Ep. 551 - Racists, Rapists, and Murderers


Joe BIDEN INFORMS FORTY MILLION BLACK AMERICANS. That if they support our president they ain't black is Joe Biden. A racist is Joe Biden rapist. Democratic Representative Ilhan. Omar says. She believes the woman accusing Biden him sexual assault but she's going to vote for Biden. Anyway and president trump accuses. Msnbc's Joe Scarborough of murdering staffer. Some heavy stuff to start the week Michael Knowles and this is the Michael Knowles show. Are you all heard? The clip is Joe Biden. A racist does the word racist even mean anything after fifty years of being totally abused by the political left. We will play the clip for you and then we will play all of the many many excuses that the left is making for Joe because you know of course they are Joe Biden on this show with the radio character. Charlemagne the God and the interview was actually going fairly well. And then Joe Biden. Made this now infamous statement that if you do not know if you're gonNA vote for trump or for Joe Biden. Then you ain't black. I tell it if you have a problem figuring out whether you're for mayor trump and you ain't black so listen to what he's saying. What you saying is actually a little bit more radically than than what some people are suggesting. He's not saying that if you're a Republican in your black then you ain't black. He's not saying that. If you're not going to vote for me then you ain't black it actually even further than that. What he's saying is if you even have the slightest question as to whether or not you're gonNa vote for me if if it even enters into your mind that it would be possible to vote for a Republican. Then you ain't black in order to be authentically black. According to Joe Biden you have to be unconsciously democratic unconsciously. Left-wing obviously that is absurd the the craziest image of all the most absurd image of all is that Joe Biden. One of the whitest people that has ever walked. The face of the earth is now telling someone like Kanye West that he is not black telling someone like Tim Scott that he is not black. Telling someone like Alan West. That he's now black. The list goes on and on the left immediately started making excuses for him. Close Your eyes. Imagine what the headlines would look like if a Republican had made a similar statement. Could you imagine right? You would be wall to wall coverage outrageous. He has to resign. This is like David. Duke is running for President Right. That's that's what you want. But because it was Joe Biden a Democrat or the headlines. Cnn WOULD BIDEN. Said was outrageous but some say so was the reaction some say that a who is some is some is some the nickname of John Blake. Cnn writer is that that seems to me very likely or not. Even John Blake the writer but whoever the editor is the wrote that headline this is something that the left always does when they get a bad series of headlines and they want to counter that narrative they say okay. Here's the headline. Yeah that's really bad. But some say it's not that bad and then the some who say are always just the left wing journalist. You're writing running the headlines so that CNN you get from. Vox Do Joe Biden's you ain't black comments ultimately matter no of course not. If Joe were Republican they would matter a whole lot but now do they matter. No now this is the Clinton strategy. The Vox the vox headline is what you would always from the Clintons. Which is that the Clintons would have some scandal and then they would just immediately Tampa down. Say this is old news. We mean it's old news scandal happened yesterday. Now it's old news. That happened yesterday. Today's Today it's not a big deal. Move on the organization move on dot org the Berry prominent. Left-wing organization was founded to to get the Clintons through the impeachment. And they said well look we gotta move on this Old News. No big deal doesn't matter nothing to see here folks. That'S VOX DOT COM. Did and then. My favorite one came from the most ridiculous of all of those newspapers. The Washington Post Democracy dies in darkness this headline on an article by Jonathan Kaye. Part come on Biden's you ain't black comment was clearly a joke. What was the joke? I saw some people in social media to say this that Joe Biden was joking and so therefore it's not an offensive comment. What's the joke? Look I'm I'm perfectly willing to give people grace if they're telling jokes. What is the joke? That black people have to vote for Democrats is that I guess. That's the that's what he's saying. The joke is black. People can't think for themselves. The joke is black. People need to vote the way that this white man tells them to vote. That ha ha. Isn't that the joke? Look Laura Yeah I know I. If that's the joke I get the joke. But that's what is offensive. I so It's not a joke. I mean a joke requires a setup. Punchline and joke requires some humor. That's not what Joe Biden was. Joe Biden's point was was pretty blunt. Which is that if you are black. You must vote for Democrats and if you don't vote for a Democrat you lose your blackness that the and this is the kind of ideological point that they come