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Crimson traces laser satellites feature-packed laser sighting solution for Mossberg. Five hundred five thousand. Nine hundred and five ninety shockwave. Twelve gauge shotguns available bailable as a writer green laser by now at Crimson trace dot com. Today on Tom Gresham's guntalk important information on securing houses of worship with security expert way black plus a pro gun rights group for women a book highlighting the dangers of gun control from a woman whose husband was murdered by her stalker and more and has always call eight six six talk gun with your comments questions and rage reports and now. Here's Tom. Oh my we have so much talk about today. Hey I'm Tom Gresham. It is gun talk and I take get ready because something we're GONNA be talking about self to fits. The use of guns is events and the use of other tools including in primarily your mind. We're GONNA be talking about some of these amazing list of new guns which had been introduced over the past week. I kept telling you there's a whole bunch common and a a lot of them were released this week. We'll talk about some of those There are more to come and we can't talk about those yet but as soon as I can. I'll tell you about them. Where videos up if you go to our youtube I'm channel? Look for gun talk media there. We have a lot of videos on shootings of the new guns very cool stuff very interesting airy innovative. It's exciting time if you're into guns it's also kind of fun and I'll talk about this a little bit to watch some of the younger gun people kind of go big revolver who cares. It's like a total by. So that's like somebody who says he or she is a car guy not getting excited when they bring back the show Cobra Mustang. Cool car. You're going. Yeah but there's better cars today. That's not the point. It's cool guns coming out. It's really really stuff. I mean things that had been reduced python is back. We'll talk about that as a long Ruger has a five seven five. Seven twenty eight Just incredible stuff definitely a lot of things to talk about what it's been exactly one week on the air last week. We were getting the news from a shooting at a church in Texas. It's now an awful lot more about it by now you most likely seen the video of the extra shooting you you seen. How a good guy with a gun? Stop it you've seen how the murderer killed two people in the church if you've been paying ditch and you've seen some of the media an anti gun people say it's terrible it's frightening. It's terrifying that there were so many people in that church who had guns and we watched the video and all these people pulling out their guns which of course I said well they didn't sprayed bullets indiscriminately as you always predict. It will happen. There was one shot fired by guy. Jack Wilson I had said that's all he had stopping murder in the process of wanting to kill other other people. We'll talk about that as we go along here. And I'm sure that you've thought about that. Shirt security teams. We've had some calls about that. People who are all in their church security teams. Look I'm a pilot and as apply that way study accidents airplane accidents. We studied crashes to find out what happened. How do we prevent? How do we do better? How can we train is equipment thing as a training thing as an attention thing? What happened and toward that in we? If we're smart need to be looking at things like this as well and to join me to do exactly that Wayne Black joins us right now. From Wayne Black Associates. He is a guy who has been there done that all over the globe Wayne Wayne. Thank you for spending some time with me Tom. It's my pleasure. Thank you. You Bet you hip done security work interesting Special Forces type stuff all over the world in your company now does worldwide things but one of the things it does. Is You work with churches with their church. Security teams right we do churches synagogues. Yes okay so you've had a week now to look at this look at the video read read about what happened in Texas. You know Kinda go over if you would you kind of initial reaction to it and now that you've had a week to think about what your thoughts are well. Let me start by saying that. Your January Second Article Texas Church shooting takeaways on your side was right was spot on Those are my thoughts. Exactly the time. It's all about having a plan you talked about this. The last time I saw you at gun side with Ken. Campbell and Steve Toronto. We discussed all this the chances of another church shooting shooting or a synagogue or or school attack as of today are one hundred percent. It's GonNa Happen Hopefully decide with the best plan will win But but I've seen everything I did some work in in Montana recently and Colorado at a church and and of course all over the east coast and I see two kinds of people. Those who are apathetic about a shooting. It won't happen here And they they have this false positive they say just because you know it hasn't happened happen here. We must be doing something right even though they really don't have all right so so. So that's what we that's what we worry about So it's a matter ed or having a plan and that's why we always recommend that. The book by Steve Toronto. Your most powerful weapon. That's a good start for any church security team and and then in another thing that bothers me as I hear we unarmed security. Well that's an oxymoron. There's no such thing as unarmed security doesn't work you can't get there from here it's really not going to happen in