James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss, Everything You Didn't Know About Them


They from Vendor Palm Rules to Vegas and everywhere in between. It's time to party scene. This is and then again. And now here's your host Sheena Shea Alot. Everyone thinks for listening. We're podcasting from quarantine again but today I have my boyfriend back goes with me. What's going on? Hey Oh hey how are you? He didn't do it every time. We do a podcast. You always like ask people how they're doing but then there's no in there. 'cause I learnt Melissa More I learned. Yeah okay well. I'm excited because today for the first time on my podcast we're GonNa have her cal and James in my podcast before but I've never had them together. Raquel Welch bodies yes so give me one SEC. The squad is hair now when I mentioned squawk my view hi guys. Hey Sheena. Hey Hello. Hello what up that. Well so we we kind of have your whole squad here. You're so right before you guys came on. He was just sane. Oh my squad my squad so explain fortnight only a fortnight reference. Yeah I'm not on the squad. The fourth person is Brett Cap. But he didn't need to be on your on our squad today. Euro squad supported. Okay only cheerleaders in law for nothing. You can support me. I'll do the leading cheers. And then you guys are the squad. So yeah how his quarantine live guys. Ben Corentin life has been pretty productive for Jayme productive for me. Because I've got home studio our make my music and you know for me life just make. I can't make sure I eat workout shower. Make Music James will literally spend hours in our home studio hours in one room looking at his computer making music and I'm literally going stir crazy. I have the same surroundings every single day. I'm losing my mind but James Somehow is thriving and I feel like brock is kind of like that way to you. I mean I'm see that's another thing I want to ask you. Guys is the difference of being in a house in an apartment in Quarantine. Because like here. We definitely have more space. He can go in the garage and do workouts in his video. Pullover the sunny skies here. It's been raining and we've got a little grass area in the back where we take Graham for walks which is nice thank God we have that because like I'm thankful we have that but yeah it is definitely confined space in the apartment. Definitely Jealous of your house in Palm Springs ones at save. I'm having a party like a small under like fifteen people party but I'm going to still be out here for my birthday and I was like away but I can't like have people over so that's okay. There's bigger problems in the world and my thirty fifth birthday winter middle middle aged going on. I feel like it is down the middle aged more plenty in front. I thirty five was kind of a big deal for me by. I mean my birthday. I always make a big deal but thirty five. I was like I feel like this is one last reason to have like a big celebration until forty five years the pie between now and your home all right twenty one next week so we'd probably home so is there anything in quarantine live that you guys have like learned about each other they're like mannerisms or pet peeves that like you. Maybe didn't notice that you do now that you're together like twenty four seven remain about what? I'm I'm shocked. I thought John have a whole list of pepease anti now. Well it's like. Sometimes I get upset the dishes on done on history after he cooks. Yeah okay so I'll wake up in the morning edition and things. I'll put those away. I made breakfast. And then there's more things so it's like okay. I'll put those away tonight. It's dinnertime dishes constant constantly so I'm always out of silverware. Some go paper plates. And that's another thing because when I'm cooking like a filet mignon and asparagus and mashed potatoes won't play not on a fucking pain over there here for me. Yeah you're right. I I just feel like thinking like confined spaces. I feel I feel like I'm thinking of you guys location where you live in them. Just thinking like cellblock now know we have. We love our apartment. You know we've beautiful view of Hollywood and I see the hills every day and I'm very thankful for the kitchen. We have definitely make do. I'm quite the chef so I'm cooking up steaks chicken fish salmon. We got it all. Go in and actually my cooking's goes have gotten better because I've been forced to cook every day and I know we should be cutting still skills. Were already fantastic. It's yeah mom. He's so good and they catch and brock mix like. I don't even know how he just like creates these things like from nothing to Mike Whites but yeah. He just made a weight. I May Day right. Yeah you just meet those. Those caves actor each other. That's not the other day we're back coachella weekend already long. Yeah I think we don't mean street one. Yeah if not I mean. I talked about owner doctor anyway. Okay so one thing I want to mention one thing to recall them and I want to get into a big thing about James Your Sobriety Fi. I just have to say we're all watching the show this season. I mean every season I was telling broadcast the other night and we were watching. They said recalls by far the prettiest Auburn Vanderbilt Fox. By I just wanted to say like from you've been on for four years now and there is just every