Hour 1: Worst To First


A delta flight of three hundred cities three hundred cities where people singing the car, and where people miss him one in one of our other two hundred ninety nine cities we don't fly to three hundred cities merely to bring us together to show us we're not that far apart. Delta, keep climbing. It's time to get off with the warriors last that role born can they find a way without cagey to force a game seven plus right now just standing by with news onto superstars who made huge moves yesterday. Ford's new beginnings? Don't miss the latest on a D And Kyrie coming right up history made on the ice last night. The celebration is on in Saint Louis. It's time no voice the Cup together. Let's get up right now with a jam packed house. I want I would argue is the best sports day of the year. Celebrating like crazy in Saint Louis. Tiger. Woods tees off about five o'clock this afternoon at Pebble Beach, and then game six of the NBA finals is on this schedule outside of you about Pebble Beach. Well, there are no words to decide. With all his money look at all. Haggling over there. We, we are really splendid, and we are revved up and ready to go. And we're going to start in Oakland game six of the NBA finals tonight final game at or go one way or the other. But the warriors at struggled at home against Toronto, this year, they've lost all three games including of course, the two in these finals. Better top to knockout, the champs at home, in the last twenty five years raining, chance facing elimination are five and one at home in the finals, the one loss in this building Golden State to the cabs in two thousand sixteen as you obviously know Kevin Durant is out. That means more Steph curry curry averaging ten more points per thirty six minutes with Durant off the floor in these playoffs and attempting five more shots per game. So it could be time for step to have a huge night to try and keep his season alive. Meanwhile his teammate, Kevin Durant is by now. I'm sure you've seen was on Instagram from a hospital bed yesterday posted a four paragraph message explaining how he was feeling saying in part. I'm hurting deeply. But I'm okay basketball's. My biggest wa you see and finishing here saying, I know my brother's can get this game six and he'll be cheering along with them his cO Steve Kirk spoke yesterday about the decision to play him in game. This last month was a cumulative collaborative effort in his rehabilitation. Kevin checked all the boxes and, and he was cleared to play by everybody involved. Now. Would we go back and do it over again? Damn. Right. But that's easy to say after the, the results what you know, when we gathered all the information our feeling was the worst thing that could happen would be a reinjuring of the calf and, and that was that was the advice and the, the information that we had. And at that point, once Kevin was cleared to play. You know, he was comfortable with that we were comfortable with that. So the achilles came as a complete shock and. I don't know what else to, to add to that other than had, we known that this was a possibility that this was even in the realm of fossil -bility. There's no way we ever would have. Allowed Kevin to come back. So there's all that, and it should be pointed out. Doors Burke reported that at the beginning of a game game five that the advice had been that the worst that could happen realistically, that he would re-injure the calf but nothing as catastrophic from an injury standpoint as this turned out to be Jay. We'll obviously you were there. No, Kevin Durant as well as anybody in the media does, what is your big picture, take all to me? I think this falls on the Golden State Warriors, he got misdiagnosed he got misdiagnosed, and I know, for fact that he was told that with the torn calf a partial torn calf that it unloaded the pressure on the achilles that there was no chance at the achilles could be injured at all. And for that to happen in the first half of a ballgame. I think just cave-in bad them that because watching it, I got it ninety I got pissed off because that's what you, that's what you came into the game thinking what's going to happen? Number two, from a public relations perspective. I think the way the warriors have handled this whole thing has. Been horrific their camp knew that they weren't going to play until game five game six it was set from the beginning. The water didn't come out and say that they separate tension even during a Portland series. Hey, he could come back game one he could come back to. He could come back. Joe leg going on evening Smith show Greene, saying he will be back. I think all of that gives subliminal pressure to a player who we all know wants to compete at the highest level. Now, if you really have his best interest at hand, if you really want to be around for the next four to five years. You say you're not playing this game. We're thinking long term instead of short term, but when it seeps into your mind you think he could leave all of a sudden we have to get it right now. And I don't care what anybody says that plays into your psyche a little bit. When you think this guy is going to leave, and you wanna make sure that you get three because fourteen it's about winning right now. If you're not going to have that option next year Koran you played with Kevin. You're also very close to Kevin, what is your what are your thoughts is? We watch all of this happened, especially while j just said, I don't think he checked on the boxes. And I think he was misinformed. And when you have that type of information that's thrown at you. You think that you can go out there on that platform, and be the best possible version of yourself and doors, Burke, poorly, extremely will, and I think Jalen rose touched on also on this show, where he said, would his Itis, Kevin Durant? Did not look