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You're listening to another great podcast in the my neck podcasting network podcast number four hundred and twenty one. I'm Tim Robertson. I'm David Cohen and This is take two. Yeah so Obviously those who are you're listening to this episode have been as subscriber for awhile knows that it's been two weeks since we did the last one and that's because every other week David and I are now doing being the new shell. This is no longer than show David. geeks pub. And I'm here's the thing David I really want to do. A geeks pub right now because we both just saw the New Star Wars movie and we are dying to talk about it but at this point were about three weeks out from you and I discussing discussing the film and that's good because I'm GonNa talk about some next week with Eric Who's going to co host with me and But I'M GONNA I'm I'm going to be curious to get your take on the movie By then the man delorean will have finished. Its run. So we'll we'll be looking at a big Old Star Wars episode. Probably the the next couple of weeks pub. Yeah and hopefully. I'll get a chance to see the movie again because salt movie going this very dense movie. So it's with seeing it more all the ones to pick things up for the second time and then kind of see how it hits. Yeah I missed a them their whole thing with Lando. Because I had to take a leak and coal on a popcorn but I have to go to another screaming because Brooke wasn't able to come with us so it was just colon. I so I have take Brooke now to which isn't a bad thing we'll be. Prices are so expensive as exists. Yeah yeah four unfortunately one of the the big cinema chains here in the UK has really slash prices. They charge five pounds per of basically all the time now. So what seven or eight Dulles Louis for a each showing. And that's the way process used to be a lot more reasonable than they pretty probably hall the other change charge. Do you have the theaters. Words reserve seating. Yeah in fact most most theaters in the UK do that and the reclining seats and other Assad reclining seats you you tend to have to so basically most of the change in the UK they have a strip of two rows that have big reclining running seats and all of that and they charge a little bit more for those and then there are a few cases the much smaller and they're all like that but The majority it's it's like an op great. I'm going all to those seats here in the US. Now aside. And I like the change. You every seat is a good seat now except for that front row. I still can't do the front row But every seats a good seat they all recline. There's plenty of space between rose and there in the seats. There's so much bigger that even if you're sitting next to a stranger you don't really feel like you are. Yeah and they all have really nice trays to put your food and drink on I they are I. I give movie chains credit credits to from a technology standpoint. They're all upgrading to digital everything. Aw Yeah I can't remember the last time us or a movie that was projected from film laughing. Pretty much all of the ones we go and see now a digital projection. And that's one of the few. You look look technology improvements. Let's face it movies of always had movie theaters in the main have always had great sound. So even though there's a lot technology that goes into the Dolby atmos- and all the vets thing now you can't really tell unless you're a fishy are fishing Ardo but the difference between film projection and digital issue so video projection is like night and day switching between a crt an HD four K. TV. It's amazing you don't get any of those artifacts you get movie only only fill the films tend to be more reliable and they look much much sharper which we used to now because we used that watching you know big high def. TV's home yeah. Yeah it's I gotta give him credit doing a great job and they they have to because the competition is never been more fierce for your entertainment dollar and this is disposable income. This isn't and you know and people are still finding reasons to go to the theater and you gotTa have a good experience. I I was a little worried honestly one colon. I sat down because a younger couple sat right in front of US and again. It's really a steep theater. So you know I almost into their lap but they they brought an infant. I'm talking less than six months old and I thought really you're going to bring an infant to and I was totally prepared to tell him to get the hell out of. There may be started making a lot of noise and that to be that guy. But you know I. I didn't come to watch star wars. Listen to your baby. Cry The whole movie. That ain't GonNa Happen Sitter. Thank exactly they anytime. The baby started fussing a little bit. They were right on top of it and blows up to it and so I give them credit for that but who brings the infant to a movie theater a stupid well. Yeah I guess I don't want to be you know the Ah Let's face it. You and I both have a comfortable living. We're not rich mining stretch of the imagination. But you know we. We have disposable income so I don't want to be the guys saying well just you know I said it. Just get a sitter. I know that some people are not some people struggle for money. Don't go to the movies with your baby. My that's that's that's my point. My point is is if you WANNA go to the movies and you have six mother isn't it doesn't matter about how good to be honest. How good they were yeah? It's not the right environment for child. Yeah for a particular for young baby who has a different sleep pants where everybody as well. I don't think extremely loud movie. Are you kidding. Yeah I know that's exactly what I mean. So you know if you're in that situation and even even if money's tight and it's it's it's double the cost cost right. Yeah I think it would be better for everybody including your cells really to try and find the extra money you'll save the extra money to have a sister CISA or oh leave show with family also with four. Or here's an idea you don't get to see the movie right now. I'm sorry your your life revolves around your one hundred percent happiness and screw everybody else because you're the most important person the workers your precious little flower but you know what you have an infant. You have responsibilities responsibilities and we live with a social con contract in this world. I'm one of those are you. Don't bring an infant to a movie like this you. aww Yeah. I've got to be honest. It's only really since in the last twelve months. Oh when Charlotte is. Is You know nine coming on ten. That whoa unless we're going to see kids movies that we've started going to