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Ep. 256 - Krista Williams on Her Silent Retreat Experience


This experience of this bubble in total reset to go back to La and really just go back in it. It just feels it's a little heartbreaking to be honest and it's a little hard for me to even think about you know because I just now that I know better I kind of want to do better for my body mind and spirit and that way because I know what's best for me. I know what makes me feel better. What makes my soul happy and what is best for my physical and mental. Oh and spiritual body you're listening to the almost thirty podcast cast hosted by Christopher Williams and Lindsay Simsek almost thirty started as a conversation about the transition from our twenties or thirties but then we realized life is full of transitions so be expanded our mission. We are an intuition led wellness focused lifestyle podcast that promises to deliver authentic conversations ends diverse points of view and insights rooted and optimism growth and intention the almost thirty nation community is a group of purposeful dreamers who are smart smart passionate and always seeking the full potential in every aspect of their lives at almost thirty were making magic together. We dream it and then we do it. Thanks so much for tuning into the almost thirty podcast here we go. Hello Hi everybody welcome back to almost thirty podcast. If you're new here I am so grateful. Hi It's Ed Lindsey some second Christa Williams than we are the founders and creators but we're also learning right along with you so thanks for being here. It's a it's been like a humbling experience especially as of late just meeting more and more of you to know that we're all kind of doing doing the work together. Yeah Lindsey have been on a a stream of challenging in I opening interviews or feeling it feeling the growth right now yeah it's really beautiful and in this episode it's my Solo episode talking about my silent retreat that I did for five days and so this is a huge growing opportunity inexperienced from me excited that I was able to record this a day after I got back so it's really hot really fresh and I have recorded. It's all episodes before that. I didn't feel like captured how I felt or what I wanted to say in a really nice way and I really enjoyed recording this hit went to listen so enjoy this episode as always we love to hear from you so join our facebook group all of a sudden instagram at almost thirty podcast cast and we'll see you on tour yeah on twitter so find. US ALMOST THIRTY PODCAST DOT COM has all the information but enjoy this episode what's up almost thirty nations lens. I'm walking through the Chicago. 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Fifty percent off when you visit honey brook dot com slash almost thirty payment is flexible on this promotional pies whether you pay monthly or annually so good honey book dot com slash almost thirty forty fifty percent of your first year. What's up guys welcome to almost thirty podcast. I am so glad you're here. I'm palm for this episode God. I'm so excited I couldn't wait. We have been recording all day but I just feel so inspired by the silent retreat that I just got back from. I am so excited to talk to you about everything that went down how I felt how I feel today and really just go through the whole process with you. I took as many he notes as I could when during the time that I could and I'm excited to share all the learnings that I got through the process so to catch you up to speed yesterday. I just got back from the silent retreat that I took for five days. This happened at the art of living retreat center which is in Boone North Carolina and it's two hours from Charlotte in the mountains in the Blue Ridge mountains or it's Blue Ridge mountains and it is so you to fall it. I can't even explain I didn't know that there were parts of the United States that were so lush and so green and had so many trees and `and such abundant nature it was just an amazing experience to be within nature and that way and the art of living retreats on her is actually a nonprofit so all the money that they make through their retreat center in Boone goes back to funding their service-based prod- projects all around the world so they're not relive religiously affiliated although they are spiritual but their goal is really just to make the world a better place and to find -tunities through service based projects to to do that so I am all about that mission I am all about what they stand for and they really just want to spread happiness and joy in ways in which that allow people and empower people to tap into themselves to create that happiness within and then spread it outside of themselves and I was connected to them through best on our team she runs our partnerships and was able to go you know in exchange for this review but I would pretty much tell you anyway certes full disclosure there and about the the space so again it's two hours of Charlotte. It's in Boone. It's so stunning and because this is a retreat center that's based aced around going in it is not super. Lavish and it's not super instagram -able in that way. It's very basic actually come to find that with a lot of the spiritual retreats that I've done that are all about going in or meditation or really stripping being down. They are more a simple so my room. It has bad which was awesome is a stunning room. It's just a bed. It's just a table a desk and the bathroom nothing crazy. There's no infinity pools. There's no Jacuzzi's in every room. There's no palm trees in every room or all this crazy the stuff the places just very very simple. The food is amazing and that was one thing was really really nice is that I got to eat based on our principles. So without the retreat there was principles of argue Beta mixed and so I was able to eat according to my Dosa they had all vegetarian food which was bombed it was so good good to just eat super clean and feel really really light in