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Gaming plus fits immersive open world neighborhood touquet. Okay twenty is a platform for players to come together and create. What's next in coaching? I think every woman needs to learn how to play. NBA Two K. twenty because if they don't it probably not going to get the quality time Omni want with their man right now NBA Two K. twenty welcome to the next all right and also welcome to this man everybody that listens to us on a weekly basis. Oh we got some special guests here. Finally guys stop fronting on the rest of his squad this. We invited them up here before he came by. I self you know what I mean which is crazy because he's been here by herself. Several times to score man Mouse Jones here finally bought Mack wilds and fly fly rise so what is officially guys next door the guy next door here brothers and when you remember what big used to do a Luc's right big I I said Okay big football before we bug liaises gate bridge is everything brought into what I said. Last time was not Malvo's Taylor's for we address. That looks bad backup on it was Taylor for member. I hit you like I said we all in town. We can make Michelle after you said hit Taylor. I tell it tell us that I'm I'm a hit you and let you know no by texting in Jim now text me while I was in the gym and was like you still come in a hit back three. I didn't think I was around the corner from here Ryan he was he was he went guy. Anti Matt Mack Devil wanting to tape. I remember saying mouse where Ryan and you said to me. Hey go to renowned ambience. They gotta go solo say to me miles in when I they can't get to three have flu glad to be mom man. I want to begin with Takashi even know that it's maybe individual is provided great content this week the social media over his fast. I haven't really been able to see anything having okay. You know really all right. Now is not what Takashi did suit. He saw everything total every workout. Look look I like you speak about one thing you not about that life easy to say that man and you know I saw I'll watching watches state of the coach at I saw k Williams going at it until you really should not be trying to go back into Jim after you have given that type already offered this couch while she's giving people advice tips hotter fucking snitch. I'm telling you how to get to see because he is active. Ah No timing like fuck you throw sucking Dole nothing if you can't do no time and you don't do those no no no you do damage already in right. I mean don't do nothing periods they law abiding citizen and we all know that feasible because people who that never committed harm their lives and they're not able to in the face with the decision I snitch or should I do the time don't do that. You have to feel like when it comes to. That's what you just don't do nothing either. One of them were wrong. I thought it was just different. PERSPEC- avenues wrong haven't even attorney so everyone just speaking from the perspective of if this is my client defendant but you still got it he honest but my client so you have to say my clients Iraq this is what I would desire to help my client rat. Don't don't try and paint as anything else I don't think she did. She says she says you wouldn't encourage any of her clients to do that but if that was the last resort and that's what they wanted to do she would say this is how it should be yeah. How many how many cases Ebony Moore I have new ideas? He's actually tried. I don't know anything about this. I know I'm not gonNa tell you to answer those questions but she is very knowledgeable. When it comes so this locked up yes because they it probably wouldn't have done some more time to learn all that shit they would've told Tony Ruby saying makes a lot of listen? We're not GONNA sit here and act like some of the hardest most gates thanks to motherfuckers didn't turn right that they don't like I get it the hardest Nigga turn rat so guess what order harsher Harvey doesn't I like. KANTER said it like I think it was eighty. Don't y'all confused real negative you've confused a killer for real negative the same mega that careless the square long like just is a killer or is perceived to be tough that don't mean here stand up Nigga think about that though we talk we say if you don't want to if you don't WanNA end up writing don't commit crimes no just being a murder. Nobody it don't matter being mean if you if you're going to be a man or the way and if you rat that is a big knock against you don't exist because it means. There's a certain entirely you'll break. You know you have a breaking point. Don't do it. It's funny. We was just having in this conversation with somebody like I was having this conversation with just days ago and this is one of the most I was. I said if you're in this if you're in that lifestyle and you know you like your around that it's kind of an unspoken rule like even even mobs like what is that the it is. You can't play but you get into the life got a whole bunch of that. Go against the grain. It's still you you going against the grain ninety five percent to go against the grain and we act like it is a way of life four or five percent but I feel like that's because this all boils down onto what we say we had before if you not what to like this gang gang member and don't have to be a tough guy you you could be a gang member like this is more about community at the at the addition more about community posted in it is about all I'm super top this mad gang members. They don't of all colors blue red. Whatever that didn't go to school edmonston naked diet put everybody in place just what we need? We don't need a punching goes out here doing a whole bunch of eventually tell on everybody's with the Shit's until they're faced with a situation where they may be in for a long time getting the shit pushed in today pushed that two pieces pieces of chicken and a biscuit in your face saying everybody holds episode I forty eight is it. We call it furnace hearth show one episode without somebody telling Elena somebody seen negative naked mother white obviously killed almost got away with it like the niggle almost got away with it like this. I forty two months to get thrown out so it was like it was the first forty eight was up in the first ten minutes. They may get killed his mom. They all circumstance against this negative had no physical evidenced get to nick could not put on had him on video going to mother's hotel room coming back. We'll have bags in her call. She's not there. He tried to transfer bread from her account to head after she was dead. They had no way of proving Abbadi. Nothing they put a track on this call. Disney would not go no with two months isn't a go ooh to visit the campsite daughter the gravesite and that's how they quoted as much later to go visit his mom and for some look on a very very aw man. I thought you owned worse than these like. I'll be watching shit hoping to bag. I get away so the whole time on my hope. I'm at the point in my life white back everybody if you I washy like that killing your mom and all that that's that's the one I would not say this minimum business sending nobody's business he always always retail business but dick. Gregory is an an amazing person. You know mom link some some psychopathic shit like from social gotta be him back is even in crazy type of not kill two zero nine unless you go that you you. You should not have a they have been revoked what she's done it does when you got a lot of this the silent way back just to make sure she was still buried. Conduct Earth changes like the body came. I'm six foot grade I definitely but it was like like in life the way attempting he wasn't he wasn't he was never gonNA get caught if he didn't go back. He was never going to be on if he didn't get caught I I I never saw that episode. It has got washed you think he knew you'd like not in any way cameras. I've got a couple of episodes we have not seen and I voted with somebody to get away and they just don't WanNa Eric not content not air the air. I've seen an episode but they don't ever find like like because they never do. They never do the trials. No more like they come out with your first forty eight years determine a trial series but I got that Shit was adult. Maybe got got dragged down. I don't WanNa see so many negative snus like all right. No that's what you watch but you don't want to see the trial Paul. You didn't want to make it to to ask but I got this neutral greenbaum few his mother Johnny on Thirty Starve you out that you remember the old black lady that she got everybody a snitch on. I think she was from like Louisiana design. Everybody like listen now. I'm a call your Mama. Some of them did it. I would have bought the rights to six nine hall. You know what what what if when that person who I don't know what if when he come home he becomes executive producer now. I don't want to give too much money. Forgot it Max six nine pop when you come on. He's better looking he might he might oh come on and be armed as as as much as he singing on that stand he might as well be on film. I and you know who des. I think they can get those tattoos. Removing the winners pricing like South Dakota missile. y'All acting like Sammy. The bull does make a told on a bunch of Niggers Eggers from Brooklyn. Nobody gives a fuck about while you gotTA. Keep it but he's not gonNA. He's a battle to Bro. He's going back to Jersey so the multi-million has released mad records even more money and he's going to hire the same security he had when he was a wild for respect. I'm telling you not going to be different. You'll have no. You're not having money for security. That's GONNA show y'all are beyond confused. Six still got money. Yes hell no not all six now. Money is going to legal bet money that bet money he'd be Lien's nine ain't got no money he didn't he he wasn't out that long to make money his whole album list streaming number one streams point he he was assigned to he wasn't another so there's money grew homeland but he said half a half a half or more than half of his money winter a notch. They showed his bank account. It was nasty noticed. It was like six seven thousand like that. He's only been out fully come a year ear. He come home just know when he come home. Nothing's going to happen to them. We're not in Asia aggressive. knoll negative Alpo lives in and hall. That's all I'M GONNA say. Bro albo lives in Harlem not underneath any different name. He looked at all of them died normal because nobody wants to go to jail for killing the snake. It's all because of the day ratted on her in prison. The only people these mother fuckers time discreet you just like he riding. I'm not Bruin my life killing this guy for somebody. That's already locked or the next I would animal everybody. Just WanNa look tough. Everybody want to tell everybody just won't look up to but they're still awesome nine out here so they not gonNa do nothing to him saying if they was willing and able to shoot at