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There will be no death by inches. This is the broncos daily podcast with brandon krisztal. I want everything. I want all the meatballs and pasta. Happy saint patrick's day broncos country can do things a little differently for this version of the broncos. Daily podcast going to let you hear the hour. That i did. Michael brennan ends up being about a half hour a little more than half hour When when's all boil down you take everything out of it. But i filled in for michael brown six seven that two little free agency special with it. Being the start of the league year broncos making a move a running back mike luna break it all down here And and give you some ronald darby with big alan joe joe joe joe specifically gals on vacation and then i talked to the voice of the broncos dave logan so Got all that volume but rather than talking twice. I'll just do the the first time. Where i think i did a pretty well so Here is me filling in for michael brown on our special broncos a free agent our and hope you enjoy here on the broncos daily podcast i will be at the broncos facility in a face to face the press conference for the first time i wanna say in in over a year right the last press conference i would have been at before. This was probably at the combine Before everything shut down with. But now i've been to the broncos facility and was getting tested there have been two obviously every one of their home games but didn't have any face to face press conferences tomorrow. The broncos are going to introduce ronald darby. The new cornerback. They signed to start on the left side at least when the year starts i suppose. They draft a cornerback. Maybe that player will at some point. Edge ronald darby. Darby might move to the right side but ronald darby than shelby harris. I believe will both be introduced tomorrow. The team set out a press release about the press conference. It will carry live on big allen show during football at four. That's when the press conference is scheduled to take place. I gotta do physicals and everything and then get their contracts signed. I suppose if justin simmons work out a new deal. Maybe he's part of the press conference. Maybe he gets his own press conference a day later if they can get that deal done. But the broncos have been steady in their moves but not really maybe any big splashes. I reported about a little more than an hour ago. Give or take a double check. The exact time stamp But the the broncos maybe even closer half hour The broncos running back mike boone. Who comes over from the. Vikings agree to a two year deal for just under four million bucks two point. Six of that is going to be paid in the first year. One point six of its guaranteed and so mike moons a guy that has been a big time special teams player in minnesota. Not a lot of mileage on the field. He hasn't missed any games either. He's been a special teams Contributor fifty three percent of the special snaps last year fifty one percent the year before that. He's got a Hundred yards in his career. I wrote it up earlier Need to pull my notes backup. Three hundred seventy nine yards. It's just seventy one touches four scores though and he's caught seven passes for twenty eight yards. Eight special teams tackles. But you'll likely see them competing as as a gunner. at times. He has a chance to compete to be the second running back and buy them signing mike boone. Today that means that Will expect fell lindsay's likely gonna sign somewhere else and that was sort of the way it was set up when they put unoriginal round tender on the cu product. They beyond hooked for two point. One million dollars if he signed the tender but of another team offers them a deal. And the broncos choose not to match. I wouldn't expect they will. Then he can just walk out the door without any restrictions or that team needing to send back any compensation whereas alexander johnson and tim. Patrick obviously alexander's teams leading tackler. Tim patrick the most reliable pass catcher last year and a lot of people's opinion they get second round tenders even though both those guys were undrafted as well so they're gonna make three point three three four million i think is what it is three point. Three eight four something Around three point three million is and maybe three point. Four million is what they'll make this year if a team went to offer them a deal. In the broncos didn't wanna match that team would have to provide their second round. Pick back to the broncos so phillip lindsay will probably have a new home here shortly. Shelby harris again his deal three years. Twenty seven million. Fifteen of that guaranteed. He gets nine million dollar signing bonus ten million this year about the same number next year and then if he makes it to that third year about eight and a half million. They could cut them if they decide. They're done with the more they could restructure. That's a long ways down. The road ronald darby three years thirty million. We're gonna hear from ronald darby. After we check in on traffic he talked to joe early in the show and a lot of people that are in the car now. Maybe didn't hear that so you can hear the enthusiasm. He wants to come in and work three years. Thirty million nineteen and a half guaranteed for a six year. That who has bounced around the league was a second round draft. Pick by buffalo played fifteen games as a rookie. Fourteen second year then goes to philly and just injury after injury was was a part of the super bowl team there in philly that beat the patriots His last year affiliate tears his acl I think that's the time line on he. He'll talk about it with joe here coming up and then last year. He started all sixteen games in washington. It was the first time he