season you have always kind of like same with me where we can tend to be on the outside at times but you've always been such a strong person and you really stand up for yourself when I feel like people like mistake. Your kindness for weakness and I just literally love so much like watching you stand up to law because it's like a la La or Dossey with like nice girls like us like it can be hard to speak our mind and I just want to say I admire you for that and I actually like. That's one of the things that I was watching the scene with the law. I was like I felt like I kind of have lost that the last few years and I've just become even more positive and I'm just like whatever. Let them walk all over me and then I see you and I'm Mike Suck. Yeah yeah definitely. I think that's your compassion. And your client is actually a strength as well like so like. I'm Josh. You can stand by. We'll mommy not changing my ways improving invites doing the same thing. That's the strength in character and I. It really speaks one. That's what you've actually what you've done for yourself so well done thank you. I really appreciate that because in reality. Tv In that world. A lot of it is. What's the word you are? Sorry what am I trying to say? Mike? Your show a fake reality. World now expected to spectrum so all over the place and so jerry hang in a in a large way like large way. I'm not over the top and that isn't me so now I am realizing is okay to be like the kind girl that's compassionate with other people and that's who I am and I don't have to change that totally but I just. I love seeing that when she's like oh. I'm going to remind you of your place and you're like Oh we're having a conversation. I was just like yeah. I'm pretty sure the point I was outside with Danika going through her shit because we are not remember this happening. Like how do you have been around the same time but by gender? How long have you been on the show? You said four years so he is. How long have you on? The shirts will same fin on one so I feel like I think I think it was like a big one. The biggest one for me on that one. Is You count? I actually saw that the other day to like I feel like women to empower the women uplift each other you content around and turn better than somebody else and that's just the characteristics so I think law responded to you and I think he'll respond to she. She reflected on her actions as well. So that's that's my input on that one. I just wanted to say that before we get into too much of that because I just think it's really good and relatable for someone to be able to see that like the nice girls do still have a backbone and I hate when people call you dumb. It really pisses me off. I'm like I'm really not remind everyone what you have a degree in as so few of us on the show have degrees but I have a degree in kinesiology and emphasis in occupational therapy. Yeah she's smart people. Come on this have been. I've been in quarantine. I need to go to the doctor some of that. But maybe you could check it out for outside. We don't know we'll figure that we know workouts on and just stop in halfway through in his yelling at my clients and keep going with a bungalow eggs. Yeah okay the one of the biggest things that I really wanted to talk to you about James as how proud I am of your sobriety. How many months has been now ten months two more months for a year DASA months for? Yeah Yeah June fifth. It'll be excited for that. Yes how good feeling. Good this last. Ten months have been an absolute blessing for me and I've read discovered so many things about myself I've rediscovered. Dj In my passion for music. And I've come to terms of what I WANNA do with my life and how I WanNa do it and I thank God that Raquel stuck with me until this moment because I feel like sleeping until the last ten months my life. And it's just. It's a crazy awakening for me. You know I take things in differently and I'm just blessed to be here and I'm just so excited full. The future. One years I grew up I grew up with addictions in my family. Not a lot so my sisters. I mean I've seen her go in and out but she's she's crushing she's on fifteen years law and so. I think personally for me growing up I learned my lesson from my brothers and sisters so I love. I love that to it and I know that they've struggled so I could just from edible going up with that Bar I don come one year on. I'm not the biggest social drinker either. Like it's funny. How it with your friend grip you guys have like. It's always a drink in hand on my hand but it's so comfortable like when you go to a club I walk around and I'm down to have okay. I'll have a water allred born candy but it's like I still feel awkward. Sometimes in a group settings have beverage in my hand. Yeah yeah and it was a moment me when I I quit like you know. I'm still DJ. I never took time off touring. So it's like for me. I was still around and there was a little moments like everyone's doing shots like in hotel room. Or whatever like you and it's like Oh yeah that's doing right now and if I you have to deal with like the first week Two weeks denial of people around. You like Oh Yeah Sean James then and then you get through that. And then say oh. He's being serious. And then you know you start. Kind of like in the clubs. Dj and people like do shots