to. Somehow there is a difference between being racially black and being politically black and the one. That actually matters more is whether you're politically black regardless of your skin color. This is the precise point that was made by a New York Times or not just a New York Times writer a woman who just won the Pulitzer Prize for that sixteen nineteen project that completely anti historical trash that the New York Times is using to try to rewrite American history. This woman's name is Hannah Jones. And she said basically what. I just said she said quote. There is a difference between being politically black and being racially black. I am not defending anyone but we all know this and should stop pretending that we don't so she is defending him and it is a repulsive comment. What she's saying this is what ideologies do this you know. I. I tried. Try NOT TO BE TOO ideological on this show. I've point of view I have a vision of the world but I try not to be ideological and the difference is this what ideologues do. Is they prioritize their ideas over reality so when reality comes to contradict their ideas they they don't deny their ideas they deny the reality. This is something you would hear as a kind of joke about ideologues. They'll say who cares if it works in practice. Does it work in theory right? It's all about prioritizing ideas of reality. When the two conflict they go with their own theories and this is where we see identity. Politics really delve into the realm of the absurd. The idea here. Is that if you are say Tim. Scott right a republican black senator. You're not really black. If you're Clarence Thomas Rhett. You're a conservative black jurist. You're not really black. I mean sure your skin is black but blackness is something deeper than skin color it is according to the left a political ideology and so so Bill Clinton right very much. A white guy is the first black president in certain colloquial understanding. Sarah Palin is not a woman. I once kid you not. I read a gender studies paper. A published academic gender studies paper. That denied that Sarah Palin is a woman because of Radiology Because Radiology is conservative. Or her I guess her philosophies conservative or her lack of Ideology Is Radiology Rick Grenell. He's the acting deny he's a homosexual but he's not really homosexual you see. According to the left he possibly really be a homosexual because he is more conservative. He's not a leftist for the for the left. Black is not a race it is an ideology one woman is not a sex. It's an ideology. Gay is not a sexual preference. It is an ideology so leftist men can attack Phyllis Schlafly they can attack in coulter that's fine. It's actually feminist to physically attack those women because they're not really women and if you attack them you're actually the real feminist and Kanye isn't really black. According to this ridiculous idea you know a lot of people came in and defended. Joe Biden even more is it ineffective strategy is Joe Biden really racist. We'll get to that in a second. I though I've got to thank our friends over at Euro. You know it can be very frustrating when your wife is being slow and taking forever to load and maybe you've noticed that with a lot of people using the Wifi these days that tends to happen well. I've got a solution for you. Eero is Wi fi that your home deserves. If blankets your whole home with fast reliable Wi fi not just inside but outside too euro. 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But you gotta use this URL to receive this offer. Eero Dot Com Slash Code Knowles. So I don't know if you remember Sheila jackson-lee she is a democratic congresswoman. Not One of the most impressive members of the House of representative. But certainly one of the most entertaining at and Sheila jackson-lee is a black woman and she rushed to Joe. Joe Biden's defense. I don't believe anyone who saw that exchange would in any way suggest that anyone is blacker black or less black that exchange was ingest on second thoughts it could been on a spoken different than African Americans are truly one of the most astute political groups in this nation and they know what is best for them their children their families their elders and as relates to the generational divide if you will or the unity of such those who are millennials are clearly and what I would say to you is that that was not what the vice president said in terms of those words. What what I would say to you is that is not what the vice president said using those words what I would say to you is the words that you heard. Joe Biden say those are not the words that he actually said I think they are. I'm pretty sure we have the video and you can replay it. And that's what he said she ends this really rambling incoherent nonargument at the very end with the point that you made at the beginning. Which is don't believe you're lion ears. He didn't really say that she opens up she is. I don't think anybody was talking about how someone is more black or less black or not black. And that's exactly what they were. That's exactly what Joe Biden was talking about. And what he said and we have the tape and he used those