GSMC Football Podcast Episode 535 The League is Turning Upside Down (3-14-2019)


Keep yourself in the loop of everything football on the Golden State media concepts football podcast, your latest news on and off the field. Be it college football big ten SEC big twelve Pac twelve ACC to the NFL with got you covered. Listen to the Golden State media. Cut sets football podcast. GMC football podcast brought to GMC podcast network. I'm your host Jeff balance lettuce get right into it. So with the chiefs signing the Honey badger to a forty two million dollar contract and have a safety the cut ties there berry. The five time pro bowler is now on the market. And I think he's gonna get picked up really soon. He's still he's injury prone. Absolutely. He was kinda riddled with injuries last season. He's a question, Mark. But I don't know why won't be such the worst idea to have a one year Provea deal with them. Honestly, I see that as a potential possibility and. With that being said. Are the chiefs better with the Honey badger than Eric berry? Because honestly, it was the defensive scheme that kind of caused them wasn't just a particular player or particular the defense the team the town the diva ties on the field. They had Eric berry. Go one on one with gronkowski. And they as championship game multiple times and never worked gronk kicking the ball. Tom Brady kept saying, oh, look there's grunk out playing a guy. He out sizes by like a good foot. It looks like any he also out. He's also more strong stronger than he is he could probably out. He probably can catch it outside of that all that outside of all the. Outs. Okay. Outside the reach of Eric berry. It just was a bad. It was just a bad mismatch which led to. Airfare unable to stop gronkowski in the AFC championship game which led to the patriots winning and let him go into the Super Bowl in winning a six one. So. With that being said is it? His fault about his poor play against the patriots. What's the poor defensive skinny was in? I would honestly put it on the scheme rather than the player itself. But again, I could be totally wrong in that in that circumstance. And you know, it just feels like to me that there's more potential in Iraq berry. There's still more left on the tank very very than most people realize whoever picks him up. He could still be a quality starting to get still get the job done for the the team. He gets signed to. I mean, a one year deal may be two year deal. But I I wouldn't go to four year deal. Obviously. I wouldn't go. I would say maybe three. I think three's a a safe bet in that circumstance. So. I don't know it just it's a tough subject, obviously to go on tough subject to strong word. But just it's a tough thing to really utilize say, what's his main strengths is. He still is he's still can you stay healthy throughout the season as well. I think that's also a big factor in this. So with that being said, I think he can be a big factor. I think he's still can't be a big playmaker for a team can boost up a defense. Like he can't make it any worse defense. Right. I mean, he's not that. He's not to have a player. He's player. They'll make them better one way or another either is like just motivational skills or on his on the field skills. I think it just can work either way or both ways. But to me, I just feel more along the lines of how. How? Eric berry kinda got kinda got. Kind of the swept the rugs snatched underneath them while nuts. Halting I thought berries, give me a chief life, but doesn't look like three that way. I mean, I don't think he's gonna retire. But I am assuming he's going to get time. Another team. And with that being said what team is gonna go to. I'll see a team with needed with in need of a lot of help on defense. Of course. So I mean, maybe a team that's a win. Now state. I would assume it's really hard to tell where he end of going if he goes anywhere, busy, my we might just like call a career retire because he's he's been league for that long. So it's really hard to say how everything's really going to play out with with the Eric berry and his future in the NFL. I mean, I guess maybe the AFC doesn't find any one. But I doubt it will go down that low, and I just think that. Matthew is era. Methyl is of the Honey badger is a better is a busy younger and he's in his prime and less injury prone. I believe and I think it just be a best bet if he's they move on from berry. But I think other teams should really look at Eric berry. And really take advantage of the fact that he's a free agent and signed him. I really do. I think he'd be a great dish in any team. I think he has what it takes through. Well in this in the NFL. Despite all the entries and despite the cancer he overcame. Fortunately. It's just one of those things where it's like, you gotta get this another opportunity. He has the talent to be better than he is right now. That's how that's how I truly feel at least. So that being said at least I thinking where Eric berry. He will be signed by. Let's say Sunday I will say you'll be signed by Sunday. And I'm standing by that standby. I