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What follows may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. This is episode two, hundred, Fifty, five. The World? Stories. Stories of mysteries. Of Curiosities. Of. Jewelry in. and Joe through Gilligan Tov for the strange. The bizarre. The unexpected. Bid and wash. Asleep. Here. Inside. The box. Oddities lady from Queensland. Australia. Hop. Oh. Man Did you warm up or anything? Did you did you see this? She said you guys are talking about doing a live virtual show from your basement. How come you haven't done it yet to inspire you here's one hundred dollars. Actually, sent us one hundred bucks two. Wow I. Guess. Now we have to go ahead and schedule that. I have done some stuff I cleaned the room that we are going to be recording it in because I had been just letting the guinea pigs hang out there So it needed to be cleaned. The carpet was covered in Guinea pig poop cover don't be gross. Not. Covered but I mean, there were a couple here and there I think that the acceptable amount of Guinea, pig poo on a carpet limit had been exceeded I. that's a fair statement because I don't want any Guinea pig Pu, you know where the frigging Anyway. We're going to be streaming it online from our semi furnished basement. So? We hope that you will join us for that We have talked with amber, our road manager who will be assisting us with said, recording and producing, and the curator's even gotten involved. Joe. We actually even have the curator we must do in the live shows so much, and it's going to be a long time before we can. We can do a live show. So we're going to recreate that live show experience in our semi furnished basement as right. So we are just we are really honestly, we are working toward getting it done for you. It's just it's been a been a bit a bit of a process because of the Guinea pig poop mostly because of that. What you got for me I want to tell you the tail of Dr. Been. Dish Warr POLYTECH. This doctor was visiting Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum in London and was inspired and they felt that they needed to have a similar museum in India but with a slightly different focus thus began the Sulu of International Museum of. Toilets. Located in New Delhi, the museum was opened in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety, two in it you will find objects detailing the historic. Of Toilets from twenty five, hundred. B C E to date. It provides a chronological account of developments related to technology toilet related social customs, toilet etiquette, prevailing sanitary conditions, and legislative efforts of different times and region at the grand opening Did it make a big splash? When it came out. The museum has an extensive display of privies water closets in use from forty-five see to the modern times. It also has a rare collection of beautiful poems written on all about and related to toilets and their usage. They were written on the walls of the of the stalls. Now, there's some great poetry there. This was not a project that the doctor half asked he did extensive research on the subject he sent letters to more than one hundred embassies and high commissions of different countries seeking information and photos on the subjects. So we blew the lid off it. Till his request more than sixty embassies responded and provided information including toilet designs used in various countries. The museum is divided into three parts, ancient medieval, and modern depicting the evolution of the humble laboratory over the centuries. Some of the interesting objects and information charts on display are a reproduction of a commode of the British medieval period. This was supposedly used to. for the king to defecate in while holding court I didn't know that was a thing. Yeah. Oh my God. Sometimes, it could be a lengthy process and you might have to drop a deuce midst. Right? Right. You're making some sort of royal proclamation and pinching off a loaf they may not have been playing cards but someone for sure how to royal flush. Right, there was a toilet camouflaged in the form of a bookcase. So you could sneaky library pu well, how wow that can be confusing also information on the technology transfer from Russia to NASA to convert urine into potable water, which is actually super interesting. Of course, they are display boards with comics and jokes and cartoons regarding toilets, toilet pots made of gold. And silver used by Roman emperors information about fleshpots designed in the fifteen hundreds by Sir John Herrington will we got the term the John? Not. Sure. You'll have to visit the museum and historical information from archaeological sites on the development of toilets during the Indus Valley civilization. There's also a replica of a medieval mobile commode in the shape of a treasure chest. That by design this was used while well off travelers while camping on on the hunt. Maybe. Could Pu. But then if someone came upon their site. Treasure. Chest you WANNA take it right. It's like when people fill Amazon boxes full poop. Yeah. Take that field medieval version EVATT. It's Hilarious and I love all versions of it. It is delightful that the humor can be carried down through the generations like that so that treasury would