The King of Pirates


Welcome back jack for episode two hundred and nine of the ross bohlin podcasts otherwise known as rb p two. Oh nine presented by bowling media. I'm your host of course ross bohlin here with mr anthony johnson aka j on another monday. How are you sir. Hey i want to briefly continue our discussion about chance the rapper from the last episode only ooh. I don't know if we ever done like a carryover before was a couple of points that i wanted to make all right. We're one main point really yeah. I've been reading a lot of reviews and just what people are saying about the album okay and i'll just say at first i thought the whole running joke about chance loving his wife yeah the whole yeah love my why i thought that was funny at first but now looking looking back in hindsight is actually kind of starting to piss me off 'cause listen p people are really throwing shade at this album because a lot of the materials owes him talking about his wife and about his religion and his faith and just it's just a very happy album and i think kinda messed up that that's the reason why people people are so turned off by this. That's fair. That's almost like if you were to get on here on the podcast and the whole episode like we have a whole episode about you talking about your wife right and and people are just like that was the worst episode ever. You just talked about your wife and how happy you are the whole time we hear about but here's the thing with chance his he's. He's sort of <hes> outlook in energy. <hes> people get upset by that. They don't they don't but why why do people get mad at positively. Most close people are unhappy in angry i think and when they see somebody that isn't unhappy and angry and seemingly is a very are you able to express the joy they have in their life a relationship or religion or whatever it may be <hes> sometimes that can be annoying i as a as is a perennial hater. I've been a hater my whole life. I've been in active in minne- player haters balls. I get it i don't. I try not to do that anymore more obviously but i get it and it's honestly it's part of the reason that chance sometimes cannot hit for me it because like he doesn't. I don't know man. There's he's like you made the comparison to old chance right. We discussed his old albums and how it was more about like yeah. It isn't evolution of a person just going through life really absolutely and i think that's the unfair part as a but be real most of those people it's like how many of those people making fun of chance and bussing out the memes teams in doing that. I love my wife thing. How many of them you think jam the album energised trying to have like it's part of the fun of chance the rapper at this point i mean i guess you can look at it from a from a p._r. Standpoint like great promotion and marketing for him share because once you get once you get turned into a mean then like it's all it's all uphill from mandrake makes his own memes. Now i got four people employed on the drake millimeter team yeah for real. Have you listened that <hes> that compilation album by the way yeah have that was was asked a nice little surprise for me. I didn't know that was coming all those songs or at least most of them anyway have been obviously previously released like dreams money can buy the opener is like one of my all time favorite drake songs as a really good and it just never been put on an album and i guess he finally realized like armory was sitting at home counting downing stacks of money and he was like i need more of this arguably. This is some of his best work really put all put together. I mean once when you listen to it in this form cohesively yeah. It sounds really good. Isn't that a little surprising because they're all random tracks. Yeah it does feel like a pretty complete album. I liked listening to the whatever the what's the the name of thing <hes> the name of the album drop. Oh the was a care package. Yeah care package. I enjoyed care package as a whole oh more than his most recent album. It's also weird too because like you said these songs are all old so we heard the rely younger listening to it now. They kinda kind of take on a whole new meaning dude also with you especially because you're married now yeah and he talks a lot about marriage and relationships l. It's probably hard to relate to back then but now kinda hits different. You know begin stuff hitting differently like after it's been given time i watched no see or not country for old men. Excuse me also a great movie. <hes> i watch there will be blood over the weekend for probably like i don't know fifth time i've seen it but over the course of since its release i saw it in theaters when it came out at one point like a it tastes old company they took it was oil and gas company. They took us to go. See it in like a private theater at one point randomly like i've seen it at home a couple of times we own the blu blu ray the point is this i watched it and for the first time watching it a whole bunch of shit hit me differently like i kept finding myself brealey understanding the deeper meaning behind scenes and why <hes> the the main character does the things that he does why henry plain view does the things that he does yes and <hes> that was strange for me. It'd been awhile since i had one of those moments where i'm like. Damn i've progressed or age or experienced enough life or enough. Shit has happened to me. Between the last time i saw there will be blood. In this time i saw there will be blood that it took on a completely different meaning for me in almost every way play was crazy and that's how you know movies good by the way the if it continues to take on that's just that's what art is right. That's that's that's art. It's supposed to make you feel a certain thing or a certain way or learn something about yourself or other people every time you look at it or watch it or viewer enjoy it or whatever and there will be blood man and i know that movie gets made fun of a lot and it's funny. Actually when i saw it in theaters i remember leaving the theater and me and my buddy will win saw with like this is gonna sound like brag rags not well fuck that would like four's eight as there's something for sorority girls when we were data yeah when we were in college and for the record and none of us none neither of us had any <hes> luck in that in that regard there was no dating or anything that took place after the fat before girls hate them to go with you not pay them to go with his a._j. That's prostitition or escora tation. If that's a word but when we left the theater all four girls were like what was that actually ten minutes and they were like can we leave it was because it's a very weird artsy fucking. It's just it's a weird movie. These young very young be open minded going into yeah. No those movies where you just have the kind of clear clearer mind with no expectations. Watch it and for me after i finished watching it. I was like i get how that was well done and acted obviously daniel day. Lewis is one of the greatest ever do it but i don't really know what i just watched or what the point was and that's the thing. Is you know so many times removed so many years removed watching it over this this weekend. I was just like fuck. This is good and it kept hitting all these different ways from me. All that is to say it's interesting. How things change in your perspective effective can change on movies or any kind of art as you grow in life. <hes> life throws different. Shit your way as a human being. Can i just say a little personal anecdote dovan with today too often overlooked and often general managers new jersey coaches and players take the brunt of the blame when sports franchises go horribly awry but ownership. If you don't have have good ownership you have nothing when it comes to a sports franchise and look at it this way if your company has a c._e._o. Or an owner or founder whatever that makes is all the decisions right. One guy in that one guy is a mess. You companies fucked right if the head of the snake is sick. What's the rest. The body of the snake is fucked. If you don't have good ownership of your sports squad <hes> that's likely while your squad sucks if you have a great sports team. It's likely because you have good ownership. Even if you're owner is a moron many cases these billionaire sports franchise owners are or seem to be. They have the ability to make good hires. Didn't that makes them a good owner. I'm gonna give you some examples. Look at my birthplace my hometown houston texas for example. The astros are owned by jim crane and run by jeff who to two guys who've clearly what they're doing clearly wanna win who've gotten one world series ring together so far. They're chasing another this year. They're willing to take calculated risks. <hes> giving up future assets to bring in another stellar pitcher this past week that grungy to give it another shot to win again this year. The rockets now owned by tillman for tita eh run by darrow maury. They've been perennial playoff contenders. My entire life championship contenders the last couple of years. If golden state didn't exist. I'm almost positive they would have gotten one and then they went and got russell westbrook. They're putting themselves in a position to have a chance at another trophy this year maybe their first since the mid nineties and then you have the texans owned by son of former owner bob mcnair. You may remember bob for <hes> well. That's not even fair. I'm not going to say what you remember. Rebuff for. Bob did a lot of really good shit. Let me just say that. I think bob got a bad