really am. And. The bottom line is for this particular cut. It's probably one of those prising cuts of the year. Like, I knew they sign the free safety Honey badger nothing. Okay. They can just guess Eric just give you the backup over there or split time with him. But now they just outright cut them. So. You know what what team should have? I write Cottam zeal giants in Eli manning. But they currently have kept him in the loop. He's apparently they planned all this out. And he's going to still be there starting quarterback. But that's not the biggest news. The thing. That's really like Trinita league. Upside down to me is a fact that the Browns are Super Bowl contender everyone sick. And the patriots are not gonna go back to Super Bowl. The Steelers are not doing good. They look like they are in a in a down in serious down themselves. And you know, it just. It seems more along the lines of just a. It seems more along the lines of just like is this? Is the beginning of a new era in the NFL? And I honestly think it is. New teams for new new teams gaining serious momentum game serious. Like leverage. I guess maybe ledger is the wrong word, but just like the the Browns are improving so much impressing everybody, and I mean, everybody that watches football. Everyone's oppressed that the Browns are heaven proved so much getting an all pro for steam, all pro wide receiver. No Beckham junior. Getting Kareem hunt having Trump as well. Baker Mayfield Jarvis Landry that offense looks pretty stack to me and thirteen and three is still what I'm considering. They're going to be this season due to a fairly weakened AFC north except for the ravens who Bruce their defense by getting Earl Thomas, but yes, law CJ Moseley and tros AG's, but they also gain marking the running back position which may help the mar- Jackson. And not giving him as many snaps running. The ball is often these he was before. Because let's be honest. Lamar jazzy. Can I run the ball thirty times game? He's going to get her big time if that's gonna happen. So having a strong bruiser back. Mark Ingram can only benefit the read option that hopefully they will use with the ability of the Mark Jackson and the ability of marking grim, but we'll see what they come up with on thinking that the railings will take a wildcard spot. But I still see the Browns winning they'll entire division. And it's just a fun. It just a weird time to be around. You know, just like like when you think of. We knew think of elite teams in the NFL the Browns of the last person on your list the Jaguars. Well, the times are probably pretty low in. They're also you put alive teams up there as a team coming from the brink of insanity. Two now at brink of success. Like the Jaguars they have now the six seven pick in the draft which say, I don't think they will need to go for quarterback anymore projected, but they do add boost to they're already steadied in elite defense or help out Nick foles and get them like a wide receiver or something. I'm not sure, but there's plenty of opportunities and plenty of possibilities for these new ball clubs that are getting more and more talented. I mean, even the jets got a big linebacker CJ Moseley as well as arguably the best running back in the game in into Neo Brown. So I really don't know how else to react to this. It just seems so unreal. That all these teams that we really looked at as. What's what's the word below underdogs? I mean that was them, basically. And then they become a serious contenders in their own respected divisions. Maybe not the raiders, maybe not the cheese. Definitely. The California teams that have done well like four Niners up their defense as well. And it just seems like all the TS to do better doing getting better. And that's the beauty of the sport. And that's this game. And I'm really looking forward to see what else happens in this season. I got my phone on me. Just as anything it signed today. I'll check right now, actually speaking that that will. Any no the unexpected NFL draft. Like, we're looking at the giant says potentially driving doing Haskins. How state if culinary does go number one overall, which seems like that is included as well. But really don't know what the outcomes are going to be in other of those question marks that they have. But regardless I think it's one along the lines of. I guess I guess patients when it comes down the offseason because you want the season star now, but it's not so you just gotta bite your tongue away to wait just a little bit longer. But we're going to short break right now when we come back I want to I want to talk more about. Josh Rosen and him potentially being a New York China in the future. We'll get right on that. When we return. Are you looking for help for your fantasy football team? Check out the GMC fantasy football podcast. Get today's best advice to start who to sit even who you should draft from sleeper. Paixao red hot lineups. They got it all covered for you. That's GSM. See podcasts dot com slash fantasy. Dash football dash Fahd cast. We'll cover traditional leagues dynasty PR. Even I impede leads when you need fantasy. Hope there's just one show to hit up. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GS MC podcast dot com. For more info. Welcome back. Everyone of the GS MC football podcast. We just finished talking about some other stuff that can happen in the world of football. As it turns upside down with all these free agency moves now, let's get more discussed much frozen as he is tied with the New York Giants at the moment as there are their thoughts of the cardinals going for calamari with the first overall pick. But that's it's so hard to tell because they Josh Rosen from last year. But if they do. Trey Josh Rosen the best possible place probably the best seller. They're gonna get is the near giants. And the thing with that is. The best place for Josh Rosen is sitting behind a quarterback does what kind of horror back just sitting behind a quarterback and just taking a rest for a season Rena playbook understanding defensive schemes against those your offense and working from there. You can get better by observing. You can get better by doing homework, you get better. But so, and so you know, what I mean, it just feels like you don't need to be on the field as a starter to really improve. You can be off-field improve. In more ways than one. So. That's how I see mainly there. But while mine for Judd, Josh Rosen is he's gonna go. If he does go to team in New York, the giant. And he does and he says buying Brady. He can improve Brady's me li- any can improve. I mean, so many great quarterbacks have had short breaks one season two seasons or three and seriously improve Aaron Rodgers petro home. So the too I think about and they're they've been both NFL MVP's. So it's one of those things you're looking at it and going, wow, maybe we should look at resting our quarterback and not play him right away. As soon as we drive to put him into lion's den where he can risk injury lose a ton of confidence and all his other things. Like, wow, this wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be type of scenario where they join. And they know what they're getting those into. So that being said, it seemed that Jerry Kim was very okay with the process. I was going on. I think because he's getting overnight zeal tear injury. Garoppolo Oris an ACL tear as Cornell now Guinea over and. ACL tear. They all have something to prove the all have this chip on their shoulder. And I think they all come in with a lot of confidence. And with that being said fight between like, let's let's let's let's look at this. If the giants get Rosen in the next two years are the playoff team. No. But if Josh Rosen a sitting out those two years, then it comes back midway through that midway through that season or the next season. Why can't he be improved quarterback? Why can't he be a better quarterback? Let's face it the team he was on the cardinals. They were terrible. Their offense. Align was awful. He couldn't get a throw off in time. He had like two or three seconds in the pocket at heights of all someone was after him like he had a scramble insanely fast. So that's why I'm putting hesitant when I'm thinking about like people saying, oh, he didn't throw the vulgar. Well, all these other flaws that he had regarding his regarding Josh Rosen in his first year as incorrect for the cardinals. But I feel you can't blame him for the majority of that stuff due to the fact of like how poor that team was in general, and you can't just put it on the rookie quarterback. You gotta put others responsible. And that's that's one of the head coach fired him, not sure, but he was held responsible for those actions. For those words that horrible record. They have for the first overall pick they have. And now you're in a big question. Go saying like, okay. Would we do? Now type both types. Oreo. So that being said. I honestly think Josh Rosen. Call from heaven is him going to the near giants in a trade. Him being behind manning at the end of his career. I'm not saying many as like this amazing quarterback. I'm seeing using average quarterback at best and below average at worst. And he's always packs problem. And with that being said if you go to and if you learned from his mistakes and move on into the giants number one quarterback, and you become a leader new become more of a leader. Like that in a sense then. Yes, then that could also definitely work when it comes down to it because we all know that you many has been criticized in the past and it's never been a good criticizing. It's always been like, his leadership skills or something or play and Joshua's. If you learn from his criticisms and do something great with that. You know, what I mean, it just seems like more like you can learn from his mistakes rather than learning from like his? Detriments are learning from his accomplishments because he doesn't really have any accomplishments doesn't have he's only been the Pro Bowl four times in his career. And he's been league since doesn't four that is a terrible. Like, that's not very good at all the guy. That's putting playing for that