Breaking Down the Ring April 19th 2020


You're listening to the PODCAST DETROIT visit. Www DOT best detroit dot com before Information Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls children of all ages listen watching paying attention to the most inappropriate pro wrestling show We're GonNa talk so much today. Aboud stuff man. There's so much stuff going on in wrestling even though there's no crowds which is crazy because you still. Ww still setting up for the money in the bank pay per view but at the same time they have to worry about wrestlemainia due to code nineteen things going on in California which will get into more releases from the. Wwe came this week by. Also there's some fallout from that B. Six things superstars are saying to shirts that these guys have going up on pro wrestling tease now to help support their career. Which are doing amazing. We're GONNA get into all that and more this week as we break the window. Knapp your hey. This is professional wrestler professional gas. Boom Boom Cabana. My name is Jill across South L. What's up guys NAPA MACHINE BRIAN CAGE? This is Ryan pro wrestling tease. Sadly or not listening to the art of wrestling. But you made these enjoy. It's as you're listening. You are now listening to and you're listening to the breaking down the ring down the ring breaking down the ring breaking down the breaking down the ring which true. It's the answer once again. Ladies and gentlemen you are paying attention to the most inappropriate pro wrestling show in the Momma fucking Wa. You're listening and watching and paying attention to breaking down the ring. We are your ring. Group is a little bit of a delay here. Christ you're on a delay is a little lag okay. Nineteen eighty all my keyboard himself. Nineteen wave and the best intro. You've ever given yourselves to give you that bucket amazing Look we're going to start off talking about a dark week in professional wrestling A dark week for wwe because wwe released quite a few wrestlers producers man Cova check so still immune. Wwe released quite a few people this week and therefore it caused a major buzz around wrestling fans the people who are very close with them in family and in a good friends. And we're going to run down this list again. We already talked about it earlier this week. Especially right after it happened because we were getting We wanted to get the reaction of us and let you guys know that we're paying attention. Obviously you don't just do this show. We pay attention to the entire week even though we only do a weekly show so the names that were Originally when we talked a Leo Rush For wrestlers. Start off with Leo Rush. Eric Young. He'd Slater Zack Ryder. Curt Hawkins Drake Maverick e C. Three Luke gallows and Karl Anderson. Sarah Logan Eric Rohan EPICA and Primo. Maria might canals no way Jose and rousseff. For the producers. Kurt Angle was actually released. The restaurant furlough so that means a comeback when wrestling back at They're able to pay them like this. I guess or have full live shows where they need. Need these people on the road Billy Kidman Mike. Rotunda Pat Buck Finley. Shonda Vary Scott Armstrong. Sarah Stock Shane. Helms and Lance Storm The coaches that were released Crisci eight an English was the announcer that was released and Mike. Ota was the referee. What happenstance slowly after that Were Andrea Berg from creative I think we may have spoken about her on the show. A quick little blurb that we did She's the one yeah. She's one of the oldest and Mandy storyline then Jerry Soto was in announcer. That was furloughed. And then Serena Deeb was one of the coaches. The women's coach was like Oh and maybe furloughed. I don't know Far As far as wrestlers that were then let go Dan Matha Dorian Matt is who is Dorian. Mac Listen Marino Nick Colorado. Who is Nick Garelli? Tyner Conti got fame in the second. I believe it was may young classic. And that's the one where Renee young and Talia made jokes that they had a kid. And that's who it was in our county Mars weighing Caesar Benoni Tino Sabah. Telly CACHES. Onell Hussein Ala Gall Edgar Lopez for sale Kirti. Marcus Gomez Muhammed fifteen and rocky. So there's been again quite a few of these wrestlers that were released. And there's a lot of fallout nick with the new names. Obviously there's some A few that most are not probably people in the system but then you have big ones like caches. Ono who was gone around with an x t they even let evolve use caches. Ono. Then there's Who had a decent type of little bit tag team run ish until there were some injuries on TV And so now we're getting into a few mornings that we know. Is there anything on there or any thoughts that you have on some of those bigger names ish names being like oh mostly just cash on? Oh I'm not really familiar with all the a Lotta the other names. And and where? They've been But I think catches definitely under be so that to me is the biggest one that sticks out right now Smitty kind of stick out to me was Arousal yeah I can hear you I. It's funny how you had a lag earlier and all of a sudden you'd answer right away when I asked the question. It's time no 'cause like my my second phone hotspot in it's taken to catch up to catch up chromebook but The PERAZA rouser like Nixon on gals. It's been around the block on indy circuit in our was surprised though they let her go especially especially the fact that she's the Charlotte off the last couple of weeks. I guess now it's more of We're kind of sitting here because they're still announcing these layoffs. They're still talking about things that could happen in the future. And there's been a lot of stuff that's come out saying that. Wwe Isn't just releasing them because they need to make money. It's more so that it's to keep the profit margin as large as it is in releasing these guys. There was an article I read that they have saved over a million dollars in payroll. But it's not like wwe wasn't making profits and they actually showed one of their biggest quarterly profits in Ohio. And to wear W W was making like four million dollars on this. So the release of these people was basically just to save that profit margin rather than on my God were. We don't WANNA go into black. We have to actually release these peaks. Some people so they're just more releasing people just to say. Hey No we still made all this money on your thoughts and feelings on that. Well you know we kind of talked about last week or not last week but when we When we went live earlier in the week It's it's a businessman you know. And they gotta do what's best for business to quote. Mr Mr McMahon what's best for business was more triplets. Definitely thing you know but you know what? I mean it just and I I hate to see all these people losing their jobs being released whatever their case may be but they're going to do what they gotta do. I don't know about that. Whole feel excused. There's some guys on the payroll that don't even show up most of the time that you don't you'll use for events and you paid them more than a million dollars for a showing so Kind of impartial about partisan. Excuse what do you mean like more than million? I mean brock listener and Gobert sounds like that. Why PART-TIMERS MORE. I'm GONNA go ahead. I'll say you pay part timers multi millions of dollars in USA. You couldn't all these people that don't make nearly as much to say you'd say to save a buck okay. I'M GONNA go with Goldberg's done until the next time. They were her contract with an whole reason. He lost at wrestlemanias because the contract that they worked head. Goto by Wrestlemainia Brock Listener. You think brock listeners should have been like. Oh Yeah Yeah what why? I've always said old statement. Wac's dependence on the style of ratings. Is the data run out? What you'd you don't develop anymore stars and