rap in the media but his son cao dude named cow who looks exactly zaki like what you think he would look like and has the mustache to go with it. He's the owner now and they don't have a g._m. By choice no g._m. G._m. and their best defensive player hasn't signed as a result jadeveon clowney floating in the wind and now they've cut their backup running back <hes> that's fine though right. You just need one more miller. He's not that old. It'll be fine in professional. Sports ownership matters to an enormous degree if your owners don't care about winning if they're just there for the money or the status of being like an n._f._l. Owner you are screwed as a sports fan. There's nothing thing you can do about it. Point is enjoy appreciate and praised praised like in a religious sense. That'd be strange. Don't build any false idols or anything weird like that. <hes> <hes> some people do please don't bill bob kraft statue in your front yard. Don't do that if you have a good owner though go spend that money on those tickets and support fort that team because you're lucky if you have to good teams in two good owners like the people of houston do at the moment for the love of god support them in shame came the bad shame. These old wealthy fucks who are ruining your sports teams for real. I'm i'm not joking. Shame these old wealthy men making horrible decisions on account of your sports franchise that you love and care for but also remember when your team sucks that's part of the fun of sports that makes me think about <hes> cleveland how they're on the down on the decline for a while but now things are looking ok really are live the cleveland browns. They're projected to like win the division and go onto the playoffs you how weird team team is stacked. I don't know if you've been following. The like op rejected the. I'll make a prediction right now. We'll do an n._f._l. Predictor the cleveland browns sounds are gonna win at least nine games this season man. I was worried you were going to go to high no no no they'll finish nine and seven okay and they'll squeak their way into the playoffs. Maybe wildcard sure they may be win the first game but then that's about as far as they go free my my i on his prediction. I think that's fair. I would look at this sort of as a year one almost for the browns now that they're bringing in odell and it just feels like i mean there's a lotta talent but it would definitely be an improvement. They'll definitely went a lot of games and it'll be a huge step up from when they're out before i would think so too. I think we can all agree on that. I i would think so too. I'm excited to watch brown this year. Which is something that i've never been able to say before literally in my entire life that's crazy mostly because lebron's veg that shit ownership as baker mayfield city now it is he owns that city man that he teen wolf to beer at a baseball game the weekend. I'll find learn what you meant when you when you talk about vamping camping that's it. Is that what that was wolfing or vamping all cats. Would you call it but yeah. That's what he did yeah he did. He really knocked it out. If you're new to our show the ross bohlin podcast almost every episode is broken down into segments which you can find below time cues in the description of the episode now. If we have a special guest or perhaps a special topic there could be exceptions exceptions to that rule but you'll figure it out and learn as you go. You don't have to have heard any of the preceding two hundred and eight episodes of the show in order to enjoy our v._p. Two oh nine but if you like it it obviously we ask that you go back and enjoy the two hundred nate backlogged episodes when you can soak him in enjoy when you've got the time. That's what they're there for for you. You listen to follow us on instagram at the ross bohlin podcast where every day we fill up our story with photos and videos symbolic listenership also known as the v._p. Gang were also on twitter at rose bowl and pod and you could find us on facebook if you're one of the middle aged ants of one of our listeners but facebook sucks. I just want to say again again. Facebook sucks go. Watch the great hack on how was it. 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Actually the victoria's secret fashion show is canceled. So have you heard about this. No yeah the greatest show on t._v. What happened so according to them. They want to take a step back. I can kind of reevaluate the way they were doing the show and like branding and marketing and what now there might be a deeper reason that we don't know about well you know but either way like i said the greatest show on t._v. It's not going to be on t._v. This year <hes> are you a fan. Did you watch the victoria's secret fashion show. Oh i'm trying to look into the reasoning behind this. Is this related to jeffrey epstein. I'll take it is here's the thing they yeah. He has ties to this okay so the c._e._o. Of l. brands corp which i believe owns like a an affiliate abo victoria's secret secret anyway ceo les wexner has counted child sex trafficker jeffrey epstein stein whatever as a close business associate <hes> victoria's secret get fashion show model chanina shake told the pro what i'm confused anyway. It seems like it looks like there's some type of there's a reason for this. Is that what you think it would make sense. Yeah that is that is interesting. I'm going to have to look into that. Some more. I had no idea honestly it's funny because the victoria's secret fashion show as a show in general doesn't doesn't play in two thousand nine hundred anyway unless you're gonna what makes you say that it's just forty <hes> six foot tall one hundred and eight pound <hes> you know models with great tits and great ashes. It's that's not a normal women's body image. Let's bring that up because i think one of the points they made in there was alive. Critics have said that this show displays women it does in a light to where it's like. It's not unattainable beauty. Oh yeah things the way they put it if you were we're gonna women. These women are perfect. I don't typically buy into this whole narrative about like showing a bunch of beautiful women together is bad for the world because it makes other women look at those women compare themselves like if you put a whole budget on stage and they've got six packs in great bodies and huge cavs. I'm not looking at this stage but i also also get that. Everybody's different all right like maybe my self image in body issues and i've got my own set of problems that being said i get it. <hes> it doesn't really makes sense to have one body type seemingly presented as the perfect body type represented on stage in what is the grandest fashion show in the united states it every year i get it. I get how that could be perceived as <hes> an issue. It's not that i don't see it as a damn. This is a hell of a thing to lose. Oh yeah definitely dude me and my friends naive and just me and my boys like girls to we would all get together every year to watch the yes we will get a couple of twelve packs packs beer wings like an actual treated like a sporting event yeah and we watch the whole thing and it was just one of those one of those things where you just watched. It was like a social event. It was a point about it on twitter yeah. It was a point in college where like it turned into people would have victoria's secret fashion show viewing parties yeah and like the girls will wear like lingerie and shit. It's honestly pretty common taboo. No no that was the greatest night of the year. You know we used to do this last thing. I'll say about victoria's the secret before we move on <hes> when we were in college. I had like you know few different sets of roommates over the years. Some guys went to different. We lived in a house at one point within apart anyway. Point is this we had a d._v._r. Right that went from place to place like the d._v._r. Was in a house that we lived in when we moved to our next place. I took it with me. 'cause we use the same cable company sure that d._v._r. A._p._r. carried on it each three or four sets of <hes> victoria's secret fashion shows what we would do we'd we'd d._v._r. Him that night and obviously watch and and then whoever needed to watch would watch whenever they needed is is as as <hes> cranks became necessary or whatever it would sit on our d._v._r. For the course of the year but then what we'd do is we'd get home blackout drunk from the bars or like people to wear whatever over and we throw it on and let like pit bull or bruno mars or whatever fucking musical guests they had that taylor swift riana yeah we let them be our background music for the after party and you'll get a crank off no or weed or we'd mute it and play our own music and just let it sort of serve as like background eye candy for the after part oh and then get a crank call and then we'd get a crank off as a squad to like everybody in a circle called the rookie cookie so the beatles used to do it is so they made their music. Nobody ever talks not talks about that that that's the thing that was the creative i i just want to say. I just want to talk about this. Now 'cause very weird but they used to turn off the lights. They'll be together in a bedroom. They would all turn off the lights and one of them would like yell out a girl's name and they will just crank it wet yeah. It's do document man's like in the book about them. The beatles yeah wow allowed. They always shut the lights off. Just some it'll be like i don't know who is a big off time yeah and they will just all crank well to the name. That's so weird. It's very