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All right. Let's do it seven. Oh nine seven hundred wwl w. this would be sportstalk I'm Lance McAlister two hours to get it done tonight you and me till nine o'clock Jerry Jeff Walker serves up the NIGHTCAP. At that point. We've got a lot of ground to cover guests to toss your way of topics to set up and stuff to react to sketch got on the headlines, and then we will go. We start with baseball. It's draft night for Major League Baseball. The first round is about to get underway. In fact, uh, the orioles are are are the Tigers Rather. Rather are on the clock with the first pick. It is a virtual draft tonight. Similar to what the NFL is doing. The reds hold the twelve th pick. Overall they should be selecting around eight thirteen, the red say in a an email tonight. The owners remember have reduced the draft from forty rounds to five rounds around two through five. Take Place Tomorrow Commissioner Rob. Manfred told MLB network tonight. A counterproposal is coming that moves in the players direction. He said Eighty Nine Games is not realistic, but said quote. We're going to play baseball and twenty twenty one hundred percent. End Quote, the reds should be playing their second of a three game set with the dodgers at great American Ballpark it would game sixty eight of the regular season, but the way great American. Bar Ballpark was fully lit up on my way home last night. clearly the baseball gods are toying with me at this point as you may have heard during the reds hot stove with Rick Walls. The Reds Hall of fame and Museum Will Reopen A. A members beginning on Saturday and open to the general public on the following Saturday June the twentieth. NFL Network reporting the League and players are discussing the possibility of shortening the twenty twenty preseason. Nothing finalized, but the idea would be to play two preseason games rather than four I'm all for that would allow for a longer ramp up period for everything to be put into place. Pro Football Hall of fame reopened today. It had been closed since sixteenth. Due to Covid nineteen major league soccer today announced the teams the League's plan to restart with all twenty six clubs, competing in the MLS is back tournament at Espn Wide World of sports, complex at Walt Disney world resort in Florida. It would begin. July the eight four weeks from today the tournament will be played without fans in attendance group stage matches will count in the MLS. Regular standings thought would be after that tournament. The hope would be teams can return to their home stadiums. That will be a topic this plan one hour from now Nascar, races under the lights tonight. It's the blue EMU maximum pain relief five. Five hundred at Martinsville speedway they're set to get underway momentarily. The only seven PM start currently on the schedule this year and NASCAR announcing earlier today, the sport banning the confederate flag at tracks and Nascar Properties Golf returns tomorrow. The opening round of the Charles Schwab Challenge in Fort Worth no spectators. Good luck to Jim. Herman also Xavier Grad Jason Co crack Jim Herman. Herman my guest coming up at seven thirty six. He is on the scene in Fort. Worth he'll provide all the details By the way the event has announced, they are reserving an eight forty six am time each day of the event to pay respect to the memory of George, Floyd? The event will pause each day at eight forty six for a moment of silence. Silence prayer and reflection, according to the PGA Tennis Andre Silva is leaving his role as CEO and tournament, director of the Western and Southern Open tennis event in Mason, he's taking a tournament director job with the Players Championship on the PGA, tour for everything else. You've missed do this. Go to my blog. You'll find it at seven hundred WWL W dot com I've got. I've got videos and. Stories. On Joe Nuxhall the left-hander, the anniversary today of his Major League debut at the age of fifteen. If you missed last night's discussion about Chad, Johnson I video of him racing a horse of course on yesterday's date, two, thousand, seven and more, it's all there for you in one spot, and it's free at seven hundred wwl W dot com all right. Of course we're monitoring the red situation expected to draft a one hour from right now in fact with the twelfth. Twelfth pick overall. Obviously, the major league draft is not as big a deal as the other drafts I doubt many are really into the nuts and bolts of what is about to unfold or know many of the players that potentially we will be drafted tonight. There are a couple of notes attached to it that I. do find interesting. You're going to hear from Dick Williams in just a second on an advantage that I think the reds have once the draft. Draft is over, but keep in mind. What's going to happen over the next two nights a year ago in the baseball draft forty rounds, there were twelve, thousand, seven, twelve, thousand, twelve, hundred and seventeen players selected twelve hundred seventeen players selected in the draft this year. There will be one hundred sixty. That's it now. What happens and Spencer Torkelsson. The third baseman out of Arizona. State has gone number one overall to the Detroit Tigers. I like his living room he's. He's got a poster of jaws and caddyshack on the wall behind his family as they celebrate the news, but here's what's going to happen. I'm GONNA find fascinating I think everybody's waiting to see how this plays out once. The draft is done since there's only one hundred sixty players who are going to be drafted. Everybody else then is of thrown into the pool. The undrafted pool teams consignees many undrafted players as they like for a maximum of twenty thousand dollars. So, there's going to be players who have to make choices if they're high school players do I do I take this or do I go back? Do I go to college now? Whole Bunch of choices from that standpoint last year the sixth round. Guys who won't get drafted this year last year, the six around the slot. The money was about two, hundred, thirty, two, three hundred thousand dollars. This year anybody who doesn't get drafted, the most they can get is twenty thousand. Two hundred, thirty, two three hundred thousand last year. If you were a sixth round, pick to signing for just twenty thousand this year. If you don't get drafted when we continue Dick Williams, lays out the reds philosophy going into this and what I think, a built in advantage could be one Sunday rolls around. That's when the players can begin. Assigning free agent deals in what is being described by basically everybody in the game is at that point. It becomes the Wild Wild West in Major League baseball that is ahead seven sixteen. Thanks for being here tonight. Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Seven twenty two seven hundred wwl. W, it's Arnelle. Carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey. Chevrolet hey thanks for being here tonight. hang out for a while. We'll open up the phones in a bit. monitoring on the TV's to my left the draft and you know. It's kind of a crapshoot because. Key. Keep in mind, high school players being drafted. They haven't had a season. I mean think about this draft tonight. Teams are drafting high school players who did not have a season this year and the college players if they were lucky, got sixteen games in no individual workouts, no face to face meetings or anything along those lines, so there was the thought. This is gonNA. Be a crapshoot. Crapshoot Wildcard and one guy had been projected to the reds. I'd seen in a number of publications. A number twelve just went number two over overall and Arkansas outfielder Arkansas, razorbacks outfielder, Heston. Kursad outfielder regarded as the best left handed hitter in the country, a number of mocks had the reds with him at number twelve. Baltimore takes him at number two. So how do the reds approach this? Against the backdrop of no, no senior season, no, no high school season for the guys. You're drafting an a college season for your scouts to look at Dick. Williams reds hot stove last week, and he talked about the organization's approach to the draft tonight. Take a listen. Our guys were very aggressive. Getting looks early last year and over the winter and getting to know these players well particularly once it became apparent there might be a shutdown on scouting so out like we were ahead of the competition getting information on employers. So? We're excited about see where that takes us Because of the way the draft has been shortened. We can add players after the five rounds, but we're going to be tapped. an industry to twenty thousand dollar bonuses, so you'll have a lot of players. After those first five rounds, it might have been sixth seventh. Eighth Rounders Ninth Round Us, get decent bonuses that are tough decisions to make it. We've seen some. Decent prospect start pulling their names of the draft, but it's getting introduced an element of recruiting that we're going to be involved in, so we'll have the five rounds, and it'll be a quiet period of about forty hours, and then we can go after the the twenty thousand dollars targets, and we'll be competing head to head with the other organizations, not so much money but on. Other things and that's where I think it'll be important to tell our story and see how we do. Kinda head to head on the level playing field. See that's that's going to be the really interesting thing. Think of what he just said. Come Sunday at nine am anybody who didn't get drafted tonight. Is Eligible to sign with other teams with Major League teams, and it becomes like college recruiting all over again. Trying to convince somebody, and it's not convincing them by waving money in front of them, because every teams holding up the same water cash. It's a grand total of twenty thousand bucks. We want you to sign join our organization. We can give you twenty thousand. The Yankees can give you twenty thousand. The dodgers can give you two thousand, eight, thousand, the world champion, Washington nationals can give you twenty thousand, so it becomes a matter of what you can then offer players in terms of other aspects of your organization like Dick Williams was saying last week on the reds hot stove about this aspect. Take a listen. Great Great Story to tell them the way our pitching organization, our developmental philosophies on the pitching side took a huge step forward recently the way we've been building the minor leagues. Everything's real exciting story to tell so. Anxious to see how that plays out Brad matter His staff have been You know working the phones right now. We normally have our stoute's in town. sitting in a war room together, probably eating unhealthy Hsin Action in talking baseball. Dondo dos now we're all doing it from from home offices so we're missing a little bit that come out being together in person, but really can have a lot of the same draft discussions. Remotely. President and President and Director of Baseball Operations Dick. Williams on what is unfolding tonight. Reds with the twelfth pick in the draft were now three picks into the draft. He mentioned some of the the the nuances of this. If you were a senior in college, who had your season white doubt? The NCWA has granted those players and extra year of eligibility, so if you're a senior and say. Say You, do you don't get drafted? You can come back to school. Think of what that does. We Talk Scott Gugans about this the UC baseball coach about all the the roster's can be expanded as well, but all the decision. Okay, my getting players who are coming here or are they going to the draft? Are they coming back to me or are they staying in the drafting and getting drafted? If you're a senior, you have to thank all right I didn't get drafted. Maybe I'll go do I. Sign for twenty thousand as an undrafted free agent or do I. Go back for my senior year and try to put up numbers that make me worthy of being drafted. If you're a junior, do you? Do you come back and play another season? If you're a high school player? Who thought you were going to be drafted now? Do you say all right? I'm underhanded now. Now I'll go to a junior college for two years. Hang out there and then reentered the draft, or if you're a high school player, who thought you were going to be drafted? You're not you've got a pretty good scholarship opportunity for a top college. You say all right I'm going play for the Florida gators for at least three seasons there before entering the draft. All of that is going to. To be in play in is in play at this very moment. You've got to think guys who don't get drafted. You've got twenty thousand dollars there. If you're approached by team come Sunday. Maybe you're a senior who you get the sense. Your program doesn't want you to come back. Maybe they've got a lot of good high school players coming in. So you think all right? There's GonNa be no room. Room for me. My coaches said I really don't have a spot so I'll take the twenty thousand and take my chances and improve myself. If you're an older player in the draft, you're thinking I I'll take the twenty thousand because I mean. The clock is ticking on me and I'll just I'll jump into the minor leagues and try to do my thing and make it up on the back end. All those elements factoring in to what is unfolding I keep in mind in a five round draft Wade boggs was drafted in the seventh round. Jim Edmonds was drafted in the seventh. Round Eric Davis was an eighth round. Pick would not be drafted if you were in this draft tonight. Jacob degrom was a ninth round Pick Trevor Hoffman was in eleventh out around picking the Reds Nolan Ryan went in the twelfth round. Ever Pool Halls one in the thirteenth round Dave Pirker went in the fourteenth round would not have been drafted in this draft tonight. Jose can SACO was a fifteenth Rounder Buddy Bell Sixteenth, round, Kenny Lofton seventeenth don mattingly in the nineteenth Adam eaten the the area product one in the twentieth right. Ryne Sandberg One of the twentieth round. None of those guys would have gone in tonight's draft. Based on five rounds when we come back, they are back at it after ninety ninety one days away after I believe it was eleven. Tournaments canceled the PGA Tories back. Friend of the show. Jim Herman is in Fort Worth. He will play tomorrow a tee off in the first round tomorrow. I will ask him about what it what it's been like getting their testing that the players have undergone and what he anticipates it's GonNa be like playing golf without any spectators tomorrow. That is we continue after a check