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He is certified well. This is breaking news working on acupuncture. That's also we're just keeping it going. He's in a constant stream of learning things. Yeah by the end. He will be a fully well rounded holistic healer. Which we are in need. Not a lotta can do that. And so you know you'll be able to break out on your own eventually Wants this down learning a lot here. Learning a lot twitter at the f. f. ballers if you wanna check us out on social media the fantasy football dot com the website. Tomorrow is the magazine. Joe who who who who. Mike was more musical. I liked it. Jason was equal as frightening is ever tomorrow. Show it's kind of a badge of honor you make it through the mega don We normally talk something away at the end of that show. Maybe maybe we hide it in the middle this time who knows or like the very beginning. you're going to have to listen to whole thing. Maybe we change it. Maybe we tell you some in the middle and then maybe. I don't know let's react to this monday night football game. The rams very twenty-seven tampa bay twenty four. I have some fantasy related thoughts. But i will share a wonderful narrative that we were following along everything about last night. Now jason excluded from. Maybe this overarching point for last night. Was what makes fantasy football great. You have this matchup. And we were all watching with bated breath because jason went into this game facing albore linda and he was trailing by just five points. I mean all. I needed was five points. I had tom brady. He had leonard fournette. That should be like a hundred percent. I mean and honestly to be fair in the first quarter. I took the lead so it should have been over but tom brady had other plans. Lynn format had other plans including dropping a few passes that if i think he caught those. You would have been in trouble but jason. You made it out on top tom. Brady's final touchdown to to mr godwin ended up being the difference maker but it was exciting. It was fun and it was a weird game because there was no rushing attack from tampa bay. Tom brady was at times as bad as you've ever seen him yet. Still tied the gema with a couple of minutes to play a few minutes to play and had a chance to win it. But i think we walked away saying well. I think you made this point last night. Jason when tom brady is facing a pass rush when you can hit him a few times which has been true for a lot of his Recent years but even more this year if you hit him he gets skittish gets in trouble. He makes some throws. He's he's keeping it short and cost the line of scrimmage. He can't connect on a deep ball. Right now oh he see his deep ball is terrible and and it's certainly one of those things where in future matchups for fantasy. If you're looking at window get the good. Tom brady window. I get the bad time because there will be more. Good tom brady. It's not gonna all be what we saw against the saints. What we saw against the rams last night. Just look at that pass rush. Are they able to generate a heavy pass rush with four people. That's tom's kryptonite has been for years but right now it's destroying him and you wanna you wanna pivot away in the end. He ended up with twenty points and a six point passing game so no fourteen but now quarantine and a four point. Sorry fourteen and a four point So you were close. I was accurate. I specified six point. Yeah okay yeah. How many points did he have an six point. Well i mean the ad like twenty two hours. He was the number one quarterback last week so they. That's what you're talking about. The the variance from. Tom brady the week before that he was thirtieth week before that he was ninth and then third so like you stated it was Week fourteen playoff week. One minnesota okay. Well they're gonna blitz. mike zimmer is going to blitz but not a great secondary atlanta the week after. they've struggled. Yeah they won't get a pass rush on. No that's a great man in championship. Great matchup so I guess week fourteen would be the only one you kind of looking sideways at. But even then now you're you're probably just playing him so in kansas city next week. It's just. It was tough to watch at times. It's also tough to kind of see through the mist at the pass catchers because there's a lot of them in tampa bay antonio brown has been frequently targetted and while godwin got into the end zone. Is he mentally. Downgraded in your minds in terms of What he represents of season are you guys comfortable with all three. And what is your thoughts. I feel like what happened with. Godwin is godwin. Became you know. Seventy five percent of what he was and then duplicated himself With antonio brown they really play a very similar roles as far as you know the read and the offense The quick getting the ball out quick The difference is antonio brown. Does take a few shots down. The field godwin doesn't really ever go down the field. But that's irrelevant. Because tom brady can't hit anybody down the field right now. Yeah waiting for them to connect on one. The target share has swung too antonio brown as well in the last three games. So you since. Tony brown has been there. He seeing twenty one percent of the targets. Compared to chris godwin seeing eighteen percents already does seem comfortable throwing to him in the short areas. Just as much as godwin on the other side. It was a Extravaganza for cooper kupp robert woods. They combined for twenty three receptions in saint a very similar games woods got into the end zone fifteen targets for was thirteen for cup. Seem like all of cups were in the first half. Almost he just had a monster. I have neither team ran the football. I mean forty. Two total rushing yards for tampa. Thirty seven for the run happy. Rams here's jared goff's