chief Keith somebody he commits chief Keith like you're talking about. I it'd be attempts to happen. I don't think so it's a spotlight on him. If you do when you're going down and you know you're gonNa tell on you so I ask Jerome on member that Aub la that nick is going right to your crib point yeah yeah. I don't think nothing's GonNa Happen to me but you think he's still gonNA make music guys. It's definitely still going to be his fanbase tough his family's little white and Mexican kids don't give a shit. They don't care about none of this. Your Brain Avella points. This is all the way and actually scares scares me it. It terrifies me that this is the way that how how long did you get pick her up. Hold on the street. He's moonwalking as soon as as soon as it's done. He's twenty twenty. He's moving to get time served. If you'RE GONNA take another year they just GonNa let him out. He's getting note at the at the end of the shit at the after the Latin against sentence that negative moonwalking out to Jim Jesus. It's Nasty Work Shouf didn't first song be called more walking in the first five for you might just be might sample Michael Jackson beat. That'd be beat your he's going to be good embraces. It braces rabbit is not the first embrace embrace it true. Okay listen I don't. I don't think that I don't think that I don't think dead. I think I think that six nine. I don't think it should be surprised about what we saw six nine. No absolutely this is the lesson isn't that all kitchen Moremi did say she was like Oh. If you go being situation like like if you not about this life don't commit crimes six dollars a prime example of a person who should not committing crimes but also more importantly nine tracing even had him around and she that's the fat but this is what I keep telling what what we've been saying Oh Jeez not Dan yeah no more bread so they seeing seeing money play my mad no but a new get stay nine Hewitt he would tell if he got caught anyway. Honestly I think they would make body gangster and then expect them to stand up at the you know not paying attention. I don't thing there's paying attention to that. They was paying attention to the bread Yeah Yep and I think that the idea gangster wasn't like the perception was given off the people via social media. I don't I don't think they saw that and not seen it wasn't putting into work though also thought he was never going to get caught and Lord have mercy. I don't know how you could think that at all. None of this would ever happen if that situation to happen you. It's a it's an ongoing case. Why won't be talking about a great way? We've got we got. We got kidnap. None of this happens if you don't get kidnapped Nah. They've been watching entree for five years. They said none of them but they didn't have nobody to turn watch data feds if they've been watching for four years you know the time happened. They flip him. They flipped yeah. It was over that you never video was wow ice ice came for the driving avenue. Here's going to deport him and then he flipped. It was like I'm GONNA keep driving. If I stay here you can't even understand when when he talks and and I'm the worst talks awesome we know that right on Lake so you think that the kidnapping case we'll call it everything winging it is. I don't think they me personally. I don't think the feds had anything did they would have something for four years. They would've took new. They don't have they don't have anybody. That's that far far inside like that. Boy was to flip once you flip Dan he is inside that is like you got the whole Taylor. That's like if if the other station wanted inside Information Flip Taylor the Msci Damn tell you Takashi now not tell. Can you tell tell us from Philly. She makes me feel she tougher nickname copy on love. They call really that's. Why don't we why don't you if that's not why they stay? Take note saying why somebody I gotTa tell us the podcast on Komo more than the the Wad Mukasey kidnapping offered this update Dick that was great. Wait what's Shit on Stop don't ever heard anything doc. You did say that broke yes he. Did you only watch the bulk audibly clips inaudible say when you said that but if you listen you can't listen Stugotz we do a good job. Lee Down terrible tasks job the wall a lot of trouble being on a podcast with mouse. No no right right yeah. I'm just mousy. What the fuck they nose you? Oh No I don't I don't I really don't get into that much trouble. I which is funny because the the people that just don't listen got you got you until they realize mcdonagh podcast then they'll start to listen and be like why are you sitting next to the mousy bringing you brandon right now like that because of your rhetoric fucking yeah you're gonNA cover reboot the foot absurd they they were supposed to be doing swell thought they said he was part of the definitely definitely not no definitely not no offense by touch that they say that they do solemnly not bushing they did say that Matt was a part of it and then They'll put me not reboot so thought the MAC from New York four months ago race kneeled undercover reporters like Oh Shit uh-huh one day take one or go to undercover. Nobody not going under the covers with nobody from working with nobody it'll right now would you do you will be gaining on you begin to show in a show like not the movie show Lake like six seasons. Probably it's too long. That's a Lotta also six movie. I think it would it would depend on the roll like if it it has like if it would have to be actually what namic correct what if the wire came back right and Michael Lee is really the new on Omar Omar. It'd be a great role to play that'd be fine. I wonder what nobody ever trip. Though first of all we've gotten way more homophobic. Nobody over the years 'cause way more Salat. Greatest actors had had had a doodle well Smith. I think it was the Knicks Kissing only my only my man's Denzel. He doesn't not even thinking about what you think about like limit color when they used to do eh quoted earlier. We never listened to them. Lyrics like Oh big Weiland Negga set my Nigga saying Oh Nixon was saying allow dreams used to come on palm too. I remember the first time I heard that like this which I was listening to but but no-one over the past couple of years pause game ever since back up things but a society zone he's question birthplace yes but yes you're absolutely listen. Charles all fucked up the game. No Autumn definitely started the pause game boy said they starts mentioned it is we have far gone burbs club this weekend. It is weird how people glorify horrify those Harlem crime bosses could a lot of them absolutely right it. Everybody Guy Fisher told preacher toll rang Lewke the Frank Lucas Dole a toll while easy in in real life. The person that plays the person at age was based on he told Easy Alpo out they ritual told but you know recipes rich porter Everybody and I just wonder why their story because he died he. Would you say you said that once you get cost niches and everything's rate everything's a race so why are we telling their stories. I don't know that's a great question which I don't know kids paid in full must be saying stuff like this is weird to me to as he's not because I don't like nothing at Glorifies Ryan Nichols Walk around wind paid in full serve Nigga walk around with shirt it will at least in New York the Knicks walk around with that black shirt that got on a face on it he told also you mean okay. He thought toll you're not saying that. The movie was whack him anyway but I don't like it because you are putting this in either you've set up like they did not tell naked on twitter calling himself as sneakers on twitter calling himself. ooh I'm such and such gold Saint Patrick. He told like every show up now such guy aw I was I was I was like I mean I. I guess you're right. I think the biggest but I think the only thing is that the stories stories are still stories. people people people people people latched onto stories that you know the actual person in a lot of times what they do not kinda falls to the wayside but the stories the the mythos of of a story you kind of fall in love it so I guess you gotTa love like the rise in the fall right right. I'm not what I like. I love American Games as a movie but the two main characters the two is to as police in Iraq like that that for me that crazy problems police officer he's looking to he. He's talking about the actual person like he wouldn't be friends with him and I get it but as far as the movies movies go movie. I love American gangster movie but you're not GonNa hear me. I'm not GONNA wear shirt. I don't want you to be next to be watching movies talking about not just thinking ahead wild mouse close and the two different species super-busy told on things yeah everybody everybody that is worth. I think it is based on the stories because we love we love to rise and we loved the fall like you look paying a phone. Numbers loved that movie but it's classic Niggers told one person no both Tunisia toll as e told a toll as Vogel reason now the the hottest months because this was this was a conversation that was having what is a good reason to. There's no good reason to tell if you ain't a life force them. Let's keep you pay per second intaking. Okay he's twice. I didn't know the I will go back double full Rico Yeah Right. He knew he killed his man. Yeah stall his you know Rico already a Nigga then do he told on was undercover. Look set him up with undercover police right so I don't see a problem one the police he didn't tell them is connect. It don't matter who you telling you towel he told on somebody did something so found his man don't tell a head for his mind. He didn't actually know for affect those yes. He did. Yes yes he did he did. He said that he said that in the book. I'm looking at the movie. He said demanding that either the stick up kids. It's either say it turns out that the MIC is defin- either way. He knew that he was gonNA in bad he really. Oh and there's so many other ways to handle that with your own hands dirty he did have already right but you got your. You've got your name dirty and once you name there. You can't clean that you could handle you can washed shit. Oh you can't clean your name. There's no dry cleaner in the world that could clean coming back to Mr see his name is bad right hidden foot foot wrong you go down to the West village up in the fuck. is you talking about. We had awkward moment after next door to see to finish your we walk out first resumes who who we just finished recording with wax so so Ryan and Mac Daddy chopping it up. You Know Magnolia we we we we. I don't know I wasn't shopping governor. Nobody Hallway looking Chinese say and he was out in some tight burn jobs. You know you don't put in this. I walked out. I said no worse also no I don't know I don't know how that's not me. I would just go we were scheduled to talk. Wasn't nothing like you going up to the biggie smalls aw I E J I said was shot. I said was the wreckage