exact words but her strategy probably a smart strategy here is just deny it. Then say a bunch of words that don't have any meaning next to one another and then move on right. That's the that's the VOX DOT COM strategy. It's the Clinton strategy. That's what Democrats do all the time. And it's an effective strategy. This whole thing is an effective strategy. You know the the line itself only occurred to Joe Biden because Black Americans vote overwhelmingly for Democrats. So it's a sort of polite joke among the left right if you don't vote for Democrats you're not really black. We're going to rescind your black card identity. Politics has worked very well. It's a very very strong motivator. It has forged this reliable political voting block. It's not as though black people always voted for Democrats not as always voted for Republicans. Before that there was a time at which the black vote was was a little more divvied up. Now it's pretty solidly democratic because identity. Politics is pretty strong. If you're told what Joe Biden is telling them which is that not only will you lose policy or two if you don't vote with me but you will lose your vary identity then. That's a pretty strong motivator to vote a certain way and this comes alongside a long history of Joe Biden's stupid and offensive comments on race. I marched in the civil rights movement. Martin tens of thousands of others. He had not actually during the civil rights movement and kept telling the story and he come out. The civil rights movement is one of those guys that sat in and marks and all that stuff a his age went back to say look he was in office marching for the idea that science out MARCI. They'll put you all back in chains for kids just as brandon just as towns white kids off all of the the Biden Commons visit of. I think the one that hits you the most is hey look black. Kids are poor. Kids are just as talented as white kids. You're you're conflating a few things there. So Joe Biden a racist. What does that even mean anymore? What does the word racist mean after the left has used it as just a synonym for people who disagree with us as just a synonym for bad is just a synonym for not leftist. Does Joe Biden hate black people. No I don't think it's black. People does Joe Biden make offensive comments about black people yes. He regularly makes offensive comments about black people. Do you remember when Obama Ran. I I am. He said. All the the first articulate. Clean GOOD-LOOKING BLACK CANDIDATE. That's a that's a fairy tale man that's almost verbatim when he said you know He. He makes these offensive comments. A lot does Joe Biden. Take the black vote for granted. Yes does that make him a racist? I'll leave you to decide because the word has become very ambiguous. Here's what we do know. The left has spent the last eternity smearing everybody to the right of Hillary Clinton as a big okay and so I'm less interested in the Joe Biden story per se. I'm more interested in how we react to it because the minute that the right does anything even close to the same accuses are opponents of some kind of bigotry with a lot. More evidence by the way we're told that's out of bounds. Only the left is allowed to do that. Not The right. The right has to shut up and take time and time again. The left is allowed to fight with every single available tactic and the right is supposed to tie one hand behind our back at least and trump is rightly sick of this so now donald trump is just coming out swinging. He's encouraging claims. That people are racists rapists and even murderers should the right. Take the gloves off. I think the right absolutely should we gotta be careful not to go too far. There was a big attack that trump leveled over the weekend. I think it's not necessarily in the totally right direction. But it's pretty funny because it's GonNa make Joe Biden Sweat. We'll get to that one second. 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Joe Biden may not remember but we so conservatives are against putting criminals in jail. Now is that the idea. I don't like this Ad. It's in a way a devastating ad right. Even Dan to the very last part where the ad says Joe Biden may not remember. But we do. Joe Biden doesn't remember what he had for breakfast this morning but the point of the we agree with that. Now we see. It's very conservative now to not throw criminals in prison. I don't think that's conservative. I think actually we should put more criminals in prison. I think we have too many criminals on the street. And that's what most conservatives thought until it was politically convenient to attack Joe Biden. Not Not a great way to attack him. I don't think if it works tactically fine. I understand their tactical considerations here. But I think it's GonNa hurt us in the long term. We we gotta be careful not to when we're leveling these attacks and taking the gloves off. Let them come back and swing around and hit us again. We gotta make sure that these attacks are clean and they don't back into a corner. The left is really good at this. The left is really good at not necessarily taking a stand with the left does. Is it just criticises? Rated deconstruct was