be poop anyway on the website about the museum they write that they are proud that for the second year in A. Row, they have one experts choice award by trip expert they've been recognized as an outstanding attraction by professional reviewers on trip expert, dot com with recommendations from publications like Travel and Leisure Lonely Planet and Atlas Obscure. Well, they are featured on trip expert. Dot Com is one of the best attractions in New Delhi wondering what the competing attractions are though now all attacks. In new daylight related track of all attractions. It's one thing to say you're the best in a particular region, but if there's nothing else to do in New Delhi I, well, it's new, Delhi of course there's the stuff to do I believe on. tripadvisor it was ranked like number forty, seven out of five hundred something attractions. So worldwide, no in New Delhi forty, forty, five out of five hundred something like that within a city. Okay. Well, that's not that impressive. Well, no, it's not like they got number two or any. But It's pretty good where I was going with that. So. As I said, the museum is separated into three sections. The purpose of this is to show how each region of the world and through each time period the the practice of pooing has evolved. Now, as I said, this was something the doctor took very seriously and it's because his objective was really to establish the museum to highlight problems of sanitation especially in India he wanted the sanitation. Sector in the country to improve, and so he wanted to show illustrate how sanitation toilets Pu habits have improved all over the world over the years it gets to the heart of a very real problem in India which is the lack of proper plumbing and access to modern toilet facilities, which leads to the death of half a million children every year due to dehydration caused by open defecation. If you pooping in the water, you can't drink it. That's right. So he has this battle cry of nobody should go outside for defecation and every house in India shot at toilet. Now it's not the most catchy phrases could be a little more concise. You know if it could rhyme, that would be great. I got milk. Wow. There's there's a really weak callback. Yeah. was just for you. And the one person that's listening right now and you know who you are. So he has set out to bring modern sanitation to India raising the status of India's lower castes, the untouchables. Are Living in conditions that are as healthy and clean as those in higher levels of the caste system as we've talked about before, lots of places throughout the world have have lived within some sort of social structure like this. But in India the the caste system still in effect and I kind of wish I had switched around the story. So I started with the sadness and then went into the fun toilet talk. Because I feel like I'm ending this on a real bummer. Enough that's enough out of you. Thing the middle. All right. Here's some weird stuff that TSA found in luggage. Always a fun topic to revisit it is indeed number five wedding themed hand-grenades. Yes. That does not give me the sense that this is going to be a long lasting relationship. I'm guessing that Cammo was involved also in the wedding attire number four python and a hard drive but movie with Wesley Snipes get these mother fucking snakes out of my mother fucking hard drive. Number three, a pair of those giant oversized ceremonial scissors that you cut ribbons with when the open bridge. But you can't take those on that. Yeah. Freddie Krueger. Hands Yeah nothing you'll get you pulled over by TSA, like a glove with razor blades protruding from it sears and number one bullet shaped whiskey stones. You know those things instead of ice cubes are like some kind of stone and the stay cold real. Right. These ones look like bullets, which is never a good idea to carry in your check on luggage. Especially, if you're flask looks an awful lot like a guy in the box of oddities with cat and jets rogin. For years, I've been prone to insomnia especially the last. Few months at twenty twenty s then rough. It's been really rough. Thank goodness. 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For your topic on Robert, the doll got a lot of response a lot of messages and emails from people not ever unhappy with me. No. It's wrote my friend had a Robert, the doll encounter she and her boyfriend went to key west last year and made it a point to go see, Robert. They opted not to take his picture because the whole asking permission thing kind of freaked him out but they decided to take some pictures when they got back outside and the phone wouldn't take a normal picture. All the shots were blurrier streakier distorted. She showed them to me too. There were no phone issues before or after they left the Robert Museum freaky. Then on your facebook post about Robert, the doll, a ton of hilarious remarks for example, Goth why four twenty said complimented Roberts outfit in paid my respects before liking this post. And Nigel V eighty-one wrote my shower case crack this morning after listening to this episode, it's GonNa cost me a packet I should have skipped this one ps where should I send my forgiveness letter? I'd be less than honest if I did not admit that after doing that