long. You expect like ten pro bowls are eight to ten pro bowls. I mean, I'm being nice what eight part, but man four. That's it come on. You gotta be better than that. You got to be better than that. And that's just my honest opinion when it comes down to it and. If if the giants do acquire Josh Rosen, then allies fighting for his job. Maybe not I don't know. But I have a gut feeling that when it comes down to it. You know, it's thinking about just now I thought about this just now the the jets are better than the giants right now. Like, usually it's like the jets are the bottom of the New York franchises. But you know, what the dishes of lithium Bill and CJ Moseley. And I think I think they're better than the giants. And now the giants are in dire straits because they're going to be the bottom of the team in New York City. And it's so weird. Actually, it's so weird thing about this. Just now. But is there one good team in New York? I mean Brooklyn decent the near islanders in the NHL are pretty good. But like is there like, oh, that's the best team in that particular sport. I don't think there is. I think they're average or below average at times, and that's truly incredible based off if we're talking about like signings free agencies, the New York destinations should be loaded should be like everyone wanna play there for the market time. And would that being said like people are leaving those teams rather than the joining those teams? And that's putting a big dent on every organization of all the New York City. In more poorly. This really affects the giants, and you know. Have anyone throat to at the moment. He doesn't have a really good running game. At the moment. He doesn't have. A defense that can really hold the team to stop points. He's just kind of predicament at the moment the giants are in a predicament of being like like who knows they could go in sixteen. I mean that wouldn't that would surprise me, obviously. But it'd be like, you know, what the talent they have that make sense the third team in NFL history. Go and sixteen. Sure, let's go with that. You know, let's go with go with the chances. Let's roll the dice showy. Let's let's let's see if. They're that bad. And you know, it doesn't like even with CJ Moseley and Levy on the jets. We don't know if the if that is going to boost their team they selene that they have a rookie or a first year quarterback. They still have. Kind of trouble. They're off its line. Receiving core. Could be better. I mean, there's still a lot of holes to fill with the near jets. But overall, they both help those teams out. And I was not as worse as near giants are. But we are get take a short break when we come back. We will talk about every other remaining free agent in the NFL and go into detail and who needs them, and who I they need them in other things of that nature, and we'll be right back when we get back to you. Check out the show that's built on the from UFC two extreme cage fighting they got the fights covered. Check out their GSM. See 'em a podcast. Get the latest news on past or off coming fights. Join us as we talked to in about some of the biggest names in 'em past president future. When it's the fight game. There's just one show to check out GMC podcast dot com slash M. E dash podcast. Don't forget to like Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit GSM seeing podcast dot com. For more info. Everyone of the MC football podcast. Let's look at the free agents that are available shall we? Because that's important, and we need to discuss who's available left and who is going to be going where possibly. So you already have a bunch of guys that are taken sounds defensive sounds like a Facebook profile taken. Anyways with the current lers. They're still. Well, with the sign players, of course, most guy with the highest signing the most money is Trey flowers to to Detroit with a ninety million dollar five year contract, which is pretty insane all things considered. But like we still have Ezekiel from Detroit that if it's been there who's a huge in the market new Domine consume who is a free agent contract with the Rams expired. He could be huge boosts indifference a line. We do have claim out actually still end Jimmy Collins and just in Houston three veteran lined Outside Linebackers. I could really get the job done. All three out. Yeah. They all through all Outside Linebackers. They're all could be definite veteran presence in teams offense and dangerous for if you're looking at a certain direction, so with that being said, there's also like Randall cobs available Josh mccown. He's uncertain she wants to play again. Let's see seen anyone else's nailed entree are Brandon Marshall linebacker from Detroit or Denver, excuse me. Available to be picked up, and you know, Beykal Crabtree. Derek Morgan, you know him. Gold tate. Teddy Bridgewater who still able visiting the dolphins because he's worried about his head coach trumping going to Dallas in twenty twenty. So he's having second thoughts. What staying there and tiny in extension? Jared cook tight end for the Oakland Raiders