and stuff like that say known. Sometimes you seem like the party pooper. People soon realize that you're not pretty soon as I get on stage and I started doing what I do. The fucking room turns up and that's the time I'm sweating. Probably most of anyone in the room. Because I'm talking out here doing work and get off stage. I feel this exhilarating feeling that I can't describe it's like I'm high but I'm not you know it's like what the fuck did I just do. All these people were looking at me. They won't photos and I'm playing music and you know it's it's really is just something. I I didn't see before because I was masking with this numbness. The alcohol gave me. You know I wasn't seeing what was truly around but now let's see and it's a blessing. Yeah well I just wanted to say that. I'm very proud of you. I've seen such a change. Whenever like I get asked in interviews like Oh. Who Do you think's changed the most? I think they're always expecting it to be like. Oh like law here. You know like someone who's like become like worse since the show. If I really think about it I think James has changed the most and in a positive way thank you. I really appreciate that you know like when looking back now on the show and watching me like you know go ham. I saw I was we were watching. Bravo and vander pump roles. Reruns were playing and I saw your episode your wedding episodes. Yeah like Oh my God. Jayme shooting is getting married. It was so funny I watched the whole episode and then I saw James Drunk his drunk in Iraq especially Kristen. I was like Oh man. I'm like I'm so proud of you. Like I see such growth and him and it's really for the best. Yeah I enjoy life way more now. It's awesome sour grapes. One Hour. No so there's there's a there's like a two part question from two different fan so sour grapes wants to know what are some positive changes in your relationship and then at Salvador Twenty Two D. A. Dot N. T. Wants to know is the sex really better ones sober sexist better so and I think spend a lot more quality time bomb. I'm not worried about where the night's GonNa go if we do go out. It's always a constantly got like I'm going home. Yeah a McGowan. Okay now go ahead but like I'm ready to go whenever she wants to go now because I'm not looking for that. Final destination of getting fucked up. I I think yeah. Exactly take that look at the success that comes from that what you get in review so much at home in bed nice and I wake up refreshed ready to go take on another beautiful day. It's a blessing and I'm thankful for that and works taking off to. I've been DJ more than ever. Now that we've been stuck in quarantine I've got whole ep about drop called jungle of light and I'm super excited. I was going to be released on all major platforms. And I'm just doing this. With people recounted my studio up real nice for my birthday and cool it the neon jungle and saying. I've seen that. Yeah I do my life streams and stuff side. This music has just been created jungle of light who we got workout. You're GonNa help me I gotta do. Sheen is room for her condo. Surprise Input Session has gone. We're turning her own bedroom into podcasting and youtube studio four months quarantines over the second bedroom my apartment completely gutted right now and we're going to order a neon. It's all happening sign and I wanna just kind of started transferring everything more to like at home like have like a Youtube Studio podcast studio. That's really cool. Yeah I love that. That's a great idea if you have the space for that it's such a good investment because now you take every dedicated to so much more professional even my little studio now. Do my live streams. And we've got this. Tripod fits perfectly on the table. And I'm just like damn this league. Say Yeah thanks dope. It's feeding of all that Brooke. Hal I think you should start a youtube channel. I have been wanting to start youtube channel. Ever since Youtube was a thing like in the middle school I wanted to start one. But I don't know I'm like I over. Think it too much. I'm a perfectionist. I'm going to take way too long. Editing videos I like now that we're in quarantine. I really don't have an excuse so if I really did want to make a youtube channel. Now it'd be the time right exactly and I have an amazing person who can also videos. I mean I only post one so me to do a job by it no seriously because the majority of questions a lot of people wanted to ask James Sobriety and your beauty tips and tricks and I just feel like there are so many like beauty videos that you could do but also like what I'm doing is just like a lot of the stuff that people don't get to see just the two of you at home together and like all of these moments that you get chopped up versions of but like I just I don't know I think you're thrive on your zero. I made a youtube channel. It would be definitely makeup like glam makeup everyday makeup. I learned how to do my makeup through Youtube. Yeah talking through. Brad's ex girlfriend. The author carly by Paul. Yeah I don't remember watch videos. Yes so I feel like that would be really fun to do. And then like of course around the house behind the scenes I would. I would have loved to do like video of me. Redoing James's Office into his studio room. But right now we ordered a few rugs and we're like