three seventy six three castor. Everybody fade into your thanks. Jared so you know cottonwoods you can play every week kind of a you saw some more van jefferson in this game. We saw josh reynolds not a lot of targets. Titans targets. yeah. Yeah this is what i would say about. The running game is this was clearly Especially when you when you watch the beginning of the game. This was by design. Tampa bay is phenomenal against the run. They are you know at the at the tippy top of the league and the ram said. Well we're not gonna. We're not gonna struggle in that we're going to beat them with the passing game and so if if they you know have a game against Another super rush defense. Maybe you'll see more passing any other takeaways. Mike understood it was. It was a great game and it was fantastic to see both cup and woods. Finally when i mean how many match ups came out of the depths of despair last night. If you started robert woods or cooper kupp. I think our own album needed Like thirty five points from robber woods in an important money leaks. And what did you get out of that. I needed thirty four and ended up getting thirty point six own. Man wanna lose her. that's too bad. i'm sorry for all right. news notes. News and notes from around the league. Also mike evans is. He's a man why he saw antonio brown play and he's like i can do that as a man that yes thank you. Oh you craft ahead touchdown. I think he was just so just up. Vs play where jalen ramsey manhandled him. He's like you're not jalen ramsey. Get off me. That was incredible wide receivers. There are some that are just unfair out there. Face these little five ten. Db's gimme a break. All right adam feelings been placed on the reserve covid list. He could still be cleared in time for the sunday game against the panthers if he is positive we don't know if he's a close contacts so prepare to be without him but hopefully you will have him mark ingram and jk dobbins have both been put on the covid list this is. They are positive This was released the deal too because the game is thursday. Yeah they're out and they're out. So you're looking at gus edwards and justice hill against the steelers defense on thanksgiving. What kind of You have the quick reaction right. You hear these guys are out and we've said well look if with one guy he's got the backfield what should be gus You're gonna play him I guess. I'm curious where you will slot him in this week or where. You're thinking i. I think he's going to be more of a flex option. I don't. I don't put gus edwards in as an rb two originally. I was very excited. I just i deleted justice hill from my memory but it will be a two man show there. This is a very difficult ron defense. So he will get enough volume to be someone that you could start if you know if you were relying on a player that's not there and you need another starter. I think gus edwards was fine but his upside is probably kept because if he doesn't get in the end zone and this is a very difficult. You know matchup. Then he's just going to be a you know you're open for ten twelve fantasy. I think i think the part about it. And i'll ask you a couple of cops is. This is a waiver. Show so obviously gus. Edwards is on that list. But this is the time of year where your budget matters to. So if you had a player like kaelin balaj for example that you invested in and you can start this week. against buffalo. Are you then avoiding spinning up on edwards in that situation. Yeah if. I don't need to start gus edwards this week. If i've got another player on my team that's better. I'm i'm probably putting in a very cheap bid. if you're in a fab system see a couple of dollars just to have you know running back depth always always try to grab the running backs that are going to get the ball but Because this could be a multi. We'll be absence. And that's what i wanted to highlight is. This could be multi week because the the news that was released was that they're both positive we don't know. Are they. ace into matic. I mean we hope these guys are okay for moving forward for football. We don't know when they will be back. Gus edwards will be the guy and just a reminder. They have played pittsburgh already and in that matchup. Jk dobbins was fifteen for one hundred thirteen yards. and gus edwards was sixteen. Eighty seven and a touchdown. So it's not like. It's impossible that gus edwards goes out there and has a great game. He's going to have volume heat. He should see you should easily see more than fifteen carries. He will see goal line work if they get there so he is. I'm much more bullish than jason that i get it. You don't need gus edwards for the long haul. Maybe you don't wanna blow your number one priority on him but he is a priority at this week especially in this waiver wire. Yeah we'll talk. It's not the best talk more about normal. Earning back options normal expectation for you know. Just look at the timeline for positive cova tests. It's not a guarantee but they should miss two weeks and so then you know the following week. I believe is the cowboys. The that's great matchups for the ravens after this week through the fantasy playoffs. It's it's game on for everybody. Alright tasty except for hollywood brown us game. They had a game off for hollywood nice. Yeah tastes them. Hill as expected no longer tied in eligible on espn platform. He is a quarterback so still relevant for fantasy football very Just not a tight end matt. Rhule's said he's considering christian. Mccaffrey week to week. it's not it's almost. Certainly he's not plan. Yeah they have a bi week next week so he also hates your fancy team. 