you got to depend on the pass forever. Scattered over future are glad we brought listeners. Broad Westerners do not of his prime right before the UFC Bogra's twilight for the last four or five years when he went back to the UFC or before it went to the first. He was fine when you see the first time he came back. He was kind of the trial of his wrestling days. You wouldn't try for residents the last five years or so the Okay why why do you say that? I remember watching dimmer. Brock's original off you were Kurt Angle. And I put on a major match as as a match broadcast back. He was the one he couldn't hit his shooting star. Press any almost broke his neck that one that was yeah great match with a lot of people. `specially Kurt Angle back then. When he came back it was like it was entertaining. What he was doing a Soup Lake City the First Samurai suplexes and all that and then if after a while it just got still brock. Listener has had quite a few good matches with quite a few good people including AJ styles and Daniel Bryan and these are all matches. That went longer than normal because he wanted to work with these smaller guys because he believed that drew McIntyre has put over brock listener in this feud in that Jesus saying that him and Brock had some of some amazing chemistry and they put that match together in a great way. Even that match Wrestlemainia was good like it may brock was coming through looking like a fucking beast as he is and then drew came out with. Klay more after claimed Moore after claimed Moore after reversing that force at five and nothing was bad about that match. Was it to the other matches. He's done yup except for the loss part brock listener. I don't figure anywhere past his prime. He's still wrestling at a high level but he's worked to contract to where he doesn't WanNa wrestle that law I nick. Are you in any agreement here with many know the way? I'm kind of looking at looking at it as a and I could be wrong. It's Kinda like WWe. Is its own sports franchise like they're the Yankees and well. Okay whatever. I just threw that out there. Sorry they're the they're the PUCK and San Diego Padres They're releasing a lot of these guys that they can release to free up cap space and not to say that. That's exactly what's going on. But that's the way I'm interpreting it So brock listener being a seasoned veteran. He's still able to get in the ring he's still able to get on the field he's still able to get on the ice. You still be able to perform you still able to help the younger guys out. Get them over So no I don't think that they should have released him. Because that's almost like you know. Steve is our man in the later part of his career. Who could still play and still put up numbers and still help team. And you're just GONNA RELEASE RIGHT. I mean or you know taking that same I like that analogy smitty. You're saying that brock listener doesn't matter on television anymore when he is technically still a huge draw. I mean it's I think the problem is is a kind of he may have lost a little bit of luster but hearing that it was brock lessner dramatic entire Wrestlemainia. That was big talk right because everyone was hoping drew would go over judy brock listener anytime. Brock is in some sort of anything. It gets people talking. You might be on the end of Just a wrestling fan but I seats me. It all makes sense right because I I get that brock lessner might dominate. But at the same time we have asked for quite a few things that have changed since Brock's last major run with a title. We said we WANNA brock there more often he was. We said we wanted up brock to defend the title more often. I didn't care about that but a lot of people talked about it. He did brock. Listener was a major force going into wrestlemainia going into royal rumble at the Royal Rumble match. All brock listener was there when dramatic entire. Couldn't be because he was out of the country traveling and when they brought him back they needed to Corentin him for fourteen days are long that the government wanted so brock was on Monday night raw damn near every week doing some sort of promotion for Wrestlemania match. When half the other half couldn't that usually was the opposite way nder? Brock's I run with a title so I guess I'm just kind of law at at a loss as to how you are saying. That brock doesn't matter anymore. Brags losses luster a long time ago. Okay brock. Listener is the exact same age as a j styles. Brock listener is still eighties. Those laws wrestling contract most likely when his W E? Okay okay. So what's your point on that? He's wanting this her down. Maybe disciple Bra as will many there are. Oh you're talking about. Aj styles last wrestling contract. Okay I thought you were talking about proximate but again why why. I'LL BE ON C. There's a huge difference of Broccoli's Rene J styles. Aj styles would do the exact same contract brock listener. Had if it was offered right he would if you until Jake styles that he could wrestle for this amount of money. Disa- monitors ages styles. Would totally do that. Because eighty thousand one family right. You gotTA assume so. As Brock last broadcast a love is kids especially his daughter. That looks just like So if AJ styles could sit back and not wrestle as much or as often but still get paid a pretty fucking penny. I'm pretty sure. Aj Styles would take that contract especially if the involved in major storylines showing up every now and then to build it and put it there edges inches reportedly making what was what was the edge was announced as making nine five million something like that for five wrestling dates and twenty five appearances over three years. Thank light debts. You take that dude that's WWe paying you because they know your name and you they know you're a draw may not hit with all of them like all of the audience. There are some people who are watching it going. Who the fuck is edge. But we're watching going holy Shit. It's edge some people call back to the whole nostalgia thing goes just got approval. My whole w depending on the style juror are they depending on the style or is edge back after nine years and he still drawing ratings. That's not depending on what you just said. There are a Lotta people that are probably watching right now is going to fuck edge. Hey we who alleges I holy shit edges back but That's that's that's how excited to watch an. Were you excited when I came back then? I'll feel good feeling but I wasn't really excited. You weren't excited because why I just wasn't i. I was edge fan but when he retired I finally got over it when he came back to get over when he came back and like. Oh I was going to be honest. That was going to be a one off. Thing is if he says in his like he's about like don't WanNa get hurt again because that's always a possibility in this industry so I will never put my expectations. As high as a lot of people will return Mexican. Wrestlemainia was kind of put me off the edge boat even more. Wwe has had nostalgia part of everything for a very long time. There's that you've built wise to build further nostalgia so let me ask you like five ten years online. When he's got really can't go. No more on his copies roster. Do you think they're going to keep pulling back to to offer waiting for VO quite as pop? Who on the Rosser? Well let's look at the roster. Let's talk about how some of the Knick you had a point I'm looking this up. Well I get what? Smitty staying when He said that eventually the nostalgia factor that tanks going to empty. Because you know I've mentioned it a few times before in the past how. Wwe Is You know average viewership age range is getting older and older and older so yea like in ten fifteen years from now when guys like undertaker brock listener. Aj Styles Navy You know a lot of these guys you know can't come back so you know