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Hi I'm Dan Primack, and welcome to axios recap presented by facebook. Today's Monday August Seventeenth Robin Hoods Valuation is. New Cova cases in the US are down and we're focused on the future of the US Postal Service. As you've no doubt heard by now the US. Postal Service is at the center of a battle in Washington DC. Yeah that US Postal Service, the same one that delivers US bills and birthday cards and bed bath and beyond coupons. Oh an election ballots, which is why what began as a fairly mundane funding crisis has become a political crisis. To catch you up the Postal Services Board of governors appointed by President Trump said earlier this year that it needs twenty five billion dollars supplemental funding or else it will be insolvent by October. Shortly, afterwards, trump appointed someone named Luis joy to be the new postmaster general. Some critics say to joy got the job primarily because he was a big money trump donor not because he had run a large private delivery company trump of course claims he's qualified. Either way to joy has made some major changes to USPS which appears to have the result of slowing down mail delivery in many places. Not only does that currently impact delivery of such things as prescription drugs and social security checks, but raises huge questions about the speed and security of male invalid this fall. Democrats alleged joy is intentionally kneecapping USPS to help the reelection of president trump who is opposed to certain forms of mail in voting. So, Democrats have scheduled to vote on that twenty five billion dollars in new funding for this Saturday and also asked joy and USPS Board of Governors Chairman Robert, Duncan to testify in front of the House. Committee on Monday. The chair of that committee representative Carolyn Maloney recently one primary in which the decision wasn't finalized for six weeks due to problems related to mail in voting she joins us in fifteen seconds. At facebook, we've taken critical steps to prepare for the US elections we more than tripled or safety and security teams implemented five-step AD verification launched a new voting information center learn more at FBI dot com slash about elections. That's F. B.. Dot Com slash about flash election. We're joined now by Congresswoman Carolyn, Maloney a Democrat representing New York's Twelfth District Congresswoman. Let's start here. Last Friday, you sent an invitation to Louis Joy and Robert Dunkin to testify in front of your committee. Have they replied to your invitation? Yes they have, and they will be there on August twenty four to answer our questions in response to our invitation to testify, we called an emergency hearing based on statements by the president that he wanted to defend the post office in really actions by postmaster. General. Detroit that would slow down the delivery of mail. I'm hearing trump postal workers in union leaders here in the Metro area that the male is five to. Six days late. So it's a very important saying that we're having this here and so a couple days before that hearing the house is coming back to vote on and correct me if I'm wrong here, I think on at least two things on Saturday correct one is this extra twenty, five billion dollars to help fund the post office, and then also a bill you have presented, which would ensure guarantee that the operations of. The Post Office as they were at the beginning of this year will be virtually identical to the way they are the beginning of next year is that accurate? are both bills going to be voted on? Yes that's accurate. It's very important to get the funding for the post office the Board of Governors that we're incidentally appointed by president trump came out asking for twenty five billion dollars to make the post office whole because. Of their actions during the pandemic given support to businesses, corporations, entities not for profit schools name it why not an institution as important as the post office is a pillar of our democracy is enshrined in our Constitution every president history has supported it. So we are hopeful that we can have that emergency funding immediately and get it to the president's desk. Also, we are getting reports and this is national. This is across the. Country although they deny it that they are taking actions that deliberately slow down the delivery of mail got to stop. That's what my bill would do. It is by artisan we hope to get more some senators have shown interest in it. So we're hopeful that we could pass it. Also, it basically stops all of these changes and returns it to what it was before the joy got there when we hope that this. Will Pass to they have done such things as remove processing machinery. I, toured the mortgage processing facility here in Manhattan I guess it was two or three days ago, and they had literally removes machinery. They would have to bring it back. They've been removing host boxes from across the country and denying over time, which then slows down the male stop all these sabotaging steps, and until after the election after the coronavirus has left. US then we can have a debate look at them. Can I ask a question about your bill? It says the the way the operations of USPS were January first of two thousand, twenty s how they need to be on. January first of twenty, twenty one is it possible though that there could be an unintended consequence of this, which is that the postal service also wouldn't be able to make changes that could in theory. Improve delivery of particularly of ballots an election I think if the race you just ran right one of the big legal controversies about it was this issue of postmarking and whether or not the US postmarks ballots that had been present by the state or whether they didn't, and you could imagine that happening lots of different areas in theory USPS could change that policy for the better, but that would violate your bill wouldn't it? No, if you can make it better fine if you have a way to improve it fine, we accept it all of his actions though slow down the mail you said after your election results were certified earliest after the judge ruled, there was a lot of lessons learned in your Primary Race v Mail in voting. What's the most important one that you think other districts other states should take from your primary race in terms of mail in voting. Well I think that we learn in my race in other, sometimes the male imbalanced were not treated as. Class Mail I build changes that I WANNA have a hearing coming up on really the barcodes and we use our codes when we bailed out the stimulus checks and dave the recipient the opportunity to track their check, where is I would like to that for all of our ballots that they be coded and you can trail them a know who they came from and brings a security ineffectiveness to. The process and I have a bill that on coming out with I haven't announced publicly yet that the postal department should pret- bar coded ballots for any state that wants it from your perspective practically possible if that bill were to pass even tomorrow that that would actually be able to be done for ballot in some cases are going to be starting to send out very soon and certain states. That's true. These are all things that I would like to do in the future I have time to do it for this election probably not let your question was, would you need to do to make a male or secure I believe bar coding and having a First Class stamp? Every ballot is treated like first class mail that moves it quicker than other male I think those are two things that you could do but we certainly on the federal level are responsible for the funding what we're working for, and we certainly are responsible for the standard of. Living in the post office and he has come in and initiated kinds of procedures the slowdown, the male everything from denying over time cutting hours cutting days I'm told across the country taking out literally the Posta boxes from districts and removing them. They've been ordered to put them back in some states they have slowed down the processing of mail usually trucks leave. Processing site to go out to mail delivery centers based on the amount of mail you have they were saying the truck can only make one run a day this is slowing up tremendously it's slowing it up now that it would it a huge problem on election day I would urge everyone to vote if you know you're gonNa vote for vote early vote before. Fifteen make sure that your ballot has time to go through the process, and if your state requires a stamp to have it stamped all of this is very very or Congresswoman Carolyn. Maloney. Thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. After our interview ended representative Maloney Call to clarify that her barcode bill would not impact this November's election, but instead would be to improve mail in voting in the future. At facebook, we continue to take steps to better secure our platforms. What's next? We support updated Internet regulations to set new standards for data portability privacy and elections learn more at about being dot com slash regulation. That's about F. B. dot com. Slash regulation. Welcome back. We're watching today is the Democratic National Convention. which kicks off in an unconventional virtual format three things to watch for I do people really, watch. Yeah, it's going to be broadcast on the major networks and the cable networks like a regular convention would be, but it's hard to know folks will stay glued to what will essentially look like a fancy zoom call to how many Republicans will the Democrats trot out tonight to endorse. Biden. Already, there reports that the evening speakers will include former representative Susan Molinari, former Ohio Governor John Kasich and former Ebay. And one time California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman. Finally. What Will Bernie Sanders say? He speaks right before headliner Michelle Obama and is likely charged with convincing his leftist supporters to throw their weight behind these centrists. Biden Harris ticket it could be the difference for the Democrats between a Biden presidency or four more years of trump. And we're done big thanks for listening right producers. Tim Chauffeur's Naomi Shaven have a great national thrift shop day and we'll be back tomorrow with another axios. RECAP?

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