episode. I didn't think twice every time I got in Mike I've gotten in my car since then because Robert the doll was behind you because now I'm terrified that something awful is going to happen and Oh, terrible things don't just happen in cars they to me everything that's ever terrible. That's ever happened was in a car disagree I saw that you got that done in a salon alright. In a salon I was thinking more of my first sex act that was also in a salon. All right frank. Lloyd Wright. Let's get right it. Frank Lloyd Wright's liked Frank Lloyd her riot. Frank Lloyd Wright was, of course in American architect designer Latham a writer educator. He designed more than thousand structures over a creative period of seventy years according to wikipedia right believed in designing in harmony with humanity and its environment philosophy. He called organic architecture. Right was the pioneer of what became known as the Prairie School Movement architecture. We are both fans of Frank Lloyd, Wright because of the straight lines, we love straight lines that just makes us sound. So like Vanilla love straight line yes we do. Everything has to within them. It has to be straight and NEAT. In addition to houses though, right designed. Original and innovative office buildings, churches, schools, skyscrapers, hotels, museums, and many other structures. You just want to clarify and say that many of my favorite things are very much not straight. He has had his work listed a world. Heritage site and right was recognized in nineteen ninety-one by the American. Institute of Architects. The greatest American architect of all time. Loud. Not long after being commissioned by a businessman an Oak Park Illinois Edwin Cheney to design a house in one thousand, nine, hundred, three right began immediately hitting on his new clients wife. Oh, I did I did not know he was married with six children of his own at the time. But he fell in love with Mrs Cheney and they thought probably the best thing to do was run away to Europe together. So they did the Cheney's soon were divorced but Frank Lloyd Wright's wife Catherine refused to give him a divorce. So right decided to design and build a little hideaway nook where he and his mistress could live. He built a beautiful house in Studio in one thousand, nine eleven in Spring Green. Wisconsin he named his estate. Tally lesson in honor of the Welsh Bard but the precedent had different names for this house. They didn't want to call it tally us and they refer to it as love cottage and the castle of love. Local residents did not exactly welcome the new residents with open arms. In fact, the Superintendent of Iowa County schools in a local newspaper said quote the scandal is bound to have a demoralizing effect on the school children of the community. It is an outrage to allow young men and women and boys and girls to grow up in the belief that a man and a women can so disregard the marriage bonds zoos. Locals were very vocal of their displeasure. Did they keep their house? They did not teepee tally in that I know of but but they did give him some nasty looks when they would go to town did they go to town on the lawn because that seems really inappropriate When they literally went to town for supplies. Some people some locals even threatened to tar and feather the couple but that failed to drive either one of them away from tally s, and so the townspeople then called upon a local sheriff to arrest Frank Lloyd. Wright for living with his mistress. I have questions. Yeah. Go ahead like why wouldn't frank? Lloyd. Wright's wife give him a divorce. was he not willing to take care of the family financially even if he was granted divorce was that the concern is that they would be destitute without him? No, or was it just like no. Married and that is that I don't think that she was worried about him providing for her or any of their six children. She just did not want to give him the divorce. Well, that seems unreasonable. Well, this was nineteen eleven in certainly divorce still has a social stigma today but back, then home I god, you were a semi, you'll thinner your setup. It sounds like you're saying like the beginning part of cinnamon and I keep I keep wanting you to finish cinnamon. Just seeing. Bon. But even the all was going on a right didn't give two shits about the standard conventions or what the outside world thought of his relationship. He was asked by a reporter about this quote scandal and he said. Two women are necessary for a man of an artistic mind could one to be mother of his children and the other to be his mental companion, his inspiration, his soulmate. He also said in a different interview quote laws and rules are made for the average. Oh Jesus saying. Not Making this better frank the ordinary man cannot live without rules to guide his conduct. It is infinitely more difficult to live without rules, but that is what the really honest sincere thinking man is compelled to to. I mean I get your point. You could be less of an asset, a Gordon to history dot com on the afternoon of August Fifteenth Nineteen Fourteen right was in Chicago working on the design of Midway Gardens when his mistress an eight year old Martha and twelve year old John I that's Frank Lloyd Wright's or were they heard from a