Mac Watson into play tailplane like well. I have a problem with a problem. We made novice. I don't have a problem with that man to do was go get a boyfriend in in an apartment now with the freemen. Whatever whatever whatever to get debt in an apartment hotel I I walk out the room the room I don't even because he had Ehud on I'm looking it wasn't looking at me with hoodies cute birth longhair offer exactly you do have the luxury of his his mustache? Coming Bobbins lose it NIGGA IGA don't like me and wax so he looking at us and I'm like who works here. Oh there's not there's not to that sixteen. Would you say you think if they see name dirty. His name is dirty industries. You can't clean that no matter what we do know. It doesn't matter how except he didn't do that room essentially essentially he did it in society's view just like I don't people in society civilians don't think snitching it wrong the so you think he should have did the way yoga. Did it not just a real question. I don't think he should I note because I you the only about Anita you'll never never getting invited by saying is he had he during the way the way he embraced himself I guess and and and talked about it to the world. I don't like the women legal but eventually did do that but on the third lockup he got arrested and he was on ninety seven. He was just like this is what I do and I think he's embraced as did since then but his name is dirty in Mouse Richard the first game caught by society about if he just said instead of getting caught I if he's any space for him to I don't think an opportunity arose familiaux polls. I think a Rose Family Melito book to to to embrace that there wasn't a moment four cedar anytime he would've now if you if you came out over uh over really would've been ill. It's a quiet for you. I'M NOT GONNA say it'd been over five years ago. Yeah it was like when they knew once. You've if I'm saying like there's more opportunity like there was a platform for me to do what he's doing now yeah so I feel like the universe made into what Mr C. Joe Like. I gotTa be free. You got arrested three times for the same thing so eventually the last person been one. I'll put you on video so you had to say something about it like I don't know why he might leaning into it. He's DJ EJ older pride events flies not in New York. I've I've never seen those shot. Camila letters that I'm not on a mailing list I wouldn't mind if I was not on the mailing list but instagram twitter like I never see priceline a. and never see him. I'm pretty sure Mr C. still getting book. I don't think this is about to say I could tell you one one place I always begin book. Well like when McAfee Jason as on Crete. He's GonNa pop on you know no no no disrespect this Mississippi because he's definitely getting booked with the pools with the balloon. He's definitely getting booked over there Jeff. Don't you shit on your panel. The with low key man deep blue's crazy hood who who am I have issues with any white man we will have issues to the DAD fucking trap Gary Okay thing that's his his trip track records. The greatest show on earth is completely separate from whatever that shit is low key and low cain hope and low key. I'm the host entrap Kariuki all the Hello Q. One Jones you'll need to anybody on the host track Karaoke man it is they let them tag team that whatever that is you know and I mean if that's where it's his book then that might be why I ain't seen commitment is the crazy part about it didn't do it right and then with some crazy. Give you the first one on my line. You gotTa have to serenity to Ah pot earlier this year. He was on my line. That's what I knew. He really fucking. I'm like he was on my line. The next morning I heard what happened. I told he likes to go right here. I would imagine that I thought you I'm GonNa believe just saying the polluter sound Craig battle the blue how we get to that from snitching though because I don't think the equivalent of that at all the PALOOZA loses snitching it's Dan and she in spite fucking Halloween down this list but sometimes you go straight Jason. Let's go back to Mac Watch winning appropriate time to SNITCH snitch. There's not if you if you all right. This is what it's called civilian. You are testifying. If you are in the life. You are snitching you. We never never time listen if you're if you're in that would be billions niches. I just I never did not and never been a part of doing into anybody. Who has that is? You're you're supposed to do. I agree because if you if you take part talking to told at all at all I don't care what happened. There's other ways to handle your issues in at life then to use the police agree to meet that make you worse of if you're not in shorts different by sort of saying short. If you snitching and save yourself wanted if you snitch in too late off your competition that's crazy to me because the lines are blurred now right because the other day I posted this young lady who was caught up in like a sex trafficking ring right and I'm like oh it's okay if you know it is lady is is the tell people that don't make you snitch like we gotta get trapped because all fucking degree people moms like why is it okay to tell on six hundred. You're going to thank he's alright yeah. I don't think sex traffickers should be senator or other sex traffic. That's an agent yeah but that's the that's their life. If you're civilians alike hey somebody's uh-huh look go get them. I hate sex traffic because that's the worst air like that but I wouldn't go to the police I would be like and you should probably tell you should probably go if I know as a sector having I'm going to the police now making the police tools that house where they got all in my family and friends bring I'm a columnist they are traffic going on. I'm going to address and everything me to ride along goddamn serious. I'm getting eight this extra getting boop lupus right now. It's terrible they call it in a shopping season like shopping center gave but that's what I know what you mean traffic flowing in okay a clip in these little like this is the time where they are getting them to eat because back to school so you could catch somebody going back to school by coming home from college discussing by this traveling this one this one is I am going to be next week. She was here yesterday but she she got caught up. Even a sex trafficking ring for like six years series yes he actually well the young lady at home now the young lady from back home now she was in Philly data dressed up like a Muslim or something about the ship Florida home now and it's simply because everybody knows that circuit so I guess it's kind of like the drug game the traffic traffic good and people that partake in life they all know he now Amazon so you can make a call and be like Oh that girl that your guy I need to get back. Whatever whatever you make it hot once people start? That's the other thing was nobody talks about so once once I go back before this autozone girl can't not can't bring this whole thing down because this is what we start taking accountability son as gotTA ought to be out in our communities. We gotta be out there like everybody on his shit where it's like me and mine. I'm not like you gotta be on that. Shit Yeah Yeah you have if if a drug dealer snatches on a sex trafficking ring nothing you supposed to take a different way that no I don't talk to police. You should never talk to police. That's what I'm saying. So did you stay out of you. Know know know how to handle it. If you don't talk don't talk to drug dealer and you notice guy from the sex trafficking kidnapped your daughter or your sister. He has an egg. I don't even better movie taken. I would find value back this way handed. You don't WanNa do it. You got money. You can make somebody in but you don't if you don't talk brought to police police. What about somebody's still your car you drug dealers? Somebody stole your car. You don't got star. What have you done with aw police report car accident car accident? I know you wanNA take to the defacto have never took the mouse. I don't even ask police for direct car accident and the cops come what you're GonNa do you commute. My license is spent going before they get bobby coming home by becoming home eleven bobby who December of two thousand thousand twenty six and I really wanted to do with him that was six eighty over the FA- his whole thing was like he wanted to stay hot and tell bobby came home and he's he's GonNa give tobacco. He sent him bat now. Bobby is a noun not we talked about how we're going to get rid of six nine. How do you reward somebody like bobby and I think about the culture? Let's talk about the coach knows. Mission Bobby had the opportunity to look and say some things and get some time shaved off. Bobby was like hell no and it took it took a big sentence. Arousal Rodman only gets that word up the term. That's a real negative. That is a Nigga who should be celebrated. Yes did you in a life. You stood tall and let ya nuts hang to make sure your man's was good. Yes you had you checked off the whole list or how long linebacker bobby break based off the rules of the streets yeah only culture. He should really like our home all alone. He came home and that's a fact I show when he come home it should be it should be a parade like he need. If you go to the ninety s and flatbush behavioral need to make that hosts murder she did the right thing and in autumn. GS negative that suggest that them naked will rob for their own community. I remember being a young run running around out there and then enhance. GS negatives and there's some real near those those are some of my closest closest rent and knows all real ones. I can't there's nothing wrong with. They're real NIGGA though real once say real well I think because real Nigga he's got like a negative connotation to it simply because there's not a lot of real negative everything that people say say Israel usually got something to do with criminal when you say real Nicholas is usually something to do with some criminals. Yes not not necessarily it's not all it's not like especially NATTA. We got like social media. We got nuance. Fuck you like like that showing the full spectrum of what it is to be a man Mousa Real Nigga because because of the way he the way he's the father like I. I real man yeah but why we don't have to sweep. I don't have a problem with using the word nigger unless you white like if you a Nigga Yuka because they make us that is the way we talk amongst is I use it but I'm not GonNa lie just got such a low frequency wealthy Aubrey when I'm not I'm not that rich. You got explain it with a real Nigga. I feel like I'm Kinda like in bringing them down a little bit a real a real man your case the bobby. Maybe you're real stand-up guy. You know what I'm saying the real stand up move. I like Dat Nigga. It's like a lot of real Nigga once they got under pressure. You realize they're not really at all. They just say fuck. Fuck the name like you just