Yeah I Said It: Why chemistry is overrated for the Steelers


Good morning steeler fans and welcome to another episode of year. I set it slow bit early. On the west coast little bright eyed and bushy tailed hope you guys enjoy that scintillating performance by the pittsburgh steelers dealers last night before i jump into this latest episode of yeah i said it wanna give a big shoutout to jeff hartman to editor of behind steel curtain dot com and maiko host on the standards of standard. Wanna give a big shout out to dave scofield. Who's actually at the game and if you were watching the game there there was a big guy with the kylo ren star wars mask on and if you see that fellow that was jeff. Excuse me that was dave. You've and you get a picture or screen shot. Make sure you you share it with the website behind still curtain dot com and and <hes> because you know he wants to see the picture of course everybody wants to see themselves on t._v. Ambig- up to jair devil who said he saw the helmet so <hes> you know date is a superstar and that might be a requirement for day to wear on the program every single time so dave. I'm throwing on it out there. I used to wear the mask last year after steeler victories so you might want to wear the helmet actually draft steeler victories last year i might pass on the mask and i don't know if <hes> you guys out there are aware i used to air a meal massacre. Grass <hes> a libra a libra daughter s steelers mass that i used to wear last year on the program so i think i might pass that honor over to dave dave might have to wear the mask or kylo ren helmet on the stat geek. Show oh and make sure you check it out to stack show. We've got a ton of podcast that we're bringing you guys so i hope you enjoy all the content. If you wanna hear our thoughts on the game check out the post game show that ran. I believe early this morning. We did it last night. Make sure you check out that <hes> also one thing. I'm i'm gonna do on these shows on the live show because it's gone saturday may fluctuate between like friday and saturday like next week. We're going to do it on friday because a preseason games on saturday. Eh i wanna. I want to divide the content of i don't wanna always talk about a breaking down sunday's game or something like that because it might be it might make it to time sensitive where there's no reason for you. Listen to the program. If you're not after the game was played so we're going to try to keep a bit <hes> keep split up where i get into my taking and we can talk about the game but definitely you're. If you're in a live chat you know hit me with some questions and we we can absolutely talk about what you thought last night <hes> a big up to dave dave time then <hes> that he can't wear the helmet and the headset. He's tried but dave as the oracle. I know you will find a way 'cause you are strong with the force <hes> writing articles as late in the morning whereas early in the morning as you did <hes> you definitely have the four so <hes> you know we'll we'll think about it. You know what we're trying to get that done but on this episode of yeah i said it it's entitled chemistry is overrated and i say that because when you look at training camp stuff and you start reading all the articles <hes> there are narratives i think exactly try that are spun and that are pushed by a variety of media sources. His shana yvette said the helmet can't fit his ego. Dave a shamas know something something. I don't know but there are narratives that are that are spun by the media and this chemistry narrative is one that's being sung or or spun right now and it's going to grow more and more and it's going to be louder and louder because of mr third and fifth recent recent antics in oakland you guys want to me a couple of questions about that for me a day or excuse me jeff or definitely going to get into that and tomorrow's the standards others standard show so i touch a few questions but i'll leave my thoughts on that <hes> later for for tomorrow and the reason i say chemistry is overrated is caused chemistry. Don't win you shit. All chemistry wins zhu. Is you're a nice guy or you're a nice team. They get along. I root for the steelers because i'm from pittsburgh. It's in my d._n._a. Khanates in my blood one five to three manchester to the day i that's why i root for the steelers when lows whatever but look we ain't happy when they lose and guess what teams that are high in chemistry are typically teams that changed uniform colors colors in the off season like the jets teams that changed coaches all the time like the jets in cardinals and teams means that rely on fan promotions for fans to like the team. This is pittsburgh and the one thing i want to say is yes we in the win now to austin calls point chemistry is vital in their offense of line. There's never been a question about chemistry mystery. In terms of the offensive line there locked in but you're not what's more important than chemistry is talent. Tell is more important than chemistry but let me read some of the quotes that some of the players have said and this is on steelers dot com and that's one thing. I'm gonna do if i quote something. I'm gonna give you the source <hes> because sometimes guys trying to create their own narratives online and stuff as well and i'm not going to be that guy and i'm gonna give you the source. I'm always be honest on this program and i'm gonna give you the source. The sweat receiver james washington said i would say the team aspect has improved offense and defense. We're a lot closer these years you can see a chatting it up between periods offense and defense messing passing around