today's world. So we have sort of a checklist about How to tell if you have some issues with security with your church? There's no greeters out front. If the main entry doors are all unlocked and most of the doors are unlocked if you can walk directly into the nursery from the street in a Church Church or synagogue if you carry a backpack or luggage into the sanctuary it you could drive your car into any doorway Those are things that we it. It's it gets if any of those are are in effect You've got a problem in your house worship. You know and as you're describing all of this I I thought issued Mitchell Steve Toronto Book and one of the things I got out of that which goes to the first thing you said which is normalcy bias. The idea of normalcy bias. It's always been like like this. Everything's good don't worry about it. You know I keep hearing and you see it on the news all the time people say well you know this is a safe neighborhood. This thing is this kind of thing has never happened here before for what's happened there until it does right absolutely and we see between synagogues and churches across the board. Some people are in denial. Oh you know. That's not really a river in Egypt. That's something else They say well. It's not going to happen here and some listen so I I walked into a church recently and I was introduced to some greeters church security people and the minister who signed on for security said these are sheepdogs so that's really important. They followed the instructions and then of course we have Depending on what level of synagogue it is The goal is to just what a bunch of people in and just hope that that some other power will protect us The tree of life learned that they had no plan at first now they have a great plan. The tree of life and Pennsylvania. People just sat there and we're shot. They didn't move. They were enormously bias. Like Steve's around he talks about there you go back and look at the new life church in Colorado Springs. Where one woman who knew what she was doing? Janine Assan she took call a guy who was there to kill hundreds of people she just had no not today not at my church and took on this guy who had a rifle and people always say well you know what can you do with a handgun against a rifle people a lot if you know what you're doing right. Yeah absolutely look if you the other thing. Is You know you talk about this in your article. If you've got to go to gun ninety ninety percent of your advantage you've you've sailed you're in deep trouble. You're in that bottom dollars. You've got to go to talk about what should happen before you get to that place. Nice well you should have a plan and and how to get started with that. Is You have a simple assessment. You develop a plan. You communicate the plan your drill on the plan your shared with law enforcement. And then you encourage law enforcement to attend your church Park mark vehicles out front and even attend in uniform if if they will do a lot of sheriff's offices are doing that now similar plan. But you've got engaged that that guy or that woman. Whoever it is going to do you harm outside? I give an example. We did some training and we ask. What if your greeter meets a new guy? That's coming in the church and that person smells like gasoline. What do you do what do you do and he says I was just cutting my lawn? I spilt some gas on myself. You let them in or not. I am the answer is no you. Don't let him in you. Try to help him tell him to come back. Because he's he's got accelerates all his clothing he might be coming into light himself up. So that's that's worth deals honestly and you hear this every day in your line of work and I hear all the time when we're doing our training people say why I never thought of that. That's why you go to a a professional who's been exposed to these kind of things and thought of that. The idea that somebody would coat his his clothing and gasoline and now he becomes the weapon. I never thought of that. It's it's something we have this again back to Toronto normalcy bias. We have that we don't WanNa seem prejudice. We don't WanNa make that person think and then we deny our instincts instincts if we trust our instincts if if we would treat this person like he's coming into our home right we lock our homes. We know WHO's coming in. We allow them to come in. They don't just randomly walk in if we did that then. Houses of worship would be a lot safer. I've always said that people get killed because of a fear of embarrassment. I don't don't want to embarrass myself or somebody else. I don't want to say well. Gee You know those guys look a little bit rough. I'll cross street over there. They might be offended by that well. That's just dumb John. We're afraid of embarrassing ourselves. Embarrassing someone else when we listen to that little tinkling thing going off in the back of our heads. That's right right. And the other thing is to have they have armed sheepdogs as it were in the Church or the synagogue. They should train together as a team and practice the you know. There's no such thing as an advanced gun it's all about fundamentals and Jack Wilson knew that and he did a great job Go ahead no no go. That's why I was GONNA ask you go ahead. I looked at the video. I noticed that a couple of Cooper's rules number two violated never point the muzzle. Anything he didn't want to destroy now now they were in. They were in shock of course. But they're they're covering some of the parishioner's as they as the other guys walked up with the pistols. And I didn't see