experts successful identities in questions or is in the train market. And is probably gonna be asked questions like that. It's well, and it just seemed. It seemed to me that there are a lot of potential free the signings left, and we've only a couple days, of course, world like what one full bay into the rate into the official season. So that's something to be interested to think about, but also I just want to say like that there's a huge advantage when it comes down to like. When it comes down to the Cleveland Browns. If you can go back to them having to LSU players who are teammates and roommates now on the same team again brings in chemistry for Baker Mayfield. Which means that team even better with Nick Chubb in the backfield. And they went cream hunt. Suspensions up is ever Lee announced his suspension, we really don't know how long it's going to be gone for it. Why can't they seem about thirteen three? I go higher fourteen to let's do it right now fourteen and to you know, you know, it's not crazy to think about because talent to the Browns are on defense in on offense. And with that being said. You know, thinking about the freidan seen how much it's already changed info drafters pretty insane all things considered because of the fact that like we really don't know what the mock draft is anymore. Like it used to be call him Nick Bosa going one two, but who knows what the mall trapped is now in the NFL post first day of of. The first day of what am I the on the first day of free agency and the regular season officially beginning. Because people still see it's taking collar Murray. Number one in the question to me is like shouldn't he be like pushing for wide receiver and frequency or offense a weapons of free NT notches, Terrell. Suggs, you know, I just feel like there's so many were often for them to go after key players on the office side that could really boost their team up if they're gonna go after with another rookie quarterback and maybe their franchise quarterback in in. What's his face in column? Ary what's his face? Don't you hate that? When you go like, you can't you've said, there's you said the name multiple times. Just can't remember save your life. What's his name a frustration? I always think it's pretty funny. But regardless let's take a look at the wide receivers that are actually available free and see what the cardinals can do if they're going to draft collar Marie of how they can help him out in the long run. So let's check this out right now right here. Thanks again. The sports spot track for gimme olien formation. I need so for available and in the wide receiver department. We have we select Damari Thomas who did tears Aquiles. So he's probably not going to be a pickup rental. Cobb is possible pickup for the cardinals. Take advantage of that situation. Have another him and Larry shield not in their prime still veteran presences for column to throw to be good. Peer are song. Michael crabtree. Golden tate. Ryan grant remain curse. Kevin y Mike Wallis. Aren't you guys? Actually, it just seems that there's a lot of. There's a lot of wide receivers of able in this free agent market. A lot. Holy moly guacamole. Okay. You just keep scrolling around keeps going just it doesn't stop date refuses to stop. I tell ya and. Yeah, just weird instant, and but with if I had to pick one of these freedoms I able in the white or to market to really boost the cardinals receiving core and help out their future quarterback in column at that's where they're going for. You know, you're gonna have veteran presence in Larry FitzGerald, and you can get like Germain curse or Ryan grant, Kevin white or Cody Latimer or something like that where he doesn't need to be a barn burner. But he just needs to be a contributor in that might be the contributors you need to really compliment both lay and column Murray. And also in the backfield running game is big question Mark as well. So let's look at the Vail running backs in the dry in the free agent market and see who they can pick up. I know they David Johnson. But. I don't remember less play even a half a season. So Tennessee marshawn Lynch has yet Crowell Powell to the jets running backs. Jonathan Stewart Corey grant, Gary Braun Spencer. Where'd are all in the? In the draft. So that's pretty exciting. These had him on my fantasy teams one time some of these guys, and I they can go back and forth. Spencer wears also bailable the plunged also visible. Doug Barnes, dense froze, also vailable if the carnal can get a decent running back in a decent wide receiver. I think they could they can make some noise. I really do if they drive column Murray. They don't think you've just Rosen that might still be in the air is really unknown at this time what the differences are in both of them. But I think Colin marriages has more talent than Jerry golf. But again. Is not to decide this. So. Yeah. Oh, so with that being said if I had a pickup running back to take right now to help me boost my team, I might have goes fence aware. I think I think underrated running backs league. I know he was behind