hear these kind of terms in the left wing academy deconstruction criticism. Critical theory you just attack your opponent without taking a stand yourself. What I don't like about this Ad. Is it backs us into this corner of saying? We basically WANNA spring criminals from the clink. I don't want to spring criminals from the clink. I want to attack Joe Biden but I want to put myself in a where I have to defend something that I I can't defend a a good example of a of a solid wild crazy attack with the gloves off. That doesn't back you into a corner is actually another one. That trump lodged over the weekend. This is one of his wildest attacks ever and it was against Joe Scarborough over at MSNBC president trump tweets out this comment about Joe Scarborough. This was in response to a tweet. That said trump calls for investigation into Joe Scarborough for the murder of a staff or in two thousand one more on that. In a moment trump tweets out quote a blow to her head body found under his desk left. Congress suddenly big topic of discussion in Florida. And he's a nutjob with bad ratings. Keep Digging US forensic geniuses you madman. You are accusing your political opponents of murder. But it's a pretty clean attack actually. I'm not I'm not saying I'm defending the attack per se. But I'm defending the tactic here because Joe Scarborough. Every day goes out on television even to the three people who watch it and accuses trump of all sorts of crazy things and so now trump is swinging back and saying. Oh Yeah. There's a lot of open questions about how you may be murdered that staffer. I'm not saying that there is evidence that he murdered the staffer. Here's the story may two thousand one. This is five months into Joe scrubbers fourth term in Congress. He announces all of a sudden that he's going to resign and he says he wants to spend more time with kids. It's kind of a strange excuse. You hear this a lot from politicians who are in scandals because if he wanted to spend more time with his kids presumably he would've thought about that five months earlier and just not run for a fourth term then a couple months later July twentieth two thousand and one one of Joe Scarborough's aides Lewis Claus was found dead from a head injury in Joe Scarborough's office in Fort Walton Beach Florida. Then this is according to Joe Scarborough at the time allegations spread all over the Internet that he was involved even though it looked as though it was an accident. I do want to be clear. There is no evidence that Joe. Scarborough murdered his staffer. There were rumors at the time that they were having an affair. All sorts of stuff. I mean this is according to Joe Scarborough himself and just grow even joked about this on another MSNBC show hosted by the shock jock. Don Imus occasionally. We're GONNA try to help you and you've just right Charles. You've got to listen. Tell me what I needed to know. You're doing great. I mean don't be afraid to be funny because you are funny That was you know I ask you why you want in Congress. You said You'd have sexually and turn and you had to learn. Sounds pretty risky to say what are you GONNA do? So you can be very good. Were actually like Keith Olbermann. I like Is on Doing great good work out for you to be good lineup. And the guys at NBC had women BC. Looks like they're going to the stick with us. Okay so he jokes about it. Here's my take. Do I think Joe Joe? Scarborough murdered his staffer. I think I think the idea that Joe Scarborough moderate. His staffer is at least as plausible as the idea that Donald Trump has secretly been a sleeper cell. Manchurian candidate for Moscow all along all these last forty fifty years that we've known who he is. Here's my take. I think that the idea the Joe Scarborough is a murderer is at least as plausible as the idea. That Brett Cavanaugh is a rapist. Here's what I think. What's good for the goose is good for the Gander? And if the left is going to reshape our politics two now primarily base itself on insane ridiculous preposterous radical personal accusations against people. Then I guess it sure would be a shame of some of those accusations. Flew back on the left. Wouldn't it here's my take. I mean what what trump is doing here. Even though he's talking about a very serious issue is actually engaging in a little bit of levity in politics right because the left is saying with a straight face he's a Manchurian candidate for Moscow brick Kavanagh's was a rapist and things very seriously and what Donald Trump does. He goes he goes. Oh Yeah. Hey Joe Scarborough's a murderer. I don't know I'm not saying anything. It's just you think he might be a murderer. He's actually sort of telling a kind of political joke and then the joke is getting these self serious leftists to go even more apoplectic. I think that levity is okay in a time where people are way too self serious in politics and where where one side gets to level outrageous accusations but then the minute the other side does anything even remotely resembling that. It's a national disgrace. Okay and I also think that there is nothing virtuous about one side of the political aisle completely unilaterally disarming. I