the movie theater because she's going to make noises and stuff. Well No. It's it's not just that she you know she sits she. She's always been a good chuck. Shashi always sits nicely but the point is the salt movies we offer or want to see as a family your not age appropriate for her so we just haven't seen them all together either. I go with Alexander on the and goes with Alexander. Yeah if Charlotte has been off with a friend or something sometimes the three of us have gone. CMU Multiple Movies Davies for instance their fault or intense for her even even now given the years I think she probably would struggle with something like and game or something like that so we haven't we. I haven't seen them all together. And we just kind of accept that as Paul. The price of parenthood is there you have the responsibility. You can't do the things you spell today and it's called sacrifice people you gotta sacrifice your own entertainment because you had a child. I'm sorry David I had children and we had a sacrifice vice. It's just the way it is But yeah they're they're upgrading. All the movie theaters and you know with Netflix and Disney plus and You know there's so much good content out there right now that you don't have to leave your house to enjoy you gotta bring it and I gotta say And they're doing a damn good job at movie theaters. They still can't fix stupid I E parents with babies or people who are I'm just GonNa talk or somebody who sneaks their food in in a super crumbly bag And that's all you hear the whole time as it over things I can kind of live with because yeah the big problem I have in the movie theater is idiots. Who went they find out? I haven't had that problem in awhile member. I had the the one that we got nasty with the years ago but that was the last time that I've had that problem. So when we play for five commercials before the movie stars about putting your phone away now they do. They do in English as well. And yet when we went C- Star Wars with Alexander. We were right on the back right. Yeah and there was a family of three next source with a kid who was probably seven. The child was fine right but both the parents could not stop looking at their phones and they were looking at facebook. I could the woman who gets doing I could see and it was like every five. She's looking facebook and I would've got real close to her ear and went. Turn off the phone. Well you know what she got the idea because basically every time the screen came out I started looking right over there and eventually they kinda turned it down but after about an chee hers away and it didn't come out then then forty minutes slater. The gaulish phone came out. And I just you know. Eighty s social media become an addiction with some people or thinking about self. Those posts are still going to be there when you come out this movie. Yeah do you. Doug need to do it in the bleeding movie. And frankly I'm I'm I am. If the opinion that if the if the movie cases cell phone jammers on some of the things didn't work I would be completely enough to cool with that Completely off the cool you you have the money to. It's like you know if you have a good sitter. There's very few crises home pitman. If you're that worried about it you don't get to go the movie. Sorry yeah exact- sorry you take that responsibility. You're the one that decided that you had to go see this movie opening night night. Sorry yeah so anyways anyway. I did Well I think most people actually I agree with all of all of everybody listened to this. Yeah I don't mind looking at your phone in previews that's fine but once the light. Slow down turn them off. Yeah this was during the movie yeah. That's just that's when you get an extra bottle of water and you squirted atom right at the phone. Yep because because because I would love to be that guy I got a couple of days from Christmas. Gift giving season and I gave Julie we A car that's a very very nice gift so it wasn't a brand new one I would love to say you know. We drive brand brand new cars. But I've mentioned on the show many times that I drive a sequoia with a quarter of a million miles on it. I've always generally drove older cars. I've only about one brand new Carmi life and I've just switched my formerly brand new car to a three year old used car and I'm very very happy with it as well and I'm much appreciating financial. Savings is was the fat as well in our situation. JEWISH PETROVNA CAR that I've hated for a very long time which while in it was a GMC envoy. And I hated the and I didn't buy it for her when we got this car. This car was going to be my dad's car it was right after mom passed. Excuse me is reprimand passed away. He was having a hard time getting in and out of his old Lincoln One of the things that I've noticed selling cars is a lot of the SUV's and I'm also talking about smaller. SUV's like around four Nissan rogue or whatever Is is retirees. Because it's easy to get in and out of rather than a passenger car where you gotta fall into it and pull yourself out the becomes a problem. This is precisely why autry the infinity because with a back injury and the surgery that Lianne had last year. It's harder to get it. You know she really struggled to get to. Everybody struggled to get in and out of that car car. Even Charlotte I. I'm she sat in the front and she's nine banged her head on the on. The it's just you know conduct lowdown style just not very comfortable and we we ended up buying a three which is kind of a very small Carla City cars super minicar but it's been turned into like a pumped up. SUV's pitswon these crossover ones and because we tried every car on the law and this was the one she found easier to get in and out for me. I love the car as well. It's not toys on the industry. Dr But the key thing for us was able to get in and out Veasley. It's a huge issue for a lot of people worldwide and that's why I got this. GMC envoy but two years ago. Three three years ago now. And I wanted it for dad. And I bought it. It was a trade in for another customer. It wasn't my customer but they traded the Senate I looked at it and it looked pretty good and I asked what the trade was and they told me and I was like Jesus I put that on a credit card. Yeah I mean it wasn't much at all so I bought it. I told Julie on the phone and she goes. I'm explaining it and she goes doesn't have a third row in the moment. She said that I knew she wanted it so she took that and my dad took her vehicle. And we're kind of back into of that situation so I been looking for a car for Julia for a while and I knew when I found it I would just know that this is the one and I thought I had found one. Didn't work out so