Kareem hunt in cream just stole the show. All the all that. But he did it very visit decent job as he can catch the ball and run the ball. Why not go for a guy like that? But that's just my personal opinion. But we're gonna take a short break when we come back. We're talking about the defensive availability in the NFL draft will be right back right after this. Don't go away. Out the show built around the women of 'em from the UFC to the extreme cage fighting we got the fights cover the Golden State media concepts women's MMA podcast. The latest news coming fights discussions. Previous matches join us as we talked to in about the biggest names that women's mixed. Martial arts past present and future. When it's the women's fight game. You know, where to listen to the Golden State media concept's women's MMA podcast. Welcome back. Everyone GS. Football podcast finishing up the day here. It's the final countdown. Did it do I can say this now because marks here, and he hated it. So did it do did it do? Did it dude? It do. Did it? Did it do? We're heading moving. Okay. Sorry. That's on my head. Now. It's a good song. I why I've always liked the song. So. Regardless of that moving onto like I said the defensive players are still available in the in the free market that could really boosts teams will meant boost their. Momentum. But boost there. Just their team in general. I guess. Yeah. That makes more sense. And would that being said, let's. Let's take a look at the defensive free agents that are available to you know, the mainland got signed. They're all like huge. Huge. Contracts, and you can't really do anything about that. So going to the defensive side for who's available. We do have ends. I the Detroit defensive end is going to be huge boost. But one of the guys I wanted to talk about because I. That's all ready. But one of the guys are really wanted to talk with like is he's pretty underrated. But he's also. I mean, he is up there in age of you need a. Presence. I guess you can say. Then maybe not him. I was going to rain Brock, maybe not. It's so hard to decide base. All these other running backs. There's really era defensive players. I mean, there's also glor- Quinn from Detroit Darian Stewart from a jersey Zac Brown from. So honestly, yes, you you're a lot of those because men there were a lot of unhealthy teams last year, and they really need to get back into the spur things where they can really improve where they could really. Not get hurt. I guess is the question, of course, football place where you're going to get hurt. There's a good chance you'll get hurt because of how impressive the defense is in there and professional they've in trainers while. And with that being said. About thirteen hour ago. Thirteen hours ago there was an introductory press conference for in Tonio Brown holding up his razors. E it looks weird. Like it's black which is like I get because he was black and yellow before. Now, it's black and silver which seems just off to me that he signed with them. Any actually did surprise Carson Wentz? Not Carson Wentz. Use me Derek cars while in his home in their car. Look, so confused disease in sweat pants and a jacket, and he goes, what are you doing here man like and Antonio Brown's Dresden, I sous surprise my boy here, and he's like what's going on. It's like it's like in the office where Michael and the guy that played by will Ferrell, I forget what his name is. But he Mike from the office hands people imitations to the Dundee's, and he gets to the Dundee's. And that's just how I see attorney Brown holiest jersey. It just doesn't fit right. But it's like it's almost like it's made for somebody else. That's how I kinda atoll. I kind of took it. It's very intro. Situation to be share for. That's the that's the that's the that's the bottom line there. I think just for any team. I think for any player, especially just when they go to a new team, they have New Jersey and everything usually it's the same number, of course. But I don't know with the guy like in twenty Brown the guy like a franchise player and was like a window Beckham junior holds up his Browns jersey. It's to be weird. It's gonna be like unusual be like, I'm not used to this like. I'm gonna make another reference again, there's a family guy episode where Peter makes say Peter makes a all guys club like made out of his house. He put a big chunk of his house in made into like, a guy's club kinda shed, and it's dewey's room. And he goes on with the house. I don't like change in. I'm like, oh, that's that's mean, a nutshell. Like, it's it's like, I'm fine with change. We I'm just like I don't like chain like that tone of voice. He goes like, I don't like this it just that's kind of how it feels like I don't like change, and this is too much change. And man the Steelers are just looking at fans are looking at both the jets and the in the Steelers in just like in disgust of just how they stole to the best players in the on their team arguably. So it's funny how things work out the way home. It's funny how things turn out. And but I guess the main