don't think there's any anything virtuous about the left being able to use whole host of tactics and the right having to tied their hands behind their backs and I in particular don't think that's virtuous because the left is not virtuous. The left is vice. It is vice mobilized in politics and the right for all its many flaws is actually attempting a sort of politics at virtue and so. I don't think it's good for the right to be handicapped and for the left to be able to do whatever they want. Nothing good about that. And I'm glad that the right is fighting back but I want the right to fight back. Smart. I don't want the right to fight back in a way. That's going to hurt us in the long run. The you can't expect the left to play. Nice or fair or even stick to its own rules. It's not going to happen. A great example of this of tangentially related to Joe Biden comes from Ilhan Omar Ilhan Omar part of the squad the radical leftist freshman congresswoman. Ilhan Omar actually acknowledged that. She believes the woman accusing Joe Biden of rape. And yet she's GonNa vote for Joe Biden. Anyway we'll get to that in one second. I gotTa thank our friends over at rock auto. You know when you go to the auto parts store. They never actually have what you want right. They never have what you need. They're just too many parts at their brick and mortar. Doesn't have it. So what are they do they go online? They probably go to rock auto DOT COM. They ordered the part they charge you twice as much. Rock AUTO DOT COM is a family business serving autoparts customers online for twenty years which is basically the whole history of online go to rock auto dot com to shop for auto and body parts from hundreds of manufacturers best of all prices at Rocco dot com or always reliably low and the same for professionals. And do it yourself irs. Why would you spend up to twice as much for the same ports? Doesn't make sense. Even I don't know anything about gorgeous. Even I know that's a crazy idea head on over there. It's so easy to navigate that website go to rock auto dot COM right. Now see all the parts available for your car or truck then. Most importantly right knowles candidate les in there. How did you hear about US box so that they will know that we sent you that rock auto dot com over there right now? Right Knowles in there. How did you hear about US box so allegations that Joe Biden is a racist allegations? That Joe Biden is a rapist. Some people believe the allegations including Ilhan Omar. Who told The Sunday Times of London quote? I do believe read. Justice can be delayed but should never be denied. And then do you know what she said? She said. Believing survivors is consistent with my values. Yes I endorsed against Biden and I didn't pick him as our nominee with that said in this interview. I did on May sixth. We talked about that. In quotes aren't aren't always in context. I will vote for him and help him. Defeat trump do things at the same time. I do believe read. I do think Joe Biden is a rapist. That's what that means. I think Joe Biden sexually assaulted that woman and I will vote for him. That's the level of partisan commitment. We're talking about. That's that's what Joe Biden talking about when he says if you are even slightly questioning whether you're gonNA vote for me. You're not black. That's how deep this identity goes that. Ilhan Omar would vote for someone she believes to be a rapist because of how deep that identity goes you are not merely going to crack that kind of insane identity politics with slightly better arguments war slightly better. Fine Tuned Policy Prescriptions about entitlement reform. That ain't gonNA work okay. The way that you're gonNA crack it is by using all the tools available to you that includes cultural tools that includes the mass media that includes certain policy arguments that includes shaking things up. Okay the the old strategy of getting that perfectly precise totally pure tie one arm behind your back on politics that that is not going to that has failed and that is going to continue to fail. And it's GonNa make problems worse you've got to get creative guy. Like trump is is a change. Agent is an agent of chaos in politics and so with all that creativity and chaos. We've just got to make sure that we set ourselves up well in the long term. You GotTa Win Short Term Victories. To because if you lose too many short term victories there isn't any to think about speaking of consent. We will get to a wild story out of a local news channel. That brings up a lot of these questions about sex and rape culture and and modern love. But I I've got to thank you and I've got to share some very good news. You remember we had a few weeks ago. We had the double tumbler. Promo you sign up for daily wire. You didn't just get one leftist. Here's Tumbler which is essential. 