on news carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey, Chevrolet seven hundred WWL W. Seven thirty nine seven hundred wwl w. it's Ardell sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Go PGA tour is back tomorrow after ninety one days away. Levin tournaments canceled. They'll tee it up tomorrow in Fort Worth the Charles Schwab Challenge. Our next guest will t it up inside of twenty four hour, certainly from that and really cool that he's joining us. That close to a tee time tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. We'll find out specifically here in a second. He's saint x hall of Famer. He's former UC bear caddies a two-time winner on the PGA tour, and he's the favourite Gopher of sports talk. He is Jim Hermit. How are you? Great Land thanks for having me on. You got a great catching up with you great to hear your voices second time. We've talked during all of this. How how excited are you? How do you feel about getting back at it tomorrow? Yeah, man, it was. It was a long break. It's the you know outside of injuries or something like that. That's the longest break that will have. On the tour, so you know just all excited to get back out and give sports world something to watch I know we've all been social distancing in. Quarantine at home and You know we got go ahead, so let's go and we'll put on a show. How do you feel about your game? And what form of golf have you been partaking in during all of this? Yeah I mean in the early stages I took. took some time off. fairly playing. You know once every every other week or so you know halfway through. It seems like we have had a date sometime in June that we might be working towards, so he started playing I didn't play a whole lot then either just like I said once a week with some friends you know a lot of golf courses were shut down south of us and. We were fortunate that some of them stayed open around where we live so but then once we that firm date you know two weeks out it was it was go time you had to start getting back out. started working with my coach, hitting hitting balls every day and you know more more some more golf, so. I? Think we're ready You know you expect to have a little rough? The tournament goes a little different than playing with your buddies. Going to get the best in the world, so. We'd have. With with the Gulf comes to protocols and testing. What what type of testing you guys have to go through? Yeah well we had We had an at home, so I have a test that we take before. Everyone is take before we left for the tournament week, and then once we arrived we have the swab, the nasal swab test on right away. Once you get off the plane or however you got here. You couldn't couldn't access any of the facilities until you took the test and you're cleared, so passed both tests and You know. I think it's just going to be lots of testing, so I know later in the week we're going to get tested again and and that's the whole thing we gotta. We gotta be conscious. Do our social distancing Wa were there? I know most. All of us are gonNA pass this test. That are if they're playing but it's when you leave, you know we feel like we have a bubble, but we. We are leaving the course. We are going to hotels. Host Oh tells. We're all trying to say stay in the same place but you gotTa Watch watch it one one test, and you never know how one positive test and you never know. How could ripple through? You know could lead to other things and shut things down, so everyone's just gotta be aware of and to do their part. I saw Philo. Golfer Justin Thomas say that nasal swab wasn't very fun. Can you confirm? I can confirm. It was better than I thought I'll. Take longer and be more irritating. It just makes you tear up anything. In the moving around and they get out, but you do tear up a little bit. Social distancing on the tee box. How that's going to be interesting to see not. yeah. I'm sorry I missed that question. Social distancing on the tee box is going to be kind of interesting, isn't it? Yes, that's going to be the hardest part we're. You know we're. We're so used to the camaraderie just being around talking during the wall. We're waiting for the fairway or dream to clear but yeah, that's the hardest part you know. We don't have the water stations on the T.. They're trying to keep things away from the T, so we don't congregate together. And just saying a little bit away from your caddy. That's the hardest part so You know getting the numbers getting the yardages pull and clubs, and then giving them back and. They've got their their protocols. They have to follow cleaning the rakes in the flags and things like that, so it's GonNa. Be a lot different I. Think we're all going to be. A little nervous. I guess you know at the start at around, but then I think father halfway through will be. We'll be fine ready to go Jim Herman checking in tonight on Sports. Talk for a couple more minutes two time winner on the PGA tour. He's back at it tomorrow. The tour is back at it tomorrow. In Fort Worth, the Charles Schwab Challenge. No fans at least in the early stages of this. For the toward self, what what how how different will that be? How how what are your experiences like thinking back in time when you last played something that meant something without fans around. Yeah. No, it's it. It'll definitely weird I mean obviously playing on the PGA tour. We have you know the greatest fans and come out, and they support us you know thousands and thousands of fans, so it definitely GonNa be weird. Coming up the eighteenth hole to know grandstands. No fans. It's definitely. GonNa be Weird. Have plenty of experience. Not Playing in front of Fan some events on the Korn Ferry. You know they do they go to a job, but some early morning. Tee Times Thursday morning, not many people watching. going back and mini-tours. You, know just. parents or girlfriends or wives out watching you know club professional events, so I definitely played without. You know too much too many fans in the past, but on the Fiji towards long. Dumpling most important question I can ask you. How's the family doing? There, well, you know everyone on in and my my family My wife kids were were all healthy, Kerr mom and dad are healthy. My Mom's healthy We got through it Hopefully it stays that way and You know we're just. It was nice. Actually being home with the kids you know doing some schoolwork with them. you know being the teacher in there with them? They don't always listen to me. They don't always listen to my wife, so we had some ups and downs some trying days, but overall we got through. As part of this plan, they families cannot travel to the events correct. They cannot, they can travel with you. You'RE GONNA be in the hotel with you, but they cannot be on site at the tournament so on a on the loan this week I think. They may come out with me next week. The had but you know they? They can be with me at the hotel that they can't go to off worse. We were talking about. Go ahead. That's a few weeks, and then hopefully I think memorial. We're GONNA WE'RE GONNA. Lift all that we'll have some fans we were. We were talking off. You flew to this event. How do you plan to handle traveling around the what remains of the schedule? Yeah, this was a flight had to fly here the tours arranged charters