with that obviously wasn't meant to be and then. I had this customer Commie on Monday. Seven seven thirty in the morning I get their way before everybody else and so I took the call and these people want to know if I had a certain vehicle a lot I did. And they explained that they live Five hours north of us and this was an inexpensive vehicle after taxes and everything like sixty thousand dollars and they told me about the car they were going to trade in and it piqued my interest immediately so when they brought their trade in they never even saw this car before they decided they were going to buy. Hi It. No one drives five hours six hours to look at a car unless it's like a car and bringing around dealings with some specific acidic mind. That's because they've done the research they've and they just WanNa find somebody who has it. Yeah I mean they. They had instructions like well. We want winter tires. Put on on it before we get there. Just which whichever winter tires of the very best price never came up. They didn't care about the price so I knew the head money I knew they took care of their car. When we took a look at their trade I pull the Carfax on it and they did every single thing? You could possibly do to this car maintenance wise if it's in the manual that's what they did and so. This car had just shy. I have two hundred thousand miles on it. which should be a scary thing? Except it's it's Alexis and it's Alexis four hundred eight which is a smaller suv but it's also a hybrid and it was. It was just gorgeous. I mean you could tell it was dirty because they live on a dirt road now. That sounds like that means it would be poor. No that means it's very exclusive area or they. It was just gorgeous. I could did not believe the condition and the way draw when you sent me a picture of it I I thought it was about five years younger than from what it actually is because yeah the At the condition of it you know it's it's perfect and so Yeah that's what I did. I just thighs well. It does not. Julie doesn't need the third row anymore in fact I'm setting you. I just texted you. A picture of Julie connects to the car It does not have a third row. We don't need that. Because we have the sequoia she really needs a third row that she was take the square But remember I didn't have rather sequoia when we got this. I had the Honda Accord so anyways. That's the cars beautiful. The IT had brand new snow tires. There's on it and had a set of one year old really good Michelin's wrapped up in bags in the back I don't know if you guys do snow tires. They're really because we don't know week we get we. I mean some as it looks like this. You'RE NOT GONNA get any snow and And when we do get it it tends to be for few days and then it melts yet. We don't get long periods of people don't tend to do the winstar thing here winter tires tires. You can only really really only should drive them for about three seasons and only in the winter months because they're very soft rubber They're very very very sticky and they give you they they make a regular car feel like a an all wheel drive or a four by four. I really do So I was happy those rod but it was just it was such a fantastic deal financially. Not only that. I still can't believe the I mean this car looks like just came. His office has been cleaned on a little kid. Came off the lawn. Armenia is there's no there's no I can see anyway from the p she sent me it doesn't allies any any dense bumps got nothing on it. You know it. It looks immaculate. Absolutely Amac Mike yet. I told the customer. Oh Yeah I told the customer that I'm going to buy it. Yeah I told them what the trade value was which was exactly what Kelley Blue Book said. They didn't blink And and you got the picture of Julian Florida but no yeah got it so And I there's no secrets here. I paid five thousand bucks those. Yeah which is a fantastic deal. Yeah it's thousands last than what it says in good condition condition and this is an excellent in very good condition. Yes everything's there. The only thing that doesn't work as a backup camera right. That's it which she's never had a backup camera she she doesn't care. Yeah but the fact that it doesn't work means I have to get it working eventually because it will drive me crazy the The the one thing that was intriguing to her was the headlight. Washer right she. She had to stand outside and see that in action uh and this hybrid which means you know she'll get good gas mileage Mosa her get. Her driving is less than ten miles a day. And it's within the whole miles else distance because Lianne has the ends yeras is a higher and that zero the reasons we call that for her because she does You know short journeys niece. This thing is butter smooth on the Road Man List Dot Com luxury driving experiences. This kind of what you want. And it's now that we're both in. Toyotas sold them. It's got a nice that we both have so so this I mean I'm very much much like you. I like Japanese cars. I think they're far better than calls built in the West Mice of the calls. I've had have been Japanese the Ah the Muslims have now. Is You know it dries very smooth as well on trusted for reliability because a game because it's a Japanese car Leeann has the Toyota Sir. But I sit here when you said she sent me to pitch me. Said I've always wanted Alexis. Have it consistently win in JD power in the UK Lexus. Alexis consistently year on year wins best. Customer experience still does Toyota. Yes lakes a specially over Toyota because because obviously there are a luxury brand they go that extra hill and the cars are extremely reliable. They're extremely smooth to drive there. You you know they all pretty much top notch. So that was one of her. Christmas g likes it. Yeah he was my fear fear though I had a genuine fear about this Julie is the type of person. WHO's she's very frugal when it comes to spending money on things so let's say she's been looking for? She's she loved Harry Potter stuff right so we'll be in a store and she'll see a t shirt. That's Harry Potter her as a really cool one two and it's on sale for five dollars she will stop and look at it and I'll look at it and it's a great shirt I go. Oh Oh and I could tell she likes it a lot. You should get that. No I don't I don't I don't need this honey. It's five bucks you they just get it now. That money is better spent elsewhere on other things and I'm are you kidding me. It's five to it's nothing. It's it's less than a McDonald's lunch but no she won't buy it whereas me I'll by spending money money on hotel. Yeah there is that I I don't know it's just. Her parents are kind of the same way but well in some respects hurt. Her parents