right now. Who's one of their most over guys? You know okay. Let's just say drew McIntyre this is an example so in fifteen or twenty years. I don't necessarily think people are gonNA look at him the same way and get excited as excited to see him as they are for edge. You know well in ten years. Drew McIntyre will be forty four to yeah Canadian. Now I don't mean just fine but they're still guys from that are being made to look strong. Keithly is one or go those guys from annex t they came they put in the rumble they put in different matches and keithly looks like a fucking mammoth beast. That will be handling. Wwe Down the line at Cole was put over quite well every time he came out from. Annex T as well Eventually Vince is going to have to step away now. Granted isn't GonNa be within the next two years. Don't don't fucking CARE. But he has been shown to have put guys over. Granted this bet. There's quite a few talent that haven't gotten over very well in. Wwe from call ups from annex t but look at ways the street providence are being used right. Now we're being used very well. You Know Bianca Bel Air is put over like a fucking beast. As far as the women's division goes. I finally decided to put her to a manager away too quick on role or they're putting her into a role of getting her on. Tv really quick in a good way similar to what they did with the straight profits when they brought them up and just had them cutting promos all the time it was you keep them on TV. You make them entertaining. You Make People WanNa get into it and then eventually you put them into the spot where they desert right now to the raw tag team champions. We are watching them. Cut promos week after week after week after April view after week after week after right for like three months before they did anything and from those prompt. Most I'm referring to really doing anything. As far as skyrocketing in the tag team image will identify learning lesson about beer in a hotel and it was under one team before putting the titles on them. You really you really think that you really think. Ww Vincent Man has learned his lesson undestroyed tactics. No okay so let's go ahead and get that logic out of your head. Does that's what you were just trying to run with. That was an open they would they? St Profits is not as first time. They is something not similar. Like what they do. The Viking raiders where you pretty much had them dominate the tags individual put the title on them so when they lost it. They much lost a lot. Almo- almost all the steam ahead behind him coming up. I don't think the Viking raiders lost steam. They were just unwrought two weeks two weeks or last week yeah. It was last week on Monday. They just they looked fucking amazing. Okay so after that loss. Titles what you'll have Viking raiders doing after that had nothing to form after the also saidles or you just kind of throw if you pull them off. We've always talked about. We've always said that. Wwe is either really great at making you not remember certain things or really bad or destroying teams pulling them off of television shortly after their loss even though there were sometimes you saw them and they were still very dominant in certain situations Still had them. You still remember them but you pull them away and then it's like all right. Where are they and then they come back. You're like fuck. Yeah this is about to be fucking bat. A they're about to go at it and they'd Gone Cedric Alexander and Ricochet if. I'm not mistaken this week and a team but it was two guys that were put together and they had a good few segment match against the Viking. Raiders didn't look weak and the Viking raiders. Still look strong there. There's still a whole you can't you can't complain. Smitty that people are being pushed down your throat. And then get mad when they're actually using a teen or a wrestler correctly. I think they're using the Viking raiders. Really well neck while and right now I mean. Things are just so up in the air with that company with everything. Yeah that if the Viking raiders aren't on TV for a couple of weeks or you know whoever the fuck you WanNa say is on TV for a couple of weeks. And I don't think that mean me personally. I'm not going to be quick to well. Let me misusing them now or now. They're cramming them down my throat and you know I just. I think it's just we're in a weird state right now to make any kind of call like that. It's important so okay. Then so many. How do you feel about this? Is I guess we decide casted away from WWe releases? How do you feel about the new day? When in the smack tactic titles this week again impartial about it is for the first time. I wasn't excited about a new day win like some like you know. I'm a big fan of the new day and a big fan of biggie. Just for like I felt like that was the title. Change does have a title change at that point. Everybody knows no real the fact that commentator. Oh now new. Their eight-time Champs significance in that title. Change Okay so but are you in the same thing of. Why are these guys running with the belts when we should be putting future stars up only all star tag division and I really see where heavy machinery and they got them already in a storyline somewhere? Okay so who do you see as a singles line? A singles future star early on mainland old sorts of things. Do they have done annexed. He really okay. So how are you done now on complaining about using this altar? When you don't have anyone to us right now that is standing out about the crowd. That's what these are playing like. Ten twenty five to fifteen years down the line who's going to be that nostalgia factor that you pull the ratings. I just that was the whole point. Those was just not GonNa Happen. Until your privacy vets step away to make legends that comeback to wrestle in ten years. Sign giving us the people that you bring back in ten years are the people that are stars now and let running things now. Aj Styles is one of those people that you could bring back in ten years to have a fucking match because of AJ styles because in all honesty a lot of people have stopped wrestling the way that they used to so their careers can last longer. there was. There's somebody in everything that you can bring back in ten years to have POPs and put in spots simple as that. There's there's no running out of things. The people that are winding down like wrestling man is is you had rick flair going. Wwe Till Wrestlemainia. What twenty one. Twenty Four. And then he still went on in. Tna in rest in rick was like sixty then if you need to pull out things for these people and Rick. Rick was sixty wrestling after wrestling. When you're on the actual role. These mats aren't a lot of gigs. I dived plane crash right like Rick Flair and he was still putting on good match. That match will sean in Him. His retirement match in WWe was an amazing match to watch wonderful had so much emotion and things. That just happened. That normally never were pulled out it you can't. The nostalgia factor works right partial. I don't think Brock Nostalgia. That's where this all started from. You said they should've gotten rid of brock. 