with each other. We had it last year but i- seeing a lot more this year that makes you wanna be here with those guys joke around all the the time even sitting around after snack everybody talking sharing stories. That's great. That's that's awesome but you know what if those guys are missing tackles. You know we're gonna say instead of sharing stories one. Why don't you kitchen and watch some film at getting your playbook and make some tackles or makes catches and speaking of james washington what i'm gonna let him say whatever he says because if he balls like he did last night sony cracking my collars on popping baby. It's only happen if he plays like that. He showed out. Let me let me jump into something honest. Stefan hewitt said everybody worked out hard before they got here and everybody came to work. You can see it. You can see see us meshing on the field center marquees penalty. It's the chemistry. Everyone seems like they are enjoying football. Now the daily grind kissed to you sometimes but whenever you're having fun with the guys it's always good josh dobbs i think as a team it's the camaraderie robbery. The competitiveness guys are working together whether as defensive backs and receivers. They're competing talking about how people can get better. So what did they do last year. I mean when i hear stuff like that. What the hell did they do last year. What did they do the year before so so the way we're supposed to believe it as fans on the outside watching the game is whenever they win. The karate is great whenever they lose is bad and i'm gonna tell you that's all bull kakai death not real. You know that's that's not real to duane dunk. <hes> i'm terrible with names so dewayne. I apologize to duane. Dunkin tells point more of a family atmosphere the team which plays to chemistry at that's fine that's fine but guess what your more jobs y'all got like each other to perform to your highest capability and standards and guess what motivates you at your job and it's a safety net should motivate them him at their job. You wanna eat steak. You wanna eat steak when your kid wants them jays like they want. Ajay's you wanna be able to get your kid. Jay's you want to not eat top. Ramen scrambled eggs and saracho. You don't wanna eat that so that's what motivates you and that's the same thing. That should be motivating them. They you don't want to bag groceries at whole foods piggly-wiggly. That's for my southern listeners public's for my southern listeners kroger's giant eagle down wanna bag groceries. They don't get <hes> produce and big up to logan dealer. Renzo saratoga is fired. Oh you can't put saracho everything and i did have some saracho wins last night. That was straight up fire. You know big up to order saracho lovers. I should wear a saracho shirt on the show but to my promise last week before i digress just a bit new new lead <hes>. This is the throat acklin not really the throwback lid. <hes> you know just a little something here. You know i'm going to be rocking new leads every every week but look that's right. John eagles yeah. That's tiny logan to lorenzo again john eagles. That's the market. I grew up. They didn't have a a <hes> what are yeah they. They had more giant eagles in the north side did kroger's but that's the market that definitely <hes> <hes> oh and pick up through the wayne. Yes thank you <hes> <hes> now dwayne. I won't get your name right twice. So i'm gonna start calling you d- d- you going to be double d on the show for now when you chiming because since i got it right i got a hole in one on your last name so i'm not going to try to get so big up the d._v._d. What's up pop vodka drinker so again. Chemistry is just chemistry. That's just you know they're just spinning their and that's not to say that going to work in a bad environment may not affect your performance or your morale but the standard if the standard is the standard and we're holding them to act act standard as fans then the standard is to perform employees at your best regardless of the situation chemistry and great chemistry is just icing on the cake if there is there but the requirement is to win and and that's the problem i think with the current media and what we talk about ending media and yes for a second. I'm going to play old middle aged guy and talk about nostalgia stuff. So if you're let's say thirty and below i i apologize <hes> for doing this but back in the day we never heard about chemistry that just wasn't talked about that was behind the ropes material for all my golfers big up to jeff outstanding handy golfer himself that was behind the ropes that wasn't necessarily out there for public consumption but as the n._f._l. Now has become come into a three sixty five twenty four seven sports. That's covered a lot of the filler has to be has to be field in stories about chemistry and stuff that may not directly impact the performance and the outcome that you you see every sunday so that's where that comes about like we didn't know like we don't know about the personal relationships between players to a large extent on the steel curtain teams teams. We just know that one and they kicked folks arses and that's why apart of reason why we love the black ago. That's what we know about. That's what we care about when you're looking back in the history books animals u._s._a. Dang man that that's awesome. The chemistry was great him but they were foreign twelve that that's not what it is when you look back at the great teams all the championship teams you. You ain't looking at them going. Oh man that chemistry camaraderie was great when you look at the highlights and the videos they're not on