like he was ready to go out in the NBA finals and perform at a high level and our biggest fear became the biggest nightmare for a lot of extremely closely him that love him as a human being and you know, that's what it was. He got injured. So Klay Thompson got injured. And we talk about this all the time, they exactly if we're competitive, sometimes we want to go out there and compete against the best. We don't care how injured we are. But it's the team's job to actually protect you from yourself. Right. So they protect it clay, and I don't see anybody talking about von looney today. Combat loonies in his contract year. I know it's not the same amount of. Kevin Durant gonna make camman looney. Rush back from injury, then got reinjured again. And now we're talking about trying to come back. How could this affect his free agency as well? These are all questions for all these guys that are lingering now it's such a complicated conversation. I agree. We also laud the athlete who comes back and plays through the pain in place through the injury and sacrifices whatever he or she may sacrifice in the interest of winning a championship when the result is arguably the best player in the world, having the worst injury, you could possibly have it changes the dynamic of the conversation. It really does. And that was the hero moment that everybody wanted and you know, that was the headline in the story. But ultimately did not work out in his favor and not going to stay the two thousand eleven when Raymond brothers and the Dallas Mavericks, elected to protect me from us self and not allow me to go in that platform in reinjured muscle. That's all the narratives runaway green. That's what you'll say. Well he selfish. He's the only thing about himself. You know, he's thinking about free agencies not thinking about his team like if you're Kevin Durant. You're Saint back. You know, he takes all that stuff in he feels that. This is unfortunate all the way around it. It is a perfect storm of terrible circumstances in the sport. Now, there are lot of other major NBA headlines. Whoa, just ending by with those lower. What do we have, what would reporting that the Lakers have engaged the pelicans and trade talks for Anthony Davis? One key asset the Lakers had is that fourth overall pick which road reports could be used to entice another team. The come a three way deals waiting to see what could happen with and for more. Let's welcome in NBA insider Adrian words now ski in which it appears trade talks getting very serious here. Let's start with the Lakers. What are they trying to offer the pelicans for AD well as little as possible, and that's, that's she should is? But I do believe this. I the Lakers have enough to get a deal done for Anthony Davis, but it's going to be a question of how much are they willing to give up? Will they add a Kyle Kuzma to a bigger package? Will they include future? I rob picks beyond this fourth overall pick in next Thursday's. NBA. Draft. But wouldn't these two teams engaged prior to the trade deadline? There was a different general manager in New Orleans, New Orleans was never going to do that trade, but they're serious now about moving Anthony Davis getting maximum value for him. And they would like in a perfect world to have that done ahead of next. Thursday's NBA draft blows. Hang tight. We'll get more on Kyrie Irving in just a few minutes. But let's get it back over to greedy and the guys more on AD the Lakers, the pelicans and maybe that third team that could be involved. Yeah. I mean, this is such a fascinating thing. We're talking about a fast moving. I was, I would set the world on fire. You won't bomb yesterday. Everyone was reacting till we could so quickly. What do you make of this, the notion that Kuzina might be part and part of the hold-up in all of this? What does that make you think back to three two thousand four season? I got traded for seculow Neil. Is business is the way that it goes. And if I'm able to acquire a cow, Kouzmin would LeBron window at thirty four thirty five. Kevin Durant out of the equation going forward for the foreseeable future. Sorry, I do this deal in Koumas, one of my favorite players will that roster. But I have to get the deal done and trend in the right direction right now. Lebron James thirty five years old, how how much longer does that window exists. If you need to have Cal who's involved in that tray, you need to do that in order to get Anthony Davis to LA, and I don't see this being of three ways scenario. I see either the pelicans dealing with the Lakers or the pelicans dealing with the Boston Celtics directly. It's not going to be a three week. Well, we're going to get what would you back in the minute, because it's going to tie up all into kyri, and we'll see what he can tell us about all of that. But that fourth pick is an interesting one. Because if your New Orleans right now, the notion that they re engaging in these conversations. They want to get it done this quickly. The fact that the Lakers, all of a sudden they're trying to hold calicoes out, it sort of, I think a little bit a window into where the leverage is falling and the leverage seems to be sliding away from New Orleans. It feels like by the day, it feels like the longer this thing goes on. And maybe rich Paul's comments about how look he's going one way or another to the Lakers are really working. Against New Orleans in this, I would agree with you, wholeheartedly. I actually I had a conversation with Rich Paul back in February. And he's stated on a record look anybody outside of the Los Angeles Lakers in the New York Knicks at the time it'd be a rental situation, but anybody engage in if you know, rid says that he means what he say, and you saw them on the cover of Sports Illustrated like he's a guy that means stay on his word. I get that, the only thing is that