amping up our home space because we're spending so much time at home. Yeah that'd be fun to film something like that because I love interior design stuff. I learned technical. I love that. Well then yeah. That's how I mean. I think Google Youtube what I really enjoy about. It is this gives us a platform but again like things that people don't know about you guys like for a great way for us to express these little things. Let's go if we will go a youtube channel. What would be some things that people don't know about you well? There's lots of union that people don't know brock. Okay giving me out because I would do. I would do James in the kitchen segment me just making accent cooking them stakes talking about sources Paprika. Baso Pepe Okay. Down with that. And then I'd like to do some studio sessions stuff like show people how I make music how I start some creativity like. Where does it come from like? I've got a lot of it and I just want to put it out there that's awesome. So that's what I would do recalibrate you. Interior design style beauty stuff. That's I don't know I'm Dan Cooking Interior fucking gaming. Show already channel. That's a that's a good spectrum of audience. Roy Who's your audience the world you're GONNA GONNA show on your audience got for. There's a youtube channel. This woman teaches. Our cat had a toilet and it's only dedicated to that. It's a thing like there's this chat thing that goes on top of the toilet talking. I'm looking at my friends. Literally doing it right. You train your video. Content cuts the comeback. There's a woman that has like one hundred thousands of scripts describe it. It's just from showing people how their cat can P in the toy over like a couple of months interesting poop in the toilet his own guys. I was disturbed by this story. My friend sent it to me like that's why I'm talking about in some meet. The parents Jinks here. Whatever their cat's name is only capable but that's a real big guys. How Pena Toll Cat in front of it? Free Pal? Good when you were growing up in southern California did you see yourself on a Reality Show. One day absolutely. Not You know. Even though I was nominated most likely to be on America's next top model gene so gorgeous. I love that I knew I wanted to live in L. A. I just didn't see myself on a reality TV show. Yeah another question. I came in a lot of people. Wanted to know if you'RE GONNA DO PAGEANTS. Oh my gosh. I've been going back and forth about competing again. I age out when I'm twenty seven so I have two more years. Yeah thank you yeah I always get that pageant bug always bites me. I do now. I have such a growth associated with my partner tree because I it pushes me out of my comfort zone and I love doing it but I feel like I'm at the point now where I really do know who I am and what I stand for as a person and it took me a long time to develop that for myself so I feel like I would go into it stronger than ever. So maybe we'll compete. Yeah let's see well if you do. I want to be there okay. Side note I'm teaching. These cast appeared and toilets. Oh my God I just started watching the video and I'm very interested and if I can catch to stop walking in the litterbox and tracking it through the house. I'm sorry Dan the TV's cats had a p and a toilet anyways. Let's move on to more topics you can watch that youtube video hunting or catch on later. Yeah what are you doing over them? I started watching one of these cabinets. Tricks anyway okay. So yeah they suck you in scribner's that's it by what we're going to put that. On next channel boom cats hashtag category million people actually one of your first training videos on county which ball brock taking on a leash. Man Shirtless Go. Oh my God you were so I have to ask Rick how what because I know a couple of days ago? You did law laws podcasts. And I've been asking you for two years to do my podcast and you knew if you did hers. You had to do my but you should have done my I i. What made you change your mind for both of us. I mean we're both getting you in the same week. I feel so special. You are very special. Both very lucky girls. Because I didn't want to do a podcast at all but here I am. I don't know I guess because Vander pump rule what's happening with Vander pump pearls. I feel like now is a good time to don't know just speak up. Yeah represent myself. And I'm not afraid to address things. Yeah And I love you so of course. I'm GONNA do your podcasts. Thanks so it was like two seasons ago on the bachelor honey. One of the girls on there's like a pageant queen and Raquel Ni- like she was like our favorite on the show and I was like okay I was like well recount. What if I can get her on the podcast? Will you co host with me? Because I was going to trigger into doing the show but then it'll be fun. Hunger never got back to me and didn't happen but not much for so long. Where have I get out of this? You come check out the new shoot. Are you GonNa? Have you put me to work on together? We're not just saying Looking at the camera on now this. Give me the head shake. No I'm I'm in. I'm we need. We need more human interaction. Yeah a lot of touched on this before but a lot of people want to know. Do you have a specific skin care beauty routine and also your hair like please tell everyone. Is it all really yours? It's not all