will go thrift store shopping bag when her dad wasn't suffering suffering from the dementia they would drive everywhere in by everything but only thrift store stuff and her dad would proudly show me something that he just got at the thrift store. That I would en- you would consider junk. But he was happy to find find it and they you know that's but it was cheap. It was inexpensive. They wouldn't go buy something brand new so I think think Julia has that mentality certain point but she's happy with it and at the end of the day that's all I care about and that is one of her Christmas presents yet Anyway let's move on got a couple of stories that we wanted to talk about. The first one is I think this is more about patents and just making money rather than you know a consumer one thing and that's Tivo and to be honest. I thought Tiba was dead already. I mean I don't know anybody who uses too so sorry the little glitch right there. The Listener won't here but David I had some connection issues and I don't know it. It still sounds a little a glitch. David we had to switch over to skype because wire just kind of gave up the ghost. Yeah but I think I don't know if something's going on. I think it's on your end to be honest with you because things seem to be working butter smooth here but you're still coming across minus the connection this less reliable type of annuals and still lost log. We Lag Yup. Well we'll just try made the best. I guess. The pathology solicitous I I also we. We're GONNA talk about I didn't talk about is the Amish. She all night spare much older computer because my famous fifteen inch macbook pro that I was very pleased with whenever a couple months ago that she died on me just before we start recording and it looks like it's the logic is failing so I had to pull to pull out an on OLMEC MAC book and I suspect is also not particularly guy fans running on while we're doing this and they could be the machine this because does no problem it's Unfortunate that for us a new machine but it wasn't a brand new macbook pro. No it wasn't you know what fun for a couple of months. It was absolutely rock solid reliable but these these models are known for having logic borden in graphics problems the graphics cards. It was well known that this this will happen. I'm going to have to send off an truncated repaired you can get the The bolts kind of refloated and repaired by people. Know what they're doing with this now and that's I'd rather do that. I think even though the I'm you know then go out. And by the latest machines or more modern machine because they will have their own problems. Well unfortunately Mac laptops on on a good place in Memphis sometime. No and that's depressing. Because I think traditionally they've been some of the best laptops out there. But here's the problem. You use your Laptop Coppola for podcasting and it's one of the discussions that we were having before. who was that? There's not a lot of good options for podcasters in the PC world. Seems like all podcasters used. Max It does seem certainly when I search to try find that because I have a because of my work I have a lot of follow fall. newel formal robots windows machines. Have Max to be honest. I really don't you'd UC's more MAC for work. They don't let me do that anymore. So consequently the only anything I use my mcfaul is podcasting. which is one of the reasons why didn't really want to invest in one of the lighter ones because it would be a big investment for something that's used once a wait now? We'll have a brand. I have a brand new surface laptop that I bought on black Friday. It's the first Gen model but it's I seven is really nice. Machine said brand new now the volks but the problem is is that yeah as as the way I like to. PODCAST IS A. Let's record my voice while I'm talking to you and then at the same time be running. Wha L.. What have you so we can talk to each other and we record our own ends? The problem is recording. This end. I use on that. I use audio hijack which I like because because I can take any source I can also use this to record an interview with somebody over skype. An ashy separate that and two tracks something. That's completely easy to do audio hijack. Hi Jack I can't find equipment so for the for the PC which because you know traditionally you think of Mac versus pc where. There's a lot more I'm going back to the eighties in the two thousands of course but there's a lot more software nowadays on the P. C.. Well yeah and I think that's still true to a certain extent but I don't know when it comes to these niche type of things. I think the MAC is still king when it comes to photo editing and video editing I think the Mecca so much more Obama awesome when it comes to audio I everybody uses the Mac. Yeah she needs to be true but it consults me because I could really do with windows. I've been I. You see I record in adobe audition and that would probably work but again talking about a big step up in complexity detaille and cost either audio hijack and so I it to do I need to sit down and figure it out. You know I'm not going to invest no dishes until I'm sure that it does. It's the job for me and I need to sit down and see what it does see what he doesn't do see how I can make it to the things I need it to do. And it's a big complex program and that needs time. All human time is one things you and I are both short supply. The advantage of the MAC is it just works except when it doesn't because the machine fails I you You know and really. Ideally I would have is. I'd have a You know a more robust matlock. Macaroni Salad here. But my house too small for me to have a permanent desk so the space we have is the kids for school. So I don't have space for a MAC which is against abortion. Well when I hit the Lotto and I am a win like a hundred and fifty million dollars will set you up with a podcasting studio as a there and I'll do one here of of course and well not here in Michigan because if I want one hundred fifty nine dollars I'm telling the same I mean I I've five different shows that we do every day. Yeah exactly that's that's exactly my plan to and yes. I will invest in prior or something like that for doing that then but well well. Here's a question. Would you go you were doing this right. So you're setting up your stadium setting my studio. The MAC MAC pro is out now and we were joking affect you sent me a text last week that the highest configure ones like twenty five thousand dollars or something like that or was fifty fifty seven thousand. I thank you that was before I added the screen right. That was despite maxing out everything. So here's the question. Then you're setting up a