for us to go from tournament the tournament that'll be nice nice Nice benefits You know trying to keep us in in in that bubble as much as we can but I'M NOT GONNA play every event so if you're not playing racket charter. I think once we get through the first couple. I'm I'm driving to a few I. Think here in a few weeks. We're going to be in Detroit and then the two events in Columbus. Drive as much as I can just avoid just ten mile, little bubble in the car and not be exposed as much as we can't. Because once you get if you do have A. Positive test for for the virus, I mean you're out. You know they're going to sit you down for two weeks and you know it's you just gotTa be aware of it. You know you gotta do your part and you know Corentin as much as you can't. Even though where we'll back out on the road in an effort to bring the viewers of more enhanced experience watching this weekend at they're making up some of the golfers. What do you think of that idea? Yeah I think those WanNa. Do it and you know reach out to them. you know I? I think I would. I would be open to it. You GotTa Watch your watch what you're saying but A. Lot of times you can things slip, and you know you get the occasional cuss word that no one hears or picks up after Miss Potter. where he drive but Yeah, it's good. You know they're going to do a lot of things they're going to Anything we can do to get the viewers involved and bring a little bit of the tour to tour. Experience of what's going on inside the ropes to the is is a great thing. You mentioned the memorial July sixteen through nineteen. That will include some fans. I believe. I saw upwards of eight thousand. And you're gonNA, play that correct. How how excited are you for that event? It's GonNa be Great I. I missed the Memorial last couple years do injury, and then just my status I didn't get in so very very excited to be back. love planning in Ohio Lane, in front of family and friends and and then they added Oh and at a new term. John Deere was was canceled, so they created a new tournament that week, and it's going to have to events that Muirfield village, so that's even bigger bonus from me. What what time to ut and up tomorrow morning? Off in the morning eighteen. Just looking to go, it's nice to tee off early. I think there's a lot of lot of build up a lot of waiting around and just another whole morning or morning, and a half would have been. A lot of stress just waiting to go, so it's nice to go off early, hey. Is Really Cool that about twelve hours away from teeing it up. You are taking the time to call in tonight. I always appreciate your time and enjoy the conversation. I'm happy you're back at it. Send my best to your family and hit straight and best of luck. Right I appreciate. Atlanta always always loved coming on so anytime. You want on there and like I said we're all excited. Give the sports. World will something to watch and You know everyone tune in I, think they're coming on at noon. Hopefully have some good highlights from the morning sounds good. Thanks to him. All right thank lamb. Take care of there. You Go Jim. Herman love that guy. They're back for the first time. In Ninety one days, they'd canceled eleven tournaments. He's there he's done the whole nasal swab thing and there's GonNa. Be No fans tomorrow. And I happen to drop him a a texting I said Hey love to get you on. You know maybe Monday two to wrap up the event I said I. Don't know what your night before the ritual is, but heck if you got time tonight as a Gerbil time tonight. You're you're like twelve hours away from tee off for the first time in ninety one days, and he just spent what almost fifteen minutes talking talking golf. He is He's my favorite Jim Herman PGA tour. Two time winner eight eighteen tomorrow, teeing off at the colonial country club in Fort, worth all right a lot more to get to get you caught up on the draft and the MLS has taken a lead today in terms of sports headlines. We'll get into. That did eight hundred eight. It is seven fifty right now. Are L. carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Moving up on eight o'clock, we're flying. Tonight your news in four minutes four minutes. It's carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. I'm Lance McAlister Thanks for all who have tweeted tonight and engaged in the show twitter feed presented by barley corns. All three of our locations are open. You are welcome to Stop by there and follow me on twitter at Lance McAlister Following up on what Jim Herman said The PGA tour kind of spinning off. If you watch the match, the champions for charity you sell Tiger and Phil and peyton Tom Brady mic`ed up and the CBS. Sports Chairman Sean McManus said. We've been talking to the tour. Tour about it for years, and they are going to make up some of the players. He said I think there's probably a greater appreciation for wanting to contemporaries golf coverage a little bit, and I think the players are beginning to realize that they can play a role in that and making the product a little more interesting for the viewers. Now the the players at the colonial are only going to have a microphone, and not an earpiece like the match showed there will be q a with them during the during the during the action, but they will be miked up and they're also and I can't wait to see how this looks. CBS is also going to introduce inside the ropes. It's it's an course interview with players on a certain hole, and to in order to keep with social distancing guidelines, each player willing to participate in this will go into a tent alone on a certain whole. WHO and they I don't think they've determined which holes and that Golfer will kinda. Sit Down at a table in front of a camera. He'll answer a printed question to an unintended a camera, so he'll walk in. He'll sit down at the table to be a camera looking at him. They'll be a card with a question. He'll sit down and he'll flip over the card and read the question and then it. It won't be live, but he'll look into the camera and answer the question in that I would imagine coming out of a commercial break or something. We're in between shots. They will play his a response and the question's GonNa Range from specifics about the performance of the colonial to to how it feels to be playing we after three months away from competition Jim Nance will anchor the four days of the the joint coverage between the golf channel. And CBS he will be broadcasting alone from the colonials eighteenth tower, he will be joined in Fort Worth, by on course, reporters Dottie, pepper and Merck immelman and then. You've heard this discussed about. Major, League Baseball, not sending their broadcasters on the road. Nick Faldo. Ian Baker Finch Frank knob below will provide commentary remotely from Orlando. They will not be in Fort Worth also commentator. Amanda is at Valley. Onus will also work remotely from her home, so Nance from tower by himself. dottie pepper immelman on course reporters, and then one two three four other commentators working remotely for the return of Gulf. After eleven weeks away with the PGA tour of the Colonial Country Club and the Charles Schwab challenge all right up next MLS got the headline today. Major League Baseball could have gotten a headline. They didn't mls got it because they announced today. They're playing. They are coming back four weeks from today. From Orlando. I'm going to run through the setup for what they're gonNA do will relate that to baseball and for the first time tonight. Heck I'll open up the phones. Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound seven hundred on at and T., and it's MLS. Says were coming back. Here's how we're going to do it and we're back four weeks from tonight. The Commissioner of Major League Baseball, said tonight. What percentage he puts on the chances for Major League. Baseball this season that is ahead Arnelle carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. The following takes place between eight PM and nine PM. Let's keep rolling. Eight oh nine seven hundred wwl. It's carriers sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet I'm Lance McAlister two hours into this. We are picking them up and laying down. We are monitoring the major league baseball draft. They are now ten picks in the red. Sit At number twelve ten picks down now. The reds at number twelve here? You're names to take a listen for Kate. Cavalier a right handed pitcher out of Oklahoma. Austin Hendrick a lefthanded hitting outfielder out of West allegheny high school in Pennsylvania Pete Crowe Armstrong outfielder from Los Angeles, and Tyler from a catcher third baseman outfielder from Turlock California high school are. The thought was the reds were leaning towards college. Pitcher the Detmer Kid from Louisville was just taken by the angels at ten The front runner at least based on mocks for the reds at twelve would be made Cavalli a right handed pitcher out of Oklahoma again. You will hear that pick live when it's made hopefully here on seven hundred wwl. W. What I'm interested in is reaching out and providing a phone line to an FC Cincinnati Fan mls fad, and if you had mls in your pool, for which major sport teams weren't would be back in this country, you win. MLS returning before Major League Baseball before the NBA before the NHL, the announcement today that MLS will return with all twenty six teams competing in what is being called MLS is back tournament. The MLS is back tournament at ESPN's Water Sports Complex. They're going to Disneyworld. The resort in Orlando. Their season will begin four weeks from tonight. July the eight. The tournament will be played without fans in attendance, and just looking at the bullet points from their released today they're gonNA, play in in group, stage matches, and each of the matches are going to count towards the regular season. Standings remember FC Cincinnati was only a couple of matches in these group stage matches will count in the standings and the tournament winner of always GonNa be a twenty sixteen tournament. The tournament winner earns a spot in the twenty twenty one CONCACAF Champions League. Don Garber the commissioner saying today we are pleased to team up with Disney to relaunch the season and get back to playing soccer. The opportunity to have all twenty-six clubs in a controlled environment enables us to help protect the health of our players, coaches and staff as we return to play. So? Teams are going to begin arriving Orlando on as early as June, twenty-fourth preseason training and the the game. It'll be a continuous schedule of matches almost every day. There's going to be games beginning at nine am. There's eight PM match a ten thirty. PM match all eastern time. Each team will play three group stage matches, and again those those results count in their actual regular season standings, and after sixteen days of group stage matches the top two teams with each group along with the four best third-placed finishers moving the knockout stage. Ultimately. Players will have an opportunity to earn an additional additional bonuses as part of a one point, one million dollar prize pool. Tomorrow FC Cincinnati finds out during the which group they'll be in. They'll be alive drawl tomorrow at three, thirty eastern time. Now, upon completion of this mls back tournament. MLS plans to continue the regular season with a revised schedule in the home markets. Don Garber said today on a conference. Call of the hope is when this is done. And they returned to the home markets in their home stadiums that at least some fans can be in attendance. So fifty four matches. Twenty six days. Every team going back. What do you think? I actually saw on twitter just a second ago for MLS NFC since the fans that forty seven percent love it thirty seven percent like it sixteen percent. Don't like it. Eight. One. They're back. To you kind of get a mix of the CAN I get a mix of the tournament. Style and then you go home. All Twenty six teams in one spot for the return of MLS one month from tonight Major League baseball meanwhile. Here's your update. The commissioner telling MLB network earlier today about five o'clock that a counterproposal is coming. That will be presented to the players in his words now I'm going to paraphrase here. I, don't have it in front of me. He told MLB network. The proposal will move closer to the players. Meaning it will, there will be movement. The owners will budge and move towards now. He did say eighty nine games like the players proposed is not feasible under their plan to complete the regular season by the end of September or I think it's September twenty seven. He said eighty nine games is not feasible. He did however say. And I'll give you the direct quote here. We're going to play baseball in two thousand and twenty one hundred percent. One. Hundred Percent Baseball will be played in the twenty twenty season now. It is easy to say that for the record because the commissioner when push comes to shove, has the power to implement whatever type of schedule he wishes, and that may very well be. Forty eight to fifty four games. More on that in this hour the developing situation the draft front indicates the reds may be looking at at least sources pointing towards the outfielder out of West Allegheny High School in Pennsylvania Austin, Hendrick. A left left handed hitting outfielder, six, four, one, ninety five, so let's do this. We'll take a timeout. Come back. We will give you. The Red Selection and the lines are open, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound seven, hundred on at and T. MLS beats everybody else back to action that plus what baseball might do next on. sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred wwl w. he's ready for you. With the Twelfth Pick of the two thousand twenty now be draft the Cincinnati reds select. Austin Kendrick and outfielder from West. Allegheny High School Imperial Pennsylvania. There you go that courtesy of our friends at ESPN. The is made here. Is the scoop the story, the insight, the four one one on Austin Hendrick. He is six foot, one hundred ninety five pounds, a left handed, hitting outfielder from West allegheny high school in imperial. Pennsylvania regarded and I'm compiling various scattering. Today regarded as one of the best power hitting prospects in the draft, high school or College. He will turn nineteen on Monday. He is being advised by. Scott boroughs and a cool shot of a Dick Williams office at home, high, fiving his kids virtual draft again Dick Williams in his office at home, his kids and his wife, and he was high five and the Kids Austin. Hendrick