really mine hair. Call it's not I have taping extensions from hotheads. They are the bomb and my hairstylist. Barbed hair yes. When I get out of the House for bars she and the Studio Salon in Northern California but she comes down to la every six weeks the civically to do my hair because she loves me so much and I'm so lucky and then she'll take other clients that are based in La But my hair is not truly long as very thin and fine so having that extra hair creates volume that I for sure. Well it looks amazing and a lot of people wrote in about thought. I mean I know you have exceptions. But I don't know if that's like known and it just makes people were short hair full butter. It's like okay. It's actually I could have. I buy that I met. I met recalibrate. Well Not Really Meh. We hung out. I mean who was? Nebraska was sitting on the saw. And I remember thinking of supermodel. Who is this James? You look good. Yeah personals like she liked Miss America going on send me and I was like with her by the embarrassment of cabins. Run on like the misfits at dinner. I Love I was so happy. You came the honey because it was like you got to meet everyone but like in the craziest setting and that was like a big test of like okay if you can get through like that like so you earn as Ronin. Their First Public Appearance Bravo on legs. I mean it was pretty cool to see like the people. React to you guys even when you went up on stage of James when he was DJ. Actually just these people but this is new to universally universe like you do it and also plays into this oath front stage. When you're doing the splits you couldn't see me in the crowd and even call me thirsty for Donald. You know what guys I'm thirsty for Mrs. Kay this vomited. I don't know if you've seen any of my wagner that we had the last one that we did. It just reminded me when he did that. I just left the camera rolling for awhile. Because he's always like we have so many of these good moments that we don't catch because it's like we're like okay. I need to make up for the VLOGGER film. This and it's like you just miss those moments so we set up the camera and it was last Tuesday when I was like. Oh the shows on and I was just like really sad about it and we got a really cute moment. So if you guys haven't see mobile just check it out because that's like the most like real self and that's why. I think you guys should do Youtube to cause us to capture those moments that you don't always see one. It's the summer. Will you convinced me? I'm going to start on my youtube channel. Okay so how was it doing lawless podcast? A lot of people have been saying that. She's not genuine that she's only like apologizing to you because she's looking bad and whatnot and obviously we all know her way better than the audience. But do you feel after the way. She's active the last few years towards you. Do you feel that this is now genuine and you see a friendship blossoming? I do think it's genuine. I think well we've been in touch. She's we've called each other and spoken because those last two episodes were really tough on both of us and after viewing it you know. She reached out to me because she was like. I have a pit in my stomach. I really don't feel good about this and I felt the same way. She said the same to me. So I'm okay. Yes we were on the same page together and she over the phone. She apologized to me and it was very very sincere. And I feel like you know who might not forgive this woman. She she's obviously going through a lot and that's her personality is huge. Yeah and you know. I'm I'm a forgiving person and I'm I'm ready to put all of this behind us and I do see a friendship. Blossoming that makes me feel happy too. Because she's I know she's reached out to several of US recently. Young and there were some things I said on my loss episode of my podcast and I was like I am genuinely hurt by some of the things she said. But I'm like I'm not gonNA text about it. I'm not I WANNA like sit down and have a real conversation in person. I don't WanNa do that. The reunion like anything Mike. Because everyone's like if that bothers you the monarchy say something. I'm like I just want to like we've known a long enough. I want to wait until I see her in person by. I think the word of the podcast got back to her because she also reached out to me and said shared a partner summit for her she had been acting towards me and I was like. I really really appreciate that and like that was all. I wanted to just acknowledge that. You've been a deck because like we've never given any reason to act like that so. I'm happy that she's coming around and I think it's really genuine. This time. Thinks she saw the footage and she was like Holy Shit. Did I actually do that? I think I think it. It was a wakeup call for her. And I think we're on the same page now. God and I mean especially with James in her working on music together. It's good that like you guys can genuinely be under good place and I love that. That's the thing I love about. Our show in our group of friends is like we can really go out each other but like there is so much love there that it's like we always figure it out but then someone else is in figuring it out so it stays entertaining by. I love him. We have these moments because it's just like it's so much harder to not