that way and I think that was really important to my healing process was eating really clean and eating really healthy and simply but to take you through their retreat process. Let me talk about how I feel now because that will just help me really get it off my chest. I feel like I gotTa tell you guys okay so let's him. I got back yesterday morning. I landed at like twelve to lax and I had started talking that morning so I actually started talking to the driver that took me from their retreat center to the airport and then that was kind of you know the first conversation that was having didn't really talk much on the flight and then and got home in the afternoon and had to speak at an event that evening so just really got back in in the groove pretty quickly and I was actually on my way to the event which was awesome. It was a dream come true for me but I was sitting in. La Traffic for about an hour and a half and I was just belly I was going to cry. I was like Oh wow I actually haven't felt anxiety like this. In a long time anxiety in the sense of like the rapid heart rate like wanting to kind of escape whatever you're doing just feeling a little out of control control and it's almost like an anxious nervousness and I hadn't felt that in a long time it almost felt like my nervous system was readjusting to the intensity that is Los Angeles and my nervous system is kind of. I don't know if it's shutting down but it's shifting in the way that it has to adjust to wear live and to what I do because being in the middle of nowhere surrounded by nature. There are little to no yeah maths. I wasn't on my phone. I wasn't on my computer. I was eating super clean. I was walking tons in nature. I would take walks by myself time as meditating for six hours a day and I wasn't and speaking among some other things you know that I forget but just this experience of this bubble and his total reset to go back to L. A. and really just go back in it. It just feels it's a little heartbreaking to be honest and it's a little hard for me to even think about because I adjust now that I know better. I kind of want to do better for my body mind and spirit and that way because they know what's best for me. I know no what makes me feel better. What makes my soul happy and what is best for my physical and mental and spiritual body but alas life is life and I love my life year. I'm so grateful for it but it has felt a little bit confusing and I just in seeing things a lot more clearly as it relates to the way that I live my life year and my addiction to my phone my addiction to my email and my addiction to who the doing which is very very prevalent and if you guys listen to the Shama Dirk episode that we had you can search derek almost thirty we went into a reading where our he talked about how I am always doing and I have such an insecurity around the allowing and the being and that my soul really wants me to play in my soul really wants me to relax but for some reason I just cannot let myself be I cannot let myself play and I cannot let myself relax so I don't know if you relate I know there are a lot of ladies that listened to that episode and related to that reading that I got in that sentiment around always having to be doing something always having to be planning ending the next dinner with friends the next trip the next happy hour the next workout class the next diet. You're going to be on and the next outfit. You're GONNA wear an ex job. You're going to have next client. You're going to get whatever it is. I have a tendency to live within that that very much so within the active always needing to do and never allowing myself to play or my little girl to to be you know to be inexperienced appearance life at the same time. The CRISTA of right now is experiencing life so coming back year just getting back in the swing it was it is it's super interesting and I am just so surprised at the fact that I I have gone my whole life without being silent for a few days and you know I wanNa make sure that I make clear the difference between spending the entire day apartment watching Netflix and not talking to a silent retreat and the difference difference is that the silent retreat which is where you participate in act and noble silence. You are not consuming anything. You're not watching TV. You're not looking at instagram. You're not looking at twitter. You're not looking for email. You're not texting. You're not calling you are not journaling. See you're not actually writing anything anything down so you're not reading. You're not consuming anything and the point within that is to be able to turn inward word because if we think about it and I think about it quite often is the amount of inputs that we have within our life for me existing as in human design as someone that is not emotional I have open crown and open sacral meaning. I am affected by other people's feelings and emotions and situations feelings and emotions and I can take them on very easily so when I'm continually putting inputs it's into my system whether that's youtube video or a podcast or conversation or a song or a TV show or taxed taxed or instagram bear are consistent inputs and things that we are putting within our soul in our system in our body to digest and to understand and to hugh absorb and to distract and all of these things and to go with a period of time where you're not doing that and that's really the point I'm trying to make is the differentiation between noble silence and and just a day where you really chilling. I'm not talking to anyone which are incredible. It's it's the forcing of going going in and writing through the income for the comfort of bat weirdness and that awkwardness until you find this beautiful deliciousness. Hey everyone out there looking at screens for more hours in a day than you like to. 