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I mean just think about the terror. Read story thing about how crazy this is. You've got a woman who is was Joe Biden staff who is certainly much more credibly accusing Joe Biden than anybody accused. Read cavenaugh. And you've got some people you'll know saying yeah. I believe her but I don't care. That is a keen level of partisanship. You now have the mainstream media. This is a piece in the associated. Press trying to figure out how do we? How do we finance the Alano Marengo? How do we say yeah? We believe her because we have to believe women because that was the position we backed ourselves into but also we want to keep voting for Joe Biden the way they're going to do that. It's actually pretty. Brilliant is now being shown on the pages of the Associated Press. What they're going to do now is imply that this woman is a victim imply that she's a little bit crazy and then conclude that she's not a victim of Joe Biden but she's still victim so we can feel sorry for her and take her seriously. That's what they're doing. Now is quote Biden accusers. Life marred by abuse and financial hardship. One thing is clear in the complicated. Sometimes contradictory and often chaotic chaotic story of terror. Read her life has not been easy. Wow see what they sandwiched in there. It's complicated and it's chaotic. And then right in the middle sometimes contradictory so they don't believe her. They don't believe her but they want you to know that they take really seriously even though her central claim they don't believe because it's contradictory. They don't Acre but her life's not been easy. She's a victim. Her earliest childhood memory was being abused by her father. She told her former husband a man she would later leave after saying. He abused her to okay so she got this abuse. But now we're seeing pattern right. Starting starting to question this pattern. She was also child a big dreams of being an Olympic skier and studying acting juilliard. Before developing an interest in politics she was hired in one thousand nine hundred for low level staff job for one of the nation's highest profile senators at the time Joe Biden less than a year later. Read said she was again. The victim of abuse assaulted by in the Hallway of a Senate office building an allegation he vehemently denies so is the is it real or is this fake story is not what the story is suggesting. She's crazy but she's had a tough life and then finally at the end inconsistencies in her accounts have also complicated matters. Defense attorneys are now reviewing whether she may have testified falsely better education credentials in multiple domestic violence cases. The Monterey County weekly in the New York Times first reported. Let's be very clear here. There are many fewer inconsistencies in terra. Reads account than there were in Christine? Blasi Ford's account routine Blasi. Ford couldn't help but contradict yourself. She contradicted herself on when the alleged assault by Brett. Kavanagh happened where it happened. Who was at the Party where it happened? She contradicted herself about why she installed door in her home which she said was related to the alleged assault. Though there was no evidence that ever happened. She contradicted herself about her fear of flying. She contradicted yourself about everything. We don't even know if this woman met Brett Cavanaugh and yet you never saw any articles about the inconsistencies in her story. You're hearing now about terror. Read because they don't want to deal with this issue. They've backed themselves into a corner. And this this does tie into it in a way unrelated story but the underlying sexual politics is still there. This story out of a local news channel. A girls being interviewed corona virus. And why she doesn't wear a mask when she's out at the park and then out of the blue some guy walks up and kiss her and the guy finishes kissing her and she's got butterflies. She's she's like really enjoyed this kiss and it's a funny little news story and the news plays at all well and good right wrong. I feel as if mass are not one hundred percent in poor aunt. I feel as if if a spontaneous kiss from someone that she doesn't know my per second with my dog. That's insane right. Yeah he saw having met just minutes earlier. Jillian McCowan says she's the kiss we asked Jack. Ring the man who initiated the kiss. If he's aware of all the risk of kissing a person you don't know during a pandemic you worry about possibly either of you having contract me passing not not right now but what a great story what he great amid all this stupid political news on a great story. Which is I guess these to admit when they were walking their dogs probably flirt a little bit then. She's being interviewed on camera. And this guy thinks it'd be kind of funny flirtatious to walk up and while she's on camera give her a kiss and then this great moment when he pulls away she looks like she is just floating on a cloud. She's she's giggling about it right. A friend of mine tweeted out this video. She said a woman needs a man like a fish needs a and then just that clip right. That's the that's the old line from the feminists and Gloria Steinem. Women don't mean need man and then you fast fast forward to this and this woman's like Gaga over this guy kissing her so sweet story. She walked away. She goes text me. That was that was fun right. Do you know that we now live? In such clinical sterile humorless culture that the news channel