started all sixteen games. He's athletic he's rangy. He's good in coverage fit in great unless side of this defense. It's the the biggest knock on him to this point those that he he's not necessarily a ball hockey wasn't at florida state. And in the pros he's only had eight picks six years and none last year in washington. Although i heard the staff from jo fi he was fifth in the league in passes defended. So he's in and around the ball if you look at pictures of them which i did for our web story. He definitely has hand on the football in his around the football so sticky coverage That's the way he was described by fred. Smoot yesterday to me. When i was filling in for big allen joe joe on the on the afternoon show. He's the pre and post game host for the washington football team. So it'll be cool to hear ronald darby if you if you miss that. Cream jackson no longer bronco. They decline his one and a half million dollar option yesterday. He's a free agent. At thirty three years old. And joe and i were talking about this in the floor o'clock hour. I don't know what the market's going to be for thirty three year old safety. And so the broncos save ten million bucks an actual cash and seven million in cap space. There's about a two point. Eight million hit and dead money but if there's a robust market for k. jack. I wouldn't be surprised if vic fangio not jordan vic fangio gets on the phone. I'm not trying to slight george but you know vick was instrumental in getting shelby here. Last year on a one year deal to return and just you know go for a second year and try things out in his defense and look at look at how well that worked out for shelby so k. Jack a little different situation obviously has made the bulk of his money. But maybe vic says look you're a really good player next adjusting and we just couldn't wrap up upwards of twenty five million dollars of justin's on a new deal or maybe even more at the very least thirteen and a half plus the tend to two k jack originally twenty three plus million in safety so we'll see there and then von miller his option picked up yesterday. Looks like he's going to play on that full eighteen and a half million dollar deal so we've covered it all in terms of where they are to this point i still think. They're looking for depth in the secondary. Probably a corner. The the deals that have happened today in a lot of instances are for restricted free agents. That weren't tendered. So guy like levi. Wallace is a quarterback that i think the broncos may have had their eye on would have been a good fit. Buffalo doesn't tend to him but then they bring them back on a one year deal jordan lewis. He was not tendered by the cowboys. Cornerback former i wanna say second round. Pick out of michigan cowboys. Bring him back three years. Sixteen and a half. Then you've got some bigger deals at that down at trade rodney hudson. The pro bowl center gets sent from the raiders to arizona. What the raiders are doing. But instead of cutting rodney us and he said he wanted out so now he joins the thirty plus club with larry fitzgerald and jj watt and now add to it aj green on a one year deal assuming fits is back arizona. People go to retire arizona. This team would have been really good in some respects in. You know twenty thirteen twenty fourteen but Rodney hudson's now they're in arizona The chiefs after signing joni to joe tuning. I'm sorry that big deal or signing kyle long on a one year five million dollars deal. They have a lot of guards. I don't under- doing at tackle The eagles led alshon jeffery and Jacksonville former super bowl. Fifty hero Molly jackson scored the touchdown on the sack. When von miller punch the ball out on cam. Newton maliki is a free agent. Gerald everett goes from the rams to the seahawks one year deal that he announced himself on in the money came out. I think six seven million bucks. Are powell matt prater also going arizona two years seven million. Curtis samuel reunited. Ron ron rivera in washington. Three years thirty four and a half kenny. Golladay is probably the biggest prize on the free agent market on the offensive side in terms of skill positions the former pro bowl wide receiver. Who is really hurt last year. For a detroit lions. He has been offered a deal by the bengals but he's visiting the giants and wants to see what all is out there. So you're caught up on today's free agent news. We're going to hear from ronald darby. Get to know. The broncos new cornerback covered a bunch of moves reviewed. What the broncos did gonna talk to you. Dave logan voice of the broncos coming up here after our news break at the bottom of the hour and a couple commercials. So we'll get dave's take on on. All these broncos moves but shortly after the shelby harris re-signing was announced in an reported. I guess it was reported in announced by his agent About ninety minutes later. We've found out ronald darby is going to be a denver bronco three years thirty million nineteen and a half guaranteed again. A former second rounder. Plenty of talent. But he's missed twenty plus games in his six year career and he's been with three teams. He was traded from the bills in the second year. Or maybe right after second year to fill leave after three years. Torn acl and the last year in washington signed a one year. Three million dollar deal They call approve at the elry. You'll hear players say they bet on themselves. He bet on himself and it came up pretty when you talk about three years. Thirty million nineteen and a half guaranteed. He's going to be introduced at a press conference tomorrow. alongside shelby harris. I believe we'll see not only george peyton but maybe vic fangio as well In that press conference in person at the broncos facility. Ucla training center not sure. Exactly what