'cause brock contract is done and he's lost in a stalled or he's out of his wrestling. Prime Minister Brock's not nostalgia end one hundred percent nostalgia but that's because he was gone for nine years. Edge would still be going right now if he didn't get his injured as he got in my honest percent. I believe that okay. So then the only reason it's a stall is because he was gonNA do to injure right. Kurt Angle was nostalgia when he was brought back to wwe and they use them for a little bit and then they moved off but he wasn't done in matches or anything like that because he really manager or something like that road manager. So you're telling so you're the you're nostalgia. Argument is what I'm saying is bullshit because you're saying that the people that they're using now our stall when it's no they're the stars of the industry right now ten years from now. We'll be nostalgia. That's who use while the mainstay. Because I thought you were trying to talk about how. They're not making stars right now. I'm just like really. What are you talking about Not can think of is Andre. Who's Andreotti made to look like fucking bad ass right now? Right Andrade were relatively new. Drew McIntyre is relatively return. Is this whole new? Persona is dramatic dramatic entire. Looks like a fucking bad ass right now. Ria Ripley was just wrestlemainia defended NFC championship. We said how amazing they made her look in that match. So flare is a current star. Right now becky. Lynch is a current star right now. Bailey Sacerbey's these are girls that were in annex t five years ago that are fucking running things right now there are stars and they are younger stars and they are stars that came out of WWe's developmental cysts. I if you're looking for people that you wish they were putting up more. Sometimes they just don't get overman in sometimes I'll be very honest www destroyed but at the same time people get over how they get over. Rea- Ripley is one of those people that is out of left field than it's coming through looking like fucking tanker truck. I say that because I actually I did I watch UK. So that's the only reason I can't of go like I knew it's not about who you knew was coming. It's you just said they're not building stars now and they are building stars now. What is the only place they are really doing? Is All smackdown not exceed? Because we are Ripley like. Let's say she did her to run an INEX- case you do in Iran and then also wrestlemanias and I thought it was already told you feel like putting a show with the slapped interface with entire see. What is the vision but I'M NOT GONNA go into that one but you built her to look so grow inexorably pull up onto the main stage. You give an ill. That wasn't a big. That was smart. If you want to get into the next crowd compared to a you always you always say this the NFC crowd is way smaller and way more intimate than Raw or smackdown wrestlemainia crowd right but we also said that the Women's division and next seas way better than anything on both Rosh nightgown no. I'll say they're utilizing it better. I won't say it's better outside of the four horse women who really utilize proficiently on at one. Rosser also now proficiently to where the point. Where like. Oh don't feel like they're just don't against one of these four women outside of the four horsewoman. Yeah Well Ruby. Riot was getting a great run there before she got injured. Okay so she's been done again. She's got come back to be thrown into a storyline you. I'm sorry. I wish she supposed to have a title shot already. Not Supposed to know if you Dick Squat. The whole storyline with her. What those those riot squad. They Know Rise Squad. They national resulted somewhere outside of just eliminated chamber where they are just got there. S Tore Up. I fucking Shanab as released. Sarah Logan this other between eliminated chamber into wrestlemanias. The amber moon was great until she was being showcase quite well until she was injured. Nine Jack's came back is being pushed really hard bianca. Bel Air Right now. Looks Amazing. It hasn't done any large magnum. Nicky Cross are now the women's tag team champions Alexa Bliss. It's still being Featured you said who bliss the. I'll give you the list for sure. Niger what is it? What is our dunces coming up to our besides have oh six hundred really weeks weeks ago. What are you a really risky? They put more manager position. There only put her in. She had minimal time aside that six hundred tag the first she also it was a restarted is a massive restarted. Three fucking times which stupid. Yeah in fresh ways but she also in a singles match against Selena Vega where she was showcased lifting her up just as she normally does she fucking looks like a God damn bad ass in the royal rumble. Before she was even called up. What are you talking about many? She's been ron raw for two weeks. How are you saying? She's not getting the push getting a push per se. I think what not to look what you're saying. What are they doing with anyone? Outside of the four horsemen when Bianca. Belair ran through that. Fuck in a royal rumble. Looking like a piece was tied for the most eliminations with Shane. Baseless I fully agree that they shit the bed when Shane didn't take that title. Also becky at Wrestlemainia or they way ended without having Shane and just take a deep cute Shannon. Taking D Q. I agree it made more sense than taking that role up loss at did make her look weak at the end the Wrestlemainia but even still she looked rough in the tough in the royal rumble. She looked like a beast. Goddamn Elimination Chamber. Now you need to start building your up because you kind of made her look weak some guessing. I'm just kind of your sitting in a moment. You're a a a thing where you're saying this isn't happening but it's not happening at a way you want it to say you're saying it's not happening when it actually is. Are you like still again? No I stopped allows okay. I want him for Lakers. I switched ideas which falls over from your mom. Hotspot response what I say. Could you stop you? GonNa Statement or question. I did ask lagging. I said No. I wasn't lagging and I did finish my statement. I said because it's not happening the way you want it to your saying. It's not happening but it is. I just named off five different women that they've put outside of the four horsewoman on. Wwe television including major acres is a I'll give you Alexa Bliss for sure. Nothing Nikki garage discount riding the coattails of Alexa at this point. 'cause they had nothing else for her. She's got her she's got it she's a two time women's tag team champion of what was about to say so as much migrating rockets never got official title run. I got oh I can't I me personally. I can't get too mad about things that are happening with a lot of these people because now we're over a month into this whole thing and they're kind of slowing things down as a whole anyway. Like right you know you only see maybe three four matches night now even on a three hour episode of raw and they they're just kinda putting things at halt so like you know for me. I'm just Kinda like no. You know I'll be honest. There are some of these that I loved. The fact that I'm getting spore segment matches with allistair black and Apollo crews. What fucking match that winning right. This is actually something. It's might be a huge blessing in disguise them having to go without crowds in with a very limited staff because again you saw how well Apollo crews looks on that raw then the qualifying match wanting to bank right. Then you WanNa fucking cut in this week and you saw a Sony Deville and mainly rose. The Promo that Sony. The bill cut on her. Mandy was amazing. You gave her a microphone and you didn't have any interruptions. It was just them talking sitting back going. This is wonderful. Watch got more women that are in a major role on something right now. So Mandy Rose Nikko Nick just disappear. Tissue Miss Neck. Remember when Nick was awesome? Good time wasn't three seconds. Ville all right so we'll get out of this but we are going to go into something. That is Nick Walker. I push the button on my air pot in it So let's go on to something. That is a major thing so again we were just talking about it. This no crowd lightly staffed not as many people having matches go for quite a few segments and is working for things on raw and on smackdown annexed has always been good In our eyes but now there something else being majorly affected this year we saw wrestlemainia go