had committed to play at Mississippi state would have. Probably, a little bit heartbreaking for Jeff Brantley, but not so much, because now he's going to be a red, but again advised by Scott Boras. A couple of scouting reports. Here's what you need to know about. The reds draft pick at number twelve, overall, very athletic, build long and strong with room to get stronger, very sound athletic footwork in the Outfield, very good arm strength makes accurate, throws with plus Carey will be interesting to see if he can play Centerfield at the upper levels, a left-handed hitter hits from an exaggerated high handset that creates timing variables has whippy fast hands when he's on time and create elite Bat, speed in impact has lots of lift in his swing. Fun To watch the ball. Come off the barrel when his timing is on. Mobile pipeline, saying high ceiling talent with some work to do on his hitting approach about this as one of the most talented lefthanded hitting amateurs in the country Austin. hendrix favorite player is no real surprise easy. It's Ken Griffey Junior I love. griffey's mindset said Hendrick. Against six foot six one, maybe somewhere around one, ninety, two, one, nine, ninety five. He also said he likes Bryce Harper's game. Reading from other report Hendrick has some of the best pure bat speed in the twenty twenty draft classes school, or he said my hands are I. Like to say quick, but just let them play. His high school coach or is hitting coach with Team USA. Eighteen you national team said and I quote his bat speed is so elite. It's utterly elite. he spent two summers did Hendrick on the Team USA team in the summer, he spent his spring playing for West. allegheny high, which is about a forty five minute drive. That would be west of Pittsburgh. Keep in mind his season this year, his senior season was wiped out so his junior year he hit only air quotes here. Only three, twenty seven with twelve, RBI's two triples and two homers teams didn't pitch to a much. He walked twenty three times. His on base percentage was five nineteen as as June he hit. Three seventy one is a freshman. He hit four, thirty, eight, a sophomore more and as a junior they wouldn't pitch to. See what else jumps out here? the previous summer he had played for the US A team in the two thousand nineteen under Eighteen World Cup in South Korea played in the under armour all American game at Wrigley. Field finished fourth in the Major League Baseball. High School Homerun Derby at progressive field. In Cleveland, that was part of the Major, League Baseball home run. Derby and All Star game festivities in Cleveland What else can I give you hear well Joe I had put together. This actually worked out, I had put together on conversations. I've had over the last week in a twelve. There's variable of Jesus. Don't know the other eleven are going to do so I put together best guests, six guys and made phone calls about six guys and head kind of jotted stuff down watch videos of six different guys, and then as they went off the. The board tonight I just started pulling away here I can now throat Peter Krogh Armstrong into the garbage over here and not that I don't like him. I can take tyler SODERSTROM. Toss him over here I can take Kate Kabali. The right handed pitcher out of Oklahoma. Throw him over here I. Don't need him and Attleboro six. I did have Austin Hendrick. Six Foot one, ninety, five, a left handed hitting outfielder, happy birthday in advance will be joined by Austin I do believe tomorrow night on sportstalk. Look, it comes down to this. Is. This relates to the reds. He's a high schooler, so he's at least a couple of years away from the major leagues, but if this team is going to go anywhere, they're going to go there by drafting well. When you're this size market. Yes, they spent big bucks this off season, one hundred and sixty million of the off season. They're not going to be able to do that every year. When you're a market, this size, your gold comes in draft picks, and when you've been as bad as the reds have been and have high draft picks ultimately if the Reds GonNa find success that success will be led by the likes of Nixon. And Hundred Green and the Jonathan India's and the the Austin Hendrick type players. That's just the reality of the situation. Go back and look. Go back to their run two, thousand, Ten, twelve thirteen three playoff appearances back to back playoff appearances. I know they didn't win a series, but in those three player playoff run span, think of the seeds of those teams they were, they were homegrown players either draft picks or signed as undrafted free agents it was. Vodka Bruce Stubbs Hannigan Yaish Heidi Cueto. Leak Travis would Sam liqueur Logan Druick. Zachos art. Todd Frazier. Devon Measure Rocco. Mike leake. Jj Hoover. Tony Sin Groti all of those guys in some way shape or form were part of if not all of those, at least one of those reds teams in a three year period that made the postseason. They're going to need the cells, and they're going to need the winker to further develop and. Maybe more out of the Philip. Irvine's or are estate. He's Aquino's guys like that. A Tyler Molly guys like that. They were able to use chips and trade off the Taylor trails and the. Grays and the jets down, and and they were able to to trade four sunny, gray and Louis Castille and guys like that, but ultimately where they are this city this market. Your draft is your lifeblood. and. Those guys are going to have to come through all right. We've reached the bottom of the hour still ahead on this date in reds, history and My lines are open, five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one, eight, hundred, the big one pound, seven, hundred on at and T., as we continue a fishing note, and I am far from the fishermen. So maybe that explains how just jaw dropping this story is. You thought Michael Jordan was the goat. How about the goat of fishing have you heard this story? That is next plus your calls. Eight thirty news check Arnelle Carrier Sports Doc presented by Kelsey Chevrolet on seven hundred WWL W. Eight thirty eight seven hundred wwl W. it's Arnelle. Carriers Sports Doc presented by Kelsey Chevrolet. Aren't carriers your global transportation provider? VISIT OUR LLC DOT COM and Kelsey Chevrolet Open for sales and service with a new state of the art collision. REPAIR CENTER COMING IN JULY BEFORE I, get back into the reds and maybe work some calls in as well I got. This blew me away. Away and again I'm not a fisherman. I've gone fishing, obviously my life but I don't have a full appreciated appreciation of this, but my reaction to this size of fish i. I guess what Shark ways or away always, but I find this to be like really like Fisher that big Michael Jordan I don't know if you've heard of the the the big. Rock, Blue Marlin tournament. I guess it's been going on since nineteen fifty one. It is the biggest fishing event in the country takes place in Morehead city about one hundred miles from Wilmington. North Carolina. It's a six day event. Run through Saturday and there's two hundred and fifty boats from around the world. So this was the sixty second installment of this year and Michael Jordan entered. Jordan and his crew. The boat named catch twenty three. They real in. A four hundred and forty two pound blue