weird. Actually what i do with my friends. This is just strange. Is this just a strange coincidence. Isn't it what you did before the internet you job out female names and then you cranked into space. Excuse me i haven't amend <hes>. This is an oh yes. It is parker from last week. A city went to u._s._c. and then. I said that i was sure that was the university of southern california and i said grow go trojans. I was wrong. It's the university of south carolina. I knew the second the words came out of my nago nocco cox that there was one hundred percent chance i was wrong. Indeed go cox hashtag cox. <hes> actually yeah parker goes to that u._s._c. not the u._s._c. in california. I listen clear with this problem. Though why are there two u._s.'s. I'm still not okay with also a couple of u._t.'s out there. It really university of tennessee. You can't do that man. You pick tennessee. You gotta be something else just t. u. T. t. is what the aggies call. You t- ten sold them the taking maggie's yeah. They're very bitter people. The bitterness goes both ways just to be fair anyway. That's enough of the show in announcements amends and randomness. It's time time to get serious for a minute and it'll be our only really serious segment of the day just to four warning but it's a fucking series one and he probably was coming here it. Is i segment fuck your politics. Let me start by saying. This is the written version. <hes> what you're about to hear now is available to the public in written form. This is the audio version. I should say the audible version. It's available to the public in written form on patriot dot com slash. Josh ross bohlin podcasts for free. It's not behind the subscriber wall or the paywall or whatever and discussing. This is obviously not a good business decision. It's not a business decision getting anywhere near hot button political issues immediately presents the opportunity to permanently lose listeners or subscribers potentially sponsors as well because unfortunately that's where we're at as a country in twenty nineteen in terms of sensitivity and political correctness but some things are more important than money and are bigger than business and frankly thanks. I don't really see gun violence in the mass shooting crisis plaguing our country as a strictly political issue which is something. We mostly tried to steer away from here politics. 'cause we wanna bring you light brevity to your life that you know we wanna bring enjoyment some happiness to you day not not have to focus focus on all the seriousness and the horse shit that goes on in the political arena but i don't even see it as strictly political issue. It's a cultural issue to me first first and foremost and really i see it as a fundamental human issue even if it is spotlighted in america in the united states it is a worldwide issue and just to focus back on us here in the united states so many of us are fundamentally missing the point to a potentially really damning degree it does not matter if you have pale skin dark translucent black white brown yellow purple cream whatever fucking color you are. It does not matter. We're all americans world human beings in every single time. One of these mass shootings occurs whether we want to admit it or not we we are losing a little sliver of our freedom. Same thing applies with terrorist attacks really in aliens looking down at our dumb asses like <hes> <hes> do do they know they're all the same like we're on the same team. We're too stupid to realize it and there's a great rick and morty episode that highlights this hypocritical conundrum pretty flawlessly feeling anything towards someone based strictly on the color of their skin is strictly illogical. It doesn't even make sense and killing someone because they look differently than you is. Patently ridiculous act like yet every day. We grow grow further and further apart through systematic devices. We implemented ourselves. That's the great irony in all this. I have close friends on the far left. I mean mean very best friends who are like family to me without being blood also some actual family. I have a not who's a proud gay woman woman living in los angeles which is known bastion for for liberal nut jobs and she's been there for forty years or some shit. She married another proud gay woman in los angeles and shockingly. She's not a huge trump fan. I also have close friends on the far right and i mean pretty far to the right not into the white supremacist area that i didn't even know fucking existed until this past five years or whatever but far to the right on the republican republican side i mean very best friends family to me and then some actual family there too in every single one of them on both sides is missing the point because you cannot be on the far left or the far right without missing the point anymore. I'm sorry you you can't it's not about your political local party. It's not about republicans or democrats or liberals or conservatives or senate seats or presidential elections. It's about human life and we are choosing politics over people in money over our fellow man and we focus on petty differences like race or your stance on foreign policy issues issues or geographical location in which you were born which is not something you choose instead of coming together in an effort to better understand each other and he'll in progress focusing on those differences and look for the record. It's not like things like foreign. Policy aren't important. It's that you can't have a sound foreign policy without first having an even remotely acceptable domestic one so fuck your politics because this is about fundamental moral morals and values in the value of human life for that matter we clearly at this point value value the wrong things we value money and power over right and wrong. We value perceived received greatness. What do people think about me. Would my social posts look like what what's my outfit. Say about my status. We care about all that shit over actual greatness. We put our own selfish interests in front of the greater good and we have truly lost our way as a result potentially actually forever. I'm not joking. I don't know if this is fixable. We may fucked up so bad that there is no going back all that should i just spoke to by the way i would just bring this up now. I was going to save it to the dan patrick lieutenant whatever i'm not even gonna say. You're fucking position that you have sir. Dan dan patrick went on tv. Yesterday i guess i don't too angry to think straight and he brought up immediately after the shooting immediately apparently after the shooting in texas he brings up video games and prayer in school video. Video games in prayer in school didn't say a fucking thing about guns. Isn't that what how sir sir. This is exactly what i'm talking about that man dan patrick in arguably to an insanely transparent degree <music> values money and power over right and wrong. He values the money he receives from his backers in the n._r._a. In sometimes by the way sometimes fam it's not money there's no paper trail. It's about votes and power. It's not always financial backing so if you like the receipts where's the buddy they sometimes it's not about money in arguing that dan patrick is not in the pocket of the n._r._a. Is simply asinine thing to do. These politicians don't give a fuck about us. They don't give a fuck about you care about them. That's a selfish man. Broken morally corrupting lost lost getting on t._v. And bringing up fuck in video games and prayer in school. You know why brought those things up. He's paid to bring those things up by lobbyists his backers supporters they don't want him pointing the finger at guns or gun companies or all the this is what i'm saying. We're we get swept up into this political horse shit instead of the part that really matters which is first and foremost getting rid of that guy how the fuck are. We supposed to get better if that dude. It's still sitting there doing that job and that should is replicated in a million seats in every fucking potential office in the country politically in every city in the in the country. We can't stop voting for terrible people. Why the fuck would we let that dude have that job when that's what he brings up that's what he brings to the table this guy who's supposed to be a leader of men and women in our community. Keep our kids safe and shit that fucking slimeball. It makes me sick it. We we lost. That's it. We have to admit it's time to start admitting in where we've made huge missteps in the past so that we can fix them in the fucking future. We have lost what is actually important in the shootings this week. Begin defend a little bit differently. Didn't they been awhile since you felt that in the pit of your stomach is scary. You're afraid and i'm afraid and we're all frayed and that's natural true. That's the problem. Fear is natural. It's a natural response to scary things but our failure to fight that that fear has fucked us because fear drives the anger fueling the hate behind all the nonsensical violence violence and suffering in our world today that's it. It's very simple. We always fear what we don't understand. Fear leads to frustration leads to anger or leads to hate which in some cases clearly leads to mass shootings and sure if you sprinkle in some mental illness with a dash of broken mental health care and at the very least would have to be defined as weird gun control laws at a national level then that certainly doesn't help things but we can't treat any of that other shit without first treating the root of the issue the fundamental flaw the baseline