sometimes people's decisions change, because the circumstances, change Paul George who is going to be a Laker until he wasn't and Kawhi, Leonard, we think he's going to be a clipper. Maybe he won't. He decides to stay in Toronto and you don't think he will. I don't think he will either. But all these things are yet to be. Let me just ask you this, if the Lakers traded away the majority of their young players, but they put together LeBron AD and whatever they could put around them. Is that a team that could win the Western Conference next year so team that can go far? I don't think it's a team that can win it was a team that can go far I think that could be maybe a four seat, which I think is talented, but also don't forget about. This evening. You're talking about two players who are under the same Brennan. They're both under sports so that he can't really relate this to a PG thirteen kind of situation because they worked together they're talking about this is what they want. This has been planned. And that's okay. Too teams plan out what they want players. Complain out what they want is, well, this is a new normal in the NBA that, that's the Rich Paul part of this. We'll talk about it, but just on its face. They trade away the young pieces. It's LeBron AD and whatever they can put together around it. Can that team win the west anything is possible to Western Conference in the NBA championship? Trophy is wide open for mixie's. Yeah. The injury to Durant. Pages wide open. Right. That brings us to the other piece of this, the guy, you know, I think should be teaming up the brand, Laura and whoa. What do you have on Kyrie? Yeah. We'll get to that in just one. Second, I do wanna get whoa, JR. Quickly on the pelicans and the eighty talks with the Celtics because that would be a one year rental, and we've talked a lot about what's going on with that. And how it's worked for Toronto with Kawai. Why are the Celtics though interested potentially in that one year rental with a d? Because the stature of Anthony Davis, a player of that, caliber, you have a chance to acquire them. You're going to exhaust every possibility to see what a package would look like that. Maybe wouldn't completely compromise your future. There is great risk in trading for Davis. But I think in Boston, especially with Kevin Durant now out next season, does it give them a chance to re-engage with Kyrie Irving and sell him on an Anthony Davis partnership in Boston, which is what they hoped would happen all along given that of Kyrie goes to Brooklyn or go to the Knicks he could have Kevin Durant hypothetically, but he wouldn't have them next season. But Boston believes in its its organization, the environment that players like to play there. And they think they could sell Anthony Davis on a future, but there's no question. Anthony and Rich Paul have done a good job of depressing. The market holding getting some other teams to hold back on offers because of the. The fear that it would be a one year rental, and he would walk to the Lakers. That's what their job is to do. They've done a good job of that so far. But Dinnie ages fairly undeterred on this one. Yeah. Well, it's really interesting because you're talking about the potential of kyri staying in Boston. A lot of people think there's no way that happens another note on him. You're whoa jammed from yesterday saying the Kyrenia has parted ways with his longtime agent, Jeff Wexler now expected department with Roc nation as a six time. All star prepares to become the free agent at the end of this month. So what is the significance of kyri? Switching representation to rock nation really at the twenty third hour here Roach, it is uncommon to make a change like this. So close to free agency. I don't know that impacts where Kyrie Irving is going to play next season Brooklyn is in great position. He's twenty seven years old, the venomously along time he knows what he wants. I don't think he needs at age it. Most players at that age are being dictated to by their agent where they're gonna play. Jeff Wexler did an outstanding job for kyri throws old career the drew campaigns. A lot of national marketing. And when hiring wanted to get out of Cleveland, he helped get him to the one of the organizations. He wanted to go to in Boston, but players certainly have a right to be to have the representation. They want. I'm told that Kyrie is headed toward rock nation. All right. Thanks so much, great steps. Whoa. And greenie interesting there. The rock nation in Brooklyn tie. Exactly. And so let's turn to Brooklyn's own. We'll tell you what. Brooklyn also, you know, everything about Brooke. If I'm a San what should I be taking from the fact that Kyrie is going to go to rock nation? How directly is that connection to the Brooklyn? Nets Jay Z was once part, owner of the Brooklyn nets, he sold. Oh, you're all right. All right back. He sold a portion of his team to actually get into the player agent and business. But I think that's a power move by kyri. I think Kyrie signing with Roc nation leaving jets Jeff lecturer in the twenty third hour before. All this happens state said, I'm not only coming to Brooklyn but I'm coming to Brooklyn with the heat with the flame. Like I this is a chance for me to own this city, which makes free agents breed is he still interesting all the way around. Guys want their own teams. How's that going to play out, you'll is Kyrie Irving willing to wait for a year, if that's with Kevin Durant? How who knows how that situation goes down? It's just fascinating all the way around. I listen, I've made my feelings very strong on this. I have pushed all my chips to the center of the table kyri Irving by himself to Brooklyn is a terrible move. I mean, absolutely terrible move if he could find a way to get I don't know, coli, Leonard with them, which no one's talking about. That's one