two nights for the first time they said it was the biggest wrestlemainia too big for one night and that was because they had to figure out how to work everything during this cove in. Nineteen Krona virus pandemic. Well there's another problem with this state of California has announced that they weren't going to do large gatherings of sports or anything like that concerts and stuff for a year. They announced this In late April mid April Within this week's art it's only April nineteenth delayed probably announce it in the middle of this week that we are going up They said a year till mid April while yeah so because of that wrestlemainia thirty seven in Hollywood is looking like a what the fuck because that's supposed to be going on March twenty eighth. Two Thousand Twenty one which is a couple of weeks before disband supposed granted. We don't know anything right. There's a A vaccine said to be about a year away as well. Okay according to what the scientists are saying you know vaccines are yet to develop them. You have to test them and you have to get. It's very possible that they could be approved. Faster is testing is done on a wide scale. And there's a lot of results and everything looks good. There's also a possibility that it won't be so currently in I'll read this Wrestling we love wrestling Here's the article written by Josh Gad. Non I can't pronounce that night. Oh look there's many many many can't hear whatever is still much larger whereby charges but I was just saying that like wherever you put the stuff we can hear everything. So we've been here on the yourself So here's a report resume. Thirty seven is scheduled to take place at so fi stadium in Inglewood California on March. Twenty Eighth Two thousand twenty one but as noted earlier this week that may not happen either due to the ongoing corona virus pandemic or the potential so-fi stadium construction away. That's crazy Angeles Mayor Eric. Garcetti confirmed on Wednesday. The city may not authorize large events for one year which would be well until twenty twenty. One it's difficult to imagine us getting together in thousands anytime soon said Garcetti Corona virus briefing. We've got many many miles to walk before we're going to be back in those fire. Large gatherings such as concerts and sporting events may not be approved in city for at least one year. So if I stadium also announced the Grand Opening for July twenty fifth and twenty six was pushed back to a future date. Twenty twenty one russell. Gold reported earlier today. The WR begun researching a plan. B for an alternative venue to host Wrestlemania thirty seven case. Wwe is not able to put on a show in California. The report noted. It's too early to speculate on exact locations or details. This year's Wrestlemainia thirty six move from imaging same Tampa Performance Center I Guess Nick. Start OFF WITH HUMANA. Either construction delaying opening either crooner buyers pandemic stopping it. W W should look for another city to do this in something. That maybe wasn't his isn't it. Hit as hard possibly could be opened in functioning. California was was one of the top three states for a very long time as far as cases right. Currently I think Michigan is above. Michigan is like top three deaths and everything that is pretty fucking horrible but I think California has fallen select number five in cases which means obviously they're clearing up because the dropping down the line but all these other states that don't have as many cases so maybe. Ww Look there should wwe even still be pushing forward with this year's Sir man. I mean right now the way it is. I don't think that you can like okay. My thought process and you know obviously by any by any stretch of the imagination. I don't know what all goes into planning this shit but you know my first thought is OK. Well we're scheduled to have this March twenty eight th. They're telling me that they're not going to reopen all this stop for a year. Let's try and push back till April twenty eighth. We'll just push back wrestlemainia a little bit this year. We'll kind of reconfigure some. Thanks here no big deal. I don't know if that's feasible but I'm paper. Initially that sounds like the way to go but I think that you have a very small window to figure that out so like come the end of. May If you don't know some more details to help you make that decision. I think you have to go to a different state Because from what? I've heard California's the only state. That's Kinda come up with their decision so I I think you have to go to another state and pushed the California back to twenty two especially considering they're not even done building it and they don't know when they're going to be done bill I will say that. According to the guidelines for opening states that has put out by the President. I fully agree with it right. these guidelines make sense? There's there Phased opening state there's four phases. Each phase is determined based on two weeks of before you get to phase one. You have to go through these fourteen days of guidelines and that's fourteen days of cases are falling hospitalizations. Following deaths are falling consistently declined for fourteen straight days. And the hot before you get into phase. One hospitals have to be every hospital has to be working at a non emergency style basis. Like it's just normal operations it's not like. Oh my God. There's seventy five percent. Beds are filled with normal regular hospital operations. So that's before you can even go into phase one and then apparently each phase is supposed to be taken those same guidelines for fourteen days. So you can go fourteen fourteen fourteen. Something spikes back to shit. Let me work phase wanting bending how it is as a fucking plan. I think that makes sense. Because it's all about promoting everything going down and opening as that happens so it's very possible that when California hits these phases and by the way face three I wanna say it was when they started saying they can have a large larger. Gatherings face. Four is when everything's Open Open. You gotta think each one of these is about two weeks. So that's you know about two months. Opening period of everything stays fine. Everything goes down and then you're back to being normal. I guess right now you would call it a in about two months. So let's say California hits that right hip that and not in two months because obviously they're one of the hardest hit states so they're probably not going to even be able to get into phase one until June maybe July depending on you know how how it looks so they're two months could be September October. I don't think has to make a decision until. Wwe is ready to start selling tickets. Which I believe if I remember correctly this year for this Wrestlemainia didn't happen till right around November. I think they put it out like yielding to advance with a ticket packages. They put the package is up and then they put the single tickets up and I think the single tickets went on sale December. They gave a month because I was looking at him. And I was like this and then like four weeks later. Those packages are gone. Watch and then. They had the single tickets for sale. What's many other usually put up on a light post on about the packages for Wrestlemania after Summer Slam? Usually don't they sometime around there? They announced that they'll be going on. They didn't go on sale. That early won't because Walnut we got as a matter of fact no after summertime royal rumble packages. Because that's when we start looked into those because we were thinking of doing these bachelor party at the royal rumble so yeah so it was a royal rumble August yet. A push that rumble. So Nick I agree with you. I think that. Ww should be thinking about this. But I don't think they need to do that is early as you said. I think this