sickness and clearly there is a substantial lack of understanding between between us as human beings at the most basic level in whether that lack of understanding is due to inexperience with people people that come from other ethnic backgrounds or walks of life or a failure to free to think freely instead choosing to just take on the t._v. Narratives from you know quote unquote news channels that are probably financed by morally bankrupt lobbyists and applying those thoughts and feelings and takes says your own excuse me in some cases it could be a lack of education or just terrible parenting or in some cases all all of those things combined that should has to be treated before we have a chance in hell of solving the intensely complex issues plaguing our nation today if we don't start to come together if we don't find a way to actually start listening to each other's issues and differences and he'll with one another and start to pick up the pieces this slowly but surely we're fucked. I guess we can continue to keep screaming at each other and killing each other. They're over over red and blue and black and white and green and all the other codes the fucking rainbow but i would ask can we please for the love of all that is good and decent. Stop doc making this about politics. Stop immediately getting on twitter and firing off your political takes and try something new. Can we try something new a desert governmental system feel like it's making progress fixing these issues too you have these politicians ever even tried tried to pretend they have your best interests in mind that some of the dudes i'm looking at in my state never tried. They never even had to try. We didn't make them try why we didn't even make them try to lie. We just said yeah you got this. Dan patrick fucking joke. Why the fuck would we continue you to put all of our eggs in the politics and laws will fix this basket because that's not working down the line. Obviously we need good leaders. At all levels of our our political system obviously and of course we want laws in place to help combat needless violence in our society to help. Keep us safe but right now. None of these leaders in our political parties are getting us anywhere so we need to start with each other almost almost two decades of focusing on foreign terrorism since nine eleven. It's time to start looking in the mirror. We got a lot of problems right here at home. Most of them stem around race and anger and frustration and like i said fear because we don't understand each other because we don't even know each other. We don't understand each other at all. Look how divided we are lookout divided. We let these fucking people whether it's the terrorists or the fucking politicians that are sitting in these seats that are supposed to be protecting us. We letting all these people drive us further and further apart and we're feeding into. We're just doing what they want us to do. In letting it divide as even further every time something happens. It's it's it's disappointing is. It's disappointing to have to turn on your t._v. And see a guy like dan patrick. He was like smiling and shit man. People people being murdered in your state because they were hispanic because they're mexican specifically murder because they're from another country or that. They look like they could have been from another country. I'm sure the shooter didn't induce due diligence in researching each human being. He murdered because that's not the way things work look like i said we're not going to get into any further or their conversation around this today unless a._j. Has a thing he wants to say but but i just have one thing that i wanted yeah yeah. It's not even really related to that per se. It's just more more of a called a call to action really but like if you're able to do anything to help out the victims and their families then i would say please. He's do so give blood yeah. It's a big one yeah easy why the number one. We've all got blood. You can donate to the red cross honestly really if you can give someone see if you can lend someone a shoulder to cry on really have a close relationship if you live in these areas and you see the people around you that are affected acted right. Just give someone some comfort and look and peace of mind at least a little bit to some degree by just being there for them. That's a good example of like some positive action. You can take because just trying to be nicer to people today too seriously. Just be nice to strangers and try to help people and care for people and if you build that pattern up we're all the world will be a much much better places that result. We cannot all i'm not. I know i'm not presenting plan for fixing. The human issues that exist in our the world today. I'm not presenting the specific plan but i'm what i'm presenting is this. We have to try something else. Focusing on politics in hoping that republicans look into democrats are gonna fix us. This has not worked. It will never happen. This will never happen ever that. Things are not getting better in washington in our respective capitals around the world in the country andre they're getting worse. These people are lost their done. It's time to replace them with younger. People who give a shit in who actually who have have not been sucked into politics for so long. They've completely lost their original purpose in way. You know i think politicians like a._f._c. I don't know if you're familiar with alexandria cossio uh-huh cortez. I you're not real big on politics so i mean the only reason i know about is i watched your documentary on netflix. I know minimum amount about it. Yeah i watched a documentary on netflix believes called knock the house down or bring the house down or something okay but she was just. She's one of the politicians in new york. I don't know what district she's also. A female knock down the house yeah. She's also a female. She's also hispanic and i watched a documentary and it just talked about how you know. These the people obviously under represented you know in in congress in politics or whatever mel hispanics for sure so it just showed her story like shoes shoes a bartender in new york and and she just noticed you know everything that you just said everything that's going on in our world right now or in america and she decided to step up and do something about it and she you know ran for for house ran for the house the seat and she won and now she's in. She's in the house right now. She's doing a lot of just incredible things. She's real active on social media and just really trying to help out the working class and just different ethnicities different genders good for is just. It just made me think of her yeah. She's definitely one. All those politicians like. You said they're positive approach. They're pushing things in the right direction. You feel like she's doing it for the right reasons the deaf for sure. She seems it's very genuine good. We need more people like her. Every eventually the goal should be that every single person in this is unrealistic goal as many people as possible in the senate and the congress in your city council should actually care wouldn't that be something and make decisions nations for the right reasons without moral guidelines. Money cannot be our moral guideline if that hasn't been obvious for the entire existence of humans than i don't know what you're paying attention to money can't be the guideline. That's not the thing that we use our odometer for where the fuck we go or compass for life is not money you will make all of the wrong decisions visions and you will die miserable. If you go that route. We need people making decisions for the right reasons trying to help our societies neighborhoods communities to hugh grow ooh in come together and we need leadership at this fucking. I know this is very much more easily said than done and very basic as a thought at our innermost base levels and all the whole system is poisoned baby. It's not and that's not a dramatic conspiracy spiracy theory st podcast type of thing to say anymore it isn't you can still try to make it that if you want. You can try to sit there with your fucking blanket pulled over your head. Stick your head in the sand and pretend ono this is the way it's always been. It'll get better blah blah blah. These things work themselves out. They fucking don't you're just just lying to yourself and you're scared and that's why you're lying to yourself because you're fucking scared so let's all just acknowledge it. We're scared because things have gone completely out of control will. Let's try to help each other because these dudes on your tv and in washington. They are not going to save you because they don't even give a fuck about you. In most cases in a strong majority of cases we try to change that to you can stop voting for people who who aren't doing dick to help you. I'm gonna move on but that was our serious fucking spiel for the day and also one more thing can and read the entire thing at patriotair dot com slash ross bohlin podcast what's up. I think we should dedicate this episode to all of the victims and their families and everyone that was affected. Course i think go ahead and declare that pass owed dayton sure there'll be another one before the episode ends knock on wood that that isn't the case. People are gonna keep dying. People are gonna keep getting shot <hes> by by people who are incredibly misguided whether it's because of racism or hatred or anger or retaliation or response or look. It's not going to stop unless we do something to stop it. So far. We have done next to nothing. That doesn't make a whole lot of sense sense to me so let's replace the people who are choosing that option doing nothing overdoing something because they're not doing their jobs and they don't care you're about you or me or any of these people that just died the care about using tragedy as an opportunity to further put themselves in a good position to get reelected theodore make more money or receive more under the table votes or influence or power or cash or whatever the fuck the whole thing is crooked fix it fix it vote these people out dan patrick at least him please rb p. to nine is also brought to you by bespoke post host with their box of awesome bespoke post sins guys only the best stuff every month. They test everything in the box of themselves from style in grooming goods. It's to bar where got cooking tools outdoor gear. Every product gets put through the ringer before it gets put inside a monthly box of awesome two in my favorite boxes. 