'cause christian mccaffrey has gone from out to doubtful. Which means he's sitting on your. I are any as you. You can't make a waiver move. All right Julio jones game time decision likely this week against the raiders. He is going to haunt The the playoff aspirations of certain teams. Right now yeah. Is there if he's in if he's active. You're playing yeah Okay but with that face Okay matt nagy said The team is still evaluating the status of both foles in trubisky. So right now. It's like three potential options at quarterback against the packers for week twelve. It could be folds trubisky or off the street to be honest. I mean they could bring somebody else in. I mean the truth is it's a relevant. You're not playing any one of those three. Yeah but it's not a relevant to allen robinson. Managers is not a relevant to even david montgomery managers if you returns a it just makes it a little scary in the because the packers are pretty good against wide receivers to begin with so Is there one that you prefer for mr robinson. Because maybe it doesn't matter niners. I still would prefer foles. But i'm gonna play alan robinson no matter what. And i'm gonna be a play on robinson or antonio brown okay so no matter what i'm gonna play him. I is a A playable asset and fantasy for sure. All right this episode of the fantasy football is brought to you by head and shoulders available at walmart You guys know about are taking to one hundred segment where we pick are taking it up to one hundred players each and every week last week in case. You're curious mr moore back or more got a big win. Brandin cooks one hundred in a big way. Mike had the miami defense. I don't remember exactly where they not. There was To really let the team down. Yeah yeah and then. I had mike davis. He didn't really take it to one hundred. Did he was a top ten ryan s through through. He was top ten. I thought so. I had a miserably rb ten so i had a great pick your back as a little bit yourself. That's right you're a hundred. I'm gonna take my celebration of one hundred with head and shoulders available walmart. Pick yours up today and check out. This thursday's episode Actually it'll be tomorrow right. Brooks yup mega. Everything is in the meguid. We're gonna take that show up two thousand minutes long thousand minutes That'll do it But make sure you check them out. Vailable at walmart waiver. Time but man coach. Alrighty bills bears giants forty nine ers on the way back from the by all right. who's going to buy. Is that nobody. Nobody no body because weirdly the last to get a by buccaneers in the panthers aren't next week. Don't care you figured the schedule. Out for twenty twenty. I'm happy way to go in and fell. We've got football. It's it's weird weird. Yeah there aren't. I don't think many teams in nfl history. That's that had week. Thirteen buys so it's a it's a rarity. The buccaneers and panthers will not be available in week. Thirteen so plan ahead. You know waiver show. That's a good thing to pay you me brooks the exact same thought every single game. That can happen. His the mega magdala. Don show will be long. Seen games has ever been velez. Mull ivy l. brooks. We're gonna need to set that. Brook's actually i sent him to. I'll google for that. Sleaze brooks order three banana bags and you can. You can put them on us tomorrow just to do you do from the beginning of year it is the iv midshow probably halftime. Very i think about a half. I'd like to see you get live ii. Vj's i know you don't like you would love to see it because it's it's the biggest largest baby in a diaper you've ever seen. I remember we did the health We had to do the health insurance stuff here and and we had the nurse calm and i remember you were like it's like you need to prepare pacing. He's picking up. Do the funniest thing is right. When they're putting the needle in and get me prepared. I am i'm like you know. What my my offhand. Whatever arm they're not doing griffin something and i'm trying to be calm and trying to not look so stupid but i look awful but have the salts ready. Yeah oh the smelling salts. Yeah yeah the might be necessary. Sixteen games who lost. Start to the week right. Plus taking up. To one hundred kicker kicker plus ballers picks anybody ever fallen asleep. Mid boom kicker you got the stamina to get through the whole rhyme. I will i will. I will push through. Okay drop candidates at the wide receiver position. We'll turn their. I find some wide receiver options for. Yeah probably like it's hot. You buy or sell everything. Everything's on this for our this. All right hollywood brown goodbye and if you want to make it more cathartic you can you know you can do a countdown. You can fire off some fireworks into the air when you let go whatever you need to do in the punt off the bridge moment. Let him go rough. Release him. However you please tee higgins tyler boyd. What do you do with them. I don't you know tyler boyd. I'm not dropping either of these guys yet i get. The downgrade to the quarterback is massive going from burrow down to ryan finley for the cincinnati. Bengals that offensive line is real bad. joe burrow was able to overcome some things. Because he's a very good quarterback. But both higgins and tyler boyd are also talented wide receivers. So i'm not dropping them just yet. I would definitely drop these next two guys ahead of them. Which would be travis forego and justice landry Disappointing from a performance from fogo a couple of weeks in a row. I don't know how much is his fault or he was just. He was just taking advantage of a target share opportunity during the time. When god it wasn't there wasn't there and reagan. Wasn't there yeah. It's really confusing. Because now you've got some of the other pass catching options healthy and all of a sudden. You feel like it coincides when reagan gets back on the field all of a sudden fogleman's not relevant but then if you actually look at had five and seven targets. He