talk. Don't mean you you just you just you just who are you uh-huh Brady just more to deal with the shit then you just want them to do so on this. Somebody else's tell if they cut you. You know what I'm saying man. Can you so much when I heard that shit. We don't know who's going to today on the pressure know who never know which is why tell people tom tax settlement pre-tax. Don't be taking pictures with these numbers Bro. I don't take pitcher negative my friends and even who who is this nick asked this nigger nigger before we took pitches would we was in Max Party in. La The brother ship yeah and it was a big pitcher like it was like eight eight of anonymous and a pitcher. I'm listening the whole time who always negative civilians like Bro. He's a he's really doing like my brother. I don't know dressed up mouse you only one in here with Woody White House with a a big Nigga and the white team tucked in his pants just because he got he just just in case some shit. I'm not going to be late in looking looking mouth who is district. They just see our ratings like I had day'll. Come up to me. It was like Yo why why why why why is he like this. Why does he have to be like this? All the time table and boy got up the mosses what you already know is he brings. I won't say he brings any energy but he brings energy where people look at me different because but you know what does call what real nigga shoes yeah I didn't. I didn't really notice it until the thirtieth you know when you start going when you start going places and people start leaving exit the quiet and they get real quiet. They realized that he gets any real quiet and I'm still allowed like quiet now but I really understand he puts fear in some people as well. I mean listen an honest opinion would do that. That is the only reason I didn't say it was the truth because that's just what it is where we all your opinion but I've stuck up from so many times. It's it's like they'll you'll ridership man. How can you look you can't be mad at somebody's opinion listen? This is opinionated world and if you get mad at somebody not liking this. 'cause you like it then. You should really have the problem. I'm not even GONNA. I'M NOT GONNA say no names but I've definitely been approached by by a celebrity camps because of maps through looks like honestly travel a job that I was supposed to after you Mac frayed to stand look what happened around shut down to what the southwest yeah because I had we've out the bullshit because of him being issue but I had to bring together because he came to me. It's not like it's not like I'm Elliot Poking. Hey I'm giving them up here and you say the other side ownership man Dan will if this happens which then we'll have to take care of it and I stepped in and I said well if you had to step into it that's my man and I'm not I'm not jumping on your side. So what are we going to do when the opinions I want you know what I'm doing. I'm bringing together. You can have a conversation about it goes after that that's beyond me when they talked about it. He understood that he's an opinionated. You need a person and I don't have to like you for your opinion but I gotta respect you for. Not I can't hate you. which is it got? It got better and it's better to this day is still slow. It's slow I I'd say I'd say it's your jerk I did. I like to show a Nigga. I know you bought merch merchants merchant but yes so so back to your question the how do I feel about Mouse Jones Po potentially bringing down my brand Dan. It's funny having somebody so opinionated and I guess low key so feared. It doesn't bring my brand down. Honestly it brings it up like people are people are more on some like if he doesn't like everybody and he likes you. What is it about you? The also I think it ah me out 'cause if they don't like him but then they could meet with him have also humanizes somebody like Mac right like where you're not seeing him or getting his opinion on certain show hand him speaking a on a regular basis negative posted on instagram. You might see him a pitcher. Now you hear him every week podcast talking and not being filtered not having to worry about it vom saying so it kind of humanizes I like. I say it's more more connection. I mean social media. Is that same type of connection but I I thought he'd be on like I see more artists doing podcasts cast now and just stop. Stop it to stop a good. I'M NOT GONNA get money with no expeditious. I heard those I was. I actually everybody like legally I on a podcast right now. I'll be listening pay some bills and I want you to think about that. We're GONNA talk about nigger that don't need to be doing podcasts. I WanNa hear GonNa hit now. Mac Now wild weld is the premium brand that believe in smart designing premium fabrics and their way a better than what you're wearing right now. Trust me okay Mac. 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This is very important note because like when you wear briefs in the gym you keep putting your hand down your pants pulling on your briefs the pull him down where you draw the gym I gotTa wage boxes but actually macworld and under Okay Sports Criminals Athlete Fleet. You thought you knew crimes. You won't forget I don't know what the fuck they got doing anything but twenty percents off your first order visit Matt Dot Com and Enter Promo Code Brilliant Idiots that's Mac Mac k. w. e. l. Do Dot Com Promo Code Bruin Idiots for twenty percent off your first order. Now mouse podcasts artists that I don't need to be doing podcast who got. I don't think that's because there's some really good ones out there who got part because most interesting when they she's not jumping. No that's not true most artists acquired cats artists that we already wanna hear from and they already talk a lot anyway so like why not put a microphone in front facing you pay. Ti is the perfect example but ti you podcast. I'll give you that in other negative mood just not just not jumping and now you want to jump into those haven't even hit our radar right now. We can't name them. That's true 'cause all read auto alright all but they still out just take hey gal said listen was whack on tune in the first one or the second swimming in that I'll never I'll never should nobody who's feeding a fan base so if you haven't fan damn base and you just corny and and you should try to put your fan base. ESPN I I was talking about that earlier because I was talking about like being intrigued by certain people like you the sixth of the world or even the people like you know gang or like canvas awnings are like dominant silk. I don't know why you names new dog and these people I'm naming. It is now Taylor but got a podcast. That's been going on the version that Gee. I was talking about them because I was saying. I'm always intrigued. Yeah I agree with him or disagree with him. I mean tree by people who are able to build an audience my absolutely because we live in this area where you've got some of the most talented people that are dope as fuck but but he can't build an audience and we start with the same starting point you all start with that platform social media so why are some people able to connect and build these large audiences some mark. I feel like people that a lot of people don't like because they say negative things to people grasp a lot of attention and I feel like there's a lot of people that feel the same way they do but they're scared here to put it on a platform if people don't really like you because you say so many negative things there so there's a lot of people that also think the way they think Ooh. They're scared to put it on a platform Mattel Airbus because they don't want everybody to hate them near. That's that's definitely one. I mean I think a very very big thing especially right now. is is a niche finding in that niche me. I think I think more than anything right now. Nieces is what is selling or what what people are drawing to like if you could find a small niche to try to fit to that is yours. I think everybody starts to crowd around something that feels that authentic initially unleash a lot of times people will try to people try to do the same thing over and over like yield why that's why there's a what's the number now like Chris is like two point. It's on talk has two point two point seven million pockets in the roaring back home thirteen percent of them are original. You meet content in Iran budget and we're trying to everybody else. Does I find that's how you find your way. If you look at it and it's not you know I love this team over here. So it's whatever like that's why loudspeaker works right because you got you and shows who started this this type of open form Open Forum just creating great conversation about whatever right then you got the Combat Jack Show you're competing. Og Reg and you're getting in-depth Real Bob Warm Walter Inonu's. These hip-hop people humanizes this this experience that you've looked at one way we that's what was going on behind the scenes. What is widely read works? It's fucking great podcast in the world like that's why the reward is nothing else like it so when you're doing that if in the seeds are being planned tax season keeping butte like been that seated being planned friends on us like I'm fucking Ho last therapy session on Ed that's why how that works and that's why Y'all have so much success because it's neat yeah so somebody like when you see Joe Biden is initially mcneish to me you too Joe. Biden is like inside the NBA Kinda right party was his ship was fast tracked. Oh what do you amy. Jo was already doing youtube share. He was already giving audience yeah. He already had the audience that bigger than his music at that time there was just his fans of his personality and then those fans that music so then he gives you. The puck hasn't his like his nick. Just talk about all of this shit that I want his opinion opinion on did it no. I want to his opinion on how many how many hours I don't care who sitting at home so yeah. That's NEAT Shit I work. I think everybody should you. I shouldn't start a podcast unless you have unless you have something that you really want to say that audience yes even if it's even if ten thousand people that fucked with you have folly a whole joint they even if even if it's five hundred because that's what I saw when we start he meant women as club it was he man woman that was originally remember yeah so when we did that like what five hundred six hundred dollars on on twitter doing hundred six hundred listened so that was the audience and it is returning and so it was like I may even though small yeah if you just sit in a row mints Ya you have like I don't know I never went to college but you have one of those conversation people. It should be a podcast shit. Nobody knows you right. So at least you follow five on twitter tweet and you're saying interesting shing. That's how that's how I even got on the tax because of his twitter right it's fucking WII. He's winning. He's smart guys won't