studio. Are you going to go. What what what are you gonNA go? You're going to get the MAC pro or you're going to get the I MAC pro. I mean personally. I think that I would make way more sense I That's probably what I would go for. I think the you know the MAC pros much better. If you're doing video tape because you can add extra grunt to it you can have these fancy graphics cards that the do the you know. The makeup processing apple has often often been a card. That's like a a programmable ace it called the allows you to really optimize video rendering but you know for audio it's all to do with the processes and you can get eight or twelve core processes in in an I mac pro and then you getting an all in one unit with the screen the very good screen as well you know onto the screen one of the dilemmas that I've heard people talking about looking to buy the MAC pro. Is You know they the MAC priority expensive enough most configurations people want between seven and ten thousand dollars and and then the only screen option. They've got they want something. That kind of fits the aesthetic and is completely reliable and also connects easily easily because of the type of connection to as is the APPALACHIA display. But that's another six seven thousand dollars so it's a doubling of the price just for the screen and not that's that's not good value for most people because most people don't need the features of that screen and let's be honest off by crappy two hundred fifty you buy two crappy two hundred fifty fifty LG. Melissa and yeah you do audio processing. So you're not going to you not gonNA benefit from that screen right and then you the whole fact of the Mac back pro is going to be noisier than Iraq is just as an another very quiet but not for audio. You can't have a machine that decides now's the time to run on the fans in so I think I think for our hypothetical studios here. I think we're going with the twenty seven inch I mac pro MHM Speaking monitors you know. As my day job I work at a dealership and I. AM probably when it comes to the TAC way more advanced than most people there for reasons so are networked computers. Are there little towers tiny little. Dell's that doesn't have a whole lot of punch to him. Which is fine because everything we do is cloud based anyways just internet stuff right including our crm? It's not stored locally you don't store anything locally except for you know maybe a pdf and stuff like that. That found that he's the vacate the dealership and move somewhere else because of break INS or fire. Ah the source of risks that having cars might expose your building too you can immediately south operation somewhere else you get stuck and then you can operate have anyway or if my computer later died completely I just plug in other computer inside into my account right back where I loved it minus the stuff on my desktop which is fine Because I don't actually keep anything. Hang on my desktop that you know I I can do. I can't do without it. It's all cloud based so as such. They don't spend a lot of money on these machines jeans and that includes the monitor so we all have dual monitor setups. But they're all these well the the the the dells and the HP monitors that came with these computers. And you know they're all either seventeen or nineteen inch monitors with pretty bad resolution. Well well the perfect while old is well. Yeah so you know what what you seven or eight years ago. In terms of mosses the dig it will be. The cheapest choice was was adequate and not much not really any bets in that right and they're not going to upgrade these monitors anytime soon I mean and I get it the they they work fine. Would he knew monitor for for well. this past week we have what's called a poll board this time of the year and you sell a car and it's delivered its guys burning. GASCOYNE down the road you get a pull on pull board and you pull a folded envelope with a card inside of it and there's a dollar amount written written on a card and so obviously the more cars you sell the more polls you get the more money you make. Yeah so I had What was it three? Polls on the board of the last time and so I pull these cards. I sold more cars but they were delivered yet got so and one of them was two hundred and Fifty Bucks da so I was quite happy with that but I spent a hundred hundred and fifty on it of that money because I kind of consider it free money. Yeah on a thirty two inch curved Samsung Samsung. HDMI screen that plugs. Right into my computer and health. The difference is phenomenal For the first I ten minutes of using this curve screen it seemed weird yeah and and where I've got set up. I see the reason that oh I did this as I wanNA see more on my screen a much more efficient if I can have quick access to different things and even the dual screen monitor setup because where I had to put my second monitor. Ver- I'm constantly turning my head to look over here and then look at the screen. I didn't like that so you you replace both Mrs. But there's no I still kept the second monitor for just e mail which I don't really need is most of my email. That is business related comes through the crm the rest of it. You know his notification of this so that right okay So ninety nine percent of the time I'm looking at this big screen now and that was the case before except it was a much smaller screen so I was constantly a juggling windows. Don't have to do that now. And it's now that I'm used to this dual this curve screen. I I actually really like it now. It it does not have the resolution of a setup sitting in front of right now even though it's a bigger screen this is a twenty seven inch one at work is the thirty two. So you think you're you're GONNA see a lot more. No I actually see a lot more on the one that I'm in front of now because as a much higher resolution and the other one is a an Hei Ten Eighty P screen right. That's pretty limiting. That's pretty small compared to what I get on this one. Yeah my resolution on the screen. I can't even remember what it was gonNA pull up my my monitor that up in the dock though or in MELTSA where's my monitor. It's been so long since I've gone to the monitor display. So I'm at well. It doesn't say rotation you You have to change the resolution from default for display to scale to see what you running at that. I don't see scale scaled. Oh Yeah Two twenty five sixty by fourteen forty four fourteen forty paper. The here's the thing right for old guys like you and I you know. That's my reservations. Thousands of all they do they make everything smaller which we can't see because we've got old is so actually you know what probably ten. ATP IS PRO is this guy is