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Karma massage that day Susan oil-based massage and you know is the irony would have it me and the massage therapist ended up talking the entire time which was kind of making me off. I'm like Oh. This is totally my life where I'm about to go into silence and I ended up talking to the massage. Therapist old-time shoes shoes incredible. She was so sweet and she actually taught me something beautiful. Where we we were talking about a situation she had with her family and in most cases? I really just provide a listening ear. I never feel entitled or like I have the right to provide ride insider information to someone else's experience what they are sharing with me is very limited in its scope and I don't feel like I can make a judgment or provide ride advice of any sort but in this situation I felt like I felt compelled. I felt compelled to share heartfelt about what she he was going through and her situation and it was really beautiful you know the way that she took it and she got emotional and she was just really grateful and thankful for what I told to her and this would be something I would tell you guys says advice. I would tell almost thirty nation if you guys were at into us but with strangers. It's a little bit harder 'cause they. Don't feel like we have that initial connection like I have with you guys and it actually empowered me and really made me think differently about the place I am in my life and the right that I have to actually share with clarity how I feel fuel about certain situations or how how I feel about certain things because as a as a projector I always feel like I have to have you know the invite and all my project people which is human design type. I think you guys can feel me that you always feel like you have to have the invitation which actually really love about myself but it was a a good feeling and I was kind of like a little note and reminder like on this path of spirituality on this path of growth and self development you guys are learning so much and you guys are growing every day and they're so much impactful and insightful information that needs to be shared and that's why we have our best our program Graham. That's why we have our community. That's ever secret facebook group. That's why our. DM's are always open is that we want this to be a conversation. We want this to be done within community and if there are beautiful things or messages that you are sharing hearing that you think would be helpful on someone's path than you up every right with their permission to share it so is the first beautiful experience that that massage was great and then after that I ended up hiking by myself and just relaxing and I had an amazing dinner and I went to bed and then the the next day we had a happiness draining so happiness training is a ministry is structured learning of of some of the principles that they follow at the art of living retreat center so it is really by one of doers. I guess named Sri and there are five of them that they talk about the LLC sutras that we learned and kind of rebel to digest along with a bunch of meditation and conversation that would lead us into being able to silent and I can walk you guys through those sutras now so you have an understanding of them. There is something so the first one is except about accepting things as they are and thinking about how your own non-acceptance brings things up yep so I think about this as it relates to my issues around my buddy image and how I see my body is that when I don't accept it as it is it brings up more situations that solidify that or confirm that 'cause opposite values are complementary so it's really that situation and places in your life where there or is that friction happening where these same issues continue to come up or these same stories continue to be told and without the allowing an acceptance of those things things you will continue to. Have you know these things. Come up in your life. These things are happening with your body. If you see it in this negative way because has your non-acceptance because of your inability to accept and love yourself as they are so it's really important that we accept everything as even even at the current moment in time and you can of course want to change and grow and evolve but at first you really need to accept the acceptance and overall. We are the people you you know yourself. You are the one that benefits from acceptance not just the other person so I think that also in relationships so if you could think about as it relates to your body but then also so and your relationships if you accept someone as they are so if I accepted my lovely mother as she is which I have done I've done. I'm trying and I have to try. It's not just about that. It's not just about them getting the benefit of feeling accepted and noticing your energy shift within not it's you getting the benefit of releasing and not having the expectation and I've said that a lot with family and specifically with member Journal relationship you know with my mother is that my I treat her almost like a stranger sometimes because then it allows me to not have that expectation and then I'm or able to accept because I don't have that expectation that I'm looking for the film so we want the ones that really really benefit from the acceptance don't be the football football of other's opinions and I just kind of laughed at that because we were in a group of all women like I think when you throw a sports analogy and sometimes it's not like we don't understand football like we understand and football but it just kind of is like a little bit lost and what they mean within this is that if you're a person that within your life you are eighteen years old and you have the opinion of your mom your dad your sister your brother your coach and then your social media and all of these things you have. Everyone's opinion or say you're female. That's you know working at a job and you have your crosses opinion. Your best friend your boyfriend ex-boyfriend. You know all these people don't allow your opinion to change and to shift with each of are these people's opinions so if you're a best