year was obviously a way different thing for wrestling. Tickets were already sold packages ready so people had fights obviously everything I think. Ww Meek you get away with looking at things weightings out as long as there's no tickets to sell you or they're not going behind on selling tickets if come October November when they're putting everything and 'cause obviously you gotta okay. This is the layout. Here's how we selling. Here's the tiers. They gotTA figure that out when they start going into that in detail probably about a month ahead. I think that's when they have to look at California's not ready to say they're opening up into a phase four by then I think. Then you've gotta go okay. Who IS FOR SURE? GonNa be ready to do this and maybe go there so I agree with you so many. What do you think A thing I agree with you guys but I also think that demand many years he probably will decide the move mania before he pushes it back pushing it back switching it switching going to a different state or for other they'll probably switch to a different state before like what would you say it'll be smarter. Push back if need be but I think they're probably more likely switch states if they came in response fast enough. I had mentioned like the idea of them pushing it towards the end of April. But I'll so okay then many will start off with you. Give me a state that you think would be okay to switch to obviously. I'm not saying go do corona virus research or anything like that but we know what states are Major New York New Jersey Florida Louisiana California Michigan. Obviously here What's one that you're hoping or you would think is a possibility for them to relocate to They got the headquarters in Connecticut. So maybe they'll go somewhere out there. Maybe make it close to home in the area. That is infected Connecticut. Yeah Not New York. Still right over. I'm trying to. I can't find the maybe somewhere like Denver. Oh my high stadium. Do something out there Okay Nick What about you short answer? Detroit I think I like the idea of Minnesota the new Viking Stadium has really Nice fucking huge and I think an agenda yours so you know the weather can be a little sketchy out. You know in the Midwestern area so I think that would be a good spot okay. I'm just wanting to look up to cases and everything like that news about DC somewhere Pennsylvania Pennsylvania still one of the higher ones right. Now I know that it's actually number four right now. Michigan is number six as far as cases Zoolander Kelly now Yup Connecticut's actually in the top ten because again it's over there. Colorado Colorado is under Ohio. Which is way down there with only nine thousand cases. That's possibility I like Colorado. It's good call same with Trying to find Minnesota Minnesota's way down about whisk gray or green bay do ambled cold wrestlemainia broke when he talked about that'd be weights and Co. There's obviously states that are in the lower parts that are not Arkansas he's real wrestlemainia. I'm trying to how my mind. Huge stadiums that they could sell and like I. I run a lot of college stadiums through my head but then you run into the issue of bleacher seats and I don't necessarily know if that's going to be very very good for the Hawaii because I've never. I've never done anything in a way. They that's true they haven't done anything in a why now in Hawaii is way too early at five hundred sixty eight cases Alaska even lower two hundred. Twelve chases WAI L. Also maybe even take it to Canada for you know man. I've been saying they should go international frozen mania for a while. Even like with your McIntyre being your chance go look like there's more possibility going to Europe again. I'm I'm in agreement with you. I think that if they move it they need to move to a state. That doesn't that's not going to be a problem. That is very possible to be as open as possible for this. I think it'll kill it if they're now Somewhere like it's crazy to look at on. What is much as I would want them to be in the Mid West. I wouldn't want them to be in the mid West late April until late wrestlemainia. You know I feel like that's kind of setting yourself up for failure only like I would love to announce Michigan's big house because Michigan's big house would be the greatest attendance period. No College Stadium. Bigger Artie hold over. One hundred thousand fans just for football. Y- then put in the seats on the field and that dramatically jumps that number one hundred twenty thousand people if yeah and you destroy your own but again that's assuming arrested meeting could be held in that kind of what right. It's a huge problem so I agree with you that they will say. Don't just don't believe it until I said don't move it immediately. Just they probably will remove the last the next month or so. They'll make that decision even be. That's not even going to be a discussion until a couple months down the line. I'm so bachelor releases Let's talk about some of the fallout from these releases and things like a couple of MC put shirts up on trial wrestling teams melodies a major w stars that are now free to put their own merch out there Zack Ryder He. Slater and Drake Maverick have already put some stuff out on pro wrestling cheese. Good brothers as well. Good brothers as well So Zack Ryder had the biggest selling shirt day. When he had the Hashtag not there from his release tweet to Matt still here not there then now his not. Their shirt was the biggest selling should of day at pro wrestling tease Are you guys excited for to see what these guys are doing? Outside of it or like do you think they can be a real good thing nick. I'm pretty excited. I think it definitely could be a good thing. I mean some of these guys have a good amount of talent that they can hold their own. They might not have been over as over as they wanted to be with a wwe crowd but if they're utilized in a different manner and they they have a whole different angle going into another company. Yeah I mean it's I don't WanNa say it would be a game changer. But it definitely GonNa make things a lot more interesting in the next six months or so reminded me a tweet me Say Zack Ryder. Goes eight W TEAMS CODY FOR THE NEXT YEAR? Co crews in the top ten shirts sellers of the week on pro wrestling. Tease Mac Cardona. Who's from an owner Zack? Ryder number. Four number ten is Heath Miller. He Slater. I got fired shirt now. Now it's what's great about this because obviously it's in the style of the kids but it's I got fired There's really there is no t shirt higher than riders outside of a mystery. Grab bag for eight dollars. Then there's a grab box Grab a w grab bag mystery shirt for ten miles and then the league champion. Bandanna from Chris Jericho which is only fifteen writer. Shirt is only twenty bucks like even even throw the twenty-five up there Mo- shirts a twenty four ninety nine. He threw his twenty. He is Twenty four ninety nine and technically again even in front of him those three things and then a botch for four bucks. So there's one two three four five. His is number six shirt overall for shirts. Specific shirts to buy to get your number one shirt being writer Makmur donor and your number two number six shirt being heath rockstar. Spud is down there with spud twenty four seven shirt. Obviously playing you know. Wouldn't it said Maverick? Twenty four seven a gallon Anderson Good brother shut down there as well. Bryan as well what? Brian Myers Curt Hawkins. He has one as well. Yeah but it's not in. I'm talking about the top selling shirts. That's why mentioned it because it's not in the top selling so again you have at six. Was He loving? Plus for fifteen sixty seventy eighty nineteen is spot so three of the top twenty seventy shirts of the week so far since they've been put out are these guys that are were just released