anybody beat. I didn't see anybody turn and go to low ready and assess the area for a second shooter either. That was the other thing I didn't see anybody turn around and look toward the back and I mean I. I've actually been in a situation where I knew that the people lives with had handled or something going down the street and I basically just turned around. Turn my back to the action and look back behind thinking you know there could be. This could be distracting That caused that way. I've been looked back behind me. Same deal there. Can I get you to hold on here. Wait I wanNA talk with you a little bit more about this. Okay all right hang on. We're talking with Wayne Black take a look at his website Wayne Black Dot com very interesting talk about guys been there done that. If you have any thoughts on this by all means give us a shout eight six six talk gun when we come back also WANNA ask looking at the news a lot of things going on Iran Iraq possible tear cells here. Do you change your behavior. You change what if you carry if you think about this thing. That happened right here in the middle of it. We'll be talking about that. I'm Tom Gresham back with more gun. Talk tactical professionals who put their lives on the line every day depend on surefire since Nineteen seventy-nine I tore fire has designed machined and assembled the finest flashlights weapon mounted lights hearing protection and suppressors. Right here in the US. surefire offering best in class warranty already and customer service and used by more military Special Operations Swat teams and hard use end users than any other. Brand surefire American built American American strong visit surefire dot com that surefire dot com. It's the bill of rights not the bill of needs. I'm Alan Gottlieb founder of the Second Amendment Emmett Foundation when someone says we don't need that kind of gun remind them the founding fathers determined what rights or constitution should protect. There's a world of difference between rights and needs. It is not the function of government to tell us what we need or what we don't certainly no one needs an assault rifle or a Saturday night special or for that matter. No one needs a corvette with high high capacity horsepower engine capable of speeds to one hundred fifty miles per hour but in the hands of honest responsible individuals. We have the right of choice. We have the right to read books others. Don't like who have the right to listen. Listen to any radio program we choose. We have the right to dress the way we want to. We also have the right to own firearms of our choice. So the next time someone tells you you don't need something. Tell them it's the bill of rights not the bill of needs join the Second Amendment Foundation today so this message and our bill of rights might live call four to five four five four seventy twelve. That's four to five four five four seventy twelve long since nineteen thirty seven ducks. 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Ervices Physical Security Invulnerability Analysis Personal Protection Lifestyle Threat Assessment firearms training one of the things that you have courses work with churches and synagogues and Wayne one of the things I ask you about is the level that you see when you go into people say well we have security team and I mean you're used to dealing with released like tier one guys. What do you see when you go into these churches? How good or bad are their firearms? Practice scratches just overall look. Well it runs a gamut. It depends on the commitment of the even starting with the pastor or the Council depending on what it is to to get their people some training and evaluate the training some churches and synagogues say. Well look if you gotta see. Cw and we know who you are you can carry And then and when I talked to him I go. What are you carrying? And when was the last time he shot. Well I think shot last year to get my permit. We had to shoot two rounds and when he carried. Yeah well. I'm carrying a thirty two caliber of forests. EP or something. Look at this. People need to be attention. Jack Wilson had to make a shot that somewhere between thirty five and fifty feet. We don't. I'm not sure exactly what the distance was. And because he didn't have a clear shot he ended up taking and having to make ahead shot but he was. He had both a good gun an excellent gun but he also had the training and the ability to do it and and you hear it all the time people say well you know. The average gunfight is going to be a three fee three to five feet Yada Yada but what if you're just an average and more and more this is GonNa take me into my next question to you more and more. We're looking at being in places that are large whether they're a theater a mall or someplace like that and now with this news coming out of the Middle East with possibility I would submit of random attacks even in the US. Does that change what people are thinking about in terms of what they carry and how they trained I think so I think they should. I mean people go to the range with a Glock nineteen or a Smith. NPR Sagar a pretty decent pistol and they practice and practice with that and then they carry some little thing that may not penetrate a belt. Buckle but yeah they need to train and you train for the train for the switch Wjr headshot meaning turn off the switch body shot with that guy who knows what kind of clothing he had or what happened. He may have gotten off another round but jack did an amazing job. That's a tough shot it is. I mean this guy was