saw twenty percent of the target. Love is cleveland. so he's still getting targeted rainy game. Yeah so i you know. It's one of those. Where if there is a better option and you feel more confident playing them. Sure drop them but you know if you want to wait and see because he did indies talked about it a lot. He passed the eyeball test. Full looked like a good wide receiver and he is still getting the targets. They're just unfortunately still from cars. Plays seattle travis. Welcome in the eagles are playing seattle. So that's what. I'm not gonna drop fulcrum. Okay that's that's a plus matchup. I'm not dropping full. It's a trap. One of the two for. I don't know seattle has had the entire season to be a trap and whatnot but Deandre hopkins just put up one of his worst games of the year against the seattle seahawks de that is fair. His quarterback also hurt his shoulder on the third play of the game. But carson winston fulcrums quarterback. He hurt his third. Play of the convince me that there's worse quarterback situation elsewhere one hundred percent. Healthy carson wentz. Yeah is not as good as a loved. The beard injury we learn of the beard forgot all right. It is interesting though because the wide receiver waiver options. I'm not that excited across the board. There's nobody that. I'm going out minus. Maybe one name that. I'm going out to fight for on the waiver. Wire okay and that would be michael pittman because pittman as he had another nice week only three targets. But they've figured out what to do with him and that is to let him be an athlete they put him in Crossers they give them the opportunity to turn on the jets. I imagine red zone. Opportunities will come his way in the screen game. Not a lot of downfield stuff. But he is produced. And he's out there for eighty percent of snaps. He has the invisible upside of a rookie. That was drafted with high draft capital. So michael is at the top of my personal list. I think he would be the the number one on my list as well. He's got tennessee. And houston as the next two match. The fantasy playoffs vegas and then houston again You know so i. I think he's someone that after back to back games he's heating up and if you wanna get in that fire now's the time he is probably my number one but i have a hard time deciding between these two guys. Michael peyman It's you know. I love me. Some michael pittman but nelson galore. Las vegas raiders. He has had a quite a handful here of good games. Five deep touchdowns that is tied with tyreek hill for the most in the nfl. I saw a very funny tweet from good friend of the show. Jj zac riessen. Who said maybe maybe problem was carson wentz. Yeah which i chuckled at. Because you're here for all parts and winds trash-talk. I look it because let's get to the psychology of i've never fully supported carson wentz. And you're feeling pretty i want i don't want to fail. This is just like a maija situation. Just percent i. I i see the good but i also see the bet anyways so nelson angler atlanta. This week they're nice. Absolutely the new york jets the following week. They're not absolutely so. That's why it's tough for me to decide between pittman and agar. I agree. That was the. That was the second name i was going to bring up so i completely agree with it. It's it's hard. Because he has been somewhat touchdown reliant but at the same time. He's given us out almost every time he goes out there lately. you know. He's got a touchdown in six games. Right now why with him. You needed to see a lay of the land with where derek carr wanted to throw the football. You didn't know after one breakout game. If it was anomalous rugs would start to get all the deep targets. Look aguilar's becoming more trusted over the course of the year not not less trusted. So isn't he's not a guarantee by any means because he says nelson agholor. I'm just saying of the of his last five games to were top ten performances and two were catastrophic including goose egg and a game of one. I think we're on the same page here. And and he's a little bit more available than pitman. I would probably put similar lower fab on both and just see who i ended up with and and be content with that. There's there's two plays after them. That are my next to you. Guys can agree or disagree. It'll be tim patrick. Yeah man and jalen rager. I mean we didn't patrick's the ballers just good. I mean he he is. I look i have had jerry jeudy on my roster in the league of record the just the whole season i drafted him. I've got him and been disappointed almost every week and i wish i had tim patrick because he actually goes out. There and catches passes gets yards. And you know this last week. You're stuck yeah five for one hundred nineteen and he's getting it done You know so i. I do think he's a name that he's widely available. You're not going to have to spend anything for him and if you need someone that just he's not just a matchup. Plays kinda like you. You plug them in every week. If you need just to fill you know some some low end point. He's kind of a player that your opponents sees on on your roster and they kind of chuckle and what. Jim patrick i get to play tim patrick back. Then he drops a honda. Yeah fourth most receptions of twenty plus yards and this is with missing time right. He was injured so. I don't mind that you're not gonna have to spend almost anything on. I'd be surprised if you had to spend much on it at all and then pursued perryman. If joe the quarterback you always have two or three shots at game downfield perryman has been good at coming up with those plays on every snap so interesting enough As a deep option. And then you bring up. Deebo seamless tough because depot is. He's got two things that three things really that. Make me uncomfortable. The first one is he's got to play the rams this week. Sure the second one is. He's coming off injury which reinjuring has happened to him multiple times and the third one. Is you know you have a backup quarterback. Now mullins is fine. But he does crumble. And if i was going to crumble like my own personal opinion i would do it when aaron donald donald was in my face. So and if you're not gonna pick up and play playing this week you're at the end of the season. I just not sure what the value is. I like the other guys more because you can pick them up and you can get immediate impact. I'm still in on stashing deebo Do what is brandon uk's status. Because he was he was added to the covid. Li i think at this point we could say that. Are you tested positive. 