see if you could deliver that right in in real life right and so it's like if you if you are already giving people something they want via social media why not turn it into south podcast source. I came because it was just enough of US talking shit but it was like all right. Let's talk to you but let's put it on a platform. We all know we have friends. I will listen but I feel like we can and we can reach people outside of just our friends. I'm friends don't really listening to really don't really have core fans that leads to like a lot of my authorized repulsive repulsive then they'll repose episode where we said they name on it. It'll be something like this and then they'll ask me questions you the only way to prove that your friends don't listen to say some foul shit about one of your friends back yes now because he's got. He's GonNa get back to them. It's one way or another somebody asked the fans real similarity all like they just be wiling on social media at people like you know next to in an essay but then needs to hear something to be like Oh he must have been talking about such such unlike your thing about our pockets. Is We talk about relationships a lot so the most crazy the most exuberant is how can you make my relationship better and this and that and it's like I'd be scared can't relationship bathroom voice from from Paul. Don't no relationship Relation Ryan Mack magazine more shit up off on set with my girls. I'm just talking about Whiter. She's he's dragging. We just two weeks before and tying. Disney can try set me up for him. I'm like why feel bad look and feel bad that forgot to talk about you in that Clip Kyle just what fuck talk about this little clip. They forgot that she was putting out fires. Listen that allows you to so go to the space we there's not a lot of black millennials that talk about relationship stuff like that talk shit but we're we're we're very open honest honest and then we have like just a full spectrum compensation you give me an example was the last thing you all talked about that conversation going on social media. um your marriage. I don't know what the Fuck Y'all know but oh that's great soda clip the clip where so there's two so there's a clip where we we did perfectly. We released as the group. I said would you be ready or would you be okay with having a child with someone and not being with them like just being with Plano. I try advocate. Let's do it boom. Would you know so Ryan answer with with viral. Am I answering went by. My answer was when I see myself in a relationship I wanna be able to live my life like me totally by myself. I want my lady. You have a toilet by herself. Then we come together. We have a life together before we have a child and then we create life and have a whole new level. I don't see myself going into relationship saying I can co parent. I want to have my shit. Let her hush. We come together. We traveled to where we do our shit and then we bring something into the whether we could do it altogether. What was your mouth? I said I could I could I would be fine would have because right right now my life. I want a child another child so I would be fine with having having a child with somebody. I trust like I trust you enough to raise this child in all of this. We don't need to be together right now. Would you be like you wouldn't be as firm donor all right no because I would be in my child's life just all the guys that do that she once every two uh-huh Chat Karaoke. He's off the road. Absolutely what do you feel about that. I I said personally really are the person that I'm GonNa have a child with his is the person that I would be with like I I could. I could definitely see myself having a child with the person and then I'm with like I I I wouldn't want. It's it's I wouldn't be my first thought to CO parent. We would have to get to a place where I'm like. Okay okay. This is the healthiest thing for us to Co Parent because I think the biggest thing that we have realized in in our years this is all if there are ten of us in this room there are probably half of us who have parents who probably don't fuck with each other right and and or probably half of that the parents have stayed together to try to just keep a household together initiative detrimental to exactly so you start start to realize that co-parenting isn't bad but it wouldn't be my first choice it. I'm not a I'm not opposed to co-parenting definitely wouldn't be my first yeah. I don't want no. I'm glad I got no baby. Mamas Luther had abortion relaxed. It's no I'm serious because I would not want no. Maybe mom I feel like that but but that's another thing that comes from three aspects of two children and he's not with his mother. He's with another woman. He doesn't have any kids but he's in the relationship. I have no kids and I'm not in a relationship so it's three different things he say he will because he's co-parenting now works for him in his life not saying I can't but that's is not the first thing I want to do my first anytime accused you gotta micromanage them Yoga. You got a found a room every day. I would say so what I would say that it's sure if you living an average life in our life where we're traveling doing things essentially. You'd be going that time anyway point but I'm GonNa tell you something and you gotTa make the time I was just I literally just having this conversation yesterday with Angela Rock and I was talking about like my daughter. My daughter was born June of two thousand eight and I got fired live from Wendy November so it's like her. I didn't get another GIG till like May of Oh nine life I was doing my wife was going to work. I'm the one yeah I was with my young. That's how it was my youngest. Yes my second daughter. WHO's four? I was in the Missile Breakfast Club Shit wiling. I was fucking everything everything I was holding. You know what I'm saying. I mean cheated in three years. That's amazing. That's because overcoming negativity flawed doing your you stopped doing in the past three years. Yes I saw three fucking they stay probably I'd just Delaware. Come come to threaten okay cool feeling about something that you've been doing for three especially goes to stop bugging other the women all at one for three years applause. I got on birth club. He's he's like four months. Everybody like the same the same yet for twenty years yeah that is very true but he didn't he didn't he didn't know. You didn't know how you think everybody gets married understands the fuck. Can you think I think you're just responding because you didn't let me finish what I was saying so I said let's listen. Do you think I think that people who are getting married. Everybody men and women alike understand the weight of the mantle in agreement that the union entering because there's nothing to come on if you're saying that because you're in a relationship right so how long before you go square is facing everybody from take a box anyways so you're only for how long now not married and say oh married or Murph five. You're okay so within that Mary are you building up to being married. I suppose it basketball game. You really know that you never burst how return hat Tom Costa Mesa together by thirty coming. Ot not now you know he had come on no blechman oh she talked about TV but what I'm going to say this if you believe that you go into marriage and understand everything and and you automatically your mindset mindset is supposed to be on this is all. I'm doing for the rest of my life then you got your back what I'm saying. Is You believe that Takashi is cool. SNITCHING snitching regular say back he saying that you don't you're not seeing this thing in full totality exactly and you've got your living server rooms. Lifestyle is different than the average Nigga from Philly Taylor then in Yemen monogamy. That's a whole that's a whole Korea can't wind disagree and I'm GonNa tell you why the man's mouth mouth. I used to feel like that but I'm GonNa tell you why disagree I disagree because when you when you go to bed at night in you lay down with this woman that she's been in the rest of your life with that you raise your kids with you supposed to be heard negatives more loyal today homeys high really dirty entre interesting agree what you're saying but I don't think that has to do. I don't think that encompasses would I think that'd be. I don't I I I agree you know why because once I enter into an agreement even with you if I came into his gritted you're saying don't deal with Chino boom then okay I would be being this low and I would be bigger than that me personally if I will be something if your girl said another mass exist they do but you gotta look what you would look at her like she was being disloyal. That's a whole nother so she got to look at. Ut exactly that's how you can wipe that off. Go on you. Guys ask questions Oh God like. Did you suck his Dick. Fuck wrong. We ask massacre like we love pain gene. The finish was see. What did you do the what's GonNa toss me off the fucking bridge? She tell tell you that was bigger than yours. Law and that's how you know you're supposed to leave because he didn't care about your feelings. This'll be advertise Dick for the rest of your life the today show you like look some you'll see a big big land averaged take six six right now would come off offer like being loyal man. You can't reason loyal to nobody if you might if I if you have to lie you're being you're being disillusioned about pain. You keep telling her the truth thinks she can just take the pain she off loaded he told me but at least he told me the truth now you gotTa leave and we another conversation Asian. I went by. I forgot when he was on the way back from but Carl is I'm like that I forget what it was but I happen to be listening to her. Office had have avenue Gosh Black. I love that you know kill kill me now. I'm begging OH L. Anything Open Opening Orion had three buttons open so that Nichols was getting more the next one. I got my different person when we'd be out. Don't let don't let two or three people recognize me and don't say are we going to start taking shirts off he. He's wiling wiling polluters right. I don't go. I got to see that's that's. The thing is he brings a problem in my life I gotta just you know go from Blue Donna. Nobody said we'd been okay. Okay okay. I just choose a choose to pick and choose my battles. SNAFU absolutely go go of course Carl Lewis Coming back from there and I texted we could. We always keep conversation a chat. Ah So I I forgot I think I was listening to beyond me myself and I remember she said on she said even my very best friend tried to on up and I was like I listened. I'm watching it. He didn't try bag. He tried to one on let you know they hate us. NIGGA fucked up so we start talking about that on on on a pocket and that that conversation went viral because I'm like is there any opportunity there any moment where you would step in and be like Yo while son like this girl. I can't handle this off half all