smitty. Do you think so. It also came out this week that these releases anyone on the main roster has ninety days ninety days. No no compete. Clause is in effect but I believe they're getting paid for it as well. Exceeds thirty days pay annexed. Tea is thirty days. Thanks her just going out there. It's many I was going to So may draw anyone on smackdown and they were released ninety days thirty days for annex. Pay Like Amnesty. You've got people are reportedly getting paid for thirty days. I don't Ross. Mike is Nothing. It's nothing has been nothing I saw has been said about that. I am so if you're even if you're just living off old. The T shirts not a bad little. Give it to have her. What do you think if they can keep some? Yeah until this over. It'd be a good thing for them but then are what is it. What is this all this all over the world like the worlds are always there in wrestling world so much out? There now I I never really thought about. If it's IT opens. Yeah so I got about the whole. Zack Ryder thank him. format Cordona headed. I actually see him. And he w somewhere because he's friends with cody and how they pretty much get their friends in there home. So yeah I mean sell the shirts and I I do agree with many of the world is kind of their oyster moving forward and you know I know we talk a lot about. Oh this guy could go to www. But I don't really hear impact being talked about too much and I did well. He and but not as much as like you hear. Us mentioned a W W way for these places to go impact seems to me to be like an afterthought or even like new Japan from well. It's my understanding and correct me if I'm wrong but new Japan obviously isn't where they were a year or two ago. You know what I mean. So guys like Galveston Anderson going over there. Even some of these other guys that have a lot of talent go over there and and try and build that brand more. Yeah there. There's a lot. There's more wrestling going now and more opportunity for them to make a decent amount of money in there ever was or so when everything opens back up. It's going to be wonderful just to watch. Hopefully some of these guys get put into a spot where they are able to just shy. Yeah Yeah just just just explode not so much shine but to truly put their talent in the spotlight now. I think that that's different than shining only because not because I want to argue. It's many I agree with what many said but you can like okay. People can get a chance to shine. And that's fine but I don't want I don't think they should. What they can do is just a chance. I think it is them to have career setting momentum similar to what drew did when he was first line drouin on the indie scene and made himself a star to where WWE was like. We need to bring him back and then they kept going with his star even though there was close to it is now. You're wwe champion. Champion came to the main roster flow got injured. You know things like that But again to the point is he truly made himself stone. It wasn't just a chance to shine and I really think. Look the guy who set the bar for getting yourself over over is Matt Cardona. Zack Ryder. He did it on his youtube show before. Wwe Even thought a fucking two. He got himself over. He was the internet champion. Had himself a belt made and everything I can just imagine the ideas that are slowing through. This guy's head right now is one already. There is one thing that I wanted to mention game stream and on mixer and he spoke about the comes. Marin gotta go gotTa go to twitch Oh game is streaming like. He's a he said he was doing. Makes her mike generic go twitch like everybody else so he says that one hurt really bad he's talking about gals engine. The only way I can explain. Is that these guys are my family and I couldn't take care of my little brothers. I didn't manage to do that and I feel responsible for them. Being released. Its devastate. Nick what are your thoughts about eight hundred? I get worries common from You know those guys have been you know attacked for a long time and and you know they're good friends in the ring. Good friends outside of the ring so I get where he's coming from but I mean he also. I don't think he should really take that much of the blame because he doesn't have a whole lot of polling. Ww Two In a creative aspects so like oh well have them do this and let's do whatever we can to push these guys and get them over. That's not really up to him. I mean he can kind of put in to Johnson and you know give his thoughts as best as he can as best as we know that he's able to but I don't think you should get down on himself too much about it and again. This is another blessing in disguise for them. They might be a little upset that they're losing their jobs with wwe but you know they did really well in new Japan and now they're going back so many agree with nick pretty much agey kind of a little bit hard on herself about them. Getting released I but also for like this opportunity from the refined passion for the business instead of just being there. This is just being somewhere. Eight eight eight years high stocking companies. Well he say he w upset anybody. So let's move on to. Wwe upcoming review money in the bank. There's a few things that are set officially for this Ron Stroman verse Bray Wyatt for the Universal Championship Bailey versus to Meena for the snack championship. And then we have some of the money in the bank ladder participants set off for the women it's automatically already set the OSCO Fazlur Nyah. Jack's Dana Brooke are going to be in. There are no standard record going to be in there on the next match Lacey Evans. Sasha banks to see them goes into the money in the bank ladder match then. There's another one that's to be determined And then Daniel Bryan is the first one announced for the men's money in the bank. Then we have a Ramos. Zero or Murphy Alastair Blacker Austin Theory Apollo crews are. Mvp Drew Goulash King Corbin. And then there's another one that's to be determined. Let's start off with the women's money in the bank ladder match many. Who are you thinking? Is the smarter idea to the smartest idea to win in the bank. Briefcase for what? What am I holding on for? Oh 'cause he's leaving all right fine. He wasn't leaving. I was kicked out of kicked out or something. Now we have the whole time. I wasn't leaving 'cause like literally just like my screen just went out and I had lower back on. Oh Yeah did you have a chromebook? So the smartest person approach put that on Then we've become the money in the bank best to put on. I go up insulin. He'll so Well let's say we're you know. Become wait probably Nyah. Jacks with with the case probably will make sense and especially US away to somebody jump shows over catching on Bailey right. Yeah I kinda like that night. Jax Idea but I don't know I I wasn't you know a year ago. A huge Lacey Evans Fan by any stretch of the imagination. But I think that I think she's also a good choice for it because I think that she starting to get a pretty good fan base at based on what I saw the four. This whole thing happened You know I can't really judge that now because there's no crowd reaction but I liked the storyline. They're doing with her. I think it it would work. I mean not to be too cliche. But the all American marine coming up getting the chance with the money in the bank briefcase I. I think it kind of makes sense. That's a good steal good story for where we're at right now. So I think Lacey would be a good choice. I think baiser would be a great choice. Unless you're going to put that belt on baseler really fast at the summer slam pay per view. Shayna baiser taking that money in the bank case in stalking whoever the champ is becky specifically right now I think Shayna baiser would play a great stocking role. Similar little rock listener played when