question between that is who is the better team. Now is the jets including Levy on Bill or is it the raiders including into Neo Brown that is yet to be determined because it's really hard to tell based on how weekday were landed the year before. And I think what the addition CD Moseley. The jets are going little bit over the top on that one just out of that at of that like question between them and the raiders, but I'm not expecting the raiders onto the the playoffs. Like one hundred percent like they'd probably still could obviously. But I'm not saying moral. I'm seeing more along the lines of just like, you know, let's not counting out yet. But it's on likely. That's the jets, right? That was the jets last season. And then they kept dropping and dropping dropping same as Redskins to be honest with you. And it just goes to show that. When it comes down to it. When it comes down to your. Your like who got the better deal longer on the jets in the Steelers. It seems to me or the jets Steelers or the ravens, of course, to the globe that they just traded up threat fifth third and fifth for twenty Brown in the totally got out of the two guys basically be the other guy Levy bells free agent, and they couldn't they didn't franchise tag him. So he could have done whatever he wanted. It's funny. How things work out, you know. But overall if I guess those two records. I'm gonna go with. Let's see let's says to jets I I'm going to say nine seven no playoffs. But would CJ Moseley on Bill? I'll see in nine seven record winning record not playoff not playoff-bound but still season Optima stick in optimism going. Hey, we did good this year. Let's see we can carry it on and do well in the and again and this time win the AFC's to waive from the evil patriots the l'empire if you will. Gushes lot hate for them. Like that. Would they mainly speak on the patriots? What they've mainly done is just. We signed guys. I'd only signed one big name, particularly I think resign a lot of guys. And of course, if you won the Super Bowl, why would you wanna change that kind of factors? So it makes sense of the long run that the only one that they the Steelers wise, I'm sorry. The jets will bear them as ploughs next year, and then look into a great setup for the year after and so that being said. Xanthos? Let's talk about. I mean, I could look. But. Regardless. Let's move to the Browns real quick though. Because I have an interesting question who has the better trio the Texans or the Browns because I know the Texas have watched Hopkins fuller, which is a great trio. But now with the with the Browns having Mayfield Odell and that in Landry who are college roommates. And all that stuff does that make their chemistry more better between the two wide receivers which makes it easier to make plays if you're Baker Mayfield. And I had to say I'm going to go with that Brown setup over the Texans set up not because of the fact they're better, I would say they're pretty equal considered. And I will never complain having one of them. But when it comes down to the. Bike who's the better show? Who's gonna be more productive trio? I might have ice thing. I gotta go with the Cleveland Browns. And it's so weird to Clint like to praise Cleveland Browns team and go like they're so good. And this and that because we've been so used to their the they've been the league's punching bag for like feels like decades, it probably it has been decades, and we still and then all of a sudden this offseason completely turned the tide. The new of course, like firing Hugh Jackson was also a huge boost to that as well. But regardless it was like it was almost like huge exit was holding them back and they exploded afterwards. I mean, look who got fired from from Cincinnati. And I think he still unemployed. Let's check a few checks employed. We haven't talked about him in a while. It was fun to talk about him as well. And he is unemployed at the moment, and rightfully so. Because my gosh. Who would give him a job after this? I mean, his regulars head coaching record is low and forty four and one. So I mean, I don't think he's going anywhere based on coach base on coaching job. Maybe not. I'm not sure. But guardless, I think that should be our show today. Thank you so much joining us everybody, and please tune isten next. Let's see today's football podcast to tomorrow. We'll have our football, podcast and stuff. I won't be tomorrow. I am off to Hawaii. I'm looking forward to it. I'm going to be on for the week. Then I'll be back. But I hope you guys won't miss me. Too much, and I will be back. So don't you worry? And as always I'm Jeff melon, and I'll see you not next time, but not next week the wee gaffer. There we go. I'll see you. Then guys have have a good day. All everyone have the weekend have a good next week. And just take care and have a good one. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts football podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You can find this show and others like it at WWW dot g MC podcast dot com. 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