turning his shotgun toward the congregation. He was going to start unleashing appellate at a whole bunch of people there. And you're right now. The body shot will shut down but it may take a little hole wile who whereas the headshot is to switch it. Just simply turn it off you do it right and one of the things. I pointed out in a thing I wrote far. Little newsletter was He had been there before whether or not it ever been in a gun fight in his mind he had been there so many times before and had gotten training and he was a trainer. And I just WanNa make the point to people who say well you know. Our guys is a pretty good shots. But that's not enough. You really do have to get professional training and learn to work as a team. If you're doing a church or synagogue security security you have have to be able to work as a team. Because that's your four four multiplier right. I think that's right and you have to have the mental preparedness to do it and he had it like you said he thought about it. Many times TMZ. Obviously he knew what to do. He was quick out of the holster. But slow and deliberate on the shot And that slow draws what got that other gentlemen killed probably. He drew attention to himself himself and never got out of the holster. So it's about thinking and and in training in course you've been all over the world. He you know dealt with people the terrorist terrorists. I think we're going to see more and more of that here. I think you know whether it's in molitor churches or wherever and I will tell you honestly I've kind of changed from the idea. They single stack gun to having more AMMO. Not that I'm going to try to fight off bonds attack or something but at the same time I just want more choices and I want a pistol where I feel as though given half a chance I can make a shot at fifteen to twenty yards not feed but yards. You know I agree with you. I think we should plan on it. Look there been some articles. Come out from Clarion today and and who knows what's going to happen with people that are self radicalized allies that were or no known Wilson stuff lone wolfs 'cause we probably knew or know of them And small groups may pop up and try to do something so so I think we need to have our head on a swivel but the best thing that any church Or Synagogue Security Group can do is to start thinking about this. Look at the adores and spend eighteen dollars and get that book by Steve Toronto. And I'm not. I'M NOT HAWKING BOOK I don't get anything out of it but it's the best thing I've ever read it on Self-defense. Okay the name of the book again. The name of Steve Book is your most powerful weapon using your mind to stay safe and it's a great just a great read it. You should read it with a highlighter in your hand because you could be passed as you're going to say I want to go back and find that again. That was so good again. Those in tot moments I never thought of that. Just really good stuff way. Thank you so much for spending time with us here sharing just a little bit of your experience and know that you are tapped into the intelligence community and it probably things. You can't tell us but at least you can tell say it's out there and it's it's always a possibility any given day if you're in a school or a church or synagogue I would brace yourself whoa okay. That gets my attention again. It's Wayne Black Dot com. Thank you Wayne. I appreciate it very much and we will get you back on here before too long. Okay thank you sir. All right you take care. It's a one hundred percents already. It's GonNa Happen again. That's from a guy who is in that world and when I say he has access to intelligence that we don't have I'm not kidding. It's this is a guy who's worked for the three letter agencies out there. Let's just put it that way. Have you changed what you carry. Have you changed the way you carry. And as you talk to people this week about Jag Wilson about this attack in a church ability of one person to put a stop to it. How has the conversation gone? Have you run into anybody. Who says well that just shouldn't happen? I just that's just terrible as one writer in the Arizona Republic says well it's just frightening in USA Today says it's just terrified that there were so many people there with guns. We don't even know who they are. I say well you know what there's eighteen million people licensed to carry their standing next to you the checkout line at McDonald's and who they are either but oh yeah they actually have a better track record of police do the most cases eight six six. Talk Gun how if Eddie Way at all has this changed how what you carry number is eight six six talk gutter. Tom Tom Gun Tom be me. I'm Tom Gresham. Grab you could be with us. It's called gun talk if you've just arrived arrived here and you're wondering what the heck is this deal. Yeah we talk about guns and we talk about the shooting sports and going out to the rains in cool guns that we have ever would like to have her. We wish we hadn't sold. Oh yeah got some of those. Although speaking of that I am selling guns and you know how much I admire and appreciate Johnny over gone so I took a bunch of guns over to him and I guess some of them aren't as website. If you go to guns dot Com and click on the auction guns goes to gun auction because there's like three different auction firms. He uses this was gun oxygen. Click on that and you could see a bunch of the guns If you are if you shoot left handed we went there some line there. Also some of grits gun. My Dad's guns there. That are unique unique. I mean like