'cause he has been with was this is second time on the list he was close contact connection and then he got up at work on board one and then he got put back on. George kittle is not there we if you is out then diva who is still questionable. We don't we aren't posited that he's going to be back you just. You're projecting to be back. He's going to see a lot of all you. Yeah i i agree. He is and that'd be good against buffalo but again if i he's going to see a lot of jalen ramsey it's different though because this is they don't is not always asked to go run a nine route. You know run a post. It's they manufactured the touch and then try for a yard. After catch i would i would rather go after. Jalen rager against seattle then deebo and then not to be forgotten allen. Lazard is on his way. Back his out there Four targets in this past week but does indianapolis and he was on a pitch count. And you know you get towards the fantasy playoffs. Detroit carolina tennessee. That's the playoffs. The playoffs schedule is great. But he's not. Someone could play this week so you need to just look at your situation and say am i. Am i picking up playoff stash. Or do i need a wide receiver if you need a wide receiver. Now's not the time not against chicago. He's still working his way back. But i do agree in the playoffs star asset. all right. let's look at the running back position. Gus edwards is the main waiver cup of the week You guys really colored that in earlier in the show but You know if if for some reason these guys are out more than a couple of weeks. He's a pretty good schedule. Gus is also pretty good runner. And he's taken advantage of his opportunities yet. Doric player so You brought up. What what the Running back state against pittsburgh earlier in the year. Would you let duke johnson. just go. I mean david. Johnson is out another week man. Yeah is it that that one is tough. Because he's the main guy he gets most of the work he's producing absolutely nothing is he. Is he a landmine that you. He's you said a booby trap on the waiver wire because if i just i'm trying to react if i if i saw duke johnson the waiver wire tomorrow you know waivers clear. Drop like titles duke johnson's there. I'm going oh man. I hope no one has seen that do johnson is there. Because i'm going to pick him up. And i might be the wrong. Play jay where you will do johnson. I'm not dropping duke johnson. Now if i had to have a start this week. And i'm saying who would you rather start do johnson or gus edwards said. Maybe maybe then if that's my last roster spot but usually i'm dropping you know a backup wide receiver versus someone that is a starting running back and also you got to keep in. Mind this matchup for duke johnson. This last week was against the patriots. And this matchup against the detroit lions. So i think do johnson is in play Drop darrell henderson cam. Akers malcolm brown mass going on you. Want any of those guys is still darrell henderson. It's it yeah. I think it is but that's i'm not. I'm not going on them. Not spending priority to get those guys. Damian harris was eleven for forty three and a touchdown last week. Only thirty eight percent of snaps. I mean if he's if he's out there. I'd like to pick them up. You have question marks with damian harris of is sony. michelle going to be activated. Are they gonna flip flop back to zoning michelle. I would rather pick up. If we're talking. Now i'd rather pick up daming harris but james wight needs to be picked up. James white is a priority. Add this week. And he's available more than half of leagues rex. Burkhead had taken james white's job basically as the passing downs guy but rexburg. It's probably up with an acl. So james white will take his his job back. And i think he had like twenty percent of the targets from the number and in addition for james white being a good play with rex burkhead alley three percent of the targets. Last week this matchup this week against arizona cardinals who are among the league leaders in points scored so if they're putting points on the board then that's the you know you wonder if he's game script proof i don't i don't know james white is but if if this is a higher scoring game then that is where you can play james why. The cardinals have a strict policy where they don't cover the flats. They don't see them. It's been a long standing arizona cardinals. Cliff thinks there's a gentlemen's agreement. Right that i don't cover it. You don't play only in between the numbers. Yes and then the teams don't and then they they. They have a lot of success cheating. Good point all right so but there. There's a player i want. Okay jason A player i want to get to. Let's see if it's the same one over the last four weeks. This player has been the running back. Fourteen the runningback. Sixteen the running back six running back ten. He is the rb. Three in total points is the rb five and fantasy points per game during that span. Wait what and he's on. The wire is on the on the wire. And oh oh. It's bruce wayne bruce wayne in baby. Yeah because wayne