good for old guys. Those young guns can use because even if you have him on this yeah you I mean they come out of the box apple scales them to run the festively like ten eighty p resolution even though that yeah it looks like tonight even though it's using display they don't give you you know. Genuine one for one resolution picks resolution on a Mac. No because you wouldn't see it and so it's the same same and you know when the good things about I don't know whether you running windows ten on says machines at work when the good things that windows ten thousand yet. Nowadays unlike old divisions will windows. It's much much better at scaling resolutions properly hopefully and adjusting font size in the systems and everything so it looks looks on a high resolution. Melissa Yeah I tell you I was extremely. We're happy the same as it was one hundred and fifty bucks. Half this is this is the apple. Doesn't sell Mona's anymore. More apart from that project geologist play while they were always great. They will always three three times more. Cost than than what you could get your remember when the things I did on this show or on. The previous show was talking about Adele misery. That was the equivalent of a cinnamon supplier. And Yeah I paid two hundred pounds for it. Rather than the six hundred and fifty pounds they wanted to know display. I looked screaming. Apples been in the expense of monitor business for a very long time and I never understood it to this day. I don't because if the competition is even if it's almost as good but it's a quarter of the cost why why would you not get sensation. Think just doesn't make anything. I'll tell you one of the reasons now. The apple does not sell. Mona says they sell their primary desktop. Line is the I. Mac is exactly for this reason because they'd rather just put a good display instant computer yet and sell it it to his Nolan one. They you know most people are perfectly happy with that the realities is that most people buying Max. They want a desktop machine though by night. Most People Vinai Yup and they'll be very happy. They are the screens on the MACs. Always been very even the entry level ones which is kind of is really machine. Nobody should buy lie because the internals are so old that the screens almost those entry level twenty one and a half in China Retina. But they're still very good screens compared to what you buy from. HP or somebody else so one of the things that we're talking about before wire crash and we skipped over escape here And it's been a long time since we either one of Zeus skype Pretty good actually. Yes it's working fine. I'll go to be on skype for business time at work and I don't time is very good so so we're talking. We started talking about Tibo to merge with entertainment tech firm. Now I don't know how to say the same Experi X. P. Experi maybe. I don't know who the hell knows. I never posted. Branding got nine. That people might not be able. Let's put the stupid guy. Yeah I didn't know that was even still in business but this merger doesn't look consumer focus. This looks patent focused. I I e. Hey we have all these patents and a lot of the tech world. Entertainment world is using these technologies. That quite fairly Tivo invented and popularized even though their products haven't risen to the top. They remember at the time everybody wanted to Tibo because they they invented the DVR. And that's Oh my God you can pause it and you ca- skip commercials and it was amazing. Now that's commonplace. That's anything to do that. Your set top box from your cable company. Does that so it's not that big of a deal anymore. But they invented it. I'm sure it's patent protected and all that the problem is Tibo lost out the consumer market. They're they're also ran at this point. I don't know anybody who uses Tivo. Nobody so this is all all about patents. That's how they make their money licensing that they say it right up the from from the precedent for this they say experien- tvos to combine complaining. ALITA in Cosima de Saint Technology and IP licensing. And you know what this is about. I guarantee this for people going on what what they're gonNA dig of the cable companies. Now they're gonNA go after people who have streaming services like netflix affluent when Disney who have deep pockets and going to say. Oh Yeah. Those interfaces us on Netflix that's TV technology already pay for these things. I mean that's the only reason tvos still in business because it was just a consumer focused company which is what I thought. They were Because honestly I never really thought about much to begin with in in the last ten years That's probably already how they do make their money. That's why they still exist. They probably already have all these agreements with all these companies. That's why this Experi Experi company is basically going to take them over because that's where the value is. That's not a bad business proposition though. I mean if everybody's going streaming everybody's everybody's going online and then it's your underline pants and technology this kind of helping drive that which is probably why when you get onto a Disney plus a Hulu Hulu An Amazon Netflix all. The interfaces are kind of similar It might be just because of this because they have the the patents for these things and thus you know. Hey you gotta pay the Piper to use this type of technology and I don't have a problem with that per se but but I kinda do at the same time but let's be honest even if you and I started Something and we invented something in everybody else started aping at. We'd want to get paid but yeah the I can't help feeling that if Chievo really had a strong ooh passant leg to stand on with some of these things than they would have already done the approaches and got the licensing salted now. I bet they already had on wants licenses. That's why they're still Pangani that paying they're paying three billion dollars to buy TV right. Yeah and then you look through the statement and it says that the companies expect to achieve at least fifty million dollars of annualise run right cost-savings integrating writing there are products in Ip licensing. Business Right. So they're going to save some money and bring those together you have if they're paying three billion dollars expecting to generate far more revenue than Tibo currently does and the only way they can do that is by an is by sending people for for money. They don't paying at the moment Stephen. I'm telling you this is a patent troll deal and it's not going to positive experience for everybody for the twenty. You mentioned the twelve months that ended September twentieth to two companies together