thing Kevin Durant is not an option for another year. At least Kyra every Brooklyn doesn't make the nets one of the three best teams in the east. So I don't I don't know that I fully understand if it's considerations are well, beyond winning basketball games, doesn't that's one thing. But if you're looking to win you put Kyrie Irving on the nets right now. Do they do they get that much closer to a championship? I don't think so. I think there be extremely fun team to watch, you know, so to speak. But when you talk about winning the championship in the Eastern Conference, obviously, the road is much easier. But I think if both was the Depa. The possibilities of kyri in LeBron James, join him in Los Angeles, again. Kevin Durant goes down. And I think that whole conversation of him in the package deal of those guys go into Brooklyn together changes immediate. I completely go ahead. I don't I don't know if I see and I know they've been hanging out and been talking. I know they're still really good friends. I still. Nope. I see that relationship because at a narrative that will follow kyri career is a different do very he's a different guy. And I know that we wanna see people chase championships because we think that's what guys are supposed to do. But also, don't forget Kyrie's from New Jersey. Carey wants to have his own stake. Now I understand that opposing argument when we had that in Boston. But that wasn't by his Tuesday, he got traded to Boston. This is by his own choosing potentially to come the Brooklyn gives something for kyri to own as long as he can recruit other players feasible option for him. I love Kyrie Kyrie changes his mind every month about what he wants to do at the end of the day. If Kyrie Irving wants to be on a championship team again in his career. He needs to play with another great player. One who is ideally, better suited to be the leader of sort of front facing person in an organization that guy's name is LeBron. I just feel it. We're going to see the NBA go back in a way it was before ten years ago before LeBron. No, you wait. Will you wait? We're not going to have that. I think you have individuals on different teams. Maybe two guys parent up. I don't think you're going to see any more of these super teams for awhile and NBA time for everybody to observe a mom. You got to is two years. And one mile for a reason this may with we'll see there's obviously, a lot to get to, including we have to start looking ahead to game six tonight and we will. But right now, Laura let's get up and go to the drought over for Saint Louis, and the blues, you've got the voice to Stanley Cup for the first time in franchise history had to the four one road win over the Bruins in game seven last night. It was a stunning in season. Turnaround for the blues. They were dead last in the NHL in January and Ryan Riley named the contents trophy winner after becoming the first player since Wayne Gretzky in one thousand nine hundred five to score a goal and four consecutive final gains. The wind for the blues makes one fan of very happy, man. Back in January. Scott berry put down four hundred dollars on the blues to win the Cup at two fifty to one odds at the blues advance through to play off and to the Stanley Cup final berry. Steadfast about not hedging his bet. He's not one hundred thousand dollars. Richard got very, we on the daily waitered day at six eastern on ESPN news. That's fun back to the NBA the Cavaliers making history. They hired Cal Berkeley, women basketball coach windy Gottlieb as an assistant coach on Wednesday and got leave new as mayday final four and seven t h ornament the women's collegiate head coach recruited to an NBA staff to go. The US open gets underway at Pebble Beach tiger. Woods tees off at five oh, nine eastern among the favorites at Caesars sportsbook coming in at eight to one along with Brooks Pepe and just behind favorite in Johnson, who is at seven and a half to one tighter. Of course. Won the mass was back in April, but failed to make the cut at the PGA championship last month that he did not feel well, they're tighter failed to make the cut in each of his last two US open starts though. Dating back to twenty thirteen twenty six over at the US open, and twenty under at the other three major championships. You will. All be tuning in to tiger today. See what he does as well as game sick tonight. They're still much to talk about this morning on get up. And we are just getting started as if winning another NBA title isn't enough here, way Steph free and clear Thompson are extra motivated for tonight's game six and Ben Rothlisberger thing, Steelers will be very good even without into Neo Brown and Levy on bell spears thing we've played wagging said the head on get up. Spillman. Yet up is brought to you by century. Twenty one the only moves anyone remembers are the relentless ones. Relentless moon. Now, as we prepare for what will be the last game at oracle tonight, we're looking back on morning long and somebody historical nights there, maybe none greater than April, fifteenth of two thousand sixteen that was the night, the warriors won their seventy third regular season game of that season, breaking the all time record. I remember watching this, this is a huge night you see it, there step at forty six. This, of course, was pre K D. They set the all time record for most wins in season as they close out that building with night. All right. So coming here on get up in five minutes and they're gonna try and win this one for their fallen teammate j will has a lot more to say about K D. We have some football in the program today. Swaggie Dominique will be here, just how goodwill the Cowboys be this year, and then don't miss. Jalen live from Oakland and hour from now all that more as you get up with us on ESPN. Your home is important. That's why gyco helps make it easy to