that aired that segment a segment. That was so charming. I thought it was fake and staged. They ended up having to apologize. Because according to this news channel with they just aired was basically tantamount to rape a follow up on a story that aired last night on TV news at eleven thirty and historian social distancing. We include an interview with a woman park during the interview. A stranger came up to the woman and kissed her directly on the lips. Our story then focused on the dangers of kissing stranger on the lips during a pandemic it was wrong to air. This video video demonstrated nonconsensual behavior and downplay the fact that what occurred was simply unacceptable and offensive. It does not meet. Cd News editorial standards and we apologize. Oh my gosh this is exactly what we were talking about at the top of the show this is. This is exactly what we're talking about on the racist rapist. All the kind of hysterical claims this ideologues do they have their ideas and then there's reality and when their ideas contradictory reality the ideas have to win. The ideas have to clobber reality. Would anybody look at that video with anybody? Look at that interview and say that guy raped that girl. The Guy who kissed the girl on camera he raped her no least of all the woman. The woman is the text me. Thanks for that kiss it ties in you. Know there's a statistic college campuses that one in five or even one in four. Some say women are raped on college campus. Meaning that Harvard Yard is more dangerous for women than downtown flew right. That obviously isn't true. One of the places that that number comes from is a survey that was sent out. It was conducted by activists feminists to get ascertain what happened in people's sexual lives and concluded that one in five or one in four women on college campuses have been raped even though the women themselves did not think that they were raped. The women who does actually happen to disputed the ideologues interpretation of their situation but the ideologues always have to win likewise considering the other side of this if Joe Biden actually did what he's being accused of. I'm not saying he is. I don't know that I believe this woman but Ilhan Omar says she does believe this woman and with this woman said is that Joe Biden sexually assaulted her even according to that description. Joe Biden can't really be a rapist and therefore Ilhan Omar could endorse him for president because Joe Biden is a Democrat and jet. Look Democrats. Don't do that sort of thing. Left-wingers that's the sort of thing that milk toast. Federal judges like Cavanaugh. Do but not good. Democrats like Joe Biden. Same thing with the racism did Joe Biden a racism. Did he make a racist comment on that show where he said if you don't know if you're GonNa vote for me then you ain't black? I guess you know certainly by the left standards. That would be considered racist. But it can't be racist if Joe Biden does it because he's a Democrat if you're black person and you vote for Donald Trump or you still a black person. Yes of course in reality. That's true but not according to the ideology and for the left when the ideology and the reality come into conflict the ideologies got to win. I mean consider. Consider that famous photograph from World War Two. Vj Day victory over Japan Day when the sale comes back in there in Times Square and he dips that nurse in their kissing. This is one of the classic photographs ever taken so embodies the spirit of the country and for at least sixty years after probably set sixty five years after that photo was taken. It was considered this wonderful moment of relief of love of victory right but then starting about ten years ago people started to reinterpret that image and say that was an image of rape of sexual assault. Seriously that's that's how this is disgust among the left. Would anybody look at the image of the sailor kissing the nurse and say that's rape no of course not but according to the ideology is so they have to deny the physical reality and go with the ideology? You see this not just in the realm of our sex politics. You see this even when it comes to something like run of hours. Times publishes a incredibly demagogic emotionally manipulative. Peace over the weekend but you know. Hey that's the New York Times. This is an editorial. It's it's technically a news story really. It's an editorial though it signed by the New York. Times called an in calculable loss talking about the victims of Corona Virus America's fast approaching a grim milestone in the coronavirus outbreak represents one of nearly one hundred thousand lives lost so far but account only reveal so much memories gathered from obituaries across the country. Help us to reckon with what was lost so just from the very beginning. The headline is not true. Arabia's what the headline is say that the loss is incalculable. And then they immediately give you the calculation they say about one hundred thousand people and they list all of these people in the article so it is calculable. Now I guess the point they would say as well. You can't possibly calculate the value of human life. Yeah of course I I certainly