the chemistry commodity was great. Yes but you're watching watching you're watching clips of them making hits and great plays and what does it take to do that to make great catches great eight touchdown passes hits wink. It takes talent talent. Trump's chemistry chemistry is over rated. Hey spencer hall. I'm holly anderson. I'm ryan nannying. I'm jason kirk and we're the host of the shutdown full cast your avengers of college college football podcast it says here in the script to riff on what that means and basically what i mean is it's all orange spoiled every tuesday we talk about everything from cooking disasters to pro wrestling the unfashionable pants worn middle school. We also do talk about college football every now and then like mascot fights announcers fleeing the booth early and unfashionable pants. What's that coaches where now if you want to take college football exactly as seriously as it should be taken. Subscribe for free on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast. I have not who was running around last night making off these hits. What was he doing. What is he. He is talented. Did you listen gilbert. Running around cracking folks talented mark barron aaron talented juju talented james washington during his thug. This'll last night making that step that we want to see from in year one year two. What is that that's talent. Justin lane getting beat every play looking like he has not. I'm not challenge but you might read that. He's a nice guy and a bit. You won't care guys stops looking like he has no hotel it but the chemistry is great so again. Chemistry is app -solutely over over rated. Don't fall in it. Don't fall for it and like one of the guys on or big up to logan logan said all of this and logan question was do you think all the chemistry talk is just taking shots the third and fourth absolutely and i don't know if you guys listen to one earlier episodes of yeah i said it and i i was trying to teach you guys away of how to rip agai passively aggressively and not take the hit yourself itself so every time they talk about chemistry there following a rule that i detail about how to do it what you do do is. If you want to rip a guy to logan's point. Try this at your job low just little jabs. If you wanna rip a guy not say their name a guy or woman job never say their name and your critique just talk about the events that they were associated with instead of naming their name when you say so don't say man that jeff. I really don't like like that guy. You know. He's really happy all the time when we do the podcast i wish he would criticize the steelers more instead you do it like this. This you know when analysts are always happy about the pittsburgh steelers. I don't think it's an honest approach. In terms of we're trying to give to the fans. The fans require honest analysis analysis and sometimes that means you have to be a little little bit negative. You see how that sounded. I love jeff but usually high just ripped jeff. I ripped jeff. It didn't say jeffs name so to your point logan. Yes all of it is a big. All of it is a big every little bit of it. It is absolutely flutie to mr third and fifth mister skin flap. Mr i went into a crowd chamber with no socks mr mr helmet it do head case with the head case. Let me just not get it to. We're going to talk more about their fifth on sunday. Show absolutely we're going to talk about it on sunday show but if you guys have any questions in the live chat about the game or anything you start you know this kind of be we could take this last half of the program to the our post post post post game show but definitely you guys got to absolutely <hes> check out our post game that we put last night so let me look through the group chat and also wanna say we have the super chat feature so if you have a question of me about this whole thing about chemistry is overrated and talent trump's at all the on ask me a question uses super chat feature. That'll bump your question up to the top. You know small contribution to the program you do that. <hes> you know you can get your question as i pump it to. The top of the line will jump into the questions if you don't do it that way we have to kinda sort through it and as i see it i jump into the questions so if you wanna use the super cathy <hes> go ahead and do it. We encourage you to do that so let me jump into some of the questions <hes> cre- become to create eckes increases or made the statement. It's time for the steelers just to concentrate on playing their best football. Quit playing to the level of other teams. I agree and and to that point. I'm going to expand it. It's time for them to get away from any passive aggressive mentions of mr thirty fifth chemistry talk any of that it is time for them to play football and just focus in and focus in to the task at hand. I think he's absolutely right and to the show to a just a take back into the show that i did last week about why you shouldn't believe with any of the narrative that you see spun about guys and camp and why training camp stuff just doesn't matter and you need to just watch the football walk games. Did you guys see any snail junior. Think about all of the stuff that you've heard about any snell junior benny snail junior football. Let's just say this. If there was a picture of lateral quickness in the dictionary benny snail junior his picture would not be in it. I thought benny snail junior. I wanna kill the kid. It was his first game. I thought he looked here. I thought everything that i i read about any snow. Junior did not show up on film in the game. No burst no lateral quickness slow to the whole a bit indecisive. I