save on homeowner's insurance. Because home is more than just a place. Home is where you have a cute little reading, nut for those rainy days, when you want to curl up with a good book, but you don't even read so you just sit in there during thunderstorms and scroll through means on your phone and laugh in the darkness. The Geico insurance agency could help protect the dark mean filled corner, you call home. Call Geico and see how easy it is to switch and save on homeowner's insurance. On get up and tonight, the K D Lewis warriors will look to stave off elimination once again in the final game at oracle arena, and once again, they will need bid for doctrine from Steph curry, and Klay Thompson here are the splash brothers talking about winning for K D, expect fans be lowest they've ever been, especially in the name of Kevin, you know, bring his type of spirit, he would bring to the fight, and in the competitiveness, Noah fans will do that because we deserve it. But more importantly, Kevin does what you gave this team Oganization. They wanna be banners if it wasn't for his presence. So we expect our crowd to be loud for him. I don't think much these it'd be said about the motivation that we have are going to have tomorrow, like likely to protect the home court feed. Oh for Kraus's energy play for k and try to keep our season allow so I mean, there's a lot of things that you can kinda tap into for, for energy tomorrow. We'll be ready. All right. Tomorrow is now today all the Barbara's on the line tonight and Jay Williams gonna show with some tape as we look for a lot of people want to blame Nick nurse for that time out. But how about this defensive Toronto? Overall was to their demise, Golden State may twenty three's greenie twenty three's. It only eighteen twos and shot forty eight percent in the three point line. And some of these defensive lapses or things that broke down in the last three minutes at a ballgame we're going to see this play developed see stuff with the ball and you bring a ball, down the court. And here's the beautiful part about this game as it goes up. Look spacing of this, right? Slip comes up. He comes up mounds up joy mound go, right? So now we have one two, three four warriors all above the free throw line Koran. Right. Look at a spacing what was up for this side of the court for three point shot. Obviously got boogie over here in the corner spacing. He brings market all out, but you're going to see the play comes up. They're going to double team step. Okay. One to one step, which allows Draymond to be free screener three months gonna screen Kawai, who's garden clay. You're gonna see Quin cook stripped down. The corner. But the most important part person here to watch. It's Norman Powell he's going to kind of be Nolan no-man's-land as the play develops like comes off rescreen here comes another prescreened. Courant rescreen. What is Norman Powell doing? He's garden Quinn cooked down here in the corner. But he needs to be up here on this action, especially considering there's no help on the screen on dreamer. Look, I wanna see boards, even though Draymond is out here body, search it and Honey owner perimeter. He's always popping back out on the perimeter with shot an opportunity that he's not gonna take. I would love to see him dive what you stated right here. Get one of the guys it on the elbows at the boxes for tag, you normal. Oren pals looking here. I mean you're watching that, if you stare here, you're not paying attention to that. That's the problem becomes off vein knockout. He's shooting fifty seven percent in the three point line in the NBA playoffs. By the way. No hot hot in another play developing. Boom, waving them through screen now this is simple. The miscommunication here. Greeny. He's already on the green. He's already in the high side, green, okay, forever, bleeds already on the high side here come on jumping switch. It's an easy switch, if you decide not to switch, because your tired. Sometimes your body can't communicate your mouth is not in tune with what's actually happened with your body. You're gonna see stuff this curl around here. And I mean, this is a this screen right here. It'd be careful screwing that screen on call for that at the end of the game. What six nine six two hundred eight five pounds on run around that. Right. As he runs around it. We'll get the late. And you can't even see it. Steph, kicks out that little leg just in case thread runs this way, which allows them to hit that leg. But once again, forty four percent three point line in the finals, he making that defensive lapses once again it's a play. Now here's a person to pay attention to greenie market soul. My man right here. Just watch him now. What's win the race starts Marcus O was running. We're booking boogie boogie back here Marcus here right now. The teachers you big to run all the way back to the pain. I can't do going. Big run all the way back to the pain, Marcus ole to the paint. Get back to the paint protective paint. But when you going against Golden State, they flare out and get the guards at three, okay? Why from Arkansas, who was he garden was Marcus guarded was Marcus all garden garden. Now, what you're going to see Iggy over here now, I want you to watch this screen. This is incredible. Yeah. They make three passes within a second within one second three passes. The ball's gonna hit Iggy. Watch out AG going to kick the ball and your dream on. And you're finally seeing boogie and get back into play. And also you're going to see a guy here in the corner, who has his hand raise who's wide open. He's naked open watch how the ball goes, not just indigo and bam. Bam all in the second greenie. So I still splash wants to talk about the Nick nurse time out. My thing is those plays psychologically down the stretch defensively. That's watchmen case it wasn't clear. Those