friend thinks you should quit your job. Your boyfriend thinks you should stay. Your mom thinks you should move back home. Your Dad thinks you should move moved to another state. All of these people have these different opinions for what you should be doing but you have to make the decision for yourself and it's really important to notice that in a lot of times this will lead to paralysis of people and their ability to make decisions this sessions because because they are being the football of other people's opinions so make sure that you stick up for yourself and have your own opinion and thank everyone for Kaput but you have to really really do what's best for you and this has been something that actually an amazing ask for better for worse. I am able to not care about when anyone wants me to be doing our San as I'm a crazy some crazy okay and then there was another one the third one my very favorites it don't see intention behind other's mistakes. Don't see intention behind other's mistakes so thinking about when you feel like someone is wrong. Do you feel like someone hurt your feelings. You feel like someone is doing something that bothers you. Upsets you try and take out the intention behind their action out stop and assume it is a mistake assume they do not know assume their ignorance to that to the matter and I think if you think about this with all are your relationships and all your friends once you actually have a conversation and you're able to communicate with them. How you're feeling or what you know your upset about most at the time you will see that they had no. Ill intention and I don't know anyone in my life right now that necessarily would have ill intent to me and I. I don't think you guys should. I'm hopefully you're not hanging out people that would have ill intent to you. I think that for me kind of died after college but we shouldn't see when something bothers. There's you that someone is choosing to bother you that someone is choosing to hurt your feelings or make you sad because most of the time people are living in their own world. They're doing what they do and they are not thinking about you. You know unfortunately or fortunately people are really in their own world and anything that you do to bother you is for the most part not with. Ill intention rarely is there. Ill you know intention the fourth one the present moment is having a Paul. All the present moment is inevitable and this is the truth right now the present moment here we are and I think as we've gotten older you know as we're growing. We're evolving. I know it's Corny and I think to be honest. This is something I probably won't say a lot about because you have to just be at a place in your life where you realize that time isn't stopping and this happens when you're a little older I think I don't think I got it until two years ago. Maybe a year ago that each moment is going to continue to come until you dot and death is inevitable. You know there are periods in points in time in our life better on evitable fortunately and unfortunately so we can't fight what is coming to be and we really just need to surrender to the flow of of life and the last my very very favorite alignment is taking responsibility for at all all the good and the bad and that has been one of my goals this year if you guys know one of my goals this year his radical honesty but with that there's also radical responsibility and that means that when I am in the most beautiful moments of my life when I am you know on the beach in the afternoon for my lunch break or I am speaking in front of everyone in the community or I am working with our team or whatever it is. I'm taking responsibility responsibility for the fact that I live a life in which I do what I love. I'm with people I love and I love who I am that is because because of me and that is because of the work that I'm done. I've done on myself and you know in my life and that I take full responsibility for that. I'm I'm thankful for it and it is mine and on the flip side that means that when things that are bad happened to me. I'm taking responsibility for that and and I will say this with the caveat. This isn't for me going into the conversation of law of attraction. This is more for me as a conversation of getting out out of victim mentality and getting back into the place where I feel like I can control in quotes situations that happen within my life so if I am so overspending if I am overeating if I am feeling unworthy if I'm feeling insecure if I'm feeling imposter syndrome all of these things I'm taking responsibility for all of the relationships in my life and the way that they are and taking responsibility for and it's a lot you know it's much easier to be in victim mode and it's much easier to blame everyone else for your shitty job for whatever it is your shitty relationship. It's so much easier to blame other people but when you take that responsibility for the bad it's really beautiful because I feel like you also get permission to take responsibility for the good so those are the five sutures baby cash money cash money records to be honest so there's really beautiful and those were a lot of what we learned earned in the first day with the happiness training and after the happiness training we were put into silence and we had little name tags that said. You Know I've been silenced so whenever we were walking around or in the lunch hall or in the room or whatever it was was people could know that we require it. Even though I had people try and talk to me a few times page you know where this is or anything you know. Just someone wanting to to converse with me if I was walking past them or something but this silence was the most beautiful thing and yes at first the first half day was a little scary because I'm so living in the doing doing what's next what's next what's next mindset that to sit and lay with myself. It was like I got to a point at first that that was the thought of everything you know. I'm like okay thought