Brock Wesner held up briefcase. It's like he spoke to sell up. You brought to the box on box so Shanna Besar. I think we'll be a great person has stocker. Because she's just this fucking killer. I like Shayna Baiser. And which it as a group the shaded thing to lately with Niger. If you WANNA to have her stock boat like lakes that will brock when he had a show Saturday. Both champions think like would accompany Shayna. I don't see you're having a reason. This Dog Bailey. Or whoever's out champ time are they that holy? See that you're talking becky. I don't get some of the smackdown with a shampoo already. What are you talking about what she talks back now? Champion for? Who beat Shane a pin to win? That table threatened match. Who did Shane a pin to triple threaten survivor? Series Bailey Bailey Bailey? Yeah there's it's there's a story line setup automatically with that I already beaten you. I can beat you again. He did Bailey in table. I could see Shane a going for one of the titles. Come Summer Slam without the money in the bank briefcase and then whoever has the briefcase trying to cash in an Jane Abi and like no fuck that and her just destroying everybody to take the title. Fuck the money in the bank. Statistics all that. That'd be too. I kind of think. Also also I think even. Sasha was if Sasha qualified saucer with the case makes sense going into China slow-burning this whole sausage slow-burn this whole sausage. Turn on Bailey. Thing yeah so the women's Actually. There's a lot of has really good like anybody. Would that case pretty much like central? Yeah. It doesn't seem like I mean I don't want to say it doesn't seem like anybody's thrown in obviously Oscars Maybe we'll finally think of something with Oscar. Put with this case. Dana Brooke seems like your. Yeah but again. It's not like they're out of people in there that are just going to be thrown it in either match or have never been thrown into these notches. Sometimes people they throw in the end up blowing really good. Yeah and they get over. And that's what we said before like nightmare. Look you can argue it all you want but there are matches that put you over and noticed where the crowd jumps behind you. Granted it's way different trying to figure it out now because at crowd has gone but at the same time. Look at the chatter on the Internet. Look it's not like the crowd is dawn. It's just the crowds now in the arena. You see the chatter on twitter who these people are talking about. Sony Ville Blue Wall. She tried it right. So it's just that Promo on in person he'd been holy fucking Shit Sony the bill she gets older you know. And that's what you're looking for now. It's you're looking more for the metrics of the social media and what people are talking about but she got over just in a different way for the men's money in the bank match. Dick Nick will start with you. Daniel Bryan has already confirmed. And you either got mysterious or mercy Alastair Blacker Austin Theory Apollo. Mvp Drew Dulack or Kim Corbin. And then there's another to determine one who's ninety mention. Let's just go with the names are mentioned. Danube-rhine me and the only one that's for sure in who you think would be a smart person to put that briefcase. That's hot so I WANNA see Alastair Black goal for the title. I don't I don't know if I want to see him win the money in the bank. I just don't necessarily know if it like kind of fits who he is but then again perfectly well then on the other hand. I'm like well. Does it really matter because it? Kinda does like I'm kinda split down the middle so with all that I will say alisher black for sure. I'm a big black fan and I'd like to see what he does. I think it's going to be a slow burn within. He's not going to be somebody that just like. Oh Fuck Dan. I'M GONNA jump out whenever I want. Go It's GONNA be a real slow burn. I think it makes a Lotta sense for him. And he's also my big but I think it makes much more sense for him because he just jumped out. Come knock on my door if you WANNA challenge me image to. I'm GonNa come after you now him with the money in the bank coming after people. I think it would be genius. Smitty I really don't know. Yeah I WANNA know. Who's all in the match I like? I like to see also black win Is a any of the names that are listed even the ones that are set com this or this person who of the names listed? You look at going. This is the person that I would love to see this person to win. I want I would like to see. Probably we'll see stales play going again on it gets Buddy Murphy Oh even. I felt like Murphy's gone like they're gonNA put mysterious there but I would like to see everybody Murphy. A shot the experiment. Just have experiment like they have an expert with the money in the bank as before right so. But that's a you think of all these people listed Buddy Murphy should be the one to win a liked to Novi. He's gotta go still agree with allistair black because there's also the factor that the last qualifying matches on spent. Yeah but we also don't write down because he's taken Austin theory which is going to be a good match man. Oh I can't wait. Can't wait awesome theory man. He was on our radar from when he was in fucking evolve wrestling and he's woo is good. He is good as booker. T. Chucky ducky quack quack. Well that's not booker. T. UP BOOKER T. That's something that Booker T. stole from a comedian. Not Booker. T. He is a big stowed at bucket. Second Lag. That's not booker. T. Weird to me that he got that over and it was a comedian and I used to watch on Def comedy jam. They used to do more at what the original which one Chris Tucker who need him. I just knowing John. That's it for us. Latest gentleman boys and girls children of all ages. Maybe the next week did you hear about the rumor. Is it the whole climate corporate ladder thing? They have money At headquarters on. That's happening that in a cinematic tau style mashed up the money in the bank matches so pretty much they got to go. There is going to start on the ground floor. Derby headquarters would have have a race. Set up on on top of the roof and had the climb ladders against briefcase. Okay that this is what the money makes this year again. It's rumors we really. Don't go into rumors for sure it's like I saw the smackdown. They said that this is what they're going to do. Yeah they announced down. How do I miss them? Start from the ground floor. It worked the way up Up to the top of the headquarters Nicole corporate ladder match. Yeah climbing the corporate ladder cool. She's getting rid of the name because it was Jericho's idea we'll talk more about this hopefully next week. More things coming in for the money in the bank. Obviously things are going to be going further into stuff. I'll be honest. I'm kind of over. This crowd shows hate watching them. They're annoying to me like I said before. I think the crowd is fifty percent and I think then there's the other fifty percent that's made up by little things. Performers are like twenty five percent cameraman and everything all that setup but I think the crowd is majority of this and it's getting painful to watch wrestling without a crowd. I appreciate the shining moments that are in it. You know starting to Bills Promo the Apollo crews Alastair Black match but man things like you know other parts of it is just like I just wish. There was a crowd for this moment. You could definitely tell where it's missing so we'll talk about it next week. See we got going on Ladies and gentlemen thank you so much for listening so much for watching makes you go to breaking down the ring dot com if find all of our social final emerge and everything that we are group's many Roenick nineteen this ladies and gentlemen again. Thank you so much for listening for watching week out.

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