goldman has been on fire. Yes and he's playing cincinnati. He's coming off the bye. He's he's playing against the bengals. That's a plus matchup. He's playing against a team. That has no quarterback and the giants. The giants are favored. The line the last. I had heard it was. The giants are favored by four and over. Unders like forty two points so they are expecting nothing from the cincinnati bengals. And that's gonna turn into wayne gaughman carrying the ball a lot. Now do we have any update on. Devante freeman is free so you will still miss this week. Wayne glide rather play. Wayne goldman this week. I think i would play. I think i'd rather play in than gus had every single name. We've brought up. I if i had them all on my roster i would i would play wayne. Gaughman he is. I think the best play because he's been getting it done and the matchup is good favored. I mean you. You can't ask for much more than that. The thing that's been so annoying about that situation is that wayne. Gaughman is every bit as good if not better than devante freeman is. He's better but because of the saquon barkley injury. They felt the need to go out and invest money in a name. And you watch gohmert and he plays with a you. Know a fire on every restress. He's got a heart. Bruce wayne so edwards are gaughman. Where do you decide on that one. Oh my goodness that is talk. Almond got dropped by a lot of people due to the bye week so he. He's out there. In a lot of leaks he's only roster and thirty percent of espn fifty four percent of yahoo. We've run up My magical drop powers on the on the main podcast. We talked about it on the foot cast. I had incredible success of bestowing magic powers on players. Right after i dropped. You dropped pittman. Thank you. I was able to scare him and he was great. But on the list of guys who i have recently dropped gus edwards wayne gomes. Oh so that's the both are going to be great. I've i've got. I've got to dig into this for a moment is somehow in the matter of like one minute you both use the word brockton the you both did you brought it up and i almost said something in and then you said broughton. So i'm like am i take drugs here. I'm like this is not a word right so i look it up on me. Broaden eye looked it up and the definition of the word brought is this sub-standard past tense of bring. Yes it's a sub-standard word. Which is a perfect. I mean that's fine. That's a word that's a word words word. I heard it twice in one by one point. Yeah but i want you brought in the fire guys brought in the fire. Oh my gosh. Yeah i just expecting it to come up with a big acts of no word and it. Just no no. We're cool with it. It's your sub-standard things dump people say standard uneducated version of. Oh my gosh well. I i guess they stand. I didn't even hear myself. Say i was so i heard myself say and i and i just assumed i would be jumped all over. I wasn't so i continued and then right after that. You said unbelievable. I must be ordered to get this one in. I have one more running back. Yes that i think is a good play this week. He's a little bit older. All my guess franklin franklin yes eleanor gore outscores about. I mean look he. The microbrewery ryan has the high ankle. Sprain frank gore will get at least fifteen carries a hits. The miami dolphins coach loves him like he does. Adam caseloads frank gore then. He loves his own children. Oh at this point. Yeah i mean you can't find find someone who loves you the way adam gates loves free. Didn't get a high ankle. Sprain frank gore. That's right the the running back at eleven last week. Yeah fifteen for sixty one and a touchdown and now he's going to be the only guy out there and he won't cost you anything. I'm so glad. I hang hung onto him in our dynasty league. What a genius move bro. You still got like ten years left on a dynasty other names that i'll i'll just bring up briefly if you're bottle bottom of the barrel type of pickups and maybe not this one this could be middle of the barrels salvin akhmed could get another nice opportunity now. Myles gaskin is eligible to return. But this could be a later in the week. Pay attention to it. Could snag him off of the waivers. Someone could let him go. He plays the jets He was the majority running back. And then i've got. I've got another name kind of throughout their okay with that level of confidence. Yeah but it's about the same level of confidence. Latavius murray chimera. Maybe he's dealing with a foot. Maybe it's not maybe it's tastes them hill in the scheme. But he was used snaps. Jason exactly fifty percent of snaps. He had twelve carries a couple of targets and he looked all right. So you know matchup against denver. Who's been kind of hot and cold running back. So there are a lot of mid to low there are a lot of sub-standard options Out here running back. I brought them all up. I have brought them all up. I agree with the murray ad. It's i would project that the lack of opportunities not the targets. I mean that that could be a taste of helping but he was missing practice last week. Alvin kamara was with his foot injury but it is also this is not outside of the remote possibility for sean payton to completely transform. The offense while drew brees is out. And say we're gonna we're gonna use latavius murray more than camaro for these next couple games. That's fun all right title. Pickups dallas godart. If he's not roster should be. He finally had a nice game. Five for seventy seven and a touchdown at one hundred percent of the snaps. He is a must add. If he's out there Eric ebron has been coming on a late. Seven targets had another touchdown ninety three percent of snaps third-most routes ron amongst the tight end position rostered in most leagues but should be paid attention to And then you have. You got the