thought he was better on special teams. So so that's why you gotta watch the games and so big up to jazzy prince three three she asked the question. How do you define chemistry. She said chemistry to to me means how teammates play together and how much the teammates know each other's game so they can be on the same page. I would agree now. That's important but that's not the chemistry that they're talking about. Jazz ep jazzy fizzles. That's not the chemistry that they're talking about 'bout. They're talking about how you like each other off the field. So of chemistry is tied into the performance on the field. I'm i'm all for it. Matters and chemistry does trump talent in that case but not the stuff that they're talking about. They're talking about off. The field stuff in chemistry. You're talking about is talking about what someone on. The live chat talked about earlier about the offense the line it's chemistry but they're talking about for industry. Yeah i just invented that were marked arctic tape friend distri friend history. That's what they're talking about not on field chemistry hammet street so let me jump through a couple of things here. Let me grab someone that i have talked about early on a live chat. Grayson brown said mason rudolph all changed my mind last night. They are great draft picks. Mason made offense different olah may deep aggressive ola l. look fantastic olas living definition of quick twitch like if you want like beanie still junior is the opposite of explosive <hes> opposite of lateral quickness. All law is all of those he has been given physical gives on loan from a quick twitch. Monster olot is going <music> after at polish to his game if he wants to be an every down backer in the future is going to be able to drop in coverage. He's going to have to be a little bit smarter situationally. He can't allow himself at a couple of plays get hooked where he took himself out of the running game but in terms of potential is dripping off ola and mason rudolph it off look fantastic. The offense was happening. It was sizzling. It was cracking you saw a different energy with the offense when he came in his movement in the pocket occupied awareness gaining those little extra time to throw keeping his head up the little movement to gain space in the pocket and still get his head up and click. The pets down past was excellent. He looks like he's been the lab. He's been messing with the bronson burns his chemistry and adna stop here and a little twinkle this here a to to make the solution seem a little bit better. He's been in the lab but gin chemistry or friend. History is over rated overrated absolutely overrated. Let me jump back in here. <hes> vodka-drinking vodka-drinking said about justin lane lane needs to lose the college cushion that acre work in the a._f._c. north. You know why lane had to college cushion. He didn't wanna get run past. He didn't wanna keep beat on top of them a ball complete over his head. He was planning tentative pretty scared but you know i'm. I'm gonna give you an ambulance now. Junior hopefully benefit of the doubt in their first game and justin lane play. I think the entire game and that means they really wanna get along heart. Look adjusting lane and so i i think he will improve. I think to shanna vets. He has a long long long way to go <hes> sheni that also talked about devin bush ten tackles seven solo. She said he's going to be a pro. Let me ask you guys. What did you who who were who were the most impressive people that you saw in the game. Last night. I wrote on the show. I wrote some notes on a show that we did yesterday. I thought my positives number one chris boswell then i wrote james washington tonight wrote mason rudolph devin bush and i thought you list gilbert also look fantastic. I think those guys were great. So who do you think are you're. You're most positive guys boswell to me. His performance in last night's game was the most important as well as bush. I looked bush doesn't score points. You know boswell score points and a lotta times on your team. Your place kicker is going to be the guy that scores. The most points boswell has the potential to put three or one on the board in every single game and we saw the inconsistency with the game last year. If you wanna point just one thing steelers demise last year and they're really not to make the playoffs you know a lot of it can be largely pointed to chris boswell to boswell kicks better. They play better they. They win more games and they get in the playoffs. <hes> let me look through the live chat again rhino tool washington and i also so like gentry. I agree with you there. <hes> i mean trump it to some other people in here <hes> michael too well or not not well. He's had a great game for this round pick. He had a great game for being a any round. Pick and that's what i'm talking about that. That's what talent trump's chemistry disguises six round pick. Did you guys see how electric his body was. Did you see how electric his body was us just how he was flying around just how quick twitch he was. I mean that's talent that that's you guys. You have a roster. When you have a guy that has the physical gifts of ulysses gilbert and he's on the bubble to make your squad you gotta squad you you gotta talented squad and that will show up on the field. Let me jump through dave snowden. I think james washington took the number two receiver spots doc. I said that last night is well. I think the way he'd look the confidence. He looked now. The back shoulder touchdown pass for mason rudolph. Yes estate were teammates but you want a guy that you drafted high to dominate bombs. If you're a second