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This weekend was like in the last week. <hes> expressing how much they've enjoyed the show early and how how i think we got a lot of momentum going the past couple of weeks what exactly they said that they like that they enjoyed just the episodes. I guess <hes> straight up just the content. A lot of people were super psyched about the cipher p._k. Interview oh yeah for sure i mean i feel like we've just done done some good content vaguely but lot of expression of of of missing older like some of the old classic segments that we do you were animals are animals and pirates and i was like you know what in all fairness that is a completely fair criticism to me like more cowboy yeah. No we need we need our staples involved in every episode every week. We need an animal of the week every week. That's why it's called animal of the we a wikipedia so i'm gonna make sure that we start to work the look i get very excited to talk about all the things that i get to talk about and sometimes it's easy for me to forget to include the staples in in time crunches and such and thank you my my point is thank you because it really inspired me to remember what what the point is here. What i'm trying to what i wanted to do with the show was always be able to do exactly this. Go from talking mass shootings two <hes> silly pirates segment because i believe that's the show the world world needs is the ability to go from very serious topics too light hearted in funny shit that doesn't necessarily matter so much roller coaster ride. That's the way life works a lot roller coaster of emotions. Yeah you gotta be able to handle this shit so today. We're bringing back bad ass pirates. You haven't heard of in his name the one we're going with oh by the way sam w. W is the guy that got me hooked up with this pirate today. Sam thank you for the suggestion today. As bad as pirate you haven't heard of is henry every okay his last name's every which is a real bummer 'cause very intimidating no and when you're reading about him stoned. It's literally spelled e. v. e. r. y. Which looks like the the word every and so when his last name is used at the beginning of sentences of okay i see he gets really confusing the word a._m. Like every every who every what right oh every it was anyway. Point is very confused and smoke weed and research pirates unless you're equipped to do so. I'm not sometimes he was arana's. Erroneously ashley erroneous on all counts sometimes erroneously named jack avery or john avery he was in english pirate in his name was henry every every any operated in the atlantic and indian oceans in the mid sixteen ninety s. That's quite a long time ago. I can't do the math quickly. Cleveland certainly been hundreds of years. He probably you several aliases throughout his career. The other one's side from jack avery john benjamin bridgman see i like that that sounds like a pirate name. I'm playing pirate video game in the avatar pops up and says name yourself next time. I'm i'm going with benjamin bridge. Bridgman can't even say it easily <hes> he was also known as long binh to his crewmen and associates. We all know why those was hanging. We know why they call them. Long been slang in the fuck. You get the nickname long been when your actual name is henry. Every man is due. You must've been next level because you're a piece but somebody looked at it and when dude you've seen henry's cock that's been that's what we call big dicks through now on bins. That motherfucker has been on him anyway. The point is his real name is henri every he was dubbed the arch pirate and at another time. Apparently i don't know how you get two things the king of pirates that's a bold statement. Yo that's the nickname you want. Pirate yes every was infamous for being one of the few major pirate captains to escape with his loot without being arrested or killed in battle and for the being the perpetrator of what it has been called the most profitable act of piracy in history which is big. Obviously we're gonna talk about that so although every career ear as a pirate and this is what's funny pirating. It turns out not a long winded career. Most of these guys didn't go twenty years on on the high seas. You get a couple of years. It's like being a running back in the n._f._l. Then you got that yes you either get arrested or you. You find your smart enough to escape gabe into hiding which no one does every. It's like being a drug dealer right from the black plague or you die from the black plate but it's like the scarface thing like look. It's always the conundrum with illegal activities. Did you have great success and you get you and you gain great wealth as a result of that great success in that illegal enterprise. No one in the history of illegal enterprise has the wherewithal to pull allow out before it's too late literally every gangster story yes. It's like every gangster movie ever and in many cases. It's just it's so difficult the things you have to do due to get yourself into the position then prevent you from ever and also maintain that yes they prevent you from being always look over your shoulder to escape in a lot of cases your own people turn on you. It'd be your own people a._j. Sometimes every point is every career as a pirate only lasted two years snow now longtime no his exploits captured the public's imagination became obviously sort of a celebrity pirate type of motherfucker and he inspired others to take up piracy in which had to have been a point of pride for him. I believe is a pirate. That's like the best thing you can accomplish. You're such a bad ass pirate. Literally other people are like i. I wanna be a pirate. He was like the michael jordan pirates. Yes and it spawned many works of literature about him. In such a he began every he did his pirate career while he was first mate of the warship charles the second as the ship lay anchored in the northern spanish harbour of karuna the crew it grew discontented as spain failed to deliver a letter of marque and charles a seconds owners failed to pay their wages and they mutinied charles. The second was renamed. The fancy in every elected was elected by the crew as the new captain are boy every his most famous raid was on twenty five ship convoy of grand mughal gal vessels making the annual pilgrimage to mecca which is kind of fucked up but it's also kind of funny including the treasury late in this is good. This is where things really take a turn including the treasure laden ganga dow gun e sow y and its escort the fateh mohammad. The ships called ganga any human find. If you're a pirate and your pirating on the high seas out there singing yoho joe jojo pirates i for me and then i met runs up and he's like we see a vessel and you're like what's it called and he's like gone joh- you take that fucker you gotta go get that bitch be whereabout jamaican pirates and that's the one thing though you gotta in you don't know who's on there you get the telescope i you confirm the whiteness of the people on board and then you go take. It sounds like a jamaican ship. You do not wanna fuck with the yeah with a jamaican pirate ship but they will fuck you up. No joke jamaican can pirates not not the ones you wanna mess with joining forces with several pirate vessels every found himself in command of eventually a small pirate squadron <hes> they were able to capture at that raid that twenty five ship convoy the grand mughal vessels making their annual pilgrimage to mecca including the treasure laden gun joh- they were able to capture <hes> looks like up to six hundred thousand pounds in precious metals and jewels which equivalent to around in twenty nineteen eighty nine million six hundred thousand pounds so obviously that's why i was the largest pirate hall in history eighty nine million dollars as an a pirate pirating. That's a lot of l._b.'s. That's a lot made in the richest pirate in the world. It also caused considerable damage to england's fragile relations nations with the mughal who i don't even know who they are or i'm saying that correctly moguls muggles harry potter fans a combined bounty of this is funny. He's still six hundred thousand pounds right eighty nine point six million pounds in two thousand nine hundred they put a bounty of one thousand pounds on his said that doesn't make sense slightly less than the eighty nine point six million six hundred thousand six six hunt. He's still six hundred one six hundred of the amount he stole the amount. You went with for the bounty on his head anyway. Obviously that was an immense sum. At the time it was offered up by the privy council in the east india company for those who've seen