with Syria. Numbers say grits things like that collector's items. Also if you are Ruger number one collector we have as far as I know the only remember one ever chambered in six point five. Pr See auctioning that one away with the help of both Ruger Ruger and loophole because we put loophole scope on their four. have to fourteen to fabulous rifle and proceeds. Here's the deal. The proceeds did that auction going to go to the Second Amendment Foundation. So all the money from this whatever it is this rifle sells for and hoping there may be a collector out there who says something one in the world. Yeah on that one. All that money goes to the Second Amendment Foundation and frankly I credit where credit's due the folks. That rigor suggested they I said. Hey why don't we do this. We auction it. Have the money. Go to half went well. That's a cool idea. I love that I wish I had come up with that myself itself so take guns dot com auction. Go down to gun auction. I think those auctions actually to go with a live look at my watch in about four hours four or five hours. We'll see but it. Will you take a look at some interesting stuff. If you are incident. I really gorgeous. I mean like your eyes. Water Gorgeous look at that left handed four or five eight win MAG in there. He may not be left after Hannity may not want a four or five eight but you WanNa look at the pictures of that. God Holy Smoke Gorgeous. We were talking a little bit earlier about the new guns introduced this week. The Colt Python. I thought I think is the one that got a lot of people's attention. It's kind of hard to actually to get attention in this crowded field. The Sit Cross with a new caliber Colt Python three fifty seven Magnum revolver brought back from what everybody thought was dead. I mean extinct never seen again Mossberg. Nine Forty J. M. Pro shotgun savage winner gauge shotgun and the Ruger five seven pistol very cool people. What's what's a five seven pistol for well? It's for having of the rain certainly but it wouldn't be a bad house. Gun may be a little large for people to carry because it's a pretty decent sized gun doesn't weigh much but it's pretty large but as a whom protection gun out put a light on that thing maybe a light and laser and how you got twenty rounds of go away in your hand. Of course. That's all you re looking for us to make them go away but if they represented immediate threat than you do what you gotta do and do it. Well speaking of which if you go back and look at that video from the church shooting in Texas we go today and look at the magnificent job. That Jack Wilson did nobody is. Nobody's happy make no mistake. Always happy that somebody had to be killed. Evidently this this guy had mental illness problems he was a known problem visit. History goes way back. A lot of people had access to him he kept charges is being pleaded down and yeah we all knew he was crazy but we didn't know he was that crazy. Those kind of things. Well you know what. That's all big picture but when the guys in the building and he's killing people then you have to do what you have to do coming up. We'll be talking with a lady whose husband was murdered right in front of heard their stock or killed her husband fun of her because she she left her gun in the car before she went into a gun. Free Zone lessons to be learned here. What's so hard to understand about shall not be infringed? Here's Tom safe safe for. Example isn't it shall not be infringed the security of the state be necessary etc etc.. You know it's the second amendment. I always wonder sometimes talked to some of the Anti Gun banners and asked him the question they discounted completely say all these things that you would like to have restrictions on law abiding gun owners restrictions on guns restrictions on people. Would you do the same thing to people to restrict their first amendment rights. They're free speech rights their right to assemble. Well that's different isn't actually not it's really not. They're both part of the bill of rights are both amendments. They're both rights that are guaranteed not granted by the way guaranteed it. Oh yeah the Second Amendment was talking about that for a second. Because Casey actually often you see the media say well the Second Amendment grants this. The Second Amendment gives these rights the second amendment. No no no no no the second second medecin actually give or grant or award or give permission for anything if you read it. What it says is the Second Amendment Limited restriction but it's not a restriction on people that's a restriction on the government the Second Amendment says the government has to keep its hands off of our gun rights and our guns and that's the part that so many politicians just don't get it or actually they just don't like in if they don't like it? They said we don't have to do that. We have to be restricted by this interesting stuff. Just the way people look at this okay. It's been a great week for new gun. Ge- New Guy Middlesex. I keep telling you about these introductions that were coming right well a whole bunch of them hit this week and we have videos on some of them on our youtube and facebook websites. Just look for gun talk media. Where do we start how? `Bout don't Ruger. has its own five point seven pistol. They called the fifty seven hundred. Five seven five seven by twenty eight cartridge it's been used in the F. N. firearms pistols and rifles. CARBINES for a while. So what's that mean. What does that do for you? Well first of all it's considerably less expensive than