round draft pick at at at a receiver as -ccomplish as he was in college you want him to dominate bums and he absolutely dominated bombs. Is he confident to rally chris. The amount of separation the way he caught the football the tommy comey told tap that he tried to do which i thought was a touchdown that boy that boy in the lab him and rudolph have both been in the lab app tinkering trying to get the formula right at little adds a little base to try to get it all right. Excuse me he's absolutely bid at the lab. He's been doing instead trump into a few more questions. Double d said hodges looks interesting to me. I think hodges does look interesting. He does i mean. I don't know if he's going to get that last quarterback spot. I don't know if he will but but definitely he does look interesting. I mean i think maybe he's a practice squad guy for sure. Let me jump into some of the comments as well as i scroll up in the live chat hi hi daniel hi amanda we get to tell everyone about the new pod eaters digest eaters digest that is right are brand. New podcast is available now. It's everything you need to know about the world food every week with a little help from the biggest names in the industry and journalists from the eater newsroom. We're gonna talk about everything from the worst. Things diners do in restaurants too fake meet. We're going to talk about food delivery tack. We are going to argue a lot about how to best behave in restaurants. Oh yeah big time so many things i mean we can't type politics takes food in politics. Yes comes up. It might make you laugh. It might make you think it might even make you hungry. Daniel subscribed to eaters digest for free today on apple podcasts casts or in your favorite podcast krio said when our players mr third and fifth and mr rapper no is butt naked robbed lady on bell's name is mr button get robbed dass. His name is not mr rapper. Mr button naked get robbed. You guys don't notice story. Look it up about how he got robbed by the to garden hose and you know mr button naked gay rob. <hes> let me jump back through it. <hes> michael also said there were no holes for him <hes>. I don't know who he was talking talking about when he said him shannon. Yvette mason had a nice army patience. I think you're correct. I think he's looked solid. They're <hes> grace and laughed at mr button. Nick it rob. <hes> michael chimed in devon white only had one tackle <hes> and there was this whole battle in the off season there there was this debate about the devon's. Look devin bush look dynamic. He was all over the place in one thing. I've really liked about devin bush. He was finisher finisher. He was a finisher. <hes> snowman chimed in big up the snowman. Pick up to you for the super chat who surprised you and who didn't i. I think you're listening to gilbert surprise me. I think he absolutely surprised me devin bush to a certain extent. I was expecting that that that was my expectation about that. <hes> james washington surprise me but i think this is gilbert. Surprise me he surprised me that that a guy as athletic and as fast this is him all over the field like him <hes> that he's a guy that they got in a sixth round who didn't surprising he didn't surprise. I guess so i guess bush didn't surprised is be. I was expecting that giving his immeasurable. 's and what a- what i saw from here at michigan and his ability to play sideline to sideline sideline <hes> you know i did see that i did expect that and that did not surprise me one issue that stood out to me for devon bush was there was a past completed over him into tied in writing for fifteen yard game where he had adept but because of his stature being five eleven. The ball was complete over his head. Now i've had people on my facebook page. Pick up the christian. You mentioned that as an issue and i cautioned him to watch the game but it it did show up so i think the issue is valid. I think there are gonna be times win. Tight ends may have to be able to high point a ball over devin bush because he's five eleven. I think what he'll have to do. Is he'll have to get closer in coverage so he can be more hip to hip or back act chest to combat those balls and he'll have to get more depth in his drop to try to squeeze that passing angle so the quarterback may look another direction and not pass that guy the ball <hes>. Let me jump into another question <hes> crease it. Is it true that no player in the steelers as ever had ten tackles in one half until last night. That's a question for dave scofield dave if you're listening to the program. Is that true i. I don't believe that's true you know i. I don't believe that's true to have had a tremendous amount of great players. I i would doubt if that's true you if it hasn't some of that is a little distorted 'cause the get ten tackles in the first half. Your defense has got to be on the field a long long time and that might not be a good thing now. Tampa bay did start out <hes> and have a lot of long drives and did have some success so i i would take that with a grain of salt. I wouldn't necessarily think of that as absolutely positive. It's just a thing an anomaly of the fact that tampa they had the ball a lot and you may not have seen that in the past <hes> because a some better offensive performances by the steelers dealers often it's in keeping teams off the field and getting teams off the field on your defenses well flying high p. a. s. how tall james washington i think james washington's five eleven but i think his wingspan is equivalent to a guy like six six. I mean the guy has super arms and it goes back to a basketball thing and it goes back to bush i. I'm not sure how