were the last three game those. Threes. Apply. They'll try the raptors will sign when a championship for candidates tonight, thinking of Canadian championships. I'd let the Stanley Cup final last night, Laura, let's get to it. And we've got rigged EPA tro, here in studio with us, of course, a former NHL goaltender as well as hosting a radio show, ESPN ninety eight point seven called Humpty, and Canty. But let's get to the highlight you ready. Let's do it. So Bruins hosting the blues game seven Stanley Cup final in Boston. Of course a couple champs of their own. Right. Allie? Razman Julien, Edmund on hand honoring David Ortiz. First period under four minutes could go Rick Ryan Reilly tick bite to harass for the goal. Yeah. This is good ship, essentially the food shot on that in sixteen minutes for Riley in front of the net. It's been great. Better job on his thinking from here under twenty seconds ago and the blues able to keep it going. What did you see here? This is a dagger Phil marshawn in that line their their best line gets tons of offense with get caught him a long shift. That's on defense. He decides points the puck past. He's gonna change up Schwartz recognize it finds pitcher and will come late. Let's go to the third period. You see the Stanley Cup is getting ready. Who would win it sending thin. Big Dave right, there point, win grains. I'd say of the game you got eleven minutes. You make us a two one game. Now, the sudden probably won't get a chance again with the right guard. That is desperation, but that is a huge time and make a big save nine minutes ago, still trying to make something happen there and not able to take another look there whilst listen three minutes, so you went from two one Bennington doesn't let you do that fix to save in three minutes later a three-goal game, and that's pretty much. Win it Ryan Reilly wins the MVP. Here's Levi with Bennington. I heard you came in fourth on the depth chart, the start the season. Tell me what this journey has been like view, and it's a short journey or NHL rookie. Everyone you just got to believe in yourself and, and just keep working hard and just keep believing and I worked pretty hard and you know, obviously the group was incredible. And we, we mesh well and everyone was playing hard for each other. So I'm really happy with where I'm at right now. I absolutely love Jordan Beddington just confidence. You saw it right there with Steve, Levy, and as a former goal yourself, Rick. What impressed you most about him, especially some of those huge saves last night, you could actually see it before the game. And I love that clip too, because I mean, you can you can feel his team fees office confidence. You're talking about the Saint Louis blues team that on January third was the worst team in the NHL. I mean, they lost twenty two of their first thirty seven games, change their coach Bennington steps in and he's been like from fourth on the depth chart that save. You're seeing right now on March was on the power play was a huge save. With Boston did everything they needed to do in that first period, but Bennington stood in the way football players. Want to hear telling you goalie is the most important positions for we have players in here. We're not going to tell them that you swag. Most of all myself the big Ragu. Oh, I like that good pasta reference. Okay. You mentioned that the blues were in last place in January, now that the champ just put that into perspective for us a little more about the changes that they went through and then to able to be able to the Stanley Cup starts with their head coach Craig ruby. He was actually a roommate of mine. When I first came into the league in he's all about. He's all about honesty, accountability, and respect. And you could see his team fees off that and then on top of that you bring in Bennington who was lights out in February. This kid was ten and one. So he is exactly what they needed exactly what the city needed you. Get Gloria Leyla Anderson there at the game. I mean it's an unbelievable story and let's face it being here in New York to Boston need to celebrate another championship really. Well, you are from Massachusetts, and sometimes I know but I do a radio show here. New York, the big Ragu. That's our new thing. You mentioned Layla Anderson, and this is really, really special as we go to my favorite athlete of all time, right? This second eleven year old blues superfan, Leila Anderson, she's battling a life threatening. Autoimmune disease. You got to share the celebration with the blues players. She's pissed because it was an incredible moment. He's been with them and really has been sort of their heartbeat throughout this entire run. Very special rights. Unbelievable. I mean that's for me. That was the most rewarding part will be in professional athlete. And especially around Christmas time you go visit the hospitals and just didn't even know who you work. But the fact that you came and spent the time and, and she's I mean dealing with what she's dealing. She has that relationship now with Colin Perico. I mean you saw smile on his face. She gets the hoist the Stanley Cup fall in the Marrone. I mean it really is. It really was a perfect ending to a really, really good NHL season. The blues, of course, had her come within. They wanted to make sure that she was in Boston if they were able to win game seven, and that's exactly what they did. Thanks so much. Thank you for joining us here. And I think actually think that big swag you wanted to give you a little love. I'm surprised Jay wills not wearing the giant turtleneck toward the like oh look like a narrow. Where do you get that? Tell us a Moyal swagger. We go swag and Ragu. Ought to get a nickname like that number one you've got to be a superhero. It's good point. And number two close. You gotta not give a Dale. I can't be though, you