about what I'm going to have for dinner. I've thought about this situation in that situation and this relationship and I've made my little vision board in my brain of what I'm looking in forward to creating in this life and I've Kinda thought of everything you know I am a lot of it to be honest was like reminds me of a like a layer cake so a lot of the beginning of was the frosting. which was the instagram stuff I had seen before so I went silent? The Youtube stuff I had watched before I went silent and the podcast I listen to all the stuff that was still milling on the surface. That hadn't been by jested yet so I thought about all of that kind of stuff. I was like okay. I'm kind of thinking about some pointless things lots of pointless things lots of pointless inputs and then after that I would get to like the next layer of cake. I like a mistake things kind of Adam amazing. I get to the next layer of the cake which is be more important questions or topics that I would hope that I would get to and then it would continue to the next to the next to the next layer and then at some point. I was at a layer where I was. I was thinking about things that were so random and almost dreamlike. It was really beautiful to be in a place where things could come up that were not bad. Latte not good. You know I did have a few things that came up that surprise me. There was a ashamed that I carry around something that happened when I was younger that what I was very surprised by. I actually didn't realize that was something I thought about or ashamed that I carried so I was thankful that that came up so good kind of noodle over for that and forgive myself for that but there's just so many layers I think within our psyche within our mind that we kind of are able to unravel and review within this process and when I got to the point where I was thinking about the most random things that was the joy you know that was when it was like all right. This is like this is where weren't Matt. You know this is where I Christa live. I WanNa live where I'm able to allow things to come in and into come out very easily and I'm not dealing with the Annunciation of topics the ideas the issues all this stuff that I just keep bringing into my life life and throughout this process in addition to some activities coloring and dancing and and really nice things that that broke it up we were meditating major shout to attribute for making her studio smell. 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Harvests has completely you made sure that I am eating healthy food really really conveniently and quickly so they deliver thoughtfully source shop created food. It is built on fruits and vegetables and can be prepared and less than five minutes swear to you. I've time Dixon's like are you for real. I timed it it is so so quick quick and then if you want to meet you can add your own meat fish whatever you want but these meals are super super delicious and so easy to make sure I basically say for my harvest bowls which her my favorite I just toss him in a pan. You don't even need to put oil. I'll put a little avocado oil a little extra tre but they have everything in the cup to make a really really really nourishing meal. Just WANNA call out. My Favorite Harvest Bulls because they're the best I love the cauliflower race in Pesto. I'm obsessed with the Broccoli Rice and dill P law. I also love it's really I don't know it feels rich to me but it's still super healthy. It's the spinach and shattuck grits and then lastly. I love the butternut squash and Jerry delicious. There's so many to to choose from so there are harvestable. SMOOTHIES soups bites Opel's Chia Bills Latina's say no more so easy daily harvest dot com use the Promo Code almost thirty four three three cups in your first box so that's daily harvest dot com use the Promo Code almost thirty three cups in your first box. Thanks so we would meditate for about six hours a day. we would do a Korea and Yoga in the morning and we would do a bunch of meditation throughout the rest of the day and you guys know tater. I've been meditating for about about ten years now. Maybe eight or nine and spend the most impactful and influential practice thing in my life. It's really made me who I am and allowed my my soul to fit into this body vessel that I live in today so that part was actually really beautiful in blissful and I didn't have any resistance it's to that and that was really nice because the way they structured is that you meditate for half hour forty five minutes almost at a time through a guided meditation in and then after you lay down so I got to actually kind of rest for twenty to thirty minutes after the entire group would rest and it was really nice to allow that because I think for for me right now the way meditate is in the morning and then I will head off I will do my thing and meditation can either give me energy or make me tired it depends but to allow allow myself to fully decompress from a nervous system to chill out and to actually rest after these deep meditations was just really beautiful and I enjoyed each and every one of the meditations -tations it was delightful to do that and to really really go deep into just chip away at the hard shell that I feel like I had over my energetic body being in Los Angeles where it's just chaos as far as energy goes you know love. La But it is and allow myself to just kind of crack the shell and just get deep and over the course of you know the days he's. I don't think I ever I'll be honest. I don't think I ever felt impelled to talk. I honestly was like I I honestly was like this is the Dan best thing because the permission to see people and to not make small talk to not say hello. How are you you. How are things oh. What are you grabbing for dinner. What are you doing oh. How's Your Day such a Beautiful Day out. You know it's it's so beautiful. My God the moon you know people and people are always talking always talking. It's it's a amazing and beautiful thing. I actually