pirates of the caribbean the east india trading companies inspired by the actual east india company for his capture led to the first a._j. This is the other crazy thing about our boy today henry every pirate pirate. You've never heard i haven't heard of i ever worldwide. The manhunt recorded in history. Ever oh ever was for our boy henry. Every wow yeah big so not only was he. The king of pirates not only was he <hes> at one point the wealthiest pirate in the world's richest pirate in the world with that six hundred thousand pound hall that would have been eighty nine point six million in two thousand nineteen also so the first worldwide manhunt was spawned as a result of his crimes. I fugitive yep. <hes> a number of his crew were subsequently arrested but every himself self was able to elude capture vanishing completely off the face of the earth. Nobody ever heard another thing about him again. In sixteen ninety six completely disappeared from the records. His whereabouts has activities totally unknown from there on out unconfirmed accounts state. He may have changed his name again. How many names this guy got so many to pick from. He probably changed legally too long. That was the one on the tombstone first name long last name been <hes> made his peace rest in peace may may rest in peace and in one piece forever sees me he may have changed his name and retired and then quietly lived out the rest of his life in either britain or an unidentified tropical island. I hope he chose the latter. That sounds not much better than i went to jamaica then britain he's now. He's fumble quite <hes>. The alternative accounts consider that every may have squandered his riches. There are people people who believe maybe he lost it all and then that's why we never heard amount of again. That's fucking ridiculous. That's patently. Insane should invested. He didn't blow it. He should've though stocks and bonds god. Gotta diversify you got to diversify your portfolio would tang he <hes> he's supposedly died between sixteen ninety. Nine and seven fourteen is trevor treasure. His is treasurer never recovered still out there a._j. Hey i know what we're doing for the rest of the day hunting for henry every slash long bins a never recovered treasure. There's got saying more than a day his jesuit and while i never recovered ever governed ever. That's how you win a bad ass pirates. You haven't heard a boom moving on rb to own is also brought. If you buy one of our new sponsors hellofresh it's america's number one meal kit baby hellofresh cooking delicious meals at home a reality regardless of your comfort in the kitchen from step by step recipes to premeasured ingredients. You'll have everything you need to get. Wow worthy dinners on the table in in just about thirty minutes to which is crazy. Even if you are an ignorant person in the kitchen like i am and you're afraid right now like oh god don't be even i the man who routinely eats like a six year old and who can only hashtag cook mac and cheese or so i thought i was able to conquer incredible meal from hellofresh afresh with with help from my wife last week. 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I played golf with dave this weekend. Yeah come joke extraordinaire. Yes a running joke on their show. Yeah the circling back. Guys may come jokes far far too often every time we say the word tom yeah any in any context <hes> there was a point in my life where i was obviously where we i work together with those dues every day and that became like a regular part of my life although the bit back then too yeah oh for years this has been going for years brought. This is not a new bit <hes>. This is literally like that's part of what people are missing. There is an even i think there's even some some people who like supporters their show or whatever who don't realize we've been making that joke since two thousand fifteen and two pretty much the same degree they do now. Let's funny every time yes and in varying waves it is so stupid and so funny anytime you say come <hes> i still to this day. It's a problem for me. I'll be like in the grocery store and i'll be at the pharmacists right and and they're like it's going. Could it be about twenty thirty minutes <hes> when you think you can come back to pick up your prescription and i'll be like i can what so that but that's not funny. It is funny what it's so funny and i'm never be able to to explain it better than that anyway. That is to say i played golf with dave on saturday and i feel it's been it's been in my brain all august long. You will call your grandparents trying not to make any more come jokes <hes> look. This is very important. <hes> first of all age have you called your grandparents yet so m- only grandparent that i have that still alive in my grandmother on my dad's side okay and and to be honest with you my relationship with her. Things are a little little messy really the least. I guess without getting too personal. It's a long story but i do support this movement. It's just i don't know if i'll be able to do it well. That's a good point yeah. I support it. Even i don't think i'll be able to do it in my life by support the movement because old people are very wise they give great advice and you know they just appreciate the time you know dabs dude. That's just night. Even just your grandparents. Let's just say any elderly person. Yes you run into the grocery store post office. Whatever and you jus- us casualties <unk> conversation with them that can make their entire day and honestly it's just the conversation yes and it'll probably benefit you as well and that we got hit bilad people. Obviously we've been promoting. The august is call your grandparents month on social media over the past four five days and i get a lot of people who hit me up like oh cool man. Both my grandparents are dead. Guess i'll go fuck myself and i'm like yeah you could do that. If you really want to or you could call <hes> like i mean there's a look people win. It's black history month. I don't go. Hey i'm not black. You know what i'm saying. Does that make sense. I <hes> you some things aren't about you so if your grandparents are gone or perhaps you never had any because you were born from eggs or some strange laboratory birth do. I don't know all the different ways that people come to be a store dropped up you off. That's cool man. I am sorry but also you're missing the fucking point. It's not about you. It's about the existing current grandparents that are <hes> living in in dead and need to be respected and talked about and that's what this month for exactly the reasons a._j. Sit elderly people not all of them but look if you look around you on a daily basis most of the dumb dumb idiots that you deal with our younger sure i must say somewhere between fifteen and and fifty generation z. What will you win a little bit beyond include but yes sure young people are typically dumber. Were less wise. We don't know as much we haven't don't have enough life of experience so learning yeah man perspective as a human being isn't always your fault very limited. It is like as a as a college student. There were points where hit me like oh god. I don't know anything and i get down on myself like fuck. What the fuck i need. Figure it out. That's how life works. It's slowly but surely you'll learn when you can. You become a little wiser eiser as you can. As long as you're making the effort to do the right thing if you'll be fine you'll be fine and that's sorta ties back to what we discussed earlier with where basic senseless violence of late do the right. If you make the right decisions on a daily basis we all just try a little. We'll be so much much better off your grandparents old people elderly people they've seen shit. They used to probably be dumb ass younger motherfuckers just just like you and i right. That's how life works typically. They've gotten through all the stuff that we're currently battling in some form. These issues that we face as society in two thousand nine hundred they've all existed before i was going to say in a lot of ways that originated with them and their generation had a version of each issue. We face a lot of a lot worse than what we deal with this. If you look at like the racism dude and like the whole political everything that was going only facts now alive. It was horrible and they're calm. They're comparisons and parallels in line to be drawn and lessons to be learned there and that's part of why it's so important important you talk to these people because they know shit that you sure as hell that i sure as hell do not just to speak to my personal relationship with my two three surviving grandparents actually <hes> i lost my dad's dad several years back. When i was in college. He was a great dude. I respected him. A ton still do obviously love him very much but we had special relationship different kind of relationship than i have with my other grandparents to where it wasn't super personal. It was more like respect based like i knew he was my grandpa and he was the patriarch of my family and he made sure that i saw him that way. Through the way he carried himself and that was always super important to me like i was like like okay. This guy is leading. It's not about me liking him. Although i did very much it wasn't about that though it was about leadership so you're saying about status now sort of but it was more about like i'll give you an example when i got in big trouble in college. My grandpa was a man of few words to me. You didn't say a whole lot and at one point. He sat me eric. He came into this guest room in their house and he sat