earned one point zero nine billion combined revenue and billings and more more than two hundred and fifty million in operating cash flow. So that tells it doesn't break out which ones doing more but that tells me me that Tivo has is still making money. They're not going to give them three billion dollars on hoping that they can go after a bunch of patent trolls Or become a patent troll. I think people people already has all these licensing agreements in place And this new company sees that getting stronger and stronger and stronger Chris. Time goes on. I think that's what it's about. I don't think they're going to become a patent troll. I think they may already be that consumer boomer licensees include Hawaii. LG Microsoft Nikon Panasonic and Sony. And that's experi experience. Yeah they getting. Licensing D. T. S. which is Like Adobe type situation on mobile and headphones getting some HD radio stuff for a couple of car models but You know their quarterly results here. Yeah and has a patent licensing deals with PAY-TV OPERAS INCLUDING AT and T. L. USA charter sky. Verizon has been locked in a long running running legal battle dispute with comcast so I this is this company is all about. I patent one hundred percent. Yep Yep so I think that he will is a consumer facing product. What is dead? I think they've been that for a long time. Yeah they've been you know. I know I'd focuses. Lessons is still have the TVOS and constantly. Isn't he complained. When when the platform is upgraded and I use that word advisedly because the upgrades the pizza be downgraded in functionality and and And the service you know Yeah I can hear. The they've this company has got litigation against nvidia. At the moment they have just reached settlement with Samsung or the reach one last year over memory. Emory patents. This is what they do. You know what I guarantee you. They're GONNA go after the people. The biggest book pockets is going to be apple. It's GonNa be net afflicts Disney comcast. Yeah anybody who does streaming by they can. Cause I guarantee what they're after is expanding the tvos Platt patterns patterns which are about doing this thing on the standalone computer connected to your TV into doing the same things over streaming service. And they're going to say all the patents to say even though is the by now he's no it isn't of course not this past ideas and and your ideas kind of similar to mind so you gotta pay me. It's always been distasteful to me. I think it is to consumers as as a general rule unfortunately in the media landscape. No one's ever GonNa talk about this. Well they want until the little CAESARS. Come out and then they won't talk about the Meat Consumers People Watch news. Don't really care about lawsuits. It'll be places They talk about it if it well. The thing is if these if these lawsuits lead to increase costs for consumers than they gonNA know about it because because that'd be my move is if somebody puts the straw may saying that you know Mike onscreen controls covered by some patent from Tivo. I'm get a show I'm GonNa make sure the news knows about that. So they know this are you hear about is Disney pluses going to raise their rates by dollar a month. And you could be not yet if I'm if I'm going to raise my rice because some patent buddies because of the pantry that's my mic. My as a consumer I would I would expect as delivering to a consumer without me as a company hassle raise my race because of a patent license deal. I'M GONNA go to the media. Make sure everybody knows. Yeah but unfortunately the same companies that. We're talking about participate in the same kind of strong arm. But you don't have to tell tell anybody that Eh if you're apple and and you can fight back against the patent you're going to go public about the fact that somebody's having a guy for you. I'm not GONNA mention that you're doing the science while the people well. That's kind of already down there. Yeah they're already in Lockton legal battle with that with Cisco isn't it. Well that's my anything about it and we're Mac fans I mean that's kind of the point. It's all team side. Yeah Yeah exactly The other news that I want to talk about before we wrap up episode of Tech Fan is I've been allowed critic of the current designs cellphones. I think they're still the boring. I'm talking about the software. I'm talking about the physical phones. They're boring. I'm tired tired of the same type of phone that I've been using since two thousand seven and Magic Magic slapstick lost delight. You'll Kendall they really don't I get excited briefly when apple out the new iphone and it's got three cameras. Now you know super screens and okay. Well then two months later. I'm Mike. It's the same phone that I'm using right now Motorola Kinda was going to do something different. They're bringing back the razor. Except it's a foldable phone and it's it vertically rather than horizontally or did I get that I know right foals like the race did which was fg always similar to the communication star Trek. Yes right you hold you. Had then you flip it up exactly and then then he doubles whereas what Samsung was Samsung. Samsung Motorola was astute. No Samsung Santa Claus. Simpson sometimes one kind of items. Like a book. Yes so that was horizontal. Well whatever is like a book one lucky communicator. And the community to make more sense because it's actually going to save more space in your pocket that way exactly but the problem is is that apparently early like little things. Nowadays it was it was talked about it was promoted. It was said this was the second coming of technology before they had it working and they said that you were going to have a certain pre ordering of December twenty sixth. Yeah down the SANGO would not quite ready for that. Got So this this this since its announcement in November November people among ago the new Motorola Razor has received an unparalleled unparalleled excitement and interest from consumers demand has been high hi and as a result has quickly outgrown supply. Predictions Motorola has decided to adjust razors. pre-sale launch timing to better meet consumer demand. We're working determine the appropriate quality or quantity and schedule and ensure that more consumers have access to the razor at launch. We do not dissipate a significant shift from our original availability time line but they didn't say when it is and I and who ever heard of a company when they've got massive interest in pre the orders and they're going to outstrip supply saying well the best thing to do is not shift anything out robin sell out completely and then tell customers. They'll have to wait till we build some which is what does