will be. I think it may be in the pat bolan fieldhouse But will be cool being at a press conference and getting to see ronald darby face to face a but right. Now we get to hear ronald darby. Who was nice enough to join. Big joe joe earlier Will joe joe solo with no big al's big house off this week so i will let you hear how excited ronald darby is to join the denver. Broncos let's go to our hotline and welcome in the newest member of the denver broncos and that is ronald darby rana. Welcome to koa newsradio congratulations. Thank you thank you. I'm excited so i'm looking here and i'm just going to throw this out okay. Let's see you've played. You got drafted by the buffalo bills. You played for the philadelphia eagles last year. The washington football team. And now you get to come to denver colorado. Do you hit the lottery. Yeah you know being in the mid west. And i'm excited to get out and play like i'm ready now. You know we obviously have altitude out here which is going to be a a little bit different. But you know you've had a you've had a pretty darn good career in last year. A healthy year playing for the washington football team obviously health a big factor for you. And how excited are you to be part of vic. Fangio's defense here in denver. I'm very excited. Has some guys say. I'm real coastal barbie. He was dead last year so he was telling me about. Everything is out there. And telling me i'm gonna like it and everything but i'm excited. Get out there and play so. He played on both sides of the ball. You've played left corner. You've played right corner. Do you have a preference or does it not matter you just wanna play it really. Don't matter wherever the scene at the most. Like i could play both. I'm comfortable playing. Both i started all left when i got the buffalo. 'cause i killed more on our side and he was a right hand side so i didn't really have to move and then i was more needed on the right side. I wasn't left and last year washington. I can't do on the right side. So i could just stayed on the left so either ordeal for me. I'm comfortable playing so the secondary here in denver. Obviously we've got some young talent as you mentioned baas b and and who who is here and somebody you knew who whilst you know on this team who are you excited to be playing with To be honest. I don't really know that many people on a chain well i i do At school with the markets walker. That was one of my close friends in college. We both went to florida state Of course everybody know about von miller made my job. So i'm saying i'm decided to get out there and say so last year playing for the washington football team. I was your only airplane with washington and it was probably one of the weirdest years in the nfl. A team that dropped its name is waiting to pick up a new nickname and and just kind of plain jane out the uniforms and then you play during covid. How different was last season for you. Even though it was it was difficult in the beginning. You just had to get used to not having a fans you know like boost you up you know when you run out of the people in the stands like it gives you a certain type adrenaline rush that. It's hard to explain so you know. Sometimes you come sign away. The field like a little flat but like i feel like you know couple minutes into the game you know. Pick it back up so when you talk about playing here in denver. Have you ever played a game in the mile high city. I never i never played a game out there. Wow so it's going to be so when you come to denver. Is it going to be the first time you've ever been here my first time. Oh my goodness. Let me. just tell you something ronald you are in. You are in for a treat. This is maybe one of the most beautiful places in our country. And you're going to get you're going to get to play here in a pretty darn good defensive scheme. What do you know about vic. Fangio the kind of defense that we run here in denver I was on the phone with him. I saw 'em. He explained you know how they monday. Defense and how things are like corner for years and everything. So and i also like i said i talked to bosnia. You say he liked the defense as well outside of that from what i heard. You know a great thing. How nice was it to play. Sixteen games this year and be healthy It was a blessing. You know i just moved coming off my acl. And who that next year. I was going to be like fighting it like fighting through stuff as far as my leg and things so once i got over that hurdle like i feel great and that's what that's what i so last year like i could be on the field and stay on the field. I just had to get over that little hurdle so and you played healthy in a year. Where a lotta guys got hurt because the offseason program was a little bit different and not having training camp Be the way that. I you know lots of things that were a little bit different. That offseason program being gone didn't hurt you. Yeah i just had You know when i had to pass i had. I just had a new way. And you have to put a lotta money and time into your body outside of the facility and that sound that. I've learned to do and know how to do now. I'll put in a lot of work on myself outside of you know facility so obviously we talked to you rappaport yesterday and we know that He told the story yesterday. About how ron rivera was pretty disappointed to be losing. You tell us what it was like to play for coach rivera especially last year while he was really fighting for his life dealing with cancer he one of the best coach in play for like strip that guy show becoming in that building. Say we and still like caring about what's going on. He he keep straight which you like a great guy to play with. And i'm gonna miss time for them like i'm excited to move along. Well he was very. He was bummed to be