now getting skin like you visually seeing this woman being affected by this. I'm like I might step in like there's there's a chance I was stepping. Take a step in until shortly. She should leave his means said I cannot doodoo unless it was a physical level where there was physical abuse going by. I can't step in because I don't like if he's if he's cheating. Keep talking. I can't step in to do that. You know what I'm not going to step in on nothing. They're women. Call US halfway. That's why they call it. A fuck mega is I think we ebbing we good or would they call it. A mediocre leader is not only if you only have you know all so so you don't even on nicotine meals you know you would like grown-ups he with another woman. If I tell on you Rach Josh now what Y'all incl- like this if this is your manage girls so you are in constant contact with proximity proximity you hit and you watch her the same person that you develop a relationship because everybody I hear people always talking about Oh keep my distance. It's impossible that if this is your best friend this there's there's the counterpart this who they're dating for three four five years. You're going to develop a relationship with them. So now you're going to sit here and tell me your you don't. It's impossible but you gotta tell you I wouldn't even it's not even about taking it to her. I'm GonNa tell my man that say set up. We set like I said I'm not jumping. I've been out the window and doing it. That's going to be like what you WANNA fuck and I'll tell her to leave him and my thing is what did she go back to me and tell me your man said I should leave you now me and you'll be fine with that because at the end of the day it would take so much to get me to that point so you're saying it's okay for Nigger to tell you girl if you cheat must they say that you're talking about if you were and we know you're not gonNA block may not but it was possible if you are if I was wiling her shut up to the point Oy Affect our daily life yes I think he already knows. I'm not just saying like women be no Nigga. She still be with them if I'm watching her. Should I'm talked the crazy. I'm treating a bed. I'm not provided I'm not doing my job as a man and it's affecting her life to where it's now affecting how physical hair we see. We've all seen me go nearly if I'm doing all that I can. You help me accountable. I don't think you should take it to take it to him but if I'm if I'm taking it to you and you reject but you even just said it you can't even say that to a Nigga too mu- too many tax and now he's GonNa be like you would fuck my girl okay. We'll kick to keep her out of it and just be like like bro You while in which a woman you know how many how many jail hitting on this girl we not talk about that. We all said that if his physical mental abuse using just bet which this is what I'm saying so we got it there in show low neubauer watching this shit you gotta say some. It's it almost makes up to my guy. It's imperative you didn't do that. I feel like Ryan you go to your the only way I'd be like. I'm telling you girl. I'm going going to cut this shit out. I'm telling you fuck that bitch. You know what you tell. Your girl told you is opportunity for you to so Intel support cities you post stretch. You pull fund you pulling up in your phone. Put the discrete Solomon says it to he says yeah I tell you what I'm GonNa. Do better better sneaky fucking girl arrive so this goes back to what I say. There isn't oppor is a level you will get to but in my mind if you just have to step away from me being around union lady. Did you know that like I just have to push that away. I can't be as close as a friend. Why can't we can't say that we care about black women? We can't say that we love black and we can't say that we will defend undyed over black women and then watch them be done for the last step in but when it comes to the community of being a black man we gotta police each other source so it's just like you in order for us us to be better men for women you gotTA check. We gotTA CECCHI along checking you in the minute. Somebody that's all does not mean paid all the way over there but not paid on way over this. It's right. He wants to comfort. I see this girl every couple days this this might be my kids has gotten got paid only telling her tell you for which means Charlemagne agrees with me. That is a level two point. He'll I ain't he can be about not look if she did she not you. It's not just a cheat in fact. If you are calling this girl tell it's like why are you keep letting them treat you like this that you know you sound like a total wreck show record. You sound like somebody talk for five to six years is if you go to her and you say oh this and she's like you know what you're right but then I'm GonNa go get my brother to fuck him up. I whoa Whoa but now let's let's say he don't he'd go further and fuck you and it gets super violent and something happens us now so my conscience like Damn my man in half dead in the emergency room because I watch his girl as she finally took the balls and now she she heard him him the negative started it off. We've taken accountability right being accountable no but we are we being accountable and throw definitely demands. It's the Nigga who initiate if he was stop fucking up or org exactly fucking leave being pussy in a relationship relationships business and back when they brought you into this is what I keep saying. This is not some your interest interest those doing. I don't see no reason for my homies to be close with my girl anyway. I love you know what I'm saying. His family like yeah. Among you know Bros this when I see you but other than that I'm good yeah I agree with that to you. Mommy hit a other situation said unless I knew her before I knew you were less competitive another ever WanNa make it so. She feels comfortable enough to call you to be like where's your last night such some of which you do me like that you rat here. you know he at one time a little 'cause I used to run around me in the city and Shit and clubs and stuff and one Saturday morning girl calling me Oh deleted name he which you WanNa delete people and I was like no I 'cause. He Ain't giving you a heads up what the fuck was going on. This is what I'd be saying and this is why. I don't know what this is why women cheeseburgers because the nick girl is that she already know if a girl if Taylor called page right now or somebody call page right now and be like Yo if if if unnamed filly nigger call Beijing like being Keno Keno Santana dream dream chases more cassidy cathy was way older than you okay all right okay young girls who come to uh impeach what hotel room you know which one but you gotta give people the Heads Zahn right then that's why like I said if unnamed filly make a call page right now like a I ain't seen my little drawn. You've seen US page. This is going to automatically know up to something. Oh actually she's had a spin class. She's with Charlemagne right now. Working Phone's dead. She's GonNa Know U. S. ancient to one of us. Oh now the dod we desecrate what we will know how to not talk the police most of us but then a girl will get us to give the goods on on that can fuck you up to about a secure Nicolette. y'All can't be working that much well. You got to get rid of them. Naggus Di di saying you gotTa Nigga that is upset with you because you work with a Lotta different guy he's got is that he'll be happy for. You know he'll never be national biggest thing. That's the biggest thing he won't even be able to celebrate. You know your accomplishment because he's so worried about how it affects him as he probably met you doing the same job exact so. Why is it a problem now because that is a more broader that would USA in that instant short but broad women do be changing like women beat when you meet her about my money I got time for negative edited up in and she's like you? She Ain't got no jaw jaw baby. What how you got so much time like I thought he was on your grind? You Search Martine Java hang with me Nigga. Stop fucking with you because you were there dude all the time because sometimes girls get caught up with the guided they involve which and they start slacking and their mother fucking and it's like all right we'll go over there and the reason they start slagging niggers in the ear like you always with that Nigga what you going on why Z. Humid start to feel that energy use Tales Situation Nicholas Hayden Oh Taylor if she wants to do some Omar Ooh mark what happened with a Haitian. That's one Gotcha like that of the hang out. We didn't hang out in numerous. Go Sign Tiffany Haddish. Oh I told him I always doubt I'm GonNa go wish it Charlemagne Tiffany Haddish the next day he was like I feel like you just push me under the rug so like why are you in trauma always like hanging out like really got up site just play black men. Don't she play he was definitely insecure like rarely exactly it got cut in and the way he did not clippers uncircumcised. You gotta cut mother. Love is like putting was talking about earlier about the kids and managing the correct went up my four year old I wasn't I wasn't involved in the first year. Yes Oh my daughter all lynn yeah so. I'm saying all that to say you have to make time. Even when you're busy and you want to go. They don't on the road to them saying you have to you have to you don't do that. It don't matter whether you co-parenting in-house you just have to make take time does affect. I just think it's hard to make time when you call parents. If you're traveling in our lifestyle it might be easier because then you don't have to it might be easier because now when you come when you're back in town you can just focus on parenting instead of parent to enforce during a relationship usually saying when you if you're not anti-religion explaining their team parents parenting and fostering a relationship together with the person. Let's say somebody like four of us. We're all we're on a roll out. So when we come home we have apparent but we also have to be a boyfriend or a husband if you're just co-parenting when I come home father to get him saying okay. I'm not religious. I'm I'm like and I WANNA have kids but I'm just saying I'm not opposed to the idea now because like well it it would fit my lifestyle better and I feel like I would be able to focus more makes sense trading bills. I'm going to tell you this fine. UH-HUH WHO's doing i. I talked to US support for today's show comes from boost mobile switching the booze mobile gives you more anybody who got a boost mobile phone must've must've boost that's a private people with more at every time because boost doesn't offer one great thing it offers many great things like super reliable super fast nationwide network and four lines for one hundred dollars a month with unlimited gigs for data talk and text in four free. Lg Sti- STILO AH for Free L. Stilo oh I'm an idiot fire phones for the whole family is more than you'd expect from a wireless