which which is what everybody does. Yeah Nepal but Nintendo's the master of the cell and everybody wants there's a scramble and you see him online and people set up websites to to tell you whether available and all other already sold out. Nintendo is the we've talked about this. Remember the hunter classic. Exactly whether you whether you like. Whether we've we've riled against Intendo for you know and not anticipated demand not building enough things for doing the point. The point is you always do that if you can do because else at least then you have the publicity buzz you have it in customers hands you have people who are happy with it you those websites where people are selling them w list price and everything all of that is good. Pr All these wasted pop up but what you do is say. Oh we're just we're going to hold off selling it for a while because funny Exactly I think smell cracked stream. I don't I don't think that they're even close to shipping. This thing. I think many problems are like dude. This is not worth all. This is basically this was going to be the problem along with. These folds is that you can't fill them to a full ninety degree angle because that breaks screens right and I think what they've not solved yet is how they fold a vertical flip phone in a way that actually avoids putting team radio on the screen so it breaks and the has the right idea. which is it's two screens? Yeah that's completely must agree with you because you can do screens very close to the edge now and nobody really. He cares about the rich in the mill. Nobody will care. The whole point is nobody wants one big continuous green especially on this which is going to be thin. Well it's nobody wants it. I just don't think people care if there's a line between the two screen you know what I mean. I think a bigger screen as long as it doesn't take a big footprint in your pocket because that's where the hearts and minds are one. I have this big screen but I can fold it up and it fits in my pocket and it's awesome but nobody wants is a screen that doesn't fold properly the gap the guests Dawson or it breaks which is exactly what the Samsung phone with razor. Are you know it if they have not solved this problem and and I. It's well known that a Youtuber Uber mocked up what would be a Motorola Razor in the modern age and Motorola saw that and then basically said yes. That's what we're making and they jumped the gun. They look stupid now and I think it's hilarious. The other the other from you remember before before apple came along with the iphone and apparently conducted screens type. That you're on the IPHONE way you know. It's very responsive to have been invented for some time but for some reason nobody was using them. They're always does resisted screens where you had a plastic layer of your screen and when you press down on that AH created a conduction point and screen you where you're pressing. The Newton had the palm pilot. Had it basically everything that had a touchscreen had and they were Aka because you could feel the movement that plastic screener and also because it was plastic was soft scratched easily. Yeah the difficulty with all. The folding phones is bringing getting that bank because you have to make the screen out of plastic because it has to fold full glass and nobody's going to like the way they feel. Nobody no because we we all want gloss screens because evidently better experience the plastic screen. Yep and. That's why I say Microsoft gotTa right because they are putting glass screens dual screen two screens. I think it's kind of awesome Microsoft's solution to this problem to me and we talked about this when when they call this the surface. Something I said they have to the safest neo and the surface GIO. And don't tell me don't ask me which is one is is like a screen laptop and the other one is to screen fame. I think both of them are the right direction Apple Apple is paying attention to this. Yeah I guarantee you could say what you want about much of software With this one the laptop light one is going to be running a cutdown. A streamlined version of windows. And then the phone will run android with much so flaps on now you can say what you want about this approach. I'll tell you one thing that Microsoft is generally pretty good at hitting the mark. STREIT offer company this. This never really built these devices before about five years ago. Is there hold ways normally pretty good you know. Oh you won't pick up these phones ago with hall where is a fail straight out which is exactly what people said with the Samsung Motorola and suddenly said with this is the hardware adequate adequate screw the software. And I think that's where we're gonNA leave it Get another company. That wanted to jump the gun. You you know. Don't don't show us which he actually got it and You lose a lot of faith in the people that would have supported you tarez doing the same anything right now. They've got that the new Atari Twenty six hundred BC coming out and they keep releasing all this news about it but so far it's ghost ghost and the people who I think some of the Classic Arcade Game Software to facebook. Most of them are like this is never actually gonNA come out or if it does. It's not going to be anything like they promised. And this is why I give some credit to apples with their seats. Their secrecy that they don't announce it until it's ready for the most part but they've done that passes off. Hello charging pad for my iphone watch. Well Oh yeah you know. But even with Mac pro they they only gave a six month lead on what was going to get the only when they had the details on on the now damn I I I think they will looks to me like they really came close to get that thing shipping this year to meet that deadline took the two thousand seventeen and the reality is is for people reviewing I think most customers long getting until next year. But you know that that kind of is what is that the you know you have to play the marketing game with my problem with apple is not so much them preannouncing products and then releasing them they announced and released released products that have major flaws and ignore the flaws for years that seems to be around their Mo.. Yeah so David I know you're not gonNA be here next next week when we do Geeks Paul. I'm going to. I'm going to Israel for a wedding site so we will be back in Two weeks with another episode of Tech Fan. Unless we just can't hold off and we have to do an extra geeks pub simply to talk about star. We'll see But I will see you in a couple of weeks. Have a good Christmas to you. And all those. This bye bye

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