single day week after week throughout the whole season I mean. I don't think there's ever a low lit up though. I really appreciated his passion and electricity every day and then also He's just a coach. You know he helped me a lot with my technique in Dallas before to continue working with them as we continue to roll through. These giants fans are next. Clip is from edge. Rusher cuyler fat girl. He addresses a couple of things first since he took a step forward as a player in two thousand and nineteen despite not putting up some great statistics secondly he addresses his respect. Four Giants Defensive Coordinator Patrick. Graham Graham was factors position coach in two thousand eighteen with the packers. The year that fat girl had ten and a half sacks his best season as in. Nfl Player. I mean it was obviously not ideal But again I you know. I've said before that I definitely got better this year. I think I played better this year than I did. The year before You know just by getting the numbers that would've liked And I mean if you look at percentages and you know pressure's per rush you know I had two hundred less Russia's place more pressures than I did hear that had sex so I think as far as the way I play and you know just getting better as a player I think I took a step forward this year. I haven't Discussed Specifics with with coach. Graham too much I know that he liked my versatility Being able to rush and drop you so Tom I'll do whatever they asked me to do. And and whatever they is best for the defense and I really look forward to coach. Graham is going to do with the defense you know. I have a lot of trust in any abilities. Really Sharp Dude So I mean I. I haven't talked to him. You know I'll I'll do whatever you know the defense of Honestly I think the only thing that I would say about coach Graham is that I mean he's a great coach and the thing that I really liked the most about him is just his passion and most of football You know he'll get up on the table and scream and yell if he needs to But it all comes from a great place it comes from you know. In being grateful for the life of eighty live in what he gets to do to provide for his family and You know that's something that I always love coming into work. You know working with coach Graham Was that was a big thing to the giants you know that he was here and respect for him. Next up is special. Teamer nate near who comes to New York giants from the New England Patriots where he spent the last eight years playing under the direction of current giants head coach. Joe Judge Judge of course was either special teams assistant or coordinator in New England during the entirety of ignorance career with the Patriots. So let's see what What abner has to say about the giants new head coach You Know Joe. Works hard at that Probably a couple more times. But he's a string her worker chances. Either the details Aim really really testing the details of that and You Know He. He comes to work with a lot of energy. She did that consist of ages of him. So I think that's genuine part of him My Hughes Renowned Anti Union Council You. Same same treasury detail and work ethic and You know he's at the end of the day cares about a guy that came out about a lot of coaches and I think especially when we'll come forward Part of a great organization and Mixed idea I mean there comes a time and everyone's career with us we agents and Like you said I've spent most of my crew. My is but everytime Every year what's the best thing for you and You know they're senior vestry me throughout my career until this point but At this point Disney. What's best for me and what I need to do. You know. Unfortunately you are things that having that you don't necessarily lightweight you gotta you gotta be looking so that's tecos on both sides of it Ultimately like I said you gotTa do is best for you and you know. I'm looking forward to you coming to a great organization. And what like I said earlier? Gatien Shin with great great team. Great Great Fan based on excited about finally cornerback. James Bradbury on his relationship with giants. General Manager Dave gettleman and how that influenced his decision to sign with the giants New York Out Opportunities. They have on an officer and get them and coach. And I you know. I'm looking forward to being part of it. And what what brings modesty like. I'm over on the game. The guys and it'd be better Experienced for the most part I'm going to the game I lost it. He's he's really been talked to get them you know. They came out of nowhere. I didn't even expect him to offer already. On the type of guy was he was guarding the what kind of program on Shaina Green Field Your own. Alright that's our show for today. Thank you as always for listening. Please remember stay safe out there and we'll talk to you soon. Bye Bye now hi. I'm Brian and I'm one of the hosts of the Amazing Avenue Network of podcasts. Each week day we bring you a different podcast. That covers the New York mets from a different perspective every Monday. You could hear me Steve along with Kenan Lucas on from complex cleans where we discussed the mets minor league system. Every Tuesday an unforgettable. Join ME RUBBLE. They look back on the career of a less heralded hi. I'm Alison and along with Maggie and Linda. I host a pot of their own each week. We look at things. Mets and social justice issues in baseball. I'm Chris and you can catch Brian in each heading about the current state of the mets on Amazing Avenue Audio show every Thursday and Fridays. We Have Amazing Avenue in conversation where I talk with interesting people about the New York. Mets so check out the amazing avenue family of tests. You can get us on apple podcasts. Spotify stitcher or your character of choice and as always. Let's go mets.

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