main waiver wire pickups of the week including jordan yay really. Who in the if you didn't if you didn't catch the end of yesterday's show it truly is go. Watch it on youtube because watching jason. React to mike. The information that he had snagged jordan. It was a special moment. Shot clock don don and you were so genuinely surprised i. It made me laugh. I was shocked. I was very excited for this moment on this show to bring up jordan reads name. He's coming off the bye before he went to bhai. He was heavily utilized. Mike you brought up the you know in talking about deebo samuel. They're they're missing some receiving weapons and jordan. Reed out there. He's he's going to be. You know if i had him. I would have started him this week. Unfortunately mike has and obviously at tight end. You're talking about risky business with everybody Jordan could go out there and get injured. The i play. You know it's it's not like the best match up in the world but it's rare that on the waiver. Why are you can find a tight titan. Who's going to be out there. A ton of snaps of routes and probably get a bunch of targets. That's all you can hope for in in jordan recheck box here in the numbers for jordan reid he read was re was initially back from his injury in week. Nine barely saw the field so still recovering in week. Ten against the new orleans saints. He played forty four percent of the snaps again. Still still recovering. In that time. He saw fifteen percent of the targets for the whole game for san francisco and he in forty four percent of the snaps ended with a line of five for sixty two and was tight end six on the week. Well let's just say something else here. Depot is only questionable to return show. You is out name name. The the right pass catchers george kittle. Oh wait no es gone. I mean are you jordan. Reed got kendrick. Bourne is there. Is there an argument to be made that you could you could desperation flex flex jordan rate. Let's not go to okay. Because i i don't want the backlash now jason. We we made fun of just a you know friendly Jab at someone in our dynasty league because they were celebrating. Whoa i got richie. James in if for nothing. We're like yeah 'cause if if depots out if if george kittle is out all these guys are out then sure that you can play richie james. We're back where are we back back. Maybe he's not a bad player. Yeah so. I prefer my richie james spell jordan reed. I don't know i don't know about that. I was lexi one of the two. I'd probably flex richie james. Probably but jordan jordan reed is his impolite. He's employer and we'll talk more about him on the mega on show along with. We'll also talk about everything else in the world on the show Other options beyond that should be only picked up with a blindfold and holding your nose bird. Box it Logan thomas jimmy graham dalton robert onion. I mean robert tiny in would be kind of my favorite of that list beyond i agree except for the kaga matchup. They're just a solid defense tongue in would be my favorite. Because i really am. Just got goose logan. Thomas one catch And you don't know who jimmy graham and you won't sign dalton scholtz on principal. Now that's hundred correct. I'm a man of principles. But when he scores a touchdown. Mike comes in here. And he's like shock alaka. That is also correct. That's also true. Defensive streaming options laid off for me the giant I mean the. I think my my top play would be the saints against the denver broncos but they are rostered in a in their forties so well on defense. That's why i liked it. Because they're actually a really good defense drew lock. I get it. They've the handled business last week but they are rostered. Sixty percent ni. Spn seventy eight percent yahoos. That's a just go look and see if they happen to be there. But it's the giants the giants coming off a bye week. So they are readily available. The giants defense is actually a a solid unit and they get the cincinnati bengals who are already allowing a whole bunch of sax. Now you have ryan Finley back there and go ryan then leader. I did go back to the cardinals. Glory days ryan lindley almost that playoff game and ryan finley not not a not. A good quarterback in the giants are going to score we. We have a lot of advanced tools. Metrics things for the join the foot dot com supporters over at our website. There could easily be defensive tool where it just highlights whether or not. You're playing a rookie. Because when you whether it's jake gluten ryan well i mean. He's not a rookie but a a backup. Quarterback is just such a great situation for a good defense. The dow's another defense. I was going to bring up the cleveland browns Look they just dismantled. I mean i want my legal record matchup. Because i had the cleveland browns. They are playing against jacksonville. Oh my that out myles. Garrett doesn't matter exactly that's what i was going to bring up. Is there still a good play. And i've said this a couple of times of also picked them up in a couple of my leagues. I know that they've been a stork. Lee bad defense but the seahawks schedule is awesome. They're playing against philadelphia than the giants the jets than the football team. They're going through the division. You want to be playing against. So i think the hawks are another defense. You can pick up if you've been really struggling with your defense and every week you feel like you're making the wrong pick. The seahawks are out there. They're available and i'll throw at the the green bay packers they will be playing the chicago bears and who's playing quarterback for the chicago bears. It doesn't matter. You guys mentioned washington no not yet. But they're washington's plays on thanksgiving play dallas and. I'm not yes i understand. They got it done this past week. But i'm not