losing you and one of the things that he said about you is that you're going to be pro bowler. I mean when you hear those. Those words coming from a coach the played for in you played well for i mean you had fifth most defended passes in the league last year. And i think you're like third overall in the time that you've been playing in the league. I mean that's high praise coming from your former head coach. You like i said. I'm a professional and i come in. I'm gonna work hard. And i'm gonna study. Don't complain. I'm just go out there and get my job done. That's what that's what i do each week. We'll feel well. We are looking forward to seeing you in the blue and orange of the denver broncos. Pretty good deal for your three years. Thirty million nineteen and a half guaranteed. You're gonna find it you're gonna love it here and we've got the best fans in the nfl. Ronald so welcome to the denver broncos. Thank you there. You go ronald darby. Sound excited ready for a fresh start with a team. That really wants them. In the broncos three years thirty millions a nice deal but not break the bank deal. Even william jackson atop free agent corner on the market. His deal is only three years. I think forty and a half with washington so competitive but nineteen and a half million if if darby has injury issues like he's had them. I'm certainly not trying to put that autumn. Then you you Can get out of it without really hurting you. you know. It's not one of those blockbuster. Five year you know. Ninety million dollar deals that you'll see for some of the top defensive players Let's take a timeout though. We'll get some news with. I think it's still connor shreve. Maybe it's chad now And then on the. I still connor good on the other side. We will talk to the voice of the broncos. Dave logan get his take on all of the moves that the broncos have made special didn't hear him this morning. And then now the mike boone. Signing the running back from the vikings coming over to play special teams and battled be the second running. Back with a behind. Melvin gordon. so we'll see how it all shakes out there but to start the league year and nobody better really in the entire rocky mountain region to talk broncos winston with the longtime voice of the broncos thirty one years i believe he just completed last season. Dave logan you. Of course every single day on. Logan and louis nine to noon davis my math right at thirty one or thirty two. I don't wanna short. You know you did not sure me. Thirty one is Thirty one is correct. Started when i was sixteen and Rapidly approaching fifty great so thirty six more years to catch vin scully. There we go there we go. I'm mark i've got. I've got my tally If anybody can do it. I know it's you so i wanna go through some of these moves with you the the one today they keep getting smaller not bringing von miller is small but they kind of made whatever their splash was day. One then von miller yesterday was kind of the only move and the only move. Today is bringing in mike boone on a two year deal under four million bucks two point six as this year. One point six of that's guaranteed. He's a special teamer. That's played over half the special team snaps for minnesota four touchdowns in his three year career. I think they liked him. Had they not gotten phillip lindsay but he certainly feels like the phillip lindsay replacement once. They're gonna you know. See philip land. What do you think of the mike boone acquisition. Well i mean. I think it's pretty clear that They like mike booth more than they like phillip lindsay and You know In in the national football league You know that's that's the way things go from time to time. I mean i think most people really like lindsey. i've been a big phillip lindsay fan of said so many times on the air. Since since he was south high school went to see you and mean that his story is is that well chronicles but in the nfl All that really doesn't matter. I will say this I didn't think they got as much out of philip in in his stay here in denver as they could have or as they should have Again i'm biased. I just think he's a hell of a football player. And a guy that You can utilize in so many different ways and get into space. And he's tough and he's fast and he's allusive But they get to decide what sort of back they want. And that's that's how the nfl set up so I'm not gonna sit here and tell you. I know a lot about mike boon As you said he's been a backup running back but a guy that without question they had their eyes on. I think when they tendered lindsay the way they did. And so we'll see you mentioned these special teams guy and He's he's sturdy back. I know that for sure watching minnesota a couple of times. So we'll see how he sort of fits into the Pat shurmur office. And actually and i didn't wanna spend too much time on this but when you look at one of the things that seemed like we asked all the time. They weren't healthy together. A lot was we'd asked pat shurmur would ask vic fangio about the running back split heading into the game. We didn't think they'd give us a game plan. And then you're they're calling the games and go afterwards like okay. Look like melvin. Had sixty one percent of the snaps and philip had thirty seven royce freeman at do percent or whatever. If my math is right there might have been off by by once. I'm not good at math but there won't be any of that. Mike moon is brought into to spell. Melvin gordon this. Point royce freeman efforts. Anyone else levante bella amir or whatever this will be the the melvin gordon show. Now as part of this offense yeah. There's no doubt about that. And i think they're paying. I mean listen. They're they're pain. Melvin gordon as a top flight back. And so and i thought melvin had a good season Is gotta stop