service and it all comes with no annual service contracts tracks with to boost switch to boost mobile and get super reliable super fast nationwide network so you can connect almost anywhere boost mobile switch that gives you more. I think that a lot of people who cheat the abuse mobile phones. I'm serious not getting drug dealers booze right well Mr. I don't you don't miss the charm. No it was time Kodo Lord sharp serve it was it was cool but then that's getting caught dot nick negatives is just typing in whatever numbers chirpin whoever yeah it was chirp hotline like it was crazy. FBI ages walking around in walkie talkies in tall order. I wanted to let look just like police just like Burton. I'm Outta here so it and you remember if I don't know I don't think he was the New York Times like they used to always have them all the train police audit. Tsa Police or police they have the Busse so negative that Jason Seahawk Jersey and by the way the ticket the turnstile you already know I wanna take a tap. The booms getting caught up. Wow what we're saying that to say that boost mobile offers coverage not available everywhere all right free phone requires port in additional terms and conditions apply visit booze. WHOA DOT COM or your nearest retail for details now? This is the part of the show because Taylor thinks that we don't use her topics on. Oh man we try to run to stay the fuck and check clear yeah we try to run to her topic fucking clear tail we already did Takashi who interracial interracial dating. Don't do it off Jimmy my Jimmy. My says that in a relationship because she's ages she's the young says he has to get to know her his culture. Oh I think that when you look at the word into ratio you should really look at it at Inter responsible. It is a responsibility when you date outside of your race to learn about that coach because not everybody's experience. Your inch is the same she went on to further elaborate when he stepped into my house. He takes off his shoes. He knows how Vietnamese people do it. I don't know why she thinks only Vietnamese he'd been doing blast. She said when I met him. I was like I wanna go to Hawkins vill. Show me exactly these Yellow House that you grew up in and how did you start your business. And how did you understand how to make a dollar. How do we feel about this? Guy Thinks he's is retarded. I've never dated a another wet race Mac and dated from White Women in your day PA Beverly Hills nine zero which is hilarious. I've never dated the white one room. I've never been in a in a in a relationship with a white woman. I've had sex with me too. I've never unfortunately Mexican women white women. I said the same same at the the spectrum is wide but I haven't been in a relationship with a white woman so I don't I I wouldn't know Ryan Relational really love your mouth never contrary to popular belief. I believe it. He fought it up at Nick. We would have been good Disney said to name on air. He didn't do what he did that. Five minutes he took the name the legal name and left to instagram in and they got to the crib. Shit is going left. Say What is happening here Sh- off I'm saying I've never dated a white woman. I've been in relationships with white. Women been relationships with women from the Latino. the thing is with me. It's like when you Black Day gravitate towards coaching but you more than anything in the blackness and hip hop. It's not like they seen it. Go both ways opposite like I guess it depends on serious you off you in a relationship with somebody somebody from another side. I can see that look. Rg three different dived. I feel like that's different. I feel it all depends on where you were raced how you were raised and who raised by so I think. Rg Three came from a white community he went did I believe I don't know if you went to school with all white people. I mean not to say I. I've had my share my like I went to all white college but I knew what I wanted because of where I came from and I I didn't believe even absolutely absolutely this was it we first started with his going to the league. He had a white girlfriend college white girlfriend highschool. White girlfriend has a different they all have white girl and they were sticks of South Carolina and he's known using to get away mm-hmm. Also you got to also watch he went to do but you gotTa Watch Basketball Games and who was that his company was real he he blamed the team would have the crowd is going. Chris Huhne had been probably a way bigger player when he might as being as big if he went to all black school have you would've went to ABC. You would've been players if you wouldn't want to ABC. High High School is all white kids in a crowd allo other black people on his team. It was just him I wanted to you young athletes with white girlfriends leaving look at their moms. That's how they're going to look. I five years of age what I'm worried about that look at. OJ Dan I'm thinking of going down they. They don't age well Mega Mega. How'd you go look at Angela Bassett and then look at freaking the Olsen twins exactly thirty thirty? They look sixty. Don't think we've been raised in. This can't believe we can't be racist. That is true. I tried to tell them is managing this weekend. We can't be you can't be raising racism mm-hmm and today we can we impose our racist. It would negatively affect. I'm about to say I can't the fucking black artist because the white people oh we gotta be racist. Analysis manager called me racist this weekend festival and I would say thank you molly what will happen with molly came down the hall and we walked in Hurt Securities Hawk all nobody can get through and nobody can get through Miley Cyrus. Whatever so all the way we we would like not? I'm not saying all but a good portion of them was like s who she thinks he is widely blocked when we started to live pre show. I'm like yeah. This is just came down on the whole cleared everybody out on my own the WHO she thinks she is she's not a presidential candidate right. He knows he's not a diplomat and I use the IRA festival some of the biggest stars in the world have been here. Nobody churches. Can you hear you off and then Angela who I'm looking forward to seeing and I was like I'm looking forward to seeing all the black artists. I WanNa see Chancellor Apple. I WANNA see her. I said Melissa used to be black until it stopped being profitable for all of my to remain following started going crazy and then about three or four in his later I looked at my right and I think this white guy standing there right. He's standing in you know I shake everybody's hand when you around me to do hand to do look me up and down and goes now. Would you mind you. He's a white guy not lots. I Like I've been here. I would have had that enter. It would have been all I ah what AM I. I said I said who the fuck you now. Mice is manager. You gotTA fucking problem. I Yeah I don't like you saying ooh. Oh my God frankly would be saying I said that but I don't believe it was my big energy but I don't think that came out my mouth. I don't think anybody's like no. It was get your white ass away from me. I say that when he goes you are racist and everybody knows what you're white. Bernita work and you gotta ask get your White House away from me and they're not talking about. Slap the shit out you. That's not racist. It's actually equal it will opportunity absolutely love you would tell the black men in a minute you'll slapshot violate. So why would you opposite of racist if you Abbott everybody just trying to save for the Pathfinder which your racist okay yeah. He did apologize my bad. Whatever I didn't mean not shaky hand Yada Yada Yada meaning shake my boy suck my Dick would have been open for a week streak? Every time I see my Mike Dig oh he apologize because a to higher ups from Iheart came over who happened to be white so I think in his mind he was like oh I got his masters now and when daycare exactly when they came over I go yeah that's molly sizes manager. He's a fucking decade and it's just like I know. I don't know where you don't say that. I don't know where Charlemagne we'll get that I loved the Uh Adam Adam. I don't have a brown I don't need. I don't like him. I don't like him because of that. Defer relations uh-huh our mother Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck appear loyal to my peoples. I swear to God that's that's mouse. I I could literally be on like this business. Corrupt fuck that no tonight but that's the great night's to look back and Mouse Maccabi so nice and so calm they can do so not saying they will do so wrong be so nice because I've seen him turn up but in front of the camera is a beautiful he's not but then it'd be him on one side of me and other and black not on what he said. No you gotta say you're not going to say but the fuck did you say back in in a fight for no guide to Hillary Note. We will never let MAC fight. We got no. I got you by himself. I don't think white mini yeah. I'm not a weed holder. I make my own money to throw punches. Well mouth told me he was to be onstage this whole situation the show I if if this comes about podcasting mouse Jones is is beyond say if we're speaking about culture we don't even speak about all right you relax Farrell fucking Kelli Kelli all day the three. It's not only how can you say you don't go to divorce them to so now. You're married together and they broke up. I'm going to fucking work so killed in the Gulf War Yep. She's a huge mental. Health Advocate Advocate Whiteman happens then she divorced is Michelle owns a fucking. WNBA team we south poppins Charlemagne can old the holy popping man but W superclub listen that'd be amazing if they loathe to nine feet don't Ooh I wanna I wanNA address. You're right gentleman. They allow transient if they allowed allowed trans women if they allow transmitting play in the WNBA is going to be okay. Braun said Oh. I'm going to be going ninety collegiate three minutes out of that he was killing a win. What happens then they go for making minimum wage now everybody's making but if you load rim to not feet Nah forgetting combine them let them combine them loitering nine feet let transgender women play the whole stock and have you have seen yet? That's take down. All we care lamble from one got it okay you wanted to do by the way this is a real. WNBA marketing plan y'all gotTa stop being more inclusive trans. Women need to be included the same way talking about they they want to be included in Black Girls Rock include Trans Women. WNBA Lord and Remnant Ninety Feet Scott Mother Michelle Michelle uh-huh Michelle will be a billionaire listen million. You told me you're not watching it. They absolutely don't care low it to not be in in allow Trans Women and by the way ninety plus we sleep on Wnba win when it comes to this skill set long dominant other women. No they still going to be nice and other women one trends woman per teen. What does that mean? You're not w need is one does it. When it comes to Americans on a team they