impressed and i think Agreed andy dalton will make some mistakes which as young and his face. There's there's a. There's a lot of this week. Full stream ahead streaming quarterbacks for what what is this week twelve now right gracious. We did it. We did it we got. We got the week twelve. That's we always said we'll get there. Although i i'm gonna good daniel joan yeah Who is you know. he's actually. He's been okay lately. He's running the ball. Well he is the leading rusher for the new york giants and he's legit great at that. I mean he. He's so fast which blows your mind but you get him a little bit of space and he can be gone whether or not he will trip himself or into the end zone. Nine up to a coin flip nine rushing attempts for daniel jones last game he started he also has had games in. This is his last five game stretch. He had a seventy four rushing yard game and ninety two rushing your game and then sixty four in that last game so they design runs for him each and every game. Yeah and he's running as well as any quarterback in the league outside of colin murray. So he gives you baseline and now the the matchup is really good against cincinnati. I think this is a team. That's gonna be dejected. Right you you you lost you. Lost joe burrow. You're you're you're not playing for anything now. You don't have joel mix and you know. They're they're favored and over the past five weeks. The cincinnati bengals have given up the fourth most points to the quarterback position so daniel jones i think is a fine streamer option this week. All right mike. I'm going with derek cars and in Also enjoy the the magical christmas rump of diehard. We tis the season. I've already watched it a great movie. not a sponsor but derek carr diehards sponsor. I just want to clarify for the people. Yeah i think people think we're pandering for that. Well look vhs is iheart sponsoring people. At this i am open to die hard sponsorship on this show i. i'm throwing weirdest disclaimer. i've ever heard. Please give us a call we. We've been accused of stranger. I would love to be accused of derek cars. Pointing the atlanta falcons one thousand nine hundred eighty eight. That movie at eight thirty two years later. We're getting sponsorships. You heard about this about this. Movie die hard. I'm sorry gone gone and in the car derek. Unfortunately he's not playing against city again. 'cause that's when derek goes into his final form but the atlanta falcons it. It's back to a plus matchup. They had a nice to game. Run where they rallied. Yada yada yada. And then we've seen them in the last two weeks get torched by drew. Lock and take some hill. Derek cars is in streaming streaming contender this week. You know. i'm a lifetime order of you're card carrying car carrier. Yes let me. Just highlight on the year. Seventy percent passer. Averaging two hundred forty three yards a game in two touchdowns a game this year with a quarterback rating of one. Oh seven for derek carr. So he has been an exceptional. Nfl quarterback this year. However every time. I have streamed him. It is not worth out for me so likewise. I hope you get you as well. Yeah but mike's gonna shows outs done Yeah and then. I'm going to i'm gonna bring up. Tastes some hell no. He's not a tightened anymore but yes he can be played. Yes you will see him. Hit waiver wires tomorrow when people pick up some of these options we brought up on the show. They're going to let go of the cheat code because they may be. Somebody like myself. Who had tastes hill on a team with patrick mahomes or with the team with josh allen. You're not going to play tastes hill over those quarterback options. However you might not have a great option in league week. I played tastes them. Hill at quarterback over cam newton and it worked out. That's the kind of situation you could find yourself in is a viable streaming quarterback option. He will run the football. He has an elite Top five wide receiver michael thomas. He has elite talent out of the backfield and He's going to produce. You're not going to get a week. Losing week from tastes some hill as starting quarterback day some hills a must add. Yeah if you. If you've got a a quarterback that's pretty much as as locked as it gets for fifty rushing yards that that baseline is outstanding. He can get rushing touchdowns and he is available in the majority of leagues not on. Espn because everybody picked him up for the cheat code tight end situation. But if you're planning on yahoo on sleeper on cbs any any other platform he. He is still out there on waivers to pick up and play quarterback and we wanna thank pristine auction for supporting the show. Because that's what they do. Bring the support. Keenan allen signed jersey yesterday seventy-six which is ironically the exact same amount of targets had last week seventy-six. Yes it was a good week. It's also the amount of trombones seventy six trombones okay. pristine auction dot com use code ballers check out there hundreds of daily sports memorabilia auctions Been browsing of late. We've got christmas coming up I also have a son who is a. He can't decide between getting fifty deandre hopkins items or fifty kyla murray items So i've i've been browsing and Get him something special for christmas. Pristine action dot com use the code ballers we gotta get outta here. We need to save our voices. Yeah we do because tomorrow. We're bringing it sixteen games. Forty five different segments. It's nine twenty six in the morning here. I'm i'm going to sleep. Yeah mega don show tomorrow. They say goodbye. Thank you for listening to another episode of the fantasy footballers podcast join our fantasy football community on join the foot dot com and follow us on twitter at the f. f. ballers.

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