the Europeans are. Great pistol made no mistake but this is a seven hundred. Nine retail are RPI. It is lightweight it has a very nice dump safety safety fibre-optic site it holds twenty rounds of five point seven by twenty eight and that cartoon is interesting. It is a small diameter bullet small-calibre caliber. But it's the two thousand per second which makes it. Let's see I've lost. He hits hard. Oh Yeah it's loud but what's interesting is because because you're shooting a lightweight bullet even though it's going fast the recall is pretty low. We'll actually have a range report about this pistol in our after show. Michelle shot got it so you definitely want to tune into that yet but the rigor fifty seven five seven very cool pistol. Glad it's out and it's in stores now actually La Stores have them actually using them in their shooting range as you can rent them as well as by then also this week and this is the one that I kept saying. And if you're a gun person gun guy or Gal if you really like guns. You're going to be excited about this one. And that is the return of the Colt Python. Yes a three fifty seven Magnum revolver six shot in fourth quarter and six barrels right now in stainless only vigili sleep. Perhaps maybe cross your fingers in that deep rich blue finish that culture so famous for we took it out to the range we. There's been two months now since we shot this We both afford a core in the six inch revolvers and we took out the range with at original six inch nickel plated python on that revolver belonged to my dad. I heard from him that I gave it to my son Ryan who you know of course through our TV shows and so we took this six inch old python out shot next to the two new pythons first of all. Let me back up for those. Who Don't know if you're not enough to know if you've never had a chance to shoot one? The Python was famous for its incredibly good double action trigger pull amazing Silky Sukey Silky smooth just wonderful state people say well that's great but you know a lot on the Internet they probably use crummy materials burials. And they're you know they took some cut some corners and they used cheap materials and Yada Yada No. They did make some improvements though because because I mean come on the Python was designed the fifties. They actually made the revolver stronger considerably stronger using better materials modern materials. The old pythons as nice as they were isn't as well as they shot. Frankie would not hold up to a steady stream of three fifty seven magnum ammo. They just were up for that. The new ones do. So how do they shoot. First shots from shooting double action with a six inch barrel Ryan shot him heading warmed up anything. All he did was try the trigger. So if you collect got shooting double action at about fifteen eighteen yard is I remember it was about a two to maybe as well as a two and a half inch group double action six shots at which point. You're going okay. You got my tension now. It is going to sound like heresy. If you're a Colt Python fan the trigger on the new one is even better. I know I know you think of how can that be the put on they have this machine. The actual measure measure. They have a track the show the old one tended to stack and that is our double action trigger. pull the trigger gets back toward the rear part of its travel. Traveled gets harder to pull. And so you have a tendency with that kind of a double action trigger. Pull to come all the way back and then Kinda stop at the end and then you give it that little last effort to get it to go off. Well that has a tendency to pull sites off target make it a little bit less accurate. Shoot the new pythons. I have a an even better trigger. I'm not sure exactly when they're going to be out. I don't know if they're out right now to check back with him. But I'll just tell you that pretty impressive. It also has been fun for me on the Internet over on twitter where I am at gun talk. You've gotta follow to see what's going on there. To see the millennials going you revolver guys you know they're not better than modern day guns and their old fashioned and there's really no need for that and on and on and on and you're GONNA rally you're so clueless and you're so proud of your ignorance and you don't understand that you have holes in your experience bucket because you just don't even know what these things are. If you don't know how cool this is that it's come back it's an icon. It's it's the Shelby Cobra brought back and the very idea that they would do it. People people say we will never bring that back. Well they did and it is a testament to the fact that they are in the commercial the civilian market and want to continue to be. It took a little break with the AR fifteen but only because they were maxed out with military contracts they are gonNA be coming back producing Ar. Fifteen four our market that you and I can buy so anyway. That's that's the one of the many. Many guns introduced this week. We're talking about some of the others but if you thought about Colt Python if you've ever shot them did you ever own. What's your take on it? Let me know I'd love to know what you think what your history is with this particular revolver it so iconic. Oh yeah by the way. That's the one that I got made famous again in the walking dead series. I don't never watch the series. I don't know anything about that. But Anyway Colt Python. What do you think eight six six? Talk Gun I'm Tom Gresham. Uh Right back. For Twenty Five Years Crimson Trace has led the industry in laser and light technology and customer service now Crimson traces proud to offer free electron excites and rifles scopes for tactical target and hunting applications with the same crimson trace offer of free batteries for life on all products. The A new rifle scope line is also backed by unconditional lifetime warranty from the branded. You have trusted for over. Two decades find out more AT CRIMSON TRACE DOT com. 