Marlin yesterday. I would have lost a bet that there were blue Marlin. That weighed four hundred and forty two pounds. They did it on. It's an eighty foot viking. That's their boat. The catch at four, hundred, forty two is the sixth heaviest reeled in so far in the tournament. See Now me, dummy I would have thought that would like everybody else can go. We got four hundred forty two pounder I mean the video on twitter of them. Really get in, and then like hoisted on the deck for everybody to see once they pull in. Incredible. But it's the sixth heaviest in the tournament so far. The. The purse on this event is three point three million dollars. Jordan's boat had been in fifth until a vessel came in later with a four hundred fifty pound, Blue Marlin. The. Fish wasn't big enough to place in the top three, so it's not eligible for prize money. They still got a couple of more days to catch a bigger Marlin. The leading Marlin I mean if I didn't know any better, I'd like. Are you sure it's not like a Typo like the decimal just? Forty nine. Four hundred ninety four pound Marlin. That is the leader right now. Winner gets one point one million. There is also a five hundred fifty thousand dollar prize for the first boat to land a five hundred powder. Maybe I should fish fish more often five per pound fish. The tournament director said the atmosphere on shore was quote electric when Jordan's boat, which has a whole pointed in tour. He'll blue pulled in with the four hundred and forty two pounder. Google the video of Jordan, and his team, hosting the four hundred and forty two pounder, all right note on. The reds pick at number twelve overall Austin Hendrick just in watching the swing if you've watched it. Reminds me of Josh, Hamilton. Now. He's got a little funky thing with his front foot. He kind of he kind of Ben's the the front leg on a set, and then Kinda the reload with the front foot is Kinda I. don't even know how to describe what he does with it. I don't recall seeing anybody. Do it quite like that, but it's it's worked for him. There is a concern if we're being honest. The concerned by scouts is. strikeouts or the ability to make enough contact I'm reading from MLB pipeline in. It says if you see him. On one day, a scout might walk away thinking. They saw the best hitter in the twenty twenty draft class seem on another day in. You might walk away worrying about his swing. There's no question scouting report says about Hendrix raw power in he's tapped into it at times on big stages over the past two summers is incredibly quick hands and bat speed along with leverage and loft degenerate that pop from the left side of the played, but he tinkered with a setup this past summer in there was some concern with the uptick in swing and miss in his game very good athlete Hendrick runs well enough to play center. Center field, but he might profile best in right field. He has the arm strength to fit there as well it conclusion while there may be some risk in terms of strike outs with Hendrick. There isn't a high school hitter in the country with more upside. The Mississippi state recruit has the chance to be a middle of the lineup run-producer with tons of power and plenty of scouts still believe in him reaching that Seeley so there you go. The reds pick number twelve Austin Hendrick. Let's go out to phones and take care some stuff before on this date in reds history in the next segment Kenwood we go Nathan. You're on seven hundred WWL W. What's up land. How are you? I'm gets how're. You doing I'm well. So I. WanNa, Talk. This is back tournament I wish I would have come up with something a little bit more creative on the name. Is what it is I mean. You had some time to figure that out, but does does the theory. Does it work in principle for you? Does that the the mini tournament and then back home to? Does that work for you? It does I. Mean Honestly like we all crave sport right now, right? We've got nothing ill of MLB and granted the grass nights awesome, but like we. We Miss Sports, so bringing team sport back is big especially as a soccer fan is a season ticket holder. So yeah, I mean it works the tournament like if you're a soccer fan, you fall World Cup. It's the same time sale. And and trust me and waking up at nine am and I follow the Premier League. God is like in Germany waking up early in the morning. Drinking your coffee, watching soccer with your dog on the couch. Windows open the coming to the house. Pretty, darn good I'm not GonNa lie so Nathan that's that's what I find. That's what I really like about it and you're right. Everybody Star for sports. I don't know that everybody's going to be starved star for soccer, but I I will take it and I like the fact that this all the Games are going to be televised starting in a window at nine am than eight PM game attend thirty gay I like that that is that is appealing to your audience, laying it out there in different timeslots and saying here we are come. Watch us. We're back exactly, and there's not. There's nothing else on TV right exactly. Yes so that works how they do like the boonies like right now which is German top league? They've been doing this for a couple of weeks and they've been pumping crowd noise on TV broadcast. I, don't know if you follow, but it makes a huge difference. It sounds crazy, but it when you're watching on TV. It almost feels like their fans there. Yes, so I hope I hope I'm also something similar. Nathan. I was GONNA ask that because of all the things I've read about these enhancement of broadcast. I don't recall reading. HAS MLS said? What are they considering? Crowd noise. Have they decided crowd? What is what are they doing from that standpoint? There's nothing that's been mentioned in. I felt the same daily, so I've read ten articles at this point in time, various sources, but They have to realistically like to make to make it watchable. It's really office scrimmage. If you don't have crowd noise, yeah! And for any fan that you know for play, baseball, football soccer, whatever maybe? It'd be cool to hear that fan or the players and they. Article, pleasure miked up where they can have different camera angles. They did a thing if years ago unless they didn't all star game where they had the referee with a camera almost like a head Camp Oh. Yes, yes, yes, it was! It was Kinda unique in you. Know MLS is in a position with you. Know no disrespect, the major league baseball, but they dropped the ball. We know that the ongoing headache it is as a reds fan, and that being said like a chance here to gain some viewership I don't know if you're gonNA, create real fans long-term fans, but the ball is in their court proverbially in that's. That's kind of the peace like you've got. You've got to strike while irons hot and for them it is and especially in the market. Like Cincinnati where popular we're not very yet. I'll say yet. We gotTA stadium next year. We've got some good talent. We've gotTA ownership group that wants to win. It's dumping money into this team, so there's a lot of pieces in place that like if you do it, right? Come out successful, but that's a biggest fright we've. We've heard that if for how many times in the past two three years. Two years or so. So, but that's your point. I am Super China for the tournament It's a nice change of