am a fan of small talk because I think there's an an art to it. I think there is a true art to doing small talk well and to making it fun and interesting but it's the doorway to something deeper so so it kind of has to be there. It's an authentic if you're going debrum but to be rid of having to do that like fucking renewed I was like Oh oh my God. I WANNA silent card for my life like I just want to imagine just walking your office be like Yo silent card and it made the things seem came much more impactful so when I'd be eating you know my sense were heightened and I would be eating alone and I'd be able to eat slowly and that'd be able to enjoy they didn't have anything to do. I didn't have anywhere to go then if anyone with me I wasn't in conversation. I wasn't Nino. You know onto the next so my meals were super slow which is so not like me. Oh my Gosh Justin II like shoveling food in our mouths are dinner. Dates hits are literally thirty minutes embarrassing and I eat really fast and I don't necessarily taste all my food. It's it's all hang so to sit down to really enjoy oy into embrace. The taste the texture all of that was really nice and Joe. This is crazy but I was able one day day to save my dessert for after my dinner so I don't think I've gone my entire life with having a desert cookie Brownie on my plate eight and not eating that before my entire dinner meal what I was able to wait and have my dessert after my I mean I mean if I got anything out of it. It was the ability to know that I can save my dessert for last to be honest because you know when I when I'm about to desert them a really about it. I want it right that second so my ability to taste see feel sued was really heightened and I really we appreciated that because I needed that recite because with the way that I live my life I don't take the time is really slow down and enjoy my meals. As much as I would like you too. You know vision was heightened. Sense site was heightened and the overall impactful piece that I really got from ing silent was the smile at me my ability to stop looking out and to stop smiling at everyone else but to turn around and just smile at my soul and smile mile myself and remember that I am a spirit having this human experience in that my soul knows what's best and not it's there with me and then it wants to be seen at wants to be communicated with and and I just feel so connected to it and it's interesting because now as I've gone on my spiritual path whatever that means I feel like I almost see myself in third person and I don't know if that's ego spirit and body but I just is to recognize her which is me but it's easier to say her. As kind of no mixed seem more like God but I recognize this piece of me that is like my spirit and I just like bother. I'm just like feel so thankful that I am at such place at such a time able to explore my part of spirituality or my role as a present resin person in my life and I couldn't be more thankful you know and how I knew that I was connecting with my soul and that I was with my soul and that I felt like all the layers had come off enough to know that it was me there was actually through who like play and making myself laugh to be honest my gym so I mean honestly making people the best but like when you're doing something and you're in you laugh at yourself and you're like Yo what the hell or like. You just make a joke to yourself like this is on. I'm ten so honestly honestly I'm ten years old so we had a meditation where they're going through different parts of the body and kind of releasing all of these things so they were talking about like okay release you know your navel or something and I would think in my head like Oh like release your butthole like I'm not kidding like that was like the stuff I would think about out and I was like Oh. I'm glad I got to the point where like I can get past the seriousness of what we're doing and make myself laugh so that I can be present enough to enjoy the moment and just let this be even if it's a bottle joke. You know there's such a beauty in loving yourself enough to be like like let's have fun with this because that is my the number one thing with everything make it fought like if you can and there is a time for depth and there's a time for going there but I just want everything as much as it can be to be fun and to be light within your body and within you know who you are and your soul and `and. I have that wish for all of you and if I could say you know right now at this point after the days as of silence and the happiness training and being alone with myself at night in the morning on walks meditation eating alone doing all these things. I just feel like this is completely necessary for me to do on a yearly basis. I would may be hope to do it even more just because if I think think about you know how long in my life I've gone with the inputs with doing all the things but not really checking in my meditation is my daily check in. It is my practice just to be like hey what's up you know what's going on with me and my soul and I try and integrate that much more in my car. I'm driving. I'll turn off the music or not podcast and check back in but the ability to shed and to really go deep in this environment was something that I will never forget and something that I am very very great for. I'm grateful for I also had as the last thing like my body. What you guys know is like insane. Stain anyways so it's like how could it get any better why crazy like oh my. God you're already bar for my body. Definitely shed some energetic layers and I'm not saying like Oh lost forty pounds. It was like a detox diet but which I feel lighter I feel like I'm holding onto last and I felt like I was eliminating a lot which I didn't expect to happen it. It was definitely a lot with the food definitely a lot with all the walking but there was really like a lot of releasing of toxins and and crap that had been holding onto that felt really good and I look gleaner for sure. I look leaner