me. I guess i was already sitting. He sat down. It was the first time or the only time i can remember him having a very personal one on one conversation with me where i was the only person who was addressing and he was saying something that was beyond like you old school man we the only time we spoke. It was like watching football. It'd be good run. You know what i mean yeah. He didn't say a whole lot and he sat me down and and he was like hey listen. You got e. Basically i'll give you the long the to the to london read. He was like you've got choices here. You got a great family great opportunities in front of you. You've got a great brain. <hes> in a great heart and your total piece of shit right now on your blowing it you can either continue to go that route or you can turn things around in you you can either. He was like basically he was like life is going to present you with hard decisions and choices and challenges and you're gonna have to figure out what is important to you in what you want to accomplish russian what you wanna do and then he got into the story about for me for the sake of me sort of understanding sacrifices. He had made a different point in his life. He spoke to how i think he knew how much i love my grandma like <hes> up there with with my own parents my wife my i mean she means the world to me and he wanted to tell me a story that would rela- delay what he had to do to secure my grandmother in his life to make sure that she was a part of his life moving forward a told me the story about how he basically basically busted asking college to work to be able to buy a car to be able to pay for the gas to go visit her like every weekend or whenever he could to get their relationship going and it was just super meaningful to me to have him connect with me on that level my my mom's dad my pappa is a super religious man who you know i grew up in the church and he was a big part of that but then then he also taught me how to play golf. It's not the taught me how to play golf. My mom would be upset with me and last time i spoke to this. She actually made an amend for me. My mom technically got me into golf. She's the you wanna put me in like the little p._g._a. Camps or whatever bought me my clubs and shit and she's the one who encouraged golf more than my my my dad's saw golf is like a fancy antsy dandy sport he was like you're playing baseball and soccer and basketball with the fucking man spor yeah he was like i don't know about all this and he never played golf. You didn't give a shit not that. My dad doesn't respect at golf. I don't know if he does maybe it doesn't. I won't speak for you. If you don't like golf that's fine. My papa taught me golf <hes> in in he taught me a lot other shit to but i'll leave it at that mimi. The one who i speak about all the time <hes> on our lisa reads is is the one who lisa was kind enough to hook up. Lisa mattresses was kind enough to hook up with a with a matches actress. She has alzheimer's now. It's my mom's mom and she's in a memory care unit and obviously i don't get to share is many moments with her anymore because she's very sick and it is a horrible disease and one of the worst ways you can watch a human being lose. I don't wanna say lose fade away sort of slowly over. It's a very slow long for long death. That's what it is and it's horrifying. It's so fucked up for everybody around and it gave me a special different kind of i also watch taylor's lose. Her grandma alzheimer's <hes> four five years ago from a very first hand perspective. I never seen anybody dying before and in it is something i'd found dead body before which i told her i remember the story on a shot episode like ten to yeah real i. I found a dead body before but i'd never i'd never been in a room with somebody who's actively dying and it is it is something. I don't know if that's something i'd ever want to experience. It's something <hes> you probably will at some point. I think we all probably have to at some point. It is a brutal thing but all that is to say alzheimer's and the way to fix is just if you if if i had to throw out a random here's a 'cause you could go support today outside of obviously giving blood and and trying to help the victims of horrific violence in our world i would say <hes>. Would i say j what was i saying. You're about to bring up a supporting alzheimer ahead one of my brain brain farts. Oh thank you. I would supporting the movement. Get out and find a way to contribute to the the alzheimer's research community or give money to alzheimer's research anyway. You grandparents are incredibly important. They offer a ton of wisdom in in in perspective that you don't have to go back to a point earlier about your conversation with your grandfather father yeah. There's nothing like when an elderly person gives you advice like that especially a grandparent that really makes it's like a wake-up call. <hes> it really makes you realize is like hey. I gotta change like something's got a something's gotta give here. There's wait. There's more weight to hearing something like that from somebody who has look look at that point. I'm sitting on the couch that man. He's done right for the most part. He's accomplished all the most difficult things in life. He has made made a career for himself. He's built a home for himself. He created a family from self yet three kids. His kids ed kids. He's three levels deepened his family's the patriarch he's moving towards retirement etc. He's enjoying his golden year. That dude doesn't need or omi anything. I'm here because of him and he he still took the time to sit down in explain to me what he thought i needed to hear to snap out of it especially you saying that he was a man of few words then he actually had a conversation with you about that. Yeah holds weight in it so did and that's very important and it's so important for for it's such a it's that doesn't fit in my world right like anyone who knows me knows that i like to talk the fact that turned into careers still shocking to me but i'm a talker i. I've always been a talker. It used to be that i'd get blackout drunk and that's when i do my talking and understand what you were saying that sometimes i probably didn't make much sense apologies to all the people who had to over the course. There's like ten years there. Listen to me speak drunk. I don't know if you understand me. I understood me. I was having a hell of a time but i've always been a talker if you let me talk in a conversation if if we have a serious serious conversation you'd better come with points because if you don't start talking i will talk the entire time it's part of it's partially anxiety thing because it makes me feel better right common defense mechanism and a lot of ways to just a related to what you're saying sharing in some ways. It can be yeah it. It can can be a defense mechanism. I try not to go like i can usually feel. If i'm talking just to talk. I try to stop myself because that's horrible will only get you in trouble in your personal relationships in your podcasting if you're doing that when you just hit a like a realm of stream-of-consciousness we just literally just pop into your head. You're just talking out loud. It can get dangerous <hes> you you wanna make sure you've got purpose behind. Your words is all i'm saying i'm just gonna leave it at that. I will talk forever if you will allow me to okay. Don't don't let me talk forever. Call your grandparents though all right. They're older wise. They have wisdom to impart. You don't have better shit to do you jack off and play video games all day. This is probably the least physically taxing and most productive thing you could possibly possibly do don't crank in terms of the scale and also hashtag. Don't crank. If you're on the look think about the amount of effort that goes into picking up the phone you don't at the dial anymore. Notional dialing you just press grandma grandpa or nursing home call a random nursing home and just say random name be like <hes> miss misora and don't connect you to somebody talk to that old lady or man named sarah. Do something is the point get out there connect with an older elderly person somebody who can import. There's some good also. If you have a good story about your grandma grandpa call the hotline share it eight eight eight w._r. Bullet. I don't know that we'll get any but if somebody has a bad ass story about your grandparents. I had that one about my my grandma interviewing john wayne back in the day. That was oh yeah. That was tight. Call eight eight eight w._r. Bowling give us a story about your grandma your or you know what better yet. If you have like a bad ass grandma or grandpa that you could get to call in and and say i'd say whatever honestly i don't even care what they say. I love that idea. Actually we'll put grandparents. I'll be awesome all up and down the show man eight eight eight w._r. Bolan either college college would take stories grandparents. Elderly people related or get your actual parents on the phone. You know what here's what you do. You're all supposed to be hanging out with your grandparents this month and calling them and going to see him spending time with them and making sure that you talk with them. If you're lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend time with your grandma grandpa this this week or month any point in the next few weeks and you think they have something good. You ask him grandma grandpa. Do you have a piece of of really good advice that you'd think you could give the rb. P gang in and try to if you go down the rabbit hole of what's a podcast. It's gonna end up really