previous? Mrs. Chinese. His mistress I year old Martha twelve year old John they sat down for lunch on the porch tally and at the same time inside at the main dining room at the end of a big twenty, five foot long passageway rights. draftsman laborers also gathered around a table to be served lunch by thirty year old Barbados Native Julian Carlton Jillian was kind of a handyman and. A jack-of-all-trades of all trades kind of guy during the summer, he waited tables and performed housework at tally Essen Jillian making lunch Carlton's wife Gertrude was responsible for most of the cooking that was done there. So they both worked there that summer. Julian, survey lunch as the workers eight soup inside the dining room nineteen year old draftsmen Herbert. Fritz. Noticed something unusual quote we heard a swish is the. Water was thrown through the screen door. Then we saw some fluid coming under the door. It looked like dishwater it's spread out all over the floor he recalled. So after serving everyone their food, Carlton went back to the Patio where the former Mrs Cheney who was known as May Ma was sitting there with her two children having much Carlton picked up a hand axe and swung at the back of. The skull. Piercing. Through to her forehead next, he attacked twelve year old John. Within acts by then eight year, old Martha had got up from the table and she ran into the House Carlton pursued her cutting her three times with the axe before bashing her facing with the Blunt End Oh. My goodness what is happening and it was quickly realized that that swishing sound of fluid being thrown through the screen door was in fact gasoline. He continued to douse their bodies in gasoline and set them on fire. He torched the door to the workers dining room hoping to kill the man as they fled the flames happening. Now, the dining room burst into flames, the door was slammed shut and locked with his closed burning his hair on fire Fritz. The nineteen-year-old draftsman jumped out the window next to where he was seated in roll down a hill to put out the flames. Fritz. Looked back. He saw tally inflames his Co workers who broken through the barricaded door tried to escape through a window to the courtyard were then hacked at by Carlton Wheeling Acts. They were badly burned and wounded but both thirty, five year old Master Carpenter Billy Weston who had helped build tally essen and landscape gardener David. Lindblom managed to escape along with Fritz. They somehow managed to walk a half a mile to the nearest house with a phone and call for help. So the townspeople quickly rushed to the scene and they found the bodies of Maima rights mistress her two children to workers and our thirteen year old boy lynn bloom the landscape artist later succumbed to his burns. Seven people died only to survive. He killed seven out of nine people net Jillian Julian Carlton. Yes. is where's Julian's wife? Is She? She here she that's a great question a neglected to mention that that when he went into the dining room before he slammed the door shut and poured gasoline all over everything he told her the the room and then he poured gasoline and then slammed the door shot and limited. Wow jillions. A deck, this is insane. How do I not know about this according to Merle seacrest biography Frank Lloyd Wright. A witness recalled Lyneham having said of Carlton quote if anyone around there ever did him any dirt he would send them to hell in a minute. There were rumors of workers possibly hurling racial slurs at Carlton while he was there that may have led to his motivation or caused him in part snap there was also some sort of a dispute a few days earlier something that had to do with saddling a horse and one of tally essenes surviving workers said he had heard that both the Carlton's were being let go that. May Ma had said you know we don't have work for you here. You're you're going to have to leave and then the killer's wife did in fat confirmed, they were due to take a train back to Chicago that very night. So that seems like that played into it as well I. I mean quick clarification. None of that is relevant. He's a psychopath. Kill, right? Okay. Please continue. But as you can imagine, they wanted to try to make some sense out of this of course, that's mind boggling and terrifying. So what did Carlton do after he butchered a bunch of people with an accident and burned the house down killing seven out of nine people. Well after that. He went down to the basement. Of telling Tyson, he swallowed Murray attic acid and then crawled inside the furnace of the House to die. He was discovered there several hours later, he was still barely conscious. The handyman never gave a motive for his attack and then refuse to eat dying of starvation seven weeks later his wife Gertrude. said her husband had become increasingly paranoid in the weeks prior to the attack, even keeping a hatchet in a bag next to his bed. But even after this horrific tragedy, the public was still fixated on the relationship between right and his mistress alcorn. Yeah. In their reports on the murders newspapers still referred to tell esn as the love cottage. The ogden standard even reported that some neighbors pointed to quote to the tragic ruin of the Kingdom of love as the strongest argument that the