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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Shay Stevens. US Senators get another chance to question house managers and defense attorneys before for president. Trump's impeachment trials enters the next phase in response to one question Wednesday regarding the abuse of power charge. Deputy White House counsel Pat Philbin said that mixing personal motive with a legitimate public reason for delaying aid to Ukraine cannot be seen as a crime even if there was only one motive the the theory of abuse of power that the house managers have presented that subjective motive alone can become the basis for an impeachable offense we believe is constitutionally institutionality defective lead impeachment prosecutor. Adam Schiff disagreed. If any part of the presence motivation was a corrupt motive was a causal Oslo factor in the action to freeze the aid or withhold. The meeting. That is enough to convict. It'd be enough to convict under Criminal Law ship and other Democrats say trump's motors. Those can be gleaned from the unpublished book by his former National Security Adviser John. Bolton trump's Republican supporters are hoping to head off a subpoena for witnesses in the impeachment trial L. especially Bolton Border Patrol officials in California. Say a cross border smuggling tunnel discovered last summer stretches three quarters of a mile from KTBS. CBS Matt Hoffman. Has Details the tunnel run seventy feet underground from Tijuana to the US border community of Otay Mesa in southern San Diego County inside. It's five I five high. By two feet wide. It was one of the most advanced. Tunnels officials have found complete with a rail system electricity ventilation and even drainage system. John Calorie is is with the Drug Enforcement Administration as efforts to strengthen security on our southern border increase Mexican cartels are forced underground to smuggle deadly drugs and other contraband into the United States U S and Mexican authorities found the tunnel last August. It was not being used and it's unclear when the tunnel was built authorities have yet to to make any arrests or seizures related to the tunnel. Matt Hoffman reporting the World Health Organization meets today to reassess its response to the corona virus outbreak in China where nearly eight thousand cases have been confirmed as NPR's Ping Wong reports researchers say that the disease has been spreading among humans in China since mid-december Number Inonu Lancet paper Hong Kong researchers looked at the I four hundred twenty five corona virus cases in the Chinese city of Han more than half of all the cases from December Bert linked to a live animal market. which closed on January first but many were not that means that the virus was already circulating among humans by mid December researchers researchers also found that the size of the outbreak doubled every week in its early stages they say reducing the rate of transmission among humans is key to ending the epidemic ping pong? NPR News Asian stock market is trading. Lower down two point seven percent in Shanghai this is NPR news in Louisiana. The State Supreme Court says Walmart is not responsible for taxes on items that are sold by third party sellers through its online marketplace writing for the majority Justice John Weaver says there is no such obligation in either state laws or Walmart agreements with other sellers the retail giant. It says it is pleased with the ruling and would support legislative efforts to address the issue in New York City officials are assessing what can be salvaged from building fire last last week in Chinatown the story from WNYC Shumita Basu. The building was home to Social Services Language School and the Museum of Chinese and America Museum President Nancy. Al Masback says she's encouraged by what's been recovered so far. There were textiles that we found that I was shocked. Musical legal instruments that were found in they were in good shape. I thought they might be damaged. They were fine. The first object pulled from the building was a rare Chinese orchid. Dandong works the Dance Center and says that flower belongs to its founder when it came out and dealing everyone applauds because that's the first thing to merge things a symbol of a much better future for all all of US officials are still investigating the cause of the fire for NPR news. I'm Shumita Basu. In New York. Boeing is reporting its first annual loss and over over two decades citing increasing costs fixing struggle. Seven thirty seven Max Plane CEO. David Calhoun remains confident. The regulators world certified the plane fly again and by mid year seven thirty seven. Max grounded nearly a year ago after two deadly crashes I'm Shay Stevens N._p._R.. News in Washington.

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