get along with someone to me like it takes energy for me to be a bitch to go. It's just like it's not natural for me so I'm happy that you guys are in a better place for real clear. Brock wanted to know. How did you guys meet? Tell us actually Lala actually asked me on her podcast so I went into an in depth story. I know I noticed I. I know he had asked me before now. Like I'm just going to let them tell Hambo and all his james that's good shit. Tell this story a dressed. I told my side of the story to Lalas populace. Let's say you so recalcitrant table seven right next to the deejay booth and obviously I noticed it it because I was like. Wow this really pretty girl sitting right here with her for the family wanted me but she comes up to me and she asked me to play beyond say a couple of hours before. Like countdown went. And you know I I normally don't take requests but for Raquel ever and I played outside like every summer paid like ten never plays beyond us play the whole album and play single eighties and see if she stood up. I think he knew I was single. I got that vibe and I had actually show after the countdown on Sunset Boulevard at this legendary spot and it was like an underground brave thing super bowl and I was teaching as well so I'll obviously wanted to get this girl and bring her to my neck spa so I did that. I asked her to kiss her midnight. And she said I guess we like. She came over to the deejay booth. We did that whole thing that I asked her. I current friend to this party. There's an amazing. I actually lost my cell phone. She lost her cell phone right. It was New Year's Eve and I lost my cell phone at this party and didn't realize until the next day so then we had a scavenger hunt for that. You got a good so you're sick. Yeah I on A- that's when they started dating because remember we did their anniversary. Dinner with them weren't taller. Steak place are good storage where the medium in this is the medium between your stories between you two stories the pretty similar. I feel like he's he's heard me. Tell this story so many times because I love telling the story. Yeah I lived it. He lived I WANNA do some fan questions and comments is on. That came in and I knew you would appreciate this rebel at have an essence said Oscar couchville severely gorgeous and smart. She is serving. Elwood's to me. Oh my God right you. I'm honored Heaven Ness Sense at having ESA. You're so sweet doll I was like. Oh my God elwood's she's going to love those at Lindsay g Nichols wants to know. Did you guys feel that? You're portrayed differently on the show. No I feel like you know. Obviously you don't see every part of us because you can only show a little bit I i. What was the question do you think like your portray differently or do you think like what you say that what you see is I think so for me? I mean obviously like on Tuesday nights episode when they ask when I said I WANNA cheeseburger with. Oh Yeah I know I explained to everyone why I wanted it with cheese and the reason why is because I get so you can imagine the Times that I've gotten cheeseburgers without an order number back. What the fuck is that? So we got to make sure those teams to say a hamburger but police get a cheeseburger with cheese. You know you. Just don't see everything yeah conversation. Yeah did you well for me? I mean I've been like this about the first years of the show for me. I just wanted to always like turn out and be crazy and I think that it's me you still think you're still young when people meet me. Oh I didn't know you were so your source taller than I thought I think people really scrawny and not the case like six one six one with three. There's another three common that came in from Thomas Line side. They realized how much Fan Support. They've had they had last year when they were hanged up on so there are a lot of people rooting for you. Guys have comments that came in. Have you guys felt? The love? Felt Lavin honestly. I don't read like all my that. Just can't do that but you know I scroll through. Sometimes sometimes I'll read like the first couple of words and if I find it like open it up and just the messages you guys sent me about your story and your sobriety stories where you touch my heart and and it's those things that keep me going like okay. I'm not going to drink tonight because something like that happened. And it just reminds me to stay stay. Thankful I've been feeling the love from people reaching out to me on Hell's being seen for the polly. Lehman that she is. I know I. I've always wanted to say that. Speak up like you know. It's in these past years. I mean you say that she's the best at it and it's just like you know it's tough for her to get her word across. And this I feel like hard work's getting right across the me. Oh I thought I was on this show. I think it comes down to like how he sided conversation about like yours. Listen and and the reaction that were Callaghan to an issue. It was it was. I'm still going to be the same person I am. And she stuck to that. Now Characterize Kylie Greg to that being the girls just because that's what you are and look. I think everyone is seen it and they really see that traction of this stability of a good person. So that's cool that we can hang out in your all muscular. I mean for a second there. I thought