putting the ball on the ground. It had some issues obviously off the field. But he's a big big sturdy back but but they're paying him. I mean they're paying him top money and so Part of this may be that they wanna they wanna be able to feature him and when you rotate backs You know that that's that can get really tricky. I mean the the standard sort of phrases. We're gonna go with the hot back backs. A lot of times. They need carries to sorta get into the rhythm of the game. And if your intent on trying to get equal carey's or sufficient playing time for both backs that can be that can be tedious and laborious. I think so again. I think it's It's it's certainly within their right to do so. I think they have to go with the players that they want to go with my hope. Is that phillip. Lindsay gets a chance to To move on. I certainly think there'll be some team that will give him a contract and really value him. maybe san francisco that that that is bounced around arizona. That name is bounced around as well I don't think phillip. We'll have a hard time finding a place that he'll have a chance to continuous career and get significant playing time. The i think you hit the nail on the head those well cliff kingsbury offense but there's a familiarity vance. Joseph has has a strong voice there with the personnel steve and cliff. But i'll shanahan. Mike and matt lafleur both running. Kyle's version of offense right in new york and in green bay. Maybe they're looking for depth. Perhaps yeah i'm with you. I don't think he'll be out of work and probably get paid more than the two point one. So when you look at the four other big moves they make so. Let's skip the two second round tenders but bringing shelby back signing ronald darby on a three or thirty million dollar deal releasing cream jackson not picking up the one and a half million in the ten million overawe or picking up von seven and likely paying eighteen and a half which one surprised you the most of those four well. I didn't think they were just going to let von miller Walk away. I mean i just think it would be silly to let him walk away. I think you and i both have heard that. They wanted to try to renegotiate. That contract von Didn't want to do that. And i think that's listened. That's the players the players right. I mean contracts. People that don't understand the nfl talk about the contracts and when a player in the midst of four or five year deal wants to go back in after year to renegotiate a lot of people look at that and say wait a minute mean you sign a contract you should. You should honor that contract. I'm all about honoring contracts except in the nfl. That's not really how it's done and the contract is never heard from the club's standpoint. So as long as the teams have the right for instance to sign a five year deal and then unilaterally come in after your to say listen You're not playing as good a football. Is we think we think you should be playing. Therefore we're going to get rid of the they old player Anything years three four and five as long as that exists. Then i see nothing wrong with the player sort of drawing the line especially those and there are very few of those that get the opportunity to really leverage their situation. So i'm not mad at vaughn for for not really wanted to take a pay cut. I think the broncos did the right thing but pick picking up the option it. My hope is that von is is going to be healthy and He was healthy heading into camp last year but if he's healthy this year. Excuse me. I really think von can have a heck of a year. We we talked about jackson Before i'm a big fan of his It's it's unusual for guys who are really good at playing corner to move inside and then move inside and have the kind of Ability and Explosion in attack. Lean that i think. Kareem jackson has had his entire career. Guys that move inside from the quarter And play safety. Some of those guys have been able to do it and they get you on the ground but very few are those are those guys that come up and we'll torpedo you just really Be a difference maker in terms of his ability to hit. So i think. The broncos will miss kareem jackson For sure But but it was not surprising to me that they went that route. Maybe if the market is flat for him because he's still thirty three they circle back around. Say look we want you back just not at that same money and if someone else can offer them lower or whatever maybe maybe there's a chance that it gets on the phone like he did shelby harris a year ago and gets gets them back. I don't think. I have dave logan voice of the broncos. Nice enough to give us a time here in this. Special bonus hour Talking football before broncos country night in for michael brown when you just evaluate what. George payton's down in his first two months on the job Which is of about when he got iras and the january twelfth was when he he was hired. If memory serves me writer tenth. Or something like that What do you think of of how it's gone. So far in his his approach. Kind of a steady approach not overspending Just kind of shorn. Some things up George peyton evaluation or a great to this point. Well i mean. I think he's i think he's done he's done fine. I mean we you know. He's he's a football guy. We we all heard that I've told the story. I talked to a couple of guys that have been in the league longtime and they they They hold george in in very high regard. They said he's a grinder is a guy that will be an early and stay late. He understands the game. He's not going to give you any information meeting you Members of the press which is fine. I think i think too often those that do that. Wind up getting themselves in trouble. But i think peyton looks at this roster with some good players on it and and really wants to add to that george