now than I did when I thought there a hundred percent like easy. It's the walking it's the nature. It's the sleeping meditating. It's the no stress. It's the nervous system coming down. It's hormones balancing it so much which obviously is our goal and our dream but if anything will swayed you a banging body you know has got a sway you so. I saw some beautiful body releases and body shifts that happened without me really trying crime siglo breath sh- deftly breathing a little deeper definitely taking as much energy Prada in as I can hoping to use this this conversation that I'm sharing with you as an impetus for me to come back to this whenever I can to schedule my next silent retreats to maybe go deeper to maybe go longer and for those the people that think that they could never do this. I know for a fact that you could and if it gets uncomfortable that's a good thing there were are points where it got uncomfortable for me but I just sometimes that's where you gotta run and there should be situations that you are putting putting yourself in right now that are safe quotes but uncomfortable that help you grow so this is one of them again. It was art of living retreat center hurt which is in Boone North Carolina. I did the silent retreat. They have a bunch of different retreats. You could do the happiness retreat a meditation retreat to to learn how to do meditation They have a bunch of speakers and healers that actually come in quite often so if you guys remember Eban Alexander Dander. He's been on the podcast before he does a retreat with his wife. who does sacred. Acoustics Sharon Salzberg does they have Patrick Karma retreats that are eight days of detoxing. If you're really interested in that they have medium ship development retreats. They have journey into meditation. They have are you. Beta culinary retreats couples communication retreats. They have a lot going on there. That is really exciting and really engaging and I love that. It's affordable so this is a place that again. It's it's not prophet. All the money goes back into the foundation which does service projects all around the world but it is a very very audible affordable thing so I always want to make sure I'm I'm trying my best to bring situations and experiences to you that are attainable and what I love about. The Art of living retreat center is that they are in its boone. North Carolina you fly into Charlotte Charlotte and I really loved my experience. I felt like it was beautiful and I'm here and happy any questions that you have. I would love to be a resource for you and I would love to encourage you if you can't do a retreat to maybe take a weekend to do as much noble silence as you can no reading no writing not no phone no computer her and being quiet. Even if it's telling your partner you're going to be quiet. try and go in whenever you can. Your soul is waiting for you. I love you very very much. You mean so much to me. I am so grateful for the support that you've given me in my life and my journey and I feel so connected to you and I'm here for you hundred blog on Instagram H. U. NDA. Do and I'm Christa Williams and I'm so sleep for you and we'll see you next time well. What a good one. I know while thank you Chris I I trump. He really brought on that. One I think and the thing about it is like anyone can kind of do a version of what you just did. I I don't meditate for six hours and you do noble silence which is no consumption at all. Maybe I'm just thinking of version. It doesn't have to the extreme. I don't know if everyone it has like the ability to do that but I don't know it's. It's definitely a practice that you can do consistently. Maybe it's like a monthly thing where you take a couple of days and like Yep sign off. It is different. It's not a digital detox. Though is the thing yeah no I you know I understand but I think that what I talked about within there that are things for people to think about within that but there's a lot stopping in people and what I realized from doing that from peeling back that many layers of distraction between phone TV Others Food Journal Book and there's there's one hundred layers that we we use for distraction which is very interesting so but yeah I mean I I agree in in the fact that there are different ways in which we can kind of peel back or or more streamline and and that's the point and purpose of sharing this so we're excited to continue the tour tour all and winter but coming up coming for us we will be in New York City's. We have three events they're they're almost all sold out so check those out on our website almost thirty podcast dot com but wanted to highlight our stops in Washington. DC with Heidi Stevens and in Philadelphia with your girls Krista and Lindsey so low and and in DC it's with Heidi Stevens. It's she's a soulful feminine focused coach but when we had our session with her L. A. was one of our most powerful sessions of two thousand eighteen or twenty nineteen and the girls left or met with you know their lives changed and more confidence in the direction that they were going so I'm excited about that one in DC and ours are we so fun when it's us it's more interactive discussion focused and really beautiful and in New York to learn about human design with Aaron Claire to learn about the importance and the Alchemy of your voice it means something and it is something with Stuart Pearce and then to laugh with Nikki Glaser at our live show so pump a dream Yeah. Everyone's been really excited about that one as well so check out ticket information almost thirty PODCAST DOT COM cannot wait to meet you and and we really appreciate your support. We can't do this without you so we will see soon. Yeah join the facebook group and let us know how he could further support put go to our shop shop almost thirty PODCAST DOT COM to get some free downloadable from some amazing artists and joined the family on instagram. We love you win. Winnow bucs time bye bye.

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