I had to change something about myself. I thought I had to change now. I ask bigger and more entertaining but now I'm realizing I don't have to change any no not at all. I think one thing too that I don't know about James. Actually but I think so that one thing that we all have in common is getting bullied younger as a kid so I think when you know what's I guess we have that back story and to see you stand up to a quote unquote. Bully is very empowering for everyone and I commend you again for that. There are some other questions that came in about the new cast. And did you want to ask one of those are Kerry? Because I feel like I feel like the show I saw. How do you guys do you guys feel excluded from an divide between what's going on on the show right now? How do you guys fall into place with everybody? I this year I feel like I have been the least excluded I've ever been. Yeah that makes sense. I feel like I've been pretty included in everything. I was shocked when Katie invited me to her. Why I was like yeah. I was like okay. Yeah I'll be there horse like yeah. Of course I would love to come so I duNno. I feel like it's pretty good. I mean I. We obviously weren't expecting to go to Jackson Britney's wedding at all so I feel like we. We didn't feel left out. Yeah and not moment. Now I feel left open now. That means that everything in life happens for a reason. Yeah Yes to do a second winning team. Maybe I'll be. I think that would be very happy together. Yeah I just think that any of the cosmic has come on. Maybe I feel like coming into your friend. Group is we're CALC pro contest is very difficult avenue James. So now you've seen the third wave. Could you say a third way or even? Just the new wave of the costumes. Come on do you think. Sometimes you have a conversation and you look at them. You did you just say that to me right now does that make sense agendas behind conversations or generally think that some of these people on the show are just generally on the show to segue or might be just just WanNa work at Sarah and have fun with a group. I think everyone's different and I definitely think that there's some funny stuff that they say you know the funny show audience you catch people drag you guys keep going on giving cast is handling themselves really well like really frigging while they are immersed in this new environment. They've never filmed in front of a camera. Crew before and they they're killing it like Dana 's killing her comedy and doncaster. Because hilarious you bite this week I died. I must've watched five times. Says one of the best things I've seen this season nine. Leo's and Pisces don't -magine she goes and she's like trust me. I've dated into Pisces. Strata was quite. What did you say should I? It's not my problem. My phone's been at low behold like flirting between Leeson Bradley One. Oh you guys are offering a cheeseburger with cheese. Okay and then. Someone had elite cheese steak first off. Did you get cheese with philly cheese steak cheese with each vinci saying what is is that a thing I've ever heard of? It was the first second second off if it was a thing how I don't think the thing I haven't heard it before I think that They were both pretty buzzed at that point of whatever it is they think the thing. I just thought it was just completely inappropriate and I was just laughing because this shock of it was is a tiny. It's funny I mean. Come on how could I not fucking love? She's saying fantasy and you know after watching. It was right after the whole thing. Between Britain Lisa. Dana Birthday Party and I wasn't wasn't Britney's his personal China for like two days. My highlights highlight of that Oblast episode on Youtube Ice Shows. But what's watching Ken? Kenza reactions release was the best because he was just like. I'm John Straight I was like. I'm a jealous of Brett. He's young he's a young man. How good hands that much of a Boston? That like that. And he's like woman. You're not doing that book. Kenya where the paints but I also wear pants to act much. Was that date. Awkward outlaw underscore laws wants to know if it was his awkward in person as it came across was awkward at all. We had fun like cheese on your cheeseburger. Hungry Cheese steaks like it was like I was focused on food but it wasn't as awkward as it came up now. Yeah I just I was like I had never heard the fat pussy thing so didn't know that was the thing and on that note. Thank you guys. Finally doing this together. Ricco the great. I love podcast. I'm going to see more. I want to see more of this. Go TO QA support. You guys obviously fun to do it with a friend. Yeah and one Florentine is done. You guys laughter come over. I'll make you dinner your birthday. Yes and will podcast for my new studio that. Maybe you'll help decorate from US some tips via I'll tell you what we can. We can talk about how we can catch up synon- squads so it'd be your up. God Okay I'm not now. Thanks for listening. God thank you. Thanks for listening to shenanigans download new episodes every Tuesday and subscribe on the podcast. One APP at podcast one dot com or at Apple podcasts. And don't forget to rate and review the show on Apple podcasts looking behind and I got my girl with me. We'll get into most of them get over here.

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