agree with that but then then no calculation involving anything in the social sciences as possibly useful right because I guess the only calculations that you could then really calculate would be purely abstract ones like mathematics. But the minute you bring a human being into it then it's incalculable. According to The New York Times or it's calculable and they're just being demagogues. Sure you can say there's no to quantify a human life. Yeah I agree but we still have statistics right. We still have death. Statistics Crime Statistics Health statistics. So we do calculate them in some way but they're trying to prime you up for this emotional manipulation then they start listing people right so they'll say auditor and Silicon Valley Patricia Dot fifty seven say a little bit about her great grandmother with an easy laugh. Mary Ann Krueger. Eighty five Kirkland Washington. It's really sad. And you just talking about people who who died and you'll see all the various people there then you get to the sixth name on the list just number six Jordan driver Hanes Twenty twenty-seven of Cedar Rapids Iowa so twenty seven not a lot of twenty seven year olds die from corona virus. Do a little quick little. Google search turns out. He didn't die from Corona virus. He was murdered but now in our kind of quirky calculations of this virus where the numbers keep changing. Sometimes they go down. Sometimes they go up sometimes. The criteria get a little bit different sometimes thousands of people who weren't even tested for the virus or just added to the death roll number six on the New York Times emotional manipulation list was just murdered. It's just sad to be murdered. But it's not corona virus. An autopsy has ruled the death Jordan as a homicide. His body was found in a vehicle in a wooded area off of I three eighty on March twelve details regarding the homicide. Aren't being released. The journalist who I don't know who put this together because it's just signed by the New York Times. They just googled covid. Nineteen Corona virus or something like that and then because in this guy's obituary it said that his funeral services were delayed because of covid nineteen. She just added him to the list. How many people is that being done? For how many in one day in New York they had I think thirty seven hundred people to the death count who never tested positive for coronas. Did they die from coronavirus? Maybe I don't know but the people who added their names to the list don't know either but this is the trouble we were told. According to the main model that shut down the entire world the two point four million Americans. We're going to die from corona virus rumor and that that didn't happen good. Thank God him so please. That didn't happen but it wasn't like it was point for them was two million or one and a half million or one million or five hundred thousand now. The numbers have been way reduced. I think now we're at about as the New York. Times says about one hundred thousand deaths so even if it's two hundred thousand doubts even it's twice as much as we see now which seems unlikely that still see. It's an over magnitude less than they initially told us so. They've got to build and build and build. They've got a craft the narrative even when it contradicts the facts and they will do this on any issue from race to rape to murder to pandemics to anything. We have got to fight against. That is an irrational way to conduct your politics fine. The solution to that is not going to be giving the slightly more honed in arguments. Oh if we just improve our argument by two percent then finally will will win back the culture. No WE'RE FIGHTING. Much more difficult adversary. We have got to be creative in that as well. We've got to use all the tools at our disposal. Sometimes that's levity. Sometimes that's history. Sometimes that's a humor. Sometimes that's a personal attacks. Sometimes you gotta do that. That is what is at our disposal. We've just got to make sure that we don't back ourselves into a corner even while we start fighting a lot. Big Lesson of the trump era is to free ourselves up. Use the tactics at our disposal. That's going to be chaotic. That's going to be a little bit crazy. But if the only way that were possibly. GonNa win is if we untethered ourselves and start to engage with the reality of the political situation because if we don't if we continue to live in this abstract idea that we have of politics as it really is not that frankly we're doing exactly the same thing that the left does all right. That's our show. I'm Michael the Michael Knol. Show see tomorrow if you enjoyed this episode. And frankly even if you didn't don't forget to subscribe and if you want to help spread the word please give us a five star review and tell your friends to subscribe. We're available on Apple podcasts. Spotify and wherever else you listen to podcasts. Also be sure to check out the other daily wire podcasts. Including the Ben Shapiro. Show the Andrew Klavan show and that will show the Michael Knowles show is produced by Ben Davies and directed by Mike Join Executive Producer. 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