pace. Right and heck. You only have to wait four weeks from tonight there addict. Home Week. Nathan I'm going to run buddy, thanks. Good here for me, I think about it. They beat baseball back. They beat the NBA back. They beat the NHL back the story today in sports. Is, MLS, announcing their plan and saying four weeks from tonight. We're back and we're going to start with a bang with a tournament. And there's going to be fifty four matches over twenty six days. They'll start July the eighth. The tournament ends on August Eleventh H. Club plays at least three matches. The maximum number of matches is seven, and then they pack it up, and in the plan right now is to head back home. Play in home stadiums, and perhaps play in front of at least a limited number at least some number of fans that your news of the day related to sports, and it was MLS jumping into the spotlight, saying hey. Look at us. NBA is forty nine days away from starting baseball. Who knows if they'll ever start? Were starting four weeks from tonight. In Orlando with everybody playing in a tournament. I like it up next on this date in reds history, we'll head down the stretch. Arnaud carrier sportstalk presented by Kelsey Chevrolet seven hundred W W. Music tells US star to go back in time. Let's check out what happened on this date in reds history. We begin in nineteen thirteen. This is still hard to believe. Phillies first Baseman Fred Ludicrous hit the first ball into the right field bleachers at redland field. In the phillies three two win over the reds at redland field, the ball landed in the stands on one bounce. It bounced over the ten foot wall, four hundred feet from home plate, according to the ground rules at the time. In an enforced until nineteen thirty, a ball that bounced into the stands wasn't considered a home run. That seems ridiculous. This date nineteen forty four Nuxie, the old left hander was a young and fifteen years ten months and eleven days old. He pitches two thirds of an inning and making his major league debut to become the youngest player in Major League, baseball history. He entered the game trailing thirteen nothing. He allowed five runs, two hits and five walks. He would not pitch again in the majors with the reds till nineteen fifty two eight years later. But he would go on to win. One hundred and thirty five games over fifteen big league seasons in the major leagues, the other odd note props to my dad for noticing this. The game wound up eighteen nothing. You know what the time of game was. One hour and thirty seven minutes. Big Dave, the sheriff would a loved that reds game on this date nineteen, forty, four, eighteen to nothing. You're thinking well. That could be miserable. It was an hour and thirty seven minutes. How is that possible? On this date nineteen fifty big clue take ski homers in the bottom of the ninth crosby field. Reds beat the dodgers four two three. One thousand nine hundred sixty. Dutch daughter's second grandson second inning Grand Slam Off Sandy. Colfax sends the reds past the dodgers. Three in La. Sandy Koufax had walked the bases loaded, and then Dutch daughter, who I had not heard of until looking up these notes this morning, who had five career home runs in the major leagues had a Grand Slam of Santa Co fats this date nineteen sixty-five, frank, Robinson hits home. Run three hundred in an eight seven win over the cardinals. He would go on to hit two hundred, eighty, six more in his career, including two hundred and thirteen more after being declared an old thirty. This nineteen seventy-six, it's the battle of the bees. The bees disrupt the reds game for the second time in that nineteen seventy six season twenty approximately I don't think they really countered. Approximately twenty thousand bees had to be removed from the reds bullpen area. The reds would beat the pirates. They would sting the pirates six to one St Nineteen, seventy, seven, the red spoil, the return of Tony. Perez Riverfront Stadium as an opposing player for the first time with the Montreal Expos Reds win thirteen to. To one nine hundred eighty one on this date Mario, Soto. Twelve strikeouts to nothing win over the mets at Shea Stadium. Nineteen eighty-three Johnny Bench announced his retirement on this date effective end of the year, Johnny Bench was only thirty five years old, and was so battered, beaten up from so many years of catching. You Rely Johnny Bench forfeited the final two years of his contract. There were two more years left on that contract and he said I'm retiring at the end of the year. This state nineteen eighty-six. The dodgers beat the reds. One nothing Morio Dunkin. Then with the dodgers scored from second base on a ground ball to third to win, the game wanted nothing. To more one, thousand, nine, hundred nine, the first place read shut out the dodgers, four nothing at dodger, Stadium Jose Rio, a five hitter for his first Major League shutout, rookie, Lenny Harris with his first major league home, run, and finally this day two thousand ten. The red score three in the bottom of the eighth, they rallied to beat the giants at great American Ballpark, seven to six Brandon Phillips, four hits, Arthur roads and inning, and two thirds of scoreless baseball, his earned run average dropped to zero three three. Season he had. It was an all star. I don't know tonight. And this is a sad note. Thoughts and prayers and condolences to the family of Lonnie, wheeler. Sich. Sad News Lonnie Wheeler. Longtime writer author wrote work for the acquire the post. Written. A number of books wrote a book on Hank Aaron and and Bob Gibson and Reggie Jackson. Passed away. Lonnie wheeler was in his sixties. A facebook post from the family said it was mounting an increase in complications. health issues Sunday night he went into cardiac arrest on Tuesday. He died. His his first grandchild was born. Just a couple of days before Lonnie was able to to see his grandson on facetime before he passed, but I. Just I saw that today. Junkie sweater had the had the story in my heart's sake Lonnie Wheeler was on on the show. Certainly a number of times that I just always thought he was like the kindest. Guy You'd WanNa meet. Peter King mentioned today in the piece by John Key sweater when when Peter. King was here in town. They both Lonnie Wheeler and Peter King both coached a not whole team in town. Lottie had just finished his latest book. About Cool Papa Bell. I look forward to reading that book and again thoughts and prayers and condolences to wheelers family. That's That's just incredibly horrifically sad news today. I'm out of time, thanks for. Giving me some of your time tonight. Let's say we gather tomorrow. For three hours. Jerry Jeff Walker's prepared to serve up three hours of the night cap. That will follow the news. It's been the carrier sportstalk. Blow it. He's got Oh. He's got John Marshall. Money. MUSIC DOT COM, yes, ten summer songs and evaluate what one hundred hundred dollars piece or more as part of the conversation. I love John Marshall d, The depth of knowledge about records for the guy is just staggering and I'm sure Gary Jeff could take some calls so if you have those those vinyl records pull him out John Marshall. Answer your questions on the home of the seven hundred wwl W!

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