know that Chris cannon you'll Bengals. It's a licensed panty. Tune in ESPN ninety eight point seven thanks so much rhythm. Glad we could coin. You never know what's going to happen. It wasn't an accident. The Dak Prescott took off last season. When the Cowboys got Amari Cooper, why Cooper wants a Cowboys do right by his quarterback. That's next on get up. We'll be right back. We're back on get up game six tonight between the warriors and Toronto. And the biggest story in sports today with all eyes on the warriors in Toronto. The injuries suffered by Kevin Durant, a ruptured achilles tendon that has dramatically changed the landscape of the series. But it's not just this series with Katie set for free agency this summer just a manically change the landscape of the league. So without a mind, I've got Koran Butler here, and it's time to talk about the dominoes falling so athlete. We named this segment. Chew on this now. I felt like for you to be fully comfortable I needed to hand you a straw. So everyone chew on this. We can go ahead and do that. Oh, there we go. Thank you. I did it the right way to kick, the Reverend okay so free agency starts June thirtieth, that's about two weeks from now and we had talked a couple of weeks ago before Kevin Durant was injured. Of course, you had said he would be the biggest domino to go in all of this. He would be the one that everybody was having there is on. So when you think about it now, where are we with Katie, and the whole complexion of this stupid? He's the biggest domino to fall, even though he's not playing next season. He's the best player on the planet so that requires but his decision to be made first. And then I think that everything else opened up, and this is going to be a domino effect, but it starts with him. He's still the major dominant. It's fascinating. Because even injured even nothing available most likely for next teeth and people still want to sign him still want to give him the max. Okay. How about after Katie who signs next who was the next big domino to fall? Look, I think his career, I think I really has a feel of xactly where he wants to go and where he wants to be. And they're not thinking the other K after that, I think, is Leonard, I think that's gonna come down to two locations where there's the Toronto Raptors or the Los Angeles Clippers and I think he has a field on where he wants to be as you'd think. Y already has a feel as you've told us now, he would be the next domino to fall advocating in Cairo read the what did that feel, what do you think he's leaning toward, because a lot of people think of Toronto win people think, man, if even MBA champion with Toronto he's going to say there. It was just the best situation possible for the raptors in why litter, where you have a riddle situation where you get to be a face of a country and win. So you're saying he doesn't stay there though. Okay. Just a flash in the pan for quite a bit out. Stroll to. Yeah. You can keep that for the rest of the show. We'll see how you talk after a thrilling game five win. Monday night, we'll be back at work for teens sticks tonight with the rafters looking to close out their first title the warriors trying to force a game seven Sunday back into Rondo. Our coverage starts with NBA countdown at eight thirty eastern on ABC and the ESPN app. Mchugh tune into that greeny to football. It is time for one of our all time favorites. It is Marcus spears here. With swag says we'll go through some of the headlines of the day. We'll hear what some folks are saying, and then we'll see what swag who says it begins with Kirk cousins who was the most talked about player in last year's NFL off-season come now. Everyone forgets where he plays. He's going to be entering the second season in Minnesota and despite some gaudy stance last year. He's more concerned about the one staff that really matters and that wins and losses. I think the next level really is all about winning. You know, I'm pretty much a five hundred quarterback in my career so far, and I don't think that's where you want to be. And that's not why you are brought in or or people are excited about just so if I don't play well if I don't have Godley statistics, but we win multiple playoff games this year. The narrative will be I went to the next level. That's what cousin says, what does wag who say, you know, one of my big things g or common denominators wanted to come and denominators is Kirk cousins was in Washington. They took Alex Smith and they were in playoff contention. Last year, the Minnesota Vikings were in the NFC championship. We case keenum Kirk cousins shows up and they don't make the playoffs. There's a common denominator Kirk cubs. Yes, he has the win the take the next step. And I like his self aware of this. He is a five hundred quarterback. Yeah he paid like a superstar quarterback. And a lot of that had to do with dances of his contract in Washington. All right, next to wag who says, Amari Cooper helped the Cowboys turnaround their season after coming over to the team in a mid-season trade from the raiders Cooper talked about continuing to build chemistry with that Prescott going into this year. Coming here. They call it a particular player. Right. And obviously I ran that play before somewhere else because football is pretty much the same place similar. So I might know the play. But I don't know how to do it. I don't know. His his thought process on that play. I don't know. Is favourite his, his favorite route to that particular place? You talk about those little things, and kind of pick his brain. Now, I know exactly what he's thinking. And the more the more I know what he's thinking on every play the better it is for me. All right. That's what I'm Ari says what this way. You know what time it is, is tend to pay that man. And he talking about them getting better together. They