long devin bush measures because in basketball height is important but length is more important so so i say that and i simply mean you could be a five eleven do but you have the wingspan of <hes> six eight so in those cases when you both jumped if you have forty forty inch vertical khalifa the guy with the longer arms is going to win out so lanes trump's height so if you have a combination of high end leith then you're absolutely outstanding but i think he is. I five eleven devon ask. Can you please explain the reason why tampa bay's tight ends. We're getting open whenever they want it. It's hard to see it. It's hard to explain it not seeing game film. <hes> i think they were just running seems really exploiting some of the gaps and probably a lack of chemistry on field chemistry between and guys and trying to squeeze those throws. I don't think it's something to be concerned with to logan's point. It is a soft song. They're playing really salzone. They're not really contesting challenging throws in the zone also sometimes it's situational where you know. They're just not trying to get beat behind them but they're trying trying to keep everything front in front and tackle run the clock so i wouldn't be too concerned about the soft zone that was played but again chemistry is overrated or friend. Distri is overrated. It is absolutely over rated <hes> mister first name last name all i love that handle that might be the best handle that iran a long-time props to you mr their first name last name love that simplicity always wins that simple and effective and it's awesome. He said just joined join so sorry if this was covered already but was thoughts on switzer. Nobody had any thoughts on switzer so you're not late to the party ryan's which is what he is um and one thing i do is. I hope somebody could take his spot in kickoff. Impart returns i. I you know part returns especially <hes> you know he's the guy whose feet move really fast but he doesn't move anywhere just think of a hamster wheel is feet around be but he's on winning. <hes> thomas right said devon bush's wingspan is forty four inches. James washington's wingspan is sixty six inches good lower. They should call washington the albatross <hes> so yeah correct. He says sixty eight good lower sentate take wingspan so to thomas was point so what does that so i if you were to convert wings or wing span of sixty eight inches to thomas what i'm asking a question what would that convert to in height so a person with a sixty inch wingspan. How tall typically would they be so after that in the live chat. I would love to get your answer on that. <hes> spencer look good. I agree way johnson one chimed in what are your thoughts on the edmund brothers. I thought edmonds looked really good. I thought the safety f. mean safety edwards running back aetna's. I thought safety edmonds look good with the pass rate up in the end zone. I think he's playing fast. He looked faster and he looked more certain that that was a play he might not make last year running back admins. I thought he looked better than benny hill. I think the problem with him is that he was not drafted. He's not the original draft property of the pittsburgh steelers so i think that's his problem and that will always way into the evaluation between him him and beating snail. You're always talk about the three piece performance pedigree. That's one of them. You know you know. Pedigree is one of them. <hes> so <hes> you know the pedigree he'd loses in the pedigree of the three ps and no i didn't say to therapy because they got kinda sorta for guide but anyway it is three piece <hes> and so he loses out in the pedigree. I mean pay pay as the thirsty performance pay pedigree <hes>. They're both cheap players so that it doesn't matter it's the pedigree thing and i think that's why he'll lose out. I think in terms of a roster spot. I think he's much more athletic bigger more bursts more lateral quickness in a much better athlete than benny stale and more decisive one cut runner from what i saw last night <hes> austin hall thoughts on under one forms orange by dante spencer no not much you know not not much. I think you know all these guys have to grow. <hes> mister first name last name said sixty eight is five feet eight eight really that that's interesting that his wingspan so what does the wingspan of a guy forty four inches is act like four foot two. That's interesting that mr first name last name says that a sixty eight inch we span translates to five feet eight. I would thought it would have been taller taller because i mean his arms look disproportionately long for a five foot eleven guy somebody check mr first name last names james calculations and math on that <hes> yeah he's okay. Thank you mr first name last name just said oh sorry my bad. I was just convert verdy. Absolutely that couldn't be right. Logan laughed look. It also said this can't be right <hes> to michael tools point holton did look pretty good. Look really fast when i fifty yarder <hes> gather finish that gather getting the end zone <hes> mike is right bidding didn't have have <hes> he didn't have a lot of halls but i just wanted to see more burst especially more balance <hes> especially on that play when he tried brought to bounce it outside and try to stiff arm to corner you know if you have really good lateral quickness you see you can give that corner dad lake and take that bounce it outside <hes> come on the first day last day. You can't try to do the conversion to blame the fact that you studied history not math so we have a mathematician out there. What is sixty eight inch wingspan convert to <hes>. It's gotta be long <hes> creole creole. Who's your camp phenom. I don't believe he can't feed. I told you don't believe most of what you read and half of what you do. The you know the edgar allan poe theory. You know don't believe any of that stuff even stuff that i tell you or that. We tell you believe some of it. It's all in context of the game you take what you hear with a grain of salt in its context context in the game. Watch how it performs in the game so balance out what you read because i definitely want you to consume our stuff. We're trying to give it to you honest but we don't know in particular especially with the young guys because we have to see it on the field. It has to manifest itself on the field in a performance <hes> lee willis chime. You're absolutely right bidding snail look like he the s shoes a li. You must be old school. I love that reference to st niche shoes. That's an old school reference big up to you because he did look like he has seen issues issues. Maybe he had ted camp lakes. <hes> you know maybe here at their camp legs. I don't know he he did look dead. <hes> tidings it didn't do anything. I'm not confident third tight end position. You know they didn't do anything. <hes> create chimed in you. Guys is a great love the honesty everybody is still killing mr first name last name about his bad conversion mr first name come on a hey mr first name last come on northside standup. That's right. That's right baby one five two three three columbus avenue pennsylvania avenue new manchester baby. You know how we get down. We keep it thorough. We keep it real one five two three three pepsi's and shamrock western asked. Let's get it chimed in. What would you be looking forward to in the next game. I'm looking forward to improvement. I'm looking for the young players especially to play with a little bit more confidence and i. I'm looking hopefully to no injuries and i i just wanna see how they take that small step that baby step that forward next week after they've got a taste of this if they can play with more confidence and see what they do <hes> big up to johnny blaze he's. I don't know what he meant by minorities killing the game. I guess <hes> grayson brown benny snail looked a bit scared like he has some <music> game. Jitters mason was general. He looked like he has seaman show. Who's where he looked like. He looked like he was slow. Definitely look like lucky had <hes> cement shoes <hes> so anyway. This has been fantastic. I think <hes> if you got a few more questions before we conclude ask anything adding <hes>. I have no idea <hes> you know how long we're going to keep this going but if you give me some good questions will keep jumping into them. Maybe we'll keep it going for a couple of a few more minutes. <hes> <hes> nick mark <hes> you gotta love the two syllable names nick mark i mean he just comes out real quick <hes> snail l. heady good screen pass that are really good pass blocking. That's why they were so high on him well. After he was running <hes> they might not be as high on him because again. I i just do not see it but it was glad to steelers win. I mean most disturbing thing about the game overall to me was the fact that it just went so long. I mean the challenges. The funny thing was challenged. Was tomlin lost a challenge again. I'm going to guess and this narrative is gonna respond. During the year to tear austin didn't tell him to the challenge. That was the day for the first draft cuts. I think the cuts coming two weeks. I think he'd come into and i think they cut it down to. I don't think i think there's a seventy seventy five man cut anymore. I think it's just one cut so i think it's in the next two weeks. They go from this roster and i think they take auto way down to the fifty four fifty three man roster. I think it's just one cut now and i think they keep the roster size larger in general now i think they made that change changed in the last couple of years. <hes> i think <hes> jeff one cut the fifty three after week four yeah that's right. It's one cut now used to be cut to seventy five but they got rid of that. Thank you jeff for chiming in <hes> flying high p._a. We're gonna get out of here. <hes> maybe the old line help still backed act <hes> we'll have to wait and see we will have to wait and see <hes> you know. We can be a little bit patient with these guys <hes> so so now. Let's just wait and see. I think the first game was exciting. Man we got steeler football steeler football back steeler fans rabbit steeler fans die hard steeler fans. That's what we want. Steeler football is back. Maybe the hard hits to get in town. Get busy watching the excitement. We have every sunday today. The excitement we have listened to all the pie casts <hes> everything that we do man this is all about the love and passion the game and nick marcus larry's and we might conclude include the program on that tomlin's not gonna stop until he actually wins a challenge. Thank you grayson on the commerce and the gray show but as always this how do we conclude the program we do it the same way all the time tunin tell a friend and subscribe hi medically editor in chief of of eater and i'm daniel janine up producer here at eater and we are here to tell you about our brand new podcast years digest every week on the show we dive into the weirdest i five and most important stories in the world of food with the inside scoop from the biggest names in the industry and expert insights from the newsroom. I it's a really fun time so oh i would say subscribe to eaters digests for free today on apple podcasts or in your favorite podcast app.

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