long in. Don't go that route. Don't go that route. Just lie say it's a radio show. That's the best way to explain it. Sometimes you just gotta light old old time radio. It's doing a call your grandparents months segment that ends with me encouraging you to lie to old people people but seriously just lie say it's a radio show and then give him explain it to them grandma grandpa. I'm gonna call this number. I want you to give that piece of advice and then have them share with. There's maybe we can all get a little wiser here and again. If you don't have grandparents is fine. Many many people no longer have grandparents or never even knew there's call a nursing home asked to speak to a random person. I call another older family member like an aunt and uncle or an older friend yeah friends with grandparents or a._j. Said man you're in the grocery store best. Buy or wherever wherever you go. There's the early people everywhere in the crank store. There's old people in there say hi to somebody. Do you have a little conversation or go plant a fucking tree. I don't no i can't solve every problem but it's call your grandparents month in august. Make sure you call yours i._b._p. Tune is also brought to you by another actually none of of our new sponsors care of care of is an incredible subscription service that delivers vitamins and supplements customized for your specific health needs you take a short quiz. You answer some simple questions about your diet. Your lifestyle your fitness in your health goals and care of put together a personalized plan just for you. The quiz is actually like quicken fun. You actually probably will learn something about yourself. In just answering the questions like some of the questions i was like oh wow i'd never really thought about that at all before like why certain aspects of my diet or the way they are. It's obviously summertime right summertime is it's important born to look good. It's pool season baby. You're going to the beach. Take your shirt off and public make health and wellness a priority again care of makes it easy to upgrade your health routine. You can give yourself yourself more support this season. Give yourself a boost whether you're looking for energy or better sleeper to maintain your stress levels or something else to help you feel your healthiest. It's gonna ask you all about your diet. Your health goals your lifestyle choices. It only takes five minutes to find out your personal scientifically backed vitamin supplement recommendations. Human dacians is super cool. 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Were six away from it thousand by the way we've never hit thousand people. I'm super pumped to have grown as much as we have over the past few weeks and obviously that's been a result giving you more so i'm gonna continue to do that. I'm going to continue to write more. I wrote fuck. Your politics. Yesterday is sort of a. I don't want to say spitball reaction because i thought about this is for the record. I didn't write this column as a response. It had like a direct response to the shooting that occurred over the weekend or shootings use that occurred over the weekend again. I i know thoughts and prayers. Don't do anything to all. Y'all who don't do anything but they do. I'm gonna be praying everybody in in in daytona and obviously paso as well and i i don't. I don't like that we've shitting thoughts and prayers constantly now like yes. Dan patrick offering of thoughts impairs does absolutely nothing for anyone if that's what he's getting on national t._v. To do is say thoughts and prayers to the people of el paso no that's not productive but what actually praying is think actually thinking about what happened and giving your thoughts to the people lost in to those hurting. That's not the negative people that's a good thing to do. It's just the version of it that we've made our goto response. That's bad right a._j. Do you agree no. I agree is become like this watered-down thing to where something bad happens and you just kinda. Shoot it out there in tweet and it's like oh and then you move on right yeah. That's not how it works but you should be thinking thinking and praying about people who are suffering that's not i shouldn't have used the word shoot. That was probably a poured out of whatever would you say a while saying like shoot a tweet out there i should i just sent a tweet out yet. One person probably heard that brad word choice but again. It's like come on. Sometimes it's not about something is as silly as that. It's about what somebody's intentions. Sometimes you can tell somebody's intentions are good which you should be able to tell in this case. You don't have to fucking go off on every single person who miss speaks. I've been getting this for almost nine years now on the internet. Come on man sometimes you. I knew what i meant hair. Just add one more thing to you all right our leadership in texas. Just it sucks dude. It's nationwide the problem but it's like a sex 'tatoes lives. It's been like this. It's a massive bummer there. We've had guys that i th- in different levels of leadership at our state level that that i have respected in in in looked up to over the years but not very many is mostly dudes like dan patrick where i'm like. I honest greg gavitt to god. Don't know how you got there. How you convinced anybody you deserved avenue ability to make choices for other humans is is crazy town to me. <hes> he blamed video games. You mentioned video games but you didn't necessarily like pinpoint in point. He blamed video games as the reason. Why a lot of this like crazy violent yeah he. He brought up duty in particular. I'll give you this okay they didn't of this is going to be a longer thing later that you're going to mention no video games planned violence or whatever but the whole narrative that's the part that he tried to pass it off off as being the main source of <hes> look video games and violent video games and violent movies and violent entertain. Yeah those things can be incredibly negative. If you you are <hes> doing a terrible job is apparent and like not making sure that your children understand the difference between reality and fiction and letting your kids play too many violent video games for too many hours in a day or like watched terminator thousand times in a row or whatever then yeah sure okay fine that can definitely have have negative mental health impact so can eating ice cream for twenty four hours a day. Anything in too big of a <hes> dose is bad. We always talk about like everything in moderation nation. <hes> do too much too much good thing. We'll ruin it. It's not like that's just pretending that video games are the thing causing causing people to go and murder large amounts of humans with <hes> with with assault rifles is fucked up. Look i just don't like when the media tries tatting adding it off the wall. Try to dig into the psyche of these killers and try to figure out. Why did they do this. What motivated him do that. Honestly they're just sick. Evil demented people out there in case. That's just what it just comes down to. That's just sick. People out there that do these horrendous acts in for those of you who are like how do you time mental health offend all of this. How do you tie. I mean there's look there's a million facets. Mental health plays a part for sure are broken mental health system the fact that we are only just now getting to a place place where some people are even willing to admit that they're mentally ill or get or seek help or don't feel ashamed to go get help all that is like very much a new part of this problem right right like the mental health stuff it plays it plays for sure but they're leash that it's not just your mentally ill and then you go in a mass shooting like a hundred thousand things go wrong along the way for for a human to end up deciding that the way they want to die is by taking out another above other human beings with them. It's not just you mentally ill in the that's the next thing that happens a lot has to go wrong and i'm not saying it's always the parents but a lotta time. It's the parents a lot of times to community a lot of time. It's family and friends and people turning a blind mind. I in deciding not to do the right thing and that's really the big big route issue here for me. Still it all goes back to if if we all just did a better job of making its look people. It's a complex issue with a million facets to it facets. Excuse me there is only one way to address this bullshit at this point and that is with the basics back to the basics the simple things taking care of all the shit that i spoke about in my long winding monologue at the beginning the episode. Just go back and listen to that again. I won't repeat myself and we gotta go but followers on instagram at ross bohlin podcasts twitter facebook dot com slash fuck you mark zuckerberg patriot dot com slash podcast a._j. Work and everybody follow you on twitter. We spell out your your social media handle twitter and instagram. I'm at capital a._j. C. a. p. I t. a. l. a. j. u. And that will do it for b._p. Two or nine recorded and produced by mike moody. Excuse me on a piece of ice in my mouth confessional move right there recorded and produced by mike moody and grant davis at permanent record studios in austin texas. We will catch you thursday on episode. Two hundred ten rb p a to ten coming soon. Y'all stay safe out there. Love each other help each other make some fucking progress today makes fucking progress gain peace be with you and also with you yeah <music> uh.

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