payton can't afford to. I'm not saying they're not gonna try to win this year but george peyton looks at this long term. He's got a six year deal and so he could afford to build this thing right the way you build it to me as you get as many good football players as you possibly can if that means you have the ninth pick and you wanna trade down and get an extra second round. Pick with somebody who wants to move up to the nice slot. You may entertain doing that. Because you want to fortify this roster and there are certain positions and of course you've got to go but i mean there's certain positions that we all know the broncos desperately need help in so i think he's done fine. It'll be interesting to see sort of approach in the in the draft and what direction they go but it would not surprise me in the least if the broncos trade now that ninth overall selection and try to get as many quality picks as they possibly can then. The key is you. Don't make mistakes in the draft. Not you're gonna make some mistakes but you don't make as many mistakes as what we've seen recently here into. Here's the best in the biz. Ver- reason dave really appreciate you. Give me some time here at night. Can't wait to hear you again tomorrow. Nine to noon. Like would you ever day. And i'm picking your to win. Two games in the big dances. Let you know so. I believe i believe it's yours so so am i. I'm looking forward to see what the buffs can do all right. Thanks dave logan you can catch him every weekday nine to noon on. Logan and louis really appreciate dave logan. They're breaking it all down with the broncos moves. And i do think that it's not the of a divided can't but you have your biased diehard phillip lindsay fans and and it's understandable. And then you have. Maybe the people in the midst three camps people in the middle that appreciate what he did. and and saw the two thousand yards. Seattle's an undrafted kid and you you tie in the local ties obviously born and raised here south high. See you and all that. And then you have the the ottoman calm pragmatic but fans at wanted more from him writer or were bummed that he was banged as banged up as he was. But i just don't think he's been the same as a pass. Catcher look wasn't christian. Mccaffrey before and then after. He broke his wrist at the end of the year against the raiders and missed the the pro bowl his rookie year. I think that really hampered is development as a pass catcher and he's never been the best sharpest route runner so when they look at the way he attacks you on the football field. He's top gear that that few people have including melvin gordon and melbourne doesn't have that but The argument to be made is that they run. Similarly between the tackles. Melvin bigger you heard dave mentioned sturdier and and so he's going to be more durable and he and he has been pretty durable in his career is at fumbling issues but also as much as you want the guy that can break you off forty you really want the guy that will just get you for every time and i know phillips average has been really good at times but i think that you also look at at melvin gordon. And he's had a really good average has been really good on the goal line. So it's going to be gordon show and and maybe just for a year. That's the other thing too. Though is the broncos were the beneficiaries of a hall of fame running back. That's one of only two running backs ever to lead the league in rushing and when the super bowl. terrell davis did it. Obviously the year he rushed for two thousand yards. Mvp season and emmett smith. And that's it in the history of the fifty five years of the super bowl so you need a solid running back but you don't need a frontline back and having to that are splitting carries. And and maybe you're taking away from one was a luxury that the broncos They thought they didn't need when you look at it. So they bring in. Mike boone today two years just under four million bucks point six of that. He's going to get paid this year. One point six of its guarantees have done work. It's really just a one year. One point a one year two point six million dollar deal So i understand. It's going to be a bummer. To see philip go somewhere else but hopefully thrives there and you cheer for him and you'll be done come back to to bite you. When the when the broncos play whomever he ends up landing with but use the chiefs. As an example. They had a first round draft pick. That didn't touch the ball as much especially the playoffs. Maybe a little more in the super bowl now didn't matter because they obviously got their doors. Manav but daryl williams ahead of clyde edwards helaire and ahead of levy on bell a couple of years ago is paid back and football are one of them Daryl williams got the bulk of the carries last year was damian williams after they cut kareem hunt The year before. So just one of those things where phillip lindsay is a hell of a player and you wish him well but you understand. At least i understand why the broncos moved on from i bet unless you're listening closely in and help that you were. You couldn't even hear how smooth. I was at taken out my tosses traffic. They're filling in for michael brown sixty seven on koa. But now you got to hear from dave logan you got to meet new broncos cornerback ronald darby and so i appreciate you indulging me there tomorrow it'll be at the broncos facility for introductory press conferences ronald darby and rian directory press conference of very happy shelby harris. I think we'll see from We'll see george peyton an vic fangio out there so We'll have all that for you on. Tomorrow's broncos daily podcast. I appreciate you rockin with me. We'll catch you next time. On said broncos daily podcast thanks.

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