give you a you only have one or two players it per American not fucking agenda but no added a recent American contractor says I'm? I am the Trans Cap. No Nigga like that's what we call the trails cap about about to start this campaign. Now don't do not agree but not saying just one thirteen. That's crazy started off. You GotTa start somewhere. Yes you are sick. Sick Nick Nine Feet Trans Women Israeli women in the League. I won't pretend what's the tale of topics core Jambo that was that was a going. I agree my brother. He says Chris Kris Jenner Boyfriend. He told Scott Disick if your daughter Penelope scratches me on whipping her ass referring to Scott seven year old daughter and Scott responds is my daughter and inquiry reiterated physically scotch child shot and give her a spanking for sure this guy district the only time I'm going against yeah so so what happened so basically the black man that's Chris's boyfriend not being a boyfriend GRANDPA Iran long enough to uh-huh you you black men will be replaced very soon so that doesn't know how either way you're not playing his daughter. No my daughter scratches you. You come so you can fight me first of all. That's a fact I don't beat my beat my daughter my oldest daughter like twice in her life when she was married young and I felt stupid as Hell L. my any land. Tell me that you beat. My daughter has announced Pussy Pussy Ache if you look at the tape Scott is very busy because he told him I'll be show us how about that. The next part of that must've been looked over say well. I'll fuck fuck you up what the fuck is. He's a titan. I love it on the House. Now that situation there was a lot going on and in my mind wearing off supposedly posted way and also he's he's come back now. Do I think he could have said it a little better off Wolf said if if you know if I was you this is what I would have did because I would doubt it made more sense in this situation but at the end of the day you're not throwing them. Also he spoke to him from a from a generational period. I think yeah but spanking was wrong. When you go back and you look at this bankers that you've got at least for me? It was abuse and I used to get beat. You would extension would bicycle but did you did you. Did you also see today. There was a clip of Who's what's the ones whose kids they are was courtney? You visit one of the key all three hundred kids disobeying everything she talking about. She's she likes nobody. This is what I'm saying. Let's listen to him on grownup didn't think so I usually I'm saying like but this is what I'm trying to say. Wow Wow wow I see your. I'm not doing nothing. The white man used to do to keep wasn't lying to my kids. I mean you put it like that. Wow Wow this is simple. I I wouldn't mind my okay Taylor. You Give Atlas. I'd I am. I don't encourage but if my my mother beat my my adores our understanding L. Pat if I had my if I had sons John by Nicholas Popper leg that I'll the other way the community archer short but sometimes they're not losing his son you wouldn't you wouldn't like square them up or nothing like that. If he act was like a grown person they tried me put you could call you a bitch. You're not gonNA pop. No you lie out. Are they white man to lead you. You call you Tayo. You put food in his play. Don't believe it'd be my kids so I'm not going to be I hit. Will we be daughters. We have daughters yeah. I remember the last time I told you I'm not going to normalize a man putting his hands on you because you did something I'm not normally I agree now. If I want my son I'm going to normalize there are consequences repercussion to your actions might pop you. You might get a three tabs on as I am. I GonNa while out on you but thank you just going to be out here while and I'm not gonNA check that I just I feel like there's a better way now. He should have said it but he didn't. I don't think he meant show lineup like when people came yeah. I don't think so much other things you can do. You take stuff away from now. We'll have one that you can grab. I think white people but it's not you put your fucking kidding at Rome and you make make them say eh. You're a millionaire Bro. Put your kid in and they have like a fucking mini now when you take everything all that shit all right edible. She likes reading reading my kid and I came back fifteen bucks. This is what you're doing a phone. Would you out she took. I said you're done you. You don't listen you dump for today. As it going. I came back to outlet mega was done with like books. I was like here's your books you telling you about actually everyone in this one. If you put me in a room by myself books I will. I was tight. I went in there. I started kicking over all kinds of tea parties those those daughters especially when you adapt. There's no way to discipline. You're saying you got so it'd be like I'd be looking so you're not gonNa pop on the House. Just he's not GonNa let this. I believe it was the other way around and she did that to a stepmother mother. She scratched her no woman on a girl nobody else can put your hands on my kids. I know it may did they raise the grandparents blood grandparents. I'll talk about the in laws well. I think they have this yeah yeah. That's what I'm saying raised by somebody from jump Weber rage. You've put that child has been raised by him. Well has my shooting tweeting youngest one and he's been around for like three years. Maybe you don't raise it. The bears raised in fucking cable's fucking grandparents but we don't no no we do when we don't. We don't own that thinking about two totally different because I don't beat my kids my kids. Nobody beats my kids Tokens wife she might Ah yes we got. We got wiped away by the way he was talking to my mind it wasn't I'm going to teach kids as it was like popper i. She's scratching my face. I'm a teacher was right and what's wrong. I don't think that teaches you was written was wrong. esotique scanning the Hudson Hornet the Hornets especially at least two of us. I know him better as kids to over here. So has the only way you realize the other than was hot. I still got the burn command on fucking Shit Hot. That's hot. I'm never going to be a w from wallet without getting in trouble. It is a stop me from flushing zone and I remember it allows them. A mantra beat new in seventeen years ago. I had just got out jail. I think it went back to the second time she beat me. As if I'm selling crack now you crazy like me and I love like I left the house like I'm out so the beans get dumb any last time my mom putting hands on let it happen like I knew strong enough to stop them but I'm like I like I like an one one. One slapped just flew too hard early. I gotta get Outta here Lord. She's GonNa put she's GonNa Knock me out and one thing she puts you hit and you won't be me you know when we do that. Mom's idea you want. They messed up punching each all right all right. She slapped me all the daddy and how I remember the time I my mom's trying to beat me and I kind of grabbed a little bit. I know my dad was at work so when he came on and see I got beat again here. You go to your daddy come home. That's why that's why said the last might've come back. You want you want you want this one. You think anybody's been disrespected enough to tell him mom's up. They move toward talking about away. Mega KILDA's does bomb white people really who I don't think black people do I don't think I don't think we're going to save it in our mind in like the ought we know we think about it. We don't even slam doors never dealt around our parents Dick Ma and the age. If you really talk like that thoughts over what you're saying you know what you can you talk about this coach and Shit Right. This daughter would black parents because when you when you at school and you so mom I was actually on on says suck doc look. You're talking about your low dick. You say somewhat. Did you print like baseball and visit you love. You get you something to cry about Al The what else should give if you wanna see my parents when we was living own island news we lived in this place like real little Amityville the Laura Yeah. It was bad like it's just as bad as so is like we had this Lego mom without her way to buy me to tell you which is a whole table. The whole plate is his legos build on so right next to woodland fits. My mom felt like kids shouldn't be controlling when the lights is on off so she put up on top of the entertainment system Mashrek and get to it. I got to stand on a tape said. Don't stand on that table. I saw right. I'm doing standard table. This shit break is plastic. I'm all cut up. I'm laying in the middle of fucked up. She coming dancing. I say like I'm thinking about mom. Oh my God to walk out the room. Come back with a belt. Negatives is somewhat fucked up to take the pain signing Eh away because the lesson is already been taught. Did you hurt yourself. I told you not delay. I learned that if you beat your women will take any opportunity to kick you. When you dance all right man tell they can listen to this guy? We podcast podcast pockets on girls. What is it called God? We fucked walk away. Ben Pocket followed guy next door park as Graham guy next door or make sure you join the conversation on twitter Hashtag. We're not getting the next time I get into this nasty world. Did you follow me at mouse. Underscored Jones our instagram Mack wilds on instagram fly round instagram shout out to Charlemagne for always Chretien Blanche show every three years clean you gotta you got it when you celebrate three years clean they use other three and not you can't go to struggle I just I just looked back because you have white August. Try set you up. I just enjoyed. Is this a if there's a good feeling to look around and know that you're doing the right thing can woman feeling about Naci achieved guilt free leaving. The phone like this is over in our survey now is you'll never hit my phone rings. What I'm saying he never see nothing issues? I could do that to the president of eighty no anxiety. I'm making no lies in you know they're not GonNa pick up the phone when you did you ever feel like like if you fuck don't don't expect it at police. Come back like when you when you was fucking a girl like did you ever feel like Damn fucker too good. Now you go home and double up on your girl never felt that way yeah. That's what I feel like. I can't go fuck. Put it impossible. I was wearing condoms great talking only but feels that shirt condoms as that wherever you know but they don't pay they'll pay mood but the it anymore. If you listen to the podcast I think was smart. You think we're intelligent. You think we're brilliant absolutely right if you listen to podcasts you think we're just a couple idiots. Don't know Shit. You're right to is to bring it is his podcast now. Listen man a salute to e CIGS blue e CIG all right got to tell you this product contains nicotine nicotine is an addictive chemical not for sale

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