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Have more about that as we get there are number here. Eight six six tall gun range reports. What did he shot or do you think about buying? And would you be considering buying the new Colt Python or the new ruger five seven if so why love to know that eight six six. Talk A gun. Mike's with us on line three at a cold Spring Kentucky with a range aboard Mike. What'd you do? Hi Tom. This is Mike. I wanted to arrange report on a sanctuary county meeting that I attended in Lewis County Kentucky this past Monday and kind of found out about it just just because they have put an announcement in the local paper and went to the meeting and the room was packed. Full of people just tactfully. Couldn't have never standing room. I'm only I happen to be standing next to my. US Congressman Thomas Massie who had come in court of the of the ordinance so as being put forward and he stood up in front of the group spoke favorably. That I'm very honored to have congressman. Massey is my representative in Congress. Wow and and he He actually was gave an interview to the Washington Examiner where he gave his perspective on the On the Sanctuary County movement and said it was bigger than the tea party. That was his assessment of Of what was going on The ordinance past Five to nothing and at that meeting I learned about the Kentucky United. I had hadn't heard of this before the Kentucky United is the Statewide Kentucky Sanctuary County mood and I'm not in the leadership and I'm just I'm just a guy who you know who who listen to you actually. Instead it's time to get involved it's time to show as you've been telling us all along and I just want to encourage my fellow Kentucky and to go to the Kentucky United facebook page When I checked this morning there were seventy five thousand dollars on that page and it is looking at? It's been going up between one thousand people people every day every day and there's activities going on in just about every county in Kentucky to go forward with the Sanctuary county movement. I I think at the count I saw this morning. Fourteen had past Thirty counties that had meeting scheduled and others had various Bergen progress so so I just wanted to encourage my fellow Kentuckian get involved in and the other thing that I wanna make sure everybody's aware of is that the Kentucky United Group has scheduled a rally at the state capital for this Tuesday July seventh at nine. AM and. I think there's GonNa be a massive turnout. We'll we'll wait and see I'm GonNa go down and I wanted to as you have said before you know. This is important stuff you know. And if you've got a job take a day off you know it's it's just. Let me ask you a question because I'm curious now I guess two questions. I'll throw both outlet. You tackle both of them is one and the mood. What was the mood at this meeting in terms of the people who were there there was there any pushback there and also from a personal standpoint? What was it that flipped your switch? It made you actually start doing this thing and go to the meeting okay. Good questions I'll tell you about the mood I. The mood was very positive. There was not a single dissenter. They they gave they ask her anybody. If there's anybody there who wish to speak against the ordinance there's nobody up and it was just a room full support now that that county is a little bit of a rural county. It's one of the smaller to smaller all county population wise. I property that which is why I went to went to the meeting. I will say that. Lewis County page. I went and looked and in that on their particular our page As a subset of the United States they have twenty five percent of the adult population have have signed up his followers on that page. So that's the kind of response uh-huh money five percent of the population. What got me going was I mean I see what's going on around? I see what what they're trying trying to do in Virginia Kentucky just elected a Democratic governor. Bashir you know. We don't want to let the same thing happened here. We're in a little better position with the with the houses houses and Senate but but people I think it's time for people to just stand up and I and I've been listening to you. Say Listen to every week after Dubai. PODCAST I listen every week. You know you're saying saying hey we just have to show up you get involved with people at the red shirts there but only a few other of the gun owners and so I just think I think people are just beginning to realize that that it's the time we've had enough right. We'll let me just throw this in a huge Adeboye to you mike for showing up. Thank you for doing. Thank you for that report and as you go to other meetings things and I'm sure you will keep up with what's going on. I appreciate that that was my out of Kentucky. The sanctuary movement is expanding. It's been it's in L.. No it's in Virginia it's in Kentucky. It's all over the country. Are you seeing where you are. Are you talking to people about it. Eight six six talk gun or you can also college. Tom Talk Gun. I'm Tom Gresham. This is a gun.

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