will good. He came and changed. Everything about Dallas offense last year when we talked about them, not having the number one receiver. But the fact that he knows that and that knows him a lot better. And both of them looking to get a lot of lot of money a lot, a lot of as what we used to say, I a lot of lot of the fact that they know, each other should bow, where for both of their pocketbooks has a league receiver is he making the best receivers of the sport right now is he one of the names, he has the potential to be that for sure. He can be a top five top ten guy in this league for Joel, he helped himself, a lot coming from Oakland last year that worked out, well for everybody. Next up a lot of changes in Pittsburgh. Of course Antonio Brown gone Levy on bell gun. The Browns are suddenly the team everyone's talking about. But talking earlier this week, Big Ben Rothlisberger says he's not buying the idea that the Steelers are an underdog. Oven here, a long time, and we're still the Pittsburgh Steelers. We're still going to go out try whenever football game. So low top since we've been to the big one. But, you know, like I said, if everyone puts forth, the effort that we all think we can with the talent that we have in this room. We feel pretty confident that we can we pretty good. That's what big band says. What does wag say I've said a lot about Big Ben at some of it even may be fighting words, but one thing I will not say is that he's not an elite quarterback. The do kin ball and this will be a better team. They're hungry. They're ready to come back. They've heard all of the Cleveland all the Browns under new darlings of that division. But being like, hey, we're still is we make the playoffs last year was an anomaly, we are spilled the Pittsburgh Steelers. So I'm saying a lot of what big band is saying, Dominic Foxworth is with us this morning as well. How many jumping I want to get your perspective on the FOX, I find this a fascinating dynamic here that all the talk about the Steelers. Is it possible that without living on bell, whom they didn't have a year ago and without Antonio Brown who remains ridiculously productive, despite all the craziness do they? Actually get better. I mean it's possible. It's not likely, but it's interesting that been Rosberg is the one who said this, because he's part of the reason why they got a little bit worse. And also, he is the only reason why they can be great this season. You said he was an elite quarterback. He hasn't always been that elite, especially in recent years. He's been a lot depending on that. And depending on some of these players that he's run out of town. So if they're going to be good, if they're going to be great. Frankly, he has to go back to that Ben Rothlisberger. That was shaking off taxes, staggers and making big place to do that in elevate the people around him because he's been accustomed to having some of the people around him. Elevate him you and I don't usually do this by. No, I disagree. With everything else, you said early. Three with the other stuff. You say Amari Cooper, we can go through on. With it, but the facts Audifax, I mean, we if we want to stay the case Kirk cousins has made things worse where where you heard cousins was cooking. You can't say that the reason why they were bad because you can get thirty a game in lose eighty two games. Man, tom. Man. That's fantastic. You're talking like a fan, you're not talking like an analyst who's been able to watch and understand that there's more complex than than gradient quarterback on how many wins the ads. How many you got eighty million dollars? That's suppose equate the. Polo. Well, you got eighty million dollars, I think you did get it w as far as I'm concerned the way I'd get my life. Two three eighty million. I sure I want to make sure I understand what you're saying. Basically, the people who try to try to put up on the screen what we're talking about. Have lost hope we apologize to them in advance. But, but what are you saying? You believe that Kirk cousins had a good year in Minnesota, and it wasn't his fault that team fell back. I made Kirk cousins. No. I don't think it was his fault that team fell back. There are a lot of issues they've moved on from their office coordinator, or a lot of issues on that team didn't seem that. Are you arguing that Kirk cousins that case keenum is better than Kurt cousins? That is foolish nece. Well, I'm not arguing that case keenum is big Kirk cousins arguing is, is that when case keenum was the quarterback there, they were in the NFC championship, and when he left Washington they were not in playoff contention. And when Alex when we were when I got here, today it started raining, so maybe maybe I am impacting. The rain looked looked in the rain. What, what does what goes on a quarterback record? A lotta things wins and losses. Does it go into what is going to run? It backs dolphins of land. Defense plan ails goals on a quarterback record. I like the pretend that it's more complicated than that, because that's why they pay. Well, don't pretend they paid him eighty million dollars to get ws. And this is why has the best team in the business. Ladies and gentlemen, we continue in just a moment here on get up and find her. We got a huge fight Saturday night. You can only see it on ESPN plus undefeated, heavyweight champ, Tyson fury taking on time shorts and he's scheduled twelve round main event, you can stream the under cards on ESPN two ESPN deportees starting at seven eastern. Start your free trial of ESPN plus by downloading the ESPN app or visiting ESPN, plus dot com. Coming up, no kidding d do the NBA finals tonight. Jalen rose knows all he tells us top of the hour, a new our with some of these faces. We'll see. We can make it make that again. He'll. I'm focused.

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