avenging Angel still flies that whole thing about like tragedy comes to those who aren't morally as I see fit is disgusting. Tragedy comes to people who take pictures of Robert the doll. According to the New York. Post right gut to tell in late that evening with his own home now, a smoldering ruin. He went to his sister Jenny half a mile away. He designed a house for her years earlier and had insisted on a grand piano in the living room that night it said that he went to the piano which he'd learned to play as a child and began to pick out a tune from Bach crying as he played nobody dared interrupt him. The next day. Right. Cut Down All the flowers in Mama's garden laying them both under and over her body in a simple coffin. He wrote quote it helped a little remembering how he brought her to the cemetery with the help of his son. John and two cousins quote together we lowered the pine box to the bottom of the new made grave. Then I asked them to leave me there alone. As the sky grew dark he filled the grave himself. Through his grief. Frank Lloyd. Wright's set out to resurrect tally essen. Much. Of which had been destroyed by the fire. So by the end of nineteen fourteen, the residential wing of the estate had been rebuilt at the same time. Right PRECLU- proclaimed his love for another woman. She had written to him a condolence letter after the tragedy and he fell in love with her. The two got married in one thousand nine, hundred, twenty, three. Catherine. Did finally agree to give Frank. Lloyd. Wright a divorce. Oh. That's nice. Two years after that. Tally S and burned to the ground once more. Oh, what some say from a lightning strike other reports suggest faulty wiring was to blame. Once again, Frank Lloyd Wright re-built tally in which today is a national historic landmark fast forward a few years nineteen, fifty two was a Saturday afternoon in the spring. Right was burning some leaves and grass on the ground. Tally. Estate while he was distracted, the Wind Changed Direction. The flame suddenly grabbed hold of a nearby building where Wright's apprentices lived. Hours later, firefighters blaze under control. One of Wright's students remembered him inspecting the damage finding a smoke filled Stein way piano he'd installed in the dormitory living room to the astonishment of the onlookers he sat down. And began playing the piano again. So after the murders, the fires in all the tragedy there have been many accounts of strange phenomena witnessed at tally us immediately after the murders while the house was still burning the bodies of the victims were taken to a cottage on the grounds. It's there where the ghost of M-mad has reportedly been seen usually dressed in a flowing white gown. She's a peaceful presence, but appears restless and lost doors and windows and lights have been known to open and close and turn on and turn off by themselves. groundskeepers who locked the cottage up at night report coming back and. Finding all the windows and doors open the morning. No damage done to the property just everything that had been locked up I'm locked in open tell esn preservation offers a variety of tours of the tally s and estate in. Spring Green anybody can go tours are available from what I have read Thursday through Tuesday Times vary based on on the day and the type of tour and I'm not really sure what their schedule is now with all is Cova crap but Yeah. In theory you can go visit tally s and and see where all this crazy shit happened. That was a real roller coaster I vaguely remember hearing about a tragedy back in the past involving Frank Lloyd Wright. In when I started digging into it, I'm like Holy Shit that was a real bad day. It's terrible I. Am I'm shocked that I didn't know anything about that. It's just that is tragic. So there you go I, remember frank, Lloyd Wright and all the nights we harmonize still don I did not know the details details of that story but while and with that I am going to close my pen. Set it down on the counter. Don't you love the name tally s really do it sounds so peaceful. It really betrays the whole ax murder fire victim thing. Yeah. No. Absolutely there's definitely a different vibe going on now that I know the story for sure also think about it this way. Frank Lloyd Wright's first wife could have kept that entire tragedy happening she just allowed to divorce that's even better place. We'll see next time until then keep flying that freak flag proudly. Beautiful Freak. So let it be known that the box of oddities belongs to you. and. It's feet is in your hands. Therefore it's been requested by those to whom I report to beseech you for assistance. We ask. But one thing of you to provide a five star rating and a positive review. True. That is two things. However is merely a five star rating and a positive review. Also subscribe to us. Okay. So three things is always asked three things and three things only henceforth blue-box of auditees commits to the telling of stories stories of this strange the bazaar, the unexpected we wish to offer our deeply felt gratitude and appreciation for your patronage the box of oddities dot, com. Twenty, twenty all rights reserved. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight.

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